The Teapot I

By Math_Reez 💙 -
published December 31, 2019
3000 words

Al’s work life is hell, not only need to work with two adonis but also his boss (one of them) just love making him suffer all months with an impossible load of work. But thanks to Eris Store, he now have a chance to relax for a while.

“You look really bad Al; I think you should go out and take some fresh air.” Said my worried coworker Luke. I think he was right, with all the amount of work I got and all the nights working on it I’m really stressed right now. But I don’t know how to relax with all the screams and demands of my boss Mr. James.

It actually is something normal for the end of the month. Every month I need to get ready the reports with all the financial information for each department, and the database usually has some issues with data quality, so I need to clean all that mess. I already told my boss about the problem and that we need to develop a new system for all the information, but he always says that is not my job, that I just only worry about the report creation for the other departments.

So, like every month I just end with a lot of work. And since it’s impossible to have everything ready on time, because every department says they reports are “critical” and they have “top priority”. Then when I can’t deliver the information on their desire time, they call Mr. James and he starts screaming to me about being too lazy to have everything on time.

“I know Luke, but I’m late with the reports, so I don’t think I could go out” I replay to Luke. I know he just wants to help me, but since he is just an intern he couldn’t. He barely knows how to perform queries, so he is mostly like helping other departments with simple problems like a printer configuration or spreadsheet formulas errors. I should teach him about the report creation and database query and all that stuff, but with my problems with the current system I barely have enough time to sleep.

“Then I got an idea. A friend told me that tea is very good to handle the stress Why we don’t go to the mall at lunchtime to get a teapot for us? I hear about a new tea shop. They got all types of tea from around the world. All-natural organic stuff.” Of course, this new generation always on trends. I know they are all so Zen with their alternatives stuff. But at this moment what I could lose, and also, I can spend some more time with him before he goes to class in the afternoon.

I think I should explain, I’m Alphonse and I’m in my early thirties, and with all the time I spend at work, I lose my good shape. In school, I wasn’t a jock, but I have a slim body and got some time for relations, but now I grew a belly. My hair is short now, in school I use to have long brown hair. And with my gray eyes, covered by my glasses, you can see I lost that spark of youth I use to have. You could say my work is killing me. And that’s why I love spending time with Luke.

He is all I ever want in a guy, yes, I’m gay. He was a football jock in high school, but then he decides to get into IT, so he doesn’t look that buff anymore, but he has enough time to keep his body in shape. He had big arms and chest, a tight waist and a bubble butt to die. I’m pretty sure he knows I like his body, but his to naïve and thinks it’s because I want to be in good shape like him. He usually told me about training routines, exercise and diets. Also, he usually invites me to go to his gym, but I just don’t have enough time in my day.

Also, he had blue eyes, long blond hair with waves that make him look like a surfer, except for his pale skin. I think doing exercises only in the gym and spend most of the time in interiors make him lose that bronzed tan from his high school days. And with his cheerful personality is like the star child of the department. I know that in the future he has more possibilities of getting a promotion over me. My boss already told me he picks him because he remained him of himself in his early twenties, with all the looks and charm. Luke told me he usually gets all the girls he wants with his natural attractiveness, but since he starts the internship, he is single.

As for my boss, he is the kind of boss you hate but lust. With the power of been in charge, he usually has more free time to spend in the gym or with his family, unlike me, and he always finds time to make my life a hell in the office. He has short brown hair with some gray in it, dark brown eyes and some wrinkle lines in his forehead that make him look more attractive. Also, in good shape, he got the same size as Luke in his arms, chest, and waist, but with big and stronger legs. Always dressed in tight formal clothes that show off his body. I know he marry in his middle thirties, so he has two kids not much older than 10 years old.

Anyway, I decide to spend some more time with Luke, eat at the mall and then looking for the store. We split to try to find it soon since we didn’t know this mall very well. That’s when I got in front of this store. “Eris Store” was the name, but what got my attention was the old ceramic teapot at the showcase. So, I decided to get in.

“Hello, I see that teapot and…” but I couldn’t finish before a young blond lady interrupts me.

“Hello love, I’m Eris! Welcome to my shop, the most unique shop in the world. So, you are looking for the teapot?” I think she is one of this young girl obsessed with vintage objects since the shop has a lot of pretty old junk inside. “I know what you think: ‘this hipster wanna be lady had a store of old junk’, right? Let me tell you that my store is really one in a kind. My objects are kind of magical and will change your life!”

She then took the teapot from the showcase and give it to me.

“Then how much for…” She interrupted me again.

“Let me tell you what we will do. Get the teapot for free this time, so you can understand what I mean with magical objects. I usually move my shop from time to time and I will be here until the end of the month, so you have until the weekend before I go. This teapot has a special complement tea I could sell you next time.”

“It’s ok, I can pay for the teapot now”

“That’s ridiculous darling. Now listen to me first; the teapot will help you to relax like never before. Just use it with hot water and you got to the next level of relaxation that lasts for several hours. The ceramic of the teapot gives that special property but only if the water is hot. When the water is cold the relaxation won’t work. Now go and enjoy its magic.” And with that she gets me out of the store, I think in get back but then I see that I was late to get back to work.

I find Luke and he told me he found the store and got all kinds of relaxing teas, but he couldn’t get a teapot, but then I told him about Eris Store and the teapot. He got all excited with all the vintage objects and ask me where the store was to go tomorrow, but when I told him the place, he looks confused. He told me that part of the mall doesn’t have any store open and it was in maintenance since a local got on fire a few months ago because of the abandonment.

He then gives me the tea and told me to try it later and go to classes. I return to the office to continue with all my pending work. And as I fear, as soon I put a foot in the office, my boss starts to scream at me about been late and all the reports I need to deliver before the end of the day. Thinks like “You know this means you can leave early today” “You know your responsibilities” “You need to perform better or I will get you fired” was part of the typical lecture from him.

It was 6:30 pm the office was all empty only my boss and me in this office. And I was feeling the stress all again, so I decided to try the “magical” relaxation of the tea. So, I got some boiled water for the teapot. When I get back to my desk, my boss was waiting for me.

“Did you really think you have time to play tea time now? The report you just send to marketing was all wrong! All the numbers don’t make any sense between last month and now. We need to do all the reports again. And now I can’t leave until you send the new report! My older son has a soccer game at 7 and now I can’t go because of you!” He was really mad, I didn’t want to make a mistake, but of course he didn’t see that.

“Sorry, I just go to get some hot water for tea. I need to relax a little before continuing with the reports. I fix it now.”

“Of course, you will!” Then he grabs a chair and sits next to me. “And I will be here to review you don’t make another mistake.”

“Maybe we both need a tea; did you want a cup?” He just said a ‘Whatever’ as an answer and give him one cup. He drinks it before I could grab my cup. I was surprised that he didn’t burn his tongue. But then I look at him, for a moment I could see the hurt in his face from the burn, but then he loses all expression in his face and was replaced with a relaxed expression. His sight was also fixed forward not looking at anything.

“Mr. James are you okay?” I ask, but he didn’t answer me. I even begin to move him but he was lost. I think this tea make him something. Maybe Luke got some MJ tea or something like that. But then I remember Eris and all about the magic of the teapot. I try to move him several times, but I got no answer and I start to worry even more. What if this thing causes some mental damage on my boss? I decide to try to get him up the chair to take him to the doctor, but he was too heavy for me and go down from the face into the ground.

“Oh god! What I done? Mr. James, please get up!” And just like that, he stands up in front of me. He was still out but he follows my order. “Are you okay?” No answer. “Answer me, Mr. James. Are you okay?”

“Are you okay?” he said with a monotone voice tone. Then it hit me, he follows my orders. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

“Mr. James ask me to call you Jim”

“To call you Jim?” It was too literal. Maybe he just can follow what is told, but not understand what he is doing.

“Jim, tell me your wife’s name” I know his family & friends usually address him as Jim, so he follows the order, but once again to literal with a ‘your wife name’. But now I know I can make him say anything I want, but now I got other ideas. “Jim, sit in the chair and open your shirt buttons.”

He follows my directions, and got in the chair with his shirt open. He had a tank top under the shirt, so I couldn’t see his abs, but I could see his big chest. I sit in his lap and rub his breast with my hand and his arm from above the shirt. He got no reaction. Then I took his face and start kissing him, but he stills have no reaction at all. It was hot, but kind of boring without his interactions.

“Jim, kiss me back like I’m your lover” The I return to the kiss, this time with his cooperation. He was controlling the kiss with his skillful mouth, and even bite me in the lips a few times. His hands also start feeling me, first feeling the back of my head, then his right and go to my chest and start playing with my inexistent boobs and with my very excited nipples. His left hand goes between locking my head in the kiss and exploring my ass. It was hot but after some time I need a rest, so I broke the kiss and he stop moving. His hands go to his sides once again.

I end really hard from the make-out session but from his side, I could feel his soft cock inside his pants. I guess since he takes everything so literal, he doesn’t get any pleasure from that. I open his pants and try a handjob to help him get hard, but didn’t work as expected. He got semi-hard from the stimulation, but start to get soft as soon as I stop. I even try to do it in between kisses again, he still kisses me back like before, but didn’t work. I know what I could do, but I really want to avoid do it that way.

“Jim, get hard for me” That’s all I need to make him hard. We continue for a while making out, he feeling my “boobs” and ass and I feeling his chest and playing with his cock. Then I go down to give him a blow job, but of course, since he doesn’t have any order for that, he just stays there with no reaction. Can you find a worse way of killing the moment?

“Jim, enjoy and feel sexual pleasure from any sexual intercourse we have” then I resume the blowjob and this time the reaction was better. He doesn’t say any word, just moan like an animal and got instinctive reactions, like putting his hands in my head and mark the rhythm of my sucking. But I need to stop because the moaning was getting too loud and the other offices could have people. “Jim, whenever you moan, you will do it without making too much noise…” then I got an idea to make this moment more ‘real’ “… and every time in a while when we have a sexual intercourse say ‘You are amazing’, ‘I love you Al’, ‘Don’t stop’ or ‘I’m cumming god! I’m cumming’.”

I first discard all of my clothes and tell him to do the same and then resume the blowjob. He doesn’t have any chance to say all the phrases before I cum on the floor. This was amazing. I took his white tank top and clean my cum from the floor. Then I give it to him.

“Jim, took your tank top and put it on your face and smell and taste my cum. You will get sexual pleasure from the smell and taste of my cum and say ‘I love your cum all over my face Al’ every in a while.” I took my phone and start recording him in the chair rubbing his face with my cum. I almost cum once again, but then I see it was already 9 pm. I enjoy my time with him, but I wasn’t sure how long the effect of this relaxation will last and I still have something else to do with him.

“Jim, stop rubbing your face with the tank top. Now you will fuck me like you will fuck another man” I don’t want him to try to fuck me by a pussy that isn’t there. It was a little to mechanic in the movements, since he doesn’t play with my body or kiss me in any way, just fucking my ass. But the moaning and the phrases were enough to make him more realistic, besides his big hard cock in my ass also help.

When I was about to cum once again, I told him to cum to. After that, he licks my cum in my belly and my ass. It was the best sex I have in years, and it was fair I got him from him since he is the cause I don’t have time for that anymore. I keep the tank top but tell him to get dressed in all the other clothes and get in the chair once again. I put him in a position, so he will think he just got sleep in the office. I could see he still has open empty eyes, but I guess it will pass after a little more time.

I got dressed and get out of the office leaving him alone in the dark before realizing it was almost 11 pm. Eris wasn’t lying when she said the effect will last long. I just hope Jim won’t remember anything from my time with him. And now I need to go back to see what will be that special tea Eris mention in the store.

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