Frat Invasion

By sb jb mc
published October 24, 2019
4138 words

Sam & Tommy from the Pizza Boy Series went to begin the invasion of the Kappa Omega frat. They are starting with the head of the frat.

Tommy and I were given explicit instructions on our target. The Boss wanted us for some reason. I guess because we’ve seen our target around campus. He told me Nick didn’t want to get him, so it was our turn tonight.

Tommy and I looked over the details together. We were to grab our target as he was leaving tonight’s Alpha Delta frat party. I worried he may not have been alone, but we had to risk it if we could.

“You ready?” I asked Tommy.
“Ready as I’ll ever be!” He smiled and kissed me. We had been boyfriends for a long while now, and he was my life partner. I loved him with every beat of my heart.
“Ok!” We grabbed some stuff out of our backpacks and parked our car in an area between Alpha Delta and Kappa Omega houses, about 3 blocks apart. Our target was the President of Kappa Omega. He’d be in for a treat when we were done with him.

We walked around the block, and headed into the party. We blended in, as it was a toga party, so we just wore a toga and went right in. No questions asked. We saw our target. He was fucking amazing. He had golden brown wavy surfer-style hair. His eyes were a beautiful green. His tan surfer like body looked amazing in a toga. I could see his smooth pecs and one nipple sticking out begging me to lick it.

Tommy’s eyes glazed over as we stared at him.
“Fuck, he’s hot!” Tommy exclaimed while whispering.
“I can’t wait for this now,” I said as my cock grew.
“Me neither! My cock is so hard right now!” Tommy told me.
“Mine too babe, mine too. Ok let’s go, we don’t need him to see us yet.”

We walked out of the house and left the area. We knew we’d have a bit of time. He was drunk, and he looked like he was getting ready to leave.

About 30 mins later we came back and saw he was leaving. He was stumbling down the stairs. We rushed over to act like we knew him to help him walk home. We ran on either side of him, and grabbed his arms as he stumbled down the steps.
“Woah bro!,” I said, fitting in, “let us give you a hand!”
“Thanks dudes,” he managed to mutter in his drunken stupor. “I think I wasn’t this drunk.”
We chuckled. Tommy smiled, “no worries bro! Need us to walk you home?”
“Nah dudes, I’m good!” He said. I subtly tripped him and we grabbed his arms and stopped him from falling. “Ok, maybe I need the help bros.”
We smiled, “no problemo! You’re president of Kappa Omega right?”
“Yah, how’d you know?”
“You’re famous on this frat street,” I said to stroke his ego. We all started walking down the block toward our SUV. “I am?? Awesome!”
We laughed. We kept making small talk for half a block. Tommy used his free hand to grab the rag of chloroform out from under his toga. He was already prepared and kept it in his hand. We looked around as we approached our SUV and no one was out and about on this part of the street. It was perfect timing.

I smiled, “So, your frats initials are KO, isn’t that ironic?”
“Yeah bro…” he looked up at me confused, “how is it iron….”
Tommy wrapped his arm around him and clamped the chloroform rag over his mouth and nose interrupting his sentence.
“That’s how. Sleep tight.”
I grabbed his arm tight and held him down. He started screaming a bit, but it was subtle.
“Shhh, don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you. Just sleep tight like a good boy.”
I watched his eyes grow, staring me straight in the eyes. As he started getting weaker, I slowly loosened my grip, and moved my hand to his cheek. I watched his eyelids flutter as he was trying to stay awake. I rubbed his cheek, “nighty night!”
I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and his eyelids closed. His body went limp. We quickly carried him into the back of the SUV and laid him down. We taped the rag full of chloroform over his mouth and nose in case he woke up. His toga started riding up, showing off his toned legs. Both of us wanted to see what else was up there, but knew we didn’t have time right now.

We got into the SUV quickly and drove off. We knew because of how drunk he was, it could be pulled off that he went somewhere else for the night. We drove him back to my house, and I pulled into the garage. Tommy grabbed his legs and carried his limp body over his shoulders to the living room where we sat him down on the couch. His head rolled as he was truly passed out.

I lifted up his toga to see what we were working with. He was wearing white trunks to match his toga. They held his package in nicely.

Tommy smiled, “let’s get him tied up so we can keep going, bro.” He chuckled.
I laughed, “yeah bro!”
We handcuffed his hands behind his back and chained his legs together. Once he was secure, I took the gag of chloroform off of him. I replaced it with bandana gag.

We waited for him to wake up. It took a few minutes but then he started to come to. His head started rolling back and forth as his eyes slowly opened. Both Tommy and I were still in our togas. As he slowly woke up he realized he was gagged and tied. He started squirming, getting angry.
“MMMMPPPHHH!!!” he screamed.
“Don’t worry, no one will hear you,” I rubbed his cheek as he pulled away. “I’m sure you’re wondering why we kidnapped you?”
He thrusted his body toward me and screamed into his gag. Tommy held him down. “I’ll take that as a yes. Anyway, we’re here to have some fun with you. You’re fucking hot we just want to fuck you hard.” I decided to get him riled up. It was fun to me.
“MMMPPHHHH!!!!!!” He screamed and shook his head. He still tried to get away, but Tommy kept him down.
“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you like it first,” Tommy said. “Plus, we want your whoooole frat.”

His sexy face turned red in anger. He headed toward me and screamed. Tommy couldn’t hold him anymore. I backed up a foot or two and he tripped over his chains and fell onto the ground. Tommy put one foot on his back and I leaned in and whispered to him, “you’re in good hands, don’t fight it.”
He would have spit at me if he could. He was still drunk but he was sobering up. I needed him to sober up a little bit so I could properly take him over. I didn’t want him too drunk or his mind wouldn’t accept the changes… at least that’s what the boss told me.

We picked him back up and sat him on the couch.
“Now, can you please listen to me for a few minutes? Maybe we’ll let you go.”
His eyes had a glimmer of hope. He knew we weren’t going to let him go, and we knew that too, but he was hoping still. He tried to be more cooperative at least.
“Thank you! Now, let’s discuss what we want and what you’re going to do for us.”
He lost the glimmer, and just looked irritated.
“We want you to relax a bit, so that you can hopefully leave here sooner than later.” I could tell he was sobering up. I signaled to Tommy to give him some of the sedative the boss gave us to relax him.

Tommy was told to apply it like chloroform. So he poured some on a rag and covered his mouth and nose with it.
“Don’t worry,” Tommy said, “this will just help you relax, not sleep. We want you awake and relaxed.”
We watched his eyes flutter up into his head, and his body went limp. He was awake though. His head was rolling back and forth, and he was able to keep his head up a bit. His eyes kept fluttering as we kept him relaxed.

Tommy pulled the rag off. I smiled, “how do you feel, boy?”
“Ffffffuuuuuccccckkkkkk yyyyoooouuuu,” he said slowly.
Tommy started massaging his head, helping him relax further.
“Just relax, let your mind float away. Imagine you’re on the clouds, flying in the air.” I watched as his expression changed from angry-relaxed to happy relaxed. He cracked a short smile. “Good, flying in the clouds, relaxing. The clouds are so fluffy and calming, aren’t they?”
“Yes, calm. Now, in the clouds, let yourself soak into the clouds. Enjoy falling into the clouds, like a big fluffy pillow. As you keep relaxing in the clouds, your body should feel relaxed. Do you feel relaxed?” I grinned as I watched his body relaxing. He was feeling good, I could tell.

“Feel so good…” he said back to me.
“Now feel that relaxation starting from your feet, working your way up your legs. Feels good, right?”
“Good, now let it go up to your groin, and your abs. Now your pecs. See how relaxed you feel?”
“Now down your arms, to your hands. Relax. Keep relaxing…”
“Soooo…. Goood…..”
“Now your head, do you feel your head in the clouds, relaxing?”
“Now I want you to count backwards from 100. Every time you mess up you need to start over. With every number though, you’re going to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. The more relaxed you’ll feel, the more you’ll listen to me because I made you feel good. Understood?”
“Good, now start!”
“One… hun…dred… Ni..nety…. Niiinneee…” he counted. I smiled. Tommy had the biggest grin on his face.
“Sevvventy… five… Sevventy… three…. Shit.” He started over.

Tommy and I waited around for what felt like hours. Finally… “Onnnnneeee…”
His body collapsed on the couch.
“Can you hear me?”
“Yaaa bbbrrroooo.”
Tommy and I looked at each other and laughed quietly. We both mocked “bro” to each other. “Good, now how do you feel? Do you feel good?”
“Good. Are you happy I can make you feel this way?”
“Yyyeeeaaahhhh.” There was little to no hesitation so far in his voice, but I’m sure it was coming.
“Since you feel good, and you’re happy about it, you’re going to trust me and be truthful with me, right? Otherwise you might never get to be this relaxed again…”
He did hesitate slightly, but then finally said, “yyyyesss.”
“Yes, what?” I asked.
“Trrruussttt annnd truuuuttthhhhhh.”
“Good. Now, you can keep feeling relaxed, but I’d like you to talk normal. Can you do that for me?”
“Yeah, bro.”
“Good. Now, let’s start simple. Name?”
“Sexual preference?”
“The ladies.”
“Have you ever done anything with a man before?”
“A couple of times, yah. We’ve circle jerked around a new recruit. The frat made him suck me off. It felt so good I had him do it a few more times in secret.”
Tommy’s eyes lit up. He knew that this was our in.
“I see. But you still prefer ladies?”
“Yah bro.”
“Yet you like it when a guy sucks you off?”
“Doesn’t that make you bi?” Tried to just start planting the seed.
“Uhh…” he had to think. Watching a sexy hunk think was like watching a puppy logic out running across a slippery floor. It was cute, but eventually they get their bearings.
“I guess, bro. I mean just that one guy is good at sucking me off. He’s gay and all.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course the douchebags would circle jerk over a gay guy. I know the boss wants the whole frat eventually, so they’ll get what they deserve.

“Ok, well let’s keep going, Tanner. Do you trust me?”
“I think so.”
“Remember how you feel right now.”
“True. Yah I trust you.”
“Good. Because you trust me, I want you to listen to me. Take my words as the rule of law, your bro code. Understood?”
He hesitated. I knew he would. He stayed silent.
“Understood?” I asked again.
“Yyyy… ah bro.”
“Good. Now let’s fix some things…” I grinned. “First off, I want you to remember this feeling. Any time I say ‘Frat King’, you’ll return to this state of mind. Relaxed, calm, treating my word as rule of law. Understood?”
“Repeat what I asked, please?”
“When you say frat king, I relax and listen.”
“Good boy. Now, I want you to call me Master or Sir. Nothing else. Not bro. Understood?”
“Yah master.”
“Good boy. Every time you do something right, I will reward you. You should like to make sure you please me, because you want to get rewarded. Doesn’t that sound good?”
“Yah… reward….”
I smiled, “great! Now, when I count to five I want you to slowly wake up. Remember my commands. You will not remember how you got here, only that you left the party and we helped you. Understood?”
“Yah sir.”
“Good.” Tommy began to remove his cuffs and we made sure he was able to move before I started counting.
“Five… four… three… two… one…”
His eyes began to open.

I started to wake up. I musta passed out from all the brewskis. I looked around. Who are these guys? Oh yah, they helped me out of the party. Damn I don’t even know them.
“Hey buddy, you feeling any better?” One of them asked me.
“Yah, brah. I feel good. Way better.”
“Cool! Hey, I’m Tommy by the way, and this is Sam. You passed out on your way back to your frat from all the drinking, so we brought you here, since we didn’t know where you were from.”
“Thanks brah. Nice to meet you, I’m Tanner. I’m thankful you guys were there, otherwise I may have just been on the sidewalk or somethin’.”

I looked at his friend Sam. Something about him made me want to make sure he was happy. I don’t know what. He reached his hand out to shake my hand, so I did. “Nice to meet you, sir.” Wait, why did I call him that and not Sam? He didn’t notice, I’ll just play it cool.

“So, Tanner,” Sam started talking to me, “can you take off your toga for me?”
“What?” I asked, but without thinking I started to take off my toga. What was going on with me?! Next thing I knew, I was there in just my trunks. What the fuck?!
“Good, you look really sexy without your toga.”
It made me feel good that he was happy. I don’t know why. I’m not gay. Why was he making me feel this way? “Thanks,” was all I could muster up and say.

“Are you on any teams?”
“Crew, sir.” There I went again saying Sir. What the fuck.
“That explains a lot. Stand up for me, please.”
Again, without hesitation, I stood up. What was going on?!
I felt Tommy put his hands on my lower back and rub it. I brushed him off. “What are you doing to me, brah? Stop with that…”
“Don’t say it. Let him touch you, now.” Sam commanded me. I lost my words. Tommy reached back over and began rubbing his hands on my lower back again. Fuck what does this dude have on me? Why can’t I control my actions?
“Good boy,” Sam said. That made me happy again. This is getting weird. “I bet you’re wondering how I’m controlling you.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I own you, Tanner. I am your master and you will be pleasing me.”
“No, there’s no way!”
“Yes, and I’ll prove it to you… take off your trunks and get on your knees.”
What the… my body went into autopilot. I took off my trunks and got on my knees.
“Get hard.”
This fucker. I started stroking my cock without thinking. I really wanted to punch him in the face. He needed to stop this shit.
“Good boy. Damn, your cock is nice and thick. And fuck, look at those balls! They’re huge. I bet you’ll enjoy getting sucked off and your balls played with by another man.”
I wanted to say no, so bad. I mean, I did like it when my frat bro Brent sucked my cock. He played with my balls too. He was good, and I’m pretty sure he only did it because he has a fat crush on me. Or maybe he wants to be president later, who knows. He sucks a good cock.
“I’ll take the silence as a yes.” Sam patted my head, “good boy.”
I felt happy again. This shit is getting weird. I can’t say how I feel, and I’m happy when I do something he wants me to do. I don’t want to do this shit!

Suddenly I felt someone behind me. I realized it was probably Tommy. He started slapping his dick against my head. Fuck, I know where this is going.

Sam smiled and said, “You know where this is going. Suck Tommy’s cock.”
Tommy came around me so I didn’t need to move. His cock was right at my eye level. It was hard. I didn’t want to do this. I was being forced to. I reached my hand out, grabbed his cock and my mouth went straight in. I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to look. I started licking and sucking on his cock without being able to stop myself.
Sam grabbed my other hand and wrapped it around Tommy’s ass. “Grab it, massage it, make Tommy enjoy being sucked off by you. Suck his cock like you like yours to be sucked.”

Suddenly my body moved on it’s own. I wasn’t able to control it. My posture changed, and my body was into sucking Tommy off. My mind started to enjoy it too. His cock felt good in my mouth, and grabbing his ass felt good. I was pleasing him, and I could tell. Tommy started moaning, and I was enjoying making him moan. Next thing I knew, Sam was naked. He smiled at me and said, “Suck us both.”

I knew I had to comply. I didn’t want to, but making Tommy feel good and following directions made me happy. I’m so confused. They both stood close together so it was easy for me to suck them both off. I moved my mouth to Sam, grabbed his ass and my other hand was stroking Tommy. Sam started moaning as well.

I had never sucked cock before. I’m not gay. I just need to please Sam… I don’t know why. It’s like he owns me…

I kept going, it felt like one of them was going to cum, but no one ever did. Was I doing something wrong?

Sam spoke, “Frat King.” My mouth was on Sam’s cock, when my body collapsed onto the floor and everything went black…

“Can you hear me Tanner?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Now, let’s set some more rules. First off, I want you to treat Tommy and I like your Masters, worship us. Anything we say goes. You love us, want to please us, will do anything for us. Understood?”
“Yes sir.”
“Second, because of that, you’re now going to be gay. Not everyone will know yet, but you’re in love with us, so you must be gay.”
“Yes… sir.”
“You hesitated, why?”
“I’m not sure, sir. I want to obey but I don’t believe I am gay.”
“You just sucked two cocks. Did you enjoy that?”
“I did, sir.”
“That’s what I thought. If you enjoyed that, you’re at least curious.”
“True, sir.”
“Now, be a good boy and just admit that you like cock.”
“I like cock, sir.”
“Good. Now, let’s move past this to a few other things we want to help you with. How would you like to have every one of your frat brothers worship you, like you worship us?”
“I would love that, sir.”
“Good. I’m glad. We will need your help to make this happen though. Your cooperation will be necessary.”
“Understood, sir.”
“When you’re with us, and only us, you will need to speak proper. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir.”
“Also, you will only wear jockstraps as your underwear of choice from here on out. When you’re with Tommy and I, and not in public, you will strip out of your clothes into your jock. Is that understood?”
“Yes sir.”
“You will have other Masters soon. You will need to worship them like you worship us.”
“Understood, sir.”
“Now, you will need to remember all of this when you wake up, understood?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Go ahead and wake up.”

I woke up and felt refreshed. Last I remember, I was sucking on my Master’s cocks. Both of them were standing there staring at me.
“How do you feel?” Master Sam asked me.
“Good, sir.”
“Good. Now…” suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Hold on a minute. Let me get the door.”
Master Sam left and went to the door.
Master Tommy smiled and rubbed my head, “you’re so hot Tanner.”
“Thank you, Master Tommy.”
He grabbed my head and buried my face into his crotch. He moved my head, signaling for me to rub my face in. I took in the aroma of him. He smelled like a man. A real man, one who I look up to.
I heard Master Sam come back with someone else.

“Tanner, this is PB. He is another of your masters.”
I pulled my head away from Master Tommy’s crotch, “understood sir!” Then I buried my head back in.

I overheard them talking.
PB said, “I see you guys did a good job so far. Easy? Difficult?”
“Not too bad, he will be fun.”
“I can see that. What is he? Football?”
“Ahhh, nice! Well it’s time to bring him in. Did you at least get to have fun yet?”
“No, not yet. He only sucked us off, but didn’t finish yet.”
“That’s too bad. Well, you can have more time with him soon. Right now, the boss is ready for him. I’ve heard the plans are big for this one…”
“Good. He’ll be worth it.”
“Was he wearing a toga?!”
“Hah! He really his a frat boy. How cute. Well get it back on him and let’s go.”

“Tanner, put your toga on, but leave your trunks off.”
“Yes Master Tommy.” I put my toga back on. I noticed my Masters put clothes on as well. “Come with us, we need to bring you in to our boss.”
“Yes, Master.”

I walked with them to a car. I sat in the backseat and waited. Next thing I knew, someone said “Frat King” and everything went black.

Tommy and I drove to the pizza place with Tanner passed out in the backseat. We made it there and PB was right behind us.
Tommy unbuckled Tanner and lifted him up over his shoulders. I had no idea Tommy had that much strength, but it looked hot. Tanner’s toga was riding up high, and Tommy reached under it and grabbed Tanner’s ass as he carried him in.

PB tapped me, “that’s a hot look right there,” he said pointing to Tommy carrying Tanner. “I know,” I said smiling.

We all walked in, and the boss was standing there.
“Welcome back boys! Thanks for bringing us the Frat Boy! You can put him down over here Tommy.”

Tommy laid him down on a bench, and smiled. At this point, his toga lifted up and his dick and balls were hanging out.

PB grinned at me, “good job Swimmer Boy.”
I barely heard “Runner Boy” as I slowly passed out and saw Tommy passing out as well.

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