Joey, Daddy, and His Cockslut

By EdIam -
published February 3, 2019
23345 words

Joey has always been obsessed with his sexy brother. Now he can finally make him what he always wanted him to be: his personal cockslut.

(Hello again friends! This story came about when I read a straight story on MCStories: Converting the Family by mypenname3000 and thought that I just love corrupting families quick and easily the way it’s done in that story and thus, an insanely longer story than I meant to write, pretty much constant sex, and I find out how often I can type the word Cockslut. Enjoy!)


Joey could hardly wait to walk down the hall and achieve his most amazing, beautiful, and perverted fantasy. Cradling the small box with only two buttons attached, Joey almost came in his pants knowing that his fantasies would soon become reality. Joey had worked tirelessly to create the insanely powerful remote control he now nervously twiddled around in his sweaty hands. With the one last tweak he’d given it, he was absolutely sure it would work now and rewire any brain he wanted to.

He had experimented with creating the invention over and over knowing that, eventually, he’d get it right and be able to change his shitty life into one a bit more exciting. With his new invention, he could control the minds and bodies of anyone he wanted. And, quite frankly, the main event would be his brother Sam.

Joey knew that he, himself, was nothing but a chubby, nerdy, socially awkward nerd with pretty much no friends beyond the lunch ladies and a few of the nerdier teachers at his high school. Being 18, Joey constantly heard that life would get better when he went to college. Granted, he mainly only heard that from his parents, David and Heather, but even Joey knew they truly didn’t know what to do with their socially inept, strange second born son.

Sam, on the other hand, was sheer perfection to Joey. He was handsome, intelligent, kind, popular, charismatic, and sexy. Sam was the poster child for what a parent wants in a son: religious, dream-oriented, loving with the only girlfriend he’d ever had, and graciously humble. Sam was everything Joey wanted to be and everything he wanted to be with too. Because Joey knew one other thing about himself: he was a disgusting, filthy gay pervert. From the time he hit his sexual awakening at 12, Joey was obsessed with the fantasy of incest and especially being incestuous with his older brother. When Joey first started getting achingly hard around his brother, Sam was 15. Now, Sam was 21, a college Junior, and still the main object of Joey’s desire.

Being a tech wizard from a fairly young age, Joey’s passions shifted from merely being a loner gamer who fiddled with random electronics to full blown perversion and porn addiction when sexual maturity hit him hard. Joey had spent most of his early puberty finding raunchy incest porn to jerk off to on the personal computer his parents had allowed him to create himself at only around 9 when his interest in electronics had first appeared. Joey devoted hours and hours scouring the net for brotherly incest videos, erotic stories, and comics. Anything he could find, he devoured, imagining and wishing the scenarios could star Sam and himself.

Naturally, this lead Joey to erotic hypnosis forums and story archives where he delved deep into every incest story he could find. His cock ached for the touch of his brother, sure, but over time, the stories had him perving over his dad, David, his cousins, and his uncles too. Joey knew, without a doubt, that he was a perverted gay dude wanting nothing more than the ability to pervert his family too. So, about a two years ago, after a particularly intense masturbation session imagining Sam being a perverted brotherly cockslut, Joey decided he’d use his tech savvy to make him one.

Joey became even more reclusive at that time, pouring endless time and effort into creating a machine that could overpower the minds of anyone else. His cock needed almost constant attention as his fantasies became more and more powerful as he got closer and closer to reaching his goal. That became the biggest hindrance to his progress so, eventually, he just stopped worrying about cleaning up after his messes or cleaning himself off.

His parents had long ago given up hope that he’d leave the comfort of his room and make friends, so they didn’t bother him much, even though he knew that he had to have developed quite the stench. They did demand he go to school and attend each meal so they could have some semblance of family time, which Joey did abide by.

He’d put up an air of interest at family talks, especially when Sam was off at college. But internally, Joey was imagining his mother ignoring his dad sucking him off under the table. He knew that his mother was worried about him and that his dad was pretty much indifferent to anything related to him. But Joey stayed focused on achieving his twisted fantasy of familial perversion.

So Joey worked and worked so he could attain his goal and now, finally, he had it. And, luckily enough for Joey, Sam was home for the weekend.

Now, Joey, clutching the remote close to his somewhat obese frame as his heart sang and his cock throbbed, walked determined towards Sams’ bedroom door to finally have a long overdue chat with Sam.


“Goodnight, sweetheart. See you tomorrow!” Sam’s heart sang as he finished his phone conversation with Abby, his former girlfriend and now fiancé. He’d proposed a few months ago over a candle lit dinner and she, unsurprisingly, said yes. After dating for close to 8 years, it was natural to just take the next step.

Abby was the only person Sam had ever dated, kissed, or loved. She truly was a spectacular beauty, but more importantly to Sam, she was loving, kind, religious, and incredibly empathetic. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for those she loved. Sam hadn’t had sex with her quite yet, as they both wanted to wait until marriage, but he knew that it’d be a magical experience.

Sam had been visiting his parents and younger brother for the weekend, something he’d been doing less regularly as he’d advanced through his college career. Sam was excelling in all his pre-med courses and was on track to graduating next year with honors into any med school he wanted. He truly wanted to be the kind of physician that cared for every one of his patients and therefore, devoted so much time into his studies. Finishing up his phone call with Abby, Sam did just that: began studying for the finals he had in a few days.

Sam felt a bit guilty that he hadn’t spent as much time with his parents as he had hoped. His mom had called last week and asked him to come visit as soon as he was able. It’d been about five months since Christmas without a single trip home and his mother wanted to see him before the wedding. She even offered to pay for his plane ticket home. Even though he explained that he had finals coming up and he wound be there in a few weeks, his mom insisted, knowing that this summer was a big move for Sam and Abby as their wedding was set for the end of the third week in May, less than a month away at this point.

Sam relented, flying out Friday night with a flight back to school planned for Monday morning. He was excited to see his parents waiting for him at the gate and unsurprised to not see his younger brother Joey.

Sam had long ago given up hope for his little brother and, quite frankly, thought he was a bit of a disgusting weirdo. He’d noticed his brother retreat more and more into his own little world in his room and, over the years, Sam just stopped trying to have any kind of a relationship with him. When he was around, it seemed like Joey stared at him constantly, making him even more uncomfortable. He was pretty much 100% convinced that his brother was homosexual based solely upon the way Joey acted around him and his friends, but his hunch was solidified when he accidentally walked in on him masturbating to some porn in his room a few years ago. He’d only wanted to let Sam know dinner was ready but he distinctly heard one of the actors screaming, “Fuck me harder, bro.”

Sam didn’t think Joey noticed him as he silently closed the door. He couldn’t be entirely sure, but Sam didn’t think the porn actor saying ‘bro’ meant it in a friendly way. Sam was even more convinced that Joey was gay and that he had fantasized about incest. He was convinced that that ‘bro’ was familial in nature. So Sam decided to steer clear of Joey as best he could.

Luckily, over the years, it seemed Joey stayed in his room more and more and Sam pretty much acted like he was an only child. His parents, too, seemed to give in to Joey being the loner he’d become and, so, Sam thought part of the reason his mom had reached out was because they were lonely and missing a son they could actually interact with.

Sam was partially right, he found out, as he was doted over from the moment he arrived Friday night. Arriving at home, Joey was still nowhere in sight. Sam and his parents talked and talked and even forgot to let Joey know dinner had been ready. A few minutes into the meal, however, Joey had sauntered in. Sam acknowledged him, as was polite, but immediately stiffened up.

It seemed Joey had really let himself go even in the five months since he saw him last Christmas. Joey was still a couple inches shorter than himself at around 5’9”, but he’d clearly packed on a few extra pounds too. He had to be at least 225 pounds at this point, Sam thought. His entire family had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and Joey was no different, but whereas Sam had a short, stylish look to his hair, Joey allowed his hair to grow out to about shoulder length and was clearly greasy from lack of washing.

As Joey sat down next to Sam, his eyes lingering a bit too long for Sam’s liking, Sam attempted to continue the conversation with his dad about their favorite football team as their mother smiled and politely nodded along. A few times, his dad and mom tried to allow Joey in on the conversation, but it was to no avail. One word replies were all they got as Sam tried hard to ignore the almost constant staring he was getting from his younger brother.

Eventually, Joey excused himself, Sam feeling some relief knowing he didn’t have to suffer through not only the stares but the smell that had followed his clearly unhygienic brother. Sam and his dad continued chatting as their mother cleared the table. When finished, their mom joined them again and smiled broadly.

“As you probably figured out, your father and I did have a reason for you coming home so quickly. And, honestly, we were going to wait until tomorrow, but I think it best to just let you see for yourself now,” Heather stated, standing and beckoning Sam to follow David and her.

Walking upstairs, they lead Sam past Joey’s room and then his old room where he’d be staying for the weekend to the end of the hall where Heather and David slept. Walking inside, Sam saw a beautiful antique veil, radiant deep blue gemstones aligning various pieces of jewelry, and what looked like a stylish tie pin setting on his parents’ wardrobe.

“I know it’s not much and obviously Abby has to be OK with it, but I want you to give her the veil, earrings, and necklace that my grandmother, mother, and I wore at all of our weddings. Your father didn’t want to leave you out so he wanted to gift you his tie pin that he wore when we got hitched. I know it’s not fancy and Abby might not love it, but considering we didn’t have a daughter and you’re likely, umm…the only son to…” Heather trailed off as a slight tension filled the room.

Sam, knowing what his mother was implying because, honestly, Joey was never going to get married, smiled broadly to alleviate the tension. Hell, Sam thought quickly, Joey probably won’t ever even date or have sex. “They’re perfect Mom. Thank you so much. I’m positive Abby will adore them. And thanks, Dad. I love the pin! Thank you both so much!”

The three of them hugged and then Sam went to his room to unpack for the weekend, hearing clanging and tinkering coming from Joey’s room behind the wall they shared. Ignoring that the same way he ignored Joey in general, Sam eventually passed out after studying for quite a while.

Saturday had been spent mostly with a few friends from his hometown he’d contacted before arriving. And after a lovely dinner with his parents that Joey didn’t even bother to attend, Sam called Abby to chat and then went to sleep rather quickly, content with a relaxing day.

After church on Sunday, Sam just laid low with his dad watching baseball until the early evening when he got his daily call from Abby. Sam knew that his mom was planning a special going away dinner so it would still be a while until they’d be eating. So he hurried upstairs as they chatted wanting to have a bit of alone time on the phone with his fiancé. Sam gushed to her about the gifts his mom provided them for the wedding as he entered his room and, gleefully, Abby expressed the joyful gratitude Sam expected from his brilliant future bride.

Eventually, after a lot of gushing and lovely conversation, Sam and Abby said their goodbyes, happy knowing they’d see each other again tomorrow. Sam laid there after ending the call, heart full of love for his fiancé and eager to get home the next morning even more as he heard his door creak open slowly. Expecting his dad to be there asking if he was coming back to watch the game, Sam turned towards his door with a smile on his face. Seeing Joey standing there instead, his heart sank and smile faded. Yes, he loved his freaky pervert of a brother, but, no, he didn’t really want to spend any time with him. And he didn’t really want his constant BO to infiltrate his bedroom.

It was also so unlike Joey to even venture outside of his room, let alone into Sams’ room. The last meaningful hang out they’d ever had was probably over a decade ago. They were just such different people.

Not wanting to be rude and feeling a bit of a creepy vibe, Sam asked hesitantly yet politely, “Everything, um, OK, Joey?”


Joey stood in the doorframe, suddenly taken aback with nervousness. His machine was simple to use, sure, but this was a moment of truth he occasionally thought he’d never experience. His sexy brother was within his grasp. Would it work? Would it fail? What would he do if he couldn’t get what he desired so fully?

The device quivered in his nervous hands with two distinct buttons: a pause button and a record button. Joey had painted on little pictures to mimic the iconography used on TV remotes so he could tell them apart. He knew that the pause would leave the person in the line of fire frozen until they were unpaused. The record would rewrite their brain with whatever is told to them while it was held down, whether frozen or not.

He was so sure it would work; his experiments all passed with flying colors. The receptors in the brain could easily be overpowered by the fairly simple yet elusive wavelengths he’d studied and discovered, but now that he could have his brother become his willing cockslut, he wasn’t sure if he should or not. He thought about what this meant…the man Sam was, the nearly off-the-charts flagrant masculinity and heterosexuality, the almost saint-like personality that usually drove Joey mad with lust when he thought about corrupting it.

“Hey, uh, Joey. You there? You OK? What do you have there?” Sam asked as he placed his feet on the ground in a sitting position on the edge of his bed. Joey glanced down at the same spot he always stared at whenever given an opportunity; it looked like Sam had an erection. Joey assumed he must have been talking to his girlfriend and it had aroused him.

Unluckily for Sam, the sight of the bulge made up Joey’s mind immediately. He smiled as he hardened in his pants and pressed the pause button.

Sam had been about to stand up and was at an awkward angle; somewhat above the bed but not completely upright. He fell back slightly, still at the mercy of gravity, but balanced enough to stay seated. Joey took a moment to ensure that Sam truly was frozen in place. After a few beats of Sam staring straight at him with no movement, Joey lunged inside the bedroom and closed the door behind him, not wanting his parents to know what devious and perverted things he was going to do with his brother.

Standing to the side, Joey took in what he’d done. There, before him, looking as though he was completely frozen in time, was Sam. Sexy Sam. His broad, toned chest frozen in his tight t-shirt, the light stubble on his well-defined jawline and upper lip looking perfectly masculine, the bulging arm supporting all of his weight stretching his sleeve so enticingly, his bulge still tastily visible in his shorts, his asscheeks hugging the fabric so tightly, and his huge, manly, hairy feet waiting to fully support his weight.

Joey did a little dance as he felt the glee filling his heart. He had his brother. He could finally fulfill all his naughty, disgusting, incestuous fantasies. He didn’t know where he wanted to start, but he knew that now was the time to do it. He didn’t even want to plan anything out; he’d let his horny mind play it by ear.

Standing directly in front of him, Joey pointed his device at Sam as Sam looked through him, eyes stuck staring forward. Joey held down the record button, heart pounding in his large chest. He knew that now, any words he said would be forced deep into Sams’ mind. The finely tuned wavelengths would allow all of Joeys’ words to jam themselves into Sams’ grey matter and ensure that, no matter what Joey said, Sam would rationalize it and make it true.

Joey was so excited to see the process in action as he started saying the first few things he’d said to his brother in months.

“You’re obsessed with your brother Joey’s dick. You have always been obsessed with it and have always wanted to suck it. You’ve always wondered what it tasted like and what his cum tastes like. You have always wanted to be his cockslut. You want him to call you Cockslut. You want to be his cockslut.”

Joey released the record button, heart thumping wildly in his chest. He knew his words would be rewiring Sams’ brain now, making everything he said to him fact. He wasn’t sure if there was anything he should add as he wasn’t entirely sure how Sam would act with these new inclinations.

Sweating with anticipation, Joey took a deep breath and pressed the pause button to unpause his sexy brother.

Sam continued standing and then jumped, “Wait, how did you…you were in my doorway…what? The door’s closed? Hey, how’d you do that, Joey?” Sam nervously demanded.

Joey, as was usual when in the presence of his domineering and perfect brother, didn’t reply. His words tended to get stuck in his throat as thoughts of his brother and himself doing unimaginably sexy and perverse things with one another filled his mind. And then, as Joey stared even more intensely at Sam than was usual for him, he saw Sam’s eyes wonder south.

Joeys’ cock throbbed as his eyes were glued to his brother looking down at his midsection. Joey, in turn, decided to take a gander at his brothers’ area too.

Joey couldn’t believe what he saw. His brother was staring at his bulge, clearly taking what he’d said to heart. Joey knew that Sam knew, without a doubt and without hesitation that he’d always wanted to be his cockslut. That he wanted to taste his cock and cum. That he even wanted Joey to call him cockslut. But, despite knowing his words were firmly implanted in Sams’ mind, as evidenced by him staring at his privates for the first time in Sam’s life, Sams’ bulge had dissipated.

The beautiful mooseknuckle that Joey hadn’t seen too often in his life had faded almost completely. Granted, there was a still a sizable looking lump, but Sam clearly wasn’t even erect any more. Sure, Joey didn’t really plan out what he was initially going to say to his brother, but wouldn’t wanting to do those things turn Sam on?

As was his way, Joey tried to talk to himself quietly in order to figure out the problem and repeat what he’d said to his brother, “umm…cock, cum, cockslut, obsessed with my dick, didn’t say horny, ummm, I did say cockslut but did I say…”

“Wait, what did you just say, Joey?” Sam interrupted.

Joey, realizing he’d been talking out loud on accident, froze. He felt rather stupid, saying all that out loud when his brother was right there. But, after all, Joey wasn’t incredibly used to being around anyone for extended periods of time, so his idiosyncrasies tended to come out regardless of the situations he was in.

Muttering somewhat softly, Joey responded, “I, um, said, uh, horny? Cum? Uh…cockslut?”

Sam went white as a ghost and appeared completely dumbfounded directly in front of his brother.

“Joey. How did you know?”

Joey stood confused for a moment but then realizing where Sam was likely headed, smirked a bit, “How did I know what?”

Sam took a brief moment before finally announcing with his head slightly slumped, “That, um, that, well…that…” Sam took a deep sigh and finally continued more confidently, “that I want to be your cockslut and have you call me Cockslut. I didn’t even know that you’d be familiar with a term like that.”

Joey smiled. And then he smiled even more.

“What do you mean, Sam? We’ve barely spoken in, like, a decade.”

Sam sat down on his bed and motioned for Joey to sit next to him. Joey moved towards the bed to join his brother, keenly aware that Sams’ eyes continued to fall to the junk in his pants.

Sitting next to Sam, Joey leaned in, insanely interested in what Sam had come up with to rationalize wanting to be his cockslut.


Sam could hardly believe that his long held secret would finally be getting out. He obviously responded quickly when his parents asked him to come visit not really knowing it was a way to offer him gifts for Abby and his wedding. But, given how far apart Joey and he had been for so long, he never imagined he’d actually end up confessing the long held desire for his brothers’ cock to him now.

Glancing down at the forbidden meat in his brothers pants before starting, “Well, um, Joey. You see…”

Sam shifted his eyes back up to Joeys’ face, but deciding, quickly, he was far more comfortable staring at the dick he’d been obsessed with for so long. Feeling more relaxed as he stared at his brothers’ sizable erection only contained within a thin layer of Joeys’ sweatpants, Sam continued, “I guess, well, it’s finally time to admit to you that, well, and this is really sinful…well…Joey…” Sam paused again, looking for the courage to continue his confession.

Finding his confidence yet again, Sam continued, “Ok. I’m just going to say it. I’m obsessed with your penis. Now, I know that might come as a shock to you and I’ve done everything I can to hide it from you and I’ve always kind of sensed that you were possibly gay and maybe even into me in a bit of a wrong and incestuous and weird way that kind of makes me uncomfortable but you’re 18 now and I’m getting married and I guess…”

Sam paused yet again, took a breath, and continued, “I guess there’s really no reason to hide it anymore. I’m going to be marrying a woman I love and, well, nothing is ever going to come of me wanting to be your cockslut.”

For his part, Joey just smiled at his brother as Sam confessed the ‘long held obsession’ with his dick.

Sam sighed deeply again, “So, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I’m obsessed with your cock. I’ve always wondered what it looks like, tastes like, and hell, what your semen might be like. I’ve fantasized about tasting it for so long and tasting your cum. I’ve even really secretly wanted to be a cockslut for you and have you call me Cockslut for, literally, as long as I can remember. It’s kind of…no…it is completely shameful and I can’t even believe I’m explaining all of this to you after I held it in our entire lives.

“I mean, honestly, I don’t even know what a cockslut is or what it would be but I know I want to be your cockslut and have you call me Cockslut. I know what a cock is and I know what a slut is so I have an idea of what I want in relation to you but it’s so beyond embarrassing and, yet, it’s just the truth. I mean, we don’t have much of a relationship at all and I don’t even necessarily want to start being one or what that would even mean to be a cockslut but, like, well, if you wanted to…at the very least…could you…I mean…will you maybe be OK with calling me Cockslut when no one else is around? Would, um, that be ok with you? I mean, that way, at least part of what I’ve wanted for so long could be real?”

Joey stared at his brother with a look that told Sam he kind of enjoyed what he was hearing. Wanting to make sure that Joey understood where he stood on his incredibly inappropriate desires, Sam stated firmly, “But you’re still my brother and that means despite what I want and have wanted for so long we just simply can’t do anything beyond a secret nickname just between us. I don’t really see the harm in it if you’re OK calling me Cockslut, I’d love to hear you calling me that. I have to admit, also, that I do, deep down, still love you so I want to be honest with you. I do think you’ve been incredibly weird and possibly perverted. But that doesn’t change the fact that I, too, have been a bit perverted in my desires towards you. So forgive me for my weakness in thinking so persistently about your penis.”

Finishing his heartfelt speech, Sam fought the urge to continue staring at the cock that he’d been so obsessed with for years and years to look back up at his brothers’ face. The matching dark brown eyes looked back into his, hidden slightly behind greasy bangs.

Smiling in a creepy way that Sam thought Joey may have meant to show some level of tenderness, Joey responded, “I think that sounds great, Cockslut. But, um, if you want me calling you Cockslut, and, like, clearly this is all your weird fantasy or whatever, I do think that you should kind of play the role of a cockslut a bit more than just, like, me calling you one.”

Sam stared back without blinking. He wasn’t entirely sure what his brother meant by that. How could he play the role of a cockslut? What even was a cockslut? Granted, a huge part of him wanted to be Joeys’ cockslut terribly, but what would that even mean? The discomfort with the conversation growing, Sam looked back down at the now pulsating junk between his brothers’ legs. Smiling a bit at the comforting sight and noticing that there seemed to be a bit of a wet spot there now, Sam lost himself in his obsession for just a moment before shaking his head.

“But what does it mean to be a cockslut, Joey? I honestly have no idea and, well, based on what I think it would be, there’s no way that I could ever suck your cock…as much as I want to and have wanted to. I’m marrying Abby. I love her and could never be sexual with anyone else. And beyond that, you’re my brother. It’s so unbelievably wrong and one of the biggest taboos I can think of. Plus, well, I’m straight.”

Sam stared at the mound between Joeys’ legs longing for it in his mouth as he had for as long as he could remember. He was literally obsessed with his brothers’ penis and he couldn’t believe he was actually finally telling him.

“It’s OK that you’re unsure, Cockslut. I mean, I’ve never had a cockslut either. So, let’s just experiment a bit with what the might mean,” Joey glanced down at his area to gaze at the same thing his brother couldn’t look away from.

“Tell you what, Cockslut,” Joey said as he looked back up at his dick-obsessed older brother, “Let’s just see what might happen if I do this.”

Joey moved his somewhat pudgy fingers to the elastic band of the stained sweatpants he was wearing and looped his thumb beneath them. He pushed the clothing down, revealing a pulsating, thicker than normal, uncircimsized, 7.5-inch cock. Sam stared in awe at the shaft he’d thought about for so long, wondering even more what it would taste like. It throbbed slightly, likely with every heart beat Joey had. Sam was blasted with the sudden smell of ripe male musk, dried cum, sweat, and possibly a bit of urine and it disgusted him. But Sam just couldn’t look away from the massive tool before him. Sam didn’t even have the wherewithal to wonder why his brother was so turned on because the thing he’d imagined seeing for years and years was finally before him.

Joey grabbed it with his left hand and started lightly stroking it, his pants now pulled all the way down to his feet. Sam stared, mouth agape, watching the veiny shaft smoothly glide up and down with his brothers’ movements, the bulbous purple head unable to be fully engulfed in the foreskin because Joey was clearly just too hard.

Seeing it, Sam knew that he was right to have been so obsessed with his brothers’ cock for all those years. He wasn’t gay, but it truly was a thing of beauty. He desperately wanted to taste it and the precum that was slowly draining from the large piss-slit at the top. Seeing the pre smeared down his shaft as Joey sensually stroked the meat Sam hungered for was driving Sam insane with curiosity.

Naturally, being heterosexual, Sam wasn’t remotely attracted to the dick. He didn’t want to suck it to fulfill some sick sexual fantasy. If anything, Sams’ soft cock was retreating into itself rather than feeling even remotely erect. No, Sam was just beyond curious as to what the now gleaming cock tasted like. He wanted to be Joeys’ cockslut, whatever that meant. And if it involved sucking the dick and tasting the cum, he did, desperately, want to do it.

Unable to look away from the thick cock presented before him, Sam’s eyes glossed over. Sam know that it truly was worthy of being obsessed over, now that he’d seen it. Sure, the pubic hair was unkempt, there was already a stench of BO and sweat filling his temporary bedroom, and dick was usually reserved for use in sexual fulfillment. Those things didn’t matter to Sam right then. What mattered was the thing he’d thought about so consistently for years was beckoning him. Would he actually taste it tonight? He couldn’t actually give in to those base urges he’d held in for years and years this close to his wedding…

Could he?


Joey leaned back to get a good view of both his thicker than average dick and the almost stoned faced stare his brother was giving it. His pudgy belly poked out the bottom of his shirt as he continued to stroke and spread the pre he was almost constantly leaking at this point.

His brother was clearly absolutely obsessed with the meat before him. Joey could hardly contain his orgasm merely watching his brother stare so longingly at his shaft. His invention truly was amazing. Even he couldn’t have wished for anything better than this. His brother was staring at his cock, clearly thinking about sucking it, and even asked him if he could be called Cockslut.

Breaking the silence in the room, Joey interjected, “So, Cockslut. What do you say. Do you want to live up to your new nickname? You want to be my cockslut?”

Without looking away, Sam responded in a hushed tone, “…yes.”

“Yes? You do? You want to be my own personal cockslut, Cockslut?”

“Yes,” Sam said with a little more oomph behind it, Joey knowing that he clearly was trying to ensure Joey knew that he truly wanted to be his Cockslut so much.

“Well, Cockslut, why don’t you start by kneeling between my legs. I’m sure you’ll love the view from there even more.

Sam, seemingly without really even thinking, started to slowly follow the instruction Joey had given him. He fell from his sitting position on the bed onto his knees and slowly scooted into a position just in front of Joey, all the while never looking away from the cock he was so clearly absolutely obsessed with.

The glazed look on Sams’ face was nearly enough to cause Joey to blow his load instantly as he continued to hungrily stare without blinking at Joeys’ sizable tool. Joey leaned up onto his elbows to get a good view of his newly minted brotherly cockslut lovingly staring at the thing that, according to Sams’ corrected mind, he’d been obsessed with his entire life.

Joey couldn’t even imagine what was going on in Sam’s thoughts at this point. He knew he really didn’t try to take away too much of what had made Sam Sam and really didn’t want to do that to begin with. His cock ached for his brother, not necessarily a mindless cockslave. He wanted Sam willing and desperate to be his Cockslut. And it could easily happen now.

“So,” Joey said, “Do you like that view, Cockslut?”

“So much.”

“You know, you could lick it if you wanted. I’d let you.”

Sam glanced up from the cock to make eye contact with Joey with a look of great concern washing over his face.

“You…you would? So…uh…are you really. Um…are you really the pervert I thought you were? Like, you’d let your older brother lick your cock? Isn’t that wrong?” Sam asked sincerely.

Joey, not remotely hurt by being called a pervert, responded, “Honestly, hearing how much you wanted to taste it really got to my heart, bro. I don’t want to deprive you of something you, as you said, have wanted your whole life.”

Sams’ eyes immediately fell back down to his brothers’ tree-trunk of a dick. Joey could see that there was a small amount of terror as he licked his lips and slowly started leaning in. Joey kept leaning closer, watching his unbelievably desirable and sexy older brother cave in and finally do what Joey had wanted for so long.

Closer and closer Sam got as Joey position the shaft straight up so that Sam would have a chance to start licking at the base if he finally did what Joey knew he wanted so badly. Joey knew the phrasing he used would be implanted so deeply in his brain. Joey knew that to Sam, his whole life had built to this moment. He could finally taste his brothers’ cock. He could finally milk it dry. He could finally be his brothers’ cockslut.

Joey held his breath waiting for the brilliant contact to occur: the moment his brother actually started licking his cock. Staring, with mad eyes and more lust than he’d ever had in any of his fantasies, Joey basked in this moment of reality. Sam’s tongue was only a few inches away.

Closer and closer and closer and…contact.

Joey never knew a moist tongue could feel so intense, especially merely at the base of his cock. Granted, he’d never had so much as a handjob, let alone the start of what he hoped was a blowjob from the man of his dreams. Sams’ eyes closed as his tongue hit the wet, smooth shaft and Joey knew that Sam was satiating a need that, unbeknownst to Sam, he’d only had for about fifteen minutes. Joey found it so hot that, to Sam, this was the culmination of a lifetime of obsession.

Joey had never experienced more pleasure than feeling his brothers’ tongue connect with the base of his shaft just above his hefty, hairy balls while knowing he’d finally made his fantasy come to fruition.


‘My tongue is on my brothers’ dick. My brothers’ dick is what I’m tasting right now.’ Sam thought to himself.

He froze for a moment, feeling remorse, shame, guilt, and disgust at what he’d caved into and finally done. He couldn’t remember a time he hadn’t wanted to put his brothers’ dick in his mouth and taste it, but despite that obsession he’d carried for so long, in this moment, he felt repulsed by his lack of willpower.

And then he pushed out those conflicting thoughts and gave in to everything he’d been so curious about for 18 years.

In a flash, he licked from base to tip and wrapped his virginal lips around the bulbous purple head , lapping at the pre that had been oozing from the moment his brother revealed the most beautiful meat he’d ever laid his eyes on. He sucked greedily at the slit on the head, finally tasting a bit of the seed that he’d wondered about for so long.

As soon as he thought he’d tasted as much of the salty, bitter substance that was available to him on the head, he rolled his tongue around the glans, ensuring he got whatever was left in his brothers’ foreskin on his suddenly intensely greedy tastebuds. Finishing all of it in a flash, he got to work sucking on the thick dick as well as he could.

Being straight, a virgin, and completely unaroused at what he was doing, Sam knew that this was merely curiosity taking control of him. He’d always thought about his brothers’ dick, from the moment he had memories, and with that came that same curiosity about what that dick would taste like and what the cum that shot from it would taste like. He was finally, FINALLY, getting an answer.

To put it mildly, it tasted like shit to Sam. His cock was salty, musky, and sticky with disgusting pre that Sam did not enjoy in the slightest. There was a vague shrimpy smell that told Sam his brother hadn’t washed his privates in quite a long time. Despite that, he couldn’t stop himself. He had to know what it was like to suck the cock to completion. This wasn’t about his own pleasure and it certainly wasn’t about Joeys’ pleasure. This was about knowing what this cock and its’ contents tasted like.

And, as a bonus, it might even make him Joeys’ cockslut: just like he’d always dreamed he could be.

Sam was so focused on finding out everything he could about sucking the cock of his brother that he hardly noticed his brother moaning rather loudly. It really wasn’t much of a surprise, honestly. He was, quite literally, fellating his brother. Therefore, it had to feel good. Sam knew that his suspicions about Joey were probably true for sure, at this point. Joey was a disgusting gay pervert who probably wanted Sam to suck him off.

Despite knowing that, Sam couldn’t stop. He had fallen into his deepest temptation and he wasn’t going to be able to stop himself until his tongue tasted Joeys’ semen. There was no going back at this point. Sam knew that he couldn’t stop himself if he tried.

Joey started putting his hand on Sams’ head and forcing the giant cock down his throat causing Sam to gag quite consistently. Sam, being new to sucking dick, knew for sure he couldn’t deep throat something this long and thick. And, quite frankly, he didn’t want to. He just wanted Joey to blow his load as quickly as he could.

Finally, Sam felt Joeys’ balls churn wildly, the shaft that was being forced into this throat harden ever so slightly, and Joey started practically screaming from pleasure as semen erupted into Sam’s mouth. It felt to Sam as though he’d been blowing him for an hour, but in reality, it had only been about a minute.

The semen kept coming and filling Sam’s mouth and throat with wad after wad. Sam was positive Joey had never received a blowjob and therefore only moaned louder and louder with every spirt, lost in the pleasure that Sam couldn’t avoid providing. Sam didn’t mind though, he finally found out what Joeys’ spunk tasted like. And, well, it was wretched.

Salty, slimy, and not to Sams’ liking in the least, Sam tried to simply allow most of it to just drip out of his mouth after getting a taste while he kept trying to suck Joeys’ cock. Quite a bit of it shot to the back of his throat, however, and so he was forced to swallow a substantial amount. For his part, however, Sam only gagged a few times and never actually threw up.

Sam felt like he’d finally filled a hole that had been missing in his life. He’d tasted his brothers’ dick and cum. He’d played the part of Joeys’ cockslut. And, most importantly to Sam, he’d finally seen the cock he’d thought about for so long. Despite not enjoying any aspect of what he’d done, he’d finally done it. And he found that he didn’t want to stop.

Yes, his dick tasted horrible and yes, he was disgusted with the cum oozing out of the cock head. That didn’t matter. He had always wanted to blow this cock and taste this cum and he wanted to keep at it.

Maybe, Sam thought to himself, this is what a cockslut is? Someone so unabashedly into sucking cock and eating the loads from them that they just keep at it?

And so Sam decided right then that even though he got no pleasure out what he was doing, he had to keep going. This was what he’d always wanted. And so he was going to keep at it until he felt like he was good and done. Luckily, he was considerable stronger than his younger brother. So he continued sucking as Joey immediately tried bucking him off.

Clearly, the sensitivity of Joeys’ dick after cumming was feeling like too much to him, but Sam didn’t care. He just allowed the semen that hadn’t been forced down his throat to spill from the corners of his mouth and drip all around Joeys’ now overly moist crotch.

And suddenly, the door to Sams’ room opened.

Sam glanced up at Joey as Joeys’ face darted up to the door. A moment of silence and Sam heard a deep booming voice shout, “What under God’s green Earth do you think you two are doing?!”


David couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His straight, upstanding, religious, athletic, charming, and charismatic oldest son was on his knees doing unspeakably sinful things to his somewhat bizarre, pretty overweight, socially awkward, and unhygienic younger son. David could see cum drippling out the corners of Sams’ mouth as he continued bobbing up and down while Joey tried without much success to push him off.

It was like something out of his wildest nightmares. His sons? Committing incest? How could this even be possible?

He absolutely would never have expected Sam to do something like this. He was set to marry his lovely girlfriend of quite a few years in just a few short weeks, really. He’d never shown any indication of even being gay, let alone having an interest in his much less attractive son, Joey.

But Joey, on the other hand…David thought, somewhat ashamed at what he was piecing together.

David had been worried about Joey for some time. From the strange glances he’d had towards Sam since his early teens to the odd stares he had more recently started toward him, his own father, in the past few years. David was worried his son was a pervert. Not just any pervert, but a disgusting pervert who wanted to do perverted things with his own family. This was something David never imagined in his wildest nightmares would be a reality.

David never knew what to do about those quiet fears and, now, seeing those demonic thoughts played out right in front of him, he still didn’t know what to do. So he froze. He stared. And he tried to figure out what to do. Distantly, he heard his beautiful wife call out to ask if everything was OK.

Joey, still fidgeting around on the bed trying to get his older brother to stop sucking his cock, reached for a black little box near the edge of the bed Sam was forcing him into. David just stared, completely dumbstruck, unable to really piece together what might be happening before his eyes.

Was Joey actually the pervert? Was it Sam this whole time? What the hell was going to happen with Abby? Oh God, what if their mother sees this? That thought made everything click and David shouted, “Don’t worry dear, just a little thing. I’ll handle it…stay downstairs, it’s OK.”

Collecting himself, David stormed into the room and closed the door.

“What I the hell are you two doing? Sam, for the love of God, stop doing that this instant! Joey, stop letting him do that right now!” David said with ferocity in a hushed tone so as not to allow Heather to hear the commotion from downstairs.

“Dad. I…Oh God, it’s too much…I can explain. I can’t get him off, help me. Honestly, if you just let me…I can, if, uh…if you just get him off me,” Joey mumbled as he continued trying to reach the black box that was just barely out of reach for no reason that David could come up with while losing the struggle against his much stronger brother.

David, finally deciding enough was enough, grabbed his eldest son and pulled him backwards off of his younger sons’ penis. With an otherwise comically loud ‘pop’, David successfully detached Sam from the penis. Though Sam fought against his father, David, too, was still fit for an older man and could easily pull him off given the lack of leverage Sam had on his knees and suffering from the lack of focus beyond, clearly, giving his brother a blow job.

David looked down at Sam as his tongue lapped at the seed that surrounded his lips. Sams’ eyes had a look of pure hunger and need that David wasn’t sure he’d ever even seen on another human being, let alone his own normally upstanding son.

“Dad, you don’t understand, I’ve wanted this for so long. I was so curious for so long and I’m finally finding out. Dad, please, I know it’s disgusting but I’ve needed to know. I’m sorry, Dad, but please, let me go,” Sam pleaded.

David didn’t really know how to process or respond to the crazy words spewing from Sams’ mouth so he strained himself, holding Sam back. Still struggling with his eldest son, David saw Joey finally grab the black box he’d been reaching towards. Joey let out an audible sigh of relief and pointed the thing at Sam.

Sam just continued to struggle to get out of his fathers’ grasp and stared at his brothers’ wet, softening penis. “Please, Dad, you don’t understand,” Sam continued, “It’s been years and years and now I’ve finally…”

And just like that, Sam stopped struggling entirely, seemingly frozen in mid thought and movement. Startled, David shook his son, unsure what might have happened. Sam still had the greedy look on his face, transfixed by the penis between Joeys’ legs. David let go, unsure what was happening to Sam. The only thing he was sure of was that this was beyond his comprehension. David had no idea what kind of madness swept over Sam or Joey, but he was going to put an end to it tonight.

There was absolutely no way he would let his boys participate in such immoral, unethical, and disgusting activities.

“Joseph. Tell me what is happening here this instant. What happened to your brother and why in God’s grace would have let him do that to you? Have you lost your mind? Never, even in my wildest imagination would I have thought you’d been this lost! What will your mother think? What do you have to say for yourself, young man?” David sternly demanded as he passed his frozen son and stood, domineeringly before Joey.

David knew that Joey and himself had honestly never had much of a relationship. Much of it was the fault of himself, he knew, because he never made much of an effort because they were so different. But it just had become even harder as time went on and Joey continued becoming someone that David couldn’t understand at all.

Beyond that, since he was around 11 or 12, Joey had pretty much isolated himself. Not wanting to make it worse or make him feel like he didn’t love and accept him, David and Heather had just accepted that their youngest son was different. He hated to admit it, but he’d always wished Joey was more like Sam. And now, for the first time, he wasn’t so sure he was right in thinking that.

But, despite seeing Sam doing such depraved things to Joey, David couldn’t help but think Joey had something to do with it. He knew that Joey had become a recluse in his room. With living in the same house, however, David couldn’t help but hear pornographic sounding videos from behind his closed door. David figured Joey had a lot of hormones and that was natural. But some of the things he heard sounded much more perverse than he would have liked. But, as with most things Joey-related, David let him be so he wouldn’t push him away.

Now, though, with a strange black box pointed at him, David didn’t care about offending his son or pushing him away. The boundaries he’d crossed were unforgivable and Joey needed to know that this was not going to be tolerated any longer.

“Well, Joseph? What do you have to say for yourself?” David insisted.

David saw Joey push one of the buttons and immediately felt his head spin. It was an alarming feeling, to be sure, but also somewhat calming. Almost like the feeling you get when you stand up too fast. His brain whirled as he stood there awaiting Joey’s reply.

“You’re happy you walked in on Sam sucking Joey off because you’ve always thought of Sam as the perfect person to be a cockslut. You knew he’d be a great cockslut. You want him to be Joeys’ cockslut and you now will only think of and refer to Sam as Cockslut. His name is basically Cockslut to you now. You also know that Cockslut is Joeys’ cockslut and so whatever you hear Joey say to Cockslut to make him even better at being a cockslut, you’ll support. It makes you hard knowing Sam is Joeys’ cockslut.

“It turns you on knowing your sons are going to have sex. You’ve always wanted your sons to have sex. You now it’s completely normal to be overly sexual around Joey and Cockslut. You’re so horny now that you have to pull out your cock and stroke it. You want to join Joey in cumming on Cocksluts’ face right now. You’re incredibly excited to join Joey in giving Cockslut a facial. Oh yeah, and you love the sight of Joeys’ cock too. It turns you on more than anything else ever has. You know everything I just said is perfectly normal.”

The words worked their way into Davids’ head and he felt it strangely attach in a way he’d never experienced. It was as if someone had pulled out his brain, stretched it into a paper, and began writing on it: filling in gaps he hadn’t realized were there. The words felt comforting, in a way, because they felt true. His mind raced as his memories filled in the gaps, making everything that was now affixed to his grey matter make sense. He remembered the moment Sam was born thinking he’d make a good cockslut one day. He recalled Joey being born a few years later and knowing his eldest should be his cockslut in the future. He thought about how, for all 18 years of Joeys’ young life he’d hoped one day the two of them would finally have sex. All of it felt truer than anything he’d ever listened to previously and, even better, they felt comfortable and a part of who David had always been.

David allowed the slight head rush to pass and then noticed Joey let go of the button he’d been holding, placing the strange box beside him. He felt a wave of guilt wash over him as he recalled how he’d reacted when he first walked in and saw his eldest son sucking on Joeys’ dick. Glancing down at the thing now re-hardening shaft between Joeys’ legs, David knew that that perfect cock was sexy beyond measure. Despite being a completely heterosexual man and knowing that the cock belonged to his youngest son, David became unabashedly horny at the sight of his youngest sons’ penis. David half-hazardly unzipped his pants like his life depended on it, pulled his underwear down, and started stroking his already rock hard 6.5 inches in earnest.

David started sputtering, wanting to make up for his rude entrance, “Damn, Joey. I’m so sorry I raised my voice like that. To be honest, I don’t really know why I faked anger when I came in…damn, my boy. Why have you been hiding that perfect thing for so long?”

Joey laughed at his father, David figured because of the complete shift in attitude he’d had in such a short moment. But David didn’t care as he unapologetically stroked his hard cock at the beautiful cock throbbing on his boy.

“You like what you see, Dad?” Joey asked.

“Oh heck yes,” David responded, stroking faster, not caring in the slightest that he was hard and masturbating in front of his son. It was normal, after all, to be so overtly sexual around him. Why he hadn’t done it in the past was beyond him. Oh well, David thought, no time like the present to make up for all those missed opportunities.

“What do you want to do now, Dad?” Joey asked, seemingly with a tone of knowing exactly what David would say.

David already knew from the moment he saw Joeys’ cock what he planned on doing next. “We’re going to cum all over Cocksluts’ face. Together, as father and son.”


Joey basked in the sexual depravity he’d created for a quick moment but hopped on his feet to join his father in positioning their leaking cocks in front of his frozen brother. In one quick moment, he’d turned his completely normal, religious, blue collar father into an incestuous horndog who thought of his eldest son as a cockslut.

“Why is he not moving like that, Joey?” David asked as he continued to molest is own tool.

Joey thought for a moment. He’d implanted a lot of new ideas in his fathers’ head in the heat of the moment. He wanted to make sure that whatever he said, his dad would understand and support.

“Um, well, I made a tool that can kind of make people into what I want them to be. And, well, I wanted Sam…” Joey started.

Interrupting, David remarked casually, “I think you mean Cockslut.”

Joey smirked lecherously, “Oh right, Cockslut. I wanted Cockslut to be, well, my cockslut. So I used it to make it happen. It can also freeze people in a position if I want to.”

David looked back down at Joey’s hard tool, making Joey follow his gaze.

“Honestly, Joey,” David said, still talking to his sons’ penis rather than his face, “I doubt there’s anything out there with that kind of power. Besides that, he is your cockslut. I knew from the moment he was born he was going to be your cockslut. So you don’t need to create some magical technological whatsit to make him one. He’s already your cockslut, my boy. Just explain to me one thing.”

“What, Dad?”

“What exactly IS a cockslut?”

Joey laughed as his father and he continued to stroke.

David, still hornier than he’d ever been, laughed too, “I mean, I can kind of figure it out based on the context that it’s a slut for cock. But what makes a cockslut a cockslut? I know I’ve always thought of Cockslut as your cockslut, but what does that entail to you, Joey?”

Smiling at his fathers’ even-kiltered questioning as the two of them prepared to blow their loads on his new cockslut, Joey responded, “To me, it’s about making Sa…oops…I mean Cockslut crave my penis and lust after me so much that he’d put nothing above wanting to worship it. No one and nothing meaning as much to him as pleasuring me. Debasing himself for my pleasure knowing it makes his favorite thing in the world, my dick, hard. Pretty simple explanation, don’t you think Dad?”

David nodded as Joey notice a bit of drool slide out the side of his mouth and, surprisingly, he quickened his pace even more.

“Damn, Joey. I’d love to help you make Cockslut everything you said and more. It’s really what I’ve always wanted him to be for you. God, does that mean that you’re going to have sex with him, Joey?” David asked as he started convulsing before his son from pleasure.

“Fuck yeah it does, Dad. I’m going to breed Cocksluts’ hole. I might even let you watch sometimes.”

David moaned making Joey stroke his meat even harder.

“Language, young man. I know you’re excited that Cockslut will finally become yours and that this is so insanely erotic and that I’m going to help you do it, but I still raised you better than that,” David stated sternly, face turning red from the effort he was putting into giving his eldest son a facial.

Joey apologized, loving the normalcy of the entire situation he’d created for his father. Despite whipping out his own daddy dick, jerking it like an insane person in order to cover his sons’ face in manseed, and openly admitting to wanting to help him make Sam a cockslut, his Dad still reprimanded him for saying ‘fuck.’

God, Joey thought, this is so hot.

Just then, he heard his dad make an incredibly sexy guttural moan as Joey looked down to the dick that had made him. Cum shot out in a gigantic wad, landing square on Sams’ slightly open mouth, splashing around his face. Another shot launched and hit him square in the forehead. Sams’ sparkling brown eyes remained completely zoned out and transfixed by the area where Joeys’ penis had been before he’d been ‘paused’. Despite the thick, white cream covering his entire face and eyes, Sam remained perfectly still, allowing his father an easy target for what Joey assumed was the biggest and horniest load his father had ever spewed.

David continued to sputter a few more loads square on Sams’ face and his breathing began to get heavier as the moaning continued. Eventually, Joey saw him start to drip less and less cum as it started to drool from the thick mushroom head. Joey felt his own load start to build as his dad started rubbing his cock head on Sams’ face, clearly not wanting to waste any of his seed by not placing it on Sams’ face like he had made his dad want.

Feeling his second load in ten minutes start to build, Joey arched his back as his first larger than expected wad shot from his cock and over Sams’ head, landing somewhere behind him. His second shot landed directly on Sams’ hair line and the third and fourth hit him on his forehead and nose respectively. Feeling the afterglow of yet another orgasm, Joey sat back down on the edge of the bed to catch his breath. He’d had exerted more energy in the last half an hour than he had in years.

David sat down next to his son, watching Joeys’ larger and thicker penis shrivel up again, “You must have gotten that girth and length from your mothers’ side. I’m certainly no slouch, but you’ve got me beat by maybe an inch. And I’m nowhere near as thick as you. Damn, Joey, I just can’t get over how aesthetically pleasing your penis is. I’m sorry for gushing. It’s just literally so sexy.”

As David continued staring, Joey noticed his father was once again stroking his recently spent penis. Clearly, the machine worked wonders. His father was in his forties, had just cum buckets on Sam, and yet seeing his penis get soft was enough for David to get hard all over again. He truly did think Joeys’ penis was the sexiest thing on Earth.

“Thanks, Dad. A part of me has always wanted you to say something like that. I kind of was hoping you were as big of a pervert as I know I am. It’s so hot knowing you are.”

“Oh, no, Joey. I’m not a pervert at all. I’m married to your mother and I’m very much in love with her. We believe in monogamy and holy matrimony. I’m pretty vanilla, actually. To be honest, I’m not very comfortable talking about my sex life with you in that way. But I’m definitely not a pervert,” David said defensively.

Joey smiled at the complete cerebral rewrite he knew he gave to his dad. He was rationalizing the perverted things they just did and said as normal.

“Let me get this straight, Dad. You want him,” Joey pointed to Sam, “to be my cockslut. You literally called him Cockslut as you were preparing to jizz all over his face and you have told me a couple times now that my penis…your own sons’ penis…is the sexiest thing on the planet to you. But you’re not a pervert?”

“How are those things perverted?” David asked, without a hint of sarcasm.

“Umm…Dad. I’m your son. He’s your son. You’re stroking your fucking cock as your semen dries on his face.”

“Language, young man. I don’t want to have to remind you again,” David said, eyes traveling from Joeys’ now soft tool to his eyes and then back down again so he could resume masturbating.

“Oh, OK. Sorry, Dad,” Joey said as he repositioned himself on the bed so that he was leaning up against the headboard. Now completely pantsless, Joey allowed his sizable yet soft member to rest on his ballsack as he spread his legs enough to give his father a good view. Feeling a bit giddy, he even wiggled his toes in excitement knowing his dad was salivating while staring at his meat.

“I don’t see how those examples are evidence of my perversion, young man. I’m honestly more worried about you calling yourself a pervert. What makes you think you’re a pervert, Joey?” David asked with the tone of voice of a concerned parent.

Joey loved every moment of this fucked over reality he’d given his dad. For the first time in his life, Joey actually felt like he could be honest with his father. And so, he started.

“Well, for one, I spent years and years masturbating to the thought of Cockslut and I having sex not only because he’s hot but because he’s my brother. The perversion it would take for my hot, sexy, masculine, straight brother to become my cockslut was just so sexy to me. I’d masturbate at the very thought of it at least once a day.

“Over time, I started watching even more incest porn and I realized that you, too, Dad, were a sexy man. With your permanent five o’clock shadow, piercing brown eyes, sexy body, and bulge I’d sneak peaks at as frequently as I could made me lust for you too. I wanted you to crave me and want me like I craved and wanted you. I wanted you to know having sex with me was dirty and unethical and oh so wrong but not being able to resist the erotic nature of it. I wanted you to be a bit of a cockslut for me too, knowing that the dick that made me got hard for me.

“And so I devoted so much time and effort into making this,” Joey picked up the black box and watched as Davids’ gaze followed it.

“This could revolutionize the world, Dad. I put blood, sweat, and tears into making a device that could get me what I want: you and Cockslut, first and foremost. I’ve studied the wavelengths it emits and it can rewrite a brain, Dad. It can literally make a person freeze in mid-sentence or movement like Cockslut has been doing since you started masturbating. It can rewire a brain to accept even the sexiest and perviest of things. It could be used for so many other more moral and good uses, but I don’t want anyone else to know about it. I just want to use it to make you as much of a disgusting pervert as I am. To revel in it like I do. To feel so filthy about it that you can’t bear to stand how horny you are for how wrong it is to do and act the way you can’t help but act.”

While Joey was talking, he felt himself hardening all over again. He hadn’t expected to rewire his fathers’ brain again so soon. But he’d already given himself a new plan. And unsurprisingly to Joey, his dads’ focus shifted from the black box back down to the cock that he was now officially permanently attracted to.

“That sounds pretty sci-fi fiction-like to me son. There’s no way something like that could even begin to work. While I appreciate and understand wanting Cockslut to be your, well, cockslut, I’m a little uncomfortable with you saying you want to do sexual things with me too. I’m not a cockslut like your brother and while I support and,” he moaned as he continued stroking his seemingly permenantly hard erection, “even encourage you to have sex with Cockslut, it would be so wrong for us to do it.

“I don’t want to stop staring at that perfect and beautiful set of genitals you have, son, but I think now is a good time to bring your mother in on this. I think you might have a sex obsession and unethical desire for immoral behavior. We’ll talk you through it and support you, but I think we need to have you see someone who can help you work on getting better.”

Joey knew that his dad cared for and loved him unconditionally and always had. Honestly, to his perverted mind, it made what he was about to do to him all the sexier.

Joey took the black box into position and pointed it at his dad. Pushing the record button, he started, “You’ve always been a perverted Daddy longing for incestuous sex with your sons. You want to be just as perverted as you’ve always thought Joey was. You want your son Joey to call you Daddy all the time, but especially while the two of you have sex because it reminds you of the taboo you’re breaking. You want your other son, Cockslut, to be just as sexually attracted to you as you’ve always wanted him to be to your other son Joey. Cockslut is also insanely sexy to you.

“You see nothing abnormal or weird about being a perverted, horny, gay Daddy for your son. You want to feel the erotic thrill of betraying social norms and being a pervert with your sons Joey and Cockslut. You do know that Cockslut is still Joeys’ cockslut to own and do with as he pleases just like you’ve always wanted though.

“You know that Cockslut has always teased you and me with his sexy body and you know without a doubt that he deserves to be nothing more than a cockslut for us both, but mainly for your son Joey. You know that Cockslut should be Joeys’ and you want to help him make Cockslut the perfect cockslut for him.

“You still feel shame for being a disgusting, incestuous, perverted man, but that shame just makes your cock even harder. You get turned on by giving in to the shameful, perverted incest you know is so wrong. You know that this black box can control minds and freeze people but you would never ever even think about using it without Joey allowing you to. And you won’t even be able to think about using it on Joey ever.”

Joey giggled as he let go of the button and watched his father sway slightly like he’d done the last time he’d mindfucked him.

The look on his fathers’ face shifted pretty quickly from one of concern to one of lecherousness. He hungrily licked his lips and moaned.

“Mmmm…boy. You’re sexier than I ever dreamed you’d become.”

Joey just smiled at him, beaming over his belly at the lust his dad was showing towards him. Without any prompting, his father lunged forward, impaling his mouth on the cock he’d previously only admired as sheer perfection. With his ‘new’ brain and memories, Joey knew his father now craved to sexually satisfy his own disgusting lust for his son. As David audibly choked on the thick dick implanted deep in his throat, Joey let out a sensual ‘mmm’, loving the feeling his Daddy was giving him.

David pulled off the dick for a quick moment as he continued stroking the cock with one hand and allowing his other hand to reach up beneath the stained, damp, smelly shirt of his son to squeeze and fondle Joeys’ hairy, fleshy, sweaty pecs. Looking up at Joey and meeting his eyes, “Do you like your Daddy sucking on your cock, you filthy pervert?”


Feeling so much lust and deep rooted disgust and shame at what he’d given into doing made his throbbing cock feel harder than it had ever been before. Pre-cum was oozing from the his deep red cock head all over the sheets as he humped his cock into the bed from the maddening heat he was feeling.

His sexy son was thrashing about clearly loving the cock worship he was providing. David wasn’t sure how long he’d held onto these almost irrationally perverted temptations for his son and they were finally happening. His heart filled with joy knowing that barging in on Cockslut sucking him off had finally created a moment for him to confess to himself and to his perverted son Joey what he’d long desired.

He was such a filthy little disgusting perverted Daddy milking the cock of his equally perverted son. The mere thought of how wrong it was caused him to reach the brink of orgasm. He knew, deep down, the only reason he’d ever even had sex with his wife was to fulfill this long held dream of perverting himself fully by having sex with his own son. The shame he felt weighed heavy on his heart but only caused his cock to spurt out enough pre-cum that, on an average day of masturbating, would equal a normal orgasm for David.

He had never felt such an erotic thrill as in this moment, groping and squeezing at every part of Joeys’ body. Why had he denied his lust as long as he had? Was it because he was 18 now? He felt OK living out his filthiest and shameful fantasies?

It didn’t matter to David because, right now, he was a disgusting Daddy worshipping the cock his own cock had created.

Without removing the amazing dick from his mouth, David pushed Joey’s shirt up, indicating he wanted his son to take it off. Luckily, Joey took the hint and did just that, leaving him completely nude for David to worship every part of his rotund sons’ fleshy body.

Taking a quick moment to take his shirt off too, David left himself shirtless with his pants and underwear at his ankles. He was proud of the still fairly muscular, masculine, hairy chest he still worked to keep despite his growing age. Joey reached out to feel them and his hard nipples felt so nice being fondled by his son that he let a moan escape his mouth. It was so wrong what they were doing but so incredibly hot.

Leaning back down as he attempted to kick off his pants while still maintaining contact with his son, David started caressing and licking the large, sweaty belly of his son as the incredibly thick cock pressed up against his pecs. David loved being in contact with such an intimate part of his son: a thing that a father wasn’t supposed even touch. Knowing how wrong it was made it feel terribly erotic beyond description.

Finally getting his underwear off, David was left in only his socks, slowly moving up the chest of his youngest son. He kissed and licked at every inch of it he could, tasting the saltiness and filth that had caked on his unhygienic boy. Knowing how literally filthy his son was based on his constantly greasy hair and intense cloud of BO only added to the disgust and shame at his actions. A normal person usually wouldn’t want to have sex with someone who smelled as awful as Joey did at this moment. But David wasn’t a normal person. He was a disgusting, perverted Daddy.

“Mmmm, Daddy. That feels so good,” Joey said as David made his way up to his right nipple. Sucking on it slightly, David smiled up at his son.

“I love it when you call me Daddy, boy.”

In a flash, David pounced on Joeys’ lips with his own. He had to make out with his son. He simply had to make love to him. It was beyond his control at this point. The lust drove him wild with need. His tongue invaded his inexperienced sons’ mouth, exploring around. David was absolutely sure that not only was this going to be the first time Joey ever had sex, but this was his first kiss. The knowledge that he, as his father, was taking such a sacred right of passage from Joey made his cock burp up a river of precum. This was so wrong, David thought. This is so disgustingly wrong.

He started thrusting into this large sons’ body, feeling the large amount of sweat his rotund son naturally created and his own saliva rubbing into his hairy chest. He loved feeling his sons’ hard erection rubbing against his own. Despite his sons’ lackluster kissing abilities, David continued to be mad with lust at the passionate sex they were having. Grabbing both his cock and his sons’, he started stroking them together, loving the feel of their genitals mashing together.

Eventually, David ended the make out session and started passionately caressing his sons’ neck, still stroking both of their cocks.

“Daddy…oh, Daddy. I’m gonna cum again if you…oh Daddy…” Joey moaned.

“You’re not cumming unless I can suck out every last drop, you filthy pervert. And I want you getting my load too.”

David, being the more experienced of the two, took charge and pulled Joey away from the headboard, allowing Joey to lay flat on the bed. Then, David lifted his left leg, placed it on the far side of his sons’ body, and crouched over the top of his face, allowing his 6.5 hard as steel rod to gently nuzzle at his sons’ lips. Joey didn’t need to be told twice as he accepted the first dick he’d ever tasted into his mouth: that of his own fathers’.

David, now in position to suck down Joeys’ seed, allowed the gigantic dick to penetrate his hungry throat again. The pair continued to 69 for only about 30 seconds when Joey started thrusting madly into his dads’ mouth. Cum spewed like a fountain as David greedily swallowed it all, loving how perverse it was to drink the seed of his own son.

Realizing how filthy he was in in that moment, David, too, started to cum as Joey choked on the semen. For a beginner, Joey had grazed his dads’ dick with his teeth quite bit in the short time it was in his mouth, but David didn’t care at all as cum poured out of his chute into his sons’ mouth. The two of them continued to lightly tongue at the glans in their mouths as the orgasmic bliss slowly started to subside and the last of the semen oozed onto their eager tongues.

Content with the absolutely perverted sex he’d just had with his disgusting, hefty son, David pulled his still half-hard dick out of Joeys’ mouth to let him relax. Getting onto the far side of Joey, David put his arm around his son and cuddled into him, lightly playing with the hairs on his chest with his free hand.

“Boy, that was the best sex I’ve ever had and fastest I’ve ever cum. We’re both so beyond perverted and it’s so sexy. Thank you for being the son I’d always dreamed of having: one that I can molest and fondle whenever I want like the sex-freak I knew I always was,” David jovially stated as he moved his free hand to fondle Joeys’ churning nutsack to prove his point.

“Lord, I never knew that…mmm…having this actually happen would be so amazing, Daddy. I’d fantasized and fantasized and now that it’s real, I can hardly believe it.”

David, feeling frisky again already, pulled Joey’s arm up and burried his face in his sons’ rancid armpit. Licking at the sweaty, grimy hairs and pungent odor caused Davids’ half-mast dick to harden yet again. Hearing Joeys’ appreciative and horny moans only egged David on even more.

Pulling back for a moment, “God, boy, you turn me on more than anyone ever has. Why in the world didn’t we start doing this sooner? We’re so depraved and filthy…it’s so…it’s so…it’s so fucking hot!”

David dived back in, licking at every wrank area he could, cleaning the pit of his boy that likely hadn’t seen soap, let alone a shower in quite a long time.

Joey continued to moan as David moved his tongue bath back on to the large, fleshy pecs resting on his chest. As David inserted his nipple back in his mouth, David slightly opened his eyes in pure his pure lust. This allowed David to final notice Cockslut still staring, somewhat passionately, in the same position he’d been in for almost half an hour now.

“Oh fuck, Cockslut is still frozen,” David announced, pulling his head up slightly, staring into the deep eyes of his sexily perverted son. “That black box of yours sure is powerful.”

David continued groping and molesting Joeys’ genitals as Joey looked over at Cockslut.

Joey took a moment and looked back into Davids’ eyes. David met his eyeline, looked down, and stuck his tongue in Joeys’ mouth again. As soon as he pulled off, Joey said, “You want to make him sure he knows he’s my cockslut, Daddy?”

David reared back slightly but not stopping his grinding of Joeys’ privates. “What do you mean, son?”

“I mean do you want to use my black box to make sure Cockslut knows his place in regards to you and especially me? Currently, his mind is rewired to merely be curious about how my cock tasted and to be absolutely obsessed with my dick. I’d love to hear what your perverted, immoral, unethical, disgusting mind can come up with to make sure he’s the spitting image of the perverted version we both know you want him to be.”

Davids’ cock throbbed and, astoundingly, spurted up a bit of excess cum as Joey offered him the chance to pervert his own son. A son that had always been such an upstanding citizen despite Joey and him knowing he was meant to be a cockslut. The betrayal to who he’d been and who David could make him be was intoxicatingly erotic to David. Joey, the perfect pervert David knew he was, had to have known the shame David would feel for perving out his other son however he wanted would be second to none. Without even touching his cock, it exploded in pleasure at all the possibilities David had before himself.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Joey said, reaching between the two, scooping up a bit of the jizz, and putting Davids’ load in his mouth.

David swallowed it willing, basking in both the afterglow of a handless orgasm and the sick and twisted nature of his own son feeding me some of his load.

“Hand it here, I need to do this,” David demanded, feeling his cock already rock hard again after the third orgasm in less than an hour.

COCKSLUT “…tasted his semen! I need more!” Cockslut shouted, lunging forward onto the ground from the semi-kneeling position he’d been in. Cockslut realized he was quite suddenly free from his fathers’ attempt at holding him back from his brothers’ intoxicating dick.

His body hit the floor with a thud given the force at which he had attempted to break free from his fathers’ frustrating withholding of his brothers’ penis. But none of that mattered as he looked back up and realized that both his father and his brother were naked on his bed looking down at him and jerking one another off. What was even more exciting was that he felt a sticky, dried feeling to his face that could only be a massive amount of dried cum.

God, Cockslut thought, this is right where I belong: on my hands and knees, covered in cum. And this is sick, twisted, perfect, and sexy.

“I gotta say, Daddy, you went above and beyond what even I would have done. You truly are a disgusting, perverted, immoral faggot. I love it,” Joey stated.

“Thanks boy. Let’s see what happens next.”

Cockslut knew that something was completely off about the situation he was in but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it given how enraptured he was with his family sitting above him stroking and fondling one another. And then, like a ton of bricks, it hit him.

He was wearing clothes!

How in the hell did he get into them in the first place, Cockslut thought frantically. Not wanting to rise much farther up from the floor where he knew he belonged, Cockslut struggled to get his tight t-shirt off while simultaneously kicking his feet to get the lose sweatpants removed as quickly as he could. He knew better than to be clothed in the house. Clothes were for Joey and his Daddy. He didn’t deserve clothes. As a perverted, disgusting, worthless cockslut, clothes were above his station.

He was so angry for randomly wearing such a tight t-shirt that it took so long to get off, but finally removing it, he easily slipped out of his sweatpants and underwear finally achieving his nude state that was expected of him. He couldn’t believe he’d even been wearing that clothing despite remembering that he wore clothing every day before now. Thankfully, now he knew he’d been wrong for so long.

He was expected to be horny, hard, nude, and ready to serve as a perfect cockslut for Joey. That was his duty. And it was beyond his duty, it was his privilege.

Finally presentable for his brother, Cockslut looked up at him, stroking that massive tool of his that he adored so fully, and smiled.

He felt a stirring in his mind as he gazed lovingly at Joey and words began to vomit out of his mouth as if he’d been force fed them and he knew he had to regurgitate them back out quickly afterwards.

“I’m so sorry that I teased you for so long with my hot and sexy body, Joey. You and I both know that the only reason I worked out, got good grades, and became the sexy stud I am now was for your pleasure. I know you’ve had years and years of pent up lust for me and my body and I want to assure you that from now on, it’s yours. My cock is yours. My ass is yours. My brain is yours. My heart is yours. Even my soul is yours. I’m your cockslut, Joey. I’ve always been your cockslut. I have to be your cockslut. Please, Joey. Please accept me as your cockslut.”

Cockslut meant every single word and felt the pangs of guilt in his heart for the temptation he knew he gave his brother for so long without allowing him to use him like he should have been able to. He felt his cock throb with every syllable, knowing it would remain that constantly hard and aching for his brother for as long as Joey wanted it to be. Feeling a new temptation, Cockslut turned around a full 180 degrees, pulled his muscular asscheeks apart, and presented his hole.

“This is yours to use, Joey. I’m a virgin and I know you’re a virgin and I want…no…I need to lose my virginity to you. I need to be aching, constantly, for your cock to be inside me like I am right now. Please, Joey. Please claim me as your cockslut now.”

Sam held his demeaning position, knowing it would likely appeal to his seemingly masochistic, crazy, and incest-obsessed brother. He flexed his hole a few times, allowing it to pucker, hoping against hope that it would tempt his brother to finally take what was his.

Suddenly, Sam heard Joey reply, “Damn, Daddy. You only told him to dig deep and apologize for tempting us with that fine body for so long. He sure did dig deep to come up with that!”

“He’s a filthy little Joey-obsessed slut willing to demean himself for your pleasure, son, just like we both wanted him to be. I wouldn’t have expected any better from him. And, honestly, finally I’m seeing my wildest and sickest dream come true. He’s your cockslut. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more,” Cocksluts’ dad gloated.

Cockslut wasn’t sure what they were talking about, all he knew was that his ass and mouth both felt so empty without Joey filling them. He wanted that thickness to fill him up completely as soon as Joey was ready. As much as he wanted it, he knew Joey was boss here. He wouldn’t speak out of turn.

“Hey, Cockslut,” Joey announced.

“Yes, Joey?”

“What would your fiancé say if she could see you right now?”

Cockslut thought about Abby. He absolutely still loved her; nothing had changed in the slightest. But this was different. Duty and love were two different things. He knew he would remain devoted to her completely and take care of her and hopefully one day even have a family with her.

Well, if Joey allowed it, of course.

“I don’t care what she thinks. My duty as your cockslut comes before anyone and everything. Even if Abby saw me right now and broke up with me and told me she hated me, my heart would break, but I would know that our relationship would have meant to end. If Abby can’t accept me as your cockslut, she isn’t right for me,” Cockslut proudly exclaimed, feeling the intense lust and love for his brother that had finally become his constant companion.

“Damn, that’s a good Cockslut. Tell me, what would you do for me?”

“Anything,” I replied matter-of-factly.

“Would you stop eating and starve yourself if I told you to?”

“Of course.”

“Would you drop out of school, live at the foot of my bed, and never achieve any of your dreams?”

“Of course.”

“Would you break up with Abby and force yourself to fall out of love with her and forget she ever existed?”

“Of course.”

“Why, Cockslut?”

“Because pleasuring you comes before any of my wants or needs. I was put on this Earth to bring you immense amounts of pleasure and therefore, no matter what makes you happy, it comes first. I can’t feel happiness, joy, or pleasure without knowing that you are receiving pleasure from me.”

There was a bit of silence as Cockslut continued holding his now gaping and pulsating hole for Joeys’ cock to claim it. He heard the pitter patter of masturbation, likely his dad and Joey still jerking one another off. A small fear arose in Cockslut that his answer wasn’t good enough or that his apology wasn’t heartfelt enough. Cockslut knew that he would be nothing without Joey. Everything Cockslut had done up to this point was literally to bring Joey pleasure and if he wasn’t satisfied, Cockslut wouldn’t even know what to do. Cockslut would cease to exist.

After what seemed like an eternity, “That’s a good Cockslut.”

Cocksluts’ relief and pleasure was instantaneous. The pulsating 7 inch cock pointing straight down hiccupped a large glop of pre at the praise and his hole puckered even faster, even thirstier for Joeys’ engorgement.

“Well, I don’t know about you, Daddy, but I’m ready to break in my Cockslut for the first time,” Joey said, filling Cocksluts’ heart with more joy than he had ever imagined it could contain. Cockslut arched his back even more, presenting his firm, muscular, hairy ass for his perfect brother. Cocksluts’ cock created a constant stream of pre connecting his dickhead with the puddle rapidly forming on the floor below it.

As Cockslut heard Joey stand up and felt his presence lining up his perfection with his hole and his dad coming around him and pulling his head up to look at the dark pubes and ramrod straight dick, Cockslut felt like he could easily pass out from the intense pleasure knowing he was going to be claimed and taken by the two sexiest men in the world. He never would pass out, though. Cockslut knew that that would deny Joey the pleasure he deserved from fucking his body. Cockslut licked his lips anticipating the opportunity to fellate his father while his brother bred his worthless rectum.

And then, just as Cocksluts’ mouth opened, awaiting a stuffed throat and the unimaginably amazing feeling of the massive mushroom head that he knew owned him mashed against his steamy hole, there was a knock at the door.

“I can’t imagine what you’re doing in there, but supper is ready, David and Sam. Joey isn’t responding so we’ll just start without him as usual. Downstairs in five, OK?”

Cocksluts’ heart sank as his dad turned away, leaving his dick out of Cocksluts’ reach, and told Heather that they’d be down shortly. Even worse to Cockslut, though, was that Joey didn’t penetrate him even slightly and instead, sat back down on the bed behind him.

Joey seemed to sense Cocksluts’ disappointment at not feeling him deep within his colon and responded, “Don’t worry, Cockslut. I’m going to ensure you get my dick in you very soon.”


Heather walked down the stairs to finish the final touches on the going away dinner for her oldest son, Sam. The weekend had really flown by, quite honestly, and she was already dreading saying goodbye to him in the morning.

He seemed to really enjoy the gifts he’d given him for Abby and Heather was absolutely certain her charming young man would be a fabulous husband to Abby and a tireless doctor for his future patients. Heather truly was blessed to have a loving, stable, loyal husband and such a powerful, happy son.

She also loved Joey, sure. But he wasn’t exactly who she had in mind when she imagined how she would have liked any of her children to become.

He was smart, to be sure, and a wiz when it came to electronics. But he had no friends, no social life, rarely even left his room any more, and based on his smell, likely didn’t shower as frequently as Heather had made him do when he was younger.

Ultimately, as David and Heather had discussed, they would take the unconditional love route with their youngest son. They weren’t sure what his plan was going to be next year as he so rarely left his room. A job would be difficult for him and they weren’t even entirely sure if he had applied to college or not. Whenever they broached the subject, Joey kind of retreated into himself and his room even more. David said that eventually they’d need to take a hardened stance, but that could, at the very least, wait until after the joy of Sams’ wedding.

Heather tidied up the table a little more excited to spend one last dinner as a family before Sam headed back to finish his third year of pre-med. She teared up slightly at the thought of her little boy settling down with another woman, even if it was someone so perfect for him as Abby. The two of them had been dating since their freshmen year of high school, so they were quite literally high school sweethearts who never had eyes for anyone else.

Heather sighed contentedly as she took her seat waiting for David and Sam to come join her, leaving her back to the doorway as was her standard seat when the family ate together. She had tapped on Joeys’ door to tell him they were having dinner, but as was usual these days, he didn’t respond. She assumed he heard her and would be joining them later.

Then she felt a strange feeling in her head, almost as if all her focus was now centered on her brain and not her surroundings. Then she heard Joeys’ voice, “Nothing you see and nothing your husband or sons do will ever seem sexual in nature at all. Everything said and done in this home will appear to be just your sons and husband getting along. You will believe and follow along with anything your husband or sons say to you as if it were perfectly normal. Nothing Joey says or does will offend or hurt you. You will love and accept your family just as you always have.”

Feeling the slight light-headedness fade away as Joey finished talking to her, Heather turned around to great her youngest, surprised to see that he actually came down for dinner at the same time as Sam and David. The only real difference from any previous nights was that Joey was holding a little black box while his father was standing incredibly close to Joey,stroking Joeys’ very thick and large erection. David, too, had his penis erect as he fondled their youngest, but Heather had seen that quite a few times before. She realized this was the first time she’d seen Joeys’ since he was a toddler.

Sam, on the other hand, was down on his hands and knees slightly behind the other two, looking up at the both of them from behind. Heather leaned to the side to get a look at him. While he’d never really been the silly type, she giggled as she saw him down there like he was a dog. He, too, seemed to be naked, but not paying much attention to her at all. He was staring up at Joeys’ rather large backside.

“Well it took you boys long enough! What in the dickens were all three of you up to? And Joey, it’s so nice to have you joining us from the get go tonight,” Heather didn’t want to come on too strong, as she’d learned in the past, pointing out behavior from Joey that made her feel proud of him or as though he were becoming slightly more socially acceptable tended to make him less inclined to talk or stick around.

“I wouldn’t miss Cocksluts’ going away dinner for the world, Mom.”

Cockslut? Heather looked at Joey with utter confusion. For the life of her, she didn’t know who Joey would be referring to. She knew that it was Sams’ going away dinner. Perhaps that’s who Joey meant, “Cockslut? I apologize, do you mean Sam?”

Joey smiled at his mothers’ question and Heather smiled back. Mainly because she didn’t think she remembered the last time Joey had smiled. But David ended up answering her question, “Actually, dear, our eldest son is Cockslut. He’s decided, rightfully and thankfully, to become Joeys’ willing cockslut and therefore, we are going to honor his decision by only referring to him as Cockslut from here on out. I’m truly proud of Joey for being so generous with his time to take on such a task as accepting a cockslut so needy for him like Cockslut is sure to be.”

Clearly trying to show just how proud of Joey he was, David immediately leaned into him even more than he already had been and began making out with him passionately and roughly right there, still eagerly stroking the astonishing big genitals of their youngest son. Heathers’ heart swelled seeing her husband getting along so well with Joey after so many years of such a distant relationship. Truly having everyone home for the weekend and everyone sensing the exciting changes happening soon had brought her boys all together.

Heather smiled, “Oh that’s just amazing to hear! Joey! I’m so proud of you for being so generous! And, Cockslut, was it? I’m proud of you too! So kind of you to become your brothers’ cockslut…but, forgive me, what’s a cockslut?”

Joey laughed at the question while his fathers’ tongue still was probing in his mouth causing quite the interesting noise to come from the pair. David pulled back, giving a look of lust to Joey that Heather remembered getting from him during their more intimate moments. Heather obviously didn’t mind or have any level of jealousy, especially considering this was also the first time she’d heard her youngest laugh in years.

“Sorry, Daddy. Didn’t mean to laugh and spit into your mouth. It’s just the third time today I’ve gotten that question. Basically, Mom, Cockslut is finally going to stop tempting me with his sexy body and actually let me do what I want with it. We’re going to be disgusting, perverted, incestuous brothers now. And Cockslut is so excited about it. In fact, before you knocked on the door, I was about to shove my cock in his ass for the first time and he’s probably going mad with need now. Because he’s a perfect little cockslut. So needy for my dick.”

“Oh wow! So the two of you will likely be spending so much more time together! That is so exciting!” Heather responded with delight. Her sons, too, were getting better in just the span of the last hour or so. Heather had no idea what had gone on between the three men upstairs since she last heard Cockslut go upstairs to chat on the phone with his fiancé. Maybe Joey was finally going to break out of his shell? Heather didn’t want to do anything to ruin the amazing progress both David and Cockslut seemed to have had with him.

“We should chat more about everything over dinner,” Heather politely offered, not wanting to scare off Joey. “You all should take your seats before it gets cold. I made porkchops, greenbean casserole, and my special mashed potatoes for you, Cockslut! Your favorite!”

David and Joey walked over, side by side, David seemingly unable to keep his hands off of Joey at all. Cockslut just followed behind them on all fours. Heather did have to admit that her son was looking so incredibly fit these days. He clearly had continued to work out regularly and his muscular back was actually very visually appealing. As he followed the other two around the other side of the table, Heather also noticed that his tight butt was incredibly bulbous; clearly her son was diligent about working out every part of his body. A sizable erection judded straight down from two larger than normal dangling balls. Heather made a mental note that both her sons appeared to be bigger than David in that department, but Joey clearly had the largest and thickest of all three.

Heather waited for her family to sit down to start serving the food. She noticed that Joey decided to sit in the chair that David usually sat at directly across from her and scooted it slightly to the right. David grabbed Joey’s normal seat, moved it directly next to Joey and the two of them sat hip to hip, ensuring David could continue to grope and massage Joey to his heart’s content.

It was nice, seeing the hairy chested father and son duo, getting along so well for the first time in over a decade. Heather could hardly believe what she was seeing. Joey was interested in David, actually spoke a few sentences before the meal even started, and was maintaining eye contact with both of his parents. In short, Heather had never seen her son more open and happy.

Heather was a bit confused, however, when she didn’t see Cockslut take his usual seat to her right, but her confusion was quickly remedied when she overheard Joey telling him to lay down at his feet and start licking them clean. Smiling and taking a quick peek under the table, she saw Cockslut crawling beneath the table from behind Joey and getting right to work at his brothers’ request.

To Heather, it appeared as though Joeys’ feet were filthy with dirt, dust, and some wetness that may have been cum or sweat, but, true to his dedication at being the cockslut that Joey announced he was so proud of being, Cockslut greedily started lapping at the oversized, pudgy feet. Heather saw a look of satisfaction, completion, and happiness on Cocksluts’ face and her heart did yet another spiral. Not only was Joey forming a closer relationship with his father, but now his brother, too, was showcasing a new and special bond with him.

Sitting back up, she saw that Joey and David were, yet again, making out. She couldn’t see where exactly his hands were, but it also looked like David had resumed the fondling of Joeys’ impressive package. Not necessarily wanting to interrupt the bonding but not wanting the food to get cold, Heather asked the men to dig in.

They did separate upon her request and both her son and husband began preparing their plates. Joey even began a conversation with Heather for the first time since he was a pre-teen.

“So, Mom, what do you think of everything since we came down for dinner?” Joey asked as he set down a black box with two buttons on top to pick up the spoon to scoop a sizable amount of mashed potatoes onto his plate.

Heather, cutting up pieces of her pork chop, responded, “I’m sorry, dear, what do you mean?”

Joey laughed and turned to his father, “Worked like a charm.”

From Heathers’ perspective, Joey appeared to reach down and lightly squeeze the area where she knew her husbands’ erection would be in a cute and playful way. David responded, “Yeah, my boy. This is all so wrong and twisted…mmm…I love it all so much. Good God, this is all so perfectly perverted. I’m feeling you up in fro…front of your mother…and you’re touching me and Cockslut is lapping at your to…toes. Mmmmmm…yes, boy. Keep playing with…my balls…mmmmm. This is so wrong.”

Heather giggled as David made the cute face he tended to make whenever he was on the edge of an orgasm. He’d always scrunch up his masculine brow, open his mouth into a small ‘O’, and look like he was trying to solve a complex math equation. Right after she noticed, David moaned loudly as she heard splattering sounds on the floor beneath the table, looking down, she noticed a bit of her husbands’ semen landed at the bottom of her jeans and more small puddles continued to splat onto the floor as he continued shooting a surprisingly large load.

“Well, dang, David! You sure did get excited!” Heather said with a laugh. “I’ll clean it up after the meal.”

“Oh, Mom, there’s no need. Cockslut, lick up all of Daddys’ splooge and then get back to cleaning my feet,” Joey demanded confidently. Heather was mighty impressed with her youngest son. Not only was he opening up more, speaking up, and showing more emotion but he was taking charge of his cockslut. For the first time in a long time, Heather started to see a ray of hope that her son would be OK in the future.

As she felt Cockslut moving around beneath them and, at one point, his mouth sucking at her jeans where the cum had started to dry, Heather apprehensively broached the subject on her mind.

“So, Joey? How are you doing?” Heather hesitantly asked.

“I’m better than I’ve been in a long time, Mom,” Joey answered, allowing his father to grope at his hefty, hairy pecs while he continued eating the food on his plate.

“Oh, yeah? So, what’s different? And I don’t want to scare you away. I know I’m just your corny Mom and stuff but I’m just being honest. I’ve never seen you this happy since you were a kid and you’re getting along with your father and your brother so well. It’s so sudden! I want to know what you three were up to upstairs!”

Joey set down his fork and leaned back in his chair as his father continued massaging his chest with what seemed to be both love and lust.

“I’ll be honest with you, Mom. But I’d rather do it while I get ready to live out one of my longest held and exciting dreams. My life feels like it’s lead to this moment and I can’t wait for it anymore. I’m sorry, Mom, but I’ve been patient and it’s long overdue. So, give me a quick moment,” Joey pulled his chair back to get into a good position where he could stretch his pudgy legs out a bit and started directing his father and cockslut for his liking, “Daddy, why don’t you go find some lube for me and then masturbate watching Cockslut live out his lifes’ dream too. Cockslut, it’s time for me to take your hole.”

Heather saw Cocksluts’ head launch up excitedly from the feet he’d continued to eagerly lap on throughout the entire meal. Clearly, Heather thought, Cockslut was excited about what Joey said. Heather honestly didn’t know what ‘take your hole’ would mean in relation between her two sons, but she was eager to see Joey live out whatever his dream was and it seemed Cockslut would live out his dream too! Heather hadn’t had this much hope for her entire family in way too long.

Heather continued to lightly peck at her meal as David ran off, presumably to get the lube that Joey requested. While waiting, Joey looked down at Cockslut and told him he could suck on his large penis. Heather couldn’t begin to image how her eldest would be able to handle the large endowment of her youngest, and so she leaned in, suddenly much more interested in the aesthetic of it all.

Cockslut didn’t waste a moment after he was invited to suck on Joeys’ penis. He leapt forward, got on his haunches, and inserted the bulbous and leaking mushroom head in mere seconds. Clearly, Heather thought, Cockslut wanted Joeys’ penis pretty badly!

“Damn, Cockslut! You’re even newer frame of mind made you even hungrier for my cock. Do you love this dick, Cockslut?” Joey moaned as Cockslut hungrily slurped at the shaft, leaving large amounts of saliva drooling from his mouth indicating the intense need he had for it.

Cockslut mumbled an eager agreement to the question. Heather felt another flutter of pride at the brotherly love the two were exhibiting. She even started tearing up again knowing that her family was finally becoming the cohesive unit that she’d always wanted them to be.

“Yeah, you do, Cockslut. You can’t deny it any more. That sexy body is mine to play with now and you’re exactly where you always wanted to be. You’re going to worship the dick you tempted for years. And you’re going to love every single second of it.”

Looking up from Cockslut back to his mother, Joey continued, “Thanks for letting me get ready for everything and being so patient, Mom,” Joey suddenly said as Cockslut continued to slurp away at his penis.

“No need to apologize, Joey. I’m certainly impressed with your manners tonight, though.”

Joey laughed jovially at her comment, filling Heathers’ heart with love for him all over again.

“To answer your question, Mom, the only thing that changed is Daddys’ and Cocksluts’ feelings for me. We had a really good talk upstairs and they both realized that there were years and years of unrealized pleasure and eroticism and sex that we could have been having. We could have been enjoying one another in dark, wrong, and perverted ways. We could have been a disgustingly incestuous, pervy family and finally,” Joey looked down at his brother and made what Heather would call an ‘OH’ face at the good job Cockslut was doing sucking his penis, “Finally, we can live out those fantasies.”

“Hmmm. You say it’s all dark and perverted? Incestuous? I’m not quite sure I get your meaning there, Joey,” Heather said with the first slight amount of concern she’d shown all night.

Joey adjusted his gaze back to his mother, “Don’t worry, Mom. I just mean that Daddy, Cockslut, and I will be closer than we’ve ever been before. They’re both finally going to be the dad and brother that I deserve and the dad and brother they always wanted to be. That’s all I mean.”

Satisfied with that clarification, Heather just soaked in all of the positive energy coming from across the table as she ate and watched Cockslut enjoying the generous gift Joey was providing him. Heather was certain that Joey was correct. The evidence was clear: Cockslut loved the new relationship he had with Joey. Shortly after, David arrived with the bottle of KY that they kept in their bedroom night stand for when they felt frisky themselves.

David handed the bottle to Joey as Cockslut continued to swallow the massive tool that he clearly adored and then moved his chair from beside Joey to across from him where Heather figured he knew he’d get a good view of whatever was about to happen. David then started eagerly stroking the cock that Heather was reasonable certain had been rock hard from the time he’d arrived in the room with his sons. Heather couldn’t remember the last time David looked as horny as he was tonight!

“Ok, Cockslut, I want you to sit back and look up into my eyes while you lube up my dick,” Joey commanded as he handed Cockslut the KY jelly. Heather could hardly wait to witness what Joey referred to as his ‘dream’, so, for what felt like the hundredth time tonight, Heather leaned forward and felt the now familiar flutter of excitement at seeing her family getting along so swimmingly.


Sam looked pained at having to remove Joeys’ cock from his mouth. His mouth let out a slight ‘pop’ as the intensely hard cock head slipped from his lips. Despite Joey knowing that Sam had to be aware that Joey was about to fuck his ass for the first time, clearly, Joeys’ cockslut didn’t like not having Joeys’ cock inserted in him at all times.

Sam looked up at Joey with giant, sparkling, puppy dog eyes, not even hiding the clear love and lust he had for his new master. He was on his knees sitting back, giving Joey an amazing look at the intensely fit and sexy body that Joey knew was now his to play with. Sams’ manly, hairy chest heaved up and down, Joeys’ new cockslut breathing heavily most likely due to the intensity of devotion and excitement Joey knew was consuming him.

His perfect, smooth, veiny heterosexual cock was ramrod straight, which drove Joey even more insane with lust. Joey knew that that penis had only ever previously been erect for women. Now, it was horny for Joey: Sams’ hefty, unfit, unhygienic, nerdy, conventionally unattractive brother. Joey loved the control and corruption he’d forced into his brother. He even drooled a bit as he looked at the dick throb, bordered enticingly by a well-kept amount of dark, curly pubes and hefty balls dangling and churning as pre seemed to leak from his cockslut like a broken faucet. Joey knew that Sam had to have been hornier than he’d ever been.

Without breaking eye contact or even blinking, Joey watched intensely as Sam popped the top of the lube and poured the contents onto his hand. Quickly, Sam reached out and searched for Joeys’cock with his lubed up hand.

Sam clearly didn’t want to break any order Joey had given him, so he didn’t want to look away to find the cock he craved. Joey let out a little chuckle at the mindfucked little sluts’ inability to disobey even the simplest of his commands. Joey stared, entertained by the cocksluts’ searching as he felt around Joeys’ large, hairy belly, leaving a trail of lube from the waist down to the cock. As huge as Joey was, Joey knew it shouldn’t have been difficult for Sam to find it, but he just couldn’t look away from Joeys’ eyes.

Acting as though his life depended on it, Sam stroked Joeys’ cock, coating it in a thick layer of lube. The darkest and sickest fantasies Joey had ever created about Sam just couldn’t compare to how this felt in reality to him. His brother…his cockslut…was lubing his thick dick to prepare it for his tight ass and the eagerness was obvious.

Joeys’ brain was on fire with lust. It all felt so twistedly erotic to his perverted mind: his mother eagerly watching her oldest son debase himself, his father mad with lust at the shame and perversion of it all, and Joey himself, the puppeteer of the entire scenario. It was all so sick, so socially unacceptable, such a far cry from who his family was at its’ core, such a violation of everything his parents and brother stood for. He couldn’t help but leak more and more pre despite having already broken all his previous records of total orgasms in one day.

“You’re doing such a good job, cockslut,” Joey encouraged, immediately causing a mini-orgasm in his devoted slut.

Feeling as though his cock was coated well enough, Joey was ready to lose his virginity by fucking his brother: the object of his lust for so many years.

“Ok, Cockslut, do you want to fuck yourself on my dick?”

“More than anything.”

“That’s a good little cockslut,” another mini-orgasm swept over his brother, “Now stand up, turn around, and impale yourself on my thick dick like the hungry little cockslut we both know you’ve always been.”

In a flash, Sam stood up for the first time since accepting his role as Joeys’ cockslut, turned around, reached around to grab the source of all his pleasure, Joey’s dick, and lined it up with his asshole. Even after everything that had happened today, Joey couldn’t believe that his much more successful, social, athletic, straight brother was groping at his dick, lining it up with his rectum, and moaning at the very feel of his glans making contact with his sensitive colon.

Joey, too, started moaning as his slick penis slowly penetrated the intensely tight ass of his brother. He couldn’t believe how warm and pleasurable it was to actually have his dick inside an ass. Knowing that ass was his older brother made it hotter than anything else he could possibly imagine. He felt like his dick would explode before Sam could even get the entire dick inserted, let alone when he knew his brother would start fucking himself on him.

Putting all of his energy into containing his semen, Joey smiled broadly. He’d won. His brother was his. His dad was staring at the two of them, stroking his meat like nothing could provide him more pleasure than seeing his sons’ fucking. His mother was crying now, likely because to her, Joey was forming a tight relationship with his older brother for the first time since they were kids.

Joey was in erotic bliss. This was heaven to him. It was all so deliciously wrong. He felt the firm cheeks of his brother against his flabby thighs as Sam groaned with insane pleasure feeling the gigantic and thick pole filling his ass. Joey relaxed back, allowing his brother to feel the fulfillment he knew Sam craved now.

His cockslut finally had been stuffed fully with his dick.

Joey felt Sam slowly rotate his upper body, likely to really feel the entire dick inside him rubbing against every part of his colon. Sam was nonstop moaning now and Joey figured he had to be in heaven feeling his brothers’ dick rubbing his prostate.

Joey started rubbing Sams’ sexy shoulders, biceps, arms, back, and even tried reaching around him a bit to feel the hard abs and pecs covered in hair. His large belly didn’t really allow him to completely reach all he wanted to, namely Sams’ cock, but Joey knew that he’d plenty of opportunity to play with any part of his cockslut tonight.

Right now, though, Joey just wanted his cockslut to start fucking himself on his dick like the debased faggot Joey wanted him to be.

“Start fucking yourself,” Joey calmly muttered.

Without missing a beat, Sam went wild with need. He rapidly started launching himself up and down on the large pole Joey knew he’d never want to get off of. Being as athletic as he was, it was no problem for Sam to control the entire encounter by stabilizing himself with his arms on the sides of the chair and with his legs firmly planted on the ground. He fucked himself like nothing else mattered. In fact, Joey knew that literally nothing else mattered to Sam in this moment that providing his brother as much pleasure as he could.

Joey knew that Sam needed to make Joey cum inside him. Sam needed to pleasure Joey. Sam would only be happy if he was nothing more than a conduit for his brothers’ depraved sexual needs. David had ensured his eldest was nothing but a needy cockslut. And Joey was in heaven experiencing it all.

Feeling the friction and warm comfort of his brother riding his cock like a pro despite knowing this was the first time either of them had had any kind of sex was driving Joey mad with lust. In only about 20 seconds into the frantic and athletic display of Sams’ power bottoming abilities, Joey felt himself building up to shoot yet again.

“Oh my fucking God, you’re such a disgusting, perverted fucking faggot, Sam,” Joey screamed as his cock exploded with seed deep within his brothers’ anus. Nothing that had happened earlier in the day or previously in his life had been more pleasurable than this orgasm. The ass was flooded with thick, sticky streams of shot after shot of cum and Sam, too, loudly moaned as his cock exploded with lust. Joey knew that his pleasure was Sams’ at this point, so Sam, knowing he’d made the object of all his lust and love cum, couldn’t contain his own pleasure.

“God, my boys are so beyond sexy!” Daddy shouted as he, too, started shooting another large load. Joey was still shaking from his orgasmic bliss as glob after glob of cum leaked into the insatiable ass of his older brother.

Sam didn’t skip a beat, “Please, Joey, can I hop off your dick and clean you up?”

Joey let his head fall back, finally feeling that post-orgasmic lightheadedness. “Sure, Cockslut,” Joey blissfully sighed.

Despite still shooting cum from his own cock because of the pleasure he got giving his ass up to Joey, Sam quickly plopped his younger brothers’ dick out of his hole, turned around, and resumed his slutty position on his hands and knees. Sam instantly started lapping eagerly at the cum that had caked Joeys’ dick. Joey smiled to himself with his eyes closed knowing that to Sam, making sure he was sexually satisfied was everything. His own pleasure was nothing if he wasn’t pleasuring Joey.

“I’m so proud of you boys. Geeze Louise, that is so unbelievably disgusting, perverted, and wrong,” David announced. Joey looked over at him to see him still masturbating, despite having just cum. “I wish you could see how much of a slut your brother looks like from here. Your cum is literally dripping…mmm…dripping out of…” Joey laughed as David came again not two seconds after he’d already orgasmed, “oh my Lord, mmmm…”

David took a deep breath after he finished shooting another sizable amount of semen, “I was trying to say that your semen is literally dripping out of his slutty hole.”

Joey laughed heartily, “Of course it is,” Joey looked down at Sam, who was gazing up at him lovingly, meticulously licking at and sucking every part of his cock, “He’s the world’s best cockslut.”

Sam moaned as he reached around to scoop at the cum oozing from his asshole their father had pointed out and brought it to his mouth. His dick, too, started spurting cum again at the praise he received from Joey. Both his father and his brother were basically nonstop horny, perverted sluts for him now.

It was heaven

“It’s so nice seeing all you boys getting along so well,” Joeys’ mom suddenly said. “So who’s up for dessert?”


It was now the moment of truth. He was heading back to school. He was going to be seeing Abby again soon. He couldn’t deny that a small part of him was excited to get back into the grind and finish up his third out of four pre-med years, but he’d miss the massive dick of his brother that was currently ravaging his now well-worn asshole.

Cockslut, Joey, and their father had barely gotten sleep last night but Cockslut really didn’t care all that much about any of that. He was pleasuring Joey. It was the most wondrous thing he’d ever been blessed to do. Joey even sucked on his cock and balls a few times. His brother was truly far too kind to him.

He was now officially his brothers’ cockslut: a dream that he never thought would come to fruition.

He now knew, without a doubt, he was born to satisfy every sexual whim of his younger brother. No matter how perverse. No matter how disgusting. No matter how degrading. Cockslut had to make him feel good. Afterall, that was what everything he’d done was leading towards.

Cockslut had worked out and stayed fit his entire life in order to be sexy for Joey. He’d gotten amazing grades and would become a doctor in order to help ensure Joey never had to work. He’d even been heterosexual and loyal to Abby unconditionally in order to ensure Joey would find immense pleasure in corrupting him into the incestuous passion they now shared.

And Cockslut wouldn’t have it any other way.

He gagged on his fathers’ cock as he moaned in pleasure feeling Joey thrust deep into him. He only wished he could somehow fit more of Joey inside his hungry asshole. The huge cock felt like home while it was inside him, rubbing so pleasurably against every nerve. It felt amazing, sure, but knowing that Joey was feeling the orgasmic bliss and nasty pleasure of fucking his older brother made it even more pleasurable to Cockslut.

Cocksluts’ mind wandered slightly during the sheer joy of being used by Joey to last night. Cockslut never really ate much beyond Joeys’ seed the previous night, but he had massaged Joeys’ feet while Joey, Dad, and Mom talked about how different all of their relationships would be now. Cocksluts’ Mom seemed especially thrilled to see the entire family getting along with Joey for the first time since they were kids.

But Cockslut had been so focused on following Joeys’ command to massage his perfectly pungent, hairy, pudgy feet to the best of his ability while remaining nude and hard beneath the table that Cockslut hadn’t paid much attention to what the other three had spoken about. It wasn’t until Joey had said it was time to head to bed that Cockslut stopped lovingly worshipping those glorious feet.

Cockslut didn’t pay much attention to his mom beyond saying a quick goodnight as Joey told him to follow him and their dad up to the Joeys’ room. Naturally, Cockslut stayed crawling on all fours, making sure to display his hard-earned muscular ass the entire way, just like he knew Joey liked. His constantly erect cock waddled from side to side dripping pre from the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs, and into Joey’s room.

Cockslut knew that to say that Joeys’ room was a pigsty was an understatement. It smelled of rancid food, horrid BO, and was messy beyond belief. And Cocksluts’ heart sang with joy that Joey was even allowing him in there at all.

Scooping piles of smelly clothes from the corner and revealing his small twin bed, Joey had told Cockslut and their dad to get on the bed. What followed was a sensual, sexual, disgusting, perverted night beyond anything Cockslut had ever imagine. Every second of any level of contact with his overweight, awkward, and perfect younger brother was pure bliss because Cockslut knew that Joey desired him so fully. And it was so taboo for them to even be in the same bed, let alone nude and so overtly sexual.

It was the best night of Cocksluts’ 21 years.

Waking up this morning, face buried deep within Joeys’ ass, Cockslut hoped Joey would enjoy him continuing eating out the completely filthy rectum like he’d been doing before he’d passed out from sexual and physical exhaustion. Joey had commanded he eat it out as he and their dad fell asleep. Joey ended up being the big spoon to their fathers’ little spoon and all three of them were drenched in cum and sweat. It was a perverts’ dream come true.

Eventually, after about 20 minutes of ass worship, Joey woke up and not long after, they assumed the position they were currently in: Joeys’ dick deep in Cockslut and Cocksluts’ dad’s dick deep in Cocksluts’ throat.

Despite the countless times each of the men had orgasmed in the last 12 hours, all three came in unison yet again.

Joey kept his dick deep in Cockslut as the three of them collapsed back into the bed. Exhausted, Cockslut heard Joey say that it was 7am now: about half an hour before Cockslut had planned to head back to college. “You still have half an hour, Cockslut. Clean my ass,” Joey demanded, pulling out of Cockslut’s now loose hole and positioning himself next to their father so the pair could continue cuddling.

Looking up at the clock as Cockslut started lapping and drooling like a rabid dog all over Joeys’ ass and asshole. He would do anything Joey demanded and get pleasure from doing it. Cockslut was so proud and honored to have been so desired by Joey for so long. There was nothing he wouldn’t do at this point.

But, eventually, Cocksluts’ heart broke slightly when Joey told him to stop and sit still. Joey got up, allowing Cockslut another glorious look at his entire rotund body. God, Cockslut thought, I love every inch of my perfect brother.

Joey grabbed the black box he’d been using so frequently and pressed a button. Suddenly, Joey and their dad were standing next to one another grabbing at one anothers’ asses at the opposite side of the room.

“How’d you get over there?” Cockslut curiously asked.

“Oh, nevermind that. You should be getting ready to get back to school, shouldn’t you?” Joey replied and then instantly began making out with and groping our father.

Cockslut glanced up at the clock. Damn, Cockslut thought, it’s already 7:25, I’d better hurry!

Cockslut ran out of the room, taking one last lurid glance at Joey, and went to his room. Frantically packing and putting the clothes he’d stripped out of last night back on, Cockslut did one last pass of the room. Knowing that if he forgot anything, he’d be back in about two weeks to prepare for the wedding anyway, he ran out of the room.

Running past Joey and his dad as they gingerly walked down the hall to grab breakfast, Cockslut beat them down at the dinner table.

“Oh, dear, I’m sorry Cockslut. I was going to wake you but the three of you looked so peaceful that I didn’t have the heart. I know you need to head out, but grab some bacon and hit the road,” Cocksluts’ mom offered, giving her eldest son a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, Mom,” Cockslut said, stuffing his mouth with bacon and grabbing a couple pieces of toast.

Joey and David, still groping one another heavily, entered the dining room and Heather doted on them, saying several times how excited she was that Joey was down for breakfast, something he rarely made time for, but concerned that Joey would be late for school.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Daddy and I agree that I don’t really need to go back to school. I know you might not agree now, but I’m pretty sure after we talk it out later, you’ll see eye to eye with us. Maybe after you and Daddy get back from work?”

Cockslut smiled. He couldn’t help but agree. Joey didn’t belong in school. He belonged here at home, sexually pleasing himself as much as he could. Cockslut knew that he’d, at the very least, be well off when he was out of school and Joey would likely just come live with him and Abby then. Until then, their father would take good care of them.

“By the way,” Joey turned to their father, “You were going to call Uncle Chris and have him bring Jack and Johnny over this weekend for some fun, right?”

David’s cock hardened slightly, “Oh damn, of course. I’ll call when I get to work. Thinking about corrupting my brother and my…my nephews for you…oh my Lord, it’s so shameful.”

“I know, Daddy. I gotta have some more men to have fun with while we wait for Cockslut to come home again,” Joey looked over at me. “Tell me, are you clear on what the plan is going forward, Cockslut?”

Cockslut smiled broadly, feeling his already hard cock in his pants swell with pride at serving Joey so faithfully.

“I am, Joey! I’m going to go back to school where I’ll still be known as Sam. I’m going to work even harder at being the best student I can to make sure I succeed and get a fantastic job so I can help support you. I’m also going to keep working out to make sure that I stay as sexy as possible for you. And I’m going to make sure that nothing changes in regard to my feelings for Abby and my friends so that no one knows how utterly devoted I am to you until they can meet you for themselves and learn how right it is for me to be a disgusting little slutty faggot for you. I’ll always immediately become Cockslut again whenever I’m in this house or even in your presence. And I still know full well that I belong completely to you at all times. I’ll Skype with you as often as I can because, honestly, I can’t live without seeing you, Joey. I’ll even make sure my sexier male friends will be here for the wedding. Everything…” Cockslut paused, making sure Joey and he were looking at one another eye to eye, “Everything I’ve ever done and will do is for you, Joey.”

“I know, faggot,” Joey said tenderly.

Cockslut came in my pants. Knowing there wasn’t quite enough time to change if he were to meet up with Abby as planned, he ignored it.

“Bye, Mom,” Cockslut said as he hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

“Bye, Dad,” Cockslut said as his father grabbed his hand and shook it with his right hand and grabbed Cocksluts’ still hardened bulge and stroked it with his left.

“Bye, Joey,” Cockslut said before Joey pulled him in for a tender, longer than expected, and meaningful make out session. Cockslut came in his pants yet again.


Leaving the house was bitter sweet. The moment Sam walked out of the front door and walked down the sidewalk to his car, he knew that his life was better than it had ever been, but the best and most important part of it was behind him in his childhood home. Putting everything in the backseat, Sam closed the car door, turned back to the house and thought back on the last 12 hours or so.

So much had happened that he’d dreamed of for so long. He was thankful that he was courageous enough to finally confess to Joey how much of a cockslut he longed to be for him and how willing Joey was to take him in. Sam wiped away a little tear of joy as he circled to the front of the car, put it in gear, and started driving away.

Sam couldn’t wait to come back in two weeks with Abby. She would soon be family too. And as family, she would have the pleasure of witnessing Sams’ true calling in life.

Serving every sick, depraved, filthy, disgusting, perverted, taboo, incestuous desire his amazingly inventive brother Joey could think of.

“God, I love being Joeys’ cockslut,” Sam said to himself, feeling truly fulfilled.

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