The King's Heirloom

By Blankite
published April 16, 2019
5968 words

Ramses is a meek boy who has the age old crush on a straight coursemate. Although he’s resigned himself to longing from afar, sudden changes in his life might fulfill his once impossible dremas.

Ramses unenthusiastically tapped his pen on his desk as he waited for the lecture to start. As always, he had left his student apartment early to make absolutely sure he wasn’t late, but in typical Ramses fashion, ended up being in the lecture theater ten minutes before the professor even arrived. He shot a glance at his cheap Casio watch; it was now two minutes until the lecture started and the buzz of idle chatter was at its loudest. Ramses surveyed the room. Most of the people who would be attending today are here by now, all except- oh, speak of the devils. From the side door of the hall came a group of four boys, quickly scanning attendance before briskly running up the stairs. Ramses stared at them as they moved towards their seats, in the row behind him. It wasn’t a judging stare, rather a longing stare, at one individual in particular.

Matthew, the tall, decently built boy, was Ramses’s forbidden straight boy crush. His wavy, chocolate brown hair sat atop his smooth face, where one would find his stupid cute, deep brown eyes. Ramses’ mouth was slightly agape as he watched him, almost trance-like, shuffle down the row to where the boys usually sat. He was wearing a basic black t-shirt that was just tight-fitting enough to highlight the muscles that Ramses lusted over.

“Oy, Rammo, no need to stare.”

Ramses snapped out of his daze. “Whuh?”

Brandon, one of Matthew’s friends and flatmates, enjoyed to tease Ramses. The four boys that had just come in lived in a house together, that was a fair distance from the university. As such, they were driven in every day by Matthew, the only one who could drive. Brandon’s arms were slightly thicker than Matt’s, but he was ever so slightly shorter in stature. Well, that is, if you didn’t include his light brown hair, styled into a quiff at the front.

“We can’t all be as early as you.” Brandon said, reaching over the desk to stick his hand in Ramses’ curly black hair and give it a good ruffle. Ramses gave a sigh of relief, as it seemed that once again the boys were oblivious to his gay lust.

Matt winced. “Hey, don’t mess the poor guy’s hair.”

“Matt, look, he doesn’t even care. He loves it, don’t you Rammo?” Brandon nudged another flatmate and laughed.

Matt smiled and rolled his eyes, starting to unpack his bag. Ramses was still staring. Brandon was hot, sure, but Matt was boyfriend material. The perfect man… kind, handsome, soft yet strong… After a few of the longest seconds time had to offer, the logic side of his brain kicked in, and Ramses remembered full well that no matter how hard he tried, it could never be. He turned back around to face the front of the lecture theater, trying to blank the chatting boys from his mind and focus on the actual lecture. The professor, Mr. Williams, waddled in two minutes late.

“Sorry I’m late folks! The traffic was just terrible, and to the student who saw me in the coffee shop, keep my secret and I’ll keep yours, alright?”

The teacher laughed heartily at his own “joke” as the students awkwardly chuckled under their breaths and stopped their conversations.

That day, Ramses stayed late in the university building to work on the assignment that had been set in the lecture. The university building was open officially until 5pm, but students were allowed to stay until 9pm to use the facilities. Ramses prided himself on being a good student, spending the afternoon working on the project due in three weeks time, but in actual fact, it was really all Ramses had to do. He spent most of his free time browsing internet forums. Ramses let out a loud yawn and looked at his watch: 8:52. He should be leaving soon. He logged off the computer and began to put his things back in his backpack, glancing across the room as he did. Strangely, it was totally empty and unusually dim. Most times, there were at least a few people who stayed right up until 9, oftentimes those were rushing a project due in the next day, but there was no one here tonight. And even though the lights were on, the atmosphere in the room felt dim, dark, like they were off.

Feeling uneasy, Ramses picked up the pace as he hastily made his way to the building’s atrium. It was big and spacious, but the lack of other people made the room feel constricting instead. There was no one at the reception desk. He quickly left the building and hurried home. It was foggy out, and the streetlights seemed faint. Ramses was usually timid, but tonight it was exasperated. His quick walk evolved into a run as he barreled down the street until he finally reached his apartment building. There was no one at the reception desk here either, and he hadn’t seen a single person on the walk home. Visibly sweating, Ramses ran up the stairway to his room, slammed the door and turned the lights on. He felt safe, at last.

He walked over to the mirror and tried to calm his breathing. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath in, and then a deep breath out. Ramses sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. Look at you, overreacting again.

Ramses was a scrawny boy. His hair, that everyone loved to ruffle, was smooth and silky, and an inky black. He inherited it from his Egyptian father, who Ramses had never met. He inherited a lot from his father, so much in fact that many were shocked to learn that Ramses and his mother, who was light blonde and had pale skin that only accentuated Ramses’ tanned tone, were indeed blood related. His mother never had kind things to say about his dad, calling him a “manther” and “way up his own arse”. Apparently he loved to be called a king.

If this was to be believed, then looks was where the similarities between Ramses and his father ended. The sweaty flannel shirt he was wearing described it all; a shy, gay nerd, but no one, not even his mother, knew that. Ramses sighed again and sniffed his armpit. Ramses didn’t run very often, and his body wasn’t used to it, so he had sweat a great deal, and he smelled terrible. He started to unbutton his shirt, and was three buttons down when a glint in the mirror caught his eye. Ramses gave a suspicious squint. He opened the shirt to find an ornate, Egyptian collar sitting around his neck. It was made of gold, it looked like, and had intricate engravings in that surrounded a red, oval gemstone that set embedded in the center of the metal.

“What the…?” Ramses said out loud. “Is this a prank?”

His Egyptian side was one of the main things people liked to tease him about, so he began to wonder if Brandon had slipped this on while he was focused on the lecture. But how could he have? It wasn’t one of the big ones that spread from shoulder to shoulder, it was more compact and hugged his neck reasonably closely, and not to mention, quite thick. He would have felt it. He ran his finger along the back to feel for a clasp or something, but he couldn’t find it. He ran three fingers, about the width of the back part (it was wider at the front, to accommodate for the gem) but again, found nothing.

Ramses was beginning to panic again, flustering as he jammed his finger in the small gap between the collar and his neck and attempted to pull it apart. He closed his eyes and winced as he scratched his neck trying to tug as much as he could. Struggling to pull any harder than he already was, he pushed his back against the wall, beginning to feel light-headed.

“Get… off… uh…” Ramses moaned, before collapsing onto his bed and blacking out.

Ramses awoke with a jolt. Crap! Did I oversleep? He lifted his arm to look at his watch but was met with a watch, and also an arm, that wasn’t his. W-what on Earth? He felt the watch with his other hand. The strap was no longer cheap silicone, but now a smooth, wide leather leading to a large, expensive-looking face, analog instead of digital. It was wrapped snugly around his arm, which was definitely thicker than he remembered. As he stared, confused, the events of last night came back to him. He quickly felt around his neck.

Ramses stumbled out of bed and ran to his mirror. The collar was still there, but was now the least of his concerns. The man staring back at Ramses in the mirror was unmistakably Ramses, and yet, completely different. His curly hair, previously equal length, was now styled in a short back and sides. It sat gently on the forehead of a more defined face and chiseled jawline. His neck was thicker, but the collar still sat snugly around it with the same breathing room as before.

Ramses looked away from the mirror down to his body. His flannel shirt was now a white dress shirt, with the top buttons still undone to show the collar, and the sleeves now rolled up to show the new muscles he now had. Unlike the collar, the shirt’s size hadn’t changed, causing his newfound abs to press against it. The shirt was tucked into his once loose jeans, which were now a skinny as he used to be, and a wide leather belt adorned his waist, clasped together by a fancy-looking golden buckle.

“Is this a joke?” Ramses quivered.

Ramses liked to be inconspicuous, just another face in the crowd. But these clothes were the complete opposite of that; he looked like the jock son of some foreign millionaire who wanted everyone to know how wealthy he was. He looked to his door. In the panic of last night, he must have forgotten to lock it, and figured someone in the apartment block was trying to play a practical joke. And while he didn’t really know how steroids worked, he reasoned that someone must have given him some while he slept.

Shuffling over to his wardrobe to change clothes, he suddenly remembered that he never actually did check the time. Scared to look, he rotated his arm and read his watch; to his horror, it was 5 minutes until lecture started, and the university building was an 8 minute walk away. Ramses had never been late before, and did not want to have his perfect attendance ruined by a petty prank.

Slamming the wardrobe door, he grabbed his backpack and rushed down to the university building, unrolling his sleeves and buttoning up the shirt as he ran. The skinny jeans didn’t make running any easier, although a newfound stamina managed to carry Ramses to the building with one minute to spare. Instinctively, he went to wipe the sweat off his brow, only to find it dry. He scurried up the stairway and proceeded into the lecture hall through the side door. He had never come in through this door before, and seeing the theater from this new angle made it seem like a different room. He browsed for his usual seat, the center column, 4 rows down… but as it turned out, the row had already been filled by groups of girls. One of them, a woman with straight, black hair, shot a glance towards Ramses almost knowingly.

Ramses was upset. He had sat in that seat since the start of the year; it was the perfect distance from the front of the room, right in the center, and because it was late it had been whisked from his grasp. Too shy to ask if there was a spare seat in the row, he hurriedly looked for an alternative, noticing Brandon chatting to one of the girls, who clearly did not want to be chatting back. Matt sat next to him with his other flatmates, in the same seats as yesterday. Ramses’ eyes lit up, perhaps almost literally. Taking the excuse, Ramses hobbled down the row and sat next to Matt, who turned to look along with Brandon and the girls.

“Whey hey, someone’s dressing up today. What’s the occasion, Rammo?” Brandon said.

Ramses meekly looked across the groups of eyes looking his way. This is exactly what he didn’t want; a full group of people staring at him. He pretended to brush his jeans down so he wouldn’t have to look any of them in the eye.

“I’m, uh, going to a fancy restaurant with, um, someone.” Ramses stammered as he lied through his teeth.

“Ha ha, no way Rammo’s got a girl, not a chance. Oi, Chris, look at this.”

Brandon turned to his other two flatmates, laughing. Ramses glanced at Matthew, who was looking at him with an open-mouthed smile. Ramses blushed.

“It’s uh, just a one-off thing, just for today, you know, I’m going to a fancy place, and…”

“No, no, I think it looks good on you.” Matt softly interrupted him.

Ramses’ blush grew redder. At times like these, he had to thank his skin complexion for hiding it, at least a little. Matt continued to stare for a few seconds until the professor began the lecture with another bad joke. Ramses turned to look at the front and attempted to clear his mind.

Alright Ramses, focus on university. Forget about all this nonsense; your degree is more important. Everyone will forget this prank by next week anyway.

After the lecture, Ramses stayed at the university building again to work more on his project. He found it difficult to focus after the events of the past twelve or so hours, and the occasional stare from passersby. One woman in particular, who was sitting across the room, had been glaring for the past few minutes. It was the one from before; she had sunglasses on now, but she was very definitely staring. Ramses was giving her a strong side eye as he typed his essay on autopilot. What’s her deal? Ramses squinted his eyes suspiciously.

“Hey, you doing the project?”

Ramses jumped. He whipped his head around and looked up to see Matthew. His backpack was hanging on one shoulder, and he was holding a water bottle in his other hand.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump, aha. You were so focused.”

“Oh, I, uh, don’t worry about it.” Ramses’s voice broke slightly. “What’re you doing here?”

“Figured I’d start the project, you know. Trust Mr. Williams to give us a huge essay to write just as the weather starts to brighten up.”

Ramses fake chuckled. “Where are Brandon and the others?”

“They went to get food.” Matt set his bag down on the desk and pulled the chair out. “But I knew you’d be here, so.”

Ramses’ heart skipped a beat. Was this a dream? Was his gay ass taking someone coming to a computer room to do work wildly out of context? His interactions with Matthew had been few and far between, oftentimes it was him nonchalantly defending him from one of Brandon’s teases, as Ramses could never gather the courage to initiate conversation with him himself. And therefore, he had never been in a one on one conversation with him before. Ramses calmed himself and turned to his computer. He knew Matt was straight. He had had girlfriends. Yet he couldn’t not notice Matt continually stealing glances at him as he unpacked his bag.

“Which gym do you go to, by the way?” Matt asked.


“C’mon man, you’ve definitely been working out. You used to be super scrawny.”

Ramses gulped. Did he not notice that he had gained all of this muscle mass literally overnight? Is this all part of a prank by Brandon? He must have realized Ramses was head-over-heels for Matthew, slipped him a few suspicious substances that Ramses imagined he had no trouble getting, before sending in his flatmate to tease him with fake compliments.

“You and I should go sometime this weekend.” Matt said.

“What? For real?”

“Yeah, man. You’ve gotten bigger than me. You’ll have to show me your workout.”

In excitement, all worries left Ramses’ mind. “Sure! Let’s do Saturday afternoon.”

“Great!” Matt said, turning to his computer and finally logging in.

Am I stupid? Ramses thought, kicking himself internally. He didn’t have any gym clothes, he didn’t know any workouts, and he didn’t even know if these muscles were real. Could he even lift a… what even was an average weight to lift at the gym? Ramses had never stepped foot in a gym in his life. This must be the idea. Get him in a gym and record him embarrassing himself trying to lift a barbell. He turned back to his computer and tried to focus on the project, but after an hour of trying and failing, Ramses gave up and picked up his bag.

“Aww, you’re going?”

“Yeah, sorry, I’ve got that, um, dinner thing to go to.” Ramses lied again.

“Who with?”

Ramses could have sworn he saw a glint of red in his eyes as he asked the question. “Um, just a family member I haven’t seen in a while.”

“Hm. Well alright, Mr. Popular. See you Saturday.” Matt turned back to the computer to continue working.

After a small bit of introspection, Ramses replied “See ya” and walked to the door.

On the way home, Ramses stopped off at a local sports shop to pick up gym clothes. He had never been seen in a sports shop, and for him, it was a bit of a maze. After gaining the courage to speak to a staff member, he was pointed in the right direction.

Plain, gray, short-sleeved tops adorned the shelves. It was at this point Ramses realized he had no idea what size he was any more. Ramses hated changing rooms, but he didn’t have a choice. He grabbed five different shirts and three pairs of shorts off the hangers and stumbled over to the employee attending the rooms, who very clearly did not want to be there.

“Hi, uh, can I use the rooms, please.”

The employee looked up. Without replying, he just tossed Ramses a key and slumped back onto his chair. Ramses nodded in thanks.

He stumbled into a booth, locking the door behind him and dumped the clothes on the bench and stood for a moment. What’s the routine for changing rooms again? He unbuttoned his shirt and set it down on the side. As he went to pick up a shirt he caught a glance of himself in the mirror.

Holy hell. Ramses was even bigger than he thought. Since he grew overnight, Ramses had never actually had a chance to take his clothes off and see. Now he understood what Matt meant; he was totally hench. His leather belt tightly embraced his torso, where a defined six-pack that looked like the product of a life of exercise sat below a pair of herculean abs, giving shape to his once flat chest. He raised his smooth, tanned forearms into the air as he flexed his brilliant yet lean biceps, the hills of muscle symmetrical on either side of the golden collar resting atop his collarbones, comfortably hugging his thick neck. I’m fucking shredded. A sharp jawline held a smug grin, below a pair of bright, glowing eyes… wait, what?

Ramses shook his head. Was… was he checking himself out? Ramses felt something touching his leg, and he knew what it was, as much as he didn’t want to believe it. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers. He pulled the front of his boxers to reveal he was holding an 9”, no, perhaps even 10” schlong.

I… I am packing! N-no, this is wrong, he wasn’t in the changing rooms to be admiring his penis… Ramses looked back at his face in the mirror. The red light in his eyes was slowly fading. He looked at the collar. Was he imagining it, or was the stone glowing too?

Ramses leaned back against the wall to reflect.

What’s going on? Why did I suddenly gain muscles overnight? Why did my clothes change into something else? And who slipped this collar on yesterday?

This wasn’t a prank. No one would do this as a prank. The watch alone must have cost a fortune. And the collar felt like solid gold, despite barely weighing down on him at all. Something supernatural was afoot here. But what sense did that make, either? What kind of spell turns a scrawny nerd into a well-dressed brickhouse? He tried to calm himself down.

Everything is fine… I mean, why am I so concerned?

After all, Ramses wasn’t about to complain that he no longer had twigs for arms. And he could just sell the expensive clothes he didn’t like, right? Although, he thought, maybe they’re not so bad. Matt said they looked good, after all.

Ramses picked up the biggest of the shirts he had collected, put it on and looked in the mirror. Unfortunately, his predictions for his new size were off, and the shirt was struggling to stretch all the way across his chest. He tilted his head dumbly and stared at the model-like man in the mirror.

Oh well. Highlights my abs. Matt will love it.

Taking the shirt off, Ramses turned around to get dressed back into his other outfit, too focused on his chest to notice that his eyes had began to glow again.

Ramses spent the majority of last night researching workouts. Matt believed he had some special routine, when in actual fact Ramses knew one, maybe two gym machines prior to his investigation. He managed to weed out what could pass as a decent routine after digging through bodybuilder forums and badly written exercise blogs. Ramses was no stranger to browsing internet forums, but he was more used to talking to shy nerds, similar to himself, rather than socially adjusted, burly men, who sometimes weren’t all there in the head.

He stood awkwardly outside the gym Matt had referred him to, early as always, checking his phone to make sure he had the routine on hand. Since he wasn’t actually a member, he had to stand outside the entrance until Matt got here with his membership code. It felt like an eternity, due in part to Ramses again forgetting that he wasn’t a scrawny child anymore, and his overactive imagination assuming that everyone who walked past him was judging him for his stature. Ramses was about to get his phone to call before he heard a yell across the street.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late.”

Ramses turned to see Matt jog across the road toward him.

“Don’t worry about it, man.” Ramses tried to sound casual and laid-back, but he cringed internally.

The pair entered the gym and made their way to the changing rooms. As they walked, Ramses looked across the room. He saw some of the machines he had researched last night, but seeing them in person made him nervous. Matt opened the door to the changing rooms and gestured for Ramses to go in first. He nodded his head in thanks, trying to hide the fear on his face.

The changing rooms were empty. Matt set down his gym bag and began to take off his coat. Ramses followed suit and slid off his hoodie and shirt over his head. By the time he got them off, Matt was already shirtless. Ramses’ tried to be subtle, but he couldn’t help look straight at his body, eyes growing wide as he felt his dick begin to twitch. His fantasies were being realized, right in front of him. He was almost better than what he had dreamed of; perfectly toned abs and all. He was leaner, but more chiseled than Ramses, yet that didn’t bother him; he was finally seeing the body of his crush of several years. He couldn’t help but gawk as Matt obliviously picked up his gym shirt and put it on. As he straightened it out, he turned to Ramses, who was still shirtless.

“Was that a present from your dad?” Matt broke the silence.

Ramses broke out of his daze. “Huh?”

“The neck thing.” Matt gestured with his hands.

“Oh? Oh, this? Uh, yeah, he gave it to me as an, um, gift.” Ramses lied.

“It looks nice. Pretty expensive too.” A glint appeared in his eyes. “Do you mind if I touch it?”

Ramses’ heart skipped a beat. “Sure.”

Ramses didn’t even know what it was. It was the first change that had happened, but after he got new muscles and clothes, he had almost forgotten about it. Thinking about it, it was the strangest part; it weighed almost nothing yet definitely felt like solid gold. And it was seamless. How did it get on? And Ramses thought back; although he might have been mistaken, but he thought he saw the stone glow…

“Wow, these are some neat patterns.”

Ramses’ thoughts were interrupted as Matt brushed his fingers across the metal. He was standing just in front, and the boys’ barrel-chests were less than a forearm’s length away from one another. Ramses’ dick got harder. Matt led his fingers from the back of Ramses’ neck down one of the carvings to the front. As he touched the gemstone embedded in the center, Ramses swore he saw Matt’s body jolt, ever so slightly, but his focus was elsewhere right now.

As he stroked the gold, Matt rested the palms of his hands on the collar bones beneath, moving his hands left and right, caressing them gently. Ramses’ chub became a full erection, pushing against the side of his jeans as he embraced Matt’s hands. As Matt continued to feel, his hands slowly drifted away from the collar and moved down to Ramses’ exposed abs, stroking them softly, yet with meaning. The euphoria took over Ramses’ logic as his penis grew harder still. Ramses unthinkingly lifted his left hand and clutched the back of Matt’s neck with a force he had never exerted on anyone else before. Matt raised his head to look Ramses eye-to-eye. His irises… they were glowing unmistakably bright red. The boys stared at each other for a second or two before moving closer to-


Ramses snapped his head to the other side of the changing rooms. Someone else was coming in. He quickly looked back to a longing Matt and gathered his thoughts again.

“I- I need to go to the bathroom.” he said, rushing down the hall.

This isn’t right. This isn’t meant to happen. This wasn’t just a gym trip. This spell is affecting Matt too.

As he walked down the corridor to the bathrooms, he glanced at himself in the mirror. The stone in the collar was glowing the same colour as Matt’s eyes.

It’s this collar. It’s changing people. It’s fulfilling my fantasies, but… this isn’t fair on him. He has a life.

After Ramses got into the bathroom, he tried again to pull the thing apart. Despite his increased strength, it still wouldn’t budge, even slightly. He tugged, and tugged, but absolutely nothing was going to snap solid metal. Ramses collapsed against the side of the stall, breathing heavily. He buried his face in his hands, trying to think of what to do. How do you get rid of a magic collar? Could the hospital get it off? What seemed like a million panicked thoughts bounced around in Ramses’ head, before he heard a knock at the door.

“Hey, you done in there?” It was Matt’s voice.

Ramses opened the door slightly and peeked through the gap.

“Matt, do you think we could do this, you know, another day, maybe?”

“Aw, no way, man. You promised you’d show me your routine. I’ve been waiting.”

“I know, but-”

“Are you gonna back down from a promise?”

Ramses sighed, and looked at Matt’s eyes. They didn’t seem to be glowing anymore. Despite his physical power, he lacked the willpower to say no. He resigned himself, left the stall and went to finish getting changed.

Ramses began taking Matt through his routine, trying to avoid eye contact with him. Matt would start on a machine, and Ramses would follow. Instinctively, he tried to pick a lower weight that he thought he could manage without embarrassing himself, before Matt would move in and put it on a weight even higher than the one he was doing. As Ramses would struggle, puff his chest out, and tense his muscles, Matt would stare intensely, perhaps thinking that Ramses couldn’t see.

This continued for the rest of the routine. Ramses just wanted to leave Matt alone so he could snap out of it, moving between each machine after two sets and barely talking. He cut his planned routine short and decided to not change out of his gym clothes and just go straight home. The pair retrieved their bags from their lockers and made their way to the door, without saying a word, before Matt piped up.

“Hey, you want a lift home? I drove here, and it’s on my way.”

“Thanks, but I really-”

“Please." Matt said. "You showed me your workout, I’ve got to pay you back now.”

Ramses folded and sighed as he got in the back seat of Matt’s car, as if he sat in the passenger seat he feared Matt might focus more on his chest than the road. During the journey, the pair said nothing.

After an awkward 5 minutes, they arrived outside of Ramses’ apartment block.

“Thanks” Ramses muttered, getting out of the car.

As he moved around the car to get his bag, he saw Matt already with it hung over his shoulder, waiting on the sidewalk outside his building. Ramses wanted to protest but he knew Matt would insist again.

They walked up the stairway and down the hallway, saying nothing until eventually, they stood outside Ramses’ room. He unlocked the door before turning to Matt and holding his hand out for his bag. He spoke firmly.

“OK, thanks for coming. See you on Monday.”

Matt didn’t say anything. He looked at Ramses straight in the eyes. An awkward tension lingered for a second or two, before Matt grabbed him and pushed him into his room.

“M-Matt…?! W-what are you-”

Matt flung Ramses’ bag against the wardrobe and pinned him up against his back wall. The two stared at each other for a short while before a very fluttered Ramses tried to raise his voice.

“M-Matt! Stop this, right now! You can’t-”

He was cut off as Matt thrusted his lips onto Ramses’. And, you know, you couldn’t say Ramses didn’t try to stop him. He really did. But it wasn’t long before the euphoria bested his eyelids. As they drew shut, he embraced Matt’s kiss in its entirety. The boys explored each other’s mouths for an indeterminable amount of time before separating and opening their eyes. Matt’s irises and the stone on the collar were glowing like the sun.

“Make me yours.” Matt gasped.

And just like that, an almost primal emotion took over Ramses. All shyness, meekness and politeness evaporated as both of his eyes exploded completely into a fiery glow. He seized the V-neck of Matt’s gym shirt and tore it completely, throwing the shreds across the room. Grabbing his shoulders, he twisted him around and thrusted him toward his bed, so that his torso lay on it while he kneeled on the floor, his ass reared in the air. Ramses stepped towards him, each stride taken with power and majesty, throwing off his clothes as he walked. Matt readied himself, slipping off his gym shorts and presenting his tight, untouched hole.

Ramses grasped both of Matt’s arms and rammed his brand new cock straight into Matt’s bubble butt. He yelled as a delight the likes of which he had never felt before spread through his body. As he was penetrated deeper and deeper, thinking with each one: “this must be the deepest”, he clutched the bedsheets and wailed as the shaft ventured further into his anus. Ramses began to thrust in and out, each plunge with as much force and meaning as the very first.

Matt began to buck into Ramses’ crotch. With every bounce, the fire in each boy’s eyes flared stronger, their minds occupied only with one another. Ramses lowered his body over Matt’s, so that his abs sat atop his back, and slid his hands down Matt’s arms, locking his fingers between each of Matt’s as they held hands tightly. Their muscled forearms brushed against one another as Ramses grinded harder and harder. Despite the tough workout just an hour ago, Ramses ploughed Matt’s ass with an invigorated energy that filled his body, each thrust forcing Matt to lurch with pleasure, jolting as his body was filled with this same energy.

Just before Matt was about to cum, Ramses dragged him off the bed and onto the floor, swivelling him around to face the behemoth cock that had ravaged his rear. Without skipping a beat, Matt took Ramses’ member into his mouth. As Matt used his tongue to massage the tremendous shaft, Ramses clutched his shoulders and whipped his own head back in pleasure, causing the collar to clutch his throat, the stone glowing with enough power to light the whole room.

Ramses pulled Matt in further, testing his gag reflex as his cock travelled further into his mouth, balls slapping against his chin as he moved his lips up and down the glorious penis. Ramses’ moans got louder, transitioning slowly into yells as the energy around his neck became increasingly intense. Matt moved his hands up and down the back of Ramses’ thick calves, his brain focused only on Ramses and his perfect cock, sucking it, licking it, slathering it, as if he had been doing it his whole life. Ramses moved his hands from Matt’s shoulders to the back of his head, grappling it harder while the pleasure and energy built up, until finally, the stone burst into a blinding flash as Ramses let out a roar and ejected his tepid load directly down Matt’s throat.

Although it occurred in an instant, the light in the room appeared to dissipate in slow motion as the two boys breathed sighs of pleasure and relief. Ramses craned his head back down to look at Matt, who looked up to Ramses, still kneeling. Now around his neck, sat a collar, much like Ramses’. But instead, it shone a brilliant silver, and featured no gemstone. Matt let out a heavy breath, smiled, and spoke.

“My king.”

Ramses smirked, and ruffled his hair with his hand.

“My boy.”

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