The Red Room - V

By Orion1961
published February 19, 2009
10939 words

The Mayor wants to close down the Red Room, until he encounters Fire.

I watched myself on tv, admiring my good looks and the way Channel 9 had caught my good side.

A dozen microphones sat beneath me at my podium, seemingly desperate to hear my every word, as it should be. I had a helluva lot of important things to say, and my latest campaign was guaranteed to keep me in the Mayor’s office well past the next election, as far as I was concerned.

Nothing like manipulating the General Public with a little fear-mongering.

“Do you really want one in your neighborhood?” I heard myself say, pausing dramatically, as the photographers snapped photos of me. Get my good side, boys! I smiled to myself. “No, of course you don’t! Who would? Let’s keep our neighborhoods clean and decent for hard-working families and all the well-adjusted straight men and women in your communities.”

There it was. A bomb-shell comment. It would either make or break me. I was betting on making.

“I have nothing against the homosexual community,” I said. Damn, I’m good! I really said that with complete honesty—what a crock! Gays grossed me out, but politicians had to hold back somewhat or be branded homophobic or racist. I continued, “But there are some things that don’t belong around the straight community. Least of all strip joints or porn stores where one could see advertisements for some very disquieting, kinky porno movies in the windows where children can see them.”

Aaah, the ‘children card’. Works every time!

“Do we really want to encourage our children to experiment with homosexuality and wind up as outcasts from society? I say to you…no. NO!” I repeated, pounding the podium for emphasis. “There’s a time and a place for all of this, and I say, ladies and gentlemen, that time is certainly not now, and the place is not my city! Not while I’m the mayor! As such, I hereby rescind the city permit for the annual gay pride parade, and plan to put into motion severe penalties for any businesses caught selling homosexual merchandise of any kind.”

I smiled with anticipation at my next words, knowing that it would be the easiest chore to accomplish.

“But, first things first. There’s a nightclub…Ha! A strip bar,” I groaned, my voice filled with contempt, “that’s been making a name for itself and is getting far too popular to be allowed to remain open, if we’re to remain committed to cleaning up this city. This ‘club’ is first on my list of things to eliminate to bring back a wholesomeness back to our proud city. I’m asking city council to approve my recommendation that it be closed.”

I looked every reporter in the eye, and uttered the next words with enough contempt to make them believe my every word.

“I plan to shut down The Red Room immediately!”

My press conference coverage more or less ended there, with a reporter on the 6 o’clock news repeating everything I just said and basically wondering if I had the votes on council to succeed, and what kinds of protests the gay community would come up with to save their precious nudie bar.

Naked men! Brrrrrrr! The very thought made me shiver with revulsion.

“Cameron, you look so handsome!” my budget manager / mistress cooed to me, sitting on the edge of my desk, watching the news with me. “They really got your good side!”

“I was just thinking that myself, babe. But then, as the youngest mayor this city has ever had, what else could I be? I’m 34 now, and I replaced a 55-year old clunker!”

“It’s a risky venture, though,” she warned me. She went on to blah-blah-blah about careers and agendas, but really all I cared about were her tits (including the implants I secretly paid for using city money), and her availability to suck me off every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and sometimes Sunday when Jill and the kids were visiting her dopey mother.

“I’ve got this under control. Martel, Kreiger, and Franco are all with me on this.”

She rolled her big baby blues down at me. “Oh, well, great! You just have twenty-five more councilors to convince!”

“Let me worry about that, hm? In the meantime…” I grinned, unzipping the fly of my expensive pants.

Debra hesitated, despite my obvious invitation…no…implication of her duty…to service me.

It was Wednesday, after all!

“Something wrong?” I asked, unbuttoning the top of my pants, and opening up the fly completely so she could see my erection and intentions.

“Don’t you think we do this, uh, a little…too much?”

“Do what too much?” I asked, acting dumb.

“Oral sex. It takes a lot of effort, Cameron. And you’re almost 7 inches, so you take up a lot of room in my mouth—”

“I’m a big boy, yes, yes, yes, so?”

“Sometimes I go down on you for so long my jaw aches! Sometimes I think you even hold back so I have to blow you longer.”

Damn! She was smart! I had been holding back! I loved seeing her head bobbing on my dick.

“Oh, come on, how hard is it to suck off a guy? It’s easy, just hold your breath or remember to breath or something. Whatever you girls have to do. C’mon. Times a-wasting. We both have homes to go home to, after I’m done shootin’ my load.”

“And that’s another thing! You’ve been trying to make me swallow it!”

I shrugged my shoulders. “So? I thought women liked to drink cum?”

“Some do, but not me!”

“Fine time to tell me now, Debra. Now look! He’s all mushy. You’ll have to work overtime now just to get him back to where he was a minute ago. C’mon, baby. Let’s do this!”

Reluctantly, my budget manager /mistress got down on her knees, pulled my dick out from beneath my underwear and began to suck me off. Hey, it was a fair trade. She went down on me three times a week (and sometimes Sundays), and I gave her a huge salary plus bonuses. I don’t see what the problem is—if not for the blow jobs she’d be so overpaid for what she does that the newspapers would have a field day exposing it.

I could understand how gays enjoyed receiving blow jobs, but you couldn’t pay me enough money in a million years to be the sucker instead of the suckee! I watched my lady service me with a look of submission in her eyes, my feelings of pride and dominance keeping me hard. As she drove my sex drive over the edge, I clutched the sides of her head, burying my fingers within her hair, and thrust even harder into her, making her swallow more and more of me. She’s a woman—she knows she loves it.

And yes…I did hold back again tonight so she had to suck me even longer than normal!

Across town in an office at my intended target, unbeknownst to me a group of men were watching the nightly news and my ground-breaking news conference. If I’d seen who actually worked at the Red Room, and known that they’d be watching me that night, conjouring up plans to fight me I might just have kept my mouth shut and given them just 1-hour’s notice before I closed up their little bar.

“—I plan to shut down the Red Room immediately!” my image on the tv announced.

The room exploded with shouts of indignation and concern from all those gathered. Jean Marc, the owner was white as a sheet, some dancers like Troy or Steele looked like they wanted to break some bones, while others like Kenneth and Gene held their thoughts private, even though the loss of their jobs was paramount on their faces.

“I say we get Bronte to smack around the Mayor!” Troy insisted, looking at fellow dancer, Fire, who was dressed in tight-fitting jeans and sleeveless t-shirt under his leather jacket.

“And get Bronte arrested for assault?!” Kenneth snapped. “He’s not a pit bull to be used on anyone we don’t like!”

“‘Don’t like’?” Troy repeated, glaring at Kenneth. “That jerk wants to close this place down and end your job! Damn right I don’t like him!”

“Fire, what do you think we should do about this?” Jean Marc asked his most popular dancer.

The hot-looking stripper pushed himself off of the closed door he was leaning against, his arms crossed, his handsome face set with determination.

“I’m going to talk to him.”

"Is that code for ‘Bronte is going to talk to him’?’ Troy grinned.

Fire leveled him with a firm stare. “I am going to talk to him. No need to get rough when I can be…” he said, pausing to break out into a mischievous smile, “persuasive…when I want to be.”

His fellow male dancers followed suit, and seemed to relax, knowing firsthand how convincing Fire could be at changing men’s minds.


I didn’t realize it as I entered the spa/gymnasium at city hall the next day at lunch time, but Fire was watching me and tracking my moves, melding in with the rest of the busy city crowd, going about their business at mid-day.

I liked to get some weight training in and then a massage to work the kinks out. Kinks, not kinky! I didn’t go for any of that queer man-rubbing-my-thigh-too-high stuff, and my usual masseur, Oliver, knew it very well. He should—I made sure to check up on him to be sure he was straight, because I didn’t want a homo touching me anywhere I wasn’t supposed to be touched, even before I’d launched my campaign against the Red Room. As I built up a sweat in the gym, Oliver prepared my massage table for me in my private area, only to be interrupted by Fire’s appearance.

“Hello!” Fire smiled his most charming smile at the good-looking masseur. “Is this where the Mayor’s scheduled for his massage?”

“Uh, yeah, and you shouldn’t be here. It’s private. See the sign on the door?”

Fire nodded, entered the room, and closed the door behind him. This caught Oliver’s attention, forcing him to stop folding his towels and plumping my pillow.

“Yo! I said ‘private’!” Oliver snapped, approaching Fire.

“I heard. All the better for us, don’t you think?” Fire asked, his smile encouraging.

However, Oliver was a straight as me, and would have nothing of it. “No, I don’t. I think you should leave.”

“And I think you should take your shirt off,” Fire said, removing his leather jacket, and in an instant his t-shirt, too.

“Mister, I don’t know who you are, but this isn’t one of those kind of massage rooms! I rub down the Mayor for therapeutic reasons only! I’ll ask you one more time before I pick you up and drop you on your ass outside of this building!” Oliver watched as Fire dabbed some oil from a bottle he’d produced into his hands, and then proceeded to massage it into his muscular chest, neck, and his face. Oliver’s anger evaporated, replaced by wandering eyes as his senses experienced something unlike they’d ever sensed before. Fire took a step closer to him, and then another, prompting Oliver to swing his attention back to him, realizing that what he was smelling was Fire. “What’s that…smell?”

“Me,” Fire replied, softly. “Do you like it?”

Oliver hesitated. Depending on how he replied he could send out the wrong message to this stranger. If he said ‘yes’ it might encourage the guy to get his massage-plus-happy-ending he apparently was expecting. If he said ‘no’…well…that would be a bad lie wouldn’t it?

“Yeah, it’s great,” Oliver nodded, breathing it in deeply as Fire came within a foot of him. “My girlfriend’ll love it. Probably drive her crazy in bed…make it hard to concentrate.”

“She could. But right now…you’re going to concentrate on Fire!”

Fire embraced Oliver around his neck and pulled him in for a powerful kiss. Oliver watched wide-eyed as the gay guy held him tightly, holding his head from behind as his mouth enveloped the masseur’s lips. He felt a moment of resistance, reaching up to push away the other guy, but Oliver quickly realized that it felt…great! Wonderful, in fact! His arms wrapped themselves around Fire’s back, his breath and that of Fire’s intermingling as the kiss went on and on. Fire tilted his head, and forced Oliver’s mouth open, and suddenly Oliver was overwhelmed with unrealized desire as another man’s tongue rolled around his mouth, seeking out and playing with his own tongue.

How is this possible? the masseur wondered in vain. I’m straight! How is it possible this gay guy’s turning me on like no one has before?

His questions were erased from his mind as Oliver found himself on his knees a minute later, accepting Fire’s gentle push to lower himself. Fire undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled down his zipper, all the while Oliver knelt before him, transfixed with anticipation. Fire gently pressed Oliver’s face into his crotch, forcing the masseur to snuggle his face into Fire’s increasingly hard erection, which was bursting to escape from his tight underwear. Oliver couldn’t stop himself from the erotic body heat and manly smell that was overwhelming him, never believing he could have found such enjoyment from burying his face within another man’s crotch. Fire lowered his underwear, and Oliver heard himself gasp softly as he beheld a magnificent 8-inch cock. He’d seen dicks in pornos and in the showers, but had never felt any form of attraction to them before. This was different, however. The gay guy’s penis seemed like a work of art, and a powerfully masculine one at that, one that he should rightly kneel before in awe.

Holding the back of Oliver’s head, Fire placed his hard cock against the masseur’s lips, running it back and forth across them and his cheeks, imprinting its musky, manly scent across Oliver’s face so that he couldn’t escape it, could only crave Fire’s cock. With his mouth open, uttering soft moans as he surrendered himself to Fire, the gay dancer pushed his cock into Oliver’s mouth, and began to pump his face, his hips gently rocking back and forth. More and more of his cock disappeared inside Oliver’s twink mouth, his tongue rolling around the meaty penis in any way possible to taste it, to welcome it inside, to give it pleasure.

Fire reached for his oil again and dabbed more into one palm, then rubbed both palms together, and then slowly stroked and massaged it into Oliver’s face. He moaned with pleasure as his senses went out of control, his taste buds tasting Fire’s cock more intensely, in an even better way than they had a minute ago. With the pheromone oil applied directly to his skin, Oliver couldn’t escape Fire’s seductive, manly odor.

“That’s it, Oliver, suck my gorgeous cock! My name is Fire, and you’re going to be mine! All you can think about is my cock in your mouth, giving it as much love as you possibly can, because you love to suck cock! Repeat after me; you love sucking cock.”

Fire released his hold on Oliver’s face, but kept his big, wet cock inches away from his mouth.

“I…love sucking…cock,” he repeated, although Fire could hear some resistance in his voice.


“I love sucking cock” he replied, sounding as if he’d just realized a secret.

“Again,” prompted Fire.

“I love sucking cock!” Oliver grinned, his voice eager and excited. He reached up and took Fire’s cock in his hand, shoving it back into his mouth as he returned to sucking off Fire, his head beginning to bob back and forth with renewed interest and speed. Fire smiled down at Oliver as more and more of his sex disappeared inside Oliver’s mouth, his sensuous full lips puckering as they slid back and forth across the throbbing shaft, glistening from his oil and Oliver’s saliva.

He serviced Fire with passion and intensity, his sexuality gradually overwhelmed by Fire’s gay powers of persuasion. Fire moaned and bucked minutes later, cumming into Oliver’s mouth, who swallowed every drop of his juice without even being asked to. Oliver continued to lick and suck until he’d removed any stray drops of cum, before he looked up, beholding Fire as if for the first time.

“You’re gorgeous! You’re amazing! I…I’ll do anything for you, Fire!” he assured, grinning widely, his heart filled with love for the other man.

Fire smiled down at him, stroking his hair. “I thought you would. You enjoyed my cum, didn’t you?”

“I loved it!” Oliver sighed.

“All men do. No man can resist the hypnotic gay influence of my pheromone body oil, or my semen. It contains elements of those pheromones, turning every man that tastes it into my willing love slave.”

“I’m yours, Fire!” Oliver sighed with a dreamy smile of his wet lips, his heart enslaved to the gay dancer.

Fire smiled at him, and helped him stand up. “You’re not the one I came to see, Oliver, but you and I are going to have some fun tomorrow at the Red Room. I want you to visit the Red Room when it opens up at 5 pm, and then we can continue your transformation into your new gay life. But for now, you can let me take you place to massage the Mayor. He and I have things to…discuss.”

“Anything for you, Fire!”

The dancer smiled, and gave Oliver another long kiss on the lips, the two of them embracing tightly as if they were long-time lovers, something the formerly-straight masseur would never have believed possible or accepted a half hour ago. He left the gym so Fire could prepare for the Mayor’s arrival, thoughts of Fire’s gorgeous, thrusting cock foremost on his mind, not to mention his first visit to the gay strip bar with all those hot guys and their big cocks that would complete his conversion. He couldn’t wait to dump his girlfriend for his new life.

Meanwhile, I was my usual 10 minutes late for my appointment (I like making people wait for me, but I think Oliver is so used to it that he uses that 10 minutes to call or text his girlfriend—those two are inseparable), and I did a double-take as I saw a new face in my usual room. He was studly and a bit of a pretty boy, compared to the athletic Oliver, and had better hair than me.

“It’s okay, come in. I’m covering for Oliver today.” the new guy assured me.

I hesitated, being a bit of a control freak, and not dealing with change very well. Plus, I was used to my routine with Oliver—bad enough I let a guy rub me down, but this guy’s hands might wander around more than I wanted.

“Ohhh-kaaay,” I moaned, climbing onto the table and laying down on it on my belly. “Watch the personal space, alright? I don’t want you getting anywhere near the nuts—not too high up the thighs, okay? I just want to loosen up, not a close encounter, understand?”

“Certainly, Mr. Mayor. By the way, my name’s Fi—”

“Don’t care, don’t need to. This’ll be our one and only session, and it’s back to Oliver, so gimme a quick rub and let’s get this over with,” I instructed.

“As you wish,” the younger guy complied, squeezing some oil onto his hands, and then applying some decent rubbing to my shoulder blades. I grunted and sighed, loving it when my blades were massaged. Just sorta gets all tight back there, and having them rubbed by someone else always relaxed me. Kinda hard to reach around for them on my own, you know?

I should say this ‘Fi’ guy, whateverthehellhisnamewas, seemed to know what he was doing, probably being very experienced with his hands. He turned back my towel so only my cute ass was hidden beneath it, while he worked the kinks out of my spine, neck, and calves, before moving up to my lower thighs.

“Not too high,” I reminded him. “Right?”

“Yes, Mr. Mayor,” he answered. “Forgive me from asking, but you seem to be uncomfortable with gay people and their lifestyle.”

“You gay?!” I snapped, propping myself up onto my elbows.

“No, of course not,” the new guy answered. “But I saw your news conference and you seem to have boundaries regarding massages.”

“Oh. Well, yeah, I think their lifestyle is wrong. Kinda gross, you know? And if I had my way I’d definitely have a lady massage me, but I am the Mayor, and have a reputation to uphold. Besides, I know Oliver, and he’s super straight.”

“Is he?” Fire smiled down at me with that mischievous smile, even though I couldn’t see it. My head was resting comfortably on my forearms.

“Oh, yea. Quite the stud when it comes to the ladies. Can’t get enough pussy, so I hear.”

“Hm. Interesting. So he’s not even a little…curious? Maybe bi?”

“Hell, no!” I insisted. “I have a gay guy on staff in Accounting, but Oliver steers clear of him. Won’t even take the elevator with him. Too bad, really, since Greg is an okay guy. For a pansy, that is.”

“Well, maybe the two of them will be friends some day,” Fire suggested.

“Yeah, whatever. Better chance of winning the lottery, if you ask me.”

“So getting back to the Red Room…” Fire prompted.

“I didn’t lknow we were talking about it,” I admitted, getting annoyed. Oliver might say a few words, but I usually just laid there while I got my rubdown. A recital of daily anecdotes and news caps wasn’t my idea of relaxation.

New guy continued, “Why put those people out of work? They’re doing a job they love, just like the men and women that work at a straight strip club do.”

“But it’s full of gay guys!” I told him, as if that explained everything. When he didn’t respond, I added, “There’s been talk of that place getting too popular, know what I’m saying? As if they’re, I don’t know if this is the proper word for it, but it looks like they’re recruiting people! Either recruiting from within the city, or bringing in even more queers from other towns, so enough is enough. I hear it’s more popular than any strip club in town, even more than any straight girlie nudie bar, and that’s just gross. Better to close it down now before it corrupts any more of our fine young men in this city, right?”

I could smell a different odor now, something I know Oliver never used before. At first I thought this new guy was burning a scented candle or something lame like that, but then I realized that it was from his massage oils. It had an unusual, aromatic, intoxicating scent to it, but I didn’t comment on it in case I started to sound like I was into such poofy things. He massaged my neck, and rubbed my temples, practically erasing all of my tensions just by doing that one thing.

“Wow,” I sighed. “I think you’re better than Oliver. He better watch out…his job might be in jeopardy!” I joked.

As the new guy maneuvered himself to stand in front of me so that he could massage my shoulders, I sighed from the warmth of the oil and all the pressure points he was hitting the mark on. I propped my chin up on my forearms, and opened my eyes, only to discover that the new guy was naked! I jerked up as if to jump off the table, but he held me down, assuring me with a calm voice,

“Relax, Mr. Mayor. Relax. Enjoy the massage. Enjoy my hands on your body.”

I found myself doing as I was told, but I didn’t take my eyes off the new guy’s dick, which was barely a foot from my face. He wasn’t hard, but I could see that he was half-way there, and man, was he a Big Boy!

“That’s quite a…shlong…you’ve got there, new guy.”

“Thank you.”

“How…uh…how b-b…large…?” I stuttered.

I watched as he took one hand from my shoulder, and wrapped it around his own cock, stroking it up and down before me.

“Eight lovely inches,” he told me softly. “When it’s hard, like it is now. Do you like it?”

I hesitated, words trying to slip from my mouth that I didn’t want to utter. “Yes, very much,” I heard myself say. What-the-hell-was-that??? Why did I just say that?

“Good,” new guy said, returning to gently massaging some oil into my temples. “Don’t take your eyes off of it. You don’t want to look away. It’s too beautiful to look away from.”

“Uhhh,” I moaned, trying to turn my head away, but I couldn’t. There was just something about the masseur’s voice I found reassuring. What was wrong with me?! I somehow felt compelled to check him out, to actually appreciate every line and contour of his penis. I don’t know how he was able to do it, and I tried to shift my position so I wouldn’t look at his dick, but I slowly began to realize that I didn’t want to look away. “Okay.”

“That’s it. Look at it. Admire it. Look how hard it is, thick, and masculine. It’s a powerful cock, Mr. Mayor. It wants you to stare at it, admire it, enjoy it.”

My breathing began to get shallow now, and my mouth felt dry, making me swallow again and again. I don’t know why, but I found myself actually checking out this hot guy’s dick, and thinking what an amazing piece of meat it wasthehell? Did I just call him a…hot guy?! I checked out the hot guy’s cock…yep, did it again…thinking that if I were going to be a porn star I’d want a cock like his…I’d want a cock like his…to…enjoy. Huh? No, I mean a cock like his if I were the porn star doing the…sucking. No, I mean, if I would use it to screw women! That’s better. Right, I only noticed guy’s dicks in porn and thought to myself that I wish I had my cock inside him. Her! Her! What was he doing to me?!

“A cock like that would be amazing to suck,” I murmured, gasped, and added, “B-by a w-woman, I mean!”

“Don’t be embarrassed, Mr. Mayor. Many men have tasted my cock…and loved it. Gay men…straight men…straight men that are now gay men. They wrap their lips around my gorgeous cock and have a change of mind and preference. They never want to go back after having my big cock inside them.”

His temple massaging was making my head spin, and all sorts of crazy ideas were flitting about, and fewer and fewer of them involved women. This was crazy! I’ve never wanted a guy before, and the only cock I loved was my own! It’d given me so much pleasure from my teens when I first started masturbating and then having sex. Now it was…oh, God! It was rock-hard under my belly! I better not roll over and let the new guy see it like that!

“You’re thinking of that now, Mr. Mayor…Cameron…thinking of what it would feel like…taste like…to suck my big, gorgeous cock. It’s so hot, Cameron…you’re making it hot and hard…it wants you to suck it! It’s begging you to wrap your lips around it…to become one with it…to lick it up and down…”

Oooh, man, he was trying to hypnotize me! His words had a mind-controlling effect on me, and second by second I felt compelled to obey him, to accept these new thoughts and desires he was planting in my head. I was proud to be straight, finding only women desirable, but now…now this guy was brainwashing me, forcing new sexual thoughts and cravings into my mind, and I was finding it harder and harder to resist. His cock…it seemed so enticing…so beautiful…

“Uhhh…n-never sucked a dick before…” I mumbled, both shocked and intrigued about what was happening to me.

“Then there’s no time like the present,” the masseur suggested, taking a small step closer to me. With one hand on the back of my head, and one around the powerful shaft of his amazing cock, he edged closer to me, and I realized I was opening my mouth to accept his cock! I did want to taste it! To feel it inside my mouth, to experience my first cock, and man, what a cock it was going to be! I suddenly felt at ease with the concept of sucking a guy, something I’d never considered in my entire life. But here was the opportunity of a life time, and I…I…I had to take his cock…into me! Oh, man, he’s feeding me his cock and I was really going to do this! He was gently forcing my mouth and his cock to join together, as he aimed his penis right for my mouth. I was leaning forward to accept it, and my lips would wrap around the thick head in just a couple seconds as if it was the most natural thing for me to do, forgetting I was straight, and that I had never gone down on a guy before. It was barely 2 inches away from my wide open mouth, when there was a knock at the door.

“Mr. Mayor, it’s Theresa. Mr. Preston from the City Herald is here to see you. Something about an interview for the front page?”

The voice of my administrative assistant brought me back to reality, and I pushed myself into a sitting position, trying to clear my head. “A-all right! Tell ‘im I’ll be up there! Soon! Al-almost finished here.”

“Very well,” Theresa said behind the door, then left, her high heels clip-clopping down the hall.

I looked at the new masseur and away quickly, embarrassed that I was exposing my hard dick for him to see. I put my hands over it, and stuttered, “I-I-I have to leave.”

The new guy stepped in front of me, placed his hands on my cheeks, and planted a long kiss right on my lips! They were unlike any lips I’d ever felt before—soft, and yet manly, and somehow just the right size for my own. I have no idea why I didn’t fight it, having never experienced or even wanted to experience another guy’s mouth on mine. Heck, it used to gross me out when I was little and my Dad would sometimes kiss me on the cheek before he left on a business trip. Now…I just wanted this wonderful kiss with this stranger to last forever.

He released the kiss and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but offer a weak smile back at him, although I’m sure I was turning red from embarrassment. Oh, hell, my dick was giving off the wrong impression—it was still completely hard and pointing skyward like a flagpole!

“We’ll continue this,” he assured me, giving my erection a little squeeze before he began to put his clothes back on.

“Uh, w-where? W-when?” I found myself asking. Why was I asking that?!

I..kissed…a guy.

“I’ll be in touch. I’ll make sure you can find me,” he replied.

I kissed a guy!

“O-okay,” I found myself saying, as if I was agreeing with the prospect of another meeting. Not if I could help it, buddy! I let my guard down once, somehow, but it wouldn’t happen again in a million years!

“I’ll see you soon,” the new guy told me, and left, leaving me there to contemplate, naked with a raging hard-on, what I should do next. Oh, yea! The newspaper interview. Better get dressed.

Holy crap, I kissed a guy!…And liked it!

The interview was a waste of time, my mind drifting back to what I saw and the feelings I experienced that were so out of character for me. My heart just wasn’t into talking about myself and my plans—hell, the interview was supposed to be about my focus on closing down the Red Room and homosexual hangouts, and here I went and had a homosexual experience myself! I didn’t exactly do anything, but there was the temptation to do it. I may have even freaked out the reporter when he caught me checking out his crotch…twice…with me smiling down at it, but I assured him I was just looking away, lost in thought as I composed my replies to his questions.

Yea, right!

The truth was I found myself realizing that his own dick was curled up on the left side of his crotch, and wondering if he was as big as me. Certainly not as big as the new masseur– 8 inches? Wow! Finally I just made my excuses to end the interview quickly, telling him I hadn’t changed my perspective and I was sticking to what I said at the press conference.

Next I called Debra in for a ‘private meeting’, and practically ordered her to get on her knees, as I shrugged off my pants, exposing my hard-on that still hadn’t softened since my encounter with New Guy, about an hour ago.

“But it’s not even Friday, yet!” she complained, crossing her arms obstinately, reminding me of my structured ‘private meetings’.

“IknowIknowIknow. Please, just give me some release, okay? I’m bursting here. C’mon, you know you like it.”

She sneered at me, and knelt before me, saying, “You try it sometime and see how much you like having something in your mouth on a regular basis and we’ll see if you think it’s not such a big deal!”

“I just might,” I fearfully mumbled softly to myself.

“Excuse me?” she snapped.

“I…said, you’re just right. Your mouth. You’re blowing, I mean. You’re…um…great.”

That seemed to reassure her, so she slowly began to stroke me and take in more and more of my dick, lathering it up with her red lips and tongue. She went at it for a long time, and I found myself watching her every move, her every lick and every squeeze of my dick, almost as if I was watching it for the first time. Almost as if…

…I wanted to learn how to do it myself?

No, no, no, that was just crazy!

I watched her because I liked watching a woman suck me.

I came minutes later, but was cut off abruptly as I uttered some completely out of character words, along the lines of,

“What a beautiful cock!”

Debra backed off, and got dressed, annoyed that I was such a narcissist about my own penis . If she only knew that I was imagining New Guy’s dick, I think I would have freaked her out ten times more!

Hell, I was freaking out myself!

It was the next day at work, my e-mail was as loaded as a drunk on Bay Street, and I looked at them for the most important ones, when one popped out at me that made my heart race, and my mouth go dry again. The sender was someone calling himself ‘Fire’, and the message was headlined by a single word; ‘Massage’, so I knew it was him.

I opened it up and it consisted of a single line; “Your private room at the City Hall gym, 12 noon; let’s finish your massage. Fire”

My head spun and my mind raced with all kinds of crazy ideas and that hadn’t been there before. What was I thinking, agreeing to that? I wasn’t gay! Okay, I let him kiss me, but hell, the girls couldn’t keep their hands of me, so why not the gay guys? Well, I couldn’t allow the press or my staff know about the gay masseur, so I had to get down there before 12 noon, and make sure he was escorted out of City Hall. Wait! He was gay…he asked about that Red Room club…! I felt my anger rise as I realized I was either being set up or pranked by the gay guy, and it made my silly queer fantasies slip away. How dare he try that stuff on me! There was no way in hell I was going to fall for that again…

“Lie down, Mr. Mayor. Relax.”

“Okay,” I agreed, my anger evaporating like so much hot air in a city council meeting, once I saw him naked again, smelling fantastic like before. Somehow, he was able to convince me to take my suit off, and lie on the massage table, and on my back so he could check out my hard cock. Why was I doing this? He was naked, and so was I, so where was this going? Why was I allowing this? A little voice in me tried to tell me that I wanted it to happen, but I squashed that idea. Of course, that left me with no answers.

I watched as he dabbed some oil onto his hands, rubbed them together, and then proceeded to massage it into my face. I moaned from the intoxicating, masculine scent, the oil making my head spin, and warm my face. He massaged it into me, even as I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Somehow, he was beginning to look real good to me, as if I was able to appreciate just how attractive he was. I couldn’t imagine a better-looking man, either an actor or musician. That was when I realized that he was a hunk, a stud that was even hotter than me!

With his hands still slippery with his special oil, he grasped my dick, and began to slowly stroke it up and down. I moaned and gasped, having never had a hand job from a guy before. My breathing became shallow, and I found myself staring at his hard cock, which he was now stroking to fullness less than a foot from me. I could feel myself becoming lost in the moment, my curiosity and sex drive becoming uncontrollable as I…still wanted to…suck him? Yeah, I actually wanted to suck him, as if to thank him? To accept that…he was to be…admired? Worshipped? I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that Fire had a gorgeous cock, and I wanted to return the favor, as crazy as that seemed.

“Now it’s your turn, Mr. Mayor. Masturbate. Fantasize about my lovely, big, hard cock. Imagine doing whatever I want you to do to me. Fantasize about becoming my willing lover,” Fire told me. “But you can’t cum until I ask you to.”

I did as he asked, jerking off like crazy on my back, my head turned so I could get a clear look at his cock, his genitals my only focus, as if nothing else mattered. My hand slid rapidly up and down as my hand absorbed some of the oil, making it easy to jerk myself to the biggest erection I’d ever felt. When I realized that I was smiling with admiration and desire at his cock, a tiny bit of resistance reared up within me, and I began to force myself to look away, until he easily turned my head back towards his big cock.

“You want my cock, Mr. Mayor. You can feel a yearning for it, can’t you? You want to forsake women, and concentrate solely on my cock, servicing it with your mouth and hands, your only goal to give me pleasure and make me cum.”

“N-no…no…I’m strai–…I can’t, but, I…I…Y-yes,” I slurred, as he aimed his cock at me again, the thick head coming closer and closer. “Want…your…cock. Yeah, Fire, I want your cock!” I heard myself say. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more the desire seemed to rage within me, growing exponentially, as if I was helping him brainwash me into becoming gay. Saying it aloud seemed to reinforce his commands. “I…I’ve got to have your cock, Fire!” I sighed, my heart filling with lust and yearning for this hot guy. I blurted out, “Please! Let me suck your gorgeous, big cock!”

Fire then said, “Of course, Mr. Mayor. I massaged your body with my hands…and now you’re going to massage my cock…with your mouth.”

And with that, Fire edged forward, I opened my mouth wide, and his beautiful cock was filling my whole mouth with his masculine power. The first 4 inches of his eight inch penis rammed its way inside me, pumping my face again and again, making my head spin as I realized that I was performing oral sex on another guy, something I’d just been campaigning against a day ago! I began to wonder why I was so against it—it felt fantastic to suck another man’s cock! My lips and tongue had never tasted such a thing in my life, and as he thrust forward again and again, my lips sliding across his thick throbbing shaft, I found myself losing all interest in women, like Debra. I had only one focus as I masturbated myself; make love to Fire’s cock with my mouth!

Debra; I was now Debra, my mouth engorged with a thick, pumping cock! My memories of things I’d said to her, like it wasn’t a big deal to swallow five inches of a cock or have an aching jaw—now I was going to experience those things! I had become a cocksucker after all, for ever thrust into me by Fire, I felt less and less awkward about it, and found myself actually approving of it, finding it immensely enjoyable. His pumping cock was making me submissive, hypnotizing me with his relentless, repetition of entering my mouth again and again. I didn’t know how he was doing this to me, and I didn’t care. All I cared about was taking in more and more of his dick into my mouth.

And as he pumped my face like I used to pump Debra’s, I felt stirrings within me, yearnings, even, to actually suck him until he would come, so I could have my first taste of a man’s cum. I moaned as he made me suck him, hoping I could taste his cum, making me his personal cocksucker. I was even sure that I’d swallow every drop if given half a chance, giving myself the entire experience of what Debra had when she went down on me. I even felt…jealous of Debra! Jealous because she’d had years of blow jobs, and had been lucky enough to perform oral again and again, and this was only my first time. Oh, wow, was he really changing me that much?!

There was a quick knock at the door, and then it swung open followed by a female gasp escaping the visitor’s mouth, but Fire only slowed his pumping of my face, keeping his big dick in my mouth. He simply smiled at the visitor, and then down at me, stroking my hair.

“What’s–?! What’s going on here?! What are you doing to the Mayor?!” I heard Theresa’s voice nearly shriek, but somehow I didn’t care.

“You could say I’m giving him a taste of gay pride. But I’m just making him see things my way.”

“Mr. Mayor! Why’re you–?” she asked, but I interrupted her, reluctantly taking my mouth off of Fire’s penis.

“It’s okay, Theresa. Go away. I…love sucking Fire’s cock. We need some privacy,” I said dreamily, taking his cock into my hand, and shoving it back into my hungry mouth.

She was freaked out, but she accepted the situation, leaving us alone. I was ready to suck him until he came into me, willingly accepting my new gay desires and discarding my straight life, but Fire pulled out, then bent down to me to stroke my hair, and kiss me on the cheek and neck as he told me,

“We’re going to continue this without interruptions, Cameron. There’s only one private place for us, Mr. Mayor. One place where we won’t be interrupted. And you’re going to come with me there, so I can finish converting you.”

“Wh—where’re going?” I asked, breathlessly, before he turned my head to face him so he could kiss me again, my boiling desire making me love the feel of his lips on mine.

The Red Room.

I should have guessed.

I could barely take my eyes off of Fire the entire car ride here, and both of us enjoyed the feel of each other’s lips as we kissed again and again on the way there. A friend of Fire’s drove us to the club that I wanted to close down. All the way there he’d kept his arm around my shoulders, occasionally giving my hard dick a squeeze, neither action resisted by me. He took my hand, and encouraged me to rest it on his bulging crotch, where it stayed for most of the ride. Sometimes I could almost feel my mind clearing, but he smelled so damn good, and was so freaking attractive that I told myself not to even think such things. My mouth seemed to control my actions—I was finding it more and more natural to kiss another man, and I wanted to taste his cock again, I wanted to…taste his cum. I couldn’t believe how much I was changing, and it was all due to Fire.

I hesitated at the door of the club, wondering what was inside, and if anyone had seen me come here, but one look at Fire’s muscular chest in his unbuttoned shirt, and I felt myself drawn inside, even as he took my hand to gently pull me inside. Like a swarm of piranhas, male strippers appeared all around me, some showing their anger at my unexpected arrival, until they saw my look of total acceptance and desire for Fire as we held hands. Then they seemed to know who was in charge here.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor. I’m Troy,” one stud said.

I offered him my hand to shake, but he took it and placed it on his crotch, which I willingly squeezed through his skintight underwear. I sighed with a smile, as he held my hand against his bulge, imagining how big and sexy he was down there. He smiled back at me, my mind somehow unwilling to remove my hand from his warm, bulging member, until planted a kiss on me.

“Now, now, the Mayor is mine,” Fire insisted with a smile, edging Troy away from me. “Tell Jean Marc that I’ll need my VIP Room set up for the Mayor.”

Well, that was more like it! I liked VIP Rooms, and as mayor I was the biggest VIP here. I wondered what was in Fire’s VIP Room. I caught sight of the stage and watched as a muscular guy in black leather chaps began to dance and remove his clothing, exposing a big dick hidden inside tiny speedo underwear. Fire ushered me to the edge of the stage, and together we watched the dancer complete his set, at which time I was rock hard and finding my thoughts focusing solely on all of these hot guys. I knew I wasn’t myself, but I couldn’t resist the seductive male bodies around me, the all-encompassing male environment, or the rising feelings of desire for them.

Fire left for his VIP room ahead of me, leaving me to sit beside Troy and another sexy dancer called Kenneth. I tried to force my thoughts back to straightness, to fight the urge to watch another guy dance and peel off his clothes, kneeling down before me and stroking his hot cock.

“What’s…wrong with me?” I asked no one in particular. “I’m not…gay! I’m…not!”

“Oh, there’s still time,” Kenneth assured me. “In the meantime, Mr. Mayor, check out Steele’s big hard cock! Imagine it inside you.”

I knew what Fire was doing to me now—he was softening me up, breaking down all resistance so that I would become obsessed with cock, molding, manipulating, changing me into someone new that loved men. A part of me was ready to role over and surrender to these hot gay guys, but I was digging deep to find my old self and keep him straight. Then I noticed a couple guys making out a couple tables over, and was shocked to see that it was Oliver, my masseur, and a black dancer necking with obvious passion! But, I thought he was straight? How could Oliver–? And then I began to think that I really had been set up by Fire, and that he had intentionally took Oliver’s place. I tried to feel annoyed that I was set up, but…Fire had given me my first taste of cock, and for that…I was grateful. Kenneth turned my head to face the stage, murmuring into my ear seductively,

“You can’t stop watching Steele and his big, hard cock, Mr. Mayor. Imagine how good it tastes, how it would feel in your mouth.” It had the desired effect, and I was once again finding it hard to breathe normally, my mouth watering at the prospect.

Kenneth soon got the okay from Jean Marc, and then he took me by the hand and led me to the back past several curtained off areas where I could hear men groaning and breathing heavy, the odor of manly sweat and spilled cum filling my senses. I knew this stuff was happening here! But…it didn’t bother me now. In fact, I desperately wanted to pull the curtains aside and watch the men within make out with each other.

Past this area and through a doorway, Kenneth urged me to enter all the way into what looked like a bedroom set up in the back, the lighting within dim and romantic. Lying across a king-size bed, stark naked, his head propped up on one elbow as he lay on his side and fully erect, was Fire, oiled up from head to tow, a mischievous smile playing at his lips. My nose was overwhelmed by that fantastic masculine odor of his massage oil, and I found myself staggering towards him, almost like a zombie, the fragrance becoming stronger the closer I got to Fire.

“Welcome to the VIP Room, Mr. Mayor. Take your clothes off, Cameron. Before was just foreplay. Now we get down to serious body contact. Take off your clothes…and make love to me, Cameron.”

My mouth dropped at the prospect, but so did my pants, my shaking hands seemingly controlling themselves as I pulled off everything. mesmerized and willing, my cock achingly hard, as I climbed into bed with the enticing Fire. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to go through with this, joining another guy in his bed. We embraced one another, our arms wrapping tightly around each other, our lips locked once again into a passionate kiss like none I’d ever felt before. Our hands began to roam across each others back, arms, thighs and heads, my erection rubbing against his larger penis, its will enslaved by the superior cock pressed against it.

I thought I would take the lead, but Fire soon rolled on top of me, enforcing his superiority over me, but I didn’t care—he was just so damn hot! My mouth latched onto his neck and I licked and sucked it, kissing him up to his ear lob, and across his shoulder, when I noticed the mirrored ceiling above us. I was able to watch myself make love to another guy, and it made me hotter and harder than I’d ever been before. Fire pressed his muscular chest into my mouth. His nipples were hard and I sucked them for all I was worth, licking them up and down, tasting the oil on his smooth, shaved chest. He straddled me, rested his palms across my chest and rubbed his cock against mine back and forth, driving my hard-on to new heights, my hands exploring every muscle and contour of his arms and shoulders.

He turned around, his huge dick, hard and glistening above my head. He reached down to it, and pointed it at me mouth which willingly open wide, before sliding it in, feeding me his cock from above. He adjusted himself so that he was over my own dick, and the next thing I knew I was in a 69 position with the gorgeous male dancer, my only wish to service his magnificent, superior cock. He pumped my face from above, the musky scent of his oils and balls my only focus as I did my best to return his sucking. His hips thrust down towards me again and again like a pro, stretching my mouth wide as I was forced to swallow more and more of his eight inch cock. Again, I thought about Debra, and the irony of it all, as my mouth became the plaything of Fire, my body little more than an instrument to give this man pleasure. I could feel my mind becoming re-wired, as it were, with thoughts of naked men, their enormous erections, their tight asses, and their muscular physiques the only things that I desired and could find sexual enjoyment in. I began to forget how much I liked being inside a pussy, and was overwhelmed by mad lust to feel Fire’s cock inside my ass. Debra’s jaw used to ache from too much sucking, and soon I would have firsthand experience of that, too, since Fire was bigger and thicker than I was.

My hands roamed everywhere along his beautiful body, feeling his muscles in his thighs, arms, back, his thick pounding cock, even as his mouth made slurping and gulping sounds as he made love to my dick. He had me under his spell, and all I could think about was that I never wanted this to end, and when it did, that we could do this again and again. Oh, man, he was turning me into his lover and I…I approved of it! His hands squeezed my inner thigh and played with my balls, until he started fingering my sphincter. I began to jerk and writhe from the new sensations, having never had anyone ever touch me down there, and was praying that he wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing.

A couple minutes later I was coming and he was sucking it out like a human vacuum, drawing out every drop of juice I could orgasm, his strong hand stroking my dick furiously. I was barely able to gain my breath when I felt Fire tense and then moan loudly from his rushing orgasm, and then I received my first mouthful of hot cum, his beautiful cock forcing me to swallow every bit of it as he pumped my face from above, faster and faster. I swallowed furiously, my only wish to suck and swallow every drop of him as he had sucked me off. He writhed and groaned, his movements like a wild bronco above me, his entire body exuding masculine power over me, even as wave after wave of warmth flowed through me as he changed me.

He slowly pulled out from me, and adjusted his position so that we were face to face again. We lie in each other’s arms, give me a taste of my own cum as he locked me within a seductive kiss, our tongues rolling around one another, our lips slippery and caressing the other. I felt delirious with joy, overcome with desire, lust, and absolute adoration for this man, something I never knew I was capable of. He had completely seduced and converted me to his side.

“That was…fantastic!” I sighed, looking into his eyes. “You’re gorgeous, Fire! You’re the most beautiful man on Earth!”

I sensed that I was ready to ramble off compliment after compliment, my heart and mind bursting with love and complete subservience to my new master. How could I have ever hesitated meeting up with him in the massage room? How could I have ever felt uncomfortable about male hands rubbing me? Men were fantastic! Gay men were wonderful! And now I would be able to experience the joy or cocksucking as Debra had all this time.

“So, tell me, Cameron; what are you going to do about the Red Room?” he prompted.

I fell in love with him right there and then, his smile capturing my heart completely. “It stays open! I’ll enforce laws to keep it open! You have nothing to worry about, Fire!”

“And the gay pride parade?”

“I’ll arrange two gay pride parades! One for you guys and one for the lesbians! Hell, I’ll arrange three parades if that’s what you want! Anything you want is yours, Fire! I’m yours, Fire!”

“Sounds like you’re old life is over, Cameron. You can now begin your life as a gay man.”

“I’m…gay,” I said, coming to the realization that that was exactly how I felt! Debra, my wife…I had absolutely no interest in them sexually now.

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Let me hear you say it again?”

“I’m gay!” I replied with a grin, the words somehow enforcing his mind control of me, that I was now willingly accepting.

“Yes, you are, Cameron. You are completely gay now. How many women have you had sex with, by the way?”

“Um…” I did a quick calculation, but it was about as pleasant as remembering how times I made a mistake. “Including my wife, just four women.”

Fire smiled that seductive smile again, reached over and touched a button on his bedside intercom. The door swung open and in came Kenneth…then Troy…then another and another. My eyes lit up at so much man meat around me, and my cock became hard again, my approval of their hot, sexy bodies enough to turn me on instantly.

“Boys, the Mayor is one of us now. The Red Room is safe, and he now loves to suck cock. There’s just one thing we need to change. There’s a little statistic that I’d like to see altered. Seems our Mayor has made love to just four women in his life, and by my count we have a dozen sexy men working here tonight…”

My dick was getting harder and harder, my mind racing faster and faster as the guys came closer, and moreso when a couple joined us on Fire’s huge bed.

Fire continued, “…so I propose that by the time we’re through with Cameron tonight, he’ll have made love to twice as many men as he has women! I want you to show him what you’ve got, and don’t hold back. Cameron’s going to be the receiver of a good ol’fashioned gang bang…and he’s going to love it!”

It was true! My heart was racing and my lust sent into overdrive as Troy and Kenneth climbed beside us, kissing me and sucking me off, before Kenneth and Fire took turns filling my mouth with their big cocks, my tongue making them wet and slippery, my taste buds driven wild by their meat. Two more guys joined in occasionally, before I was told to go on all fours on the bed, fed one cock after another, each stripper pumping my face for a minute before the next one took over. I sucked thick cocks, long cocks, ones with no pubic hair and others with trimmed hair, but they were all the same—my newly discovered love. They made me suck each of them, until they were lined up with their loads ready to shoot, at which point I tasted the cum of one stripper after another, my mind drunk with the desire to taste them all, to taste the next guy and the next.

Fire lubed up my asshole and loosened it up with some finger play, eliciting gasps and moans of approval from me, my mouth usually too full to speak as I had a cock in it. Gradually, gently, Fire pressed his thick cock into my hole, gradually filling it with one inch, two inches, three inches of his gorgeous sex. I had men lined up in front of me, one cock after another to suck and service, and the most beautiful of all was pumping me from behind, creating new desires and acceptance of anal sex. With my ass and mouth filled with manhood, and the stripper called Kenneth positioned below me so he could suck me off at the same time, his tongue and mouth like a gift from gods, considering his obvious expertise.

Fire had truly converted me, enslaved me to his gay will and turned me completely gay, making me the play thing of his homosexual friends, but I completely approved of my new role. He had made me fall madly and passionately in love with him, and I knew I could deny him, nor the gay community any wish. My night of passion continued on into the night, my mouth and ass soon filled with loads of creamy cum, and my heart filled with love and devotion to Fire and his gay strippers.

The Red Room was safe, and I would see to it that city council would give it everything Fire and his friends desired.

And if anybody had a problem with that, then I would take them aside and we’d pay a visit to the Red Room, where they could be enlightened by Fire as I was.

I was actually hoping somebody would, because everyone deserved a taste of Fire!

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