Make Stepdaddy Proud

By Tkhon
published April 9, 2019
3112 words

A young man finds himself learning to fall in line and become a real man thanks to his stepdad.

“So just fuck off!”

“I’m sick of this attitude. As your father-“ Carlos’ father growled.

“STEP father,” Carlos interjected, then for emphasis he added, “Travis.”

“The lip I get from this kid,” Travis muttered to himself, “listen, you’re going to have to do your part to make this work, or I’ll make it work myself.”

“Ooh real threatening,” Carlos rolled his eyes, “now to repeated what I said two seconds ago: fuck off.”

Carlos slammed his bedroom door in his stepdad’s face for emphasis.

“I get that there’s friction between you two,” Carlos’ mother Jeanne said as she fiddled with something on the oven, “but he’s the reason we can even afford to send you to that college, you could at least be grateful for that, couldn’t you?”

“I’ve got a job. I could’ve made it work. And ‘friction’ is putting it pretty lightly mom, the guy is a god damn nazi,” Carlos complained as he reached for the spices Jeanne had asked him for the night’s dinner.

“He can be a bit commanding, yes,” Jeanne conceded, “but I can tell he cares a lot about you, I’m sure he has your best interests at heart.”

“Best interests. Sure,” Carlos groaned, “not letting me see my friends, that’ll really help me grow into a well-rounded adult.”

“You mean that Lucas kid,” Janne laughed, “the one who just got caught selling hard drugs at your old high school? Maybe you should be trusting your father’s judgement a bit better, hm?”

“Hey I’m going out!” Carlos called.

“Not a chance,” Travis appeared out of nowhere, blocking the doorway, “I need your help in the garage, we got a car to fix and it’s gotta be done now.”

Carlos bit back a retort. Maybe it was time to put mom’s theory about trusting his judgement to the test, he thought. He followed the man into the garage and started to get to work. Carlos realized pretty quickly that while he knew a lot about different kinds of cars, he was woefully unprepared for actually fixing them. He ended up following Travis’ instructions most of the time, but after a few hours and what felt like a hundred tests, the engine finally started.

“Oh thank goodness!” Jeanne said from the doorway, “I was so worried I’d wouldn’t be able to find a way to work. Loraine can usually carpool but she’s back in the hospital for that back problem AGAIN if you can believe it.”

“Seriously?” Carlos asked incredulous, “that woman needs to chill.”

“That’s what I told her,” Jeanne laughed.

“Well either way, the car’s done,” Travis said, puffing his chest slightly, “the boy and I make a good team when we’re not at each other’s throats.”

“I had a suspicion,” Jeanne winked, “and I think my big manly helpers deserve a reward for all their hard work.”

Jeane pulled two cans of beer out from behind her back.

“Haha yeah right, what’s the catch mom?” Carlos was almost expecting a hidden camera reveal, “you hate drinking.”

“A little drink isn’t gonna do any harm, and you earned it,” Jeane said, extending a can towards Carlos.

“Right…” Carlos said, eyeing the beverage suspiciously, expecting spring loaded worms to burst out or something.

“Just take it, kid,” Travis called from behind, “it ain’t a big deal, it’s your reward.”

So Carlos took the drink and stopped asking questions. Instead he joined his step dad on the porch and drank as the sun set.

Carlos and his stepdad stilled butted heads constantly, but the fights weren’t as fierce, if just as frequent. They’d started to sit and drink outside somewhat regularly, though Carlos wasn’t really sure why, they never really talked about much. Still, if it meant getting beer without having to sneak it by his overprotective mom it was worth it. The summer heat was starting to ramp up and it wasn’t long before they stopped wearing shorts. Pretty soon Travis didn’t even bother wearing pants, much to Carlos’ annoyance.

“Your legs are gonna drown at this rate, kid,” Travis chided, “just join your old man, it’s not a big deal, nobody can see.”

“Sure thing ‘old man’,” Carlos replied sarcastically, but he did pull down his pants. Honestly it was a relief, the heat was insane, and every bit of clothing made a difference.

“There ya go, much better. Hm…” Travis looked at him intently, “why d’ya sit like that? With your knees together I mean. Don’tcha know real men spread their legs and let it all hang natural?”

Carlos rolled his eyes but while his step dad took another sip of his beer and experimentally tried spreading his knees outward. He had to admit, it was almost a relief, he felt way more comfortable like this.

“There’s no way to say this that won’t be awkward,” Jeanne said slowly, “but… Carlos I’m worried about your sexual health.”

“MOM!” Carlos could barely stop himself from screaming.

“It’s just, it’s been a long time since you broke up with that Cristie girl, and, well… y’know…”

Carlos couldn’t believe this was happening. His face was more flushed than it had ever been in his life.

“Well anyways,” Jeanne said recollecting herself, “I ws talking with your father last night and I realized that, you never having known your biological father you’ve never really had ‘the talk’ know what I mean?”

“Mom.” Carlos stammered slightly, trying to compose himself, “I’m not a little kid. I know my birds and my bees.”

“Well I think it’s for the best you made it official, “Jeanne said simply, “Travis is waiting in the bathroom.”

The… bathroom? Carlos could barely process that, yet he didn’t try to press for any more details instead he found himself walking straight there, finding the door slightly ajar.

“Ah, there y’are,” Travis said, turning. Carlos’s face would’ve blushed even harder if he hadn’t already reached critical mass. His step dad turned to reveal himself to be completely naked. Carlos’ jaw hit the floor.

“A’ight let’s get this over with. Your mother wants me to talk to you about… sex stuff,” if Travis was embarrassed he didn’t show it, “let’s start with the basics I guess, let’s see how big of a dick we’re dealing with.”

It took Carlos a moment to realize his step father was expecting him to drop his underwear right there in the bathroom. But his mom wanted this, so it was probably best to just do it and be done with it. It felt like everything was in slow motion, but after an eternity, he was standing buck naked in front of a man he didn’t even really consider family.

“Alright, but you know it has to be hard to actually know the size, right?” Travis explained, “here, do this.”

Carlos watched more intently than he thought he would as the older man began stroking his dick. The way he did it was actually pretty different from how he’d been doing it. Maybe he would actually learn something from whatever the fuck this was?

“Heh, looks live pop’s got a few inches on his boy,” Travis laughed.

“’m… not your… boy,” Carlos said panting slightly.

“Alright, alright, let’s just go over everything,” Travis said, “I know you’re not bangin’ anyone because your dick’s already leakin’. You should probably masturbate more. No shame in it. Now uh… let’s see. Doin’ any butt stuff?”

He turned Carlos around roughly and examined his ass.

“Naw,” Travis chuckled, “sucked any dicks lately?”

“What the actual fuck, what the FUCK,” Carlos shouted, “what the fuck is going on? What’s WRONG with you?”

“Hey,hey, relax…” Travis said in a coothing voice, “relaaax. There’s nothing wrong with anything I just said.

Carlos took a deep breath. It felt strange. He remembered freaking out and shouting at his step dad, but why? He hadn’t said or done anything wrong, really. He was just concerned about his sexual health.

“Thaaat’s it,” Travis said, pulling their naked bodies closer together, “in fact you shouldn’t worry about anythin’ I say or do anymore.”

The two exited the bathroom, not bothering to get dressed.

“Everything go okay in there?” Jeanne asked, “I thought I heard some yelling.”

“Yeah, yeah, nothin’ to worry about,” Travis said waving his hand dismissively, “Carlos just got a little too excited during our little lesson.”

Carlos smiled, he was nice of his step dad to cover for him like that. He followed the man out to their usual drinking spot. The two sat in silence, naked, for some time, before Carlos felt a rough hand grab his cock and start stroking. Soon after a second hand guided Carlos’ toward’s Travis’ cock, and soon the two were lazily stroking each other in the summer heat. Carlos thought maybe there was something wrong with this picture, but he decided not to worry about it.

Carlos’ head bobbed on his stepdad’s crotch. Not long ago Travis had made a comment about how he bet his jizz would complement the taste of Carlos’ beer perfectly. He’d then unceremoniously pointed his dick at Carlos’ can and came right on it. Carlos, for his part, didn’t worry about what his step-dad just did, but he wasn’t planning on drinking from a cum-drenched can. But Travis kept insisting Carlos was curious, that he just had to know what it was like, and before he knew it his lips were touching the slimy rim of the beer can, and the rest was history. Carlos loved the taste so much he started to only want to drink his beer this way, and Travis was happy to provide. It wasn’t long before Travis suggested Carlos get it “straight from the tap” and after a brief crash course Carlos found himself suckling on his step dad’s cock during their usual hangouts, and for Jeanne’s part, she was happy Carlos was becoming so sexually active, something which had started concerning her lately.

“Mmm yeah,” Travis groaned, “tastes way better than some plain old beer, don’t it, boy?”

Carlos made a vaguely “yes” sounding grunt. Over time he’d realized that jizz was better out the dick, and stopped bothering to mix it.

“More for me,” Travis laughed, guzzling what would normally have been Carlos’ beer before he found his new drink.

“What the fuck is this?”

Travis was furious, and Carlos wasn’t even sure why.

“Porn? Fucking PORN?” Travis yelled, “REALLY?”

“I’m pretty disappointed,” Jeanne said sternly, “I thought my own son would be better than this.”

“You’re getting rid of all this filth, and I’m replacing it with something you can’t use to be DISGUSTING with,” Travis said, holding a modest stack of magazines.

After burning all of his favourite girly magazines, and still feeling confused, Carlos decided to flip through the magazines. He was expecting something about Christian purity or something, but instead it looked like a bunch of fitness magazines. Carlos supposed his step-dad was hoping he’d channel his energy into getting sweet gains rather than masturbation. It wasn’t a big deal though, Carlos thought, with how often he did stuff with his stepdad these days he wasn’t jerking off nearly as often. He continued flipping through the book, admiring the masculinity of the guys in display. Some of them were naked as they did exercizes. That was pretty cool.

Carlos sat staring at the tv screen smiling absently. He liked sitting on the floor while his mom and step-dad watched a movie. For one, it put him at the perfect height that Travis could rach over and pat his head, but it was also the perfect place to impale himself on his dildo. It was starting to become his favourite hobby after seeing some guys in one of his fitness magazines doing it. He’d asked Travis about it and he’d been very supportive, taking him out to a shop and buying him his first dildo. Carlos remembered him making a quip about being a “loving supportive daddy” and he’d wanted to get on his case for that, but he didn’t want to make a scene in a public place, especially a sex toy shop.

“So you’re going camping this weekend?” Jeanne asked absently as she watched the show.

“Yeah, gonna go on that fishin’ trip I keep talkin’ about, and pound my boy’s ass nice and hard,” Travis said, gesturing towards Carlos.

“Oh that sounds like fun,” Jeanne said cheerily, “I’m sure he’ll take it balls deep. Oh and be sure to use condoms!”

“You didn’t… anh… bring… condoms?” Carlos moaned as Travis pounded his back door.

“What, worried about getting’ your ass wet?” Travis laughed boisterously, his voice echoing through the trees, “real men love cum in their ass.”

Carlos grunted and accepted he’d have to take his step dad’s load if he wanted to be a real man. He noted proudly that he was able to take Travis’ huge cock all the way up his ass. He was sure that made his parents proud. Travis finally blew his load, and left Carlos leaking in the woods while he returned to camp for another beer.

“Hey, boy, come look at this,” Travis called out. Carlos looked up from his magazine, a riveting article about two manly mechanics sixety0nine-ing each other on top of a car they were fixing, “This is Jeremy, I guess you could call him a boyfriend. I picked him up not too long ago.”

“Good for you, dad,” Carlos said, turning back to his magazine.

“He’ll be moving in soon. Nice thing is, he’s bi, so he’ll be able to take care of your mother, and I’ll have more time for you.” Travis explained.

Carlos sat there, not really sure how this was relevant to him.

“Anyways, I got you a present,” he pushed a box onto Carlos’ lap, “it’s an extra large dildo. I’ll be expecting you to take me and Jer’s cocks together when he’s moved in.”

Carlos looked at the gargantuan thing and gulped.

“Don’t worry about it, just think of it like having two daddies from now on,” Travis said smoothly.

“Two daddies… sure, yeah…” Carlos trailed off.

“Anyways in the mean time I’ve set you up with something pretty sweet,” Travis continued, “a bunch of higher ups at my company are waiting at a hotel, I’m gonna drop them off and you’re gonna make daddy proud by showing them just how much of a slut you are.”

“Slut…?” Carlos said softly.

“Lemme put it nice and simple,” Travis said smirking slightly, “these nice older gentlemen are gonna ask you to do stuff, you do it, and daddy’ll be getting a nice fat raise.”

“Oh!” Carlos said, “that’s exciting!”

“Yup, so make daddy proud,” Travis said, “and let’s get moving. The early bird gets the ‘worm’ Carlos.”

Carlos was surrounded by five men. They all wore suits, and they all had a wishlist of things for Carlos to do. A lot of it was weird and new to him. All but one asked for him to lick their ass. Two wanted him to like their boots. In fact, there was a lot of licking in general. Soon they arrived at a sort of formation. Carlos stood bent at a 90 degree angle with his face pushed into one man’s ass, while he stroked the other two with his hands, and one more worked his ass. The final man stood recording it all. After a while they’d switch positions, and before Carlos knew it, his ass was full of five different loads. He relished in the fullness of it, like a real man.

As they left Carlos felt happy as they praised his willingness to go bareback for five guys. They said most guys his age didn’t understand their place was getting fucked by dick after dick, however the dick’s owner wanted. Carlos couldn’t help but feel bad for guys who didn’t get that. How to be a real man. They also talked about how proud he had made his daddy tonight, and it was at that point that cum began spurting out of his dick. Carlos hadn’t even thought about his own cock throughout the whole experience and now he lay jerking as his cock sprayed cum wildly all around him. The men all laughed as they left, leaving a cum soaked Carlos laying on the hotel floor.

“I’ve got great news Carlos!” Jeanne sad from across the table. Carlos broke out of his dildo stupor long enough to acknowledge her, “your father has found you some work!”

“But I have a job,” Travis said preparing to get back to working his gigantic dildo into his hole.

“Aw you can quit that one,” Travis said walking into the kitchen, “you’ll be way happier workin’ at this glory hole.”

“I will?” Carlos asked.

“For sure!” Travis guffawed, “for one, it’s right next to that college you got into so you won’t have to worry about the commute.”

“Alright, yeah, that’s pretty good,” Carlos admitted, “how much does it pay?”

“All the ass you can eat, all the cum you can swallow. You’ll always be niced and filled,” Travis said, “pretty sweet setup right?”

“Sure, but what about like… money?” Carlos asked.

“Oh you won’t get any money, they’ll forward me some cash for every client you serve though,” Travis said, “I real man knows good dick is its own reward.”

“…it’s own reward…” Carlos repeated softly.

“Right, good boy,” Travis said, ruffling Carlos’ hair, “but that’s still a while off. In the mean time we’ve got another camping trip with your other daddy and he’s pretty sure you’re ready to take us both all weekend long. Does a double daddy pounding sound like your idea of a good time?”

“Unf… hell yeah it does… daddy,” Carlos moaned, his dick already stiffening.

The End

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