Sinister Intentions - Chapter 3

By slyleather
published June 24, 2009
2539 words

Brennan orchestrates a man trap for Tyler at Roadhouse

Chapter 3

It was late Saturday night when Tyler pulled into the Roadhouse Bar & Grill, around ten o’clock. Tyler had spent most of the day finishing packing and closing out his apartment. He had the last few boxes of his things in the back of his truck, everything else had been taken by the movers on Friday. This was the last time that he would stop by the Roadhouse on his four-hour drive home. He had run into Shane, the 23-year old bartender Thursday at a nearby gas station. Shane had mentioned that he should stop by one last time and that he could give Tyler a few beers on the house as a thank you, since he had been a regular for almost a year now and probably wouldn’t ever be by again. Tyler thought it was a nice gesture and Shane was a decent guy.

When he pulled in he saw that there were a lot more people here than when he usually stopped by, but of course, tonight was Saturday night and it was almost ten. He had to park further away from the door than usual as there were several Harley’s and Yamaha’s closer to the door and some older model trucks parked in the spots Tyler normally parked in. As he approached the front door he decided that he would only stay an hour, he knew that he wasn’t going to get home until after midnight and wouldn’t see Lori until after church on Sunday, but this was his final trip home and he had nothing to do Sunday afternoon, so, he could afford to spend a little more time here tonight and besides his drinks were on the house.

Shane had been watching the front door all night. He had been taken off of his usual bartending job to monitor the front door or be the bouncer, which ever needed to be done. He was relieved when he saw Tyler open the door and step in. Tyler was dressed well in his usual jeans, a red T-shirt and leather jacket. “Glad you decided to come!” Shane told Tyler in a loud voice over the music.

“Yeah, it’s my last trip home, last time I’ll probably be around here!” Tyler replied as he took a little step back. Shane wasn’t wearing a shirt, but still had on his leather jeans, boots, leather wrist bands and a studded collar around his neck. Shane saw Tyler’s reaction.

“When there’s this many people, it gets hot in here! You’ll probably wanna take that jacket off” Shane explained. He seemed to be in a really good mood tonight. Tyler guessed it was because he got to stand at the door tonight and didn’t have to serve drinks all night long to drunks.

“It is kind of humid!” Tyler responded taking his jacket off. Shane reached for it and Tyler noticed that Shane had both his nipples pierced with circular silver rings. Shane took Tyler’s jacket and placed it behind the small counter that he was standing beside and turned around and discovered that Tyler was starring at his nipple rings.

“Yeah, I know! Got drunk my freshman year and did one, Felt weird so I had the other done! Ladies seem to like it and no one complains so the boss doesn’t either!” Shane explained. Tyler just nodded his head in acceptance and he didn’t care as Shane had the body to pull it off, a lot of people didn’t, but Shane was young and built so he could get away with it. “The place is pretty full, but Brennan’s sitting at the booth over there the corner! He probably wouldn’t mind you sittin with him!” Shane said pointing over toward the far corner of the Roadhouse.

“Thanks!” Tyler replied.

“I’ll tell the bartender to bring you whatever you want on the house!” Shane extended.

“I really appreciate it!” Tyler stated. The two shook hands and Tyler made his way through the sea of bikers and biker chicks dancing to the jukebox on the floor. The place had a cloud of smoke hovering in the air as bikers and middle-aged country boys sat at the bar and surrounding table drinking their beer and smoking their cigars and other things as Tyler thought he smelled pot coming from one of the booths. Tyler weaved his way through the crowd and saw Brennan sitting in the back corner booth. Brennan was laid back with his arms resting on the top seating of the booth wearing leather pants with a leather short leave, button down shirt tucked in, his usual wrists bands and boots, but with his pant legs tucked down inside, leather gloves, sunglasses and leather uniform hat.

“Tyler, I was hoping you’d stop by for one last drink before taking off for good”, uncrossing his legs and taking a puff of his cigar, “have a seat and make yourself comfortable.” Brennan invited.

“Thanks,” Tyler said, sitting down adjacent Brennan, “I ran into Shane the other day at a gas station and he invited me to stop by for a drink before I left …..on the house, he said, because I’d stopped in so many times on my way back and forth.”

“Well, that was awful generous of him.” Brennan replied.

“Here you go, compliments of the house.” A young, fit, black haired bartender said as he delivered Tyler an ice cold beer.

“Thank you so much.” Tyler said as he handed the bartender a tip.

“So, you happy to be going home?” Brennan inquired.

“Can’t wait, jobs done, things are packed and I’ve got a good girl at home waiting.” Tyler said with a smile.

“Awesome.” Brennan smirked.

“Nice leather, you been riding tonight.” Tyler remarked.

“A little bit, you like?” Brennan asked with his interest peaked and pleased that things were progressing.

“It’s okay, I mean don’t get me wrong, I like leather jackets and shit, just I don’t think I could ever handle that much.” Tyler explained.

“You should try it, it’s not as uncomfortable as people think, once you’re in it.” Brennan stated and reached in his front shirt pocket, “Here, have one last cigar with me before you leave tonight.”

“Be my pleasure.” Said Tyler, taking the cigar from his leather covered fingers and putting it in his mouth. Brennan reproduced his butane lighter and struck it for Tyler as he inhaled deep and let out a long stream of white smoke. It was then that Tyler noticed a man approaching in his late 20’s with short black hair and muscular defined physique, dressed almost identically to Brennan, except he was wearing a leather studded collar similar to Shane’s. The man strode over to Tyler and Brennan’s booth and took a seat opposite Tyler.

“Tyler, this is a buddy of mine Sean.” Brennan introduced.

“Nice to meet you……..Tyler.” Tyler said shaking hands with Sean.

“Sean,” the new man said as he leaned back against the seat and crossed his legs and asked of Brennan, “wouldn’t happen to have another one of those would ya?”

“As it turns out, I do.” Brennan answered producing another cigar and handing it to Sean. Sean lit his cigar with the same butane lighter and the three of them sat there talking, mostly about Tyler, his lifestyle, interest, hobbies, career and so on. About every twenty minutes or so the same young bartender as before would bring a new round to the table. Tyler was having a good time. After he finished his first cigar Brennan offered him a second.

“I don’t know, I’ve never smoked this much before.” Tyler stated.

“Eh, it’s the last time you’ll get to be here, go ahead.” Brennan insisted. Tyler took the cigar and lit it and the three of them continued to sit in the booth and talk, again mostly about Tyler. Tyler saw the bartender approaching with their next round. He glanced and his watch, “Holy shit, it’s almost midnight, I had no idea I’d been here that long.”

“Time flies when your havin a good time.” Brennan reassured.

“Yeah, but I was only planning on staying an hour and I really need to get on the road.” Tyler said.

“You really shouldn’t drive man, you’ve seven or eight beers to drink and here comes your next. You can’t turn down a free beer!” Sean stated.

“Uh, I guess I could sip on this one while I sober up a bit so I can drive home.” Tyler tried to explain, “Just lemme use the bathroom first and then you guys have got to help me sober up.”

“Sure thing!” Brennan said.

“No problem!” said Sean. Tyler got up from the booth and made his all the way back toward the front of the Roadhouse toward the restroom, as he turned around the bar to go into the restroom he saw Shane sitting at a stool talking to some biker babe about his nipple rings. Tyler put his hand on the door to the restroom and almost stumbled in as there was a guy standing behind the door almost blocking it, “Excuse me.” Tyler said apologetically.

There were maybe eight or nine guys in the restroom, most were doing their business, but a couple were just standing in the corner nest to the sink and talking about where they got their leather and how much it cost. Tyler made his way over to one of the urinals between two full dressed leather bikers. As he unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out to take care of business he could feel the two men beside him staring at him. He stood there for the minute or two it took and stared straight at the wall. He was beginning to get a little nervous until he heard them zipped up their leather pants, flush and turn toward the sinks. Tyler breathed a sigh of relief, he thought he was going to be mugged in a bar bathroom or something. He finished his business and went to the sink to wash his hands, as the two guys that had been standing next to him and the couple talking in the corner had left. He started to wash his hands when he heard one of the stalls open. Looking at the reflection in the mirror he saw a leathered man walk out zipping up his leather pants smiling, but what Tyler saw behind him caused his mouth to drop open in disbelief, another leathered man coming out right behind him wiping his mouth with the back of his gloved hand. Tyler dropped his head and looked away as the two men walked of the restroom and the man standing at the door just smiled. Tyler quickly dried his hands and exited the restroom.

When Tyler returned to the corner booth and sat down, Brennan handed him his latest beer. He saw Sean slyly drag something off of the table and put it in his pocket. “Well, that was interesting. I just saw something I never hope to see in my life again.” He stated still in utter disbelief at what he had seen.

“What was that?” asked Sean.

“Ah…nothing really, forget about it.” Tyler replied as he didn’t want to have to retell what he had seen, nor did he think he could without getting flustered. Tyler picked up his beer and took a big drink, not caring if he needed to sober up to get home, he just wanted to forget what he had seen in the restroom.

“I thought you needed to sober up” Brennan asked sounding confused by what Tyler had said earlier and the big gulp he had just taken.

“Yeah, no more for me.” Tyler reassured. Brennan and Sean looked at each other with a coy grin. Tyler continued to sit there for a few more minutes, not drinking any beer, but he began to notice everything wasn’t as clear as it had been. His vision was beginning to get fuzzy and he felt as if his head were getting onto the merry-go-round. He tried to focus his eyes on the beer in front of him.

“You okay Tyler?” Brennan asked.

“Yeah…..maybe I had more to drink than I thought.” Responded Tyler. He reached for his beer hoping another drink would help him clear his head, but he missed and knocked over a couple of empty beer bottles.

“Whoa there.” Said Sean reaching across to grab the bottles.

“I’m good.” Reassured Tyler as he picked up his beer with his other hand and took another big drink. Everything started getting more blurred and out of focus. “You think the owner would mind if slept in my truck in the parking lot tonight?” Tyler asked his two new friends, knowing that he couldn’t make it home tonight.

“Nah…… we’ll help you to your truck.” Brennan offered.

“Thanks.” Tyler slurred as he was beginning to black out.

“Just hold on ‘til we get ya to the truck.” Sean said as he and Brennan got up to stand Tyler up.

“Thanks you guys, really appreciate…..” Tyler’s words trailed off into nothing as he slumped into the arms of Brennan.

“Get his keys from Shane and bring the truck around.” Brennan ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Sean accepted his Master’s command.

“Okay Tyler let’s get you ‘home’ we’ve got a lot of work to do to you.” Brennan said to the now passed out Tyler drooped in his arms. Shane arrived from the front with Tyler’s leather jacket and put it on as he grabbed Tyler’s legs and helped his Master maneuver Tyler’s limp body out the back door. Sean pulled up in Tyler’s truck, got out and opened the passenger door. Brennan and Shane situated Tyler in the passenger seat. “Shane, follow behind Sean in van.” He ordered.

“Yes, Sir!” Shane nodded in acknowledgement.

“Sean don’t stop for anything until you get there, I’ll be behind you on the bike.” Brennan instructed Sean.

“Of course, Master.” Sean disclaimed obediently.

Brennan looked at his watch, almost one in the morning, “Let’s see if we can’t get there by dawn,” he said to his two slaves. Then he walked closer to the passed out Tyler slumped in the passenger seat of his own truck. Sean got in the driver’s side and shut the door. Brennan looked at Tyler and rubbed his gloved hand on Tyler’s cheek and said, “Soon my boy, your new purpose in life will be made clear.”

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