Bracelet fun

By GemGemmini
published July 18, 2019
1482 words

Mind control bracelet fun

I decided to just post a random spur of the moment short story thinging about a mind control bracelet and a guy having fun shoot me ideas for more adventures for him I’ll add more detail this is just a rough type up. Slowly going back over this and editing it thanks guys.

Wow this week has been quite the adventure I just recently discovered the bracelet I brought from this old antique shop gives me to power over minds guess I should tell you all the fun I got into.


So im at the shop just looking around for anything that caught my eye I thought I was out of luck, until a nice bracelet caught my eye it was a tad pricey but I at least wanted to try it on but the shop keeper seemed as if he didn’t want to let me try it on constantly stating how it’s expensive and how I probably couldn’t afford it but eventually i persuaded him to let me try it on. As soon as I clicked it around my wrist my mind felt tingly and next thing I know im hearing the shop owner say how a guy like me can’t afford the bracelet and I probably stole something while, but oddly his mouth didn’t move, was I reading his mind? So i asked him to quickly think of his favorite color, he looks and me puzzled but there it was again I heard his thoughts, i was stoked out my mind. “Dude you have to give me this bracelet i jokingly say” the shop keepers eyes glazed over and he said Ok, he sounded like he was under some kinda spell or something like those hypnotist do on TV only one way to find out “give me 20$ from the register you asshole” and to my surprise he did he opened up the register and handed me money this is gonna be fun but before I left I had to give him one last order since he gave me a hard time “ Dude take off your pants and underwear and close your balls in the register drawer and stay like that until I leave then you’ll snap back “ the shop keep undid he pants they fell to his ankles exposing his tighty whities he then slid em down I almost burst into laughter as I saw his big egg shaped balls hanging but a pathetic 2in pecker attached he then opened the drawer placed his sack in and closed it hard he winced in pain cha-ching after that I made my way out poor douche bag

Coffee shop

After all that fun I decided i need some coffee to boost my day , i walked into the coffee shop pretty chill not many people, but there was a line and did not feel like waiting, as soon as the thought crossed my mind the person in front of me asked if I wanted to go in front of him and i sure did i wonder if i did that. So I tried it again I thought of the person in front of me giving up their spot and shocker it worked, i made my way to the front of the line. Hmmm I decided to order a latte simple and sweet, the barista though was being a bit rude i was gonna let him off free until I heard his thoughts I’ll show him who’s annoying and now I can just give thoughts instead of speaking. After taking my order he made my latte and handed it and now the show begins, the barista walked over the blender and made a triple thick caramel frap, he then took his apron off and stepped out to the lobby drink in hand “attention everyone “ he said we all turned to look he then took the frozen beverage a dumped it down the front of his undies his face cringed, people were laughing but it wasn’t over he then dropped his pants and boy did that make it worse he was wearing a pair of neon green briefs with monkeys on them which gave me an idea. Next thing we see him start hopping around and ooking like a monkey while scratching his ass the audience was in tears from laughter, now to wrap it all up he then grabbed a bottle of caramel off the counter and poured it down his undies, he snapped back and was burning with humiliation and i went on my way.


After a nice latte I decide id go for a nice drive to clear my own mind instead of toying with others, I had my top down and was enjoying the breeze, I admit I’m a bit of a speed demon I won’t lie. So here i am driving down the road and next thing i see are cop lights OH BOY. So I pull over and I see the cop step out his car in his tight uniform, he’s not too bad on the eyes but he has quite the cocky swagger in his walk, so what better way to fix that then make him trip over his own feet, as soon as i sent the though his left leg crossed his right and he fell right onto the dust road . I was still laughing as he got up and dusted himself off. Finally he makes his way over to my car and taps on the window i roll down, “ do you know why pulled you over?” he asked. I responded “no officer” , he then put his boot up on my tire “Well you were going 50 in a 35, and you got a busted tail light" ,he then went and hit it with his baton "now im gonna have to give you a a few tickets sir and maybe now you’ll obey the law and authority “ he said with a cocky grin as he reached for his notepad and boy did that set me off its go time.

Suddenly the officer froze up with a look of terror and confusion on his sculpted face, I made sure he was aware of his actions and he knew he had no control anymore. Next he took his body cam off and handed it over to me i aimed it at him and hit record ACTION. Now slightly trembling his mouth went “sorry sir im just a dipshit cop who is insecure because i have a small pecker between my legs so I abuse my power and authority to compensate ” . Next he then begin to piss his uniform pants, the piss spreading all over darkening the fabric with a sigh of relief while groping himself, afterwards he started to strip while doing some pathetic dance trying to seem sexy spinning his shirt in the air ad tossing it and with all his force he literally tore his pants off leaving him in his boots and a pair of tight pink brief what a loser best part is anyone driving by could clearly see him right there on the side of the road.

Next he picked his ticket pad up and begin writing a ticket that said loser cop on it. Then he tore it off and said “ not only am i full of crap, im full of tickets too “ he then slid his pink briefs down exposing his actually small penis and shook it to the camera then turned around and bent over exposing his hairy crack and hole and took my ticket and shoved it up his ass letting out a moan of pleasure " A bad cop like me deserves an ass ton of tickets for all the wrong I do" I agreed so I made him actually do it few more times he drew dicks on some , bitch cop on a few and with some he got creative after about 12 tickets and his pen up his ass i had him stop and wedgie himself to keep em safe and turning back to me i see him hard as a rock probably 3.4 in max, so to top it all off i made him jerk off in his cop hat using only two fingers while saying how he’s a stubby dick loser who likes his ass stuffed, after 3 strokes i made him cum a put his hat on with a dopey grin on his face.

Finally he grabbed his cuffs and clicked around his junk and I handed him his camera ,“ Alright sir my work here is done you mind your speed sir, I have to head back to the office and meet up with the guys and show them this footage ” he hopped on his bike just in his undies and boots and drove off.

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