The Paladin Falls

By The Yetti -
published May 19, 2019
3260 words

An Adventuring Party thinks they have what it takes to solve the mystery of an ancient labyrinth. But that overconfidence could prove the downfall of each one of them in turn.

The catacombs were known far and wide as a place of great danger. Adventurers came from far and wide to try their hand and fortunes in the blackness of the underground labyrinth. None were known to have ever returned. This only inflamed interest in the catacombs more. Scholars looked deeper into the history and turned up stories of an ancient entity said to have been imprisoned in the maze at the dawn on time. Cast out by the other founding gods of this world. None knew what the entity wanted or what its powers were. It became a calling for all who followed a holy path to go to the catacombs and make sure the evil remained contained. So it was that the party found themselves at the entrance to the maze.

The three men had traveled together before, they had toppled kings and saved nations but this was to be their best and most glorious journey. Jourious the human paladin took the lead, clad in his shining steel plate, contrasted with his salt and pepper black hair and goatee. He appeared somewhat severe. He was juxtaposed sharply by the tall orc beside him, Luk the barbarian orc walked calmly by his friend. His green skin covered in coarse dark hair and a dark beard spread over his face. At the very back of their trio was a half-elf clad in loose robes. Huldu the wizard was struggling to keep up with his more athletic friends leaning heavily on his magical staff. His red hair was whipping behind him as he rand and his long read beard followed suit.

All three men had been attracted to the ruins for their own reasons. Jourious to satisfy the will of his god and keep the entity imprisoned. Luk was just happy for any difficult fight he could find at this stage, and Huldu wanted access to the ancient knowledge said to be housed in the bowels of the underground. They were not intimidated by the place’s reputation they had been through what they considered to be worse scrapes. They would figure out what others couldn’t and solve this conundrum.

They pressed past the obsidian gates of the catacombs only pausing so Huldu could study the runes etched into the sides to no avail. He couldn’t find any translation in any language that made sense to him. They pressed into the depths. Following the lit torches down into the stone tunnels. They didn’t find what they’d been expecting. No skeletons, no ravening monsters, not even a single trap. Just a clear straightforward tunnel having them continue ever deeper into the maze. Huldu was stuck to the walls looking at the runes fascinated while Luk grew bored. They had found no monsters for him to fight and he was beginning to loose interest. Jourious was confident that they would solve whatever problem lay at the heart of the maze and he was feeling the pleasure he usually got from following his gods will.

Things got more complicated when the trio pulled up to a three way split in the tunnel. Jourious confident that his fellows would take his lead, continued down the straight tunnel not even bothering to cast an eye behind him. Huldu, engrossed in the runes as he was followed them down the left path, missing his friend altogether and just continuing on. Luk had been about to say something to his two friends, letting them know they were splitting the party, however that was then he caught sight of a great manticore standing menacingly down at the end of the right path. With a battle cry Luk rushed off to engage it into battle. And just like that the three were alone, lost in their own goals.

It was then the Entity chose to close his traps. He had of course been watching since the three arrived and wandered aimlessly through his tunnel. Unlike how the Entity was painted, he was not a dark evil creature from before time. He was merely another aspect of the world around them. He was once the god of pleasure and domination. The gods feared his power would dominate the world and locked him away. But such was the nature of the creatures of this world that they still came to him to be taken and made into his playthings. He knew these men now. Had seen them, and sized them up, He knew just how to break them and he would start with the easiest. The Paladin had lived a life of denial and abstinence, working only to his god’s will. This left him susceptible when real pleasure was upon him.

As Jourious walked down the tunnel he was oblivious to the changes that were being made but the magic of the labyrinth wormed its way into his body. The Entity was god in his own right and he wasn’t looking to hurt the Paladin, so the aura of holy energy that normally protected the paladin could not keep out the magic in the maze. It began as a slight warmth in his chest and groin growing warmer and more pleasant as he continued. Jourious thought little of it. He simply walked on, confident as he was in his skills and his companions obedience. It wasn’t long before changed into a pleasant buzzing centered on his nipples and crotch. He his nipples and cock grow hard and sensitive and paused for the first time to wonder at the effect. It felt so so good whatever it was. Jouious had spent so long avoiding the pleasures of the flesh. He had never known a woman’s touch, even denied himself his own release. But now he felt incredible. Is this what he was missing all these years?

He shook himself forcefully. This was a trick? It had to be. He didn’t know how this had gotten past his aura, but some foul magic was at work making him think impure thoughts. He paused to bring up the matter with Huldu, but then noticed he was alone. Luk and Huldu were both gone and there was no one to consult about the insidious impure power. Growling with fury Jourious turned around, The face that his companions had strayed from his lead and gone off on their own had temporarily pushed the impurities from his mind. He decided to move on, solve the issue and berate his friends once the whole affair was settled. He charged deeper into the tunnel allowing more of the maze’s power to soak into his body unnoticed. His fury carried him just far enough for the buzzing in the nipples and cock to turn into a steady pulse of insistent pleasure. His cock was so hard it was pressing painfully against his armor.

He thought to himself for a brief moment before realizing that even without his armor his gods power would protect him. He would be less distracted if he didn’t have to think about the way his cock was pressed against his armor. He stopped to take a moment and strip down to his breeches and undershirt, reveling in the release. During the process he pressed against his nipples and brushed against his cock. He was so sensitive now that the slightest touch sent waves of ecstasy throughout his whole body. It was the best feeling in the whole world, what he wouldn’t give to keep this feeling going for the rest of his life.

“NO!” He called to himself forcefully, trying and failing to force the pleasure away. It persisted but he was able to keep most of his wits about him. There was an insidious urge at the back of his mind to give in to the pleasure and just indulge. He had never allowed himself to feel anything like this and he didn’t know how to combat such a powerful urge. Nevertheless he made himself press onward. He could fight this, he decided. He was a powerful paladin with a will of iron. No foul impure magic would corrupt him. Gritting his teeth and clenching his fist, trying to ignore the sizable bulge in his breeches, he continued deeper.

The pulse of pleasure was growing more and more intense and was becoming more tactile. It felt like there were fingers rubbing and tweaking his nipples sending never ceasing waves of profound pleasure through his body. He could feel something like a hand around his cock, though he could see nothing, stroking up and down his shaft making him harder than he’d ever been, precum beginning to leak through his breeches. He was messing up his breeches, he didn’t want that. His teachers had always told him the virtues of cleanliness. He slipped down his breeches and left them folded on the floor. His cock rose hard and proud from a crop of black pubic hair. It felt so damn good. He loved the feeling of the air on his hard cock as he moved, it would feel so good on his chest as well. He slipped off his over shirt and left it in a heap on the floor. He was nude now a pelt of salt and pepper fur on display as he let the air flow over his naked body. He was so sensitive now that every shift of air was erotic. It made him want to keep moving so the pleasure continued.

A new sensation began to join the others now. A pressure in his ass, as if something was sliding into his hole. It made him feel so good he began to moan audibly as he walked on. Every step caused the invisible thing in his ass go in and our, in and out, urging him to go deeper still. It grew more and more in pleasure, his cock pulsing as invisible hands stroked it, his nipples buzzing as they were tweaked by invisible fingers, and his ass throbbing as he was fucked by an invisible cock. The pleasure was so great that it was so hard to think. Something was happening, but he didn’t really know what. He just felt so damn good, he needed to go on and feel good. Wait! What else did he need to do? He needed to do something…to serve his god. He was a paladin, wasn’t he? What did his god want him to do?

The pleasure grew so intense that his knees buckled. Jourious fell to all fours and just let the pleasure fill him. He was moaning like a bitch in head and he loved the sensation of the thing that was fucking him deep and steady. He just needed something to do with his mouth, keep him from drooling like an idiot.

“I knew you’d be the easiest to break.” The deep sensuous voice in the darkness rang out before the form hidden in shadow moved into the light.

The Entity was a tall figure taller than the tallest orc. He had a mostly human physique, face torso arms all humanoid and covered in a film of light brown body hair. His head was crown with a magnificent rack of antlers, complemented by the large stag legs holding up his massive muscular frame. Their eyes were a lambent green, the light pulsing slowly with each wave of pleasure that wracked Jourious’ body. He was a surprisingly beautiful and wild figure but what caught Jourious’ eye was the massive cock. He had a mans cock jutting from his furry lower hald hard and thick. Jourious couldn’t help but think how good that cock would feel inside him. If the invisible cock could feel this good imagine the real thing. Especially something this large attached to something so powerful. His first instinct was to cower before the entity and submit to it. But with all this training he resisted that instinct to offer what little defiance is left.

“You…You will…not defeat me…creature.” He panted lost in the pulses.

“Oh I think I will but, just to give you a sporting chance.” The Entity moved off to the side and snapped his fingers. A podium appeared sporting a book with a silver cover. “In this book lies the secret to stripping me of all my power. If you can resist my power and reach the book, you may leave the labyrinth unscathed. However I will also remain in all my….glory. Shall we see where you crawl.”

The Entity too his position on the left side of the tunnel making sure his massive cock was visible and caught the light to make sure it was always in view. Jourious felt hope blossom in his chest. He could do this it was so simple. All he had to do was crawl forward and reach the book. He could do this, he was strong enough to resist for just a little longer. He needed to

He slid forward on his hands and knees little by little. The pleasure ratcheted up as he moved inch by inch. It was so so good. So amazing. He could barely remember his name anymore. He couldn’t remember any of the teachings from his childhood. The force in his ass was fucking him voraciously and making him moan loudly with each surge. The podium was getting so close now, but every inch took him closer to that beautiful cock as well. He wanted it inside himself so bad. He wanted to suck that cock, to prove how much he needed the pleasure. To earn the Entity’s good will, so he would fuck him until the world was nothing but pleasure. No! He needed to reach the book. He needed to reach it, it was important, but he couldn’t remember why? Why did he need the book? What use was a book when the perfect cock was begging for him to reach out and stroke it and suck it. What pleasure could the book bring him, especially when next to the glorious cock.

Jourious was finally there. Before the book, all he had to do was reach out and touch it. The pleasure in his body was almost overwhelming, he couldn’t even make his own name come to mind. He took one last look at the book, not know what it was or why it was there, and then turned to the massive cock before him.

“Please I need it!” He moaned.

“You want my cock boy?” The Entity grown, his eyes glowing a bright green.

“YES!” The man who was a paladin screamed as a massive wave of pleasure filled him.

“Then come and suck it for me.”

In an instant Jourious crawled forward and took the cock head into his mouth. He felt his pleasure pulse more intensely the more he sucked. He had never felt so good in all his life and he would have done anything to keep it going. He bobbed up and down on the cock taking it as much into his mouth as he could. The Entity watched, smiling at the image of the blank eyed man who had been defying him moments before, sucking his cock with all the enthusiasm he could muster. Soon would come the real test.

“Now my pet, do you me to fuck you?” The Entity took Jourious by the chin and lifted him effortlessly to his feet.

“More than anything in the world.” The man was utterly broken. He was panting and moaning and his knees would barely support his weight.

“Then you must repeat after me.” The Entity smiled as he framed the words that would spell the Paladins permanent doom. “I renounce all other goods beside Cern”

“I renounce all other gods besides Cern.” Jourious repeated dutifully. The holy aura vanished instantly as the paladin lost his powers and broke his oaths.

“I now dedicate my life and soul to the great god Cern.”

“I now dedicate my life and soul to the great god Cern.” The Entity Felt his power settle down upon the man. There was only one last oath to swear.

“I abdicate all free will and bind myself from now till the end of time to Cern.”

“I abdicate all free will and bind myself from now till the end of time to Cern.” That was it the final nail in the former paladins coffin.

“Good boy, who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you my great lord Cern” Jourious panted lightly stroking his masters cock silently begging to be speared on the cock.

“Good boy do you want to milk your master’s cock boy”

“Yes master, Your will is my will. Your pleasure is my pleasure. I would do anything to please you master.”

“Good boy, would you even help me enslave your companions?”

“Of course master, anything you desire should be yours.”

“Good boy,” Cern lifted the man with incredible ease, and pressed the tip of his cock against the man’s hole. “Do you want your masters cock to fill you up?”

“Yes master! It’s all I think about”

“Good boy.” He pushed his cock deeper into the man’s ass.

Jourious had never felt anything like hit. It filled him up to the hilt but not just physically. He could feel the cock filling his ass, his mind, and even his soul. Full to brim. He screamed with joy as his master fucked him. Slowly at first but harder and harder the man bounced on his master’s cock, he never wanted the pleasure to stop he didn’t remember any other life he might have had. He was always his master’s slave. Always would be. His master wanted his friends to be slaves, so he would help his master in any way he could.

He didn’t know how long he was there, grinding against his master’s furred chest, feeling his cock slide in and out of his hole making him feel better than he’d ever felt before. He felt a mounting pressure in his balls, pushing up and out.

“I’m going to cum soon boy,” His master growled. “When you feel me cum, you’ll join me.”

“Yes… MASTER!” He panted barely able to form the words. With a final animalistic grunt, Cern pushed deep into the man, his cock pumping his cum deep into his new slave. Jurious arched his back as he came rivers of pent up cum, eliminating any vestiges of free will with a mind shattering orgasm. He collapsed to the ground as his muscles all lost tensions at once. Covered in sweat and cum and breathing like a bellows, Jurious barely had the energy to get to his knees. He kneeled before his master in perfect peace and happiness. He was a happy horny slave owned by a powerful master now.

“Now,” Cern reached out and waved his hand. A gold collar appeared on the man’s neck. A holy symbol in the shape of an erect phallus hung on the collar. Cern held out his hand helping Jourious to his feet. Cern’s cock was still hard and glistening waiting for another slave. Jourious licked his lips at the sight of it. “Let us take care of your friends. They won’t be as weak willed as you.”

“Yes master, whatever you want master.” Jourious smiled as he followed. He couldn’t wait to help enslave his friends.

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