How I Became A Fag

By cthotguy77
published June 14, 2005
12650 words

A curse on two college students begins…

Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 11:42:2 -0500 From: Subject: How I Became A Fag

“Hey Steve, you asleep?” Brad asked. I had been lying there zoning out in the bed next to Brad’s in his cramped bedroom.

“Nope, what’s up, dude?”

“You won’t believe what happened at school today,” he said.

“What?” I said, as I turned on my side towards his bed. It was too dark to make out much other than a dark lump on the bed indicating where he was lying.

“We had our spring fling. Classes were canceled & they had free food, music & shit like that.”

“Yah, they have that every year,” I said, stifling a yawn.

"Well, they had this old chick dressed up like a gypsy reading fortunes. So, Tania & I thought it would be fun. We’d smoked in my car & were fucked up & having fun. Well, when she was doing Tania’s fortune it was stupid as all shit. She was going to go to college, struggle, but when she got out working she’d really hit it big. I mean, like that’s some kind of fortune. Well, this bitch gives me a dirty look for interrupting her, laughing at her & shit. She turned to me & said, ‘You’re quite the ladies man, aren’t you, Brad?’ Tania giggled. I said, Sure am & puffed up my chest. ‘Well Brad, enjoy it while it lasts. You’re an asshole. I’m putting a curse on you, on your ass more specifically, Brad. The next guy to see your bare ass will fuck you. And your ass has a magical quality now Brad. Whenever a dick goes in it, that guy will turn gay. And you won’t be able to orgasm till you have a dick up your ass.’ Tania was laughing so hard she almost pissed herself. I grabbed her hand & we got out of there. What do you think of that, Steve?’

“That’s some pretty strange, shit, Brad. Did you tell anyone else?”

“No. Tania & I split after that. She wanted to go back to her house & screw, but I was so fucked up I just fell asleep.”

He paused. I wasn’t sure what to say. It was so strange I didn’t know if he was making it up.

“Do you believe in that gypsy stuff?” I asked eventually.

“What, that I’m gay?! Do I look gay? I fuck Tania every day & I’ve been fucking her friend Denise on the sly too.”

I knew there was no way Brad was gay. Neither was I.

“But I am a little nervous, dude.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have soccer practice tomorrow & I have to take a shower afterwards.”


“Well, what if there is something to what the gypsy said & some fag I don’t know about on the team tries to grab my ass or something?”

“You’re a big dude, Brad. You can take care of yourself. You really think that’s going to happen?”

“Hey, Steve, I’m not gay. You know that. But Tania does have a big mouth & I’m sure she’ll blab about what happened & the guys’ll rib me tomorrow. I don’t care about that. But I don’t want some homo eyeing my ass in the shower thinking I’ll drop the soap for him.”

“So what about it?”

“Well, I know you’re my cousin & all. And I know you’re sure as shit not gay, Steve.”

I snorted. “Yah, Brad, me a homo. Just picture that. My girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy to hear I was taking it up the ass.”

We both laughed at that one.

“Well, it’s like this,” Brad said, “She said the first guy to see my ass would fuck me. I don’t want to go to the showers tomorrow & who knows who will see my ass. But I know you’re straight. So if you just look at my ass, then I’ll know it’s ok for tomorrow.”

I groaned.

“Brad, is this some kind of sick joke? You want me to look at your ass?”


“Oh sure & you’ll let one rip, right?”

“Well, that would be pretty funny. But no. C’mon Steve. I trust you. I know you’re straight & I wouldn’t worry about the showers tomorrow.”

“Are you really worried about it?”

“Yah. C’mon. No one’s gonna know. You think I want people to know I ASKED my cousin to look at my ass!?”

We laughed at that.

“I don’t know man. It’s pretty strange.”

“Oh, come on.”

He switched on the lamp on the nightstand between our beds. His tousled black hair hung in a tangled mess over his forehead.

“I can’t believe you want me to do this,” I said as I sat up in bed.

“C’mon & get it over with. Then we can go back to sleep.”

“Oh Brad, I don’t know. I didn’t jerk off today. What if I get so turned on by your hot little soccer player ass I can’t stop myself?”

He rolled his eyes.

“OK, stud,” he teased back. He threw back the covers. He had on white boxers. We both usually slept in our boxers.

I never noticed guy’s bodies before. I mean I’m at the gym all the time & have a great body, lean, tone & muscled. All the girls at the community college are always giving me the eye & I could turn on the charm & bag any of ’em that I wanted to.

I had to admit Brad was in shape. He was a soccer fanatic. He had a smooth body, swimmer’s build, tight muscles. You could tell he was wiry & strong. He had a pleasure trail over his defined abs & somewhat hairy legs. I’m sure he could get all the girls he wanted to, but he did not do anything for me sexually that’s for sure. If it helped my cousin out, I guess I could do this. He’d owe me afterwards, that’s for sure.

I swung my legs around & sat on the edge of the bed.

“OK, dude. You owe me big time. Looking at your ass. Gees! Let’s get this over with.”

He turned on his stomach & threw his legs up in the air, grabbing his boxers & lightning quick slid them up his semi-hairy legs & off. Before I knew it he threw his drawers & they landed on my head. He’d been sweating & I could smell his sweat.

“Fuck off, Brad,” I growled as I threw his boxers to the floor.

He giggled. He was lying on his back. I’d never seen him naked before. He had a really thick bush of pubes. His cock was lying flaccid across it. He was uncut & the head was completely covered by foreskin. I shuddered. Licking another guy’s dick was repulsive. And Brad’s looked big. I couldn’t imagine it would all fit in my mouth if it was hard.

Now where the hell had that thought come from?

Brad arched his back, doubling up in laughter. “Dude, you should have seen your face when those boxers landed on your head.” His body was convulsing with laughter. As he laughed, his dick slid back & forth across his pubes. It was pretty thick, but I was sure mine was thicker. I’m cut so I couldn’t help staring at his foreskin. I’d seen some in the showers & was always intrigued by that since I’m cut. It was natural to look at something different, it didn’t’ mean I was gay.

Brad had stopped laughing & his dick flopped over on the side pointing towards me.

“Well, show me your ass & let’s get this over.”

He got a more serious expression on his face.

“OK, Steve. I do appreciate this. I know it’s a strange fucking request, but I’ll be able to go in the showers tomorrow & not be paranoid about some fucking fag.”

With that he said, “Are you ready?” He had a twinkle in his eye. I rolled my eyes & said, “OK, dude. Show me.”

He rolled over on his stomach. I saw his ass. I half expected some bolt of lightning to hit me. I expected I’d be swept up with desire for him or something, but nothing.

“Well, Brad, I see it & you have an ass. I don’t want to fuck it or anything. Can you believe it?”

He turned to face me. “Really? That’s so cool. We’re not fags.”

Then he paused with a quizzical look on his face.

“But Steve, you didn’t really LOOK at my ass. You’re sitting on your bed. You can only kind of see it. Maybe she meant whoever saw it completely or some shit like that.”

“Oh brother, Brad. I’d like to get some sleep tonight. But if it’ll make you happy I’ll stand up & stare at your ass.”

I got up, crossed the narrow space between our beds & looked down at his ass. I DID have a better view of it. I saw it in all its glory. He had a muscular body & I could see he had really strong legs & his ass was very defined. I could see his legs were hairier than I thought but surprisingly his ass wasn’t hairy. It looked smooth with a little peach fuzz on it. I could picture Tania reaching around & cupping his ass rubbing her hands up & down on it, feeling the fuzz through her fingers while Brad fucked her like a piston. I looked down. My dick was dead as a doornail. Even though that was a strange thought to have I wasn’t turned on at all.

Brad’s head was in his pillow, like he was embarrassed. Well, he should be!

I hooked my thumbs in my boxers & pulled ’em down.

“Look Brad, no hard on.”

He turned & looked. He kind of gasped, not expecting to see me standing next to the bed, boxers around my knees, my big dick flopping down to almost my knees.

“Shit Steve, you think I wanna see your big ole dick flopping in the breeze like that?!” He had a disgusted look on his face, but his brown eyes were riveted on my dick, like he couldn’t believe his cousin was hung so well. I’d had admiring looks in the locker room, so the look of surprise & admiration on Brad’s face was one I’d seen many times. I puffed out my chest with pride & said, “Hey man, if I gotta look at your ass, you gotta look at my dick.”

I was only joking, but was surprised when I heard him say,“OK, I guess that’s fair.” His eyes honed in like a laser on my dick & I could see his eyes moving up & down the length of it appraising it.

“Glad I’m not gay,” he said after a while, “That thing would probably hurt!”

“Awww, dude you know just the right thing to say,” I joked.

He turned & put his face down in the bed, adjusting his body so his upper body was down in the bed while his legs pushed his ass up. He had turned so his ass was aimed directly at me.

“OK, now one last time. My hairy ass doesn’t turn you on in the least now, right Steve?”

The way he was positioned now I could see his dick hanging down between his legs. I had to admit I thought I would be grossed out looking at another guy’s ass, but now it wasn’t so bad. It was pretty muscular.

“Hairy ass?” I said, “Bro, you ain’t seen nothing.”

With that I stripped my boxers off & turned around for him to see my ass. With my father’s Italian background I had inherited his hairiness, a nice coating across my abs spreading across my chest & I did have a hairy ass. Some girls didn’t like that, but fuck ’em! And my ass was way hairier than Brad’s.

He lifted his head off the bed & twisted around to look, but kept his ass facing me.

“Damn, dude. You win. You do have one hairy motherfuckin’ ass.”

I smiled & turned around. He shocked me when he took his hands & spread his asscheeks. “The only place I have a lot of hair is on my pink asshole.”

I watched in amazement as he spread his cheeks for me & they parted to reveal a smooth crack. Right in the center of it was this pink hole surrounded by a mass of black curls. He was right, it was extremely hairy. I had never seen anything like it. He was quiet for a minute as I stared at his asshole.

“Watch this,” he said. I watched as he puckered his asshole in & out, like a tiny mouth, the hairs around it dancing as it twitched. I’d never thought of guys in a sexual way before in the least. And here I was entranced by my cousin’s hairy asshole winking at me. I felt my balls twitch & immediately pulled my eyes away. No way was I getting turned on by a guy & no way by my cousin on top of that! I was straight.

“OK, man, let’s hit the hay. Your ass is safe. No one turned gay.”

Brad turned around on the bed on his hands & knees. He leaned over & in one fell swoop before I knew what he was doing took my dick completely in his mouth & started running his tongue all around it while looking up at me.

It was like an electric current went through my body. My balls churned & I could feel the blood surging into my cock as it started to lengthen almost instantly under his tongue’s coaxing. He was slurping & putting so much saliva on it it was dripping from his mouth.

I pulled back in shock. “What the fuck are you doing, man?”

He just laughed. “If I was gay, that’s how I’d suck a cock. It was just a joke, dude. I couldn’t stand the taste of your dick anyway. Wicked gross. Man, you should have seen the look on your face!”

The spit was all over his mouth. It was gross. I was pissed. I didn’t want another dude taking my dick in his mouth. My dick was slimy from his spit dripping onto the carpet. I was pissed. My dick had grown a little bit. I mean I couldn’t help it. A wet mouth on it that was to be expected.

I jumped on the bed & pushed him down. He was on his stomach. I was on top of him. I was surprised at how wiry he felt & how strong. It felt weird on top of him, him beneath me. He gasped & kind of just lay there for a second not even fighting back. My dick was resting on his ass crack.

I pulled myself up, my hands holding his shoulders down. “I bet a fag boy like you loves the feel of a real man’s dick on his ass,” I growled.

His face was in the pillows, but he turned his head & said with a sneer, “Oh yeah, big tough football dude tackles the soccer player naked & holds him down. Oh, please fuck me, man. I need a real man’s dick inside me so bad.” He started squirming underneath me, his ass sliding up & down on my dick. Man, I knew I should have jerked off. I couldn’t help it. My dick was halfway hard. There’s nothing to it. It sometimes happens when guys wrestle.

I thought the little fucker deserved to be taught a lesson. I pulled back, grabbed his hips & pulled him up on his hands & knees. I then took one hand & grabbed my dick & slapped his ass with it. It was reaching full erection now. I pulled his asscheeks apart & put my dick right up against his hole. I felt all the little hairs tickling the head.

I had no intention of really fucking him. I just wanted to show him up. But I did have to admit it was pretty hot looking at the head of my dick, engorged with blood, rock hard, dripping with saliva, pressed up against that tight hole just busting to push inside it. I wanted to reach down, grab his balls till he called time, and then hit the hay.

When I reached under Brad, my hand accidentally landed on his dick. He wasn’t hard. After all, he wasn’t gay. Another guy wouldn’t turn him on.

I took his dick in my hand & squeezed it. I was shocked at how thick & long it was even when soft. It must be enormous when it’s hard, I thought. My fingers slid the length of it till it came to the foreskin I’d almost forgotten about. I was so curious about it I started to pull it back from the head, rub my finger over the tip of it, then let the foreskin slid up covering it completely again. As I was doing this I felt a change in his dick. It was starting to grow. This WAS turning him on.

All this time he’d been quiet on his hands & knees while I manipulated him. He suddenly turned his head & said, “Hey bro, I’m glad you like playing with my dick & all, but I’m straight so get off me.”

Was he saying that I was gay? Man, did that piss me off. Here I was trying to sleep when he kept asking me to look at his fuckin’ ass of all things. I felt him tense like he was going to try to throw me off of him. I leaned forward to whisper in his ear when he moved his legs & I don’t know how it happened but the head of my dick started to enter his hole.

We were both surprised by it & stopped everything for a moment. Anticipating that he was going to throw me off, I put my other arm around his chest & pushed. I had just intended to stop him from throwing me off the bed, but what ended up happening was my dick pushed hard against his hole & the head & part of the shaft entered his hole.

Meanwhile my other hand had been milking his cock nonstop & I suddenly was very aware of how enormous his dick had grown & how hard it was in my hand. No matter how I tried the foreskin would not go over the head of his dick anymore. It was just too hard.

I heard Brad say, “Jesus, Steve, your dick is starting to go inside me. I don’t want to get fucked. Take it out!”

My mind cleared for a moment & I thought, he’s right. What the hell am I doing like this? I started to pull back & the sensation as his ass, hot & moist, wrapped around the head of my cock was unbelievable. He’d already taken a little bit of my dick, so I thought, what’s a few more strokes before I pull out?

"Sure, Brad, " whispered, “I’ll take it right out.”

With that I pulled it back till just the tip of the head was inside him. Then I slid it back in again watching the head disappear inside my cousin’s tight hole. I felt it tighten around the head.

Brad said, “What are you doing, Steve?” He twisted his head as he said this & moved his body. Somehow the movement caused another inch of shaft to go deeper inside him.

“Your ass is begging for it,” I said as I pushed forward & two more inches disappeared inside him. So much of my dick had already gone inside him I thought I might as well just push it all the way in till my pubes hit his ass, show him who’s boss. I’d pull out, turn the lights out & jerk off thinking of fucking one of my ladies.

With one final thrust my dick went all the way in. My pubes brushed up against his ass. “You’re my little bottom boy now, Brad.” I was only kidding around, but I did have to admit his tight ass felt great on my dick.

“If I were a real fag,” Brad said, “I’d do this.” With that he started moving his ass back & forth so it grabbed my hard dick & caressed it erotically. All this time my hand had been jerking him off & as he started moving back & forth on me I felt this rush of precum flow out of the head of his dick & start making it all juicy.

Instinct took over & I started to slide in & out, really fucking him. His ass was so tight, so hot I couldn’t help myself. Brad too seemed to be getting into it. I could hear my balls slapping against his ass. We were grunting in unison. I was sweating & it was dripping all over his back. His dick was rock hard in my hand, precum oozing out of it.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I picked up the pace, feeling his ass tighten. Brad suddenly gasped, “I’m going to cum!”

I felt his ass tighten & his dick swelled even more in my hand. Suddenly I felt it let loose like a geyser. Cum was going everywhere, all over the bed, on his stomach, on my hand. That was all it took. I bellowed, rammed my cock in all the way & let loose, my load spurting deep inside him. It seemed like minutes for my load to finish. I fell on top of him & we collapsed on the bed.

My mind was dizzy. I could hear him trying to catch his breath beneath me. I realized my dick was still in his ass & I started to come back to my senses. I pushed myself off of him & my dick came out coated with cum. I grabbed a towel from the dresser & wiped myself off.

I had just fucked my cousin. What the hell was going on? It was a freak occurrence, best not to think about it. Just act like nothing happened. Brad was just lying there, not moving. Maybe he’d fallen asleep. More likely, he was too embarrassed.

Neither one of us said anything. I turned out the light, climbed into bed & fell right to sleep.

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:37:49 -0800 (PST) From: Subject: How I Became A Fag Part 2

The next morning my alarm went off. I hit the snooze bar a few times before I decided I better get up & get ready for school. Then it all came back to me, what I had done to my cousin last night. As I lay there for a brief moment I thought maybe it was all a bad dream. But I knew even I could never dream up something that twisted. I sighed & turned over from the wall, ready to face Brad.

I was surprised his bed was empty & he was nowhere to be found. It’s just as well, I thought. What would we say to each other? Better to just let it rest & forget the whole thing happened.

I managed to keep the whole incident from my mind throughout the day & act as if everything was still the same. I went to my classes & luckily didn’t run into Brad. I hit the gym with some football buddies for a couple of hours & hoped by pumping iron I’d get so tired I wouldn’t have any time to think about what happened. We went out for a few brews afterwards & then it was time to head home.

I ran up the stairs, took a deep breath & opened the door to our bedroom. The light was on, Brad was lying on his bed on his stomach, shirtless, in shorts, reading a book.

He turned & grunted, “Hey,” at me.

“Hey,” I said, keeping my eyes away from him. “Long day.”

“Yeah,” he muttered, turning his head back to his book.

I threw my bookbag down & sat on the side of the bed. I didn’t want to talk about what happened. What was there to say? I sure didn’t want to repeat what happened. In fact on my way home I called one of the cheerleaders & set up a date for tomorrow night.

I took off my T-shirt & threw it on the floor, kicked off my sneakers, took off my sox & threw them on top of my shirt. I was in my boxers & thought, what the hell. He’s seen everything anyway. I took them off & threw them on his head.

“Asshole,” he growled, as he reached up & grabbed them angrily throwing them across the room so they landed on my bed.

“Dude, you should have seen your face when those boxers landed on your head,” I mimicked.

He turned his face towards me & said, “Oh and what are you gonna do? Fuck me again, Steve?”

That pissed me off, but I told myself to stay cool. “No,” I said levelly, “You’d probably shoot all over yourself again. I can’t help it if you’re really a big fag.”

I really didn’t think that, but I was pissed off & wanted to make a point. It worked because he jumped off the bed, furious.

“I’m no fag, Steve, and you know it! You’re bigger & stronger than me. I couldn’t stop you.”

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was seeing how angry he was or knowing that I could push his buttons. But I decided to push my luck further.

“Brad, you’re a good little fag boy. You know it. It excites you to have a real man like me naked in front of you. You can’t help but stare at my big dick & think how good it felt plowing you last night.”

His jaw dropped like he couldn’t believe what I said to him. I was surprised when I did see his eyes drop to my cock. He quickly looked back up at me & finally seemed to catch on.

“Ha, ha, Steve. You’re so funny.”

I looked him in the eye, enjoying teasing him. “Then why did you just look at my dick, Brad?”

His face turned red. “I didn’t. I don’t want to look at your dick!”

“I know you don’t, but you can’t help it. You really want to suck it.”

Again his eyes moved to my dick! I couldn’t believe he would do just what I said like that.

“Fuck you,” he hissed at me menacingly.

“I told you to look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks like.”

“Shit, Steve, I want to go to bed. Here I’ll humor you. I’m looking at your dick.”

With that comment he turned his face down & I felt his gaze descend on my dick.

“Yeah, I got a nice dick, don’t I?” As I said this I moved my hips slightly so my dick swayed from side to side.

“Yeah, Steve, I’m sure your GIRLFRIENDS really like sucking it.”

“It’s a man’s dick, Brad. Not like the little weenie you got. The ladies all love to suck it.”

“Yah, Steve. I heard you the first time. The GIRLS really like sucking on that big piece of meat of yours. But buddy I gotta ask you, if you’re so straight, why are you starting to get hard in front of another guy?”

I had been so into intimidating Brad I hadn’t even noticed that I WAS enjoying having him look at my dick & it had started to lengthen somewhat. It wasn’t quite semi-erect, but it wasn’t soft either.

Things were getting out of hand. I had no intention of repeating last night.

“Aw, Brad, you know I’m just busting on you,” I said as I turned to get into bed.

He grabbed my shoulder & spun me around unexpectedly. My dick flopped against the boxers he had on & it made contact with his flaccid meat through the cloth. This momentary contact of our dicks touching through his underwear threw both of us for a minute.

He said, “Steve, I’m not done talking to you. You told me to look at your dick. And I’m looking and I want to know why if you’re such a super straight stud, why your dick is getting hard in front of me?”

There was no denying it was semi-erect now, jutting out at an angle. Soon it would be pointed straight at Brad. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed in front of him. I had no quick comeback.

He grabbed my other shoulder & was staring at me hard. “Are YOU a fag, Steve? You’re the one with the hard on, not me.”

At that point my dick continued its climb towards full erection & because Steve was holding me so close as it grew it just went straight against his boxers. I don’t know what happened, but it kept growing. Somehow the head of my dick went against his boxers & poked through & suddenly the head of my dick was touching Brad’s flaccid shaft. I gasped, not knowing what to expect from the spongy flesh my dick was now touching.

Brad’s eyes were locked on mine. “Your dick seems to be pretty good at hunting out another cock. Are you sure you’re not gay?”

My dick continued to rise. The head, now completely inside Brad’s boxers, slid upward caressing his shaft. I felt powerless & my mind went blank. My cock became fully erect, the head pushing past Brad’s shaft firmly into his pubes. Before I could think of what to do I felt something. Something stirring under my dick. At first I didn’t know what it was.

Brad was looking me in the eyes very intently, holding my shoulders tightly. As I met his eyes I could feel blood rushing into his cock & it too started to rise. It had been pointing down when my dick went inside, but now inside the boxers as it started to lengthen it expanded. It started to move. First I could feel it under me expanding. It seemed to double, then triple in width. Then it slowly, very slowly rose up twisting to the side of his boxers & then pressing against mine.

“Are you sure you’re not gay, Steve?” Brad asked.

“Fuck you, Brad.”

“You got a hard on from me looking at your dick. I think you really want to suck me.” With that he pushed hard on my shoulders. Not expecting him to be so forceful, I found myself unexpectedly on my knees.

He still had his hands firmly gripping my shoulders. I was now inches away from his crotch, the huge bulge very pronounced not far from my face.

I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I was naked in front of Brad with a hard on, on my knees in front of him. I tried to clear my head. This didn’t make any sense.

Brad released his grip for a minute. At first I thought he was going to say it was all a joke & it would be over, but I was wrong. Instead he put his thumbs inside his boxers & slid them down his legs. His prick popped up, sticking out of his thick bush, jutting in front of my face, angry & demanding.

I couldn’t help but stare at it. Even though it was all the way hard the foreskin still covered the head. A purple vein ran all the way from the base up to the head. It was so thick & long I couldn’t help but admire it.

“Look at my dick. Look now & see what a real man’s dick looks like.” He swung his hips from side to side, his dick moving in rhythm. “This is what a real man’s dick looks like, isn’t it, Steve?”

I just stared as he slowly swung it back & forth. Then he put his hands back on my shoulders as he continued his slow rhythm, swaying to the left, then to the right, pausing as it was aimed directly at my face.

“Yeah, Steve, you like to look at my dick. You can’t keep your eyes off it. It feels so good to look at it & admire it. Your eyes are locked on it.” It was true. I couldn’t think of anything else. His move was low & smooth, with a commanding tone that I just had to listen to.

He took one hand off my shoulder & put it at the base of his dick. He stepped forward & he suddenly started slapping his dick against my face. First one cheek, then the other. I was startled out of my reverie. His dick was hard, but at the same time the skin was soft, it was such an intriguing combination. I was enjoying the sensation when I heard him say, “Look at me.”

I looked up at him. His dick was obstructing part of my view, but I saw him looking down at me over his tight, smooth muscular body. “Now, Steve, tell me you’re my bitch & you want to suck my dick.”

“What!? I’m not your bitch!”

“You’re my bitch. You’ll jerk yourself while you suck me. And no teeth.”

“This has gone too far, Brad. Now why don’t you.” Before I could finish his hand that had been gripping my shoulder moved to my head, gripped my hair tightly & forced my head forward. The head of his dick was suddenly on my bottom lip & with one thrust & a jerk of my head, my mouth was filled with Brad’s hard cock.

I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I didn’t understand how I had come to be in this position & I really didn’t want to suck his cock. I’d never even touched another guy’s dick until my dick touched Brad’s a few minutes ago & now I was on my knees with his dick in my mouth.

I was aware of the sensation. My mouth was completely filled, but his dick wasn’t all the way in my mouth. I could feel my cheeks pushed out with its thickness. The only thing in front of my face was his bush with the rest of his massive cock pointing into my mouth. I could smell the soap still on his skin from his recent shower, but also a manly smell under the surface that was pleasant.

He said, “That’s it, Steve. I knew you always wanted to suck my dick. Look at me.”

I looked up, my eyes met his & I swear as I looked at him I felt his dick swell even more. It seemed like forever I was looking up at him. He said nothing, but kept looking down at me.

“I want you to keep looking at me. I’m going to take my hands off you & put them on my hips, like this.” His hand came off my head & the other off his dick. His dick still remained in my mouth. I remained where I was.

“Good boy,” he said. “You won’t take my dick out of your mouth till I tell you to.”

What? I wasn’t his personal cocksucker. “Now move your head up & down on it. Slowly. All the time I want you to keep your eyes locked on me. I can see in your eyes this is something you’ve wanted for a long time.”

This was crazy. I wasn’t his sex slave. But somehow I felt my mouth moving up & down along his dick. Looking up at him, I felt this desire inside me to please Brad. Where was that coming from? I was the stud, the guy that other guys looked to, but as I was here & Brad was telling me what to do I felt myself secretly thrilling to follow what he said, wondering what he’d say next.

I felt myself getting into it. I ran my tongue around his dick as I moved up & down. I picked up the pace. I liberally applied all the spit that was in my mouth until it started dripping. I should be disgusted with myself, but I was enjoying it. I could see the expression on Brad’s face changing too. It started as this smartass who was getting his way having turned the tables to one of surprised enjoyment, to one of undeniable pleasure.

As Brad’s enjoyment increased I found my own hand had moved to my dick & was jerking off to the same rhythm I was sucking Brad. His hips started thrusting back & forth. I heard his breathing change. He was panting, his breaths raspy. I could smell the sweat emanating off him. His balls had been hanging down when I first started sucking him. They now were tight up against him.

I suddenly worried, was he going to cum in my mouth? The thought of Brad cumming in my mouth made me start jerking harder on my dick & double my efforts on him.

For several minutes I sucked on him. He plowed my face, one hand cupping my face up to make sure I kept watching him as I sucked him. His chest was slick with sweat. He looked like he wanted to cum so bad & I wanted to help him out.

Suddenly he pulled out. He threw himself on the bed, his legs up in the air. “Fuck me, Steve. Please. I gotta cum!”

From: Subject: How I Became A Fag Part 3

I got up off my knees. Brad was lying on his back on the bed, his hands gripping his feet pulling his legs back. His ass hung over the edge of the bed, round, muscled, inviting, just waiting to be fucked.

I opened the nightstand & pulled out the lube. A huge dollop hung suspended in the air for a moment before it landed with an audible plop on my shaft. I took my hand & smeared it all over, enjoying the squishing noises it made, anticipating the noises I’d hear as I plowed Brad’s ass.

Brad was panting as I stepped between his legs. His hairy hole had droplets of sweat. Greedily I held my dick & thrust forward, the head rubbing the droplets all around, mixing the lube & sweat together on the tip of my dick & along the outside of his hole.

The contact of my dick with his hole was too much for me. I had to go in there again & feel that hot sensation bring me to climax. I moved my legs apart slightly so I’d have the leverage I’d need to fuck him hard. I took my right hand off my dick. I grabbed his legs & pulled them over my shoulders, my dick thrusting right at the entrance to his hole.

With one smooth motion I watched as my dick slid effortlessly into him, the head, then the shaft inch by inch by inch until at last my balls were pressed against him.

His eyes were half closed, but looking up at me. He breathed a sigh & said, “Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me hard!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Gripping his legs I pulled back & started that familiar motion of my dick thrusting in & out. Only this time it was with a guy instead of a girl. And I was enjoying it. The fact that it was my cousin Brad only added to my pleasure.

I positioned myself to get more leverage & started increasing my thrusts, hearing my balls slap against his ass. His face was covered in a sheen of sweat, while his hand tightly gripped his dick & stroked furiously.

I usually could last a long time. But the feeling of his tight ass gripping my cock so tightly was too much. I yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” Brad’s body tensed & he arched his back. A groan escaped from his lips as I looked down & saw a long stream of cum explode from his dick, jetting across his stomach up onto his chest landing by his left nipple. His ass tightened further around my dick as the second stream shot out. I couldn’t take it any more. I thrust one final time into him & felt my dick, engorged to its fullest, start to spasm as wave after wave of my hot cum filled Brad’s eager hole.

It seemed like our orgasms went on for forever, the pleasure so intense I couldn’t remember ever having sex that good ever before. We were both breathing hard, sweat pouring off our bodies, my dick thrust all the way up his ass.

Finally the moments passed & we started to come down as our breathing gradually returned to normal. Brad looked up at me & said, “That was the best sex I ever had, Steve.” He sat up, put an arm around my neck drawing me down to him & we kissed. I was so surprised I didn’t even resist, and for a moment I felt myself drawn in & even kissing him back.

I suddenly realized what I was doing & quickly pulled back. My still hard dick slid out of Brad noisily. I opened the bedroom door, walked down the hall & got in the shower.

For the next few days things we went back to our old pattern of ignoring what happened & basically avoiding each other. About a week later I brought my pal Ben back to our place. Ben also was on the football team. We had been buds since high school, having met on the high school team & striking up a fast friendship.

Ben was a great guy. He was the quarterback, so even though he played football he wasn’t a large dude. He wasn’t wiry like Brad, though. He had brown wavy hair, brown eyes & biceps any guy would die for. It looked like he was going to get a football scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country when during one of our last games he got tackled & his knee was messed up.

Even though that torpedoed his chances at a scholarship, Ben was one of those guys that nothing seemed to drag him down. He just kind of shrugged & decided he’d end up at the local school with me & a large majority of our classmates.

Ben always was cracking jokes, always laughing, and a smile on his face. He had a girlfriend & I was waiting for them to get engaged anyday now. He might have fit in with the jock crowd & been jovial & outgoing, but I knew that there was also a serious side to him & he wanted to do something with his life. He took his studies pretty seriously.

That was why he came over. We were both struggling with stats. I’m no brain surgeon, that’s for sure. I’m no dummy either though, I’m just not as together as Ben, but we thought maybe working together we’d be able to pull it together for the midterm that was coming next week.

We went upstairs to the bedroom to run the program with the statistics model we’d been working on for the past two weeks. We were just sitting there shooting the shit, the sun streaming through the window, waiting for the program to load, when I heard Brad’s car crunching over the gravel in the driveway.

As the program came up on the monitor screen, I heard the door downstairs & heard Brad throw his keys on the table & then bolt upstairs two at a time. Ben & I turned at the same time as he came in the doorway.

He looked surprised to see Ben & said, “Hey.” He must have come from gym or practice. He had on a gray tank top with sweat stains on the front & under his armpits. His muscular legs thrust from athletic shorts he had on.

“I just got back from practice, was going to take a quick shower, then meet the guys down at Players Pub. You guys want to come with me?”

Ben said, “Maybe we can meet you later. We gotta work on this fuckin’ stats shit so we understand it before our midterm.”

“Better you than me. I’m taking that next semester, so make sure you guys get it right, so I can steal your answers.”

“Yah, right dude. We’ll do all the work & let you have all the answers,” Ben answered.

As they were talking Brad had come into the room & stood over by his bed. He peeled off his tank top. I was trying to punch in the numbers into the spreadsheet on the computer & ignore Brad, but out of the corner of my eye I couldn’t help but notice small droplets of sweat matted in his armpit hair.

“Hey,” Brad said, “I’d pay you guys or something. Math’s not my subject. I’m a humanities major, remember?”

He pulled down his shorts & threw them on top of his tank top on the bed. He had white Calvin briefs on. They were soaked with sweat, making them almost see-through. It didn’t matter anyway because he hooked his hands on either side of them & slid them down his legs slowly, his ass facing towards Ben & me.

Ben had been looking at Brad while they were talking, but when he saw Brad’s naked butt, he turned & looked at me, rolling his eyes & said, “Let’s get started. I don’t want to be doing this shit all night long.”

Brad, meanwhile, had gotten his towel & wandered down the hall to the bathroom.

Ben & I started work on the computer, the noise of the shower in the background. We were making decent progress, working steadily. I had been so wrapped up in solving the problems I hadn’t noticed the shower had been turned off.

I hadn’t even heard Brad pad down the hall into the room. I turned when I heard him say, “You guys sure you don’t want to just leave now & come down to the bar with me?”

He had the towel around his head, vigorously rubbing his hair dry. His pubes were soaking & his cock hung thick between his thighs, jutting slightly out over his luscious balls. I tried not to stare.

Ben turned slightly in his chair. “We’ll meet you down there. We got a ways to go on getting this right.”

"Yah, I heard you got a ways to go on a lot of things, Ben, "Brad said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Tania & Britney have been hanging out lately.” Tania was Brad’s girlfriend, Britney Ben’s.


“And Britney has been complaining to Tania that you suck in bed, man,” Brad said with a grin on his face.

Ben jumped up. His face turned red. “Fuck you!”

There must have been some truth to what Brad said for Ben to react that way.

Brad threw the towel on the bed, laughing. His cock bounced up & down & I couldn’t help myself. I was staring hungrily at it & hoped Ben wouldn’t notice. Maybe it was my imagination, but it looked like the foreskin had edged back slightly exposing the tip of his dick, just barely peeking out.

“Hey Ben, I’m only going by what she tells me. A stud like you? Awful in bed. Who’d have thought? Boy, if that gets around, your rep’s shot to shit, bro.”

“Britney & I have been arguing lately, that’s all. We haven’t done it for a while, she’s just being bitchy.”

“Sure, dude. Whatever you say. I won’t be the one to rat you out. Guess it’s just genetics that you got a little dick & you’re not blessed with a firehose like I’ve got here.” As he said that, he reached down & grabbed his dick & flopped it around a couple of times.

“She’s very satisfied!” Ben’s voice had risen. He had really taken Brad’s ribbing seriously. But given that he knew their girlfriends talked, he had to know that Brad couldn’t be making it all up. Exaggerating maybe, but where there’s smoke.

“That’s not what I hear. Little dick & you pop your load too quick.”

Ben’s face turned scarlet. For a minute I thought he was going to pummel Brad.

Brad’s smile faded & he looked serious. “I could give you some pointers.”

“What are you talking about?”

I would have made a smartass remark normally, but I restrained myself. Given recent events I couldn’t trust Brad to keep quiet. Here he was blurting out Ben’s problems. I didn’t need him to advertise my current fixation with fucking him. And I sure didn’t want it to get around that I sucked his cock.

“Pretend I’m her & I’ll give you a couple of pointers.”

I thought for sure Ben would laugh it off or tell him to go screw, but he surprised me.

“OK, what do I do?” Wow, Brad must have really hit a nerve for Ben to just go along with it.

“Well, show me how you play with her tits.”

“You don’t exactly have much to play with,” Ben said.

“Never mind. Go on.”

Ben moved over by Brad & put out both his hands somewhat awkwardly & with the tips of his fingers began tweaking & pinching Brad’s nipples. I couldn’t believe this was happening & just watched in amazement. For about thirty seconds he did this, his face downcast, looking uncomfortable & certainly not like he was enjoying it.

Brad’s expression at first was bemused. Then he reached out & gripped Ben’s chin & tipped his face upwards so they were looking directly at each other.

“Ben, if that’s what you’re doing it’s not a turn on. Look at my dick. It’s not even hard.”

He released Ben’s face & Ben glanced down with a certain distaste for looking at another guy’s dick passing over his face. “If I’m not hard, I’m not enjoying it. If I’m not enjoying it, then neither is Britney.”

“What do you do when you use your mouth? Show me.”

Ben took another step closer, bent over slightly, his lips parted. I saw his tongue slide out & he slowly wrapped it around the tip of Brad’s left nipple. He glanced up at Brad. The tip of his tongue curled up & he flicked it sensuously across the entire nipple. He proceeded to do this motion several times until I could see Brad’s nipple slick with Ben’s spit.

At this point I became aware of that warm feeling in my crotch as my dick started to harden. I didn’t care. Ben brought his lips together & his mouth came down on top of Brad’s nipple engulfing it completely. He started biting it gently.

While I was watching Ben do all this I’d also kept my eye on Brad. As soon as Ben’s mouth touched his body, his face changed. It slackened & his eyes half closed. I glanced down at his crotch & his dick, like mine, was lengthening, thrusting forward thickly, still hanging in a downward angle over his balls. I’d noticed his dick would seem to thicken up before it would lengthen

Ben’s eyes alternated from being closed to looking up at the expression on Brad’s face. He was intent on proving his prowess.

Brad met his eyes briefly. I noticed that as he looked at Ben, his cock plumped up nicely & was now starting to rise from laying over his balls to thrusting out from them, demanding attention.

Brad looked over at me & said, “That’s much better Ben, but I’m going to ask Steve to come over here & suck on my other nipple. I want you to watch what he does. His girlfriend doesn’t have any complaints. You could learn a lot from him. Steve, come here & show him.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I got up, moved into position & bent down so I too was poised over Brad’s lovely chest. I glanced over at Ben who was looking at me with mild interest.

I immediately crouched down & looked across at Ben as I stuck my tongue out & swiped Brad’s nipple. I glanced down & saw Brad’s thick cock thrusting straight upwards, fully engorged. I looked over at Ben & while watching him I made my mouth & tongue move obscenely over Brad’s nipple. He was watching me, doing likewise with his tongue & mouth.

With all this tongue action going on, Brad reached behind my head & pushed my head down on his nipple & growled, “Bite it.” As I did, I wasn’t even consciously aware of it, but my hand had come to rest on Brad’s bare ass. I started kneading it as I chomped on his chest.

Brad started moaning & for a couple of minutes it was still. The only sounds were Ben & my tongues lapping Brad’s chest & him thrusting his hips slightly, eyes half closed, moaning.

"I think you’re beginning to get it, Ben, " he finally said. “Now stand up & take off your shirt. Steve & I will demonstrate on you. That way when you’re with Britney you’ll be able to fully understand the proper technique & what stimulates her & what will make you become a great lover.”

Ben & I peeled ourselves away from Brad’s chest & stood up at the same time, almost in unison.

“Hey Brad, I appreciate all you’re trying to do, man. But I’m not gay & don’t want guys touching my body.”

“Ben, none of us is gay. We all have girlfriends. I don’t want two other guys touching my body. I’m doing this as a favor to help you out.”

“If you’re not gay, why are you hard?”

“Dude, I’m horny. I have a date later & I’m going to fuck my girlfriend silly. The fact that I’m hard shows me that you’ve got the right stuff. If you can turn me on, you know you can turn Britney on. Now, c’mon & take off your shirt. Let’s get this over with.”

Ben had this dumb expression on his face, kind of shrugged & took off his shirt. I’d seen Ben naked in the shower dozens of times & never thought about it. He had a solid build, a very well defined chest from countless hours of countless reps at the gym. There was a very light, almost imperceptible coating of hair on his pecs. His nipples like two inviting points stood on his chest beckoning to be played with.

I got on Ben’s left & Brad on his right. We got in position & within a minute we were eating Ben’s muscular chest, lapping away. Because Brad was so wiry there wasn’t much to get my mouth around. But Ben was solid muscle & his pecs stood out firm, solid & inviting. Brad’s eyes were closed as if entranced in what he was doing. I don’t know about that bullshit line he just gave Ben because he was totally into worshipping Ben’s muscles & his girlfriend was the last thing on his mind.

Come to think of it, mine was too. I looked up at Ben. At first he looked uncomfortable, standing there awkwardly, his arms hanging down, not wanting to be anywhere near possibly touching one of us. But I saw his expression soften as two tongues working him over started to do their magic. I glanced down over his washboard abs & wasn’t at all surprised to see a huge bulge in his khakis.

Brad peeled himself away & said, “OK, now both of you take off all your clothes.”

My dick was so hard in my pants it was killing me. I wanted more than anything to take it out & be jerking it while we were doing this. But at the same time I didn’t want Ben to say I was a fag. At this point I didn’t care about Brad, but I also couldn’t afford Brad to blurt something out, like, Steve & I have been having sex for days now & it’s great. I kept quiet.

Ben just reached for his belt & slowly started to unbuckle it. I almost wanted to laugh. Lust had clouded his mind so badly that he didn’t really care how or whom he was with, he was going to get off. We’ve all been there & I was glad to be there when it was happening to him.

“You too, Steve,” Brad said with an undisguised smirk on his face.

My shirt was on the floor & my pants too before Brad had his belt completely off. My boxers were tenting obscenely to the left from my hard prick. I hesitate for a second in case Ben changed his mind.

Ben’s belt slid to the floor. He unbuttoned his pants & slowly peeled down his zipper, suddenly shy. He hesitated for a second & then his pants dropped suddenly forming a puddle around his feet. He stood there in white boxers.

I was surprised to see he wasn’t completely hard. Or maybe he had been hard, but showing his aroused dick to two other guys had taken some steam out of his sails. There was, undoubtedly, a pronounced bulge there. Before I could feast my eyes on it for long, Brad interrupted my reverie.

“Steve, c’mon, we haven’t got all night. Off, now!”

If Ben needed someone to be first, I’d gladly do it. With no hesitation I slid my boxers off & kicked them into the corner. Like Brad, my dick was pointing straight up, obscene & engorged. Ben looked slowly from Brad to me, a confused look on his face.

Before he time to put it all together, Brad got bossy again. “Hey Ben, let’s get going. Take off your underwear now.”

Ben looked up & looked at Brad as he hooked his thumbs in his drawers, slid them down & kicked them across the room to join the other clothes strewn in the corner.

Brad & I now eagerly looked. Ben’s dick was semi-hard. It jutted out at an awkward angle, leaning to the left. The girth of it was amazing. It looked like I’d need both my hands to get all the way around it. On top of that it was long. It wasn’t completely hard yet, but I guessed it would be almost ten inches when completely hard. He also had an enormous amount of foreskin. Even though he was semi hard, the hood still completely covered the head. It was slowly lengthening & thickening as it expanded.

For once Brad seemed to be at a loss for words. It was almost as if he couldn’t believe he could get Ben naked & now that it had happened he wasn’t sure what to do.

Ben was the first to speak. “Um, Brad, you said you were going to help me? Show me what to do?”

Brad shook his head as if to clear it, smirked & said, “Yes, Ben, that’s right. To help you with your girlfriend.”

With that he bent over & took Ben’s nipple in his mouth. I followed Brad’s example & did likewise. From my viewpoint I looked down while I licked & chewed on his chest. His dick rapidly rose as soon as Brad & I touched his flesh. The foreskin had finally peeked open & the tip of his head was protruding. For the moment it was dry. But I could tell from the attention that Brad & I were giving his chest it would soon be dripping with precum.

His body had tensed when my lips first touched him, still awkward & unsure. But once the pleasure started he eased up at once & responded eagerly. I glanced over at Brad & he was licking & biting & chewing on his chest like an expert. I saw him reach down & behind with one hand & cup Ben’s ass & push him forward harder against our mouths. Ben tensed in surprise, his eyes having been closed, not expecting Brad’s hand. But he didn’t pull away.

Brad glanced over at me & that mischievous look I’d come to know so well crossed his face. He motioned with his other hand & before I knew it he’d reached over & grabbed my hand & placed it on Ben’s dick before I knew what was going on.

Ben jumped & I almost pulled my hand away. But having seen this monster grow to its mammoth proportions & to suddenly feel it throb in my hand was almost too much to handle. Ben didn’t pull away & neither did I. It wouldn’t hurt to see what his dick felt like. I’d felt Brad’s dick & was curious to see how different Ben’s was. I squeezed & felt the steel beneath the supple skin. He must have enjoyed the contact because his eyes had closed & more of the head poked out of the foreskin. At the same time I started slowly stroking while I licked him.

Brad watched, his eyes full of lust, moving from my hand stroking Ben to Ben’s closed eyes & the sighs & soft moans escaping from his lips. I became lost in the feeling, the heat of three guys’ sexual feelings increasing in intensity.

I picked up a rhythm as I stroked Ben to match what my tongue was doing to his chest. I was so caught up in the feeling & wanting so bad to touch myself that I was surprised to open my eyes & not see Brad standing across from me.

He was lying on the bed, his legs up in the air. One hand was stroking his dick, the other was holding a container of lube.

“C’mere, Ben. Let’s see if I can help you out where you need it the most.”

Ben’s eyes opened & I pulled away from his chest. Reluctantly & slowly I removed my hand from his dick. I noticed it was sticky from the precum that had started oozing from the head while I was stroking him.

Ben moved as if in a trance. His dick was protruding obscenely in front of him. The foreskin had peeled back & was slick with precum. Brad was stroking himself as Ben approached the bed. Ben moved in between Brad’s legs, but seemed reluctant to actually touch him.

Brad, on the other hand, had no hesitation. As he sat up, he put his legs down on the floor. He took the lube & squirted a puddle onto his hand. He reached over & in one swift moment wrapped his hand around as much of Ben’s dick as he could. Then he quickly jerked his hand up & down. He’d used too much lube & it dripped off Ben’s dick onto the floor, Ben’s feet & the edge of the bed.

Ben had gasped & jumped when Brad touched him, but he surrendered to the feeling as Brad worked the lube up & down & all around the length of his dick. When he was done, he looked up at Ben & said in a husky voice, “I want you to show me how you fuck her.”

His hand hadn’t left Ben’s dick. Instead he’d been holding it & as he said that, he guided it lower so it was right at his hole.

Ben grabbed Brad’s legs & placed his feet on his shoulders. He started rubbing his dick slowly up & down Brad’s hole back & forth.

“Well, first I tease her like this,” he explained, “She usually starts squirming in pleasure underneath me, begging me to put it inside her.”

“Like this?” Brad asked. He started slowly grinding his pelvis in matching rhythm to Brad’s thrusts.

“Yeah,” Ben grunted. He seemed to pick up the pace. “Usually because we’re both so excited it will start to poke at or hesitate more at her hole.”

“Like this?” Brad asked huskily. I could see he’d lifted his pelvis up & twisted slightly so it looked like the tip of Ben’s dick was poking right into the hole itself.

Ben moaned softly. “Yessss. And then I usually give it a little thrust like this & the head usually pops in.”

Brad moved his head back & his body arched. “Oh Ben, I think it’s started to go into me!”

Ben’s feet moved slightly apart & I saw him tighten his grip no Brad’s feet. “Then I just fuck the shit out of her.”

With that he rammed his whole dick hard into Brad, almost shoving him halfway across the bed with the force of his body. Brad moaned out loud as it entered him & his hand was a blur as he jerked himself.

Ben was only in for a moment before he pulled out again & started a pounding rhythm. His balls slapped loudly on Brad’s ass. Sheen appeared on his back from the sweat dripping all over. They were both moaning & grunting loudly, like animals.

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder, Ben.” Brad was saying.

Meanwhile I’d been jerking myself off watching them. I’d reached over & coated my own dick with lube once Brad had dropped the bottle & the scene of these two hot guys getting it on was unbelievable.

Suddenly Brad sat up. He put his hand on Ben’s chest.

“Hold on,” he commanded. He took his legs off Ben’s shoulders & ever so gently pulled away.

“Lie down on the bed.”

Ben did as he was told. He was dripping with sweat & his dick looked enormous & glistened from sweat & precum.

“Steve, I want you to lie down on the bed too. Put your legs over his & have your balls pressed up against his & hold your dicks together.”

I did as I was instructed. For a moment I felt a little inadequate having my normal sized dick next to Ben’s mammoth one. But that didn’t last as shivers of pleasure ran up my spine as I squeezed our two lube coated dicks together.

Brad hopped up on the bed & squatted over us. He was facing Ben, so all I could see was his muscled back & that tight ass I’d so recently grown accustomed to fucking.

“I want you both to fuck me at the same time,” he said. With that he reached under his ass & grabbed our dicks in his hand. I let go & saw him tense as he lowered himself.

For a second he waited & drew in a deep breath. I wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, but I didn’t’ care either. I thrust upwards & Ben did likewise. Our dicks hit along his asscrack & started sliding towards home.

We were at the hole in a moment. Brad seemed poised above us, almost as if he wasn’t entirely sure if he could take the two of us. My dick was so hard I just wanted to get in his ass no matter what.

I reached up & grabbed his hips at the same time that I thrust upwards. The combined movements caused our dicks to press hard against his hold & we both started to go in.

“Wait,” Brad said. “Wait, it might hurt.”

He was going to order us around like his sexual slaves & now he was going to beg for mercy. I needed to get off & he came up with this idea. He was going to follow through.

I continued pushing upwards while holding his hips. The heads of our dick entered & slid closer together. The combined lube & sweat & the incredible tightness of Brad’s ass were too much for me. Ready or not I wanted all the way in.

Brad was breathing heavily. With a loud yell & shoving his hips down on top of us our dicks slid all the way in. Ben started moaning in ecstasy. Brad was squirming like it was too much all at once. For me it was heaven. My dick was coated with so much lube, slammed up against my buddy’s & both were rammed up my hot little cousin’s incredible ass. Ben & I started fucking him.

We were so excited we were at different rhythms, working against each other, but gradually we found a speed that felt right. I moved my hands up to Brad’s waist & forced him to move with us.

He was gasping loudly at first & I guess there may have been some pain. But I knew that would soon be overridden by the pleasure. I was right because as I looked on, Brad’s hand started stroking himself furiously.

Ben started to moan loudly. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!”

His legs were pounding & I could feel the strength as the muscles worked thrusting harder & harder. I could smell the sweat of the three of us as the sexual frenzy grew.

Ben tensed & with a bellow erupted his load. I could feel it gushing inside Brad, making my already slippery dick even more greasy & slick as it slid in & out of Brad. I looked down & could see cum in the base of my pubes from Ben’s eruption.

I was so close. Brad threw his head back & arched his back. He sat all the way down on our dicks & I could feel his body quiver & his ass tense on my dick as he shot his load. I could hear it as it splattered on Ben’s stomach & chest. It seemed to go on forever.

That was too much for me. Unable to stand anymore I made one final thrust deep into Brad, deeper than I’d ever been in. Just as I felt it rush from my balls up my shaft, I heard Ben say, “Man, I’m gonna cum again.”

As the first spasm racked my body, I felt Ben’s body respond too & our dicks started cumming together inside Brad. I felt my dick shoot over & over & over. Ben’s dick was doing likewise. Brad was moaning, feeling us both shoot inside him, claiming him.

I closed my eyes & could feel the sweat drenching my entire body. We stayed that way for several minutes, our hearts slowly returning to a normal beat. Our dicks remained hard & no one wanted to be the first to pull out.

Finally after several minutes, Brad pulled out. “By the way, Ben. Britney told Ashley you were great in bed. I just had to find out for myself. Now, gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me. I gotta go clean up.”

He got up off of us. The moment had ended. He took his towel & padded down the hall back to take another shower. I looked at Ben. He looked embarrassed & said, “We’d better get dressed.”

I noticed as I stood up that Ben couldn’t take his eyes off my dick. Maybe there was something to that gypsy curse after all?

The End?

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