Fill 'Er Up!

By Tkhon
published November 7, 2016
3693 words

A man at the gas station is calling Jeff names, but what if he’s right?

Fill ‘Er Up

“How can I help ya, faggot?”

It took Jeff a moment to process what the cashier had just called him. It was getting late and he was about done with the world. He’d had an awful day at his dead end job and if he wasn’t dangerously low on fuel he wouldn’t have even considered stopping at this gas station out in the middle of nowhere. He just wanted to get home to his wife and sleep. Needless to say, Jeff wasn’t impressed.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” Jeff growled.

“Faggot.” The man at the register said plainly, “I mean that’s what you are, it’s purty obvious.”

Jeff just seethed. He didn’t want to waste any more time at the store, especially since he didn’t want to give this asshole the satisfaction of getting a rise out of him, throwing around ridiculous accusations for no reason.

“Yup, definitely into cock, you,” the cashier continued, “total dick lover.”

“Alright I’m gonna have to have a talk with your manager,” Jeff snarled doing his best to sound threatening despite his fatigue.

“No problem, queer,” the manager grinned, “I’m the manager,”

“Oh just fuckin’ great,” Jeff yelled, “listen if you don’t cut that out right now I’m gonna get the police involved.”

“Relax, I’m not gonna judge ya just because you’re into men,” the manager said gesturing for Jeff to calm down.

Jeff was still angry, but something new had worked its way in, gradually eclipsing his rage. He wasn’t sure how this random employee at a gas station had figured him out. Things felt a little hazy, he knew he’d never checked out any guys, much less fooled around with any. He was married with children! Hell, he wasn’t even attracted to guys, yet somehow he knew from the core of his being that he was gay, and not only that, he always had been. He wasn’t sure when he’d discovered this, or why he felt this way, but he knew it was the truth.

“Mhm, knew just by lookin’ at you,” the manager continued, “total fag.”

“I-I’m a married man,” Jeff protested with only a faint tremble betraying his internal conflict.

“Ooh I see, deep in th’ closet, is it?” the manager chuckled, “I’m John by the by. So your wife doesn’t know at all? I bet you fap to a fuck load of gay porn then.”

“Y-yeah,” Jeff gasped, his mind filling with vague but no less real images of jacking himself off to men, some straight porn only a click away in case he was caught.

“No worries dude, I do the same thing!” John turned around a computer screen revealing a massive scrolling wall of men doing various erotic things to each other, “I bet this is just like the stuff you use at home.”

Jeff had to admit it was pretty stop on. He remembered fondly the nights he’d spent looking at guys pleasure each other, shoving dicks and dildos up their asses and in their mouths, their tongues down each other’s throats up guys’ butts. It was all so deeply arousing, though Jeff couldn’t quite place why. He just knew he got off to it constantly.

“Man, homo like you, all repressed n’ such, it’s no wonder you stopped by here,” John winked as he said this.

“Er… why is that?” Jeff asked, genuinely perplexed.

“A place like this? Brings in all kinda ‘o truckers with big ‘ol dicks, all pent up lookin’ for some release, I just know you’re dyin’ to try,” John replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Jeff had to admit it sounded pretty appealing, he could just imagine some big masculine trucker having his way with his mouth, like in the porn he enjoyed. It was perfect, he was a gay guy, he needed dick, and this was a way to get some with no strings attached.

“I… might be interested,” Jeff mumbled after a short pause.

“Great! I knew you would, gay dudes like you, you’re all the same, you can’t get enough dick in there. It’s just so natural,” John gave a thumbs up, “that said, the next guy isn’t due here for a bit, maybe we should help each other out while we enjoy some more of this porn?”

Jeff wasn’t sure how it happened, he’d entered this gas station in an awful mood, one thing led to another and now him and a complete stranger were jacking each other off to gay porn. It was weird, he’d known he was into men for as long as he could remember, but he’d never acted on it, yet now he was doing this. As they lazily stroked one another Jeff found himself recounting a bit of his life’s story, at least in terms of his sexuality, to John. As a teen he had been pretty sure he’d found some explicit magazines that belonged to his dad, but he now remembered he’d actually found some of his mom’s. He could still remember the rush he’d felt when seen all those scantily clad men, with their sexy muscles, exposed skin, some hairy, some not, and all in very risqué poses. She’d even had a magazine aimed at women who were into two (or more!) guys getting it on together. Seeing all those masculine guys get fucked in ways he’d previously thought only women could was that confirmed to him what he’d known deep down all along. That he was gay and this was the life for him, and that there was no turning back. As time went on, however, his fear of being discovered grew. He had to be careful to make sure nobody noticed him checking out guys, first at school then at work. He dated girls to keep up appearances, and eventually he found himself married. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, he loved his wife and went on to love his kids, but he knew that what he truly needed in order to be satisfied was sex with a man.

John gradually stopped stroking Jeff and suggested that he should get on his knees to suck him off behind the counter. He said it would be good practice for later, and not having much experience with this sort of thing Jeff knew this was a great idea. He was happy to have a dick in his mouth after what felt like years of waiting. He needed a few pointers from John but after a bit he found a trick to it that worked for him. Just like John had suggested it felt so natural to suck on a dick, to bring a man pleasure using only his mouth. He stroked his own dick as bobbed up and down on John’s erection and swallowed his load when he came, at John’s suggestion. He said that the truckers would love that, and Jeff couldn’t wait to find out.

As if on cue there was a ding as the door to the station opened, a burly man entered; his mouth watering package so big that his jeans did little to conceal it. Jeff stared at it openly before making his way to the men’s washroom as John had instructed. Inside he found a somewhat hidden door, just like John had said. On the other side was a somewhat bigger room with two doors. Jeff knew to take the one on the left, “the one for people like you” as John had put it. So he went inside, only to find himself in a completely empty room.

He waited a bit.

Nothing happened.

Soon Jeff started to feel like he’d been played. He started towards the door half expecting it to be locked when he caught a glimpse of motion out of the corner of his eye. A huge penis was working its way through a hole in the wall Jeff hadn’t noticed previously. It looked utterly beautiful, and before Jeff could finish processing what was going on he was on his knees working that cock as best he could with his mouth. He loved everything about that was happening, the weight, feel and texture of the cock, the rhythm of it fucking his face. When the man on the other side grunted and blew his load which Jeff swallowed happily (eliciting a grunt of approval from the mysterious trucker) Jeff couldn’t help but notice how much he enjoyed the taste. He was pretty sure John had mentioned something about how great cum tasted to queers and if anything Jeff felt like John had undersold it.

The trucker’s dick receded back into the hole, leaving Jeff feeling somewhat disappointed. This disappointment was replaced almost immediately as a brand new dick poked its way in. It was a different shape, with a different smell, and as Jeff soon discovered, a different texture as well. His cum also tasted quite different, but that didn’t matter much to Jeff, it was great in its own way, and insanely hot.

The night continued in the same pattern, Jeff swallowing load after load. At one point two extra dicks came out of holes next to the one he’d been servicing. He took turns sucking on each one, stroking the ones he wasn’t currently blowing. He could hear the three truckers on the other side were playing with each other as he sucked them which made the situation even hotter for Jeff. A few times Jeff could also hear the man he was sucking getting fucked by another man. Eventually the flow of new dicks began to slow down. Jeff was sucking the biggest dick yet when he heard a gruff voice from the other side of the wall.

“Boy, why don’t you turn yourself around and show me that back door of yours? Lemme show that ass of yours a good time.” the mysterious trucker growled seductively.

Jeff’s head swam. He was gay. He knew that for certain. He loved to suck dicks, he loved the taste of cum. He loved men in general, really.

But taking it up the ass?

“I… er… no thanks,” Jeff whispered, hoping the man could still hear him.

“Aw come on don’t be such a bitch,” the man jeered, “I know you types, you want as much of my meat as possible. I’ll be gentle, I swear.”

Jeff didn’t know what to do. It was true this dick was among the best he’d encountered during this entire experience. But he really didn’t like the idea of being fucked. He told the man no, a bit more firmly this time.

“Fine, fine,” the man drawled, “but let me know when you change your mind, I’ll be here around this time next time.”

Next time? Jeff thought to himself. While this had been an amazing experience for Jeff, he definitely couldn’t see this becoming a routine. Though it was right on the way home from his office…

Jeff eventually finished sucking dicks and decided it was time to head out. He cleaned up in the washroom on the way out, but John managed to convince Jeff to give him a blow job as thanks for setting him up with this opportunity. For the first time Jeff found he was able to swallow the entire load, causing John to praise his technique. Jeff found himself blushing from the compliment the entire way home.

Jeff continued about his weekly routines but things felt somewhat off to him. It couldn’t be his gay born binges whenever his wife and kids were away, he was pretty sure he’d always done that. What he couldn’t shake was the memories of that evening at the gas station. The feelings of pure satisfaction and pleasure he had felt servicing all of those men. Every day on his way home from work the thought of popping in again crossed his mind, just to have a look. He reasoned there was no harm in it, and eventually his resistance eroded one night and he pulled into the parking lot.

John was there to greet him, in fact he seemed like he was expecting him. He talked about how Jeff couldn’t resist getting it on with more guys, how fucking around with men was the only way to take the edge off the lie he lived. Jeff found himself agreeing.

“Speaking of fucking around,” John said, “I got a complaint from one of the boys last week. Something about how you wouldn’t let them fuck you in the ass.”

“Oh… er… that’s right,” Jeff stammered. Complaints? Could these guys file complaints?

“That’s yer choice ‘n all, but it seems a bit weird to me, since yer such a fag. Total homo, really. You love dick so much, I’m surprised you’re not chomping at the bit to be filled with one right now. Hell maybe two at once!” he chuckled at that, “honestly you seem like the kind o’ of guy that would go out and buy a bunch of dildos just to fuck yourself with when nobody is around. But seriously, you’re so proud of your sexuality, how good you can make guys feel with your body, shouldn’t you set the best example you can by getting as many dicks off as you can, in as many ways as possible? Besides, those truckers are counting on you to get them off.”

“Yeah!” Jeff shouted, a little more enthusiastic than he intended. His mind was racing, thinking of how proud he was that he was such a dick lover. He was going to be the best gay man he could be, and if that meant taking a dick or two up the ass he was more than ready to oblige. He also began to feel like he needed to make those truckers happy. It felt a bit silly, but at the same time Jeff felt it rang true.

“Great!” John grinned, “go on back there and git ready. I’ve got a sign all ready about how ya wanna get fucked in the ass tonight. Go hang that on th’ door. It also talks about how you’re okay with guys comin’ into your room to fuck you. About how ya wanna see the men who will be plowing your ass tonight, and how you’re willing to suck a dick while getting fucked. And o’ course that you’re willing to have them cum inside you. Y’know, the usual stuff.”

Jeff smiled in anticipation. He really wanted some dick in his ass tonight. He wanted to see the guys fucking him, and he wanted them to see him. He was proud to be taking it up the ass after all, and wanted to set the best example for these men, so they would know without a doubt he could get them off. He made his way into the room and psyched himself up.

It wasn’t long before the first dick of the night slid its way into the room. Without a moment of hesitation Jeff began to press his virgin hole onto the hard piece of meat. It felt strange, like it should hurt, but then, how could it? His ass was getting the fucking it deserved. Besides, Jeff remembered John telling him how great this would feel and ultimately Jeff decided it did feel great. Even more so as the cock slowly picked up pace, sliding in and out of his hole. The guy on the other side continued at a lazy pace while Jeff became more and more accustomed to being filled. The general thrusting made Jeff feel good, but as the dick thrust deeper and deeper inside of him it eventually hit a spot that made him let out a groan of pleasure. The mystery man took that as encouragement and picked up the pace, before finally cumming in Jeff’s ass.

Not long after that a hulking man entered Jeff’s room, naked save for a baseball cap. He was covered in a thin layer of hair but what immediately caught Jeff’s attention was his dripping monster of a cock. The man looked at Jeff’s cum filled hole and smirked, before grabbing him by the shoulders and thrusting his tool in. Again Jeff felt a rush of pleasure and he began backing into the man’s crotch. This fuck felt even better, Jeff put that to enjoying the feeling of warmth of a man on top of him. Eventually Jeff got another load up his ass and went back to patiently waiting for more.

During a brief lull in the action John came into the room and gave him a set of large dildos. He explained that Jeff could use them to fill his holes when there were no real cocks around, and that some guys might want to fuck him with them. John offered to show Jeff how to use them, which Jeff excitedly accepted. John slow slid the rubber cock into Jeff’s mouth, then pressed another into his ass. Jeff was more than a little disappointed by the feeling until John explained that Jeff’s holes were meant to be fucked, and having anything long and hard got him off. That he wouldn’t treat dildos any differently than a real man’s penis. Jeff knew that was true and began pleasuring the plastic cocks as best he could. When men entered the room to find a man desperately pleasuring fake cocks they were only to happy to replace them with real ones.

The night continued like this, with some men choosing to stay private while others choosing to fuck Jeff in his room. A few only wanted a blow job, and a few decided to cum on Jeff’s face, which he enjoyed. At one point a large group of burly men formed a circle around Jeff and had him suck them all as they stroked themselves. A few men got fucked in their own ass by other men while they fucked Jeff. The trio of men from the last time played with each other almost as much as with Jeff, and eventually convinced him to fuck one of them in the ass while another fucked Jeff, the third one also sucked Jeff off at one point. Things continued as such for a while before Jeff heard a voice behind him.

“Aha! I knew you were holdin’ out on me, boy,” Jeff turned to see the man who had asked him to fuck his ass last time. He practically radiated masculinity, looking something like a classical cowboy, “or did my massive pecker convince you that there was more to life than just suckin’ a dick? Maybe that you could get fucked by one to?”

Jeff could only nod as he looked at the man’s amazing cock. He had no idea how he could have ever turned such a beautiful thing down before. He hoped he’d have the opportunity to make use of it a lot more in the future. Jeff presented his ass to the cowboy.

“Now hol’ up,” the Cowboy said in his deep gravelly voice. Jeff heard the door and another man walked into the room, “this ‘ere is my friend. With benefits. We saw that sign about you looking to suck and get fucked at the same time so we’re gonna both be fillin’ those eager lil’ holes of yours t’night.”

The other man moved in front of Jeff and flopped his massive dick onto Jeff’s face. He hurried to get the big thing into his mouth and as he did the cowboy roughly grabbed him and started fucking his ass hard. At this point Jeff’s hole was well used, and beyond that he was more convinced than ever that his ass and mouth were holes be filled. To be fucked by men. He felt wave after wave of the most satisfaction and pleasure he had felt so far. This was what he was meant to do, Jeff realized, this was that truly made him happy in life.

A few more fucks later and Jeff was on his way out. He gave John a complimentary blow job and let him fuck his ass, then made his way home. While he did his usual routine of looking at porn he also took a moment to look into buying a few dildos. He was the kind of guy who wanted to have a bunch of dildos to fuck himself with when nobody was around, though he wasn’t sure where he would hide them.

Over time visiting that gas station became more and more of a common occurrence for Jeff. John was only too happy to have him. John reminisced over his decision to implement a special machine on the station’s security cameras that lowered the inhibitions of people within a certain range. At first it had been a way to stave off boredom by messing with people, then it was a way to get laid, it eventually grew into a small business of John’s where he served the pent up truckers and other passersby. Now John was considering expanding further, into a full on escort service. After all, he had more than a few willing holes just like Jeff, and he’d converted more than a few truckers to cock as well, which made for great clientele. He looked up as Jeff entered the gas station.

“Fill ‘er up,” Jeff said grinning from ear to ear as John lead him to the back. Whenever he visited this place he knew he’d leave with a tank full of gas, and an ass full of cum.

The End

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