History for Dave

published September 18, 2007
1610 words

Dave finds that those that don’t remember their history are doomed to repeat it

History for Dave


“Dave, what are you doing home?” …My girlfriend said as I walked through the door with a look of surprise on her face

"Why? You know practice finishes at 7pm! " I said wondering what she was talking about.

" It’s just Jason; he just phoned to remind you that Simon and he were expecting you at 8 pm tonight at their place to work on some project," she said pointing at the wall clock.

“Damn it to hell! It was already 7:30 pm and Jason and Simon lived all the way across campus. There is no way I have time to shower and change and still get there in time,” I said as I hurriedly grabbed a coat and headed out of my apartment stopping only to try to kiss her goodbye, but she stopped me in my tracks.

“Not with out a shower, lover boy!” she laughed shoving me out the door.

‘What had I been thinking’…I thought as I ran down the stairs? Why the hell had I agreed to study tonight of all nights? If I had stopped to shower and change after soccer practice I wouldn’t have even been home yet to get the message and definitely wouldn’t have time to get to the guys place before 8 pm.

Jason was one of the smartest guys in my history class and I was lucky that he agreed to help me study. It was only a pity that Simon was his roomie. Even though Simon was on the same soccer team we never hit it off. I’m not sure why but something in the way he looked at me always made me feel kind of weird. But if I were to get Jason’s help I knew that it was something I would just have to put up with.

At 8 pm, out of breath and covered in sweat, I rang their doorbell. And Jason opened the door.

“Dave! Right on time as always. I don’t know how you do it!” Jason said with a smile “Come in…here give me your coat” he said taking it and hanging it up behind the door before looking me up and down with a smile.

“Sorry about the outfit!” I said looking down at my sweat covered shirt and shorts.

Jason just laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Dave! I know you jocks just love to pose”

I laughed too to cover my embarassment. After all there was no way I was going to tell him that I was dressed this way because I hadn’t wanted to shower with his freaky roommate, I thought as I entered the apartment.

“Simon not here tonight?” I asked trying to keep the joy out of my voice.

"No. He called and said he might be a little late coming back tonight. “So we have the place to ourselves for awhile.” he said with a smile. I breathed a silent sigh of relief and sank into the chair and accepted the cold drink Jason offered. “Good news, Dave! No Books tonight I got a DVD that will help with our studies” he said popping it in to the player and sitting down beside me to watch the DVD. I knocked back the drink to cover my smile. After all without Simon being around freaking me out this might be a fun evening.

The DVD was on ancient Rome, and according to Jason it was important to my studies, yet for some reason I found myself strangely uninterested in it. Maybe it was the bad quality of the picture that kept flicking all the time or that It felt like I was watching a repeat of a dull old show. And Yet I was sure I couldn’t remember ever seeing it before. And the fact that the room seemed to be getting warmer was not helping me concentrate either. As a result of the heat I pulled my shirttails out trying to get some cool air across my chest.

“Feeling hot, Dave?” Jason asked looking concerned.

“Yeah, a bit” I said looking at his empty glass behind me.

“Then why not just remove your shirt?” he said in such an offhanded way that I thought ‘Why not?’ and pulled the shirt over my head and threw it down on the floor. As I sat back it had actually seems to help with the heat.

“Thanks Jason. That’s a lot better” I said with a smile as I continued to watch the movie. But after awhile the heat returned and this time it was my shorts that were feeling uncomfortable.

For the next few minutes I tried to watch the movie but between the flickering of the movie and the heat in my shorts I had started to fidget “What’s wrong, Dave? Shorts uncomfortable? Why not just take them off too?” Jason Suggested.

I looked at him for a moment trying hard to think what seemed so wrong with the idea; after all Jason was a smart guy and always had such wonderful ideas. Wasn’t that why I had asked for his help? And it would feel cooler without them, wouldn’t it? I reasoned. Sure it would. “That’s a great idea, Jason” I said, smiling, as I pulled them off and let them join my shirt.

After a few minutes sittings naked watching the movie, my cock was starting to itch. So I let my hand reach down to rub it. Jason must have noticed my movement.

“Here, let me get rid of your itch in your cock for you so you can concentrate on the movie?” Jason suggested.

And again I tried to think what was wrong with what he just said, but somehow I couldn’t think what it might be. So I nodded my approval and Jason bent down and started to lick my shaft before swallowing it whole. As he bobbed up and down I had to admit that it did feel good as I looked back at the screen. But soon my mouth became dry. And once again I looked at the empty glass knowing that it did not contain the moisture I need. But somehow I know where I could get some.

Without even asking, I stopped Jason from sucking my cock and instead knelt on the floor before him and unzipped his jeans, releasing his long hard cock, and began sucking it deeply into my mouth. And as I sucked him deeper, I could hear him let out a low satisfied groan as the first small juice oozed out,

The only problem was that my itch was back, but this time it was in my ass and no matter how I tried I couldn’t reach it and quench my thirst at the same time.

“That’s OK!” Jason said from somewhere up above. “Simon has arrived and he will help with that nasty itch.”

For a moment I stopped sucking, a little disturbed at the idea of Simon helping, but the itch in my ass was getting really bad and besides, Jason said it would be OK as he guided his cock back into my mouth. With in moments I felt Simon spread my ass and move his cock into my hole, slowly moving it in and out, going deeper every time and making the itch disappear as it rubbed inside. And it felt so good I had to smile. Minute after minute Simon worked on my ass til, with a groan, Jason rewarded me with the moisture I had craved and I drank every drop even as I felt the warmth fill my hole. But still feeling thirsty I looked up at Jason in despair. Once again Jason didn’t disappoint me, as he told Simon to changes places and he would take care of my itch. I was so lucky to have a friend like Jason, I thought, as I let my lips encircle Simon’s cock and began to suck as I felt Jason enter my ass.

We didn’t stop till Simon had given me what I needed and Jason had filed my ass once more. And I fell to the floor satisfied looking back to the screen as they sat back on the sofa. About five minutes later the DVD finished. And blinking my eyes I stood up as if I had just wakened from some strange dream.

Jason smiled. “Don’t worry Dave, just have a shower, get dressed and go home,” he said and without question, I followed his command and minutes later I had arranged to study again next week and had said my goodbyes .

As I closed the door behind me I thought I heard Jason’s voice ask. “Are you sure he won’t remember?”

And Simon laughed and said, “Trust me, lover, he will forget everything once he leaves, just like he forgets watching the same disc every week.”

And as I walked away I seem to hear laughter but I can’t imagine why.


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