Two For One

By MSTGay3000 -
published April 6, 2019
4621 words

Mark and Aiden like to fool around with erotic hypnosis, and end up snaring Connor accidentally.


A commissioned story.

Mark and Aiden were both on the baseball team as juniors and roomed together at college. They had also been messing with each other since they first met. As young gay men, neither of them could resist each other.

Mark was blond, and kept his hair buzzed. His sky blue eyes popped against his creamy skin, and his lips were pillowy and full, which, together with his sharp cheekbones and totally fit, toned up body, gave him the appearance of a male model. In fact, he had considered that line of work if the baseball thing didn’t work out. His stunning looks and great body gave him a confident swagger. He took no shit from anyone, both in his personal life and on the field, a quality that Aiden found utterly attractive.

Aiden himself was no slouch in the looks department either. He had short dark hair that he rarely combed. He had sea green eyes, pale skin, and a smoldering gaze that could make any girl (or guy, in his case) feel wobbly in the knees. He was about the same height as Mark, with a similar build: lean, toned, and athletic. Mark found Aiden to be totally adorable. He loved his boyish good looks, as well as his cheeky charm, and his dreamy eyes never failed to make his body tingle.

Mark and Aiden shared another interest: hypnosis. Mark had introduced Aiden to it and had even got him a little addicted. Through erotic hypnosis, they had been able to explore their sexuality in new and kinky ways. They would freeze and fondle each other, cause each other to get hard with a snap of their fingers, or, when they were feeling playful, make each other hard for hours, forcing each other to beg or do silly things for release.

Aiden was surprisingly adept at going into trance, and was far more susceptible than Mark was. In fact, sometimes Mark would put him into trance without him even knowing it, wiping his memory afterwards, all for his own private enjoyment.

It was a three day weekend, and the two decided to travel out of town and visit Aiden’s family. Mark enjoyed meeting his parents, who were unmistakably Irish. They still called Aiden ‘boyo’ and sometimes, Mark would have to politely ask them to repeat themselves, or look to Aiden for help understanding their speech. There were laughs all around. Mark noticed Aiden’s old accent would slip out from time to time when he was around his parents, which he thought was the height of cuteness.

Aiden’s parents left the house to the boys one day. They were sitting in the living room.

“Wanna get some hypno started?” Mark said, brushing his fingers against Aiden’s crotch.

“I don’t know. You heard my parents. Connie is supposed to be coming back today from college. I don’t want him to catch us. Talk about awkward.”

“Maybe he could join us? Your little bro is pretty cute.”

Aiden made a wry expression.

“I’m kidding, dude, come on. Take it easy, fella.”

Mark patted Aiden on his shoulder. Aiden took a deep breath and instantly felt relaxed. He didn’t realize it, but his mind had entered a more suggestible state, due to a trigger that Mark had implanted in his mind. It was the secret behind the fact they never argued.

“I think we should get a quick session goin’. Come on, I’m feeling horny, and I know you are too.”

Mark brushed his fingers against Aiden’s crotch again and felt it move around. Aiden took a sharp breath through his nostrils. Mark was right. He always was. Maybe he could afford to have a little sex before anyone got home.

“Ah, feck it. Let’s do it.”

“Did you just say ‘feck it?’”

Aiden sighed. “I hate being home sometimes.”

Mark laughed and tapped Aiden on the tip of his nose.

He brought out his pendulum (which he always kept in one of his jacket pockets) and started swinging.

In the meantime, Aiden’s younger brother, Connor, had already slipped into the house, earlier than he said he would. He planned on surprising everyone.

He crept into the house unnoticed and caught of Mark swinging the pendulum in front of Aiden’s face from the hallway.

“What the fuck?” he said quietly to himself, stifling a laugh.

He had heard about the benefits of hypnosis from his brother, but never truly believed it. It always seemed so hokey. He watched cautiously from the shadows, feeling curious about how it all worked, and also, a little excited, as he couldn’t wait to jump out and scare the pants off his brother and his ‘butt buddy’, a term that Aiden personally hated.

“Okay, deep breaths. Keep those pretty green eyes on the pendulum. Feeling sleepier and sleepier….so relaxing…..every swing taking you down and down into trance…..left to right….right to left….down, down, down into trance…..”

“Oh yeah….I’m feelin’ it.”

“Good…keep going down….listen to my voice….feeling sleepier and sleepier….more and more relaxed….you feeling relaxed yet buddy?”

“You know it.”

Connor didn’t even realize that he himself nodded, as if Mark was talking to him. He let out a quiet yawn.

The induction continued. Aiden’s breaths slowed as his head dragged left to right. His eyelids were growing heavier. The hazy, familiar, cloudy feelings of trance filled his mind. Ahhh….it felt so good! His muscles were relaxing one by one, loosening by the second as his body followed Mark’s soothing voice.

And in the hallway, a second induction was occurring, just out of Mark’s eyesight. Connor also found himself feeling sleepy, and deeply relaxed. He had to hold onto the wall as he felt his body swaying, and the amused smile on his face had disappeared, as he kept his eyes focused on Mark’s swinging pendulum. He hadn’t even realized that he was going into trance too, or that he was even following Mark’s voice. Everything he said seemed so encouraging, and his mind unwound itself so easily. He was breathing deeper and deeper, just as Mark said. He couldn’t take his eyes off the pendulum. He felt so relaxed….is this what trance felt like? Maybe it wasn’t baloney after all. A vague sense of resistance entered his mind, as if to wake him up, but he pushed it away, as he was drawn more and more to Mark’s voice and his swinging pendulum.

He didn’t want to wake up.

“When I count down from ten, you will fall asleep and be fully in trance. Each time I count down, you will go deeper and deeper into trance, be more and more mindless, be more open to whatever Master Mark says.”

Aiden’s eyelids were barely open as his head swung, and in the hallway, Connor had a similar expression. Their heads moved in one synchronous motion, mirroring each other both physically, and mentally.

“….three….two………there we go, deep asleep. Head down.”

Aiden’s head fell to his chest, and so did Connor’s. They listened attentively as Mark reinforced the trance with several more suggestions. He asked Aiden to raise his hand and let it float down, taking him deeper, and Connor did as well, both of their hands falling at the same rate, their breaths slow and even.

Mark, on the other hand, was already feeling excited. His cock was twitching in his jeans. He took off Aiden’s baseball cap and ran his hands through that uncombed dark hair, then let his fingers run down the side of his sleeping face. He shook him by the chin, like an annoying aunt. He was deep asleep alright! Aiden was always so damn cute like this

“Now….are you ready to obey your master?”

“Yes,” Aiden and Connor said at the same time. Mark’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Someone there?” He sat up on the couch.

“I’m here, master,” Connor said. Mark’s jaw fell open.

Aiden’s brother! Mark couldn’t believe it. The sneaky little thing. He must have snuck into the house and watched their induction. But something was wrong. Mark gazed at Connor for a few moments.

His eyes were closed. And did he just call him ‘master’?

“Connor….are you in trance?”

“Yes, master.”

Mark turned to Aiden, then Connor, then Aiden again. A sinister smile crept on his lips. It was almost too good to be true. His mind raced with a slew of kinky ideas. He knew Aiden would never agree to this, but he didn’t care—it was his turn to be the master, and he was going to make the most of it. A two-for-one special like this didn’t come any old day of the week, and besides, he had never played with a straight boy before!

Mark beckoned Connor to come forward, and he sleepily trudged over, standing right next to his sleeping brother. Mark felt his cock throb even harder in his jeans. He knew Connor was cute from Aiden’s Insta pics, but he didn’t realize how cute he actually was!

He ordered Aiden to stand side by side with his brother.

“Open your eyes, but stay in trance, and go deeper with every breath.”

“Yes, master,” they said in a single delicious, mesmerized voice.

Mark surveyed Connor. He had the same dark hair as his brother, but it was cut evenly and styled. He had the same boyish good looks, but with a softer jawline, which made him look even more youthful. He felt his arms, and was pleased to feel hardness, just like his brother. His hands brushed against Connor’s chest, and felt it rise and fall gently; such perfect, tight chest muscles! Mark explored a little further. Was that the firm, hard outline of a six pack under Connor’s shirt? He lifted it and was pleased to see his suspicions were confirmed.

He looked at the two captive brothers, and enjoyed their blank, expressionless faces. They both had the same dreamy green eyes, but now they were glazed over, unblinking, like old, dull marbles. Aiden was a little taller than his eighteen year old brother. Good looks (and easily tranced minds) seemed to run in their family. Who was cuter? Mark couldn’t decide.

He raised their mesmerized faces up by their chins and turned them side to side. Neither blinked or flinched. He needed to see these pretty faces kiss each other, no matter how taboo it might be, and no matter how much Aiden would hate the idea.

“Kiss each other. And as you do, go ten times deeper into trance.”

There was a slight twitch on Aiden’s face, showing some sort of internal resistance, but Mark didn’t care. He would force the boys to do his bidding if he had to.

They turned to each other. Connor reached up and kissed Aiden, tentatively at first, which sent tremors to Mark’s cock. Then the heavy making out began as the boys went deeper into their mindless states. Mark whipped out his cock and started stroking, fully taken by the scene. Brothers? They might as well have been lovers! His cock throbbed as Aiden and Connor’s lips smacked against each other, their eyes still blank and showing no sign of life.

“Go deeper into trance with every kiss you make. Not only that, but the deeper you go into trance, the harder you get—the harder you get for each other! You are enslaving each other with every embrace, every wet kiss exchanged, every throb of your cock. Your heart now beats for your brother. Your cock beats for your brother too!”

The dark haired brothers took deep inhales and moaned as Mark’s words hit them like a powerful spell. Their hands climbed up each other’s bodies, groping, pulling at their clothes, pulling at each other’s hair, fingers clawing with want. They were insatiable.

Mark hissed as his cock surged with pleasure while he watched the brothers make out, enjoying the fact that they were going deeper into his power the longer they kissed. He noticed their cocks tenting hard in their jeans, as if they wanted to escape and make contact with the other’s body.

He ordered them to undress each other. Aiden and Connor started pulling each other’s clothes off one by one, their eyes never losing that blank, mindless gleam. Their shirts came off. A sneaker here, a sock there. They struggled to get their jeans off, and their cocks were tenting furiously in their briefs (or in Connor’s case, boxer-briefs). Once those came off, their big, throbbing cocks springboarded up and hit their hard stomachs, and they instantly resumed kissing, their skin slapping against each other while their mouths moaned.

In the meantime, Mark was ordering them to go deeper and deeper, magnifying their trance, and their lust. Their bodies were starting to glisten with sweat, and their hardened knobs were writhing against each other, squirting precum out furiously (though Mark was very clear to make sure that the boys did not cum until he told them to).

His eyes were drawn to their feet. He had always liked Aiden’s feet. His feet were bigger than his, and had nice, strong toes, as well as very lovely arches. How wonderful that Connor had similarly shaped feet, similarly hot as well!

He ordered the brothers to stop kissing, then seated them on the couch by side. They sat with their blank, expressionless faces, and Mark took the time to sample their sexy feet for a bit. He placed one sole from each on his face, his cock shaking from the feel of it. He pressed their soles against his cheeks. The smell was delicious; someone had a rather strong scent to their feet today, and he couldn’t tell if it was from Aiden or Connor. Not that it mattered.

His mouth attacked their soles. He licked and worshipped their arches, and nibbled on their toes. He crossed their feet together, then worshipped them together as well. He enjoyed the sight and feel of rubbing their feet against each other, still noting their blank hypnotized faces from time to time. He even tried tickling them, but even that wasn’t enough to wake them out of their trance. He knew Aiden was ticklish, and after inquiring, it seemed Connor was too. It left him a little curious.

“I’m going to tickle you now. And when I do, it will be the funniest thing ever. Not only that, your brother’s laugh will make you so hard. Got it?”

“Got it,” both brothers said sleepily.

He started tickling both sets of feet. The brothers erupted into chuckles and laughter, and their cocks throbbed and twitched between their thighs. Their faces turned red and Mark upped the tickling, leaving them breathless and of course, extremely hard. They looked at each other from time to time, pointing at each other as if they had the funniest face they had ever seen, their own laughter sending each other’s bodies into hyperlust.

Their feet flexed and spasmed as Mark chased them with his fingers, and he loved how similar their laughs were, with Aiden having just a little more bass to his voice. They were laughing so hard that spittle was flying out of their mouths, while precum was flying out of their wobbling cocks.

He stopped tickling and they quieted down, then resumed their blank, mesmerized postures. Mark was in love with the control that he had! He started them up again, and after another round of watching laugh and giggle and shoot precum onto each other, he had had enough; he simply had to cum.

He grabbed their feet again and started rubbing his cock all over them, their laughter and expressions whittling down to eerie silence once again. He moaned as their soft, beautiful soles assaulted his cock. He couldn’t tell whose foot was where, only that they made him feel like his body was catching fire. Such amazing toes! And god, the balls of their feet felt so good against the bottom of his shaft. He was biting his lip so hard he thought he might make himself bleed. He played with their feet a little more, then shouted when he finally came, releasing a bucket load of jizz all over them.

He opened his eyes and was pleased to see the sight of it. Cum dripped all over the boys’ ankles and toes. He could smell it too. Even better, Aiden and Connor’s faces were still transfixed, completely unmoved by what had just happened.

He took a few moments to collect himself, but got hard again just from staring at their blank faces and cum-dumped feet. He stroked himself to full, then proceeded with the rest of his plans.

“On your knees.” The brothers fell to their knees, their jaws slack, their eyes still glassy. Their hair was ruffled up from their wild kissing earlier, and their cheeks and lips were red.

Mark started swinging his cock. “Look at my cock. It’s just like the pendulum. Keep following it and go deeper into trance. Get harder and harder for me now, for my cock. I want you to feel just as hard and wild for me as you do for each other, but the difference being, that I am your true master and you are now my slaves, always, forever.”

“Always, forever,” the brothers said sleepily, as their heads swayed along with Mark’s swinging cock. They were beginning to drool as they watched the huge cock attentively, like lobotomized dogs.

He stopped swaying his cock, confident the brothers had entered another layer of mindlessness, then began to fuck each boy in their mouth. He pulled Aiden by his hair and loved seeing his cheeks bulge as he sent his cock deeper and deeper into his throat. He spent several moments fucking his face, relishing in the feel of it, something he never got tired of. His cock throbbed and swelled inside.

Then he pulled out, leaving precum on Aiden’s chin, and did the same to Connor. His mouth was smaller, and he was more gentle with the first-time cocksucker, though the fact that he was straight made fucking his mouth even hotter. His cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk, which made him look even more adorable. Mark ran his hands through his styled hair, and his cock shuddered inside, sending fresh precum right down Connor’s throat.

His cock was almost at climax. Instead of choosing one over the other, he stuck both brothers cheek to cheek. He lorded his cock over them and stroked it vigorously, at times letting the brothers lick his shaft and chase after the fresh beads of precum coming out his slit.

Just looking at their mindless, unblinking faces, especially as their tongues writhed around his shaft, precum splattered on their faces, was enough to get him off again. He held on to his cock tight as he shot his load, blasting their hypnotized faces with even thicker ropes of jizz.

Neither brother reacted to the fresh blobs of jism dripping down their faces; they didn’t even blink! When he was done, Mark laughed and gave their heads a good rub as if they were his pets.

He could see they were still hard, and he decided to put those fat cocks to use.

“Connor, I want you to stand and start jerking off in front of Aiden’s face.”

“Yes, master.”

Connor did as he was told, and Aiden stared at his younger brother’s hardened wet rod without expression.

“Look at your big bro. Isn’t he cute? You can’t wait to cum on his face.”

“Can’t wait….to cum on his face….”

“And when you do, you will shoot out all of your remaining will. In fact, you will shoot out all of your remaining heterosexuality too. You don’t need girls when you have me and your brother anymore. We can please you so much more.”

“Don’t need girls…..I have you and….and my brother….please me…so much more….yes….”

Connor’s jerking got faster and faster and his eyes rolled up a little. A small smile started crossing his lips, as he stared down at Aiden’s blank face. So what if that was his brother? So what if he was straight? He felt so good in the moment; his cock had never felt so hard in his eighteen years of life.

He jerked his cock off as if he couldn’t wait to get off, not even caring that he would be signing his freedom away.

“When I count from ten, you can finally cum….and finally give yourself to me and your brother once and for all, no more pesky straightness to get in the way. The closer we get to one, the greater the urge to cum, the greater the lust for your brother, the greater the will to serve!”

Mark started counting down, and as he did so, Connor’s face looked more and more strained. He panted and his jerking got faster and faster, his cock making rapid thwap noises in his hand.

“….and one,” Mark said at last.

Connor moaned then exploded, shooting all over Aiden’s unblinking face, coating it with another layer of fresh Irish cream. He shouted as he jerked himself even harder, wringing as much cum as he could out of his cock, along with any remaining subconscious doubts and resistance. When he was done, all emotion was once again wiped off his face, his mission accomplished. His cock was limp and dripping with boy cream. He belonged to Mark and Aiden now.

Mark laughed. One down.This time, he had Connor on his knees, and had Aiden take his hard knob to his face.

“Look at your little brother, Aiden. Soo cute. Doesn’t he make you so hard?”

“So cute….so hard…” Aiden was jerking just as furiously as Connor was, and color was rising to his face as he stared at Connor. A drunken smile crept on his face.

“When you cum on his face, you will also be getting rid of any remaining resistance you have to serving me—and I know you have some, ya big lug. Instead, you will be just as in love with your little brother as you are with me. You will be just as enslaved by him, just as in lust with him. You can’t wait to cum all over that hot, sexy face!”

“Just as enslaved….just as….unfff…as in lust….c-can’t wait…to cum on Connie’s face…mmm….Connie….”

Aiden was showing signs of strain and his knees bent as he got closer and closer to orgasm. He couldn’t wait to cum all over his brother’s blank face, giving all his will away! Connor was so cute….it was making him so hard. Just a little longer….

Mark did the same thing with Aiden that he did with his brother: he increased the urge to cum and serve with every number he counted down. Aiden stroked faster and faster, his hand a blur on his cock. When Mark reached one, he let out a cry as he came buckets onto Connor’s face. He lasted longer than Connor did, and shot all over his face, neck and shoulders. Connor didn’t react at all.

After Aiden was done, he stood there lifelessly again, awaiting his next orders. Mark allowed the brothers to embrace once again, and to clean the cum off each other’s faces (with their own tongues, of course). They raced into each other’s arms like dogs going off at a race.

Their lips writhed around each other’s features, hungry for each other’s cum, hungry for each other’s bodies, their mouths and hands expressing their new forbidden lusts. They were already getting hard again…. and so was their new master. It was hard not to. Mark loved watching the brothers go crazy over each other. He pulled them away, and had them standing by side, like good little mindless soldiers. Their faces were wet and clean, and their jet black hair was even more tousled up.

This time, Mark ordered Connor to get on his hands and knees. It was time to mint his straight boy hole, to officially welcome him into their little erotic hypnosis club.

He had Aiden take Connor’s mouth, while he took the backend. He loved seeing the last vestiges of his cum still on Connor’s soles. He prepared the boy the best he could, then gave the signal, and soon, he and Aiden stuffed Connor with hot, throbbing meat.

They spitroasted Connor, bucking their hips against his entry and exit holes. Mark smiled and moaned as pleasure welled up in his cock again. Connor’s hole was predictably tight, and was driving him mad. His ass was surprisingly nice and juicy and he slapped it a few times as his balls slapped against his skin. Not only that, seeing Aiden’s braindead expression as he fucked his little brother’s mouth was overwhelmingly hot. Poor Aiden. He would totally hate him for this. Too bad! It’s not like he would ever find out….

They fucked Connor until both of them had cum again, leaving both ends dripping with warm fresh cream. Even Connor ended up cumming again; he couldn’t help himself. In his own mindfucked brain, having his master and brother’s cock inside of him was a wet dream come true. All three were hot, sore, and exhausted, dripping with sweat and jizz. Mark had Connor switch with Aiden, and after collecting himself for a little bit, Mark was ready to have a second roast….

A little later, the front door opened and Aiden and Connor’s parents walked in. All three boys were sitting on the couch, fully dressed again, their clothes and hair just a tad messier round the edges. Connor was wearing Aiden’s baseball cap.

“Ooh, stinks in here. Open a window, you lot!” said their mom. The boys laughed.

“Hey guys! How was your day?” Mark said with a smile. “Look who’s made it in.”

“Hey mum!” Connor said with a smile.

The parents were delighted to see their little college freshman, and he got up to give them a hug. They chatted for a little bit, and exchanged more laughs, before heading off to the kitchen to unpack some groceries. Connor sat back down between Mark and Aiden.

As soon as their parents were out of sight, the two brothers immediately began making out again, like a couple of horny teenagers. Aiden wrapped his leg over his brother’s body, while Mark caressed his thigh and rubbed the back of Connor’s neck. His fingers brushed against Aiden’s foot and he felt his cock stir. Aiden and Connor’s crotches were already tenting once again.

“Deeper in trance boys….so in love with each other….such good little slaves,” Mark whispered.

He still hadn’t pulled either one out of trance, not completely. What for? The weekend had just gotten started and it was going to be a long (and pleasurable) one.

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