The Glory Hole - Danny

By Anonymous
published September 9, 2016
2211 words

Daniel decides to check out a glory hole for some descrete fun. It ends up being more fun than he anticipated…

It had been months since Daniel had been with anyone and the 36-year-old commercial banker was getting desperate for some action. Still deeply closeted, Daniel avoided the apps and websites and even the bars. He couldn’t risk word getting out that he was gay. It wasn’t that his bank or customers were particularly homophobic, but he had built an image based on being a straight, and somewhat predictable, man and he didn’t want to risk his future with new revelations about his sexual preferences.

Thinking of his options, he remembered overhearing talk about a particularly steamy bathroom while at his last cruising spot; something about always finding the perfect guys. The bathroom was located in a park only about 20 minutes from his condo. Considering it, he decided some glory hole action was the best option available—he could get off without ever laying eyes on his partner or them seeing him. It would be discreet and satisfying.

Daniel selected a pair of jogging pants and a close fitting t-shirt; he could turn this into a short workout and a sexual release if he traveled to the park on foot. He stopped to check out his 5’11 frame in the hall mirror. He still looked good, he had developed a little bit of fat on top of his muscular frame but it just made him look more solid. His thick brown hair was cut short and a layer of hair covered his arms, legs, and chest leading down to his trimmed pubes in a narrow trail. If he had been out, he would have no problem picking up plenty of guys or even finding a boyfriend, if he ever decided he was ready for that. He gave himself one last look and exited his condo working up to a brisk run through the evening streets.

Not long after, he found himself entering the park having worked up a slight sweat in the cool autumn air. The paths meandered through the patches of trees and stretches of open grass periodically lighted by the orange glow of ornate street lights. He had never been to this park at night but he was starting to appreciate how beautiful it was. The bathroom was located a few minute’s jog into the park off of a smaller path almost completely surrounded by a grove of aspens. He could see faint lights from the high set windows in the darkness ahead. As he approached the bathroom, he slowed down and cautiously looked around for any bystanders. Seeing none, he approached the facility and entered the door marked “Men” on the right side of the small, circular building. The inside, surprising clean, contained a sink and mirror next to 2 urinals. Opposite the urinals were two narrow stalls. As he stepped further inside, he did a quick check under the stall doors to see if anyone was there; seeing none, he entered the second door and closed it behind him. Pushing down his jogging pants and boxers, he sat back on the pristine looking seat and waited while the cool air washed over his overheated butt, cock, and balls.

He realized he had zoned out for an undetermined amount of time and jerked upright hearing the bathroom door open and shut. His dick immediately began to get hard as a stranger walked towards the empty stall and made his way inside. Daniel looked through the circular opening in the wall separating the stalls but could only make out the top part of athletic shorts moving in the stall next door. Suddenly, a hand pulled down the shorts and out popped a thick white cock which was promptly shoved through the glory hole. Surprised, Daniel stared at the cock now only a foot from his face. It was large, probably 8 inches long and thick. It was circumcised with a shaft that seemed to taper towards the end of the dick until it came to a large mushroom head. It was actually very similar in size and shape to his own rock hard cock which was now dripping precum onto the floor.

Daniel was almost transfixed by the rigid cock in front of him and didn’t take more than a few moments to position his mouth in front of it. He reached out his tongue to get a taste and felt an electric connection as he made contact. He quickly began taking more of the delicious cock into his mouth moving his tongue around the underside and alternating his level of suction. When about 4 inches of the dick had made their way inside his wet mouth, he started to hear quiet moaning from the cock’s owner. Excited by the other man’s reaction, Daniel took more and more of the cock into his mouth until it sat at the edge of his throat. Only 2 inches remained outside of his mouth and he was determined to get every bit of it inside of him. Fighting his gag reflex, Daniel felt the last 2 inches slide down his throat. His spasming throat muscles were massaging the large head while he swirled his tongue around the shaft. After about 5 seconds, he pulled almost all 8 inches out of his mouth only to ram it back into his throat. The man’s moans began to increase in volume and intensity as Daniel used every trick he could think of to pleasure this magnificent cock. He alternated using his hands and just his mouth to pleasure the dick which had quickly pushed all other thoughts out of his head. He had never experienced a sexual rush this powerful or a single-minded desire to pleasure another man as he now felt.

After some time, Daniel began feeling a new desire emanating from his butt. He had always considered himself a top but his hole was starting to clench and quiver, seemingly begging for something to fill it. His mind, clouded over with lust, began to fantasize about slipping the man’s thick cock up his hole, filling him completely. He used a free hand to begin fingering the outside of his rosebud, moaning into the cock still stuffing his face. Finally, Daniel could wait no longer and pulled his lips off of the wet cock and stood up. Shimmying his butt over to the glory hole with his pants and boxers still around his ankles, he lined up the cock with his hole. The man had waited with his cock still in the hole, seemingly knowing what was coming next. Waves of pleasure shot through his body as his hole made contact with the solid cock. Slowly, he pushed himself back onto the cock. When the head slipped in, he let out a deep moan. At the same time, he heard the man say, “You’re a good bottom boy. My cock is going to fill your tight hole.” Immediately Daniel’s mind emptied of any memories of topping. Instead, new memories of years of searching for a cock to fill his hole in one anonymous encounter after the other filled his head. He liked nothing more than for men to use his tight hole blasting his insides with cum.

His hunger for cock grew stronger as he pushed his butt further and further down the stranger’s cock. Finally, his butt rested against the stall wall as the man began to thrust his dick in and out of his hole. The man began to speed up his thrusts as he said, “Your hole is so tight! I love breaking in a young bottom.” As Daniel’s memories shifted again, wiping out the last 12 years of his life, his body began growing younger. The fat over his muscles dissolved while the muscles themselves shrunk slightly. His skin looked more youthful and the lines around his eyes vanished. The now 24-year-old Daniel remembered trying to bottom once or twice after college, getting up the courage to ask one of the guys he sucked to top him. He had loved it immediately and came within minutes the first time. This stranger, now his third, was definitely the best and he was trying to hold back his cum as long as he could. He always knew that he was a natural bottom and only his discreteness kept him from getting his hole stuffed every night.

Daniel’s hole expertly clamped down on the stranger’s cock eliciting a moan from both men. The stranger slowed down his thrusts as he removed all but the head of his cock from Daniel’s hole before slamming the whole thing back in. As he continued long-dicking Daniel, the stranger spoke out again, “I bet your little cock’s ready to shoot. That’s ok, boy. Just pull back the skin and blast it out! You’ll be cumming again before I’m done.” Daniel’s once long, thick dick deflated. The large head shrunk down so that it was the thinnest part of his cock. Even hard, his regrown foreskin completely covered the little head of his 5-inch dick. Making contact with his smaller but newly sensitive cock, Daniel pulled the foreskin back behind and head and almost immediately exploded thick shots of cum onto the toilet and floor in front of him. Almost 8 shots landed with a plop, splattering about. He played with his new foreskin, milking the last drops out of his dick in time to the continuing thrusts in his hole. His anal muscles had not finished clenching around the stranger’s cock, however, and he heard him say, “A short, skinny twink like you sure can cum a lot! I love the way your hole grips my cock when you shoot.” Daniel’s height immediately plummeted forcing him to stand on his tip toes to keep his butt level with the glory hole. His muscles shrunk rapidly becoming lean and thin. Daniel’s new 5’4 body looked to be the stereotypical twink except for the hair still covering his body.

Daniel, unaware of his life before the changes, continued to moan in pleasure as the stranger’s cock filled his new, smaller body to the max. He couldn’t remember a time he enjoyed more than this and his dick remained rock hard. The stranger, getting closer to cumming said, “You’ve got to have the best hole of anyone in the Freshman class! When we get back to campus, you’re gonna meet all of my friends and your hole will never be empty again.” Daniel’s body quickly lost 6 years in age, leaving only a smattering of hair on his chest, a thin happy trail, and a light dusting of hair on his arms and legs. All of his knowledge gained from 4 years in college disappeared leaving him an oblivious, albeit horny, 18-year-old. This last changed seemed to push his body over the edge again and his shrunken dick shot 9 huge globs of cum all over the bathroom stall. His moans, now higher in pitch, reached a crescendo as his anus again clamped down on the stranger’s dick. This was the final stimulus for the stranger as his dick pumped a huge load into Danny’s butt. Danny’s eyes rolled back into his head as the stranger’s cock unloaded inside of him. He was so glad he decided to lose his virginity tonight. He had given dozens of blowjobs in high school but now that he was in college, he wanted to go all the way. He never thought it could feel so good. His dick began to inflate as the stranger slid his cock out of Danny’s hole; Danny hoped he could do this again and again.

Not having noticed his shoes, pants, t-shirt, and now bright green thong shrink along with his body, he began pulling them up his smaller legs, relishing the feeling of cum still inside him. The beautiful cock, the source of all of his pleasure this evening, was pulled back through the glory hole and, still semi-hard, slipped into the athletic shorts from where it came. The other man left the stall quickly and stood outside for a minute until Danny heard, “Come on man, let’s go!” Danny fidgeted with his clothes and stepped outside of the stall. He gasped as he looked up at sexy, 6’ tall jock, maybe 21-years-old, with toned muscles and short blond hair. The jock, looking down at Danny, smiled saying, “You’re perfect, man! The rumors about this place must be true. I’ve never had someone service my cock that well. You and me are gonna spend a lot of time together this semester.” Danny’s cock began to fill with blood as the jock winked at him and he thought of having that cock fill his holes again. Danny followed the jock out of the bathroom. He didn’t notice the lettering above his stall door that spelled out “Bottom” and those on the stall next to it spelling “Top.” If he had when he first walked in, his life would have turned out much differently.

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