Jock Fun: School Trip pt 1

By Rozza22365
published May 13, 2019
3207 words

Jackson prepares new blood for a school trip.

‘Beep, beep, beep’ Came from the alarm, waking Jackson from his long slumber. Jackson raised his arm and switched it off, and prepared to get up for his Wednesday. He sat up in bed and looked down over Jordan was laying down all over the bed.

“Jordan” Jackson whispered.

“Ugh is it already that time babe?” Jordan mumbled with his face in the pillow.

“Come on, babe time to get up. We got a long day ahead of us,” Jackson replied turning Jordan over playfully.

They both got up had a shower, got changed into their new school uniform. The uniform now consisted of black trousers/jeans, trainers, a white T-shirt, a navy blue letterman’s jacket, and the special cap, facing backward as always. Jackson always loved putting on the cap. It made him feel strong especially knowing how many people respected him when he wore it. It also made him feel safe knowing Coach knew everything about him at that time, his location, people near him, even his thoughts. Usually the stuff of nightmares from dystopian futures, but to him its what he was a part of, a dystopian soldier making a perfect world, full of patriotic jocks. As Jackson finished brushing himself down, Jordan entered the room gave him a kiss and went off to get breakfast going. Jackson always wondered what Jordan would think if he turned back into a nerd now. Would he be terrified of what he had turned into? Or happy he was with his football captain crush? Either way, it didn’t matter now, that Jordan was gone forever and this jock version of him was left and in control. Jackson went down for food and chatted with Jordan over breakfast. Jackson’s family entered and had breakfast. Everyone was happy with each other, and it felt perfect. Before Coach, Jackson didn’t know how his family would do with him being gay. They were a very active family that prized masculinity above all. His dad was a cop and mom a gym trainer. His second eldest brother was a marine and his eldest a mechanic. They used to take in all the old gay stereotypes of being over the top feminine, and this made Jackson think that he was lesser because of it. He feared being rejected by them and his jock bros at school. At first, his closest bro’s accepted him, but the rumor spread, and he was trolled by nerds online for months, which caused him to hate them for months. But then Coach came along. Coach made his worries disappear; he made him feel secure and gave him a purpose, which was to turn everyone at school into jocks. Jackson loved it, he loved watching as their weak bodies became strong and their infinite wisdom depleted until they were just as dumb as him. When Jackson turned Jordan into a jock and more importantly his boyfriend, he decided to use this to come out his family. It worked like a charm, they thought the same as they had before about him, no different. Jackson knew at that moment he would devote his time to Coach. His family had no idea about Coach’s plans and Jacksons involvement with them, but even if they did they would be more proud of him. Jackson and Jordan left for school in Jackson’s muscle car. Jordan switched on the radio for some music. He put it to their favorite station which played popular dance music non-stop. They listened to all the songs until the news played. ‘Good Morning listeners! Time for your morning news break down’ cheered the radio host. The news went over the highlights about activists being arrested, stuff about education being under military control, and parents who home school having their children taken away and placed in school. The radio host made everything seem reasonable with his twisted words. The last segment was about some conspiracy nut who was saying that the military was brainwashing kids with special helmets so they could cement control over the country.

“Heh, what a fucking idiot. We would know if stuff like that was happening at our school,” Jordan joked, smirking smugly.

“Of course we would babe,” Jackson responded, smiling at his ignorant boyfriend. Jackson knew the caps were working well. Jordan used to be one of the smartest nerds in school, and now he had been reduced to an ignorant musclehead, cursed to do and believe everything he was told.

As they arrived at school, Jackson parked in his spot reserved for him. He got out with Jordan, and they kissed before walking to the main hall. As they entered the hall, Jackson became proud of being surrounded by his excellent work. Every kid in school was a jock now; they all wore the same uniform and had the backward cap that made sure they were obedient. They were all dumb musclehead idiots, but they were his musclehead idiots that he had turned. Jackson and Jordan met up with their bro’s and chatted about sports, working out, parties and attractive girls and guys. They talked about this until the bell rang. Every conversation and game stopped at that instance. All the jocks stood tall, straight backs and said the pledge of allegiance in unison and eagerly. One of the things that were implemented in every school was the pledge. It was to show patriotism and unity among students and stuff. Patriotism wasn’t part of the original plan; it was added to give jocks more meaning and devotion. According to Coach higher-ups started making more changes, adding patriotism and unquestioning loyalty to the jock mindset. It was also probably to tighten whoever was in control’s grip on the jocks as political resistance had risen in Congress and every local town hall. Coach wasn’t scared though as he could just update every jock with anything he wanted at any point. The caps weren’t just a way of communication anymore. They could deliver orders or additional aspects to the jocks, ensuring loyalty and control on demand.

Jackson and the jocks chanted the pledge with enthusiasm and love. “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Once the pledge had been made the first period began. Jackson, however, had to skip it as Coach needed to speak to him. Jackson made his way around the school to Coach’s office and sat down ready for today’s news.

“How are you Jackson?” asked Coach politely as he always did.

“Good, Coach” he replied.

“That’s good Jackson. I’m sure your well aware our plans are proceeding as we thought. Every school in the country has already begun the experiment, and some colleges are implementing it too. However, some people are causing issues. One school near us is having difficulty converting its nerd population and so is wondering if we can help. I was wondering if you thought our jocks would be up to the task?” Coach questioned. Jackson could and would only respond positively to this. It was part of his programming from the cap, ‘never disappoint Coach.’

“Of course we are Coach! We are always ready to do what you ask,” Jackson raised his voice enthusiastically.

“Good, good. I know I can always count on my jocks,” Coach smiled

“Well that should be sorted later today, we will take two Coaches full off jocks. I have one other thing for you this morning Jackson. Unfortunately, some parents in the area became afraid of sending their kids to school once those conspiracy nut cases opened their mouths and decided to homeschool them. In response to this, we’ve had to take the kids off of them for the time being. Some of these kids will be coming to us over the next few days, and they will need to be welcomed and assimilated with the rest. One is waiting at reception right now. I need you to do what’s necessary,” informed Coach.
“Yes, Coach. Right away,” Jackson replied again obediently.

Coach nodded and handed him the info on the homeschool children’s backgrounds. Jackson left Coach’s office and read the sheet as he walked towards the reception. The kid had been homeschooled by some overly religious and conspiracy nut head parents. So it was obvious these people might be suspicious when kids start jocking out en masse. They feared their little treasures would get preyed upon by the government. ‘Lucky for him, that he gets to turn into one of us today.’ Thought Jackson, happy that his work was going to continue. As Jackson turned a corner, he saw the boy. The boy was a mess; his hair was messy and unwashed; even jocks had some cleanliness to them. His white shirt and shorts were so ripped they looked like rags. His body was worse; His arms and legs were boney, but with a little fat, his chest was a little bit fatter, but it was so thin and underdeveloped, it looked like it might snap under 5kg of weight.

‘Damn this guy is gonna need to convert’ Jackson thought seeing how pitiful the creature in front of him was.

“Hey, Alex is it? My names Jackson” greeted Jackson cheerfully. Alex, however, looked nervous and didn’t say a word; he only made faint noises.

“Quiet I see, Well I’m sure you will talk more as you get more confident. This way please,” Jordan walked down the corridor from reception. On the way, he tried to make small talk to find out something about this kid but he was so nervous, he looked as if his mouth couldn’t open. Jackson persisted with the nice guy attitude, and Alex opened up.

“Ummm, you have a very nice school here, but in every classroom, all the kids are big and strong. I don’t think I will fit in here,” muttered Alex.

“Sure you will bro, everyone here got to where they are through their commitment and everyone helping each other. You will do the same. Ah just up here now,” Jackson comforted. Alex whimpered on and as they got to the locker room door, Alex’s body filled with itself with dread.

“Why are we here? what’s gonna happen in there?” Whined Alex again.

“We just need to get you changed, man. Why what did you think was going to happen?” Jackson comforted again.

“It’s just that my mom and dad, said that they’re doing weird stuff on kids here. And that they’re using mind control or something.” Alex began worrying, which slightly annoyed Jackson as he was delaying his conversion. “Don’t worry, Alex everything will be fine I’m sure. But there’s no mind control stuff here. That’s all jokes and conspiracy theories. Come on I’ll introduce to some of my buds later that’ll help you settle in,” Jackson patted Alex on the back reassuring him and creating a basic level of trust with him. Jackson put his arm around him and gently walked him into the locker room and then into the conversion room. The conversion room was modernized and now looked like an extension of the locker room. The floor was tiled with orange and creme tiles that made up weird patterns, the walls were plain white, and had some news board on them. There were, of course, two doors on the left-hand side of the room. Both were for small storage rooms, one with uniforms and the other with helmets. Alex sat down on the bench as Jackson went to get a helmet.

“Are you a smart boy Alex?” Jackson called out.

“Y…yes I was in second to the top set of biology class, and my mom said I was the best at maths in the family,” Alex replied, confused by the question.

“Cool,” Jackson shouted, a slight smirk on his face thinking about what kind of jock Alex was about to turn into. Jackson returned with a football helmet and gave it out to Alex.

“Whats… th… this?” asked Alex

“It’s a football helmet dummy,” replied Jackson jokingly.

“But I’m not any good at football,” Alex whined

“bruh, this school is a patriotic school, and football is our American sport, so playing it makes you a patriot. Aren’t you a patriot like us Alex?” Jackson asked.

“I am.”

“So pop it on then, you will feel so different when you do,” Jackson said excitedly as he was about to make a new bro. Alex placed the helmet above his head and SCHLOP… The helmet sucked itself onto Alex’s head beginning his conversion. Jackson sat next to him on the bench. As Alex struggled, Jackson grabbed his shoulders lowering him down into his lap so he could comfort and nurture Alex as he turned into a new brooding jock.

“Got you good bruh, but don’t worry you will be one of us soon,” mocked Jackson.


Alex squirmed about in Jackson’s lap trying to get the helmet off and save himself, but the helmet clung to his head tightly. Eventually, it mind controlled him to move his arms away. Jackson looked down at Alex, who stared back in fear. He was broken by Jackson’s deception and his now gleeful look. Jackson, however, was excited, like he was a child about to receive a present, except he was about to watch as this weakling was turned into another of his dumb musclehead jocks. Jackson’s joy rose as the helmet configured itself to begin reducing Alex’s intelligence. Alex’s mind started thinking of biology, mathematic equations, tech knowledge and all the other subjects he excelled at. He didn’t feel as his knowledge was sucked out bit by bit, but the bubbling noises as each thought and memory turned into the blue liquid, sent waves of fear through him. The juice was then turned into a freezing mist that was sent straight into Alex’s mouth. As the first breeze went into his mouth, Alex felt frozen as his body entered a numb state. Alex couldn’t feel or move anything, and he was now at the mercy of Jackson and the helmet. Jackson looked down over Alex’s body as his veins went blue. He could see a very light pumping motion under Alex’s skin, and he knew muscle was about to explode from every part of his body.

“Sweet bro, your gonna be one of us now, sorry for lying an all, you have to turn into one of us. Don’t worry though, all your gonna lose is your smart stuff, but you will gain muscles and bros. Honestly, your gonna love being one of us,” Jackson joked, trying to reassure Alex.

The helmet was productively turning Alex’s knowledge in muscle. Jackson saw as Alex’s weak calves grew out extending his height, his thighs had enlargened with fat which then turned into muscle. His boney legs had been improved to become athlete quality. Further up Alex’s flat stomach was pumping fat built his frame, a set of washboard abs then slowly carved themselves onto it. After that his pecs began inflating with air, like balloons, hardening out. His shoulders were forcibly ripping apart as they broadened out, widening his frame. His arms now pumped up more intensely, each pump of the mist expanded them by an inch. Biceps and triceps were buffing up showing off muscle. Alex screamed as his head was restructured. His head became round and his jaw squaring out; his facial features become more masculine, thicker eyebrows, brutish nose, and a chin strap stubble. His hair was shortened down to size three buzzed all over. He now had the jock look, but now he needed the uniform and the new mind.
Alex’s plain clothes were not spared his growth, they were torn to shreds, but Jackson knew what would happen now. The last of the mist repaired and retextured his clothes, so they were ready to become football gear.

Alex’s veins glowed blue as it radiated the changes onto his new fabric. The blue radiated onto his plain jersey and trousers infecting them with the school colors of navy blue and yellow. His broken shoes turned into black football cleats. Tiny particles on his arms started expanding outwards, covering his wrists to elbows in white arm sleeves. Alex now had his uniform. The helmet began its last process on him, changing his empty mind into a patriotic jock ready to serve Coach or whoever asked him.

Alex stopped struggling in Jackson’s lap as he entered a trance, fighting a message that the helmet was trying to force into him through repetition. ‘Jock jock, you’re a jock’ repeated over and over, searing itself into his mind. The next lines were ‘you’re a jock, and you love your bro’s. You’re a jock, and you love your country. You’re a Jock and do what you’re told.’ These repeated until his mind was bent and molded to make him an obedient, patriotic jock like everyone else at school. Alex tried to deny these thoughts from becoming fact, but his mind was starved of any knowledge that it craved the fiction it was force fed. Alex gave up after a minute or two and accepted his fate, falling in line with the new jock youths at Jockland high. Jackson’s happiness and excited emotions died down a bit as he watched the final moments of Alex the dweeb transform into Alex the jock. Alex got up and stood up, straightened out his back, put his hands at his sides, staring blankly at Jackson. Jackson got up and looked admirably up and down his new musclehead.

“Who are you?” asked Jackson.

“Alex Jordan,” replied Alex in his drone-like state.

“What are you?” Jackson asked again, probing for weaknesses in his new programming.

“A jock” Alex replied again.

“What do you love?”

“I love the US of A, American football, my bro’s and the gym” replied Alex with a slight proudness in his voice as his new patriotism started cracking his drone-like state.

“I see, you love your country. What do you hate though, Alex?” Jackson asked toying with Alex’s new patriotism.

“I hate dweebs, anti-Americans, traitors and anyone Coach says,” Alex replied with a little anger in his voice.

“Oh, and what should we do with such pathetic things?” Jackson intrigued.

“We turn them into us as you did, or if not, report them to the authorities, and if I have to, neutralize them,” Alex stated firmly.

“Good, good, you shouldn’t need to do that last one… much. But the first one, you’re gonna do that a lot tonight. You ready for it?” Jackson asked.

“Yes,” Alex finished. Jackson smiled removing the helmet from Alex and getting him dressed in his proper uniform. Alex was gonna make a fine jock for the school.

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