Office Harem

By Heru Kane
published November 5, 2016
7600 words

With a new boss comes the new experience of becoming a part of a group.

Hello all, long time lurker and sometimes commentor but new to story writing. This story came to me after a few days of talking to autoDream and I found myself writing it.

I hope you find it interesting, it is my first time, so I am still figuring out the best way to write it. I did go over it to try and make sure it was good to go, but I know I probably missed some spots.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on it and I hope you find it an entertaining and sexy read.


Roll Call

Alexander Kane (Boss) Jonathan Chris Steven Michael Justin Kevin Dwaine Jamal


Office Harem

Jonathan had been away for the last two weeks on vacation, visiting his family out of state. He knew that changes had come upon his work, but he wouldn’t know how much till he got back. He tried asking his best friend Chris, but all he got back was a bunch of compliments on the new system and how it was very cool.

So a part of him looked forward to Monday even as another part was worried about the changes.

When he got to work the difference wasn’t that noticeable at first. The lobby was the same, the guard in front of the elevator was the same, even the music he listened to as he rode up to the tenth floor was the same.

But once he got off on his floor the difference was apparent. Instead of a series of cubical desks arrayed in a grid formation the floor was much more open. With desks arrayed in haphazard patterns designed to face each other while having dividing walls in the back.

Even more he saw some new faces, and even a face he recognized but who shouldn’t have been in the room.

“Chris, what are you doing here?”

“Surprise. In the management relocation I got transferred to this floor, we will now be working near to each other.”

“Oh, wow, that’s cool. So who is the new manager, I haven’t met him.”

At that a man walks from his dark glass lined room and up to Jonathan.

He has a friendly look about him, made more pleasant by the smile he is wearing.

“That would be me, Alexander Kane, at your service. You’re Jonathan, right, I have heard good things about you.”

Kane says as he is reaching forward to shake Jonathan’s hand. His grip is strong and as he holds Jonathan’s hand for what seems longer than normal. Before Jonathan can say anything he brings his hand up and then has it touch his face.

Jonathan finds himself in between actions, and his mind cannot seem to understand what went on. He tries to think, but its so hard, its so much easier and pleasant to just sit there.

Jonathan hears him say something about him being perfect and that everything is coming along nicely, but he doesn’t know what that means, and cannot muster up the will to ask. Kane calling Jonathan a good boy does seem to resonate deeply, as if a warmth appeared at his toes and rose to cover his whole body. It felt good being his good boy, a part of Jonathan thinks.

With his mind a bit numb, Jonathan isn’t aware of how long he stood there. That said, it really wasn’t that long, definitely not to the point as being noticeable. Of course, even if it was, besides Chris the only other person on the floor was Dwaine, multiple desks away.

Its only when Kane, who by this point had put his hands on Jonathan’s shoulder, says “Jonathan” in a firm tone that he found himself snapping back into the world.

“Uh, sorry, what was that. I seem to have gotten distracted.”

“Oh nothing really, I was just saying that you will find yourself doing very well here, I just know it.” He smiles, “Chris here will help you get situated and update you on the small amount of changes I already implemented.”

Jonathan turns to Chris who is smiling up at Kane in a way that would seem, if it was anyone else, to have a bit of infatuation in it. Before he could comment on it Chris shakes his head and turns towards Jonathan.

“Come, I will show you where your desk was moved to. We didn’t touch anything on or in it, just moved it to rearrange the room. You are near to me now, actually, which is really cool.”

Jonathan nods at that and smiles, before gesturing him to lead the way. He knows that so much has changed and he is looking forward to learning all about such details.

Kane continues to stand there for a moment, watching as Chris and Jonathan head to their desk area to begin working. He suddenly smiles, and nod in full approval of the newest member of his floor staff.


Hours later Jonathan’s work is interrupted by a shadow looming over his desk. As soon as the shadow appeared Chris, who had been explaining some of the new systems, trailed off. Even before he looked up, Jonathan figured he knew who it was, and he was right - it was Mr Kane.

“Hello boys, how are things going.”

Chris immediately smiles up at Kane, and then seems to rush to answer.

“Great sir, as I knew Jonathan here is taking to the new procedures quite well. I bet after today and maybe tomorrow as well he will be just as comfortable as we all are.”

“Splendid, just splendid.” Mr Kane says with warmth in his voice. “Good job boys, both of you.” He turns from looking at Chris who seems to be basking in the praise to Jonathan. “So what do you think about it yourself.”

“Well sir” - which just slips out, but it seems right for some reason, -“like Chris said, its pretty easy to understand. But even more I think it will increase our efficiency, and free us up from some of the more tedious tasks that we used to have to do.”

As he smiles in approval Jonathan cannot help but think that it feels nice.

Kane soon continues speaking. “Great. So good to hear that, especially as your training is more focused on it than many of the others.”

Mr Kane then pauses for a moment before looking at them both. “Its lunch time and I know none of us have eaten. Would you mind going with Chris to get us all food, he knows my order already.”

Chris smiles as he jumps up, “Of course Jonathan would be fine coming, won’t you Jonathan?”

Jonathan laughs a bit at Chris’ exuberance, he didn’t remember him ever being so excited, but nods and shrugs. “Sure, why not. It will be good to stand up, stretch my legs after so long.”

“That’s my good boys, thank you.” The warmth spreads through Jonathan, and from the bit of blush that he seems on Chris’, him as well.

Before he can think about it further Mr Kane continues. “We will eat in my office after you get the food, for there is much I need to get to know about you.”

Which seems to end the conversation, for he pats both Chris and Jonathan on the shoulder, which oddly felt good, and then heads back to his office. He turns to get his coat, since he can tell Chris is antsy to get out and get the food.

After gathering their food from the nearby cafe the two headed back to the office for their lunch meeting with Mr Kane. In the early part of the meeting it was Jonathan who did a lot of talking, while Chris just ate in near silence - only commenting here and there when the answer pertained to himself as well.

Though it was a comfortable conversation for the most part, eventually the questions seemed to lean a bit into the personal. A perfect example being when Kane asked Jonathan if he had any girlfriends, and even more what was he looking like in a partner. Before Jonathan could get truly bothered by it, Mr Kane noticed that cause before he could say anything his voice got lower and steadier, a lot more soothing.

At that point his worry about the personal nature of the question seemed to fade away, becoming far in the background of his mind. He realized that Mr Kane was just being nice, being friendly, wanting to know more about him. That’s a good thing, his boss should know about him, he is a good boy after all.

He knew there was nothing wrong with Mr Kane asking questions, even deep ones. It was all quite fine, quite natural, quite right. Even certain sexual ones were fine, like if he had ever thought of men sexually before, or if he had ever played with Chris. There was nothing wrong with those questions, nothing at all.

But then lunch was over and they had to return back to work. His peace with what was going on didn’t disappear immediately, but rather faded as he was gathering his supplies and thanking his boss. By the time him and Chris had left the room his thoughts were moving at the normal pace.

As he laughed at a joke that Chris was saying he couldn’t help but feel a bit more for his friend, his very best friend.


Such was the patterns for most of the week, which Jonathan found himself really liking. It was much better, more relaxed, than what work used to be. A state he could tell was shared by all of his floor mates. For that is what they were mates, like fellows in a fraternity, he quietly giggled to himself.

The good vibes they felt had extended even beyond work, where they had begun to hang out. Whether it was at the cafe for lunch, or a restaurant for dinner, or even a bar after work where they all hung out for hours before heading home. Jonathan couldn’t help but think it was all so great.

So great did he feel in fact that like many of those he worked with he decided to go back to the gym. While it was fully his decision, he knew that, what brought it back to his mind was the pleasant compliment Mr Kane gave him one lunch meeting. He had been talking to his boss, who had congratulated him and was patting his shoulder. That pat became a rub, which was when he had said how good his muscles were. It brought a smile to his face, both then, and how while thinking about. He really did like his boss.

Especially when he was chosen, either by himself or with another, to join Mr Kane for lunch. It seems that every day the boss would pick one or two people to join him in is office for the lunch break, while the rest of the floor went out to cafe. Jonathan always felt the best when he was chosen, as if the worries of both the day and life just faded away till all he felt was good.

Thinking about it he shrugged at the fact that he didn’t really remember all that was said. He just knew that boss talked a lot and he listened and that everything was great, with no worries or fears. Since he had nothing to fear, of course there was no fear, Jonathan thought with a laugh, after all he fully trusted Mr Kane. His boss was awesome!

His thoughts were interrupted when Chris, who had stopped at his desk, asked.

“So, some of the boys are thinking how cool it would be if we all moved into a condo complex together.”

“Hmm, it could be nice. We already spend so much time with each other, it would be fun to spend even more.”

“Yes, we are all really close and getting closer. Us hanging out even after work would be so fun.”

“What does the boss think?” Jonathan cannot help but ask.

“I think he likes it, in fact I know he does. See, he provided Michael with some properties for us to look at. Something about how he knows the owner.” Chris says with a smile.

Which Jonathan shares, its cool that the boss likes the idea.

“Well, I couldn’t do it at this moment, but in a few months my lease is up, and it might be something to think.” Jonathan says nodding.

Chris nods at that. “Oh yeah, half of us have that problem, so its just a matter of timing. Which is why Justin wants to think about it now, and why him and Michael are looking for sites.”

There is not much to say on that, so Jonathan just nods and smiles at him. They then look at the clock, and smile as they realize its the end of the day. He is looking forward to tonight, they are all heading to the gym for some work out before going to a club.


It was a few weeks later that matters reached the point that they had, unbeknownst to Jonathan, been heading to. By this point the entire floor had become much more than just coworkers, they had become best friends. They spent most of their time with each other, since they had so much in common.

In fact, they were so close that they had even started the process of all moving into the same condo complex. Which Jonathan was surprised to discover was owned by Mr Kane, though it brought him happy feelings to think that soon he would living in that place. Boss was so awesome!

Thinking about their new housing situation brought him to the memory of walking into Chris and Justin play wrestling yesterday in the common room. They were doing it naked which gave him a bit of concern. Especially when he heard their moaning and then saw that they were rubbing up against each other. He thought he saw that they were butt to face, but it was ridiculous to think that they were licking each others butts. They weren’t gay after all, so why would they do that.

Jonathan then smiles at the next part of the thought, for it involved his most favorite person in the world. He remembered that he was about to say something, but then felt a presence behind him. Looking up he saw it was Mr Kane, who had a big smile on his face. He remembered boss saying something soothing, about how soon he would join, but not yet, and don’t worry about what he is seeing. He remembered feeling something hard up against his backside, but he also knew that was nothing to worry about at the time.

Jonathan shook his head and came back to the present, which was also related to Mr Kane. For some reason the boss had asked Jonathan to stay after work, and to clear his schedule this Thursday night. Though he didn’t know why he had to stay even as everyone else left, he was okay with it. He was happy to assist Mr Kane in whatever he wanted.

Just as he smiled at that, the topic of his thoughts came out of his office and moved towards him.

“Jonathan, my boy, so glad you agreed to stay a bit later tonight. There are some things I wanted to go over with you.”

Seeing a bit of worry appearing on Jonathan’s face, he continued with a laugh and a smile. “Oh don’t worry, all good things, I promise. You are a fine boy and a great credit to my group.”

He then gestures towards Jonathan to head into the office before him, and the two head back into the private office of Mr Kane. All the while Kane’s eyes follow the tight curves of Jonathan’s suit clad ass.

Though the walk between the desk area to Mr Kane’s office was only a few steps, for Jonathan it felt so much greater. As if what was going to happen was going to change everything.

Jonathan almost paused, as a slight chill came over him, but then he shrugged and continued on. Obviously there was nothing wrong with going into his boss’ office, he trusted him, he liked him, and he was safe with him.

As he walked into the room he smiled at the boss, silently asking where did he want him to sit. For some reason Jonathan wasn’t sure, should he go to the lounge area in the corner or by the desk in the middle. He was glad when Mr Kane made the decision.

“Please, Jonathan, join me at my couch. We don’t need to be all formal tonight.”

“Of course sir, thank you.” Jonathan says as he moved towards the couch sitting down on it, somewhat next to it.

“May I ask what it was that you wanted to go over with me.” Jonathan asked his boss.

“Oh don’t worry about right now. First though, how are you doing, are the rest of the boys treating you well, making you feel like one of them.” Kane asks, with warmth in his tone.

Jonathan nods. “Oh yes, very much so. I know they have a few weeks on me but despite that I feel fully one of them. Especially recently, they have been treating me so well.”

“I’m glad to hear that. So they haven’t done or said anything to upset you?”

“No, not at all.” He shakes his head. “They ask me to wrestle and everything, but I haven’t felt like doing that yet. But they accept my response with no problem.”

“That is good, I am happy to hear that. I want you to feel happy and relaxed in their company.” Kane says soothingly, though he continues speaking even as Jonathan was going to answer.

“Just like I want you to feel good around me. Being comfortable is important, it lets you relax and have fun. You want to have fun, having fun feels good, and feeling good is right. Being around the others is especially fun and relaxing, though being around me is even better.”

As Mr Kane continues speaking in a nice, soothing, relaxing tone he also moves his hands a bit around. The motions aren’t crazy, rather Jonathan finds himself focusing on them. As he listens his want to interrupt starts lessening, and his thoughts start slowing. While at first this bothers him the farther it happens the less it is worth worrying about.

‘After all,’ Jonathan thinks, ‘I like listening to the boss, it feels good to listen, being a good boy brings pleasure.’

The loop of listening and being a good boy continues on. It only stops when suddenly, at least it seems, Mr Kane says.

“Tell me Jonathan, what are you?”

By this point Jonathan is not really thinking anymore, and his face is a bit slack, with a half smile on it. But upon the question he says simply, “I’m a good boy.”

Kane smiles, wide, ‘gotcha’ he thinks. “Again, tell me what are you.”

“I’m a good boy.”

“Sir,” Kane says simply.

“I’m a good boy, sir.” Jonathan says smiling, happily, he feels good.

Kane asks this a few more dozen times, then he says something else.

“If you feel really good, then you should call me master. For that is what I am, right, your master. So, tell me, what are you, and what am I.”

“I’m a good boy, a member of your harem,” Jonathan says with a deep shutter of pleasure, more intense than what had gone through his mind before. Then he continues, “and you are my master, my owner.”

“Good boy. You have learned. You know its true. Let it go through you. You are my boy, of my Harem. I am your master.” He stops for a moment. “It feels good to have a master, it feels right for it to be me.”

Kane looks over a smiling and out of it Jonathan. “How do you feel about your state.”

“Good master, I feel good. You are my master, I enjoy having a master, its right that I have a master.”

“Exactly. Good boy, you are a very good boy.” He can’t help but chuckle lightly at the utter look of bliss that came over Jonathan’s face at that compliment.

“Okay, be a good boy and come over to me. As you do I want you to slowly, take off your clothing, one piece at a time. Do it erotically, you want to show off for me. It feels good, it feels right to show your body off for me.”

Jonathan stands up, muttering a quiet, “it feels good to show off for master.” He then proceeds to take off his clothes, starting with his shoes and going from there. While he is doing that he also begins moving slowly towards his boss, wiggling his hips and turning around erotically.

Kane can’t help but smile and laugh a bit, the normally quiet and focused Jonathan is acting like a slutty stripper. A bad one for sure, but still a stripper all the same.

“Good work, my boy, you are pleasing master.” Which gets a big dopey smile out of Jonathan, and a shutter of pleasure for the praise. Thought it might not be true, Kane knows that complementing a hypnotized boy will put the praise deep in the subconscious. Jonathan will, from now on, get great pleasure in stripping and showing off for his master, which is exactly what Kane wants.

While Kane was thinking about things Jonathan continued to strip and dance a bit. It seems that Jonathan skipped a bit, for he jumped from his shoes and socks to that of his shirt. Now he was wiggling a bit as he got closer to Kane, close enough to be near Kane’s lap.

So close that Kane could see the tight butt on Jonathan when Jonathan turned away from him. Which it seemed like he often did, as if a part of Jonathan realized that Kane liked ass.

“Hmmm,” Kane murmurs, “good boy, showing master your butt, what a smart good boy.”

A bit of blush - ‘wow’ Kane thinks, ‘didn’t realize even tranced a boy could blush’ - and a stuttered wiggle at the compliment. “Yes master, Jonathan is a good boy, Jonathan likes to show master his butt.”

Which brings a sharp smile on Kane’s face. ‘Wow,’ he thinks, ‘I got him so deep he wants it now.’

He is pulled from his thoughts at the act of seeing Jonathan bending over to touch his toes. Kane leans forward to breathe in the scent, at least what can be smelled through the work pants. Which was, to a point, pretty sexy, a nice smell of what he considered a mix of butt and suit.

Kane watched as Jonathan waved his butt a bit back and forth. “Oh, you tease, you sexy tease. Showing off your butt to master.”

He sees Jonathan blush deeply, an though he cannot read minds he figures the boy is thinking about how sexy it is to show off for master.

Which is true, for right now what is going through Jonathan’s head is. ’Be a good, sexy, boy for master. Master likes butt, show off butt. Feel good to serve."

Kane spanks the butt slightly, watching it jiggle and Jonathan giggle. “Time for you to present fully, take off your pants and show master that bare butt.”

At the direct order Jonathan stops his teasing and reaches to his belt to unbuckle his pants. He then lowers his pants and shimmies out of them. With the original command of being sexy while getting naked coming back. Once the pants are off and all Jonathan is wearing is his underwear he stops and bends over for a moment.

To Kane’s thoughts its an interesting element of mental direction. Jonathan is resisting the command to get naked because the command to show his butt was given priority in his head.

‘Hmm, will have to look into that further.’ Kane thinks while staring at his tight dark blue underwear.

Kane’s next thought of ‘will need to have him wear jockstraps’ was interrupted by the removal of said underwear. Bearing all for his eyes.

After getting fully naked Jonathan staid bent over, which was an interesting decision his tranced mind decided to make. Kane knew he would have to question him about it, ‘later, I think, now its playtime.’

“Oh yes, good boy, presenting for master. Reach back and pull your cheeks apart, let master see your special spot.” Kane says.

No sooner had he uttered the word then did Jonathan reach backward and pull his cheeks apart. His hole was visible. His glorious sexy hole.

“Oh yes, my boy, good job. You like to show me your hole, your special spot. It feels good for me to see it, its right for me to see it, isn’t it.”

“Yes, master, its good for you to see my hole.” Jonathan giggles out.

Looking at the hole Kane cannot help but notice how clean it is. “You have a good hole, my boy, master is pleased.”

“Thank you master. A clean hole is a happy hole.” Then he giggles. “A cream filled hole is even happier.”

Kane snorts at that, ‘oh boy, his mind is as far gone as my control is deep. Still, its nice to hear.’

“Yes, good boy, what a good sexy boy. You know your place, your holes want to be played with.” A pause. “Tell me, how many holes do you have?”

Jonathan giggles in what is in no way a manly or dominant manner. “Two master. My mouth and my butthole.” There is a pause. “Both need you sir.”

Kane shakes his head, ‘wow, I won him didn’t I. I need to praise Chris later on for giving me this gem of a boy.’

As the conversation was going on Kane was staring at the beautiful ass of a bent over Jonathan. Thinking about it a part of Kane was surprised that Jonathan hadn’t turned around to show his mouth after pointing at his butt. But oh well.

“Tell me my good boy, do you have any resistance to my command.”

“Tiny bit sir, but its mostly gone.” Jonathan says, though this time there is no inflection in his tone.

“I know exactly what will fade away that resistance.” Kane says as he moves a bit to lower his pants and get his cock out. “I’m going to reward you for your obedience, my boy. Would you like that.”

“Oh yes, very much so master. Serving you brings pleasure. I like pleasure.” Jonathan answers with a bit of childish simplicity in his voice. It seems that when he is talking about his submission his voice looses tone but when its about his service, the pleasure he feels is shown in his voice.

“Good boy. Now, I want you to lay down a bit so that your mouth is near my cock, and your ass is by my face.” Kane says while moving slightly so he is laying in a comfortable position. It took a tiny bit of effort but not that much time before they were both where Kane wanted them to be. With a butt in his face and with Jonathan’s mouth near his cock.

“Good boy, you are doing well, you should be proud of your obedience.” Kane says to Jonathan.

“Thank you master,” Jonathan says while thinking, ’I pleased master, I’m a good boy."

“Now my boy, suck my cock, be good and please me.” Kane says with authority, and not moments later he feels a single tentative lick that is soon followed by an ever increasing number of them.

While he is being worshiped Kane looks at the ass in front of his face. He moves his head forward till he makes contact with the butt. He then takes in a deep breath, smelling the natural beauty of the male. Its a warm, musky scent, but also a clean one. Its a glorious scent, one he finds he only rarely gets enough of. He breaths in and out a few times, he wants to get the scent in his system, he loves the sent.

After a particularly well placed and timed lick to his cock, Kane opens his mouth and licks around the Jonathan’s pucker. ‘A bit salty,’ he thinks, ‘but oh so male.’

Once the tongue came out it began moving all over, not an inch of the butt was without contact. Up around the rim was predominantly pleasured, but so was a line paved between hole and balls. Though Jonathan’s cock was mostly ignored by Kane, the areas near to it were not.

Thus was the game for a while. Kane would lick up and down and around the hole, causing Jonathan to moan in the pleasure. Jonathan himself would lick on and around the cock of Kane, worshiped him like there was no tomorrow.

While Kane’s thoughts were on how delicious the butt was, to the point that he was also mentally waxing poetry about it. Kane would admit, if he was asked, how it was quite bad poetry.

Jonathan though, what was going through his head was a lot different. His mind was devoid of complex thought, he wasn’t thinking of philosophy or art or the degrees he got from university. No, what was going though his mind was simply this, on a repeat -

‘hmm, cock, lovely cock, master’s cock, love master’s cock. I’m a good boy, master’s good boy. Master loves my butt, butts feel good when played with, I like playing with butts. I’m a good boy who is sucking cock and having his butt played with. Hmm, cock, lovely cock, master’s cock…’

After one particularly good lick on his cock, Kane found himself jabbing his tongue up the hole of Jonathan. Which was even more delicious than what he had been doing for the last five minutes. After this the motion of in and out were added to those of around and up and down.

The pleasure continued to build, with each lick and rub done by both of them. Kane even felt the pulsing of Jonathan’s cock, though he knew said cock would not erupt till his did.

As the pleasure built up he had but a single moment to utter a directive. “I’m coming boy, enjoy your first taste of master’s cum!” A giant smile appears on Jonathan’s face when he hears the command.

Jonathan isn’t able to say anything, not that he really would, because immediately after Kane cums. Its a fierce orgasm, one of his best, for while Jonathan lacks in expertise he makes up in attempt.

As Kane cums Jonathan swallows it all, for he is a good boy who won’t let any of master’s cum spill.

The pleasure of being filled for the first time, of tasting master’s cum, sets him off as well. This is without a touch to his own cock, and its the best orgasm he has ever had before. So good was the pleasure that he even passed out for a moment, for neither his body or mind could handle what had happened.

The thought he had before passing out was, ‘hmm, master taste’s good, I’m a good boy for drinking all of master.’

Upon coming down from the high that was the orgasm Kane noticed that Jonathan had become near a dead wait on his stomach. Smiling at the chain of events, Kane continues to look at the hole of Jonathan as it still lay in front of him. They would stay in that pose for a few minutes, for Kane wanted Jonathan to come to on his own. It made the control deeper.

As Jonathan came to, a part of him woke up a bit. “Huh, what’s going on.” He asks, his mind a bit foggy as if its still rebooting.

“You’re awake, good. Move a bit, I want us to get into a different position.”

Jonathan shakes his head a bit as he moves from Mr Kane’s lap. It was only after he found himself sitting near to Kane, who moved to sit up himself, that he realized something.

“Wait, why I am I naked”, he then looks at Kane over, “and why is your cock out.”

“Oh, its nothing to worry about, being naked for me is good, makes you feel good. Doesn’t it my good boy.”

Jonathan smiles at that, a wave of pleasure comes over his body as he needs. “Um, yeah, I do feel good.” He then seems to try and think on things. “Is your cock out cause I served it?”

Kane laughs happily, while smiling at Jonathan. “Yes, exactly. What a good boy you are for knowing that.”

“Thank you sir, um, master.” He says without truly thinking about it. “Um, is it okay for us to do this, we’re at work.”

“Yes my good boy, its very okay. Nothing could be better.” Kane says with a smile.

Jonathan nods, with a smile, happy that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing. He then asks, “So, should we leave?”

“Well, we could, or you could come over to me and sit on my lap. My cock wants to go somewhere, can you guess?” Kane says soft spokenly to Jonathan.

Jonathan scratches his head a bit to think on what. “Would that be my butthole? It went in my mouth before.”

“Yes, that’s my good boy. Come over here, there is more fun we can have.”

Jonathan begins moving, more like crawling over to a sitting up Kane. He smiles at his master in pleasure, his mind going all light and fluffy as new thoughts come over his head. He finds himself sitting on his master’s lap for a moment, getting comfortable for a bit.

“No my boy, tell me how good you are, and what you want.”

“I’m a very good boy master. I thank you for making me your boy, master. Can I have your cock please, pretty please.” Jonathan says with full belief and honestly for he has gone that deeply under the control of Kane.

“Yes you are a good boy. Especially if you ride master’s cock, if you accept master in your boy hole.”

Jonathan giggles at his master. “Hmm, master’s cock in my hole, sounds so good.” He says as he gets into position all on his own while aiding Kane’s cock as it seeks entrance. Once Kane’s cock is at Jonathan’s threshold the happy, hypnotized boy begins moaning while moving up and down.

As he does he begins thinking, ‘love master’s cock, need master’s cock, want master’s cock. Oooh, I’m a good boy for master, will obey master, want master, serve master.’

The pleasure increases and builds up for both, Kane from the friction of his cock in a hole and Jonathan for the pressure of master’s cock touching his special spot. He is too far gone to know its his prostate, all he thinks - as far as he thinks - is that the cock of master has the ability to fill him with pleasure.

The rise and fall of Jonathan’s motion soon leads to orgasm, of both. Jonathan cums the moment he feels his master cumming inside him, the pleasure is so intense he cannot hold back. As soon as he cums he sits down, sill with his master’s cock in his ass, and leans against his master. He looks up, gazing at his master with a blissed out smile.

“You are a good boy, such a good boy that my cum will bring you you bliss. The more I fuck you the more of my will is in you, reducing the tiny bit of resistance and doubt you have.”

“Mmmmm, yes master. Fuck my will out,” Jonathan murmurs as his head lolls back and forth.

Soon afterward Kane smiles into the hair of Jonathan, while beginning the up and down fucking motion again. He came twice so far, and plans on cumming even more.

After a third orgasm Kane decides to have some fun with his deeply hypnotized boy.

“Jonathan, when I count to three you will find yourself partially awakening from trance. You won’t be able yell or or even stop fucking yourself on my cock. You won’t be able to harm me or draw attention to what is going on.”

“Hmmm, I obey master.”

“That’s a good boy. Now listen, as you get fucked the pleasure will build. And you know, the moment I cum, you will orgasm yourself fully back into trance. A part of you wants this even as part of you fights against it.”

“Yes master, as you wish.”

“Good, now as I count you will slowly awaken.” Kane says to Jonathan, whose is still fucking himself up and down on the cock.

“One,” Jonathan’s eyes start to flutter as his mind begins to reboot a bit.

“Two,” the fucking slows a bit as Jonathan’s mind comes back.

“Three,” Jonathan awakens and his eyes open in shock, and his mouth forms into a silent shout. Despite his wish his body doesn’t stop fucking himself on Mr Kane’s cock.

Moan, “what,” pant, “is going on?” A slight pause then, gasp, “what are you doing to me,” long groan.

“You know my boy, you can tell me what is going on.”

Deep moan, “you are fucking my will away, making me into a mindless obedient boy.” A deep gutterly gasp and pant follows that.

“That’s a good boy, you know the truth.”

Jonathan moans a bit at ‘good boy’, the old training never taken away. He pants, “you won’t get away with this.” A gasp leading to a moan follows that.

“Oh, really, haven’t I already. All your coworkers are mine. Chris is mine!” Kane says trying to hold back his own moans of pleasure, he is fucking tight ass after all.

Jonathan gasps at that. “Nooo, not Chris, must save Chris.” He moans as the bliss builds up.

“You can join Chris, become mine, then you will not have to worry.” Kane says pleasantly, enjoying the sexy banter with his faux-free boytoy.

The attempted argument Jonathan was going to say gets interrupted by a particular thrust of the cock that hit a perfect spot.

A moan leads to, “um, what was I saying.” He groans in pleasure, ‘its so hard to think,’ Jonathan thinks, ‘maybe I should just give in, join Chris.’

Kane notices the increased pace of the up and down motion, hinting at the mental fight. “That’s it my good boy, surrender, give in, become mine, join Chris and your fellows. You will know pleasure and joy by serving me.”

The fucking motion increases, becoming a bit more lavish in design. Less simple and more erotic, more designed for mutual pleasure.

Jonathan moans deeply, gutterly, completely. “Oh yes, fuck me master, make me yours, I surrender, I surrender, I surrenderrrrr.” He moans out without restraint, loosing it as Kane’s cock touches him deeper and deeper.

Moments afterward, from both the words said and the utter uncontrolled fucking he is doing, Kane’s cock gives a sputter and cums. Hard.

Jonathan’s eyes roll into the back of his head, he murmers, “yes master fucks his good boy,” and then he cums. The cum sprays from his cock and hits his face, drenching it in cream. He then collapses backward into Kane’s arm, moaning mindlessly and blissfully.

Kane looks down at his fully conquered boy and smiles. “Well, that was good.”

All Jonathan can do is murmur completely out of it, which leads Kane to laugh warmly.

“I will let you rest for a while, then we will play again. We have a bit of time left before we need to leave.”

Jonathan groans, unable to say anything, his only thought is, ‘I’m a good boy, later will play with Chris, right now need master, sooo much.’


After hours of fun with his boss Jonathan finds himself leaving work and heading back home. Though there is a pressure in his butt he feels really good, as if he proved himself.

“I am a good boy,” shudders, moan, Jonathan says. It feels really good saying it, and so he says it a couple more times.

He walks inside the complex only to come upon a scene similar to what he had seen before. While last time he had thought they were just wrestling, this time he new they were practicing their sex techniques.

They were being good boys for master. “I’m a good boy.” He shudders in pleasure.

He then does something he wouldn’t have done hours earlier. He jumps into the middle of the two boys - Chris and Steven - playing, going directly for their asses. Even before he makes contact his tongue is out, and his mind begins planning for the flavor of delicious man butt.

The pounce is complete and Jonathan face plants himself into the bubble cheeks of Chris. His first choice was Chris, his first best friend and who helped him on the journey.

His first act was to take a deep breath, which led him to sniffing the nice, musky but clean, smell of man.

‘How could I have not liked this’, he wonders, ‘its so sexy’.

Breath in, breath out, hear a giggle from Chris, breath in again.

‘Hmm, lovely’ he thinks to himself, ‘I must thank master for this gift.’

The scent washes over his senses, making him even more aroused than he was before. ‘How could that be’, a tiny part of his mind wonders, ‘I’m so horny’. But that curiosity doesn’t stop his body from sniffing, of trying to get as deep into the butt as possible.

At a moan of Steven, Jonathan decides to check out what his butt smells like. After a deep breath he thinks, ‘hmm, sexy scent, so different, want more.’

Which causes him to moan, an act that leads his tongue to hang out. ‘Oh my,’ he thinks as his tongue comes out and rubs against the rim of the butt.

A part of him realizes that there really is no going back from this. Most of him doesn’t even realize that, all that is going though his mind is ‘sexy, sexy yummy butt’.

He spends a few moments licking the butt of Steven, rubbing around in circles before moving up and down. He stays face planted into the butt, that is his focus, where the good stuff is.

As he is licking the one butt his hands move up and around till its rubbing at Chris’ butt. The finger starts circling the hole, rubbing around it, before moving inside it gently. A part of him thinks, ‘hmm, yes, good, master would like’.

When he hears Chris let out a strong moan, and a bit of a beg, Jonathan decides to switch up. He moves his face out of the one butt and to the other. The few seconds he is between butts does nothing to reawaken his mind, he is too far gone by that point.

As he sticks his tongue on and around Chris’ butt, he thinks ‘ooh, yummy, first friend, so good’ as a musky clean taste crashes over his senses. Already having a finger up that butt his tongue finds itself following along, going up as high as he could.

Up, down, around, in, up, down, around, in and out again, up and down. He tastes the butt, becomes one with the butt.

After getting a bit of pleasure from this the moaning of Steven means he goes back to him. ‘Need to give to all’ he thinks, ‘must play with all.’

While he is playing with the one butt he is fingering the other. While he is up their butts the two boys are not ignoring each other, for they are making out and rubbing each others cocks. They are after all good boys as well.

Hearing the commotion in the commons the rest of the residences - the five other boys who serve Master Kane - enter the room. They glance at each other, and a big smile appears on their face.

“We are good boys,” they moan out loud as they jump into the fray. Which breeds a giant orgy of fun.

Hours later, how many none of them would know, a presence appears at the door to the room. Its Kane himself, looking at the orgy going on in front of him. He gets a huge smile as he sees a mostly asleep yet moaning Jonathan being fucked by Michael.

He nods in approval, his plans have succeeded, he has his harem.

The End, For Now!

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