Bred in Captivity, Part 2

By Arachnus The Spider -
published March 18, 2019
1415 words

Alone with the aliens, Brody learns that something sinister is in store for him.

Bred in Captivity, Pt 2

When Brody awoke this time, he couldn’t move. He felt warm and light-headed. He was restrained to some kind of medical table with his legs raised in stirrups. And he was nude.

He watched blearily as a very tall, pale creature advanced on him. It was saying something to some kind of huge rubbery blob with more arms than Brody could count in his current state. He swam in and out of consciousness. He shouldn’t be able to understand them. Was this another dream?

“The anus is normally used for waste, but it’s easily co-opted for mating,” said the gaunt creature to the slimy blob. “Some of them do this anyway, but I suspect your pet here hasn’t had that particular experience yet. He will have it often soon enough, so we might as well rearrange his organs a bit to make it work better. Some of the adjustments will be visible, but most will be internal. You may have started giving this one a secret desire to be penetrated and filled, but that’s just the beginning. Just think of what we could put up in this one’s body once we make the right alterations.”

Brody was outraged and appalled. There was a breeze on his ass, and his attention turned to how exposed he was. He could see on a monitor the view of his asshole. He tensed and saw his bud wink on the monitor. He had never felt so vulnerable.

“It’s awake,” said Telax.

“He’s awake,” G’Nar corrected, “Though once we’re done, the word ‘he’ might be a bit of a stretch. He’s going to act in the role of female in your pairing, so his manhood is going to be pretty irrelevant. He’s the obvious choice. He’s smaller and younger, and his body is still a little more pliant. Besides, he’s cuter, don’t you agree?”

“He is a fine specimen.” Telax didn’t really think like G’Nar.

Female? What the fuck were they doing to do to him? He might not be a big alpha male type like Darius, but he was all man. Brody tried to yell at them, but nothing came out but a little moan. He tried to thrash in his bonds, but all he could do was move around weakly.

“You can understand us, yes?” G’Nar asked the young man. Brody gave a soft grunt. “I know, you can’t answer. But we know what we’re about, and communication is child’s play for us. I’m G’Nar, and this is my associate Telax. He’s not really a male, but I call him a ‘he’ because he’s just covered in things that most species would think of as penises.”

As if on cue, Telax’s tentacles writhed like snakes. Brody was terrified. G’Nar stepped casually between his legs, putting something in his ass. Something warm and metallic that hummed softly. It was tapered and lubricated with something black and oily. The tip slipped in easily, but the flanged end was much wider, popping uncomfortably into place.

Brody felt violated and humiliated. Strapped to a chair and probed with a device that was more than a little phallic. But he also started to get hard. The idea of something going into his butt made him forget where he was and what he had been worried about. He vaguely thought about what the creature had said about having been given a desire to be penetrated, and he tried to get angry, but it just felt so good to have something sliding into his ass.

It was when the rod started expanding that Brody got nervous. It was getting too wide for him. He started to become very uncomfortable, trying to squirm away from the device, but it was lodged inside him and didn’t move. His ass felt good, but it was also getting stretched beyond any normal circumstances should allow.

Telax came forward. Brody could smell it. It was a smell like new plastic, tires, latex condoms. Like everything rubber. A small tentacle came toward him like a questing snake. It was dripping something slimy. Brody tried to turn his head when he realized what was happening, but he was weak and Telax easily forced the small appendage into his mouth and down his throat. It was surprisingly warm, and tasted like rubber. As its secretions worked on him, a warm sensation that spread through Brody’s throat, chest, and eventually his head, making it spin. He forgot his apprehensions, becoming totally compliant as the blob withdrew his appendage and got back to work.

Brody watched his ass on the monitor, his senses dull and head swimming, as the rod expanded. Just on the point of pain, it would contract slightly, relieving him. But the next time it expanded, it would be even larger. He floated in a haze as it stretched and expanded his asshole beyond what should have been possible so quickly. Periodically, Telax put a tentacle between his legs. The rubbery tentacled abomination would reach out and exude more dark, slick liquid onto the device and around Brody’s asshole, making it feel hot and relaxing it further.

This repeated many times, with Brody able to do nothing but watch in disgust and fascination as his ass was slowly and methodically assaulted. The tall one, G’Nar operated some controls, causing the probe to start vibrating more vigorously and widening. It was also doing something inside him he couldn’t see, but he could feel it as a distant vibration in his guts. He felt like he was having his insides rearranged. Sometimes he could see ripples and things moving under the surface of his abdomen, and he tried to squirm away again.

“Why is he so distressed?” Telax asked. “He cannot feel much pain. My flavors are in his mind, and he craves penetration.”

G’Nar explained. “Because he’s being violated. He may not feel much pain, but he know something very wrong is happening inside his body, and so he feels distressed about it.”

The probe was at least as wide as Brody’s forearm now. He couldn’t believe he wasn’t being torn open.

“That should be enough,” G’Nar told Telax. “You can go ahead and implant him.”

Implant? Brody was just aware enough to be scared.

The rod deflated, leaving Brody’s hole feeling strangely empty. His ass closed tightly as before, but it was undeniably bigger and puffier. Telax reached out a black tentacle, stroking Brody’s newly pliant asshole appreciatively, causing him to gasp softly. His ass was so sensitive now. Telax pushed a bit inside, and with an involuntary spasm, it blossomed open from a bud to a gaping hole, easily big enough to swallow a fist.

Telax propped the ass open with something like a speculum, prying it uncomfortably wide to peer inside. One the monitor, Brody was mesmerized by the sight of his own gaping ass, easily three or four inches across, and the slick pink insides within. He felt more vulnerable than ever, but that switched to a dull terror, as through the haze he watched what Telax was doing.

The tentacled mass was squelching forward with something it its grip that looked like an organ. Or some kind of biological experiment gone wrong. It was a slick mass of red and pink flesh with tiny moving tendrils. Telax slipped the thing in Brody’s ass, and extended an arm, pushing the thing farther up inside him.

t felt so good to have something put into him, making him feel a little less empty. But he was freaked out by what he was seeing and feeling. The thing was alive, clearly, and moving around inside him. Even after Telax withdrew the speculum and let Brody’s asshole shut, he could feel it squirming, getting situated inside him. What the fuck had they put in him?

Telax was at his face again, this time covering his mouth and nose with a single large tentacle, exuding a vapor that smelled like new leather boots. Brody tried not to breathe, but he didn’t last long. Soon, his vision went dark and he knew no more.

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