Extreme Changeover - Stud Edition

By MonsterMash62 - monstermash62@hotmail.com
published April 23, 2009
3601 words

Kevin makes some careless remarks, and gets transformed into the ultimate fantasy by Mark as revenge

Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this story. It may contain graphic sex between 2 men and should not be read by those who find such things objectionable.

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I write for my own enjoyment and am sharing this with other members of the MC community after spending the last few years being entertained by numerous authors, too many to mention here.

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Extreme Makeover - Stud Edition

“Uhhhh… where the hell am I?”

I felt like I had the worst hang over. I could hear this subtle beeping, which tapered off as I woke up. My brain was swimming, and I couldn’t figure out where I was or what I was doing there. The first thing that greeted my groggily opening eyes were my pants and underwear down around my ankles. My shirt was off of me as well. I tried to pull up my pants, but my arms wouldn’t budge from behind my back. I could feel rope chafing into my wrists. I tried to pull my arms out or untie the ropes, but this only succeeded in making me slouch a bit on the wooden chair I was seated on. The last thing I could remember before I woke up was leaving the uni after working reasonably late on a chem lab. I heard a soft tapping sound, like typing on a keyboard, and I slowly raised my eyes.

To the right of me, maybe a few feet away, was a tall, obviously muscular dude with short clipped blond hair. He was sitting in front of a computer screen, typing slowly, with no shirt on. I couldn’t make much out of the screen, but it looked like he was editing something in Word or some other word processor. I could just make out the words: “Kevin will wake up now.”

In front of me was a full length mirror. The way it was angled, I couldn’t see the face of the guy in the chair, so still didn’t know who it was. All I could see was myself: tall, thin, and lanky, with my arms pinned behind my back. My shoulder length brown hair was unruly and mop like, as if I’d been in a tussle. As far as I could tell, my baby-like face seemed unharmed.

“Who the fuck are you, and what do you think you’re doing?” I asked. I wanted to be as forceful as possible, and show that I wasn’t afraid. Sure, this guy was way bigger than me, and I was tied up and naked, but I wasn’t gonna play his little game.

“Oh, you know who I am Kevin. And you might not have thought I knew you, but I do.” The voice was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. He turned to face me, and I realized who it was. Mark Waller, one of my university’s star wrestlers. And dumb as a post.

“As for what I think I’m doing, I’m just changing your perspective a little. Don’t worry, you’ll be glad I did.” He laughed a bit at that, finding it funny for some reason.

“Remember last Tuesday, when we were both in the chem lab? I was asking Phil, that short, smart goth dude, for help? You were quiet, but I heard you lean over to your ‘girlfriend’ Sonja and say something along the lines of ‘I guess he traded all of his brains for those muscles of his. He’s dumb as a post. Why do they even let retards like him into a university? He’s so muscular he looks like a gorilla, and he definitely has the I.Q. of one.’ Sound about right, Kevin?”

I thought he hadn’t heard me. I had tried to be quiet, because I knew he could easily pound my ass. At this point though, there wasn’t much I could do other than act brace, so I said: “That’s right loser. But I said ‘morons’, not ‘retards’. Not that it makes any difference. You must be a retard to have tied me up like this.”

Mark just smiled and turned back to his keyboard. He looked down at the keys as he typed something new. God, he was too slow to learn how to touch type! I could just make out the text again. It said: “Since Kevin got to University, he has become a totally horny little gay slut.” As he hit enter, the computer started to beep again, louder this time.

What was he talking about? I wasn’t gay in the least, or a slut. Sonja was my girlfriend, and she may not be the hottest girl in school, but that didn’t make me gay. And slut? What the fuck?

I heard a BEEP BEEP from the computer again, only this time it was followed by a wave of dizziness. It felt as if my head were starting to hurt from information overload, like it did in class occasionally after an especially long day.

So Sonja was kind of my fag hag. But how the hell did Mark know that? It’s not like anyone knew I was gay. I sort of kept it quiet. I didn’t go around advertising it, and I had only slept with about 10 guys since the start of the year.

And another BEEP BEEP, followed by another wave of dizziness.

Ok, so Mark was right. I had slept with about 40 guys in the last semester, and that didn’t count all of the guys that I had sucked off. And every guy in school, even the straight ones, knew that if they wanted a blow job, no strings attached, I was the man for the job. It wasn’t exactly my fault though. If I didn’t bust a nut every few hours, I couldn’t pay attention to any of my professors, or get any school work done.

Had Mark done this to get me to suck him off? Was he really gay? Was the huge masculine wrestler into other guys? It would make sense. Those tight tights and all of that man to man contact on the wrestling mat.

God, being tied up and naked was making me antsy. It had definitely been a few hours since I had last stroked one off in the bathroom, and being this close to another guy, any other guy, was making me hard. If I didn’t get out of here soon, I was gonna be willing to suck off even a moron like Mark. Unsurprisingly, my naked dick started to rise at the thought. Maybe I could talk Mark into sixty-nining; if his mouth is full of my dick, he can’t exactly say anything too stupid.

“Nice! Is that 6 incher for me?” Mark asked, looking back at my now hard dick.

“I pegged you for having a small dick for some reason. Guess you aren’t that small.” He smirked at me. God, his face was pretty damn handsome, if somewhat simian. His thick blond goatee made him look even tougher and manlier. Too bad he was so grotesquely huge, and stupid. He reached over and pulled on my cock once. This caused me to drip a bit of precum onto his fingers, which he smeared over my cock head.

He turned back to his computer, and started typing. Again, I could make out the words. “Kevin loves muscular guys. Nothing turns him on more than a guy with big muscles; the bigger, the better.” When he hit enter, the computer beeped loudly again.

So this is what he had brought me here for? To tie me up, watch me get hard, and then type bs on his computer? I was ok with muscular guys, as long as they weren’t huge roid monkeys like Mark.


It was true that I had never actually tried sleeping with a guy like Mark. I usually went for smaller, toned guys. I liked to fuck them like there was no tomorrow, and seeing as how I wasn’t very big, they couldn’t be either. But I had wondered what it was like to be with a guy that was big, strong and masculine.


Ok, Mark had me dead to rights, again. Little turned me on more than the thought of some big huge beefy guy throwing me onto a bed (or the floor, or a table) and stuffing his meat into me. I even worked out occasionally at the hard core gym in town, just so I could watch all of those huge muscle beasts work out, and hopefully suck them off or get fucked in the locker room after. Not that they usually went for me.

Maybe that’s why I had said that about Mark last week? Maybe I had hoped he would push me around?

Man, he was soo hot. He had huge biceps and triceps, even when they weren’t flexed. Awesomely huge deltoids, and beautiful slab like pectorals. I’d never actually seen him with his shirt completely off before, and even his back was a work of art. He had the most beautiful, thick, cut legs as well and an amazing muscular bubble butt. My cock was now leaking a steady stream of precum all over my jeans on the floor.

Mark stood up from his computer and turned towards me. He was only wearing shorts, and my eyes wandered to his bulge almost immediately. I wondered how big his cock was. I had heard that most muscular guys got big to compensate for small dicks. I hoped it wasn’t true in Mark’s case. From the outline, it didn’t look true. His shorts looked quite stuffed.

Mark pulled his shorts down a bit and then hefted his cock out of them. I say hefted, because it was a huge meaty thing. It looked semi hard, and had a huge vein running down the shaft. It was seriously the largest cock I had ever seen, even on the many porn movies I had watched. Still soft, it had to be about a foot long. And it looked thicker than a beer can. He pulled on it a bit, and it grew harder, longer and a bit thicker. He pushed it up against his beautiful 8 pack abs, and the huge cut mushroom head actually stopped just short of his wonderfully large pecs. My mouth watered just thinking about tasting it, and my dick stood up even straighter, if that was even possible.

He pulled out his balls too, and they were just as impressive: as large as oranges, and low hanging. They looked like they were starting to churn too.

“Man, it’s hot having you watch me, seeing your cock get so hard. I’ll bet you’d love to suck my huge muscle cock, wouldn’t you? Huh?” He moved closer to me and waved the cock near to my lips. “Let me know if you want to suck it, you little bitch.”

“Please, Mark, I would love to suck it. Please let me suck it!” I couldn’t help myself from pleading with him.

He slowly moved his dick closer to my lips. He held onto the back of my head with his left hand, and fed his cock into my widely stretched mouth with his right hand. It was so big that I could barely fit the giant head into my mouth. It only went in slightly, and I bathed the head with my tongue. After a few seconds of this, Mark grunted and pulled out. I was disappointed.

He turned back to his computer and leaned down to type some more. I didn’t see what he typed because I was too busy reviewing his incredible muscular ass. God, it was amazing. And his legs and calves complemented it nicely.

He came back and stuffed my face with his mighty cock. It fit into my mouth easily this time. I used my not inconsiderable skills pleasuring him. I sucked on it and pitched forward far enough that it hit the back of my throat. Then I pulled back and it popped out, giving me a chance to lick the huge head all over, and run my tongue around the underside of his giant glans. A large dollop of pre-cum drooled out, and I greedily lapped it up.

I opened my mouth wide again, and took it in as far as I could. Then I pulled back, and jammed it in again. Mark could see that I was getting into it, so he grabbed the back of my head again, and started face fucking me in earnest. He never got more than about 6 inches into my mouth at a time, but I could tell he was enjoying it. He had closed his eyes and was starting to moan. I had also started to moan, knowing that most guys enjoyed the vibrations from sounds escaping your throat around their cock.

Without any warning, Mark suddenly stopped thrusting, and with a loud grunt, shot his load into my mouth. His cum was delicious, and I swallowed as fast as I could to keep as much in my mouth. This didn’t help. He shot so much that I couldn’t keep up, and it was quickly running out of the side of my mouth and down my chin. Sooo hot! Just thinking about how much of a little slut I looked like had me shooting my own load. Mark looked down as my small (compared to his) dick shot out a load a quarter the amount of his. It ran down my softening cock into my pubic bush. Mark pulled his huge dick out of my mouth, and shot a couple more times straight onto my lips.

“Looks like someone small enjoyed that” Mark said, with an amused look on his face. “I gotta hand it to you Kevin: you sure can suck a dick. That was amazing.”

It was at this point that I noticed that his monstrous dick hadn’t deflated at all, unlike my own. It was still huge, hard and ready to go.

“If you weren’t so small, I would even fuck you.” He turned and leaned back over his computer, and started typing again.

I desperately wished he would fuck me. He was so hot, and just imagining him pounding me with that massive tool of his got me hard all over again. But did he mean that my dick was too small?

BEEP BEEP went the computer again.

It couldn’t be my dick that was too small. I mean, yeah, compared to Mark’s, mine was small-er. But compared to his monster, anyone else’s was small. I had never had any complaints about being too small before. A cock that is a foot long when hard isn’t exactly small. The only complaints I ever had heard before were that it was a shame I was a total bottom with such a big cock. Guys always seemed to love how it swayed when they power fucked me and I was on my back.

Mark must have meant that I wasn’t big and muscular enough for him. Most big guys seem to go for other big guys. Oh, why hadn’t I spent more time in the gym? I wished so much that I had made the effort to get some kind of muscle. But I had always been skinny and small.


Wait a minute? What was I talking about? I had basically skipped the last year of high school working out in the school gym. And I was pretty big for my height. I had 22 inch arms, a 50 inch chest, and a 28 inch waist. Pretty good stats for someone that was only 5’8"". I had an awesome bubble butt too, and my legs were thick and cut too. I had a great body; the only problem was buying clothes. If I bought normal clothes, I had to get extra large shirts and extra wide pants. Both of which made me look fat. Instead, I had to get clothes custom made.

In fact, I would have dropped out of school entirely if it weren’t for the school gym. Once I hit 15, I was way too horny to think about much other than sex. I could never focus enough in school to learn anything. And all I wanted to do was fuck and lift weights anyways. I mean, why would I have needed school? It’s not like I was smart like college-man Mark here. And with my incredible muscled body, it’s not like I needed an education to make money. I made enough money topping the occasional rich bottom boy to live more than comfortably. That and the video shows I put up on my pay-website made more than enough to allow me to do what I wanted: lift and get fucked by other huge muscle studs.

I glanced up at my reflection in the mirror, just to make sure that I wasn’t too small for Mark. And because I loved looking at myself. Mark sure was taller than me, but my arms were about the same size, and with my slightly smaller waist, I almost looked more muscular than him.

Man, looking at my own body was making me leak pre-cum from my fuck stick. My chest was so big and hard. With my arms pulled behind my back, it looked even wider. And my shoulders were like cannon balls, huge and rounded, leading into my incredible biceps. Even my 8-pack was phenomenal; they looked like a series of miniature and extremely lickable speed bumps.

Then there was my face. It was all hard angles, with an imposing, masculine chin, ending with my inch thick goatee. My hair was short and tight, my eyes were deep blue, and my eye brows were bushy and yet not too thick. I looked so rugged and so handsome. My face, like the rest of my body, just seemed to ooze sex.

So if I was sure that my cock was big, and sure that my body was big, then what the hell did Mark mean about me being too small to fuck? Mark turned to look at me again, and said:

“That’s better. Now you’re good enough to fuck.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. I hadn’t changed. I was just as huge and muscle-bound as when I woke up here. Speaking of which, I was now sporting another rather large boner just thinking about how kinky it was being tied up. And my hole was practically salivating at the thought of getting plowed by Mark’s incredible meat.

“Are you still mad at me for tying you up?” Mark asked.

“Are you kidding? Blowing you was the hottest thing ever. Actually, I’ll make you a deal. If you untie me and give me the fucking of a life time, I won’t hold it against you that you knocked me out and tied me up. Deal?” I offered.

“Sounds fair to me.” With that, he walked around behind me and untied me. It felt good to stretch my arms and back. I got up and stretched, taking a look around the room. I saw a bed behind my chair, and Mark looking at me expectantly. He was so much bigger than me, and so hot. His own monster cock was still huge and hard, staring up at me in anticipation.

I suddenly, without thinking, dove into Mark, forcing him onto the bed. He struggled under me as I tried to pin him. Of course, I had no intention of winning this little wrestling match, even if I could have. Mark quickly flipped me onto my back, and then got off the bed and yanked me forcefully till my ass was sticking close to the end. Then, without any warning, he slammed his huge pole into my tight hole. It hurt like a mother fucker at first, but then it started to feel great. His meat was so large that he hit all of my sensitive spots, at the same time.

He slammed in and out of me, pounding me as hard as he could. He couldn’t physically get all of his cock in me, but he got close enough that his low hanging balls slapped against my ass each time he quickly pulled back. I was bracing myself holding onto the comforter under me, my cock alternating between almost slapping Mark’s incredible abs and flapping down onto my own. My abs were coated with a small amount of my own pre-cum, and I could feel my balls already starting to tighten.

A few thrusts later, I couldn’t hold back and shot all over myself. That pushed Mark over, and he filled my muscle butt with his own huge load. Both out of breath, we just lay there panting. God, I loved my life. Just a stupid muscle stud, working out and getting fucked all the time.

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