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Kye's Store - Part 2 - Elliot

By Allan Weiss
published April 15, 2019
1574 words

Kye finds a cute little waif in his store. Oh, the number of ways to corrupt him are endless…

{So, just a disclaimer, this is my first time posting a story, much less something of this nature. So, yeah. Comments, suggestions and flames will be appreciated. God I hope I’m doing this right…}

Kye was not afraid of his own merchandise, believe it or not. That’s why he sometimes took to using some of his products to changing up his looks from time to time. Back then, he appeared like a nondescript store owner that you wouldn’t notice until you had to pay for the stuff you bought. Or he would look like an absolute beast of a man, packing in muscles that would put even the Incredible Hulk to shame. But now though, he chose to look more like an anime character because he was bored of his normally default look.

He wore the open, complex, black leather jacket with gray, matted fur lining the collar revealing a dark blue shirt underneath. He wore skin tight denim jeans tucked into high leather boots that covered half of his calves. His hair was spiked almost chaotically that it looked artistic with the black fringe framing his face while the rest of his hair was a pure snow white. He didn’t know why this was what he got for a hair dye but he knew better than to argue with his store. His skin was devoid of any blemishes save for the aesthetically pleasing scar that went horizontally over the bridge of his nose, accentuating the green irises he had at the moment.

Suddenly, the door to his store opened, revealing a rather waif-ish looking teen. He had messy brown hair that fell into clumps and sunken features that gave him a defined facial structure. A little too defined for Kye’s tastes but, if the teen found his store then that would mean he was at least interesting. He wore baggy clothes like the woolen turtle neck and baggy slacks that almost seemed threadbare.

He looked like one of those Abused! Harry Potter fanfics that was prevalent on that story reading site… Something about a pad…? Kye shook his head of those thoughts and refocused on the teen.

“Hey kid, looking to buy something?” Kye asked, looking a bit disinterested and focused more on the clipboard that contained a few more of his cataloged items that he knew what did what.

“O-Oh… S-Sorry… I-I was just…” He stuttered as Kye shifted his stance to ease up on the boy. “Breathe kid. I’m not interested in your scrawny ass.” Kye said under his breath, the teen seemed to hear anyway, bristling at his comment but subconsciously rubbed his side. “I-I was…” He took a deep breath and seemed to focus on not stuttering. “I was planning… to buy new… underwear…”

“Lucky you, kid. We sell plenty of underwear here. What are you looking for?” Kye asked and saw the the teen blush at that. “I-I don’t know…”

“Maybe we should get you some tighty whiteys? Or do you prefer boxers?… Jesus kid, work with me here!” Kye exclaimed, trying to get a better spitfire reaction out of the teen.

“I-I don’t know, okay!?” The teen snapped causing Kye to sigh disappointedly.

“Okay. Pop on over to that changing room and I’ll see if I can find something for you…r virgin ass.” Kye added as the teen left his earshot, wandering over to the changing rooms. Kye looked inwardly pleased with himself. The boy was too small for his taste but teasing him was too adorable.

Elliot grumbled as he closed the curtains to the changing rooms. It was a rather… spacious area for a changing room of a small looking store but he guessed that the owner might be living on the second floor and the store was just his house converted. There was a wide, full body mirror, a few hooks to hang his clothes and a small stool at the corner. Elliot stripped out of his baggy pants and removed his shoes as well, revealing his milky white legs which had several long scars over them and the tattered panties he was forced to wear.

“Hey kid, here’s the underwear!” The store owner said, parting the curtains, giving him a free view of Elliot’s scars. “I-I-!” Elliot felt his chest constricting, expecting a scathing remark of how he looked horrible. “Don’t worry kid, I won’t judge. Here, this might look good on you.” The store owner said, handing him a subdued light blue jock briefs with ASSured Man on the label in darker writing. Elliot shook away his near panic attack and looked at the store owner with confusion. “No, seriously. I have seen even worse shit kid. Some of them even have brands right on their ass cheeks too. Your own doesn’t even reach the top 50.”

The store owner left him alone and he looked at his reflection. “Yeah right… He’s probably just saying that to be nice…” He slipped off the panties and wore the jock briefs.

He felt a subtle wave of… something… pass over him and looked once more over himself. “Did my ass always look this fat?” Elliot asked as looked at how his ass seemed a lot more… pillowy? than before. Elliot turned about, examining how his ass looked a lot more plumper, looking less interested to the scars that riddled his legs.

“Come on out kid so I can get a better look of you.” The store owner called out.

Elliot looked back at the mirror and shrugged before walking away, not noticing how the briefs he’d been wearing had vanished.

“I think they look nice, I guess.” Elliot said disinterestedly. “Hmm… How about this?” The store owner handed him an actually decent looking pair of bikini briefs that were colored white with a black band with a brand name called BLANK OUT. “I’ve never heard of this brand before…”

“Eh, most of my items are pretty unique. Most of these brands can’t compete with well known brands so they make some pretty unique products.” Elliot shrugged before slipping the jock briefs and replacing it with the bikini brief. The moment he fully wore them, Kye slapped a snap back cap on him. He felt like his thoughts slow down to molasses, making the tingling sensation he felt through out his body like jolts of happiness straight to his dick.

Kye looked at Elliot with a grin as he saw the teen look dazed. “Can you hear me Elliot?”

“Yeeeaaaahhh…” He mumbled out as Kye looked at the bikini briefs with a nod. Already, they had begun their magic, clearing away all of his obvious imperfections like that ratty turtleneck and countless scars all over his body. His whole body looked healthier, filling out from malnourished to a better side of a normal 18 year old.

“Good. Be a good boy and wear this for me.”

“Ooookaayyy…” Elliot moaned and took the large ring and peeled out his hardened 6 inches of dick slipped it on, right down to the base. Elliot moaned out loud as the urge to cum was beyond natural at this point. It was all his slowed down brain could even focus on. His rubbed his dick in view of Kye who didn’t mind the free show. His dick slowly expanded to a proud 11 inches of glory before it was stopped by the cock ring.

Kye nodded approvingly. Normally, BLANK OUT was a strictly physical transformer, removing negative traits from the wearer such as unsightly scars and bruises, pairing it with the DIMBOY cap would clear out less desirable mental traits as well such as pessimism and memories. Sadly enough it also affected overall intelligence, dropping Elliot’s sizeable 118 IQ down to 79 points. He can still function, sure but with the sexual loop that Kye was putting him into, he’d only want to get D’s everywhere.

Kye took the studded, leather collar and affixed it to the teen’s neck.

“Sit.” The teen suddenly squatted down, his hands were closed into knuckles and firmly on the floor, ignoring the weeping fuck stick that was assuredly making a sizable puddle of clear precum.

“Good boy!” Kye added and saw the dick spasm, adding even more of a mess to the floor. Kye removed the cap and looked at the pure adoration in the teen’s eyes even with his tongue lolling out like a dog. “Hmm… such a handsome boy…” Kye said with smile as he pet the teen on the head, enjoying the soft whimpers of the dick that was about to turn purple. “Not yet. You don’t want to be a Bad Boy… do you?”

The teen looked as if he was physically shocked for 5 seconds before shaking his head fearfully. “Good. Now, let’s go play upstairs, Pet.”

Pet nodded, wanting to play with his Master and followed him up the stairs, preferring to go on all fours.

“Good boy, Pet!”

Pet nodded and embraced the lovely feeling of obedience. Kye adored the way he managed to get a new pet. Maybe he should go hit the local Pet Show… It wouldn’t be all that hard to enter an invite only event for someone who has a whole plethora of magical items.

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This is a community series!
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Additional Owners: Allan Weiss