Jockboy's Study Break

By Elan Musk
published January 5, 2019
2437 words

Nerd Benji invites his jock classmate Andreas over to study for finals, only studying seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Benji Chen greeted his study partner Andreas at his dorm room door dressed in nothing but a damp UnderArmour shirt and compression shorts.

“Hey, Andreas, come in!” The round-faced Chinese college student said with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind that I just came from the gym. Didn’t have a chance to shower before our Finals review.”

“No, it’s fine, I get it,” Andreas said, but as soon as Benji closed the door behind him, he regretted it. The man’s funk completely dominated the small room. It was winter, so the windows were closed, and Benji apparently didn’t have a fan to circulate the air, his odor clogged Andreas nostrils until he felt he was gonna choke. He involuntarily made a face.

“Yeah, it smells, I know. I’m nose blind to it. Should go away eventually if you just take a couple deep breaths.”

Benji was right, after a few seconds, he actually didn’t mind the smell. Soon, it faded into the background. Still the stale air was making him a little lightheaded, his thoughts felt sluggish, not the best condition for studying. Alas, the Puerto Rican knew, it was now or never. Their Biochem final was in three days and Andreas was lost.

“You can sit on the bed if you like, my books are on the desk,” Benji said, sneaking a glimpse at Andreas as he stretched his arms over his head, lifting the T-Shirt he wore to reveal his chiseled midsection, before opening a large textbook to begin their session. “So, the first section is on protein science…”

Andreas spaced out almost immediately, Benji’s dry recitation of the text fading into white noise. Biochem was beyond him at the best of times, and in this cramped room he was finding it hard to focus. He looked at Benji, droning on in his deep voice, his paunch evident in the form-fitting gym clothes, and wondered again why his classmate asked him study together. Benji was brilliant, top of all his classes, but no one would confuse him for an athlete.

On the other hand, Andreas was attending school on a football scholarship, and had a notoriously lax academic reputation. He was on the verge of failing Biochem, and so gladly leapt at the nerd’s offer. He’d never been caught dead with this dweeb otherwise, he had a reputation to uphold.

He almost envied Benji sometimes, and how effortlessly all this knowledge came to him.

“Hey, you all right?” Benji watched him with an odd combination of concern and a knowing smile.

“Yeah, sorry, go on.” Andreas shook his head, he was finding it even harder to focus than before. What was it about this room that made it so hard to think? Even at the best of times, thinking was never his strong suit, but every time he spaced out, he found it harder to regather his thoughts.

As Benji droned on, something about how to SUBMIT to be tested more RELAXED sequences of DNA, words that didn’t make sense to Andreas in the slightest. Andreas found himself eyeing Benji in a different light. Sure the boy was a bit pudgy, but he carried it well, he was going to the gym apparently, and his legs were actually pretty toned–wait, where did that come from? Andrea’s wondered, I’m not gay, why am I checking him out.

He realized Benji was looking at him again.

“Sorry,” Andreas stuttered. “Did you say something?” His head was positively buzzing now, he almost felt drunk.

“I was just saying that you look really out of it, do you want some water?”

Andreas grinned. “Yeah, dude, I’d love some. I’m parched.”

How thoughtful. He was beginning to warm to the guy. Even if he wasn’t following anything the boy said, clearly he had this material down. He was a thinker, Andreas thought, probably has more smarts in his pinky than I got in my whole head! He shook his head frustrated. Jocks should be in the gym, sculpting their bodies, not studying the building blocks of life!

Benji went over to his mini-fridge, bent down to grab them both some waters. His ass cheeks jiggled as he moved, the same soft-roundness as the rest of the Chinese boy. Andreas couldn’t look away from the display, picturing Benji sweating at the squat rack, those fleshy cheeks flexing as he squatted down…

Andreas blinked. Seriously dude, what’s with all the gay thoughts today. On top of the progressively growing light-headedness, as Benji turned back to hand him a bottle, he crossed his legs to hide his growing erection. Andreas found it hard to remember… any of the girls he’d been with. They all faded, paling in comparison to… a boy whose ass he hasn’t even seen bare. He chalked it up to nerves. That must be it.

In his daze, Andreas didn’t even noticed the bottle’s seal was broken, nor it’s slight aftertaste. He took a couple sips. It didn’t help his concentration, if anything he felt his thoughts muddy even more. What business does a jock have take a Biochem course anyway? Fucking prerequisites.

As they continued, Andreas’ felt a sudden shame. He had misjudged Benji all this time, dismissing him as a nerd. Brains were sexy too. Maybe even a little intimidating for a swiss cheese mind like his. Andreas sighed, Benji’s indistinct voice buzzed pleasantly in his already fuzzy head. He could trust that nerd. He could listen to him talk and know that what he said was true. Listening to Benji was so much easier than making his own decisions. All jocks should have a friend as smart.

Andreas lamented silently. I can’t fucking focus at all today. My head is so fuzzy, man. Fuck this test. A jock’s worth lies in his muscle and his cock.

“Man, fuck this egghead class,” he mutter. Only realizing afterward that he spoke aloud.

At that remark, Benji looked up and walked over to Andreas. “All right, that’s it. You’ve been somewhere else this whole time. You gotta focus if you want to pass man! What’s going on, you can tell me.”

Tell you I got a woody looking at your fat ass and can’t think straight? No thanks.

“Really, Benji, I’m fine.”

Benji sat next to him. The smell grew stronger again, this time, Andreas found Benji’s scent almost intoxicating.

Nothing wrong with a little boy musk, he thought, not finding that a strange thing to pop into his mind.

Nothing wrong with breathing deep Benji’s boy musk, and listening to his words. Benji is smart. What he says is true. He’s smarter than you, Andreas, he knows better.

The Chinese boy put a hand on Andreas shoulder, which sent tingles through his body.

“Look at me Andreas,” He turned to look into those brilliant brown eyes, so full of knowledge. “Listen to me Andreas. We’re friends, right?” Up until maybe 30 minutes ago he would have laughed at that claim. “You can trust me You can tell me anything. Just take a deep breath and let it out.”

“Oh man,” So close to the boy, his smell clogging Andreas’ nose, the jock was so hard. His head so light and empty. “No, I can’t.”

He was a jock. A good jock boy. And a jock is just his body and his cock. And his was so. So. Hard.

“Drink your water Andreas. Drink it all.”

He downed the off-tasting water in one gulp. Benji knows best. The buzzing in his head grew so loud, Andreas stopped thinking all together. His eyes glazed as the empty bottle fell from his limp fingers.

Benji smiled and leaned in close. This was the moment he’d been waiting for. Years ago, he’d accidentally discovered the effect his natural scent had on men in tight-knit spaces. He had never known how to use it, until he walked into Biochem, and saw the sexiest thing on two legs walk in. The beefy, well-hung football stud was perfect in almost every way.

Every way but one.

Benji leaned in, until he was almost whispering in Andreas’ ear.

“Can you hear me, jockboy?”

Andreas grinned dopily, it felt so good to hear Benji call him jockboy in that soft voice. Every time he did, it reinforced it in him. His thoughts felt a little dimmer, his cock more prominent. He was a jockboy, an empty headed jockboy. All he needed were his muscles and his big, hard cock.

“Yes Benji.”

“How do you feel?”

“My…m- head feels funny. Like my mind is, my mind is… soft. And my-” He paused with a slight frown on his face

“What else jockboy?”

“My cock, it’s, it’s hard. Harder than it’s ever been bro.”

“Why is it hard Andreas? You’re straight, right? They’re no girls here.”

Andreas moaned as he remembered Benji bending over for the waters. As he remembered the moment where no girl would ever suffice again. Benji’s fat ass straining the fabric of his shorts, and of the jock’s fragile psyche.

“Your ass man, I got hard looking at your ass.”

Benji stood, walked in front of Andrea’s, who was beginning to drool out the corner of his mouth. He pulled down his pants, revealing a black jock-strap and a smooth tanned ass, the skin a tantalizing mix of yellow and brown.

“You’re saying this ass got you hard, just a peek of it.”

Andrea was transfixed. Benji’s bare ass was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“This fat ass gets you so hard, your cock takes over, doesn’t it? Gets you nice and horny and stupid, just like a jockboy should be.”

He giggled, an odd sound from such a manly jock.

“Yeah man, it’s like, so nice. Makes my jock cock hard and my brain numb. Jocks can’t think when they’re hard. And I’m so fucking horny.”

“Well then,” Benji said in mock resignation, “get over here. Clearly we can’t study until this is out of your system.”

Andreas’ grinned widened. He couldn’t to touch that ass, to kiss it, to…

“Thanks Benji!”

He got up, walked over to the Chinese cub and got his face right up near it. He put his nose in the crack, spreading the cheeks with both hands, and as he inhaled deeply, he felt his mind open completely.

“Lick my ass you fucking hunk, lick my sweaty hole. A hard jock needs to get his bottom’s hole nice and ready.”

Benji moaned himself as Andreas started rimming him in earnest, getting his brown Asian hole nice and wet. Andreas was beyond words, the scent cloaked him, consumed him, nothing else mattered but this ass.

“You like that fat ass don’t you stud. Jockboys need fat asses to fuck. We’re the best at taking those big dicks of yours. Get me nice and wet for your cock.”

Andreas reached up and spanked Benji’s cheeks with his tongue still in the cub’s pucker. Hearing Benji moan, he spanked him harder and harder. His dick felt so constricted in his jeans. The room was getting hot. So he stripped off his shirt, then unzipped and let his 10 inch python flop out.

Benji saw, and his ass quivered in anticipation. Andreas had a nice furry chest, the perfect six pack. He was hung, uncut, with a nice thick head. He really was his dream jock.

Or he almost was.

“Yeah, stroke-uh, fuck-stroke that massive fucking cock. That hard cock is all that matters. A cock is a jock’s brain.”

Andreas was in heaven. “What a tasty ass man. What a–man…”

“Ready to fuck me jockboy?”


“Ready to pound this boy hole hard?”


“Then do it. Jockboy, you hot, stupid stud!”

Andreas stood, his cock poised at Benji’s hole. He frowned. Trying to think what was wrong. Oh yeah! He wrapped his arms around Benji, picking him up and placing him on his back on the bed.

“Wanna see your face. Wanna see you take my dick dude.” Andreas said, smiling vacantly as he began to enter Benji.

Benji’s toes curled as his fat ass filled with Andreas’ incredible dick. The look on the jock’s face was so hot. Those empty eyes so intently staring into his own, waiting for Benji to tell him what to do, where to go, what hole to fuck.

Benji loved stupid boys. Boys who were nothing but muscle and dick. There was something so hot about a boy with no brains fucking your brains out. Stupid boys with hard cocks who only knew fucking and the gym. Now he had an empty-headed stud of his very own.

Benji was finding it a little hard to think himself, Andreas was nailing his button every time. This Asian bottom was floating on cloud 9. He was close to cumming without touching his dick once. From the frenzied pace of his fucking, Benji guessed Andreas was close too.

“Fuck Andreas, you’re gonna make me cum. Are you ready to seed my ass?”

“Dude, my balls are so full, I’m gonna blow my jock babies right up your hole.”

“That load is your remaining brain stud. When you fill my ass, your filling me with your mind. You’ll be mine, forever. Got it?”

“Benji’s forever.” Andreas said smiling. He was already so far gone, what was a little further? No need to think. Benji would take care of him. Benji would take care of And-A… fuck, what was his name?

Benji couldn’t hold back anymore. He was gonna shoot without even touching himself.

“Fuck jockboy, I’m-I’m CUMMING!” And his cock erupted a few spurts into his belly.

That’s right, Andrea remembered, that’s my name. His last independent thought as he dumped his cum, his mind and his will into Benji’s voracious ass.

“I’m Jockboy.”

Hard cock still quivering, warm cum dripping onto the floor, the Latin hunk bent down to kiss his Benji, his beautiful, brilliant brain. The boy who thought so he didn’t have to, so he could focus on his muscles and his cock.

“Benji’s Stupid Jockboy.”

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