The Mind Chip

By MindManiac
published November 7, 2016
1652 words

A student created a micro chip that can control people. Hi first subject was his roomate Eric

Hello there, I’ve been a long time reader and I finally decided to publish my first story here. If you like it please give it a comment, if fact if you don’t like it leave a comment. Since I’m a first time writer and English is not my first language your comments would help me improve my writings. So ENJOY ———_____———-_________————_

Hey there! My names Marcus, just a normal 20 year old university student. I have blonde hair, brown eyes, and at least 5’8 tall. Though I’m not that physically active as much as the others, I somehow gained a pretty muscular build.

As a kid I was always curious at the concept of hypnosis and being able to control someone else, specially if it was a strong, dominant type of guy. It got to the point where I watched my first porn, which was gay porn, and it was a hypnosis themed one too. It was the time that I realized that I might be gay. It was also at the same clip that I got my very first orgasm, leading to many more orgasms in the future. I was also very good with technology. I was curious to see how an object works by taking it apart and putting them back together. I was able to tinker with some of our household appliances without my parents knowing. I was even able to make some improvised appliances from old materials.

As I grew older I began learning the basics of hypnosis. I was able to put some of my friends under and made them do some typical hypnosis suggestions like acting like a chicken and making myself invisible to them. I also confirmed that I was in fact gay at this period of time when I hypnotized one of my guy friends and I somehow got turned on by that.

Right now I’m taking psychology as my course while still keeping my “inventive” side intact. I currently live at a dorm here on campus with my roommate Eric. Our room is actually quite big compared to the other dorm rooms here. We have two separate rooms, a shared bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

Now lets talk about my roommate Eric. He’s a 20 year old varsity football player here on campus , so you can guess that he’s really popular here. He has jet black hair with matching black colored eyes and is at least 6’ tall. He’s very charming and you can already tell that he’s good with the ladies. We get along just fine, more than fine actually. He thinks of me as one of his closest friends and would sometimes go to me for some advice. One time he even asked if he could help me in finding a girl to be with but I just turned down the offer saying “I don’t really want to be in a relationship right now”. But I just said that because he doesn’t know that I’m gay yet, and I might ruin our friendship if I suddenly came out to him. Besides, I think I may have the slightest crush on him, and coming out to him might just ruin my none existent chance to be his boyfriend.

One Friday night, I was experimenting with some microchips and see if I can make something out of it. I was experimenting with one microchip when I suddenly figured something out. I found out that if the chip was placed at the right place it can act as a transmitter of signals to the object it was placed. So I made a program in my laptop that would send signals and information to the microchip. All I need to do now is to find an actual use for this because the only object I tested this on was my phone. It was worked very well on transferring data from one place to another.

I decided to take a break after all of my shenanigans. I was planning on maybe getting a glass of juice in order to refresh my mind but something else caught my eyes. In the living room sofa I saw my roommate Eric sleeping on the couch. He must’ve been tired of football practice and decided to take a nap, also, he was still wearing his team uniform. He actually looks very peaceful when sleeping. Then something crazy went to my head. What would be the effect of the micro chip if it was attached to a person?

Eric looked so peaceful sleeping there so I think he wouldn’t wake up with me attaching something to his body. So I quietly went back to my room and got the chip that I successfully created and went to my sleeping roommate. He was now laying face down on the sofa when I got back there. I carefully placed and attached the chip at the back of his neck. I placed it almost directly bellow the head. The strange thing was he didn’t even move a bit while I was placing the chip. Maybe he’s just that tired.

After that I went back to my room and turned on my laptop. But for some reason the screen looked different. There was like a textbox in the middle where you type things and two buttons at the top of that, a “Normal” button and a “Robot” button. Currently it was at a Normal mode so I clicked the robot mode and waited for something to happen. After a while of nothingness I began to type something at the textbox. I typed “stand up” the pressed enter and went to the living room to see if something happened. When I got there I was surprised to see Eric standing straight like he was a soldier or something. I pushed him slightly on the shoulder and he didn’t fall or wake up. It was like he was following orders from the computer.

Since he was just standing there I started rubbing his chest and stomach to find that he has a very muscular body. I also pecked his lips to see if he will react. Instead he didn’t react at all, he just stood there like a statue. I decided to get my laptop and put it on the living room. My mind can’t process this all at once. Here I have my straight roommate under my complete control. The possibilities are endless. I was thinking what would a great command for him. Then I just typed “dance like the sexiest male stripper ever” and then pressed enter.

As soon as I pressed enter I sat down and he started to dance slowly as if there actual music in the background. His eyes are now open but he kept a stoic face while dancing, which just turned me on more. He started taking of his shoes and socks. He the took of his shirt and I saw the six pack that he was hiding under that shirt all these times. He then went on his knees to show his imaginary audience that ass of his. He slowly took of his shorts and he was just now wearing his jockstraps . Suddenly he ripped them of leaving him completely naked right in front of me. I was trying so hard to keep it cool but I can’t anymore. I need to fuck him right now.

I got my laptop and wrote the command “stop”. He just stopped in mid movement, on his knees and both hands on his nipples. It took me a moment to think of a command to give him then it suddenly hit me. I wrote the command “sex doll mode”. After that he just acted like a male blow-up sex top. I got to him and posed him to be on all fours. I typed the command “hard dick” and it immediately took effect on him, his dick hard as soon as I pressed enter.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I took some lotion from my room and then started to finger Eric’s tight ass. It took me a while but then it got to the point where I could fit in three fingers inside him. I pulled my fingers out of him. I quickly stripped myself of my clothes and pushed my hard cock on his virgin ass. After awhile I moved faster in and out of him. He wasn’t even reacting. He was just there on all fours with that steady look on his face while I fuck him.

When I felt that I was getting close I pulled out of him and released myself on his back. I wouldn’t want to make him suspicious when he wakes up from this. I cleaned my cum on his back and I typed the command “lay on the couch” on my laptop. I noticed that his dick was still hard so I typed the command “cum now” on my laptop. When pressed enter he suddenly moaned very loudly and he shoots his load without even touching himself.

After I got him to dress himself again, I made him lay down on the couch. I pressed the Normal button on the screen and he suddenly yawned loudly. He then sat up at talked to me

“Oh hey dude what time is it?” he asked

“It’s about 11:30” I asked in the most normal voice I could do

“Shit I must have overslept here. Well I’m going to my room. See you tomorrow” he said to me before going to his room

He didn’t remember a single thing! This is great! Just think of all the things I could do with the chip on his body! I can finally have him!

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