Little Friends part 10

By Mreyes8230
published June 10, 2007
1733 words

Scott the delivery guy

Damn this traffic! The young driver yelled to no one as he went through the streets of New York.

The all too familiar brown truck pulled up to the apartment house n 34th street. Scott walked to the back of his truck and grabbed yet another package. As he was fumbling around in the back of the truck he was jarred by yelling. Two large men were dragging a younger guy into the Apartment building. The young man seemed to know the others but still wanted to be let go. Scott jumped out the back and confirmed the address. The kid was dragged inside the building.

When Scott walked into the lobby of the old building he stood a moment stunned at the show in front of him. The entire lobby was being remodeled. Walls had been torn out and new pipes and conduit were being laid. The floors were also being peeled up and reinforced with additional conduit being installed. He thought to himself that the building was really installing major electric amenities for its tenants. Scott was even more amazed that all the workers were strangely quiet they worked around each other but never getting in each others way.

He said to him self, “Now that is something you don’t see everyday.”

He went up to a worker that was nailing sheets of drywall with a nail gun. Scott stopped for a moment and watched as the man grabbed a sheet of drywall and with one hand held it in place and with the other he nailed it to the studs. The nails were in a perfect row.

Excuse me; could you tell me where the manager’s office is?

The man continued to work as if he did not hear him. He turned and walked away.

Scott started to get annoyed. “Yo dude!” “I’m talking to you.” But the worker continued to walk away as if Scott had not said anything.

But before Scott could turn and leave with the package undelivered; he felt a hand on his shoulder.

A voice asked,“How can we help you young man?”

Scott turned and standing before him was incredibly fit older man he had not seen before.

I have a package here to be delivered to unit 105J.

Scott offered his pad and said, “Could you sign here sir?”

The man said “Sure.”

The man grabbed the pad and scribbled his name and before he handed it back a small amount of what looked like perspiration dripped on the console. The console looked like it rebooted. This happened in seconds while Scott was looking around again at all the organized chaos in the lobby.

The man said here you go.

Scott grabbed the pad. As he made the notations on the pad as to the status of the pad it felt like the keys were slick. Then suddenly he felt a jolt. Scott instinctually put his finger in his mouth as if to cool a hot spot.

Scott yelled “DAMN”.

And with that he started to walk toward the exit. He began to feel hot and the more he looked at the door the more it seemed to be further away. He stopped in front of the door and stared at the traffic go by. He felt a buzzing around his ears as everything began to fall away from his senses.

He knew he had to go but he seemed to forget where. He tried to remember why he came into the building but his mind felt like syrup.

He looked at the key board and brought it to his face. The pad began to flash in some type of pattern that Scott calming. He stared for a few minutes until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

The same older man that signed for the package looked man approached him and said “Is there anything else you need?”

Scott answered, “I am confused, I do not know where I am and what to do?”

The man put his arm around Scott waist and said “why don’t we go to my office and discuss a new direction for you.”

Scott was alarmed by all this until he felt a tug from the pad in his hand. He held to his face and again the calming flashed began.

After what felt like an eternity he turned to the fit man in front of him and said, "Yes "in a cold manner.

The door closed behind them and the building manager position Scott in from of the computer monitor in his office. He placed the delivery pad near a black cube on the desk. When suddenly tendrils reached out and stabbed the delivery pad.

The pad began to flicker and almost come alive.

While this was happening; Scott looked up. On the ceiling was a black dome that seemed to move and quiver. The manager came up to Scott and said, “REMOVE YOUR CLOTHS”.

Scott who now was sweating and trying to understand why he was doing what he was told started to unbutton his brown uniform. Scott removed his clothing and stood before the building manger. The manger stared at the young man who was in good shape but his body was showing the fatigue and the slight pot belly from sitting to long.

They stood facing each other until the office door opened. The drywall man, the same one that had earlier ignored Scott, entered the room. He proceeded to remove his clothing and stood behind Scott.

The construction worker’s cock began to grow and settled between Scott’s ass cheeks. Scott while sweating during this whole time trying to make sense of the urges he now was feeling and the flashes of lights in his vision. Scott would shake and spasm with each flash. The older man placed his hand on Scott and guided Scott’s face to his cock.

Scott vision cleared and saw the man impossibly large cock in front of him. It smelled of male sweat and musk. Scott involuntarily inhaled deeply and dove down on the large cock in front of him. The silent construction worker moved forward and rubbed Scott’s ass. With little effort inserted his cock into Scott’s ass. Suddenly Scott’s vision went white and he could now here the codes and felt a connection to something and then understood that he was part of greater force. He became thrilled to serve his new master.

Wave after wave of lust surged through him. The construction worker slammed Scott’s ass while the manager’s cock continued to face fuck the boy.

Suddenly Scott felt something hit his back. It felt like warm thick liquid running up and down his back toward his ass and neck.

Now had Scott been able to see, the large black dome had begun to lower it self like a large drop toward the men. A large drop broke off and hit him on the back. The liquid oozed toward Scott’s ass and another section moved toward his head.

The black liquid flowed over Scott’s lower back and down between his ass cheeks. The liquid cover the construction worker’s cock and was being forced into Scott’s asshole.

The construction worker closed his eyes as the black liquid touched his cock and when he reopened his eyes they were featureless globes. With even more fury he fucked Scott’s ass. The other part of the liquid had gathered around the back of his neck and between his should blades. It then shot out and wrapped a perfectly black band around Scott’s neck. The rest of the liquid formed another band around his chest.

As if a signal was thrown the two drones arched their backs and began to cum. Scott’s swallowed every dropped as if it was his last meal. When they we finished they pulled away from Scott.

Scott straightened up and stretched. As if awaking from a dream; he smiled and looked at the manager and the construction worker.

Scott again looked up only this time he had a huge grin. The black mass on the ceiling stretched and began to land on Scott’s shoulders. The black sludge wrapped itself around Scott who stood with his arms wide open. The sludge continue envelope Scott until there was a featureless blob in the middle of the office.

Long tendril shot up to the ceiling and pulled the cocoon up into large round lump hanging from the ceiling. The construction worker put his clothes back on and quietly left the office. The office manager sat at his desk and began to review his paper work and return telephone calls.

About an hour later, while the manager was on the telephone; the large dome quivered and shook. There was a ripping sound and the moaning sound of someone working out of a tight area. The manager smiled and looked up while still talking to the agent on the line.

Scott dropped effortlessly to the floor and straightened up. Only now what stood in front of the manager was a perfect male specimen.

Scott lifted his hands and a section of the black mass dropped on him. It swirled and formed the infamous black uniform. Only then it receded and formed a short john. Scott grabbed his brown uniform and redressed looking like every other delivery guy.

The manager stood and walked up to the new man and said; “are you ready?”

Scott smiled and said; “yes”

With that he left the office and went to his truck. He started the engine and smiled with himself. He now knew he was gay, that he had to breakup with that bimbo of a girl friend, and finally after work go to the bakery center for continued orientation.

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