Straight2U - Owen

By TrevorTist -
published June 29, 2019
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John learns Owen knows too much.

Not the longest chapter, but tying up some loose ends for where I want to go with this.


John fiercely protected his men and himself. He knew his men would not remember anything that happened to them, and his clients were both heavily vetted prior to gaining membership and had a vested interest in not being caught. Even so, there are certain risks to the enterprise, such as others noticing and reporting strange activity. John had developed methods to protect himself after an early incident where one of his escorts was taken in a sting. The man had no clue why he was taken in for prostitution and couldn’t remember why he was doing it, but it was a wake up call for John. So, while John’s men have been programmed not to remember what happens during a session, a part of their brains is sentient during each encounter. Once a week, John or his personal assistant contacts each man and checks as to whether anything awry occurred.

During Chris’s weekly debrief, John learned someone from Chris’s real life had encountered him during a session. Chris’s client, Owen, had come across Chris during a session he had at a gay sex club. Since then, Owen had attempted on numerous occasions to figure out what was going on. Owen showed up at the gym numerous times trying to get Chris to have sex with him. He questioned who John was and what Straight2U was. Owen knew too much, and the problem had to be addressed. John booked a flight for that evening.

John arrived rather late in the evening. Chris was at the airport to pick him up when he arrived. Chris grabbed John’s bag, and John hopped in the passenger side of Chris’s car. John didn’t often get time with his escorts, so he enjoyed taking the time to get to know the real Chris as they traveled to Chris’s house. Chris had been programmed to think John was an old friend and had no idea of the perverted things he had done at John’s command. He had also been programmed to his hard cock on display any time the two of them were alone. Once they were away from the airport, Chris pulled down his gym shorts and stroked himself to erection. During the drive, they chatted about Chris’s many female conquests with Chris absentmindedly striking his cock occasionally to ensure he stayed hard. Chris loved bragging about all the women he had bedded and what he liked doing with them. John couldn’t help but be amused by the conversation, knowing how many loads Chris had taken up his ass over the years.

When they arrived at Chris’s house, Chris pulled up his shorts and took John’s bag into the house, his still-chubbed dick swinging pendulously. John had already entered the house and begun removing his clothes. Chris thought that was a bit much, but before he could voice his displeasure, John triggered him into debrief mode. His eyes went blank, and his arms dropped to his side, dropping the bags in his hands.

“Chris, tell me more about Owen while you remove your clothes,” John ordered as he closed the drapes to the house’s front windows.

“Owen is a total fag. He stares at me during all our sessions, especially my ass.” Chris removed his shirt and undid his belt. “I want to drop him as a client, but he pays well and always shows up to his sessions,” Chris reported as he removed his pants and kicked them to the side.

“No, tell me about the night he caught you during a session.”

“I was at a seedy club being used like a bitch. The client made my ass available to everyone at the club once he was done with me.” Chris removed his underwear and socks and pulled on his still semi erect cock a bit. “Owen was there, and he fucked me. His dick is about seven inches long and pretty thick. I’m no homo, but his dick felt pretty good. He knew how to use it. Once I was done, he heard me thank the client for using Straight2U as I am required to do.”

“Very well. Anything else I should know about Owen?” John stroked his hardon as he watched his naked, mindfucked slave stare into oblivion.

“No sir,” Chris replied.

“Thank you, Chris. You will think nothing odd of the fact that both of us are naked. Disengage debrief mode.” As John gave the command, Chris’s normal demeanor returned. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. His semi swung as well.

“So John, can I get you anything? Something to eat?” Chris asked as he absentmindedly played with his dick.

“No, I ate on the plane, but you can activate robot mode,” John said with authority.

Chris’s eyes fluttered, his arms fell to his sides and his body straightened. “Slutbot 3000. Please initiate command,” Chris intoned.

"Slutbot, engage blowjob function,” John ordered. Chris walked robotically toward John and fell to his knees. John’s cock twitched seeing the desolation in Chris’s eyes as Chris took his cock to the hilt. “Fuck,” moaned John. Chris paid no mind as he continued to bob on his master’s cock. Chris continued without stopping for some ten minutes.

After a long day and with a busy day planned, John wasn’t in the mood for a long session. “Slutbot, bend over the sofa.” John grabbed a packet of lube from his bag. Chris bent over, arms on the sofa, staring straight ahead. John lubed his cock and Chris’s ass. John grabbed the personal trainer’s hips and buried his cock in Chris’s perfect ass. Chris made no noise despite the invasion of his hole. “Goddamn. After all these years you are still tight as fuck. If you weren’t such a cunt in real life I might feel bad about this.”

John never lasted long fucking one of his boys. A few minutes in, John buried his dick and dumped his load in Chris’s cunt. He pumped a few more times and pulled out with a sloppy plop. “I never get tired of fucking you boys,” John said to Chris and slapped his ass. Chris remained bent over the sofa staring ahead, having received no new commands.

John found the bathroom and cleaned up. When he returned to the living room, Chris was still bent over the sofa, cum now running down his thick thighs. John walked to Chris front and looked into Chris’s eyes. He traced his finger around Chris’s lips. “Activate instruction mode.” Chris stood upright.

“Chris, you’ll continue to be completely naked any time we are alone together this week. Cancel all your appointments tomorrow except for your appointment with Owen. I need your help with him. Take my luggage to your bedroom for me. You’ll sleep on the couch. As always, you will follow all commands I give you. Disengage all modes.” Chris returned to his normal self. He bent over and grabbed John’s luggage. A bit more of John’s load leaked out of his hole as he took the luggage to his bedroom. It was only fair he let his guest take the bedroom.

The next morning, Chris called the gym and canceled all his appointments for the day except Owen. He made up some excuse about how he had to help his mom with some errands but would be done in time for Owen. Chris spent the day in a daze - nude, taking John’s loads.

At 5:30, the two got dressed and headed to the gym to meet Owen. John released Chris from his haze as they pulled out of the driveway. When they arrived at the gym, they found Owen waiting inside. Owen was in his usual matching gym clothes and was eager to see Chris.

“Bro, my friend is gonna work in with us. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll discount this session for you.”

Owen was disappointed. He always looked forward to his time with Chris. Still, a discount was nice and John was pretty sexy.

The trio worked their way through the day’s circuit. As they reached the end, Chris walked away for a minute. John took the opportunity to take control of Owen. John waived off Chris’s return as he continued his assault on Owen’s mind. Owen’s head drooped on the bench press machine. Soon, he was far gone enough to move. John ordered Owen to Chris’s car. Chris walked behind them.

As Chris drove Owen to Chris’s house, John finished Owen’s programming. It was his standard programming, but with additional triggers. John had big plans for Owen. John had always trained all his men to suck and fuck men like pros. Straight men aren’t natural born cocksuckers, obviously. And while the initial fuck was always exhilarating - taking a straight guy’s ass virginity is something John endorsed for all, and sometimes sold to clients - the ongoing training was tedious. It sometimes took weeks to get a man to the point where his oral skills were adequate for his clientele. Owen was going to take over this function. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn’t remember any of it.

Once back at Chris’s house, John sampled the help. He had to know for himself that Owen knew how to teach a straight man how to be a male whore. Over the next hour, Owen performed every possible sexual act for John, and John agreed with Chris’s evaluation. Owen knew his shit. Owen was also fairly average looking. Since these whores were some of the most attractive men in each city, they were used to fucking beautiful women. It would be good for the trainees to get experience with a man who was average; most of the Straight2U clients were not terribly attractive.

John spent the next few hours hours on the couch with Owen while Chris fucked himself with a dildo next to Owen. John trained Owen on how to get a straight man ready for service at Straight2U,. Owen would have primary responsibility for ensuring all new Straight2U men were prepared to serve clientele, from boyfriend experience to fucktoy.

Owen and Chris were both told to re-dress and brought back to a state of semi-consciousness. John had Owen drive Chris’s car to the airport while he fucked Chris in the backseat. He unloaded in Chris just as they arrived. Chris pulled up his shorts and set John’s luggage on the curb.

John provided his final instructions. “Chris, give Owen a blowjob on the way back to the gym. When Owen gets out of the car at the gym, both of you will forget everything that happened during and after the training session. You will continue your training sessions, but Chris will not charge for them.” The both nodded, and Owen put the car in drive. John smiled when he saw Chris’s head disappear as they drove away.

With John now able to focus more time on recruiting and client services, he was ready to plan his most ambitious event yet.

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