That New Car Smell

By Readytochange
published July 13, 2019
3691 words

A new car can be the start of a whole new direction…

This was an old story I half wrote for a friend and then we got distracted, finally thought I’d finish it and release it into the world! If you like transformation stories then please feel free to join my Discord:

Take a deep breath and enjoy :D

You had finally passed your driving test, even better, you’re the first one of your mates to do it! You could just imagine yourself turning up to your first day at uni in style. The only downside of course being that cars were expensive, not to mention that when you found one that you liked the insurance was way too much! You’d need another student loan at this rate. Your summer holidays seemed to fly by as you constantly scoured the net looking for that perfect car that wouldn’t cost the earth to insure, while every day your mates would tease you, most of them had parents that would pay for their insurance when they passed, but not you.

And then one night, after hours of scrolling you came across an ad on Gumtree:

“Used Peugeot for sale, good condition, mainly used for work, great first car guaranteed cheap insurance”

The pictures showed a small Peugeot that looked to be in good condition, it looked sporty and at this point you would be happy just to have a car. You quickly copied the reg into an insurance comparison sight and as promised the prices for you were nice and easily affordable. Heart racing you sent a message to the buyer asking how soon you could view the car and saying that you were very interested. You spent the rest of the night checking your emails every few minutes and feeling your heart drop when you had no response.


Your phone woke you early the next morning, you must’ve fallen asleep with it next to you. Groggily you pick it up and see that you’ve just received a new email, and it’s from the seller of the car! You open the email and read:

“Hey bud, sorry for the late reply, yh the car is still for sale, pop round this afternoon, I guarantee you’ll love it!”

Hands shaking you type a reply saying that you’ll be there with your mobile number and soon after you get a text with an address and time. Looking up the address you notice it’s in the rough part of town, but you don’t care you need this car! The day seemed to drag but finally it was time and you caught the bus to the guys address, the whole ride you kept thinking about how this would be the last time you would have to catch the bus. Walking through the council estate you noticed that a lot of the guys round there were giving you funny looks. They all seemed to be the typical chav type, either dressed in trackies or workie gear, some still walking home in hi viz gear. You couldn’t help but feel like you stuck out like a sore thumb, everything about you screamed middle class, from your quiffed hair to your shorts and shirt.

Arriving at the address you immediately spotted the car outside and couldn’t help yourself, you wandered around it in awe looking it over, staring in through the windows. It was amazing, how was it in such good condition being parked in such an area? You were so lost in staring that you jumped when a voice behind you said “Hi mate, you must be here to buy my baby”. You turned to see the seller, holding out his hand, it was covered in dirt and grime but then so were the rest of his clothes. He was wearing a dark green waterproof coverall tied around his waist, and a white Nike top with black marks all over it. On his feet he wore tall black rubber boots that the coverall legs were tucked into. He didn’t look much older than you with his dark hair cut to a crop all over his head and a diamond stud in his left ear. His eyes were a piercing blue that held your gaze. You blinked and tried not to stare as you took the guys hand and gave it a shake, “Names Steve” he said, “want to take a closer look at the car?”

Nodding, Steve unlocked the car and pulled open the drivers door. As expected a rush of hot stale air rushed out into your face and with it the strong smell of rubber and tar, the car smelt like a roadwork site. “Don’t mind the smell, I used this car every day to get to and from the site” Steve said “But it’s still as clean as a whistle and drives amazingly, not to mention it has a cracking stereo system”. He gestured for you and you climb into the drivers seat. The seat feels soft and you feel your body relax as you instinctively reach for the wheel. Steve reached in and stuck the key in the ignition, “Just listen to that sound quality mate” he said slamming the door shut trapping you in the car.

The smell is now all you can breathe and the heat of the car makes it stronger, fumbling with the controls you manage to turn the cold air on but as the air blows through the vents, the smell gets stronger. You can feel it numbing your brain and making it hard to think. At the same time the stereo has come on, Steve is right the sound seems to come from everywhere in the car, you can hear the music resonating in your brain. You find yourself just sitting there nodding along to the music, you don’t even know what the song is but it’s good. You feel yourself slipping and your foot nudges the gas pedal. The engine roars and suddenly you snap awake. Shaking your head you fumble for the keys and turn off the ignition. Opening the door you see Steve staring at you with an eager smile on his face, those blue eyes seem to searching your expression for something. “I can tell you like it” he says, and you can’t lie, the car is perfect. You tell him that you’ll take it and he grabs you pulling you in for a quick hug, you get another whiff of that smell again and the next thing you know he’s inviting you inside whilst he finds and sorts the paperwork. He seems happier about selling the car than you are about buying it, maybe something is wrong with it? You banish those thoughts from your mind, and obediently follow Steve into his house. He points you toward the living room, “Make yourself at home, don’t mind the mess, I’ll be right back” Steve says disappearing upstairs.

The living room is small, there’s a TV in the corner with a sofa against the wall. Strewn all over the floor were piles of work gear, hi vis trousers and tops, jackets almost all of it is made from rubber or some other waterproof material. That same smell filled the room and you feel yourself relaxing again, almost getting used to the smell, enjoying it. You wander over to sofa and are about to sit down when you see the waterproof coverall sitting there. It’s dark green, identical to the one Steve is wearing, made of a heavy waterproof material, or rubber, this one has boots attached. It’s sitting on the sofa open like its waiting for someone to just slip inside and seal it up. Your head feels heavy and you feel yourself leaning forwards as the smell from the suit clouds your mind more, you reach out a hand to touch it. “Found the paperwork!” Steve calls as he comes into the room, you snatch your hand back and stand up straight trying to not make it obvious what you were going to do. But why were you going to do it? You can’t understand what’s gotten into you.

Steve takes a seat at his dining table and starts to fill out the forms, asking for details from you, name, age, the normal stuff. Soon you’re asking him about his life, and hes telling you about how he has a great job down at the local truck wash and his boss lets him rent this house off him as long as he works there. He even mentions that they are always on the lookout for new guys to join them, for a second you catch a look in his eye and feel him glance over to the other suit sitting on the sofa. You smile and tell him about your plans for university where you’re going to study to be an accountant, “Sounds like you’ve got a stressful life ahead of you” Steve says and you find yourself nodding in agreement. You can almost imagine how easy it would be to have Steves life, a nice stress free job, no pressure about looking your best all the time, relaxed and obedient. You shake your head as you feel yourself zoning out again and laugh it off apologising to Steve. He offers you a drink, but you decline and tell him you need to get going home. He hands you the keys and you pull out the cash from your wallet that you had saved. He walks you to the door and the minute you step out of the house the fresh air wakes you up again, “Enjoy your new car mate, see you soon!” Steve calls as you unlock the car and climb inside. You start the ignition and head home, the smell infiltrating your senses again, calming your mind, and the stereo playing that same song all the way home, whispering in the background. You don’t even notice the hard on you’ve got straining against your shorts.

Pulling up into the drive at home, You notice your parents are out, probably still working. Sighing you climb out of the car and gave it another once over. You pop open the boot to check out the storage only to find that the boot is already occupied. You feel your heart racing as you see a familiar dark green waterproof coverall bundled into the boot. How did that get in here? You wonder as the smell radiates off the suit even stronger than before, that mix of rubber and dirt, you feel your dick pulse and look down to see a small mark of precum leaking through your shorts. You glance around quickly hoping none of the neighbours have seen, your mind racing now. You really should drive back to Steves and give it back to him, but then it’s getting late, you’re in a mess and you can easily go round tomorrow you reason with yourself. Then you make the connection that the reason the car smells like that is because that suit was in there the whole time, guess that means it needs to come out of there for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow the car will have aired out a bit. Reaching down into the boot you pick up the suit and bundle it into your arms, reaching up to close the boot your nose comes into contact with it and you feel yourself go dizzy as you get a direct whiff, your dick spasms again and you slam the boot shut and hurry inside.

You get to your room and drop the suit in the corner walking away from it and running your hands through your hair. You can’t understand what’s gotten into you, getting a hard on because of this work gear. The smooth waterproof gear that you realise you want to wear. No! You want to give it back tomorrow and then get on with your life. You do not want to be some dumb work lad who cleans trucks for a living, wearing dirty gear all the time, with short regulation haircut. You stop running your hands through your hair, where did the idea of a regulation haircut come from. An image of Steve floats through your mind and your cock pulses again. You let out an exasperated sigh, you clearly just need to have a wank and get this out of your system. You strip out of your clothes, socks and very sticky boxers and lie back on your bed, feeling your cock in your hands as you start to jerk slowly. Then you notice the smell, the rubber smell, coming from your hands where you held the suit. you raise one hand to your nose and breathe it in. Sighing as your mind goes numb and you relax. You glance over to the suit in the corner of your room. It wouldn’t hurt to try it on, to see what you would look like as the dumb truck washer. You give in and let your cock take control as you get off your bed and pull the suit over. Sitting on the edge of the bed the suit sits at your feet, folded open ready for you to slide your feet into the rubber boots. You pull the suit up and it slides over your legs, the inside is slick with something, you don’t care what, all that matters is the suit. You slide your arms one at a time down the sleeves and out the elasticated cuffs and shrug it over your shoulders. The whoosh of air sends the smell shooting up your nose and you lose control, falling back onto the bed, your bare skin inside the suit making full contact, feeling its smoothness. You reach for the zip, knowing somehow that the suit must be zipped up, all the way, you must be sealed inside it. Zipping up the suit, feeling it come together and grow tighter on your body, it fits perfectly, the zip nuzzling under your chin as your fold a flap over it. You lay there in bliss, your mind gone completely and your dick rubbing on the inside of the rubber suit, breathing in the smell. Imagining how good it would be, no how great it would be to wear this everyday, to be part of a team of green clad lads. A nice obedient unit, with no stress. You reach for your dick rubbing it through the fabric of the suit, every touch feels amazing. You run your hands over the suit not caring about the dirt that your rubbing onto them, then you notice the other zip an the bottom and you open it, allowing your dick to be free and you’re finally able to jerk it faster and faster, your hands leaving dirt and grease all over it but you don’t care. You feel yourself getting closer and closer and then you cum, shooting all over the suit.

You lie back on your bed, ready to close your eyes and drift off. All energy spent, completely relaxed, for once you have no worries in your head. Your phone rings, jerking you back to reality. Reaching over you answer it and hold it to your ear as Steves voice echoes down the line. He tells you that he has left one of his work uniforms in the car by accident and you laugh and say that you found it. Your other hand absentmindedly playing with the pool of cum sitting on the suit, you feel slightly guilty for making a mess. You explain that you were going to bring it over to his tomorrow for him. He pauses and tells that he needs that one for his shift in the morning as the others are in the wash, and asks if you don’t mind bringing it to him at the yard where he works. Your other hand has gathered up a scoop of your own cum now and raised it to your lips, without realising you let it roll off your hand and into your mouth savouring the taste as you swallow it, salty and also muddy, workie cum. You tell Steve that you’ll be there bright and early and he gives you the address then hangs up wishing you a goodnight. You drop your phone down next to you and almost immediately feel yourself relax back again, nice and warm in your suit you close your eyes.

Your eyes blink open and you’re still laying on your bed in the suit, it’s dark outside the window and you grab your phone to check the time. 5am! How long were you out. Then you remember that you’re meant to be meeting Steve and giving him back his suit at 6. You stand and feel a wave of pleasure again as the suit rubs against your skin, the inside is slick with sweat from where you’ve spent the night sealed inside. You reach up and open the flap, then unzip the suit, shrugging it off reluctantly you can no longer notice the smell from it. Mainly because the smell is covering your whole body now and filled your room. You step out of the boots and hurry to get dressed, grabbing some gym shorts from your closet and a plain white t shirt. You shove your feet into your trainers and then pick up the suit. You carry it out of the house quietly, the last thing you need is your parents to wake up and find you creeping out so early. But at the same time you don’t care, they may have walked in and seen you laying in it last night. For some reason your mind no longer cares what your parents may think or want for you. If you want to be a simple truck washer then so be it!

You pause at the front door, where did that thought come from? You shrug it off and unlock your car, putting the suit on the passenger seat you turn on the ignition and lose yourself in the music, driving on autopilot to Steves yard. You make it in good time as the sky lightens and pull up into the staff parking area. Getting out of the car you can see a few other lads walking towards a series of portacabins building next to a warehouse full of wash bays. All of them sport the same short hairstyle that Steve had and they are all dressed in waterproof coveralls. You look around and spot Steve near the main door standing, he was dressed in hi viz trousers and a matching jacket. You make your way over to him and he smiles as he sees you, you shake his hand, “Thank you for bringing this buddy” He says glancing at your grubby hands. “So as your here, maybe you’d like to have a tour?” He offers. You find yourself staring into those blue eyes and think back to when you were wearing the suit in his hands. “Sure, I’d love it!” You find yourself saying and you find that you are being 100% genuine. His face lights up as he leads you inside, The air in here is filled the that smell of dirt and rubber but also a tinge of B.O. Probably all the lads sweating in their suits you think. You follow Steve as he leads you into the locker rooms and he sits you on a stool. “Now we aren’t actually allowed to have visitors, so you’re going to have to blend in a bit” he says with a wicked grin on his face. Your mind has gone numb from the smell again so you just nod. Steve reaches behind you and pulls open a locker, then he grabs a pair of clippers from it and plugs them in. “Don’t worry it will grow back” he says, again you nod. Your mind not focusing even though part of you is freaking out! He turns the clippers on and starts to run them over your head as he does he murmurs words of encouragement to you “That’s it lad”, “Nice and regulation”, “You’ll fit in well here”. When he’s done he runs his hands over your new short cut and you feel a wave of pleasure again as he brushes away the loose bits of your old life. “Looking ace” he tells you and then he reaches into the locker and pulls out another green coverall. “Ready to suit up?” he asks, and you nod again, you can’t wait to be back in your uniform. He helps you out of your clothes and soon your both zipped up and sealed inside your suits. He leads you over to the locker room mirror and you see yourself properly. A rush of pride fills you as you look at yourself in your gear next to Steve. You realise that you’re finally somewhere that makes you happy. “What do you think mate?” Steve asks “Ready for your tour?”, “Actually…” you say tentatively “I was wondering about those jobs you said were going”.

The Klaxon sounds at 5 that evening and you and Steve head out, you walk to your car together thinking about how you’re going to explain to your parents that you don’t want to be an accountant anymore, that you’ve gotten a job as a truck washer. That you’re proud to wear a grubby uniform and that you’re falling in love with the guy who sold you you’re car. Steve has done so much for you, he even offered you a room at his house if things go wrong. Your head is buzzing with all these thoughts until you get into your car and take a deep breath, Ah… That new car smell.

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