Victory is Ours

By Hypnothrill -
published May 1, 2019
3523 words

Connor and his friend Joel team up to battle an infestation of mind-controlling parasites

Alright, I’m back with something that should be less controversial. However, not unlike my last story, this one rewards careful readers who are attentive to irony. Please let me know how you like it in the comments!

Victory is Ours

When did I first notice that something was wrong?

Maybe it was when Eric and some of the other guys on the team started acting weird, saying that they didn’t want to go out and do something after practice, saying that they had “special meetings” with Coach Jenkins that the rest of us weren’t invited to, apparently.

Or maybe it was even earlier, when Coach Jenkins came back from his vacation and seemed different somehow. Distracted, distant. He didn’t even want to chat when we asked him what he saw in the tropics; he just kept repeating, “It was wonderful… wonderful” in a dreamy voice.

I didn’t start noticing the sex stuff until a week or so later. I’d left my bookbag in my locker and had to come back for it. As I stepped into the locker room, I could hear noises coming from the showers. Curious to see who might be sticking around this late, I peeked into the shower room and got the shock of my life. Eric was lying there on his back with his legs spread, jerking off, and Andy, this other guy on our team, was standing over him, also jerking off, his hard dick aimed right towards Eric’s junk. From the look on Andy’s face, it seemed like he was just about to bust his nut, but I didn’t wait around to find out. Instead, I ran out of there as fast as I could, not even bothering to grab my backpack out of my locker.

After that, I started noticing that more and more guys kept getting called in to Coach Jenkins’ office for “special meetings,” then finding excuses to stay late after practice, lingering around the locker room half-dressed with expectant looks on their faces, like they were just waiting for the rest of us to leave so they could start having one big orgy or something. I didn’t know what the fuck was happening with my teammates—was Coach Jenkins recruiting them into some sort of secret gay sex cult or something?

I didn’t get my first real clue until I was in the locker room a few days after the shower incident. It was right before practice, and we were all getting changed into our uniforms. Normally, I’d just look down when changing; it was part of the locker room guy code—keep your eyes to yourself. But instead, I couldn’t help staring over at Eric and Andy, remembering what I’d seen them doing in the showers.

And right then—when Andy dropped his pants and stood there in just his jockstrap—that’s when I saw it. When Andy bent over to grab his uniform shorts from his locker, I could see something clinging to his taint, just between his ass and the underside of his balls. It looked like a pinkish starfish, and I could swear I saw it wriggle a bit, one of its arms inching closer to the rim of Andy’s asshole.

Then I looked over at Eric, who was also stripped down to his jock and also leaning down to pull on his shorts, and I saw the exact same thing: a little pinkish starfish, latched on to his taint. What the fuck were those things!?

I couldn’t help myself, and so I pointed at Eric and blurted out, “That…that thing on your taint, man, what the fuck is that thing?”

Eric just made a face and said, “What thing? What are you talking about, man? Stop staring at my butt!”

“Yeah, stop acting weird, man!” Andy chimed in, glancing over at Eric’s exposed ass. “It looks normal to me.”

“But you’ve got one too! It’s like a little starfish thing!” I told Andy in an exasperated voice.

“What have you been smoking, man?” Andy asked, “Better hope there’s not a drug test, or you’ll get kicked off the team.”

“Yeah, we’re both totally normal,” Eric added, smiling, “There’s nothing to worry about. Everything is just as it should be.”

Before I had time to argue about it more, Andy turned to me and said, “Hey Connor, Coach Jenkins wants to see you after practice, okay?”

I just nodded, but already I knew there was no fucking way I was setting foot in Coach Jenkins’ office. I didn’t understand how, but I knew that somehow, everything that was happening was connected to him—and that if I went into his office, I wouldn’t be the same person when I came out. So after practice, I didn’t even bother with a shower; I just changed, tossed my uniform clothes into the team laundry hamper, and ran out of there before anyone could stop me.

The next day in the locker room, I held off on getting changed before practice. Instead, I walked around the locker room a bit, trying to look natural but actually sneaking glances at my classmates as they got changed. And what I saw confirmed my worst fears. It wasn’t just Eric and Andy who had starfish stuck to their taints—it was Nick, Marco, Ryan… pretty much all the guys I saw had them.

Trying to keep from shaking, I headed back toward my locker, unsure what to do next. As I pulled my newly washed and folded uniform kit out of my locker, Eric and Andy and Marco and Ryan crowded around me, looking intently at me, like they were just waiting for something to happen.

“Hey, Connor, aren’t you going to change with us?” Eric asked, and suddenly I got a really bad feeling about what might happen if I took my clothes off in front of these guys.

Thinking quick, I rubbed my belly and winced in pain, “You know what, guys, I’ve been feeling sick all day, like I’m about to puke. I think I might be coming down with some kind of stomach bug. I’m gonna go back to the dorm and try to sleep it off. Tell Coach for me, okay.” Then I tossed my uniform into my backpack and practically ran out of there.

Back in my dorm room, I started thinking about what had just happened in the locker room. Had I overreacted? Those guys were some of my closest friends. Could I really believe that they were going to jump me and rape me as soon as I took my clothes off? Unless…

What if they weren’t waiting for me to take my clothes off? What if they were waiting for me to put my uniform on?

Acting on a hunch, I pulled my uniform shorts out of my backpack, then dropped them to the floor in horror as soon as I saw what was inside: a little wriggling pink starfish, clinging to the inside lining right below where my balls would go. Quickly, I stuffed the shorts back in my bag, so it couldn’t get away. I needed to show this to someone, to get help, but who would even believe me?

That’s when I thought of my friend Joel. He was the smartest guy I knew, a Senior majoring in Biophysics. We’d actually met when the Athletics program hired him to tutor me in Biology, but we ended up becoming friends outside of that. Sure, he was a bit geeky, but he was really cool once you got to know him, with a great sense of humor.

I called Joel and asked him to come over quick. I didn’t go into much detail, but he could tell just from the tone of my voice that something was very wrong, so he was at my place in 20 minutes.

“I came as soon as I could. What’s going on?” Joel asked me.

It all came out in a rushed jumble: “I know this is going to sound insane but I think there’s something controlling the guys on my team some kind of weird alien starfish parasite or something and it latches onto their taint and it turns them gay and… God, this sounds crazy, let me just show you.”

I reached into my bag and pulled out my uniform shorts and showed him the little pinkish starfish still latched on the inside lining, still wriggling. To my surprise, Joel looked less shocked than I expected.

“I believe you, man. I’ve actually seen this before.”

Wait… he’d seen it before… did that mean…? I began backing away in fear.

“No, no! I don’t have one of those things on me, if that’s what you’re thinking. But recently I’ve seen a couple of guys that did—in the dorm showers.”

I still wasn’t convinced. “Prove it.”

“Seriously?” Joel asked, then sighed and, turning away from me, lowered his pants and underwear for inspection. I knelt down behind Joel’s furry low-hanging balls to get a closer look, just to make absolutely sure he didn’t have one of those things on him.

“Happy now?” Joel said, pulling up his pants. “Like I was saying, I was in the showers yesterday and this guy dropped the soap, and when he leaned down to pick it up, I could see this.. this pink starfish thing on his taint, and of course I was so surprised I couldn’t stop from blurting out, ‘What the hell is that thing!’ and he was all like, ‘What are you talking about? I don’t have anything back there. Everything’s perfectly normal. There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s perfectly normal like it should be.’”

I had a shiver of recognition, “That’s… that’s what Eric said too.”

Joel nodded. “And then this morning, I saw another dude with the same creature on his taint. I think it’s a… an infestation! And it’s up to us to stop it.”

“What can we do?” I asked.

“Well, you’ve got one of these creatures. We can take it to the lab and find some way to neutralize it.”

And that’s exactly what we did. Joel had a passkey that gave him 24 hour access to the bio lab, and so we waited until everyone else had left and started experimenting on the starfish thing. Joel had this theory that the thing we saw was just a drone, birthed by some kind of larger “queen” parasite that must have started the whole thing. If we could destroy the queen, then the drones would be rendered harmless.

“Coach Jenkins!” I exclaimed. “This all started when Coach Jenkins came back from his trip to the tropics. He must be the host for the queen parasite! If we can just get to Coach Jenkins and destroy his parasite, then we might be able to stop this thing. But how do we destroy it?”

It turned out that Joel had some ideas. It looked like the creature had evolved to live underwater—Joel figured that might be one reason why it was latching on to that sweaty crack behind guys’ balls, because that way it could get all the salt and moisture it needed—so maybe, like a lot of other underwater creatures, it was highly sensitive to sound. And maybe certain ultrasonic frequencies would be enough to paralyze it, even destroy it.

As the night wore on, Joel used his physics smarts to rig up a sort of ultrasonic “ray gun” that might be enough to destroy the creatures. Then finally, as the sun began to rise, we tested it on the little pinkish starfish the team had put in my shorts, adjusting the frequency until we found one that made the parasite quiver, convulse, and then shrivel up dead.

Feeling ecstatic from our success, but also a little punchdrunk from our all-nighter, Joel and I took our ultrasonic ray gun and headed back to his dorm room to get some sleep. We decided that it was safer if we stuck together because my teammates might come to my dorm room looking for me.

“Hey, I’m feeling kind of grotty, so I’m going to take a shower before I go to bed,” Joel told me.

“Sounds good man,” I yawned, taking off my T-shirt. “I’m just gonna crash on your couch.”

I guess I’m a light sleeper, because the next thing I remember I’m hearing the door open, and Joel walks in, totally naked and dripping wet.

“Wha… why are you naked, man?” I asked, blearily rubbing my eyes.

“I was in the shower,” he smiled back at me, not seeming to understand my question. “It’s really nice. You should take a shower too. Now. Come on,” Joel tugged at my arm.

“What? No! What’s wrong with you, man?”

“I made some new friends in the shower,” Joel smiled, “They want to meet you. Come on, you’ll like them!”

He tugged at my arm again and I pushed him away, then got to my feet. As I backed away from Joel, I got a view of his backside and there it was: the telltale pink starfish pressed up tight against his taint.

“Come on!” he kept insisting as I quickly grabbed up my pants and shirt from the floor, “Just come to the showers with me and meet my friends, and then you can cum on me and I can cum on you, and everything can get back to normal.”

Grabbing the ultrasonic ray gun, I shoved Joel out of the way and started running out the door; I didn’t stop until I was all the way out of his dorm.

It was all up to me now. I was going to have to take on Coach Jenkins and those parasites all on my own.

That afternoon, I headed to practice, the ray gun stuffed into the top of my backpack. When I got to the locker room, most of the team was already there, already stripped down to their jockstraps. And so was Coach Jenkins. As I looked at him standing there in his jockstrap, I could see that our theory had been right: Coach Jenkins was carrying the queen parasite. His starfish was bigger than all the others, and you could see one of its arms wriggling its way into his distended asshole. Two other arms appeared to be massaging his balls. And was that another arm reaching up to stroke Coach’s dick? No wonder you could see the outline of a big boner in his jockstrap. And of course the surreal thing was that the whole team was acting like this was perfectly normal, like there was nothing odd at all about having your coach stand in front of you with a huge hard-on and a giant parasitic monster attached to his taint.

“Connor… I’ve been waiting for you,” Coach Jenkins said in a spacy voice, like he was only mentally half-there, “I have something… to make you more of a team player.”

Before I knew what was happening, my teammates were on top of me, pinning me down, ripping off my clothes. Then Coach Jenkins began squatting over me, the parasitic starfish clinging to his ass and balls lined up over my crotch. As I struggled to get free—to grab the backpack that was just inches away from my hand—I could see the starfish bulging in the middle, then splitting open, as another, smaller pinkish starfish wriggled out of it and dropped onto my groin.

My teammates loosened their grip on me, and I knew I only had seconds to act, seconds before the newborn starfish that was now wriggling over my dick and balls latched onto my taint and began to take over my mind. I reached into my backpack, pulled out the ultrasonic ray gun, aimed it straight at the giant queen starfish on Coach Jenkins’ taint, and fired.

And then everything went black.

When I woke up, Eric and Andy were helping me to my feet.

“Are you alright, Connor?” Eric asked.

I walked around and inspected their backsides. No starfish. Where had they gone, I wondered. I looked down on the floor, but I didn’t see any starfish there either. They’d just vanished. Poof.

Oh, well, I guess it didn’t matter. The important thing was, it had worked! Our plan had worked! I couldn’t wait to tell Joel!

I reached down to grab the ultrasonic ray gun that was lying on the floor, and inspected it for a second. That was weird—it looked like the battery had died. Must have run out of juice defeating the parasites.

Coach Jenkins walked over to me. That was a relief: I didn’t see the giant starfish on him anymore either, though he was still walking a little bow-legged and his hard-on was sticking out of the side of his jockstrap now. But that was perfectly normal.

“You feeling better now, Connor?” he asked, and I nodded yes. “You want me to cum on you?”

I nodded yes again, because somehow I knew that it would feel great to have coach shoot a whole load of salty, protein-rich cum on me. It would satisfy a craving I didn’t even know I had. And somehow I knew exactly where I wanted him to shoot his load. I got on the bench, laid on my back, and lifted my legs in the air, so he could shoot right onto my sweaty taint.

After a good practice, we all celebrated in the showers, but I only had time to shoot one hot load onto Eric’s sweaty taint, because I just couldn’t wait to get back to Joel and tell him that our plan had worked and we’d defeated those evil creatures!

Joel was exactly where I expected to find him—hanging around his dorm showers totally naked, like normal. When Joel heard the good news, he was so excited that he just had to blow a load of hot salty cum all over my balls and ass, and that got me so excited, I just had to return the favor.

Well, Joel and I started hanging out together a lot more after that. He introduced me to all the friends he’d been making in the showers, and the two of us even made some new friends in the showers. It got easier to make new friends after Coach Jenkins gave me a little bag full of presents. We’d just take some of those presents into the showers with us, and pretty soon even the guys who didn’t want to be our friends would become really friendly. So friendly, in fact, that pretty soon they were shooting hot, salty loads of protein-rich cum on our sweaty taints, and we were returning the favor. Cause that’s just what friends did for each other.

And luckily all my friends on the team liked Joel a lot too. They even let him join us sometimes for our post-practice ritual where we’d all jerk off standing around the jacuzzi we used to use for muscle recovery, then shoot our hot, protein-rich loads into the water. I can’t really tell you why we did it. I guess every team has its bonding rituals, you know?

But it was a lot of fun, and Joel enjoyed it too, even if he did remark afterwards that someone needed to clean that jacuzzi—it looked like something was alive in there. For a split second, he thought he’d even seen hundreds of little starfish wriggling in the water. Then we both laughed, because we knew that was impossible.

Joel and I had gotten so close that a few months later, when he got that offer to study at Stanford, I just had to come with him. The team was sad to see us go, but they gave us a great sendoff. They even helped to pack our moving van, and Coach Jenkins gave us a big fish tank filled with… uh, all kinds of things, I guess… and he told us to make sure we shot our hot loads in the fish tank at least once every three hours, and Joel and I just laughed, because we were sure that would be no problem. We’d just do what came naturally. Just guys being guys, am I right?

I was sure that we’d make plenty of new friends in California. Especially when they saw the presents Coach Jenkins had given us!

And to think: if we hadn’t defeated those evil parasite creatures, none of this would have ever happened!

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