Magic comes with a price 3

By Baldwizzard
published April 1, 2019
1764 words

The third episode full of magic and misunderstanding

Episode Three

Paul had the night of his life with that fantastic fetish-fantasy and when he woke up in the late morning, he was still exhausted. The big guy was already gone but he heard him pee in the small bathroom. When he came back, a cigarette between his lips and totally naked, Paul already was fully awake again. The sex-god looked at him and what Paul saw in his face did not make him happy. “Ok, dude, that was fun tonight, but I think now you should be going!” with that he threw his clothes, spilled all over the room last night, to the bed and the deeply hit Paul started to dress. He was not used to be kicked out of a flat after a hot night. Normally, he was the one doing the kicking…

Did not feel very good, he had to admit. The sex-god was standing at his open window, smoking and showing him his super muscular backside and the strong ass. Damn, he was so hot… When he had finally managed to get dressed, the, guy turned around, grabbed a small wooden box from his table and threw over. “Take that as a reminder of that night, boy. If you want to have a nice surprise, wait some days and then open it, you will see, it´s worth the waiting.”

Paul was still feeling tossed away three days later. The hot sex-god was coming to his bar daily now, but never even looked at him. He took three different guys home with him, muscular, big, strong, bearded bald men, not a single one with that model-physiques he was so famous for. He tried to approach the guy again, but he did not even react. Asshole. But such a hot asshole, oh god, he had totally fallen for that guy. He could only think of him, day and night. When he released himself of the day’s pressure before sleeping, he had no need for pictures of videos, he just had to close his eyes and the picture of the perfect man he had spent a night with appeared before his inner eye… At day 4 he found the box in his pocket, he had totally forgotten about that! Maybe it contained HIS telephone number?? He had said it was worth waiting some days… maybe to build his desire to a new level? Maybe it was all a game. YES, that seemed to be a good explanation. So he opened the box and… wooooshhhhhhh

He had to cough as his small apartment rapidly filled with shimmering and glittering smoke. The smell of incense, hot wind and tea with mint filled the room and to his total shock, a huge, muscular guy was standing in the middle of his room, his head nearly reaching the lamp hanging from the ceiling. He was drinking tea from a small glass and grinned at Paul as if it was the most regular thing to happen. The guy was not only tall, but super muscular, not the perfect definition of his one-time-lover, heavier, wider and with a strange greenish-golden tan, a long pointy goatee and a shiny bald head with a low fringe of black hair that formed a pig-tail in the back.

He looked like he had fallen into a theatre’s dressing room giving Sherazade. His feature looked kind of Arabic but more exotic, kind of Asian in a way. “Oh, again. Wow, that’s more like I like it! Let me introduce me, Master. I am genie. I had been trapped in this box for hundreds of years, before you say anything, I know the usual medium is a lamp, but all that rubbing made me totally crazy. So I moved into that box, quite comfortable I have to say. Oh, what a gasbag I am. Of course I am here to serve you with my magical powers, Paul.”

How in god’s name could this strange guy know his name?? “Oh, that was easy. I met Jean earlier, and he mentioned you. Don´t believe me? Wait a second!” And in the air appeared something that looked like a super thin TV, showing some totally unknown skinny guy with locks standing in the apartment he recognized as the one he had spent the best time of his life in.

He could hear the guy say that he wanted to look like the wet-dream of HIM, oh god, could that be?? He saw the genie doing something and then the guy, falling to the floor in uncontrollable spasm, transforming from skinny nerd to his muscle-god. He saw his hair just disappear in his head, the moustache growing, the muscles growing, that enormous snake starting to move down the perfect legs… the bronze tan spreading.

“So, you see, I know what you like Paul, I think he matches your wet-dream in every possible way, doesn´t he?”

Paul was in shock. “But, but how… how do you know things like that about me. I did not tell anybody, ever… and how, how did you manage to transform that skinny twink into a total fetish-bodybuilder-god??” The guy named Genie only smiled.

“You see, I am a specialist in physical transformations, not the wealth and success type, at least not as major task. I do bodies, hair, all that stuff. So, you have three wishes, but be precise, I am not good in guessing. After uttering your wishes, please say “That is what I wish” and the wishes will be granted. After the that, I retreat into my box and you can pass me to the next person!”

There was nothing, Paul had to think about. “I know what I want, I want to be more like the guy you transformed. Yes, more like him when it comes to muscles, more like him when it comes to sexiness, more like him when it comes to be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen! That’s what I wish!” he said in only one second. The Genie had tried to raise a finger and say something, but now he only blinked, and with a swoooooooossssh, Paul collapsed on the floor and the Genie went for his after-work tea back into his spacious apartment inside the box…

When Paul woke up, he was not as shocked as Jean had been earlier, as he had seen him crushing down and coming back to his sense an hour or so later. Right now, he was only excited. He would not look exactly like that sex god, but closer, he wanted to be more like him… He should find out soon, that the Genie was not that good in French, as Paul might have sought.

He looked down at his body, expecting to see a muscular, bodybuilder’s physiques, but what he saw made him nearly scream. He jumped up and nearly crushed back on the floor as he tried to balance his new body. He ran, as fast as the new body allowed it, to the large mirror in his bedroom and what he saw was unbelievable:

Paul had been a stunning beauty all his life, and he knew about that. He had the perfect model-body, athletic, nice six-pack, some biceps, not too much, all well-defined, slim, perfect skin, white teeth, a bit of dark blueish-stubble, a perfect out of bed haircut of full shiny black hair, piercing green eyes, long eyelashes. He had had all men he wanted to have although his deepest fantasy were guys like Jean, totally butch, muscles, old-fashioned porn-stache, a bit Tom of Finland guys.

He never approached those men as he knew he was not what they were hunting for. Meeting Jean had made something inside him break, like as if the fetish had conquered his entire brain. It had made him accept a deal with a genie, to transform him to a slimmer, younger version of his wet-dream man.

But what he saw now in the mirror was so much more… oh god. He was not more like his sex-god, he was MORE as his sex-god in every possible way:

He was so tall, around 6,8!!! His snake made look Jeans like a worm, easily 16 inches and thick as a can of coke. His legs were enormous, with muscles so heavy and thick, his thighs rubbed together. But instead of the perfect V-shaped body of Jean, he was a mountain of muscles, his gut looking like a ball with muscles, rock hard but sticking out, his chest as heavy as a shelf with nipples trice the size of his old with the most enormous nipple piercings he had ever seen.

His biceps were bigger than his old thigh, surely close to 3 feet in diameter. They looked swollen, like they would just explode once he moved his arms. The arms..oh good, they stood in a weird ankle from his body as his enormous lat pushed them outwards giving him a bit of a gorilla look.

His neck was so thick with muscles, it made his head look small. Oh and that head!!! Gone were his youthful model features. His chin was large and very prominent, with a sharp line in the middle it looked like one of those super-hero chins of DC or Marvel. His once luscious lips were reduced to two fine lines, but the upper lip was totally hidden by a monstrous black moustache, perfectly trimmed but long, a bit longer at the corner of his mouth.

His once so straight perfect nose looked smaller and cracked with some bulb. It gave him a bit of a bulldog look… his now dark brown eyes were much, much smaller now, gone were the luxurious lashes. The eyes rested in a net of deep wrinkles and his eyebrows were totally shaved off, gone.

Just forehead, a wrinkled forehead without end. In disbelief, he touched his denuded head, not easy with the new body. When he saw the muscles move, while he felt the moustache with his tongue and the shiny head with his big, rough hands, his new snake woke up, he was… the biggest sex-god in the world now… he would go back to the bar and take Jean with him – and this time he would not kick him out or let him be kicked out, he would have breakfast with that guy he now was the perfect partner for…

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