Captured at the Club

By Hyptrance
published May 28, 2019
17825 words

Certain patrons at a night club end up paying the headliner hypnotist an unusual cover charge.

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older, whether stated explicitly or not; you must be as well, in order to have permission to read this. This is fiction, so no resemblance to real people is intended or may be inferred. It deals with the topics of gay sexual activity and mind-control. If these are forbidden in your community, or distasteful to you, then please go elsewhere. You may download this as you wish for your personal enjoyment, provided the story is not disseminated to any minors (as defined by your community), but you may not re-post it anywhere without the author’s permission. Finally, please consider writing similar stories of your own. I like to read as well as write.

Captured at the Club By Hyptrance

Dean and his brother Jeremy really shouldn’t have been there. Well, technically, only Jeremy really shouldn’t have been there. Dean, at 21, was old enough to get into the club in question, and had the ID to prove it, but his little brother, only just 18 and an adorably fresh-faced and boyish freshman in college, would never had gotten past the bouncer at the door without Dean beside him, a very expensive fake ID, and a significant “donation”. No question the boys were being very naughty. But Jeremy had been bugging his brother unmercifully for weeks, ever since Dean had passed the major birthday milestone, to get him into this club, any club. The booze! The chicks!! Dean finally caved, and now here they were.

Jeremy, extroverted, adventurous, and almost painfully eager, typically wanted to do it all, and all at once. His cute-nerd face, very handsome, but not macho or chiseled, was alive with barely suppressed glee, and his taut young body almost vibrated with excitement. Dean, more mature (and not just in age), more laid-back, and, perhaps, a little wiser, managed to hold him in check.

“Jer, if you go off like some crazy, you’ll get us tossed!” Lowering his voice he added, “And that phony driver’s license won’t stand up to the kind of scrutiny it’ll get if you draw too much of the wrong kind of attention.” They got beers. Again, Dean had prevailed over Jeremy’s hog-wild tendencies. “Go slow! You’ve at least had beer before, so you know how it affects you, and how much you can handle. Some of the drinks they serve in places like this are lethal! And trust me, Baby Bro, puking your guts out in the alley behind here isn’t a memory you’d ever come to cherish!”

Looking around the room, Jeremy quickly spotted two women sitting together with no apparent male company. He jogged Dean’s shoulder. “Look! They’re hot!! Let’s go talk to them!”

Dean looked where Jeremy was pointing. The women were indeed beautiful, but… they were also almost certainly closer to thirty than to twenty, were dressed with obvious wealth and sophistication, and their body language suggested they were more-than-usually into each other. “Bro, get real” he almost laughed, but managed to quell the impulse in time, “They’re way out of our league. And even if they did get interested, which I’m pretty sure isn’t likely, by the time they were through with us there wouldn’t be enough left for a decent burial.” Dean, who had also been scoping out possible ladies to chat up, had noticed another pair, not as gorgeous as the first, but cute, and more obviously in his and Jeremy’s age group, probably college students like themselves. Pointing them out to Jeremy he said, “Now, with those two we might have a fighting chance.”

Like a jack-in-the-box, Jeremy had already popped up out of his seat, but before he could take so much as a step, the lights suddenly dimmed further, and a spotlight illuminated the area at the far end that the boys had assumed was a dance floor. In the new brighter lighting, they could now see a row of chairs set up and a microphone on a stand to one side.

“Shit!” Jeremy muttered and sat back down, “A damned floor show. Now we’ll be stuck here forever before we can get anything going. Did you know they had a floor show?” he asked accusingly.

“No, I didn’t,” Dean answered patiently. “But it’s not unusual that they would. Just chill! These things are never more than an hour or so, if that, so the night will still be young by the time the show’s over. Besides, from the look of the set-up, I’m betting they’ve hired a hypnotist. That’ll at least be entertaining, and it’ll definitely give us a good ice-breaker for talking to chicks afterwards. Hell, I may even volunteer myself as one of the subjects. I had a really good time when I got hypnotized at the safe-grad party in high school.”

Jeremy looked skeptical. “You got hypnotized? Seriously? I always thought it was total bullshit.”

“Okay, that settles it. I will volunteer. And if you aren’t convinced that hypnosis is real by the end of the show, I’ll buy the rest of the drinks for the night.”

“Done, Bro!” Jeremy looked smug, but at least, to Dean’s relief, he settled himself down to watch as the hypnotist, a good-looking, sandy-haired young guy, wearing slightly dramatic clothing, grabbed the mic and began his spiel.

Tynan O’Keefe had only been doing show hypnosis for a few years (he’d just recently turned 28), but he was already very good at his job, a necessity, considering the less-than-socially-acceptable side-agenda he had for it. His introductory speech was carefully planned to be interesting, mercifully brief, and loaded with neuro-linguistic programming to soften the audience up and get them into a super-receptive state of mind. By the time he segued into the suggestibility tests that would reveal the best subjects, the club patrons were, as they say, hanging on his every word.

Dean noticed that Jeremy had abandoned his obvious disdain and was now watching the hypnotist with rapt attention. “Great,” he thought to himself cheerfully, “If Jer goes under too, he’ll have to admit it’s real, and I’ll be off the hook for the drinks!” He quickly returned his attention to the hypnotist and began to participate in the tests.

Ty ran through his routine of tests (really the beginning of induction) concluding with the standard light/heavy-hands test, which was ideal to show good subjects, in that, by the end, they were literally raising their hands as though asking to be chosen. By the time the hypnotist finished speaking, all over the room a number of the audience members showed their hands distinctly farther apart than when they started, and none more so than Dean and Jeremy, who looked as though they’d fallen into a daydream in the midst of requesting permission to speak in a classroom. Ty noted this with particular pleasure, as both of the handsome brothers fitted his clandestine plans quite well. He left the stage and, speaking very quietly, went through the audience, rousing those only lightly affected and inviting, actually, at this point, virtually ordering, those most profoundly influenced to take seats on the stage. When he reached Jeremy and Dean, he slightly altered the approach, realizing that they were nearly under hypnosis already. He took Jeremy’s floating wrist and abruptly commanded, “Sleep!” as he pulled it down. Jeremy went limp in his seat, completely under the hypnotist’s control. He was quickly joined in trance by Dean after the same manipulation. Then Ty ordered, “Open your eyes but remain asleep, and go take seats on the stage.” Like well-trained soldiers, or perfectly-programmed automatons, the now deeply-hypnotized brothers dutifully sleep-marched up to take their places in the line-up of “volunteers”.

Ty proceeded with his stage show as usual. Since it was and adult (Jeremy’s deception notwithstanding) and supposedly pretty hip crowd, he allowed the humor to be fairly raunchy. There were a lot of hypnotically engineered sexual situations. The volunteers were quickly reduced to varying degrees of undress with stripper suggestions, although, of course, not beyond legal limits. The two brothers, like the majority of the male subjects, were left wearing only their underpants (Dean’s were silky, clingy black boxers, and Jeremy’s, turquoise briefs) and socks. The women, as a group, proved a bit shyer, but there was still plenty of flesh to be seen. There was a lot of suggested flirting, for comedy’s sake, in unlikely pairings, and a number of overtly sexual pantomimes in the Tony Lee fashion: guys and girls alike giving oral sex to a donut, reaching into their pants/panties to mime or actually perform acts of masturbation, “making love” to their chair, etc. The non-hypnotized audience was in stitches; the spellbound volunteers, of course, went about it all with no embarrassment or, for that matter, any particular awareness.

To end his show Ty sent the hypnotized subjects into the audience to pick out one person and give them a lap dance. Jeremy made a bee-line for the sophisticated older woman he’d spotted previously. He had to compete for her attention, because the woman she’d been sitting with, her lesbian partner and also one of the hypnotized, had had the same idea. Eventually they managed to sort out the coordination and were bumping and grinding for all they were worth for the hugely amused woman. Dean, meanwhile, was strutting his stuff for the two coeds he’d noticed earlier, much to their giggling embarrassment. Ty allowed the hilarity to continue for a few moments and then called the volunteers back to the stage area. After one last deepener, he implanted a number of amusing post-hypnotic suggestions and then sent them all off to get dressed again. When they returned, now back in their clothes, each one handed the hypnotist his/her underpants/panties.

Ty proceeded to “awaken” his subjects, quickly pulling each one’s post-hypnotic trigger. By now, the audience was laughing non-stop. The hypnotist waited for the laughter to die down, and then, displaying his handfuls of underwear, said to the confused subjects (who, of course, were actually still under hypnosis, although they didn’t realize it), “I have some items of clothing here. If you want to reclaim yours,” he switched, subtly into the hypnotic intonation he’d used during the induction, making it a virtual hypnotic command, “Come to my dressing room. I’ll need to make sure you’re free of any remaining hypnotic influence, in any case. Good evening.” He took a bow and left the stage.

“So, now do you still think hypnotism is bullshit?” Dean smirked as he and his brother made their way to the hypnotist’s dressing room.

“Of course I do! It is!” Jeremy insisted.

“Well then, how do you explain the fact that neither of us is wearing our underpants?”

“It’s sleight-of-hand, like those magicians that can get your shirt without taking off your jacket! You’re still buying the drinks!. A beat, and the he added, “And it creeps me out knowing he had his hands in my pants, even if it was for a joke!”

Dean just snorted, “Dude.”

Neither brother had any real memory of anything that had happened since the light/heavy test, but, because of their continuing trance state, they also weren’t able to focus on that fact.

Jeremy knocked rather hard on the dressing room door and announced loudly, “Hypnotist-dude, I want my shorts back!” The dressing room door opened and one of the other subjects, her cheeks very pink from blushing, scurried out clutching her wadded-up panties.

“Next,” Ty called out. “Come in… uh… gentlemen,” he added seeing that they were two together. This was the pair he’d been waiting for. “Close the door, please.” Dean obliged. Handing the boys their underpants (they were among the last four subjects and, the remaining two being women, Ty had no trouble offering the correct garments), he lied, “I need to make sure you aren’t still under my influence”.

“Of course we aren’t!” Jeremy snapped waspishly. “We never were! Because hypnosis isn’t real. It’s all just play-acting and sleight-of-hand.”

“Really?” Ty raised one sarcastic eyebrow. “Sleep, now!” Both boys immediately slumped to the floor, to lie fast asleep, once more completely under the hypnotist’s control. “What are your names?”

“Dean Chance,” came the mesmerized murmur.

“Jeremy Chance.”

“So, then, brothers.” He’d surmised as much already. “Did you come here by yourselves, or are you here with others?”

“Just my brother and me,” Dean sleepily volunteered, and Jeremy nodded vacantly.

“Dean Chance, how old are you?”

“’m twenty-one…”

“Are you straight or gay?”


“Are you a virgin?”


“And you, Jeremy, how old?”

There was no possibility for the deeply-hypnotized boy to lie, “Eighteen…”

“Oh, a bit of a cheat, are we? Well, no matter. Sexual preference?”

“I like girls…”

“And are you a virgin?”

Reluctantly, “Yeah…”

“I need to see two more people before I can finish with you boys properly. When I snap my fingers you will open your eyes. You will still be deeply hypnotized… deeply hypnotized, but you will not know that you are, and you will remember nothing of this conversation other than that you got your underwear back. You will get yourselves dressed normally again and return to the club area.”

There was a gentle knock on the door as one of the remaining subjects announced her presence. Speaking a little more rapidly, Ty continued, “If you have an outstanding bar tab, you will settle it. You will have no further interest in the club scene tonight. You will merely be waiting to return to me here for more instructions. You will think that’s because you found your experience in the show to be so interesting and enjoyable that you realize you really want to know more about it and about hypnosis. Do you understand all that?”

“Yeah…” Both brothers nodded sleepily.

“And you obey!”


As they returned from the men’s room, their underpants once again properly in place, Jeremy rhapsodized to his brother, “Was that not the coolest thing ever? I’ll never doubt hypnotism or your word again! How did he do that? I don’t really know what I did, but I feel amazing! I think it was the best time I’ve ever had!”

Dean, long accustomed to his little brother’s sudden enthusiasms, whether for girls, sports teams, hobbies, or ideas, was able to answer with only a little big-brother superiority, “I told you you’d like it. And now,” he chuckled, “You’re buying the drinks!”

Neither boy attributed it to hypnotic suggestion, but, quite atypically, Jeremy paid their tab without a murmur of protest. Then he said, “Dean, I know I was the one who forced the issue about coming here, but I’ve got to say this place just isn’t very interesting. The girls aren’t all that hot, and I can usually wangle a beer almost anywhere.” He paused. “You know, what I’d really like to do is go back and talk to that hypnotist guy some more. I can’t seem to get the idea out of my head, and I really want to know more about the whole thing, what went on that I don’t remember, and how he does it. Do you think he’d be willing to answer some more questions?”

Dean, thanks to the hypnotic suggestion neither brother could recall, was, of course, in complete agreement. “We can only go see. After all, it never hurts to ask.” They quickly made their way back to the dressing room.

“Excellent, Dean… Jeremy… so deeply asleep… and going deeper… deeper… deeper…” Upon entering the room, before they could so much as utter a word, the boys had been ordered to sit on the couch, and Ty’s peremptory “Sleep, now!” had done the rest. They now slumped side-by-side, Jeremy’s head on Dean’s shoulder, both staring with innocent blankness as they listened, helplessly receptive, while the hypnotist continued the steps in their complete enslavement. “Deeper and deeper… deeper with every breath you take… deeper with every beat of your heart… deeper with every word I speak… your mind is blank… empty… you cannot form thoughts… my words are your thoughts… you can have no others… you have no desires… my commands are your desires… your only desires…your will is fading away like mist in the sunlight, until it is gone… fading… fading… gone… you cannot resist me… you are completely in my power… mindless… helpless… you are a deeply hypnotized boy, and your only purpose is to obey. Repeat that!”

“I’m a deeply hypnotized boy, and my only purpose is to obey.” The brothers’ sleepy unison drone made Ty’s dick twitch in his pants.


“I’m a deeply hypnotized boy, and my only purpose is to obey.”

“Very good! And you feel wonderful, don’t you.” (It wasn’t a question.)


“Nothing feels better than being a deeply hypnotized boy… it’s as good as sex… it’s even better than sex… it is sex, to the tenth power, and you are as turned on as you are hypnotized.” The hypnotist watched with great satisfaction as the suggestion hit home and the tight jeans the brothers had chosen to wear for their night out made the bulges of their quickly growing erections impossible to miss. “You are a horny, sexy, hypnotized boy, and hypnotized boys are sexy… you are a deeply hypnotized boy, and that turns you on… your brother is a deeply hypnotized boy, and that turns you on… seeing a deeply hypnotized boy, even thinking about a hypnotized boy turns you on… girls can’t compare with that… you no longer have any sexual interest in them… no interest whatsoever… only handsome boys interest you… especially handsome hypnotized boys… so, naturally, you will want to learn how to hypnotize handsome boys so that they can enjoy what you are enjoying… so that they can become sexy and exciting… you will want me to teach you, and you will do anything I ask in return… Isn’t that so?”


“Stand up.”

Like actors in a dream pantomime, Dean and Jeremy rose from the couch to stand facing the hypnotist. Their arms hung limp and strengthless at their sides. Their jeans showed the tenting of their erections even more obscenely in this standing posture than they had while the boys were seated. Ty could see that they were both nicely supplied. However, in spite of the obvious bulges, neither brother showed any signs that they were aware of their arousal, or of each other’s. Their handsome faces remained as empty and free of expression as those of manikins.

“Take off your clothes,” Ty commanded.

With neither hesitation nor haste, Jeremy and Dean began to remove their shirts. Their hypnotized detachment remained unbroken. It might have been two other young men, whom they’d never met and didn’t see, who continued to remove pieces of clothing until they both stood utterly nude, their pulsing hard-ons free to the open air.

Ty watched the show with great pleasure, massaging his own swelling crotch. Of course, the hypnotist had already seen a great deal of what the boys had to offer during his show, but the complete package now revealed exceeded even his hopes. Neither brother was exceptionally tall or short (probably 5’ 10” or 11” Ty guessed), so their body proportions were neither stretched nor squat, but classically perfect. They were not bulked up, but their musculature, though unexaggerated, was hard and well-defined. Their pecs and their peach-pretty asses were a sculptor’s dream. Their faces may have suggested cute nerd, but their bodies insisted cute-nerd-who-spends-plenty-of-time-being-active! Both brothers were blond, Dean somewhat lighter and more golden than Jeremy, so what body hair they had (and there wasn’t much of it) was so fair as to be unnoticeable except for the bushes at their cocks and modest tufts in their armpits. But perhaps the most appealing feature of all, the hypnotist thought, was their skin. Ty had no problem overlooking the occasional blemishes that young men in the age-group he preferred - just above the legal limit - were almost always still dealing with, but Dean and Jeremy had none. Their smooth pink and golden complexions were flawless as porcelain. The hypnotist couldn’t resist running his hands over their bodies, reveling in the soft smoothness over the hard muscle. Neither boy showed any reaction, or even seemed to notice, even when he squeezed and fondled their buttocks and stroked their hard cocks.

Ty stepped back. “Jeremy, face your brother. Dean, face your brother.” The boys turned toward each other. “Your brother is a handsome boy, isn’t he?”

“Yeah…” They might have been commenting on the weather.

And he’s very deeply hypnotized, isn’t he?”


“Then that makes him extremely sexy, doesn’t it? It turns you on totally.”

“Yesss…” Dean.

“Turns me on…” Jeremy.

“I will count to three, and you will kiss your handsome, hypnotized, utterly desirable brother… a deep, totally sexual kiss. It will excite you so much that, when I snap my fingers, you will have the most powerful orgasm you have ever had in your life so far. It will be so strong and so long-lasting and so overwhelming that it will wipe away any remnants of free will, of resistance, of heterosexuality that may still be lurking somewhere deep inside you, and send you 1,000 times deeper into trance. You will then fall to your knees and beg to suck my cock, which I will graciously allow. When I cum, you will have another orgasm just as potent as the first and go yet again 1,000 times deeper under my hypnotic control, to a place where only I exist and you, your identity, your thoughts, have no meaning. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir…” That was Jeremy.

“Y… Yes… sir…” Dean’s long-standing compulsion, as older brother, to look out for Jeremy, was setting up a little conflict.

“Interesting, but not important,” Ty thought to himself. “You still seem to have a tiny sliver of resistance, boy. Well, no matter. As soon as you start kissing… and you will… all of that will go away forever.” Aloud he counted, “One… two… three!”

Jeremy immediately moved in, taking his naked brother in his arms. Dean, his movements ever-so-slightly reluctant, raised his arms to clasp his brother in turn. And then their lips met. The effect was instantaneous and electric. Both boys were immediately overwhelmed with passion. Their mouths opened and their tongues dueled, the kiss deepening steadily. Their hot young bodies squirmed and writhed together, their hands everywhere at once, caressing and exploring, their breath coming in passionate gasps and moans. Ty watched as the scene grew more and more intense moment by moment, and then snapped his fingers. With identical groans of release, the two brothers began to shoot their loads all over each other in a multi-squirt orgasm that easily lasted more than a half a minute. Then, leaning against each other, the two spent boys went still for a moment. The hypnotist could almost sense a palpable capitulation as they plummeted to their new, even deeper trance level.

They turned to him, sinking to their knees. “Please, let me suck your cock, master…” The hypnotized brothers spoke almost as one, although only Jeremy added the ‘master’ at the end of the sentence, likely due to a memory fragment of some cheesy, mostly-forgotten TV show or cartoon he’d seen.

Ty dropped his trousers and shuffled forward to give the brothers access to his now diamond-hard tool. Neither young man hesitated to commence. As if choreographed, the two brothers neatly took turns on the actual sucking, fondling the hypnotist’s ass or balls in the interim when their mouths weren’t engaged. Ty had to give some very quick instruction to Dean, who initially wasn’t considering the hazards of leaving his teeth exposed to the tender organ. Jeremy, on the other hand, seemed to need no instruction, taking to the practice of deep-throating so naturally that, had the hypnotist not already confirmed the boy’s heterosexual orientation and virginity (and under a circumstance in which lying had been rendered impossible), he would have suspected prior experience. In any case, after the prolonged tease to which Ty had been subjecting himself during the brothers’ hypnotic programming, the dedicated ministrations of his two enslaved cocksuckers quickly brought him to climax. Ty pulled out of the current mouth, Jeremy’s, as it happened, and sprayed his load across both spellbound brothers’ upturned faces. As commanded, Dean and Jeremy both shuddered and convulsed in another shattering orgasm of their own, and then, still kneeling, went completely still. Had their chests not continued to rise and fall with their gentle, sleeping breaths, they might not even have been animate.

After pulling himself together, the hypnotist readjusted his own clothing, and then ordered the boys to clean themselves up and get dressed. Hearing was obedience. Unhurriedly, but efficiently, Jeremy and Dean wiped the cum off of themselves and each other with the paper towels Ty offered them, and then resumed their clothing. Fully dressed once again, they merely stood, incapable of any further action without the hypnotist’s direct command.

Before commencing the brothers’ final programming for the night, Ty double-checked their current state. “Dean, are you gay or straight?”

“I’m gay…”

“And you, Jeremy?”

I’m gay…”

“And your greatest sexual turn-on is? Dean?”



“Hypnotized guys!”

“Very good. Now, boys, a number is going to suggest itself to you, indicating how deeply you are hypnotized. ‘One’ would be only lightly in trance, while higher numbers would show deeper levels. Dean?”

“…….Two… two thousand…?”

“Excellent, Dean! Jeremy?”

Proudly and with no hesitation, “Three thousand, master,” as though it were a competition.

“Very good, Jeremy! And you needn’t call me ‘master’. That’s just for silly melodramas.”

“Dean, do you and Jeremy share a dwelling?”

“Yes, sir. We have an apartment off-campus.”

“Any other roommates?”

“No, sir.”

“Then, boys, these are your final commands for the evening: I will count up from one to ten, and, by the count of 10 you will no longer be under hypnosis. You will be in your full normal consciousness, feeling relaxed, refreshed, and very pleased with yourselves and with me. You will have absolutely no memory of anything that went on between us other than taking part in my show (and you won’t remember any details about that, but you won’t worry or wonder about your memory-blank). It will be as though you have just arrived at my dressing-room to congratulate me and express your enthusiasm about my show. Your gay sexual orientation and your fetish for hypnotism will remain, but you will be certain beyond any doubt that you have always been that way. You will, of course, work the conversation around to asking me to train you as hypnotists. Then, after we come to an arrangement, you will go home. I imagine you will want to make love to each other on a regular basis from now on, at least until you become adept enough at the practice of hypnotism that you can start to broaden your options by acquiring other young men as hypno-playthings. You will always bring your hypnotic conquests to me to share. In the meantime, you will be watching and evaluating all of your good-looking male friends, classmates, acquaintances, with an eye to which ones might be good candidates for the kind of deep hypnotic programming you are enjoying. Do you understand all of that?”

“Yes, sir…”

“And you cannot disobey it.”

“No, sir…”

Ty took each of the motionless brothers in turn into his arms and kissed their unresisting lips thoroughly. They both still smelt faintly, and very sexily, of cum. Then he began to count them up, “One… two… starting to float back up… three… four… sounds of the room beginning to return to your awareness… five… feeling control of your body beginning to return to you… six… seven… more and more aware… eight… nearly awake… nine… nearly awake, but compelled to wait upon my count… and… ten! Wide awake and feeling fine!”

Dean and Jeremy blinked, and then their handsome faces broke into identical grins. Dean reached out to shake the hypnotist’s hand. “Mr. O’Keefe, we just had to come back and thank you for your show. It was incredible!!”

“The best time I’ve ever had!” Jeremy enthused. “Please! You’ve got to tell us more about how it all works! I so want to learn how to hypnotize!”

“Me too,” Dean agreed. “I’ve been fascinated by it all my life.” Then, hesitantly, but with a kind of calculated shyness, he added, “I… I… uh… don’t suppose you ever give lessons?”

Jeremy immediately latched on. “Oh, please! You have to teach us! Please!!” He definitely sounded younger than his eighteen years at that moment, like a little kid begging for a treat. “We can pay!”

Well, considering the boys’ clothing, which was clearly designer-label rather than generic, Ty had no doubt of that. Besides, he chuckled inwardly, they’d already started paying and would continue to do so (and in the same coin) as long as he wanted them to. “Guys,” he said, “I don’t normally do that kind of thing, but I’ve taken a liking to you two. I think we can work something out.”

“Awesome!” Jeremy almost jumped into the air like a child. He high-fived a grinning Dean.

“What were your names again?” Ty asked.

“Dean Chance, sir.”

“Jeremy Chance, sir.”

“So you are brothers. Well, I would have guessed. By the way, no need to be so formal. I’m Ty, if we’re going to be working together. Can you both come here tomorrow evening, say around 6:00?”

The brothers nodded eagerly. They weren’t going to allow this opportunity to slip away, even if they had to cancel something else.

“Here’s my card,” the hypnotist continued, writing the appointment time and date on it and handing it to Dean. “Come to the rear entrance and show that to the guy at the door. He’ll let you in and bring you here.” He didn’t add that the doorman/bouncer was also one of his hypno-slaves, and so would neither make any difficulties nor remember the boys afterwards. “I’ll give you your first lesson then, and you can stay for the show. I’ll want you to watch what I’m doing from the outside instead of being participants.” Of course he would have the brothers deeply hypnotized the entire time. It was the most efficient way to teach them what he wanted them to learn, and it would also continue to deepen their enslavement. He’d just set up a protective barrier against their being caught again by the show suggestions.

“That’d be wonderful!” Jeremy crowed.

“Yes! We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to this… uh, Ty,” Dean said, still finding it a bit of a struggle against the manners of his upbringing to use the first name of a man he was unconsciously programmed to obey as a god.

“Fine. Then I’ll see you tomorrow at six. Enjoy the rest of your evening, Dean, Jeremy.” They shook hands once more and the brothers took their leave, already animatedly talking about their good fortune, and speculating about what the lessons might be like.

Jeremy and Dean were once again sitting in the hypnotist’s dressing-room after his show the following night. And, once again, they were deep in trance, although no one looking at them would have been likely to realize it. The boys themselves didn’t realize it, as their conscious minds and critical faculties were completely off-line. Ty had sent them plummeting into profound hypnosis as soon as they had arrived that evening. He then spent the next hour or so teaching them some of the basics of hypnotizing people, giving step-by-step instructions and physical demonstrations, all of which Dean and Jeremy participated in as both subjects and pupils, and, like the totally hypnotized puppets they now were, learned quickly and perfectly. He then sent them off to get themselves something to eat, commanding them to return in time to watch the show.

Of course there was no possibility of resistance, so by the time the show commenced, the brothers were at a ringside table. But this time they were watching Ty’s every move with an entranced, laserlike concentration, rather than joining in with the rest of the hypnotized clubbers. At the end of the show, just as they had been instructed, Dean and Jeremy returned to the hypnotist’s dressing-room, where Ty awaited this evening’s subjects coming to claim their underwear and be freed from trance (or, at least, most of them would be).

Ty had been pleased to find one young man in the new group who was both handsome enough and a good enough hypnotic subject to merit his ‘special’ attentions and give him the opportunity to demonstrate his whole process to the brothers. When this young man, slim, handsome, extremely well-dressed, with dark romantically wavy hair and super sexy extra-red lips that begged for kissing, arrived to get his shorts returned, the hypnotist altered his routine, just as he had for Dean and Jeremy. Returning the boy instantly to a fully hypnotized state, Ty asked, “What’s your name?”

“B… Brent… Romero…” He’d gone so deep he could scarcely articulate.

“You find it easy to speak clearly. How old are you, Brent?”

“I’m twenty-two…”

“Are you at the club by yourself?”

“I came with friends, but we aren’t hanging out together. We came here hoping to get lucky and hook up, so none of us is checking on what the others are doing, and we don’t have any plans to leave together.” It was delightful to the hypnotist how the trance state elicited these facts from his new victim. In a waking state, the boy would surely have been more circumspect in revealing details that marked him as so easily abductable.

“Are you straight or gay?”

“I’m gay…”

“Well, half-way there already,” Ty chuckled. The hypnotist then programmed Brent, just as he had Jeremy and Dean, to appear to wake up, get his underwear back in proper order in the men’s room, settle any charges remaining on his bar tab, make excuses to friends (if necessary), and then return to complete his indoctrination after the rest of the evening’s subjects had been taken care of. The handsome, dark-haired boy stood up straight, adjusted his tie, and walked purposefully from the room, allowing the next person in line to enter.

“I’m a deeply hypnotized boy and my only purpose is to obey… I’m a deeply hypnotized boy and my only purpose is to obey…” When Brent had returned, Ty had quickly proceeded with his wicked agenda. Jeremy and Dean would likely have been outraged to realize that this was what must have happened to them the night before, but, as they no longer possessed the free will to object or resist, they merely watched and listened dispassionately, absorbing the hypnotist’s technique as he deepened, deepened, deepened the dark-haired boy’s trance until he was completely helpless. Ty broached the idea of hypno-fetish, and was startled to discover that Brent’s proclivities, like his sexual orientation, were already headed in the direction the hypnotist wished. He’d chosen to come to this club, not because it was a particularly better hook-up spot than any other club (the town had a number of primarily gay clubs, which this one wasn’t), but precisely because it had booked a hypnosis show. This was so serendipitous that Ty became suspicious. A little more specific questioning, and it was revealed. One of Brent’s college friends had hypnotized him and “prepped” him for the show, implanting both his compulsion to come to the club in the first place and ensuring that, once there, he would have no resistance to the hypnotist’s spell. The name of the friend was that of one of Ty’s previous conquests from a booking the year before in a town not far from this one. The hypnotist mentally congratulated himself on a job well done, since this was the primary goal in hypnotizing these handsome boys at all (other than to play with them himself, of course); to turn them into talent scouts to ensure that a steady supply of fresh, handsome, hypnotizable faces would continue to cross his path. Cheerfully the hypnotist proceeded.

Soon, Brent was standing blank-faced, still repeating the mantra over and over as his trance descended to incalculable levels. He was completely naked and hard, and right beside him, chanting equally mindlessly, also without a stitch of clothing, were Dean and Jeremy. Ty was firmly of the opinion that there was no such thing as “too much” in either trance-deepening or handsome, naked, hypnotized slave-boys, so he’d returned the helpless brothers to zombie-mode just as soon as Brent was well and truly controlled. This allowed him to deepen and reinforce their programming at the same time he installed it in Brent’s now wide-open mind.

The three young men made a very pleasing trio, Brent’s dark hair and tan skin tones contrasting nicely with those of the two blonds. He was a little taller and a little thinner than the brothers, but well-proportioned, not skinny, and his muscles were hard, toned, and well-defined. His tight little butt was every bit as cute and tempting as theirs, and his hard cock was in no way inferior. Brent, like Jeremy and Dean, had little body hair (virtually none on his chest, back, or ass). He really looked like a porn model.

Ty, working steadily, quickly reached the point when he would trigger the first round of orgasms and their attendant extreme trance-deepening. This time, with three agile, fit young men, the byplay was even more intricate and erotic to watch. Those boys were all over each other, kissing, groping, panting, moaning, thrashing like eels in a net. When the hypnotist commanded them to cum, the explosion was so comprehensive that it left all three dripping, and the room smelling like a brothel. Ty was hard-pressed to stave off his own orgasm.

He looked at the boys, once again blank and motionless, frozen in their thousand-times-deeper ensorcelment. He’d already come to the decision that three guys all trying to service him at once was probably just an invitation for disaster, so, for the next round, he commanded Dean and Jeremy to suck each other, cumming when he did (and, of course, going the prescribed 1,000 times deeper), and prepared to sample the pleasures of the newbie.

“Brent, you will suck my cock. When I cum, you will have another orgasm as powerful as the one you just had, and you will go another thousand times deeper into trance.” Ty had to say the last sentence rather quickly, as Brent had already latched onto his erection and was giving the blow-job his all. He was damned good, too! Maybe he’d actually been gay, even before Ty’s minion got to him. The hypnotist head his head, trying to exert a little more control and prolong the pleasure. Brent’s hair, despite whatever product was holding it in its elaborate waves, still felt sexy and touchable, not sticky or stiff. Ty found himself stroking the boy like a kitten. And, like a kitten, Brent was “purring” as he lapped. The resulting vibration did it, and Ty came so hard that, for a second or two, he saw stars. Brent swallowed most of it before he completely lost control in the grips of his own orgasm. And his obvious spasms triggered Jeremy and Dean, who splooged all over each other’s faces.

The cleanup took correspondingly longer than it had the previous night; there was just so much cum. But finally the brothers had sponged the goo from their hair and eyebrows, and Brent was back in his clothes, looking elegant once more. The hypnotist sent Brent off with a command to practice going into trance every single day, and a compulsory appointment for the following week. Ty wasn’t about to waste the opportunity Brent presented, but there was still too much he needed to teach Dean and Jeremy for him to add a new recruit right away. He then commanded the brothers to go home and return again the following evening. They drifted dreamily out the door, to regain normal consciousness as they left. On his orders, they would not recall Brent, other than as a subject in the show, nor any of the entranced sexual activities.

Then Ty set about planning. The next thing the brothers needed to learn was the art of clandestine and speed hypnosis. In order to become effective “talent scouts” they’d need to able to put guys into trance even without their permission or cooperation. But for that training, he’d need someone to be the guinea pig; someone not already in his power; someone naïve and inclined to be helpful. Hmmm…. Ah! Now he had it: Jimmy Parker, a cute-as-a-button young waiter at the club, barely old enough to work there, and eager to please. Ty had already considered it just a matter of time before he added Jimmy to his string anyway. The kid had heard the hypno-show so many times that the hypnotist could sense the defenses that Jimmy didn’t even know he was unconsciously deploying were gradually crumbling under the onslaught of sheer repetition. He’d expected him to wind up in trance and on stage almost any day now, victim of simple proximity. This, however, would be even better.

Ty picked up the phone to order a snack delivered to his dressing-room (as the youngest and most recently hired member of the wait-staff, Jimmy would surely draw the assignment). Once Jimmy was there, he could arrange for the boy to come to his house to “help with a project”. The following day was the club’s dark day, so both he and Jimmy would be free, and the waiter would surely be up for a little extra work and a little extra pay.

A discreet knock on Ty’s dressing-room door signaled that his snack and his victim had arrived. After the hypnotist settled his tab and tipped Jimmy, just as the boy was about to leave, he added, as though it were an afterthought, “by the way, Jimmy, are you interested in earning a little extra money tomorrow?”

Jimmy’s elfin face broke into a grin. “C’mon, Mr. O’Keefe! You know I’m straight!”

Ty pantomimed chalking up a mark on an invisible scoreboard. “No, I’m serious. I have a project on for tomorrow and I could really use your help. In a weak moment I agreed to coach two kids from the university in the art of hypnotism, and I need a subject for them to practice with. They can’t be trancing each other, because whichever one of them goes under won’t be learning anything while he’s out. I’ll pay you,” Ty added, naming a sum carefully calculated to be tempting without being so large as to raise suspicions, and it appeared to be the right one, because Jimmy was now looking very interested indeed.

“How do you know I’ll be able to do it?” the young waiter asked. “I’ve never been hypnotized before. I don’t know if I can be.”

Ty smiled. “First of all, I’ve never met a guy in your age-range who couldn’t go into trance. You’re still young enough to be adventurous, but old enough to follow instructions without getting distracted. Second, I’ve watched you these last couple of nights during the show. You may not have realized it, but you were just a heartbeat away from ending up on stage as part of the act even though you thought you weren’t paying attention at all. I’m sure you possess the necessary imagination, concentration, and suggestibility. What do you say, Jimmy? Tomorrow, 11:00, my house?”


Ty gave him the address and then reached out as though to shake hands on the deal. Jimmy, unaware of the existence of handshake-interrupt inductions, trustingly accepted the proffered hand and suddenly, by the hypnotist’s adroit manipulation, found himself staring helplessly at his own palm, unable to marshal his thoughts as Ty quickly took control. In less time than it takes to describe, the young waiter was deeply hypnotized and at Ty’s command.

“Couldn’t be hypnotized,” Ty smirked to himself, “Yeah, right. But I did have to check.” He took Jimmy’s hand once again. “Jimmy, when I count to three, you’ll be back in your normal consciousness and we’ll complete this handshake. You won’t have any memory or awareness that any time has passed, or that you went into trance. As far as you know, you still have never been hypnotized, have you?”

“Never been hypnotized…” the boy slavishly echoed.

“But you’re eager to come to my house tomorrow to find out what it will be like to go under. One… two… three…” He released Jimmy’s hand as though he had just shaken it, and the boy left, happily anticipating the following day’s adventure and none the wiser about his brief loss of consciousness and volition.

“Good morning, Jimmy. Right on time,” Ty greeted the boy. “Please come in. The guys are already here.” He ushered Jimmy into the library where Jeremy and Dean were waiting. As commanded, they had arrived significantly earlier and were already deep in trances of their own, although they were both by now so accustomed to functioning while profoundly hypnotized that few people (and certainly not Jimmy) would have been able to spot it. The hypnotist had already given them instruction in several varieties of instant and disguised inductions, which he’d then had them practice on each other. Contrary to what he’d led Jimmy to believe, letting the brothers trance each other was not only perfectly good educational practice, but at the same time, it continued to contribute to their ever deepening trance-response (not to mention which, it was also, Ty thought, hot as hell to watch).

“Guys, this is Jimmy Parker. He’s kindly agreed to help us with your hypnosis tutorial. Jimmy, these are Dean and Jeremy Chance.”

Both brothers had stood when Ty and Jimmy entered the room. Dean immediately stepped forward, hand outstretched. “Hi, Jimmy, I’m Dean, We’re really obliged to you for volunteering.” As he grasped Jimmy’s hand, he suddenly jerked it forward saying in a commanding tone, “Sleep!” The young waiter pitched forward into Dean’s arms instantly limp and helpless as Dean, speaking now softly and rapidly, talked him down into deep trance. In mere moments Jimmy was fast asleep, standing rigid and blankly staring, utterly under Dean’s control.

“Dean,” Ty said, “Tell him to obey me.”

Dean nodded as though he actually had any choice but to agree. “Jimmy, you will follow any orders Mr. O’Keefe gives you without question or resistance. Understand?”

“Yes, Dean…”

Ty took over. “Jimmy, whenever you hear me say ‘sleep now” you will instantly return to this completely relaxed, completely compliant state, each time deeper than the time before. It will be an utterly irresistible compulsion. You agree and will obey.”


“Now I’m going to snap my fingers, and at the sound of the snap you will be wide awake and in your full normal consciousness. You will have no memory of anything that has happened since I brought you to this room; it will be as though you just arrived. No time has passed, you have not been hypnotized yet. You have never been hypnotized.” Once again, as he had the previous evening, Jimmy agreed in a totally mesmerized tone, that he had never been hypnotized, his mind once again forcibly returned to its “default” setting, and then Ty snapped his fingers. Jimmy awoke with a start, but thereafter showed no awareness or concern.

The hypnotist repeated his introductions as though for the first time, and this time Jeremy was the first to step forward and offer his hand. The scenario played out exactly as before, the only difference being that, once Jimmy was under, Jeremy lowered the befuddled young waiter to the floor rather than standing him up like a statue. The session continued, the brothers taking turns at practicing one induction after another on the helpless boy and, afterwards, Ty erasing Jimmy’s memory each time. Not surprisingly, after so many inductions, the young waiter’s mind was so thoroughly compromised that, even when he was “awake” his innocent face wore a vague, dazed, confused expression. The last trance (one of Jeremy’s) left Jimmy sitting in a chair staring with obsessive concentration at nothing, and Ty, judging that the brothers were sufficiently well-versed in the techniques he had wanted them to learn, and that Jimmy was as deeply entranced as it was possible for him to be (at least, for this day), didn’t reawaken him. Instead, he proceeded with his own entertainment.

“Jeremy, Dean, Jimmy, sleep now!” Instantly all three boys were out like lights. “Now, stand up.” Again, hearing was obedience. All three sleeping young men stood in a row, eyes closed, faces blank, heads hanging in relaxed submission.

Ty savored the moment and then commanded, “Take off your clothes.

Jeremy and Dean, perfectly trained by this point, immediately began to strip. Jimmy, apparently in an unusually deep state, took a moment longer to gather himself. He muttered, “Take off my clothes…”, but not like a robot so much as with the air of repeating to himself something extremely important so as to be sure he was getting it right. The hypnotist, having already seen a great deal of the two brothers au naturel focused his attention on the hypnotized young waiter as jimmy slowly yet efficiently bared his body. It more than satisfied both Ty’s expectations and his hopes: smooth skinned, well-defined, and very, very sexy. And as the undressing continued, it revealed that young Jimmy was quite well-hung.

When all three boys were completely naked, Ty began his customary assault on Jimmy’s (and by simple proximity, Dean and Jeremy’s) sexual orientation and free will. Soon the boys were chanting, Jimmy for the first time, the brothers in only the latest of many times, “I’m a deeply hypnotized boy, and my only purpose is to obey…”, as the hypnotist installed the gay desires and the hypno-fetish. Their eyes were now once again open, but blank and unseeing. Dean and Jeremy were, thanks to all their previous conditioning, already hard and dripping with unconscious anticipation.

The hypnotist began to fondle Jimmy’s cock until it matched the brothers’ erections. “Jimmy Parker, you are now a cocksucker. A hypnotized, compulsive cocksucker. Since guys turn you on, especially hypnotized guys, you can’t see an erect cock, and especially the cock of a hypnotized boy, without longing to suck it, to feel its hot hardness slide between your lips to taste and smell the cum when you bring him to climax. You are addicted to cock and cum. What are you?”

“I’m a hypnotized cocksucker…” Jimmy looked confused, even a little worried, but Ty was certain it wasn’t resistance. The young waiter was under far too deeply for that. More likely, his facial expression just reflected extra-hard concentration as he assimilated the programming.

“Look at Dean and Jeremy,” the hypnotist continued. “You can see that they are hypnotized, that they are deeply hypnotized. And, as you can also see, their cocks are hard and ready. You want to suck those cocks, don’t you?”

“I want to suck their cocks…” Jimmy droned.

“Say that again, please.”

“I want to suck their cocks…”

“Kneel down in front of Jeremy and take his dick in your mouth. It will thrill as nothing has before. While you give him a blowjob, you can use your hands to play with his balls and asshole. You need to make him cum all over your face, and the taste and smell of it will hypnotize you even more as well as increasing your own sexual excitement. But you will not cum yourself until I command it. When you have made Jeremy cum, you will then suck Dean to orgasm and finally myself, each time going deeper under hypnosis as you smell the fresh cum. Jeremy, Dean, you will hold out as long as you can, but when Jimmy does make you orgasm, you will go one hundred times deeper into your trance.” Ty began to disrobe, watching with pleased satisfaction, as Jimmy Parker slowly sank to his knees and began to minister to the younger Chance’s hard-on.

Both Jeremy and Jimmy began almost immediately to moan with pleasure, and it took little time before Jeremy was bathing Jimmy’s cute mesmerized face with cum. The spellbound waiter froze, his face going completely blank for a moment as his trance palpably deepened. Then, still on his knees, he shuffled over to Dean and began to service him. Dean took his time, fondling the handsome waiter’s hair and cradling his head as he luxuriously fucked Jimmy’s pretty mouth. However, the end-result was a foregone conclusion, and before Ty could become impatient, Dean too unloaded, and, after the brief pause as Jimmy processed his new trance level, he was at the hypnotist’s disposal.

As Jimmy sucked, Ty gasped, “Jeremy, crouch down and suck Jimmy’s cock. Dean, kiss me and play with my nipples. Jimmy, you will cum when I do.” Then he abandoned himself totally to the pleasure as his three mind-controlled slave-boys serviced him. The resulting orgasm, when the hypnotist allowed himself to cum, was as intense as any he’d ever experienced in his life, mad all the more satisfying by the visual delight of Jimmy’s adorable, cum-drenched face, first screwed up with passion as he too orgasmed uncontrollably, and then blank as a plaster effigy in his all-consuming hypnotic daze.

Ty pulled himself together and sent the three boys off to shower. They were so completely reeking of sex that there was no way for them to get dressed again without a thorough clean-up. When they returned, freshened up, and, at his command, put their clothes back on, the hypnotist commenced with the mental house-keeping. In light of the success of the day’s experiments, he now had specific agendas for all of the guys.

“Dean, Jeremy, you now know enough about the techniques of hypnotism that you are ready to try your skills. You will each select a handsome young man and hypnotize him. If you are sufficiently successful, you will program him with a compulsion to go the club and take part in my show. If you fail to induce a deep enough trance to compel his obedience in that, you yourself will return for more training. If he is a truly excellent subject, you may even take the opportunity to enjoy him sexually as well, but you will only do that if are certain he is deeply enough under your control that you can guarantee his helpless compliance. Do you understand?’

“Yes…” Dean.

“Yes, sir…” Jeremy.

“Then you may go, as always, remembering nothing about these sessions other than the training you have received, which will continue to seem to you as legitimate and perfectly acceptable. You will return to your normal consciousness when you are away from my house.” Like mindless day-dreamers, or sleep-walkers, the brothers drifted from the room.

“Jimmy, upon awakening, you will remember nothing whatsoever about the events of this day. As far as you can know, you were never here, nor did I ask you to be. As far as you know, you have never been hypnotized, although you will now have a great interest in experiencing hypnosis. And, as far as you know, you have always been 100 per cent gay. Tomorrow night at the club, when I am hypnotizing the volunteers, you will find it impossible to avoid going deep into trance right along with them, even deeper than you are now. You will be utterly helpless to avoid it, and you will take part in my show without any choice in the matter. You hear and you obey.”

“I… hear… and I… obey…” Jimmy was so far gone that his response sounded like the delay of deep-space communication.

“Very good. Then you will leave now. Drive safely and well. You won’t come out of your trance until you are back in your own digs. You will account for the time you have been here by filling them, in your imagination, with routine, unmemorable activities which you will then believe unshakably are the truth.” And, like the two brothers before him, the young waiter drifted out of the room.

The following evening, the club-goers were treated to the amusing spectacle of their handsome young waiter, dapper in his tuxedo, gradually slowing and then stopping in the midst of his duties to stand, eyes closed, head hanging helplessly, his mind ensnared, apparently by accident, in Ty’s hypnotic spiel. Their amusement increased when, after having the boy called (seemingly) to his attention, the hypnotist commanded him to take a seat among the rest of the volunteers where he obeyed all of the suggestions as unable to resist as any of them.

And later that night, Ty enjoyed the even more delightful spectacle of Jimmy on his knees sucking off a transfixed Brent Romero, returned for his first training session.

As soon as they left Ty’s house, Dean and Jeremy were already plotting about whom they might hypnotize. A week or so previously, the apartment next to theirs had changed tenants. The new renter was a young police officer, Mike Whitman, barely out of the academy and into his first precinct assignment. With his coal-black hair, smoldering eyes, chiseled features, and a mega-hot body that had never succumbed to the lure of the donut, he was more than sexy enough to satisfy the hypnotist’s command and their own hypnotically implanted desires. The brothers quickly came to an agreement that Officer Mike would be their first hypno-conquest. They’d met him in the hall while he was moving in, but other than exchanging names, there had been no further interaction. They decided to invite him over to their apartment for a casual welcome-to-the-neighborhood get-acquainted beer.

Consequently, Dean stationed himself in the hall with a six-pack of microbrews (along with a few other odds and ends as if he were just returning from a casual grocery run, so that it wouldn’t look planned) just before Mike’s usual time to come home after his shift. In moments the handsome young officer, still dressed in his uniform, was approaching his apartment as Dean, in front of his own door, pretended to fumble for his keys.

Mike offered him a casual, neighborly, “Hey”, as he hooked his own keys out of his pocket.

“Hi, uh… Mike isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Mike Whitman… and you’re Dean, right?”

“That’s right, Dean Chance” They shook hands. “Say, you should drop by some time and have a brew. I know when you’re new to an area settling in can take a little time, and my brother and I do like to get to know our neighbors.” He added, “It’s kind of cool to have a cop… uh, police officer, living next door.”

Mike grinned engagingly. “I’d like that.” Then, eyeing the casually displayed six-pack of extremely tempting high-end beer, he added, “I don’t suppose that offer’s good right now? It’s been a long day, and I could do with a cold one.”

“Dean grinned back. “Now’s fine. Just give me a second to make sure my brother has clothes on. He tends to like to air-dry after a shower.” He went into the apartment, returning almost immediately to say, “Come on in,” as he held the door, motioning the young policeman to enter. “Jer, you remember Officer Whitman from next door?”

His younger brother looked up a bit distractedly from the computer display he’d apparently been studying and said, “Yes I do. Welcome Officer Whitman.”

“Mike, please!” Their neighbor offered Jeremy his hand. As Dean went to the kitchen to open bottles and fetch glasses for the beers, Mike looked curiously at the complicated pattern of pulsing swirls on Jeremy’s computer screen. “What’s that, if I might ask?”

Jeremy (inwardly giving himself a high five as the fish took the bait) answered with a mildly frustrated tone, “It’s one of those hidden-picture screen savers, but I’m damned if I’m able to see it. You’re supposed to relax your focus and then the swirls overlap into a new picture… or something. I wonder if the programming has glitched, or if there’s something wrong with my eyes.” He looked up ingenuously. “Do you fancy giving it a try?”

“Okay,” said Mike amiably. It didn’t occur to him that this might be a trap, or that Dean was taking a suspiciously long time to come back with the beers.

“Sit here, then,” Jeremy told him, vacating his place before the screen. “You have to be centered in front of it for the effect to work.” As Mike took the requested place, Jeremy continued, “Then you have to let your eyes unfocus… they need to be completely relaxed…”

Mike stared at the pulsing, swirling patterns. He began to feel a little strange, slightly dizzy, though not uncomfortably so, and mellow, as though he’d already had one of those beers, but somehow couldn’t bring himself to abandon the attempt to see the elusive image. Without his being aware of it, the potent subliminals in the program, carefully crafted by Ty and the hypnotized Jeremy, had already captured him.

Jeremy watched, a mischievous smirk replacing his innocent expression, as the young policeman began to zone out and relax visibly. “That’s right, Mike… I can see you’re doing very well… I’ll bet you’ll see the image in no time… just keep looking into the pattern and relaxing more and more… the more you relax, the quicker it will happen…”

Mike found himself responding to Jeremy’s soft voice almost without even registering that the patter had changed from being about relaxing his eyes, to talking about relaxing his muscles, his posture, and finally, his thoughts. He continued to stare blankly at the screen as the college-boy continued, “And now you’re so relaxed that you couldn’t look away from the pattern if you tried… but you don’t want to try… you just want to keep looking and concentrating and relaxing… more and more… deeper and deeper… soon you’ll see the picture… soon you’ll see it… a picture of the door to an elevator… an elevator ready to descend… when you see it, let your hand float up and push the button to open the door.”

Muzzily Mike looked for an elevator door. Now that he knew what it was he was looking for, he was sure he could find it. He didn’t notice that his eyes had closed and that he was now seeing only the hypnotically suggested visions.

“Do you see it yet? An elevator door?”

And there it was. “Yeah….” He droned sleepily, and walked (in his mind) over to the door and lifted his hand to push the button.

“Excellent, Mike… and now the elevator is here… you see the doors open… and you want to get in… get into the elevator, Mike…” The mesmerized young policeman’s feet twitched as though walking forward a step or two (well, in his mind he was). “There is a bank of buttons to select floors. You can see that we’re on the 10th floor. This is a very special elevator. Each floor down relaxes you 1000 times more than the previous one… each floor down makes you 1000 times more focused on my voice… my words… each floor down makes you 1000 times more automatically responsive to my suggestions… each floor down takes you 1000 times deeper into mindless, helpless hypnotized obedience… But you want to go all the way down to the ground floor… you need to go all the way down… you can’t resist the urge… the compulsion… reach out your finger and push the button for the ground floor.” Once again, Mike’s hand listlessly floated up as he pantomimed pushing an elevator button. “The doors are closing and the elevator begins slowly to descend. You will count out the floors as we pass them.”


“Going deeper and deeper… your mind emptying of everything but my words…”

“Eight…” The young policeman’s voice was growing softer and softer.

“Your will melting away to nothing…”


“So relaxed… you love this feeling… you can’t resist it…”

“S-six…” Mike was beginning to slur his words.

“Nothing can stop this process… nothing can free you…”


“You no longer form thoughts… my words become your thoughts…you must obey my words without question…”


“So deeply hypnotized now… helpless… mindless… obedient…”

“Thruh… th….reeee…” it was scarcely more than a sigh.

“My words are your reality… your only reality… you believe and trust me always… everything I say becomes true for you the instant I say it, unarguable, irresistible…”

“T-twooooooooo…” a sleepy moan.

“Almost there… and as the elevator reaches the ground floor your body is so relaxed you can’t move a muscle except by my command…”

“Wuh…” the young officer started to try to say ‘one’ and then his body went limp. His legs fell open to reveal a very promising basket.

Dean tiptoed back into the living room. In a whisper he asked, “Is he under?”

Jeremy didn’t bother to whisper, “Out like a light and completely under control.” To demonstrate he lifted the young policeman’s completely relaxed arm and then let it fall limply back into his lap. “From now on he’s ours to command. He’ll do whatever I say… won’t you, Mikey?”

“Yesss… do… wha’ver ya… ss…”

Jeremy interrupted the almost incomprehensible mutter. “Mike, you can speak clearly even as you continue to go deeper and deeper into trance. Your own voice relaxes your further and makes you more obedient… Now… Stand up!”

It was rather amazing how quickly the hypnotized cop went from being a slumped mass of young man with scarcely more structural coherence than melting jelly to a posture that was nearly rigid military attention.

“Mike, from now on, whenever you hear me say the phrase ‘sleepy pet cop’, no matter when, no matter where, you will immediate go right back into this deep, deep state of hypnosis without any delay or ability to resist its happening. And you will always go deeper than the time before. You will have no conscious awareness of this, nor will you ever have any memory that the phrase can exert this power over your mind and will. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Mike’s newly restored diction sounded as though he were answering a superior officer on the force.

“Tell me your full name.”

“Michael Aloysius Fitzgerald Whitman.”



At this point Dean interrupted. “Make him respond to me, too.”

“Oh, yeah. Right. Mike, you must hear and obey Dean exactly as you hear and obey me… including your trance trigger-phrase. Got that?”

“Yes, sir.”

Jeremy nodded to his brother, indication that Dean should put it to the test.

“Mike, are you straight or gay? You can’t lie about it.”

“I’m… straight,” he said a little hesitantly, and then, as though the words were being forced out of him, “or… or maybe bi?”

“Interesting. What makes you think you’re ‘maybe bi’?”

The young policeman once again visibly struggled to hold something in until he suddenly blurted, “I’ve always liked girls, but since I was fourteen my best friend Sean and I sometimes exchanged blowjobs. It went on up until the time we started getting some action with girls a couple of years later. I think for him it was just about sexual frustration, but I kinda liked it.” It all came out in a rush strung together, and by the time Mike finished speaking he was panting as though he’d run a race.

The brothers exchanged an eyebrow-raised glance and then Jeremy said soothingly, “Relax and sleep deeper, Mike. You don’t remember you told us this. Relax and sleep… relax and sleep…” Mike stressed expression immediate smoothed out and he returned to impassive statuesque immobility.

“We need to test the trance-trigger and we also need to get a sense of what he can made to do,” said Jeremy. “I have a thought. Mike, in a moment I’m going to count up to five. As I do so, you’ll return to your full normal consciousness. You will have absolutely no waking recollection of having been hypnotized by us, nor of anything that was said or done during your trance, nor will you have any awareness that an unusual amount of time has passed. As far as you know, you’ve just been looking at the screen saver for a few moments trying to see the hidden image. You will feel very comfortable around us, and we’ll have that beer. Whenever either Dean or I snaps his fingers, you will remove one piece of your clothing. You won’t realize you are doing that, you won’t miss the piece of clothing when it is gone, nor will you have any awareness of your growing state of undress. And each piece of clothing you remove will increase your sense of well-being and sexual arousal. This will continue until you are completely naked and hard. If you understand all that, you will kiss Dean on the lips.”

Dean’s eyes widened in surprise, but before he could say a word, Mike had him in a liplock.

“Excellent,” Jeremy snickered. “Now, sit back down as you were when you started looking at the computer, Mike.” The hypnotized young man obeyed and Jeremy continued, “Everything will be as I have commanded. One… two… three… four… five!”

Mike’s eyes snapped open to focus once again on the computer screen. After only a moment or two more, he shrugged apologetically and said, “Sorry, but I don’t see it either. Are you sure it isn’t some kind of practical joke?”

“Frankly, no, I’m not. Although I don’t see the point of it. But here comes Dean with the brews.”

Dean passed out bottles and glasses, and the three young men settled into comfortable conversation.

“So, you guys are both at the university?” Mike asked. What are you studying there?”

“I’m a freshman, computer science,” Jeremy answered, “And Dean’s a junior, business. But both of us are actually thinking of switching to psychology. We’ve gotten really interested in hypnotherapy.”

Casually kicking off his right shoe with a sigh of satisfaction, Mike said, “Hypnotherapy? Is that real thing to major in? I always thought it was just theatrics.”

(the left shoe and another sigh) “No,” Dean jumped in, “Hypnosis is a recognized therapeutic tool, and you can earn a good living at it. And we both find it fascinating in itself… even the theatrical stuff. There’s a guy doing a stage hypnosis show downtown at one of the clubs, and you wouldn’t believe what he gets people to do!”

The conversation continued in the casual fashion of easy-going guys getting to know each other. (both socks) (Mike’s tie and then his belt). By now the young police officer was showing a distinct bulge in his uniform trousers as well as squirming a bit in his chair, but still obviously clueless as to what was going on. Mike took another swallow of beer and then undid the buttons on his shirt and shrugged out of it. He moaned softly, and a small damp spot appeared at the peak of the tent in his trousers. Even in his white t-shirt, the smooth, sculpted musculature of his arms and chest was unmistakable. Now the t-shirt went away, pulled over his head. Jeremy and Dean both gasped softly; the naked torso was ridiculously hot, tight with muscle, and nearly hairless, unusual in such a dark-haired guy. The next volley of snapping fingers was almost instantaneous. Neither brother could resist any longer. Mike rose from his seat, undid the buttons and zipper and then skinned out of his pants, scarcely pausing to get his feet free before he also shucked his boxer shorts and stood mother-naked before the two panting brothers, his impressive erections bobbing with his pulse. Then he sat back down, gently fingering his hard-on, patently oblivious of his situation.

Jeremy tried to speak and then cleared his throat and tried again. “Well, aren’t you a handsome sleepy pet cop!” he husked.

Instantly Mike’s eyes slammed shut and his head drooped forward onto his chest, once again utterly entranced. Not wasting a moment, the brothers moved in on him, exploring the beautiful body of their unconscious guest with hands and tongues. Dean quickly latched on to Mike’s moist, pulsing hard-on and began energetically to give him head. For all of Mike’s facial reaction, Dean might have been licking and sucking a candy-cane, but the young cop’s cock told a different tale. It grew even harder under Dean’s assault and began to leak pre-cum non-stop. Sensing that, trance or not, Mike wouldn’t hold out much longer, Dean said, “Mike, as soon as you’re ready to go 100 times deeper into trance than you have ever gone before, you’ll cum, and the orgasm will send you down, down, down… deeper and deeper.” Then he resumed sucking. In less than half a minute, Mike exploded with a moan of ecstasy, his hips bucking uncontrollably as he pumped gout after gout of his hot cream, which Dean lapped up greedily. Then the hypnotized cop subsided and sat motionless, scarcely seeming to breathe while Dean efficiently jerked himself to his own orgasm.

It was Jeremy’s turn. Unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants he commanded, “Michael Aloysius Fitzgerald Whitman, you are getting younger. When I touch your shoulder, you will be the age, to the moment, when you last sucked off your buddy Sean. You will open your eyes (still deep in trance) and you will see me as Sean. You have just received a blow-job, and it will seem completely reasonable and appropriate for you to return the favor.” He tapped Mike’s shoulder.

Mike’s eyes snapped open. He looked about a little dazedly and then his hypnotized gaze fastened on Jeremy. Without hesitation, he pulled down the boy’s underpants, freeing his already-erect (well, of course, and it had been for some time) cock, and began to service it. Mike certainly knew what he was about when it came to sucking cock! Jeremy was immediately reminded of all those rude high school jokes about ‘sucking the chrome off a bumper’ or ‘a V-8 engine through the tailpipe”. Under this assault Jeremy only had time to cast one desperate look at his brother as though to say, “Oh my God, I’m a dead man!” before he squawked and shot his load all over Mike’s face, as helpless of controlling his response as the greenest, horniest virgin. His knees buckled and he sank to the floor, almost fainting. Dean, torn between envy and amusement, went to fetch tissues to blot Jeremy’s cum from Mike’s impassive face while his brother collected his scattered wits.

When order was restored, everyone once again fully dressed, and the still-deeply-hypnotized cop had been returned to his real age, the two brothers set about the next stage of their project. “Well, I’d say that was successful, wouldn’t you?” Dean asked rhetorically.

“Yeah. Any more successful and you’d be carrying me out of here on a stretcher! I bet after one more session he’ll be ready to deliver to Ty. Mike, when do you get off duty tomorrow?”

“I’m not on duty tomorrow… it’s my day off.”

“Excellent,” Dean said delightedly, “We can work on him all day if we want to. He’s sure to be ready for his nightclub ‘debut’ after that.”

Jeremy commanded, “Mike, tomorrow morning at around ten you’ll come back to visit us again. You won’t remember that I told you to; it will just seem like the neighborly thing to do. Bring some coffee, or donuts, or whatever you think would be appropriate to return our hospitality. You will really want to hang out with us because, even though you won’t remember the sex we’ve just had, you’ll easily associate feelings of pleasure and contentment with us, and you want us all to become good friends. If the subject of hypnosis comes up again, you’ll find that it really interests you, and that you’re totally curious as to what being hypnotized might feel like. But you won’t remember that you have been hypnotized or anything that has happened while you were. You’ll only remember having a beer with us, and those things we talked about while you weren’t in trance. Do you understand?”


Dean interjected, “And you won’t notice any sex smells in this apartment.” He wasn’t convinced he’d managed to wipe all of the cum from Mike’s face, and, although maybe it was only his guilty conscience, to him the room smelled like the aftermath of a frat-house orgy.

The brothers woke the young officer back up and friendly conversation continued a while longer before Mike, thanking them enthusiastically for the beer and company, wished them a good evening and went back to his own apartment.

  • Brrrrring*. At ten the following morning, right on schedule, the door buzzer of Dean and Jeremy’s apartment announced the arrival of their expected (compelled) guest. When Dean threw open the door, Mike stood there grinning boyishly, his arms full of a Starbuck’s “care package”, looking even sexier in his off-duty gear of jeans, t-shirt, natural un-gelled hairstyle, and a little razor stubble, than he had in the form-fitting, spit-and-polish police uniform the night before. “Hey, guys!” he said. “I thought the least I could do was to offer a little return for your hospitality. I hope you aren’t already all coffeed up.”

“Mike, come on in!” Dean replied with equal enthusiasm. He took the packages from Mike. “Thanks! This looks great. Have a seat while I get a couple of plates for the pastries.”

Mike seated himself in the same chair he’d occupied most of the previous evening, but before he could say or so anything further, Jeremy, who had been lurking in the next room, made his entrance. “Mike, sleepy pet cop!”

“Wha..?” but the handsome young policeman’s eyes were already beginning to glaze.

“Sleepy pet cop… sleepy pet cop…” Jeremy crooned the trigger phrase over and over several times and Mike was once again helplessly in the brothers’ power.

Dean and Jeremy set about the conversion and programming of their helpless subject with dedication and dispatch. They were using Ty’s playbook, although they didn’t consciously know that, so, in short order, Mike was droning, “I’m a deeply hypnotized boy, and my only purpose is to obey” over and over, just as they had done in their turn, while the brothers chipped away at his remaining heterosexuality and instilled Ty’s required hypno-fetish. After a couple of hours of intensive trance work, with a few conscious breaks so that the young policeman would burn out, Mike was convinced that his bisexuality was now mostly gay, that his greatest turn-on was hypnotism, and that, in particular, he wanted to be hypnotized at that club downtown. He’d also had three excellent orgasms to reinforce his unconscious fondness for the brothers and for the trance.

“Wake up!”

Mike was now so practiced in both entering and leaving the trance state that there was no grogginess or lapse of time. He was instantly back in his normal waking state with no awareness he had ever left it. “So, what have you guys got on for today? Any particular plans?”

“Just chores and errands,” Dean answered.

“But we did think we’d go to the club tonight and check out the hypnotism show,” Jeremy added.

Like a dog that has just heard the word ‘walk’, Mike was instantly all attention. If he had actually been that dog, his ears would have pricked up. Trying to sound casual, he said. “That sounds cool. Say, would you mind if I tagged along? I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of hypnotism. Maybe I could even get myself hypnotized in the show. I’m dying to know what it feels like.” The brothers noticed, but pretended not to, how his dick had twitched in his tight jeans at that thought.

“Sure, the more the merrier. The show starts at nine. Why don’t we all meet here at, say, 8:00 and catch a cab together? That way none of us has to be a designated driver.”

“Sounds great. See you then.” Mike was grinning as though he’d just won the lottery.

“Stand up.” All around the club several hypnotized patrons rose to their feet. Ty had switched up his routine on the spur of the moment as soon as he saw Dean and Jeremy seated at one of the tables along with a very handsome dark-haired young man, drawing the correct conclusion that they had been successful in the recruiting assignment he’d set them. After his pre-show talk and suggestibility tests, he’d gone straight into the induction without requesting volunteers to come forward. This had the net result of collecting everyone susceptible, whether they initially might have been inclined to volunteer or not. It was a somewhat risky gambit, in case no one was sufficiently influenced, but safe enough in this case with at least three guaranteed subjects (the two brothers and their guest). As it happened, in addition to those three there were a handful of other successfully entranced audience members, so the success of the show was assured. “Remain deeply asleep, but open your eyes. You will come here and take seats.” Jeremy, Dean, Mike, and the six other vacantly staring hypno-zombies shuffled forward obediently. “Now, close your eyes again and sleep… deeper and deeper… with every word… with every breath… deeper and deeper and deeper.” Ty surveyed the limp, helplessly spellbound crew with satisfaction and then proceeded with his show as usual.

“That was… I don’t know what that was! But I feel terrific!” Mike was enthusing as the three boys made their way back to the hypnotist’s dressing room to regain their underwear. “I just wish I could remember what it was like. What’d he make me do?”

“Sorry, Mike,” Dean said a little ruefully. “I know we were going to watch your back, but I went under too, even though I didn’t intend to. I don’t remember a damn thing between the time he started talking sleep and being waked up to see him holding my freakin’ shorts! Gotta agree, though. I feel great!” He stretched luxuriously.

“Me too,” Jeremy said. “No idea what you got up to, Mike. Hell, I have no idea what I got up to! It’s a blank from the time he started talking about my hands getting lighter and floating up into the air… floating… f…” Jeremy’s voice grew dreamier as he spoke. The susceptible teen was already starting to zone out once again. And Mike, too was suddenly looking heavy-lidded as he listened. Dean gave both of them a little shake to break the spell.

“Don’t put yourselves back under! I don’t know how to wake you up! But that settles it, we all went too deep to remember anything about the show. If we want information, Mr. O’Keefe is the only one who can give us any. Maybe when he gives us back our Jockey’s he’ll be willing to answer a question or two.”

They reached the dressing room, the last of the hypnotic subjects to do so, so there was a bit of a wait in line before it was their turn. When the hypnotist invited them to enter, they went in as a group.

“Welcome, gentlemen,” Ty smiled, “I believe these are yours.” He held out the remaining three undergarments, allowing each of them to select the correct pair. “Did you enjoy yourselves being in my show?”

Mike seemed to elect himself spokesman. “Well, that’s kinda the issue, Mr. O’Keefe. You had us all so hypnotized that we can’t remember anything about it.”

Ty raised his eyebrows. “And I assume you’d like to?”

“Oh, yes, sir!” and Dean and Jeremy nodded enthusiastic agreement.

“Very well, have a seat.” As the boys took chairs he added, “By the way, what’s your name? Dean and Jeremy I know.”

“Mike Whitman.”

“Pleased to meet you. Sleep now!” The sudden command instantly rendered the three young men helpless.

Ty was now free to examine the new recruit at his leisure. Looking at Mike’s sexy, sleeping face, the hypnotist quickly came to the conclusion that this was quite possibly the most beautiful young man he’d ever collected. The hypnotist had a wide range of preference in looks, and had always found many guys attractive, but this guy, with his classic dark-Irish coloring, his perfect masculine features, his midnight hair and long, thick eyelashes, the seductive red of his sculpted lips, not to mention the obvious (even in clothing) musculature and perfect proportions of his hard body, pushed more of Ty’s hot-buttons than any single male specimen had to date. The hypnotist tore his hungry eyes away to look at Jeremy and Dean (by no means slouches in the contest of male beauty), just to see if he was perhaps manufacturing a fixation without real basis. But, no, Ty’s eyes weren’t deceived. Cute as they were (especially Jeremy, whose eyes were still open, even though his fixed stare proclaimed his entrancement), they came in second to this Adonis!

“Dean, Jeremy, sleep deeply. Continue to go deeper into trance. You will not be aware of anything until I touch your shoulder.” Both well-conditioned brothers instantly went limp in their seats. Jeremy’s eyes closed. They were off-line until such time as Ty chose to recall them. Then the hypnotist set about programming Mike. His agenda was different this time, however. Ty had no intention of turning Mike into a recruiter, or, frankly, of sharing him with anyone (except, perhaps, with the brothers, as a kind of “finder’s fee”, since the hypnotist did still enjoy a menage upon occasion). No, Ty decided, Mike would be his; ideally, his lover, but if not that, then his slave.

“Michael Whitman, how old are you?”


“God, even his voice is hot!” Ty thought to himself. “Are you gay or straight?” Considering that the young man had been recruited by Dean and Jeremy, the hypnotist more-or-less expected that they would have already taken care of that, just as Brent’s recruiter had for him.

“I’m gay… mostly…”

A few brief questions elicited the story of Mike’s teenage sexuality, by now heavily reinterpreted through Dean and Jeremy’s hypnotic interference so that his encounters with women had become, in his view, experimentation, while those with his friend Sean he now considered his true bent.

Ty now went to work in earnest, and, after many, many rounds of trance deepening, and a bewildering array of complex and insidious psychological tools and manipulations, the beautiful young police officer stood before him a motionless, blankly staring statue, his entire personality and ego-structure laid wide open for the hypnotist to play with and remodel in any way he chose. First, the hypnotist crafted a template for a sexual ideal modeled on his own face- and body-type, complementary to the one Mike represented to him - not really all that difficult, since Ty was a very attractive man. Then he strengthened even further Mike’s newly instilled hypno-fetish: his instant arousal and obsession with being hypnotized, with seeing other hypnotized men, and, most especially, with men who could hypnotize. Finally Ty felt he had done as much as hypnosis was capable of doing. It was time for the acid test, but first he needed to wake everybody back up. He touched Dean’s and Jeremy’s shoulder to bring them back into the loop.

“Dean, Jeremy, open your eyes and come stand beside Michael.” As the brothers obeyed, Ty continued,” You are all completely under my hypnotic control and must believe and obey everything I tell you. Repeat that.”

“I am completely under your hypnotic control and must believe and obey everything you tell me.”

“Very good, boys. Now in a moment, when I wake you back up, you’ll be able to remember tonight’s show… but you will remember it with a few differences. Dean and Jeremy, you will remember being hypnotized and everything that you did during tonight’s show, but you won’t remember anything about other shows except what I have already allowed you to recall. You will not remember that Michael was hypnotized tonight. Nor will you remember that you have ever hypnotized him. As far as you will be able to know, you have only met Michael casually as neighbors will. You invited him over for a beer, and, during the course of conversation just happened to mention my show, which is why he came here with you tonight. But you will only remember him remaining in the audience to watch as you were hypnotized. As far as you know, Michael has never been hypnotized. Do you understand?”

Jeremy and Dean helplessly agreed as their memories quickly blurred and reformed to conform to Ty’s instructions.

“Michael, you will remember everything about tonight’s show, but as an audience member, not a participant. You came here to my dressing room because the show fascinated and aroused you and you wanted to meet me. You have never been hypnotized… but you want to be!”

On the hypnotist’s prompt Mike, too, voiced his mindless agreement and his memory reconstituted itself.

“Very good. On the count of three, back in your normal consciousness. Everything will be as I have commanded it. One… two… three!” Ty watched as awareness returned to the three young men’s eyes. This was the crucial moment. Would all of his suggestions hold? And, in holding, would they garner the desired results? He almost held his breath.

There was a brief moment of silence as the newly-awakened boys reoriented themselves… and then Jeremy began to giggle. And then to laugh uncontrollably. Dean was also sputtering with mirth, “Geez… we actually did that stuff?! Oh. My. God!”, and then he was laughing too hard to talk.

The laughter was so infectious that Michael began laughing with them. In between bursts of merriment he managed to say, “Yeah, you actually did! It was a riot! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen!” His eyes found the hypnotist, and he got control of himself quickly. “And Mr. O’Keefe was amazing!” He quickly dropped his gaze, and Ty was fairly certain he could discern the promising beginnings of a blush on the young policeman’s cheeks.

“Yes, you two were the hits of the show. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves, and you’re welcome to return and do it again any time you like. You’re excellent subjects.” Ty smiled graciously. “And, perhaps, if you come again, Michael, you’ll feel confident and relaxed enough to allow yourself to be hypnotized and join in the show.”

Mike looked as though Christmas had come earlier, but he tried to be cool. “I would really enjoy that, Mr. O’Keefe. I don’t know why I didn’t go under this time; I was trying. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like to be hypnotized.” His expression took on an almost palpable aura of longing hero-worship as he looked at the hypnotist.

Ty recognized his cue. “Well, some people just need a little more personal attention the first time they go into trance (something I can’t really provide during the show). If you really would like to see what being hypnotized is all about, I’d be more than happy to work with you one-on-one. Maybe we could go out for coffee or a drink and discuss it.” The hypnotist charged his expression with enough sexual tension to make it clear to Michael just what he was really offering.

The Mike’s incipient blush blossomed into full color, but maintained eye-contact and answered, if just a little breathlessly, “I’d really like that.”

Well then, that’s settled!” Ty beamed. “There’s a nice little pub about a block from here. It’s quieter than the club and I often go there for a drink to unwind after the show. Please join me!”

“We’d…” Jeremy began eagerly, but Dean kicked him, “… like to, Mr. O’Keefe, but we really need to get home and do some studying,” he finished rather lamely.

Dean weighed in, “Mike, you don’t have any reason not to take him up on the offer, as long as you’re okay with cabbing it back home. We all drove here together”, he explained to the hypnotist.

“A cab is fine,” Michael said, not taking his eyes from the hypnotist’s.

Ty said, “You may not even need that. If you don’t live too far out of my way, I can give you a lift on the way home,” while thinking to himself, “Perhaps you won’t go home at all tonight!”

The brothers took their leave and Ty and Michael were left alone in the dressing room. The hypnotist grabbed his coat and motioned to Michael, “Shall we?”, and the two men exited the club.

As they walked down the street towards the bar he’d mentioned, Ty said, as though on the spur of the moment although he’d actually planned it all along, “You know I’m really pretty tired. My car’s only about a block from here. Would you mind terribly if we just drove to my place? I can still treat you to a drink and we can talk hypnosis. And you can get a cab from there just as easily as here.” He smiled ingratiatingly.

“N-no” Michael stammered, “I don’t mind at all.” His dick twitched in his pants at the thought of being invited into the hypnotist’s house… maybe even his bedroom? And if he were hypnotized at the time?? The twitch turned into a full erection, fortunately pointed downwards in his trouser-leg so that he could still stand up straight without being virtually indecent.

Without seeming to, Ty hadn’t missed the action in the young policeman’s pants. Oh, this was going to be fun indeed! “Thanks for being so understanding, Mike. I really appreciate it.” He led the somewhat-awkwardly walking man to his car and off they drove.

When they were seated in the hypnotist’s living room with their drinks, after a few moments of getting-to-know-you small talk, Ty broached the subject of hypnosis. “Tonight in the show, I believe you said you were ‘trying’ to go under. Did I understand you correctly?”

“Yeah. I really wanted to go under! I was trying so hard to do exactly what you said that…”

Ty cut in, “I thought so. And that was the reason you didn’t end up in trance. Hypnosis only works when you relax and just let it happen. If you’re trying to force it to happen your own intensity will stop the trance state from developing. Let me give you a demonstration of what I mean. Suppose I tell you to lift your arm.” He motioned to Michael, “Go ahead and lift it.” Mike raised his arm. “Okay. Are you hypnotized?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

“Of course not. You simply acceded to a request. And if, for some reason, you hadn’t been willing to raise your arm, you would have been quite able to refuse. Go ahead and lower your arm back to your side.” The young policeman obeyed that direction as well, naively unaware that he was establishing a pattern of obedience (of course his previous unremembered hypnotic training made that a given anyway). “But now,” Ty’s voice subtly changed into a more hypnotic intonation, “Suppose I tell you to look at my finger and follow it back and forth?” Ty held up his index finger and began to move it slowly back and forth, noting how easily and automatically Michael’s eyes locked on to it and followed its leisurely motion, back and forth… back and forth. “To follow it back and forth… back and forth… and suppose I then tell you that, as you follow my finger, your body and your mind are relaxing more and more… relaxing with each motion of my finger… back… relaxing… and forth… relaxing… relaxing… and as you are relaxing, maybe you begin to feel a little tired… a little sleepy… back… relax… and forth… sleepy…” The young policeman was now staring helplessly, his eyelids already beginning to sag. Ty continued, “And soon your eyelids will be too heavy to hold open and they will close… back and forth… sleepier and sleepier… and when they close, your arm will float right up into the air… back and forth… so-o-o sleepy now… you won’t even be aware of your arm… it will float up all by itself…completely beyond your control… sleepier and sleepier… back and forth… eyelids too heavy to hold open… just let them close and relax… relax… close them now, Michael…” Michael’s eyelids lost the battle and fell shut, his entire body melting into the couch on which he was slumped, and, in slow motion, his arm floated lazily upwards until it was straight in the air.

Ty grinned. “Okay, Michael, I want you to open your eyes when I count to three… you’ll be able to do that easily without losing this wonderful, relaxed, sleepy feeling… one… two… three….” Mike’s eyes slowly opened and he stared blankly. “Are you hypnotized now?”

“I… I don’t know… is this what hypnotized feels like?” The policeman’s voice was soft and abstracted.

“Look at your arm.” Michael slowly turned his head and owlishly looked up at his arm swaying gently above him. “Did you lift your arm this time?”


“And if you wanted to lower it, you couldn’t… go ahead and try… try to lower that arm… can you do it?” After the briefest of ineffectual struggles Michael meekly admitted that he couldn’t lower it. “That’s right… your arm is no longer under your control because you are hypnotized and you have allowed yourself to give up control to me. I now control you. Lower your arm, Michael.” As obediently as a soldier in drill, the young policeman smartly brought his hand back to his side. “Stand up.” The hypnotized young man almost sprang to attention. “As you see, you must obey all of my commands, instantly, unquestioningly… because you are hypnotized… hypnotized… hypnotized… going deeper with every breath… with every beat of your heart… with every time you hear me say the word ‘hypnotized’… I control your body… hypnotized… I control your mind; no thoughts but those I give you… hypnotized… no will of your own… hypnotized… the reality I suggest becomes your only reality… hypnotized… hypnotized… hypnotized…” The hypnotist took Michael’s relaxed hand in his, commanding, “Come with me, hypnotized boy,” and led his entranced slave to his bedroom.

“You are completely in my power, Michael… say it.”

“I am completely in your power…”

“You can’t resist… you can’t disobey… and that turns you on… it turns you on more than anything ever has in your entire life… you have never felt sexier than you do right now… because you love being helpless and hypnotized… and because you feel more sexual attraction for me, your hypnotic master, than you have ever felt for anyone else… I am going to undress you… you will stand passively and cooperate… and each piece of clothing I remove will make you more aroused and hypnotize you more deeply… you will be on the edge of orgasm, but you cannot cum until I order it…” Ty removed Mike’s cap, tousling his hair, and the young man gasped. He then proceeded to remove Mike’s jacket, and then his shoes and socks, each item eliciting another gasp or moan of desire.

Now the young policeman was down to his khaki t-shirt and jeans (unmistakably tented at the crotch and sporting a noticeable wet spot). The hypnotist paused to take off his own clothing and then gathered Michael into his arms, pressing his naked body against the young man’s who continued to pant and moan, but also to cooperate docilely. The policeman’s firm, lean torso felt amazing, even through the remaining layer of clothes. Ty explored chest, abs, the hard, muscular back and shoulders, and then pulled the t-shirt off of Mike and repeated the whole exploration caressing and fondling the bare, nearly hairless skin. The hypnotist (even without anyone having hypnotically primed him) was more turned on than he had been in a very long time; this was definitely something special in the way of physical attraction. He wanted to rip the jeans away, but forced himself to exercise sufficient control to get them off Michael without damaging them or him. The smell of the young policeman’s arousal as his moist cock was released from its confinement was intoxicating. “Kiss me, Michael!” Ty himself couldn’t decide whether that sounded like a hypnotic command or a lover’s plea, but, whichever, his hypnotized lover accommodated immediately. Mike admitted the hypnotist’s invading tongue without any resistance and the kiss quickly caught fire. Ty pulled him close by the twin globes of his tight, muscular ass, feeling their cocks mashed together between them, his own now every bit as juicy with pre-cum as his subject’s. Before he lost all coherence, Ty freed his mouth and commanded, “Make love to me Michael; you will cum when I do!” He pulled Michael down onto his bad and the night dissolved into a maelstrom of groping hands, flailing limbs, busy mouths and tongues, bucking hips, and jousting, thrusting cocks. The hypnotist wasn’t sure whether he had one massive orgasm or several that just ran into each other on and on. Finally, slick with sweat and covered in cum, both his and Michael’s, Ty collapsed onto the bed, totally spent. Michael lay beside him panting, but otherwise motionless, obviously waiting with hypnotized patience for the next command.

When Ty felt that he’d recovered enough to attempt speech he said, “Michael…” It came out as a croak. He cleared his throat and tried again, “Michael…” Better. “Michael, you are still deeply hypnotized. Say it.”

“I am still deeply hypnotized…” The young policeman sounded completely relaxed and unemotional, yet, to Ty’s ear (perhaps it was only wishful thinking) also contented.

The hypnotist proceeded to get them cleaned up and back into their clothes and then resumed his questioning.

“Did you enjoy being hypnotized?”


“Would you want me to hypnotize you again sometime?”

“Oh, yes…” Now, there was a hint of emotion!

Ty couldn’t help but smile as he mentally gave himself a high-five. “Would you want to have sex with me again?”

“Yes…” It was the purr of a satisfied cat.

“Do you… could you… love me?” Ty said softly, the hope naked in his voice. “God!” he thought disgustedly to himself, “That didn’t sound half desperate”!

But the hypnotized young policeman smiled dreamily in his trance. “I think I already love you… master…” In the next instant Ty had him in his arms again.

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