Rumor Abounds

By Willie Cici
published January 30, 2019
1546 words

Wolf cannot believe the effect his drug has on his customers … .

Wolf strolled down the pedestrian lane of the downtown business district. His distressed jeans clung to his strapping form. He wore a black hoodie, unzippered, as would befit a man with Wolf’s physique. His core, his chest, his perfect physique, were on display for all to see. He drew the leers and lustful glances of every female that walked along the busy street. Wolf smiled at all the pretty women, never letting the opportunity pass where he can charm a future partner. (To see Wolf, click here).

Wolf turned down the busy street and made another turn, until he reached a narrow side-street lined with first-floor shops and second floor apartments. Wolf opened the door that led to the apartments and climbed the narrow, antique stairs to his apartment. Despite the age of the building, the renovated apartments offered a modern ambiance. Wolf entered his apartment, dropped his gear, removed his hoodie jacket and walked toward the bedroom.

As he stood at the threshold of his bedroom, Wolf smiled. The two twinks he ensnared two nights ago were still in his apartment, dazed, drugged and naked. Kevin and Will were kneeling on Wolf’s bed. They faced each other, unable to speak, ball gags strapped to the heads preventing any conversation. Their hands were restrained with some type of leather and chain handcuffs. Their cocks were caged in chastity devices: Kevin, in some type of black plastic cage and Will, in a stainless-steel ribbed cage. (To see Kevin and Will, click here).

Wolf rubbed the front of his jeans. He could feel his cock swelling and throbbing. He amazed himself. Why these white boys could make him so hard, he did not understand, but they did. He had seduced scores of white boys, but Kevin and Will stirred something deep in his lustful mind.

Two nights ago - -

Kevin and Will finally passed through the velvet ropes of the exclusive nightclub on a slow Tuesday night. The boys hoped that the bouncers would let them into the nightclub based on the poor volume of would-be partyers. They did their homework. They dressed in nouveau riche club clothes, which they purchased at ‘Goodwill’: a designer black suit, black button-down shirts and colored pocket squares.

The wannabes entered the nightclub and quickly made their way to the bar. After waiting some time, the bartender took their order and served their beverages. The boys asked the bartender if he knew ‘Wolf’. The bartender pointed at a tall, imposing figure, dressed in distressed overpriced blue jeans, a sparkling white leather jacket, his dreadlocks resting upon the collar of his jacket. Kevin and Will watched the tall, imposing man snake through the crowd out on the dance floor and walk towards a hallway. Kevin and Will followed Wolf towards the bathroom, hoping to get his attention.

In the men’s room, Kevin and Will found Wolf washing his hands at the basin. The novices approached the tall, imposing figure and asked, “Are you …”

Wolf held his index finger to his lips, suggesting that the boys remain silent. The silence was broken with the sound of a flushing toilet. The bathroom stall door flung open. Another nightclub patron walked towards the basin, washed his hands, and walked out of the bathroom, staring at the odd gathering of Wolf, Kevin and Will at the wash table.

“Now, what do you want?”, Wolf asked.

“We hear you got … we want …”, Kevin tried to ask.

“Yeah. Best shit in town.”, Wolf answered. “You got …”, Wolf asked, rubbing his fingers.

Will pulled out a c-note and left the folded currency on the wash table. Wolf covered the currency with his hand and said. “For two, right?” The boys nodded yes. Wolf handed two small brown vials to the boys. “Just a small hit.”, Wolf warned. “It’s potent.”

Wolf walked out of the bathroom, leaving Kevin and Will alone. Kevin opened his vial, poured some of the white sparkling power on the back of his hand and snorted the powder. “Damn!”, Kevin said. “You gotta try this shit.”, he added. Will wasted no time, taking a hit like his friend. He so enjoyed the first hit that Will snorted another and then another. “Dude! The man said ‘pace yourselves’.”

“Fuck him.”, Will shouted, as he took a deeper snort, emptying the vial.

Kevin stared at his friend. He did not see any negative reaction. He opened his vial and snorted the remaining contents of the vial. “Yeah. This is … great.”, Kevin mumbled. The two friends high-fived and exited the bathroom, on a mission to find female companionship for the evening.

Wolf continued to make his rounds around the club, eyeing up potential hotties and satisfying customer demands. Locals knew that Wolf was the man, peddling a non-addictive cocaine-like substance that, when taken in moderation, heightened the senses. Men bragged about the sex they experienced on Wolf’s powder. Women enjoyed the chemically-induced prowess of their one-night stand partners.

Kevin and Will returned to the bar. When they finished their second cocktail, Kevin removed his jacket and said, “I wanna dance.” Will stared at his friend and nodded ‘yes’. The two friends skipped to the dance floor and began to bump and grind, much to the amusement of the nightclub patrons. Kevin and Will cared not for anyone’s glaring disapproval. They wanted to dance. Soon, they began to grope and then, they kissed.

When Wolf watched the spectacle, he knew the boys had abused the powder. He dance-walked towards the boys and said, “Follow me.”

Kevin and Will conga-lined off the dance floor and followed Wolf out of the nightclub, across the street to the parking garage. “Where’s your car?”, Wolf asked. Kevin pointed at the silver-grey Hummer. “Give me the keys.”, Wolf demanded. Kevin handed the keys to Wolf as the trio walked towards the vehicle and drove away towards Wolf’s downtown lair.

The present –

Wolf took the little brown vial from his pants’ pocket and sprinkled the white powder on his hand. He fed the power to Will, sprinkled another dose and then fed Kevin. The boys’ faces drooped, their eyes appeared sleepy and tired. In a flash, Wolf removed his jeans and then his black silk jockstrap and knelt on his bed behind the blonde Kevin. He forced the restrained twink to lean over, on all fours. The muscled stud slid his semi-hard cock into Kevin’s tight hole. The twink’s muffled moans did not stop Wolf from plowing the lean twink’s ass. If anything, the more Kevin howled, the more Wolf plunged his 9” thick, bottle-width cock in the twink’s ass. “Balls to the wall, bitch”, Wolf hollered as he shoved his cock to the base of his shaft, wiggled his member, pulled out and repeated. Kevin’s moans became shallower. Wolf knew that Kevin was close to his spoiled orgasm. The cock cage deprived Kevin of achieving a full erection. Wolf stared at Will and said, “Lie on your back and put your face near Kevin’s cock.” Will managed to position himself as Wolf ordered. Within minutes, drips of cum spilled from Kevin’s caged cock, the fruit of his spoiled orgasm. Wolf minutes later pulled his cock out Kevin’s ass, moved about the bed and said, “On your knees.” Will could not get off his back. Wolf helped Will to his knees and slid this throbbing cock into Will’s hole. He plowed the twink’s ass as he did Kevin’s, with faster and deeper thrusts, as he felt his climax nearing. Soon, Wolf blast his wad and watched the excess goo slide out of the crevice of Will’s buttocks.

Wolf hopped off the bed and grabbed a wet hand towel from the bathroom. He wiped his cock and hands clean of any residue. The release of the chemical cocktail of serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin left Wolf happy, content and ready for another hour of fucking his boys’ asses. He needed little time to fire the engine.

Wolf licked his lips and jiggled his balls. His good mood altered when he heard the sounds of his cell phone. He dropped the hand towel on the floor and walked towards his jeans lying on the ground. Wolf retrieved his phone and answered the call. “Yeah! What’s up?” The voice on the phone droned on and on. Wolf turned around and faced his entranced twinks. He smiled. Bobby never mentioned Kevin and Will. Wolf made sure that Bobby brought new customers to ‘Rumor’. Wolf’s powder had the pleasing effect of erasing the memory of his partners. Bitches and boytoys retained no memory of their sexual encounters with Wolf. Wolf, the ladies’ man, had an image to preserve. Wolf’s silvery powder insured that Kevin and Will would service Will for as long he desired.

“Yeah, I’m home. Come over.”, Wolf said. He ended the cell phone call and smiled. Wolf’s supplier, Steel, was coming over. Wolf stared at his two entranced twinks. “Yeah. This could be fun.”, Wolf thought to himself.

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