becoming a robot

By leatherboy.f
published June 18, 2019
1097 words

Aaron recieves a pakage that changes his life! and more than that :)

It was late at night and Aaron was just about to go to bed as he heared the doorbell ring. Wondering who would visit at this hour he walked to the door. As he neared he heard a strange noise, someone, or rather something was walking away from his front door. It was a mechanical sound, almost robotic. His curiosity got the best of him and Aaron opened the door, thats when he first saw the package. On the doormat next to his potted flowers layed a very strange object. It was a box of some sort but not like any he’d ever seen. It was made out of steel and there were strangely glowing wires on the sides. On the top of the box was a small button like thing. Not really knowing what to do Aaron picked up the strange thing only to find out that it was extremely heavy. When Aaron finally moved the box onto his kitchen table he saw the note attached to it.

“For you to enjoy” it said.

Aaron was almost certain that this wasn’t meant for him, obviously the person this belonged to would know what to do with it. He decided to hold on to the strange object for a while, eventually someone would probably pick it up. It was probably just a wrong delivery. Aaron putt off the lights and went to bed.

Only a short while later Aaron woke up to a loud sound, it sounded like a mechanical screwdriver or something like that. He didnt bother to put on any underwair as he liked his body beeing able to breathe, to be free. Aaron hurried to the kitchen where he found the box, the glowing wires seemed to have been screwed into his table and the whole room was filled with a blue flickering light. He tried to pull the box off the table but the wires were completely stuck on the tabletop. Aaron took a better look at the strange object that had invaded his kitchen, the button on top seemed to glow a bit, it was like it called out to him. Before Aaron knew what he was doing he walked up to the box, lifting his hand and putting his finger on the button, pressing it lightly. Imidiately the button pushed down and the box started to shake. Aaron wanted to pull back his finger but he found himself to be stuck to the box, no matter how hard he tried, his finger wouldnt come off the box.

The box lifted off the table and glowed very intensely, suddenly pieces of metal started to fould out of the box. They attatched themselves to Aarons finger and as more and more pieces appeared his whole hand and eventually his whole right arm was covered in metal parts. Aaron froze and stared at his arm, covered in a robotic suit. With all his strength Aaron tried to pull his hand off the box, he wanted to get rid of this weird arm piece as fast as he could. Why did he even touch the box?! Aaron jumped up when the box started to shake again. The metal pieces kept coming and they attetched to his body. It started with his right arm but it quickly went up his chest, covering his hips, his legs, his feet. A moment later the left arm was also covered in robotic pieces and more pieces kept coming and they started to build up around his neck, slowely covering his chin. Aaron didnt know what to do, whatever he tried, he couldnt move, he could only surrender to the suit covering olmosit his entire body. Scared as he was he took a last deep breath before a big metal piece covered his mouth. His ears were covered too and all he could hear was the dampened sound of metal clinging to other metal, it covered up the back of his scalp and finally Aarons vision was taken away too. A piece of dark glass covered up his eyes and all he saw was black…

Aaron didnt know how long he had been gone, probably a few days. He was to scared to open his eyes, to scared to even move. He didnt know what exactly had happened to him, the last thing he remembered was that his entire body was covered in a robot suit. And that still seemed to be the case. When Aaron finally moved his arm it felt strange, not as flexible as before, moving had a sort of resistance to it. It also made a mechanic noise witch frightened Aaron. He opened his eyes and noticed that he could see, that was strange since he remembered his eyes beeing covered… His vision wasnt anything like before though, he saw everything very crisp and sharp but everything had a blue tint, like the world got a light blue filter.

Aaron finally managed to stand up and he walked trough his appartment. Thats when he also recognized the sound he was making, it was the same mechanical sound he heared right before recieving the package! He walked to the mirror and saw himself for the first time, Aaron stared at the thing in the mirror. That couldnt be him… his entire body was covered in a robot suit, in fact you wouldnt even know that there was an actual person inside the suit. Was there though? Aaron noticed that he felt hollow, like his guts somehow disappeared… This thought was confirmed imidiately when the robot suit opened with a loud noise to reveal… nothing. His body wasnt there! the inside of the suit was filled with only chips and wires. This strange robot suit now was his body. Aaron almost fainted at the sight of this… of himself

For several weeks Aaron had tried to somehow get rid of the “suit” though he knew somewhere that it wouldnt be possible. He had also found another note on the box that said:

“like your new look? there is no way back, this is the new you!”

Thats when Aaron gave up hope, he would just have to accept that this was now his body. He got quite used to moving in the suit and to be honest it even became a bit of a turn on… This new body didnt really look bad after all, and the huge robot dick was defenitely interesting. Maby it wasnt all that bad, maby Aaron could get used to living on as a robot for the rest of his life.

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