Chesterton College: The Leading Lad

By Arisone -
published January 5, 2017
9034 words

An Italian Jersey boy finds his calling in the most unlikely of places

Although the season didn’t start until Spring, Roman was looking forward to his first year at Chesterton. He had chosen the college to play lacrosse as an attacker. Roman took a lot of pride in the position as he had to be on his own and make up for the rest of the team’s slacking. It was only a Div II school in the PCLL, but without an offer to play at a D1 school, this was his only opportunity to continuing playing and staying in his wicked shape.

Straight from the Jersey Shore, Roman was your stereotypical Jersey boy whose thick accent and knowledge of Italian heritage didn’t go far beyond using hair oil and wanting to own a Fiat. In the summer, he practically lived on the beach with his part-time job of lifeguarding. His washboard abs, broad chest, and wavy jet black hair turned more than all the female heads. He loved attention: both off and on the field.

Not sure of what major he wanted to declare, Roman decided to take a bunch of Gen Ed courses. He figured it would be an easy start to his freshman year and give him time to bulk up more for lacrosse and find a frat to pledge. Meeting his roommate David, they figured out they were in the same Intro to Theatre class. David seemed like a cool dude. He was on the wrestling team in high school and maybe wanted to join the team at Chesterton. Judging from his size, Roman thought he must be in the lightweight class but he still seemed pretty chill and laidback.

The next day at class, David and Roman picked seats next to each other in the lecture hall. It was almost shaped like an amphitheatre. Roman hoped this was just going to be a lecture class and didn’t involve participation.

David leaned over to Roman and whispered, “They call the professor ‘Barry the Fairy.’ Heard he’s a flaming faggot and he’s not embarrassed to show you how flamboyant he is. Good thing we sat in the back.”

Roman responded, “Oh man, I was looking forward to having a class to daze off in. At least it will be funny listening to him speak.” as he bent his hand in a joking manner. He didn’t mind if the professor gave him extra attention cause of his looks. He was used to it on the beach from his lifeguarding days.

Professor Barry walked into the room right on time and immediately began speaking, “Alright, alright. Everyone settle down and find a seat.” with a slight lisp on the s’s.

The professor wore a pastel paisley button up shirt and tight dark jeans that paired well with his librarian glasses and chestnut hair. It looked like he didn’t eat, or that he ran a marathon day. At 115lbs, it was a little difficult to see him if he turned sideways.

David chuckling, “There’s the fairy now.”

“Now this will prove to be a very interesting class, I think. It must be the registrar is playing a joke on us. Overlooking the class list this weekend, it seems our class is all males this semester. What are the chances of that?” Prof. Barry stated looking around the room. “And it looks as if we have some athletes in here. Hopefully none of you will be missing class, as we do perform in character every lecture. I’d hate to see us having some understudies. And yes, you will be graded on participation.”

Roman moaned in his seat. This was going to be a long semester. He kneed David and rolled his eyes.

Prof. Barry continued the class, “Introduction to Theatre is not only a Gen Ed, but the first introductory course to theatre majors and minors. Do we have any here today?” The professor looked around as no one raised their hand. “Well, alright. Hopefully you will all learn a little something about theatre then. We will be focusing not so much on plays or their plots but on actual acting!” the professor’s voice cracking on the word ‘acting.’

David and Roman watched Professor Barry walk, sometimes prance when he got a little excited. It was almost like the professor never went through puberty. They were really going to dread this class. Maybe they could drop it they both wondered.

“So, I know all of you have read Romeo and Juliette. It’s my guess that none of you have ever actually acted it out! Luckily, we will be beginning this course with a few scenes in our first week. And, I guess this will be a bit of a history lesson for us. As you know, we have no females in this class, thus no female actors: just as it was in Shakespeare’s days!” Prof. Barry said as he flailed his arms a little.

Figuring out there wasn’t any excitement returned, the professor let out a sigh and said, “Without further ado then, I will pass out our coursepacks and we have a little bit of time left to fill out the roles for this week.” Finishing the distribution of coursepacks, Prof. Barry asked “Any takers for Romeo and Juliette?”


“…Any?” There were only stares from the class whilst the students tried not to make eye contact.

“Hmm. How about - Roman. You can be Romeo! And! Julio - You can be Juliette. Oh Bravo, that looks marvelous.” the professor decided as he looked at the list of students’ names in the class.

Roman sat there stunned like a rock just sank inside of him. He looked over at Julio who seemed very slender with not much bulk and watched as he sat there flabbergasted. He just got chosen to play the part of a girl.

“Major roles left can go to David - Mercutio. Brad - Benvolio. Drake - Paris. And that leaves Tybalt. How about Chris?” the professor finished selecting the cast.

David cried out quietly, “Oh, brother.”

Chris, who was a sophomore cornerback on the football team with buzzed chestnut hair, Brad, a blonde former lineman in high school, and Drake, a black junior sprinter on the track team, all rolled their eyes.

“That should do it for lecture today. Next class, we will begin with our first scene. Please review the script in the coursepack and be ready to rehearse. We will start using props, liberally.”

At the end of the day, Roman and David crossed paths again in their dorm. David was lying up on his top bunk when Roman walked in.

“Haha. Dude, this is going to suck. Did you read the script yet?” David asked.

“Nah. I don’t really care. I just don’t want to embarrass myself in front of all those upperclassmen.” Roman responded.

“Bro, you should read the script. You’re the lead. I bet you hate your parents for naming you that.” David suggested.

“What a joke.” Roman jumped on his lower bunk and punched David lightly before heading to his desk.

The class began to assemble in the lecture hall as Prof. Barry was at the front of the room with bins of what looked like costumes.

“Let’s begin shall we? Today’s scene includes: Roman, Julio, David, Brad, Drake, and Chris. Boys, please come down here and let’s take a look at the props we will be using today. I trust that you all reviewed the scripts overnight.” Prof. Barry said as he began the class.

The cast made their way down to the bins in front of the lecture hall. Prof. Barry motioned to the cartons and told the boys to find what fits them. As they reached into the bins, all they found were spandex and polyester tights.

“Uhh, professor?” Brad asked as he picked up a pair of light blue leggings.

“I know, I know Shakespeare didn’t have spandex in his day, but these clothes are meant to model what they would actually wear in Elizabethan acting. It’s alright; we’ve used them in other semesters… They’re washed.” Prof. Barry reassured the boys and the class that it was okay. For some reason, it slipped the professor’s mind that normally there were costume for girls, and the boys’ costumes were always wool tunics and trousers that matched the corresponding red and blue of the Capulet and Montague households.

“We don’t have much time to get through the whole scene today. Would you please put on your costumes already? Think of it as one of your sport uniforms. Please: dress. There’s a dressing room right through that door.” the professor chastised the students.

The six boys stood there almost stupefied as they touched material. With sullen faces, they headed off to the changing room. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, when they opened the door to the room, Prof. Barry didn’t mention that the changing room was roughly the size of a large closet.

Silent, Chris was the first one to remove his shirt and reveal his tight six pack abs. He worked hard to keep his body conditioned for football year round, not to mention it definitely helped him with the ladies. Slipping on the spandex red top that had a rose gold emblem of the Capulet house; it went down just above his navel showing off each of the ridges of his abs along away.

Brad was next; however he started by taking off his jeans and attempted to put on his tights with his boxers on. Although Brad was your typical lineman with a much larger frame and gut than the other boys, his costume was still the same size of the others. As he pulled up the tights, all they did was bunch his boxers up. “Dude, I can’t wear this! My boxers are straight up my asshole! What the f*ck!” he screamed. Yanking off his boxers and tights, he let his fat manhood flop out in the open as he re-pulled the light blue tights on. “Feels like football pants.” He didn’t seem to notice that his wide waist had stretched the fabric a little too far practically revealing the crack of his rear end, not to mention the light color of the fabric stretched over his manhood left little to be imagined.

The rest of the boys took Brad’s lead and went commando in the tights. Their manhoods weren’t as obviously portrayed as Brad’s, however you could definitely tell which way they naturally hung. Chris and David had cod piece looking pouches over their crotch. But worst of all, was Drake’s; as he wasn’t a member of the Capulet or Montague household, his costume was solid white. Drake’s ebony skin was under full display under his costume. Roman told himself to stop staring, especially at his massive dickhead. Although Roman didn’t mind revealing his bod on the beach, he felt horrible for poor Drake.

“Boys, you look marvelous! Bravo!” the professor said as the rest of the class burst out in laughter. “Now, let’s have the Capulets over here and the Montagues on this side. Drake you can be in the middle for now. And we should be ready to start the scene of the masquerade. Scripts please!”

Brad and Roman are standing in the courtyard holding a list of invitations to the Capulet masquerade announcing their son, Julio to the world.

“You see, Brad! Rosaline is on the list! She is the fairest thing I have ever seen. Rosaline is everything and all in women.” Roman said.

No one in the class, not even Prof. Barry, questioned why the script wasn’t in iambic pentameter or different than the one they had read last night. As they followed along in the coursepack, all seemed to be going as it was written. This was the coursepack that Prof. Barry used for every semester year after year. It didn’t seemed odd either that the script referred to the actors by their actual names…

“You must find something different than Rosaline, Roman. She does not return your desires towards you. This masquerade will be a perfect opportunity to find something better than her. And it will be easy. Since she will be there, you can easily compare.” Brad explained, as he moved about his balls jiggled between his oversized thighs.

“There is no one else than fair Rosaline for me. Let us sneak into this ball and I shall gaze upon her all night. It’s settled.” Roman responded.

The next scene began with Roman, Brad, and David on one side of the makeshift stage with Drake and Chris on the other. Prof. Barry had started a video playing on the projector of what looked like some sorority girls dancing at a frat party, not questioning where the dvd had come from, he always remembered playing this every semester.

“There’s Rosaline! Isn’t she divine?” Roman said pointing at the screen. He had found a particular blonde girl dancing in a tight tube top with her double d breasts seemingly about to pop out.

“There are more attractive options out there. Just look around.” David said.

At that moment, Julio made his entrance from the dressing room. He was wearing a deep red colored singlet top that just covered past his pecs and was encrusted with rhinestones across the edges. His tights were the same matching color except for a cut out portion just around his glutes which was a sheer dark pink. His dark brown latino skin glistened miraculously off the rhinestone top. As he sauntered his way in, all eyes turned from the video clip to him as he moved, both shocked and lured by his appearance. Julio peeked at the script and all it said was to enter the scene and start dancing seductively.

Roman’s and Drake’s eyes instantly locked on Julio with each step that he made. Julio paraded his way to the center of the room. He started gyrating his hips and slowly turning around to show his ass to the party. He stuck his butt out further and further each time he moved his hips to make sure everyone was getting a clear view of his crack. Julio never considered his ass to be sexy, but he didn’t know how else to dance seductively.

In some sort of high that didn’t feel like time was passing, Julio continued this gyrating for 10 minutes until he planted both feet and stuck his ass out even further. With what should have been the most embarrassing part of his life, Julio began twerking in front of the entire class. Every thrust he made, he got more and more into the dancing.

Drake was zoned out completely watching Julio’s butt shake and pop. He had never noticed the male ass before. It was so much more muscular and bubbly than the female’s shape. Instead of looking like the bottom of a pear, Julio’s ass jutted out like a peach. For being so skinny, it was as if all the fat in his body had gone to his butt in this sublime mixture of muscle and flesh. Without him knowing, he began to grow some wood.

Julio wanted to make sure he had everyone’s attention. As he scanned the room while stroking his hands through his black curly hair, he noticed the entire class entranced by him and staring at his body. Looking over at Drake, he could see a throbbing erection. Relieved that he was acting so well, Julio looked at the rest of the group gathered at his coming out party. Turning to his left, there he saw Roman standing there. It was as if time froze as their eyes met. An unknown desire filled inside them.

Stopping his dance, Julio rushed to one side of the room. Drake tried to chase after Julio, but became angry that Roman approached him first. Roman looked at the script and knew what had to happen, as much as he regretted it. He tapped Julio on the shoulder and tried to recall images of the blonde Rosaline in the video. Julio turned around and was immediately engulfed by Roman’s broad frame. Roman, thinking of the double d’s, moved in for the kiss. As he made his move, their pelvises joined together and their cocks met with just two thin layers of spandex between. Rosaline vanished from Roman’s mind as he pictured Julio’s bubble butt as their tongues met for the first time, both growing a slight chub.

“END SCENE!” Prof. Barry shouted. “And well done, what an excellent start to our play. Boys, if you would like to get changed, we will be continuing tomorrow.”

Roman and Julio left their embrace in a haze. Together they both looked down and saw that they had boners clearly visible and on display to one another. Slightly embarassed, they rushed to the closet and started changing. Drake had his boner on proud display not seeming to think twice about it as he changed into his clothes.

That night, David and Roman talked about their day.

“Bro, that was an odd class today in theatre.” David said as he took off his shirt.

“It’s weird; I don’t remember most of it.” Roman responded as he removed his pants and boxers. He didn’t feel that comfortable around David like a teammate to bear his penis out in the open, but it was natural to act that way with a bro.

“You know, I don’t really either. Except those costumes. Reminded me of wrestling singlets.” David thought to himself that it was cool that acting could be like sports a little bit.

“Right… You better get ready, I read tomorrow’s script and it’s supposed to be sword fight between you and Chris.” Roman questioned himself when David mentioned the costumes he immediately thought of Julio’s plump rear.

“Yea, I guess we get to battle as if we were kids in a park. Ha, should be easy. At least I don’t have to kiss anyone.” David poked fun and Roman blushed.

“It’s cause there’s no chicks, bro. Geez, imagine how poor Julio must of felt. Playing the woman. Ha.” Roman thought of the thickness of Julio’s lips. Most girls he kissed had really thin lips compared to him. He tried to push the thought out of his head. Why could he not recall the class well, but seem to remember Julio so in depth?

“Right. Alright, I’m hitting the hay.” David said as he removed his boxers and jumped into bed.

As Roman tried to fall asleep, he heard David moaning lightly and the bed begin to shake. Roman thought that they should really just watch porn together and have a circle jerk. It would really save them both time and they wouldn’t have to sneak around. Bros just did that sort of thing for each other.

The following morning in class, Prof. Barry asked for David, Chris, and Roman to come down and put on their costumes from yesterday.

Prof. Barry set up the scene, “Yesterday’s class was excellent. A wonderful start for shaking out the first time jitters. Today we will be working on fight scenes and stunts – both important parts to stage acting. Setting the scene from yesterday’s class, Roman and Julio shared their first kiss without knowing each other’s family names. Now we learn that everyone is not so hot with the idea of their growing romance.”

The three boys walked out of the closet in their spandex tunics from yesterday. Chris and Roman were looking built from their athletic career while David looked tiny in size although toned from his past of lightweight high school wrestling. Roman was grateful his cock was not as noticeable as Chris and David’s. The cod pieces on their costumes immediately drew attention to their penises, and Chris was really packing, almost 5 inches soft.

“Roman! There you are! How dare you invade our household last night!” Chris shouted immediately going into character and lunging at Roman.

Roman dodged the attack, “You don’t understand. We meant no harm. We only went to see – ”

Rebalancing himself after the failed joust, “I know why you came – I saw the embrace with Julio. It is unnatural. You don’t belong with any Capulet.”

“I meant no harm, you don’t understa – ”

Roman was interrupted by David, “How dare you insult our house so. A Montague lying with a Capulet: Never! And you plague our house by mentioning two men. Roman, if you are too coward to fight, I will!” David shoved Roman out of the way and pushed him to the ground. Luckily Prof. Barry had set mats down for today’s scene.

Chris moved in immediately and brought David to the ground with a double leg takedown. David reacting quickly locked Chris in a pancake trap. Their faces briefly rested against each other’s ballsacks, smelling one another’s crotches. Chris broke free and nestled David in a hammer lock and crotch hold. It was obvious Chris could easily overpower David.

Thrusting back and forth David was still held by Chris. Each thrust David made drove his whole weight into Chris’ crotch. Hearing Chris let out a moan, David continued to ram his ass into Chris. He continued to do so until Chris’ cock became hard. David had wrestled guys that popped a woody now and then, but this just seemed different. Even Chris was a bit taken back, and David took advantage of the opportunity and broke free, landing upright on his feet.

Chris rose quickly with his 8 inch member jutting out in his cod piece. He attempted several times to leg trip David, each attempt resulting in his dick bouncing ridiculously around. Chuckling, he spun around and grabbed David in a full nelson. Trying to rear himself free, David found himself in a similar position of his ass grinding into Chris with every attempt. Chris’ dick lined up directly against David’s hole thanks to the cod piece design. With each thrust David tried to make, his hole kept being almost penetrated by Chris’ penis; each movement made David’s dick a little bit harder until he was sporting a 6 inch boner.

Letting go of the hold, Chris reached down and grabbed David’s wood. “Looks like there is something about the Montague men.”

Reacting to the insult, David grabbed Chris’ arm and undertook him to the ground and pinned him in an arm bar. Using all his muscle, David tried tugging on Chris’ arm. Being much weaker, David wasn’t able to complete the move effectively, so Chris decided to have a little fun. Rolling his elbow back and forth, Chris began fondling David’s crotch while David only moaned loudly in pleasure.

“Ha! I knew you liked this. Now let’s have fun.” Chris got his arm free and lifted David up into a piledriver. Both boys were now pretty sweaty and were slightly glistening from the perspiration. In the piledriver, Chris’ face was pressed against David’s ass, while David had his face smothered in Chris’ crotch, the boner poking him nearly in the eye. An unknown urge came to Chris to start eating out David’s ass.

Slowly he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue against the spandex tasting a mixture of David’s sweat and man hole. Finding he joined the taste, Chris started lapping and flicking the hole with his tongue. David managed to turn his head to see the class. Most of them had tents in their pants. “Wow, we must be doing good!” he thought to himself.

Letting out a moan, David decided to reciprocate Chris’ advances and started sucking on his ballsack. Together, they held the position for 10 minutes with the class just watching on. Eventually David licked Chris’ dickhead and tasted his precum for the first time. He moaned one last time before Roman stood back up from the ground and broke the two apart.

“How dare you both behave so foolishly! We need to behave in the streets to appease the Prince! Have you lost your minds?” Roman demanded looking slightly ridiculous with his hard on jutting out from watching the fight.

In a lust driven state, Chris and David tried to embrace over Roman, but he held them both back. David pushed a little harder and fell into Roman, his boner went straight under Roman’s balls and thrusted so hard that David burst through his codpiece and the friction between Roman’s meaty thighs caused David to orgasm, spewing his semen all over Chris’ abdomen.

Letting out a gasp, Chris pushed harder trying to embrace David. Mistaking it as an attack, Roman held Chris back and drove him to the ground. Chris landed on his stomach with his legs slightly buckled. Roman was on top of Chris with his dick in between Chris’ muscled ass. Humping once, Roman shot his load right through his spandex costume onto Chris’ ass.

“END SCENE. Now. That was some superb fighting. Well done boys.” Prof. Barry said.

Chris, David, and Roman all stood up. Semen was dripping off Chris and through Roman’s crotch. They looked out to the class to see their “standing ovation” of tented pants and a few precum stains that managed to work their way through some sweatpants. Roman made eye contact with Julio and smiled.

“Alright, now go get changed, boys. Tomorrow will be our final scene from Roman and Julio.”

Not thinking anything of it, the boys changed out of their costumes and back into their clothes. All of the students left in a haze not really recalling direct details of the class; only that the acting was spot on today, which made them all oddly excited.

Again that night, David and Roman discussed the class in their dorm.

“Dude, great job today. You really had everyone captivated.” Roman said patting David on the back.

David was sitting on their couch in a black jockstrap. “Thanks, man. Appreciate it. Hopefully I get a 100 in participation.”

“Where did you get the jock from? I thought you wore boxers?”

Chuckling, David responded, “Nah. I always liked wearing jocks from my wrestling days. Something about being free in them. That okay?”

“Be my guest man. I’ll join you in the freedom department.” Roman pulled off his gym shorts and his boxers and plopped down on the couch next to David.

While they were discussing all the cool guys in their theatre class and trying to guess what sports they all played, the boys eventually grew boners.

“Aw, man. I haven’t had any pussy in a while. Mind if I jack off now?” David asked.

“Go ahead, bro. I’ll join you.” Roman spat on his hand reached down to his dick.

“Do you want me to put porn on or anything?” David asked taking off his jock and displaying his 6 incher.

“Nah, guys are fine doing this together, right?” Roman increased his pace on his 10 inch monster.

Eyeing Roman’s dick, David said “Woah, I didn’t know they came that big.”

“Ha ha. Yea. I’m quite the showman I know.” Roman flexed his penis so it stood straight up. He used his hand to flop his massive manhood against his six pack. “You want to play with it?” Roman watched David look perplexed at the size and girth.

“Only if I can pretend it’s mine.” David joked as he reached over.

Together the boys jacked each other off until their cum came gushing out at practically the same time. David got a little bit of Roman’s on his hand and licked it off. “Mmm. Not bad, bro.”

Using David’s jock to wipe up his cum, Roman handed it back and said “Thanks bro. I needed that. Next time we need to find some dicks…oops, ha. I meant chicks.” Although Roman knew it was perfectly fine to bond with his roommate this way and thought about doing it again tomorrow. He didn’t notice that David put the cumstained jockstrap back on.

Prof. Barry entered the classroom the next day wearing an all black outfit, a tight turtleneck with equally tight chinos and a beret. There was a bed setup in the front of the room today. “I know you are all excited for this to be our last scene for our little rendition of Roman and Julio. Next week, will be moving on to some more challenging plays. However, today is our long awaited conclusion. So, Roman and Julio, would you please go and get changed for today? Thank you.”

Julio begins the scene by lying on the bed distraught. Roman sneaks into the bedchamber whispering, “My love. My husband.”

“Oh, Roman. How could you? My nurse told me what you did with my cousin in the streets. How could you be so unfaithful to me?” Julio said refusing to look at Roman.

“Julio, listen to me. I was not unfaithful at all. That was merely boys being boys.”

“But then, what about us?”

“You know what we have. The monk said it himself after the wedding. He had never seen such love between a couple.” Roman grabbed Julio’s face lightly and turned it into a long french kiss. Their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

Julio pulled away smiling, “You’re right. And you know, we aren’t technically married until we consumate it.”

Roman placed his hands on his sides and easily tore the tights off his body. Unleashing his 10 inch boner on full display to the class. Julio reached for it and giggled, “Oh, Roman. I guess you won’t be needing those anyways.”

Roman lifted Julio off the bed and slowly undressed him. Kneeling down, Roman cupped Julio’s taught balls and whispered, “I love you,” as he opened his mouth and engulfed Julio’s 5 inch dick. To the class, it was as if Roman knew inherently how to suck a cock. His head was bobbing back and forth slurping up his saliva with every downward thrust of his head. And if you couldn’t tell by his expert motions, you could hear Julio’s loud moaning.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m going to cum you need to stop!” Julio pushed Roman’s head off his boner and leaned down for another make out session. Standing back up, Roman nibbled on Julio’s ear and said, “You know what to do, babe.”

Julio knelt down and smiled as he placed his hands on Roman’s lemon-sized ballsack. Luckily Roman decided to shave his crotch this morning for the first time. Julio had always imagined having a husband with a gigantic cock, and here he was fulfilling his ultimate fantasy.

Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he deepthroated Roman on the first try. It was as if he was starting the rest of his life in that one moment. Bobbing up and down on his pole, Julio sucked with all his being. Sometimes he would playfully pop it out of his mouth like a lolipop and tease Roman by stopping. This was the best head Roman ever had.

After the third time of being teased, Roman said “Enough. Let me deflower you.”

Slightly nervous, Julio got off his knees and bent over on the bed on all fours.

“Don’t worry, babe. This is going to be everything we always dreamed.” Roman reassured him as he inserted his tongue into the little pink hole. He couldn’t help thinking, “Man, that thing is going to be stretched.” Tasting his ass for the first time was an exhilarating pleasure. To think, he was going to taste this every day from now on until the end of their days.

Once Julio’s hole had been moistened enough, Roman reached for the bottle of lube. “Had that always been there?” he thought to himself. Squirting it on his dick and lathering a little in Julio’s hole, he didn’t care.

“Take a deep breath, baby.” Roman said as he stuck in his member slowly.

“OHHHHHhh. Oh my god it’s so big, papi.” Julio said breaking character.

Roman couldn’t help but smile at that. By the time Roman hit the prostate, Julio was back into character and slamming himself against Roman’s body. Roman thought, “He really opened up fast. I guess Prof. Barry was right when he said we were born for these roles.”

Taking out his dick, Roman repositioned Julio missionary style. “Let me hear you moan, babe.”

Roman quickly re-inserted his dick and Julio started stroking his. In a daze, Julio wobbled his head towards the class to see if they were enjoying the scene. They must be, because about 80% of the class had their dicks out and they were stroking as fast as they could.

“Oh, Roman. Fuck me harder!”

Obliging his lover’s demands, Roman increased his pace as if he was pile driving Julio.

“Yesss! Mmmmm. Fuck me.” Julio moaned as he sat up to kiss Roman and teasingly bite his lip at the end.

Julio started tweaking Roman’s nipples and that was too much for him to take. Without warning, Roman came inside Julio and dumped what felt like weeks of cum inside him. Once Julio felt the hot liquid rush into his body, he came too squirting his load all over his chest.

Roman licked up Julio’s cum with his tongue and together they made out exchanging the man juice between them.

Julio broke away from snowballing and said, “I love you.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Roman jumped up to find a letter had been slipped under.

Opening the letter, Roman read, “It appears to be from the monk. He writes that the Prince upon witnessing Chris and David in the streets and by the monk’s personal writing of performing our marriage and seeing our passion, has decreed it is now lawful for men to marry! We no longer have to flee Verona! In fact, David and Chris were the first couple to be lawfully married by the Prince himself. After which, Drake consummated his marriage with his own cousin the Prince himself!”

“Oh, babe, that’s wonderful. But honestly, come over and fuck me again.” Julio said as he spread his legs. Roman laughed and walked his way over smothering the love of his life up into his arm and passionately kissing him.

“END SCENE. Marvelous. Simply divine. And it looks like the class agrees.” Prof. Barry looked out at the class and observed the streams of cum that had projected onto the coursepacks, backpacks, desks, clothes, and faces of all the students. “On Monday, we will start a new play learning the importance of existentialism in theatre. Now I know we went a little over today and some of you have classes, but those who are free, and would like to, please come down and give Roman and Julio a standing ovation. They really deserve it after being our first leads.”

About a dozen boys, including Chris and Drake, came down to the front of the room forming a circle around Roman and Julio. They started stroking their hard dicks as they let Roman and Julio lick and play with their balls. Chris and Drake were even nice enough to let Roman and Julio suck on their cocks for a bit.

Eventually the boys all came and shot their loads over Roman and Julio. Roman had cum streaks all over him until late afternoon when he made it back to his dorm. He even had to walk past an all girl dorm on his way back to his room. However, it was odd because there were so many rugby-built guys coming in and out of the building … and some of them had such amazing asses, he couldn’t look away.

The weekend went by way too fast. But David and Roman got to practice a few things for class. They both tried 69’ing for the first time, fingering each other (they used their own cum for lubricant which they thought was fun), and David even found a dildo in the shower one day and brought back to the room for him to try out.

Needless to say, the boys were anxious to go back to the class on Monday and every day following in the semester.

As the semester neared its end, the class prepared for their final play. Professor Barry said that the top performers in the class would get the spots. This final play was a rendition of La Leçon by Eugene Ionesco.

Prof. Barry walked into class in his classic black ensemble of an extra small leather thong and a harness. For being so small, he was an intimidating Master type when he wanted to be.

“I know you are all anxious to get started today. But I have a surprise for most of you. In fact, I don’t do this very often. Learning that we had a legacy student in this class, I decided to do something a little off the cuff. You know that I’m a stickler for the rules and for following what I have done in semesters prior. However, today will be an exception. It turns out that Drake’s father was actually a theatre minor here at Chesterton years ago. Our first African American minor in fact. And today, I thought it would be a special treat if Terrance had the chance to act in today’s play!”

The class looked up as Terrance walked in. Built like a bus, he was a 45 year old stud that was the offensive coach for his local high school football team. They lustily took in his large frame and tried to judge how big his dick was hidden beneath his track shorts he had on. Each step he took, his package jiggled and bounced. Drake blushed a little seeing that his dad had surprised him here.

“Since today’s play only has 3 spots, and one is already filled by Terrance; let’s not delay any further. Terrance will be playing the role of the Professor, Roman – you have the honor of being the Student. And Drake, since your dad is here, you can be the Nurse in today’s play.” Professor Barry was so excited by the lineup, he already started growing a little chub in his thong.

Roman knew this was a really tough role. It featured a straight athletic student that was going to receive a math lesson at a professor’s apartment. His costume was jeans, boxers, and a Red Wings hockey jersey. He felt completely ridiculous in the clothes. The jeans were 3 sizes too large and would slide down to show off his boxers. He was too used to his skinny jeans that showed off his ass muscles every time he took a step. Not to mention he missed the secure feeling of his bright neon thongs or floral bikini briefs he loved to wear. These boxers were ridiculous. How did straight guys stand to wear them?

The play began with Roman knocking on the apartment door and Drake answering. Drake was wearing a pair of white booty shorts and a pristine white bowtie. Roman had a very hard time not checking out Drake’s exposed chest with his developed pecs and adonis belt.

“Welcome! You must be the next student here for his lesson. Please make yourself comfortable in the study and I will tell the Professor that you are here.”

Roman made his way into the study and waited for a minute in his chair for the Professor to come. Getting impatient, Roman decided to look around at the books and objects in the study. Picking up some books, Roman thought the Professor must also teach languages as he picked up some foreign book titles: Fellatio (with a picture of the anatomy of an opened mouth that must be eating a sausage or something); Karma Sutra (that featured a drawing of two men with one in a handstand overlapping each other); Noir (which was just a photography book of African men in tribal wear).

“A curious little student? That’s good.” Terrance shocked Roman as he approached the study.

Roman jumped as he turned to see the massive Terrance. He must also teach physical education or just came from the gym as he was wearing a black UnderArmor compression tank and 5 inch black tight bike shorts.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but notice your language books. I didn’t know you also taught languages” Roman bargained as he held up Noir which flipped to a page of a Zulu warrior with a grass skirt revealing his 12 inch penis.

Terrance let his pearly white teeth show in a seducing smile. Roman had to resist being lured in. He had to keep remembering he was straight in this role over and over again but Terrance having such an obvious bulge was difficult.

“How about we begin the lesson and save those books for later, shall we?” Terrance patted the seat cushion and sat down across from Roman, spreading his legs widely.

Trying to avoid making eye contact with the professor’s nutsack, Roman sat down.

“Good. Now give me the definition of a factorial.”

“A factorial is the… product of a given integer and all smaller positive integers.”

“Very good. Now an example: what is 6 factorial?”

Thinking for a moment, Roman replied, “720!”

“Quick mind. Very good. What does the Power Rule refer to?”

“It’s a method for finding the derivative of a power of a variable.”

“Hmm. Not quite. It’s about being larger and in charge really.” Terrance said shifting his weight in his chair and increasing his size.

“Wait. What?” Roman replied nervously. He didn’t want to look like a stupid jock in front of his professor. He actually had a brain despite being on the hockey team.

“Let’s think of it this way. How about you count as far as you can into pi.”

Roman blinked and started repeating, “3.14159265…” droning off as he fell asleep.

The Professor took the opportunity to examine Roman. He grabbed his shoulders and his arm muscles. Reaching down from his pecs down to his abdomen, Terrance reached into Roman’s pants and stimulated his cock. “Not bad. Breakable though.”

Sitting back down, the Professor reached across and shook the student’s knees. “Hello? You trailed off there.”

Not missing a beat, Roman continued, “358979323…”

“That’s enough. Very good.”

The Student swore he could have saw the Professor’s cock twitch when he said “Very good.”

“What’s the definition of an irrational number?”

“An irrational number, is a real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of integers.”

“Again. I’m impressed.”

The student watched carefully now as he saw the Professor’s dick definitely reacting. It was getting harder it looked like.

“What is an asymptote? And. It may be better to show me than tell me. Life isn’t about memorizing definitions, is it?” Standing up, the Professor semi’s hard dick was right in front of the Student.

Reaching his hand forward toward the Professor’s arm, the Student was chastised.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. “You shouldn’t be reaching for part of an axis. You need to be reaching for the curve.” Turning, the Professor made obvious he was referring to his crotch by pivoting slightly.

The Student corrected his angle and got ever so close to The Professor’s dick head without actually touching it.

“Very good.” Terrance said as he moved and pressed his hard dick into Roman’s hand before sitting down. “I’m impressed. You like impressing your superiors don’t you?”

Superiors? The Professor must be referring to my tutors, Roman thought. “Yeee…ah I do.” Roman muttered feeling more relaxed as he saw the Professor’s hard on. It must have been over a foot long, the way it curved almost past his thigh.

“I’m sure. Now let’s make things a little more interesting…and challenging.” The Professor smiled as Roman stiffened up with the word ‘challenging’. “Hmm… how about the Wiener measure? What does that involve?”

“The…Wiener measure?…. Isn’t that involving how probable it is for a continuous function to lie within certain limits?” Roman guessed, getting nervous that he may not know the answer and the suggestiveness of the word.

“No. It’s not.” The Professor said sadly, his hard on getting a little softer.

Roman sat their panicked and his throat started to get sore he was so embarrassed.

“You need to learn though.” the Professor stated a little irritated.

Roman tried to shake his head he was so embarrassed he looked stupid in front of the Professor.

“A Weiner measure is measuring the length of an… object in the mouth.” Smiling, the professor, reached for a basket under the table next to the chair. “For example, it is how far you are able to measure something within the surface area of your mouth… and if you are lucky, throat. We’ll discuss the second method later. It is much more advanced.”

Reaching for a carrot about 5 inches long, the Professor gestured how he would open his mouth and insert it in.

Roman watched as the carrot went in and out of Terrance’s mouth, sometimes teasing his lips against it. His throat hurt so bad, he could barely speak.

“Are you ready to try?”

“Ye…a” Roman could hardly make any sound.


Terrance stood up and opened Roman’s mouth for him slowly sticking the carrot in. Roman couldn’t find the strength in him to complain that this had been in Terrance’s mouth and he could taste his saliva all over the carrot.

Going in and out of Roman’s mouth a few times, Terrance suggested, “Sometimes it is more about girth than length in the Wiener measure.” Reaching for a 10 inch cucumber, Terrance went right back into Roman’s mouth and kept inserting and retracting the phallic vegetable.

It actually started feeling better to Roman as his jaw expanded. His sore throat was starting to go away.

“Now you need to start using your throat.” The Professor reached for something that looked like a nightstick but was rubbery and really bendable.

The Student opened really wide as the Professor lunged what really was a double headed dildo into the student’s mouth and down the throat. “You really need to learn how to take it all down. That’s the only way this works.” Continuing for 10 minutes, the Student only gagged a few times and became much more relaxed as it went on.

Taking the dildo out of the Student’s mouth, the Professor said, “You are well on your way to learning. You are almost there.” His hard on was about to burst outside of his track shorts. As the object left the Student’s mouth, he eyed the Professor’s dick licking his lips for some reason.

“Tell me about the Hairy ball theorem now?” The Professor asked sharply.

The Student knew the answer easily. He had written his semester term paper on the theory. “It involves when vectors can be arrayed on the surface of a sphere!”

Slamming the table with his fist, the Professor shouted “No!”

The Student went immediately rigged and couldn’t move.

“Hairy balls are only allowed for bears, wolves, otters, and some daddy types!”

Roman felt so much pain. It was as if he was being strangled. His whole body wouldn’t respond as it started to become a plank.

“Do you have hairy balls?!?” The Professor demanded, looking completely deranged. Roman couldn’t muster any strength to open his mouth and respond, or even to hum an answer.

“Then I guess I will have to check myself!? Won’t I?” Sprinting forward towards Roman, Terrance tore off Roman’s jeans and shredded his boxers in his hands.

“Ah!! It seems our little muscle pup thinks he is an otter does he!? Nurse! Nurse! Bring me my shears. We need to make another boytoy over here!” The Professor kept shouting until Drake entered the study handing the razor and shaving cream without saying a word and exiting. Drake did take the opportunity to eye up his father’s footlong.

Grabbing Roman’s balls, Terrance lathered on the shaving cream and started removing the bush around his crotch. Once he was finished, Roman was sporting a complete hard on. Terrance grabbed it and stroked it once releasing a little bit of precum.

“There. Now you understand Hairy ball theorem. Only real men are allowed to grow hair.”

Feeling only slightly better, the Student could only blink his eyes to agree.

“With that dick upright, boy, I’d say you are ready for the second part of the Weiner measure.” The professor removed his compression tank revealing a perfectly sculpted upper torso of muscle on muscle. His gigantic pecs bounced with every step or bend he made. Tugging down his shorts, the Student’s eyes grew larger, as the Professor revealed his massive cock. His hairy balls were practically the size of a grapefruit.

Without saying a word, the Professor turned the Student over and inserted his manhood right into the Student’s dry ass. The Student tried to scream out in pain, but he couldn’t open his mouth. The Professor showed no mercy as he kept thrusting his penis deeper and deeper and deeper into the Student’s asshole.

“I like my boys when they moan, faggot.”

Roman’s mouth suddenly felt better as it opened and began to moan as loudly as he could.

“Tell me how much you like my dick you little fucker.”

“Mmmm. I love your cock in my hole. Ohhh!” Roman screamed as Terrance hit his anal cavity.

“It’s your boypussy, bitch. That’s your pussy. You’re done with the real pussy forever. Now your job is to go and show off your pussy to all men.” Terrance kept pounding and pounding away. Sweat was glistening down his body as he pumped Roman’s ass. “Yea, you love to show off your little tail here to real men. Men who will fuck your tight little twat. Your mind only thinks about dicksize. Constantly wondering how much a real man is packing. Too bad the only way for you to tell is either in your mouth or your ass. You won’t be able to cum unless it’s over a foot long and rammed inside you.”

The Student’s mind went blank as he filtered in the Professor’s Lesson.

“That’s my bitch. Can’t wait to show you off to the faculty! Ahhh!” The Professor and The Student came at the same time. What felt like gallons of cum pumped from Terrance’s cock into Roman’s hole.

Sighing, the Professor took his dick out of the Student. “Nurse!”

Drake came rushing in his tight booty shorts showing off his precum from watching yet another hopeless straight boy turn into a gay boytoy.

“Take the student upstairs. When we wakes up, he will be ready for his second fucking. Also get a jockstrap for him… We got another bottom here.”

“Yes, sir. Well done today. He will make a great addition to my ring of escorts. Just in time for your next lesson actually.” The Nurse said as he carried Roman off the stage.

“END SCENE. That. Was. Marvelous. Terrance, thank you so much for coming in and showing the class how it’s truly done. There was nothing like us two back in the old days.” Professor Barry said as playfully grabbed Terrance’s nutsack.

After class, all the boys stayed for their standing ovation. As a thank you to the boys, Terrance showed them how Drake and he ‘practiced’ when he was in high school. Roman was a little jealous that Drake had such a hunky dad and decided he was really into muscled black daddies after his fuck session with Terrance.

When Terrance and all the boys left, Roman approached Professor Barry about acting in the school’s play next semester. It was called “Uniform Ball” and showcased the wide variety of uniform fetishes from cops to firemen to delivery men.

Professor Barry was excited at first, “I’m glad you decided to follow through with the theatre major, Roman. I really am. You have got a lot of talent. But sadly, our auditions typically go to the more advanced boys with larger followings on their websites or royalties from their films. I’d really suggest it if you exposed yourself to the internet. Start a webcam series; see if you can get any producers or a large following. That’s really the best place to begin.”

Following his professor’s advice, Roman started a webcam site featuring him fucking, getting fucked, using toys, jerking off, posing in straps, etc. He didn’t get enough followers to be cast in the play though. Chesterton had too many big named porn stars. However, he did get contacted by an agent for a site called MuscularFratBoys. Roman was going to start to film for them in the summer and gain some relevant experience for next year. He was lucky that Professor Barry taught him to play both a bottom and a top, and luckily he had the build for both.

However, he had his eyes set on next year at Chesterton, he really wanted to be the Leading Lad in all their future plays. He was born to be a star.

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