Prince Hunter and the Queer Room

By Baralai
published January 3, 2007
10103 words

A fairy tale…of sorts…about a prince under and unusual curse

This story is erotic gay fiction, and contains adult material meant for mature audiences ONLY. It may contain supernatural themes, sex scenes, mind control, drug use, pornography and other adult themes. If you want to use the story please ask first.

This story you are about to hear is a fairy tale…of sorts. Fairly tales are usually fun, and always have a happy ending…most of the times. If you read literature you know the little mermaid dies at the end. Many fairy tales were actually created to help explain things why things are and tell children what to avoid. After all the original version of Red Riding Hood was to warn little girls of pedophiles. There was also many different interpretations and symbolism, I mean how many sleeping maidens can there really be out there. Sadly though, many recent tellings of fairly tales were made more “kid friendly.” No deaths to the main character and Alladin doesn’t sneak into the women’s bathhouse to see the princess naked. But enough of this and on with the story

So once upon a time, well maybe a few years ago, there lived a mighty king, of sorts. This “king” was a ‘king of enterprise and corporations’ and was a wealthy and powerful CEO. The king was greedy and cunning, but very handsome. He had a particular fondness for beautiful young women. At a young age he married a woman, who was also very young, and three months later they had a beautiful baby boy and the kingdom rejoiced, er that is the family and mansion staff rejoiced.

All was well until the young prince’s mother died. Well she didn’t really die, but divorced the king over his infidelities taking a large sum of his money with her. Obviously fairy tales change wordings from time to time, but you get the idea.

The king took care of his son as best he could and loved him dearly. He especially loved that the prince was taking after him in almost every way. The prince became strong and masculine in character. He acquired his father’s good looks and smarts. He got good grade, was excellent in sports and caught many fair maidens’ eyes. Even his behavior matched the king’s. The prince had a strong lean body and soft chestnut hair and hypnotic hazel eyes, so it was very easy to match the king’s behavior.

The king and his son were very happy together. Still the king was very ‘lonely’ and so he married a young maiden very close to the prince’s age. Of course this marriage had a prenuptial agreement. So the young woman became the prince’s step-mother.

Now the prince’s step-mother was really a witch, as all step-mothers are. Now oddly enough, she actually told her husband she was a witch, being that it was a more accepting time and she had little fear of being tied to the fagots, that is a bundle of sticks for the purpose of burning. Because of this agreement the queen could not leave the king because of his infidelities. The king just wanted to protect his money in case of her ‘death,’ and promised to be good towards her. But his queen, that is the step-mother, was not happy about this, so as she was signing the document she placed a curse on the king, just to be sure. Every time he committed an act of bad faith a gift unwanted would be given to the prince. The king did not take much stock in what was said and didn’t much care as long as she accompanied him to bed and signed the prenuptial agreement.

The queen knew that the king loved his son and would refrain from harming him and thus remain faithful. And he was faithful and they lived happily ever after for a full two months. After all the king did not really believe in magic or curses.

So thus began the curse of the young Prince Hunter.

It all seemed to start one evening Hunter was in his bedroom watching a football game on his plasma TV. His father had not come home yet, nor had called that he would be home late. All seemed normal until a faint light came from his closet door. This was not a normal light of any sorts. This light seemed to shimmer or twinkle as if it were moving. At first it was faint and crept at the bottom of the door, but a few minutes later it began to become more intense. It became overtly obvious that something was in the closet.

The prince went to open the door and suddenly something odd came over him. He felt foreign awareness come over him and looked around and found a whole room where his closet should have been. In this strange room he lost his sense of self. Alien thoughts entered his mind and he lost consciousness.

He woke up in his bed hours later. At first Prince Hunter tried to remembered what happened and figured he fell asleep. But there were odd things that did not add up. He did not remember going to bed or how he ended up sweaty and feeling exhausted. Then he noticed he was wet. Yes he was sweaty, but his new jock strap was wet as well. Hunter had not remembered where he had gotten the oddly colored lime green jock strap, but he knew it was his. He thought about changing into his usual silk boxers, but decided he was too tired to get changed so the young prince fell asleep unaware of what had happened.

The prince soon put the odd occurrence out of his mind. But one week later at the same hour something happened. Prince Hunter was apathetically working on his homework when he noticed the same light from the closet door again. He rushed to the door and opened it. When he opened it, he tried to see what was inside, but the light was too blinding to see what was there. Nervously he walked through the door. He entered the mysterious room. The time before all he could remember was that it was a room, his mind was confused with queer feelings. While the prince still felt the odd baffling come over him, he recognized that the room looked like a bedroom of sorts, but something did not feel right. Again the odd feelings assaulted him and he became unaware of time or events.

A few hours later the prince awoke in his bed. This time his original clothes were completely off and all he wore was a wet jock strap. But it was not the same one as before, this one was red with a large blue star in the center. Bewildered the prince rushed to his underwear drawer to see if it was the same brand as the lime green one. But to his astonishment he had three lime green jock straps. In fact his drawer was filled with jock straps, all of peculiar colors and prints. His usual silk boxers were nowhere in sight.

Prince Hunter tried to rationalized what had happened. Some servant had played a trick upon him? Had one of his friends sneaked in to play this jock? But what of the light? Nothing made sense. Sleep soon overcame the prince’s thoughts and no logic had been placed to the events.

The next morning the prince realized that he had practice that day. He could not allow his teammates to see in one of these odd jocks so he sneaked into his father’s bedroom and stole one of his boxers. He went about his day at school without occurrences. Although his teacher was upset over his unfinished homework. When the prince went to practice he took off his clothes to change into his uniform. Soon he heard muted laughs all around him. He looked around to see what was happening and saw all his teammates looking at him. Some were holding back chuckled, others started laughing hysterically, and still others looked in bewilderment. Prince Hunter looked down and noticed that he had accidentally put on a jock strap. This one had fire trucks printed on it. The prince flushed a bright red and tried to think of something in his defense. Nothing came and soon practice was over and most of his teammates were making jokes all though training.

On his was home the prince bought 25 pairs of boxers. He got home and quickly changed into one of his new purchases. He went down to dinner, but his father was not home again he ate with his step-mother who seemed a little nervous. She kept looking over at him as if he had some answer. The prince felt awkward and his new boxers seemed tighter than they should have been. He excused himself and ran to his bedroom. He removed his pants and saw that he was now wearing pink jock strap instead of his new boxers. He ran to the bag of his new purchases and saw that they were all jock straps now as well. Now they were of even brighter colors.

Confused he looked at his closet door and saw it was shining. He ran to the door, but this time in anger. He wanted to get to the bottom of this and find who was at fault. He opened the door and again there was a room where his closet should have been. He entered the queer room. This time he noticed something odd. The room was a mirror version of his room. The bed, the windows, and everything else were just a flip side version of he the room he just came from. He turned around to look to compare rooms, but the door he had just entered was now a closet. But it wasn’t his closet but someone else’s. It was full of clothing that was odd to him. The clothes were shiny or small. He saw a shirt full of holes and decided to try it on. He took off his polo and put of the odd shirt. It fit snuggly, but it was a perfect fit.

He continued to examine the room when he saw something odd on the bed. It was getting harder to concentrate, but he went over to examine it. He wasn’t really sure what it was. It looked odd and had an odd feeling to it. The queer feelings were starting to overcome him again and his mind was becoming hazier. While it was getting harder to think and remember things, he did notice an annoying itch. It was coming from somewhere beneath his pants so he took them off. He felt around and noticed it was coming from his ass. Luckily he was wearing a jock strap so he had easy access to find the source of the itch. He stuck his fingers up his ass trying to find place that needed scratching, but they were too short. Thats when he remembered the odd thing on the bed. He could use that to scratch the itch. Proud of his brilliant plan the prince got the ass scratcher and placed it deep within him. He found the itch and the ass scratcher’s ridged edges did a marvelous job at the itch. But the itch did seem to want to stop. It needed more and more attention and the prince had to quicken his pace of scratching. His mind became only focused on relieving the itch and soon the prince became unaware of time and events again.

Prince Hunter awoke in his own bed again covered in sweat and a wet jock strap. He was also wearing the fishnet muscle tee he had put on in the queer room. He looked around his room, but suddenly sat up with a quick jerk. There in his doorway was his step-mother. She looked quite angry and gave him a cold stare. The prince tried covering himself with his sheets, but his stepmother did not overt her eyes.

Finally she spoke, “Fair child, it is unfair that a son must pay for a fathers sin, but so it is. You are cursed so that every time your father is unfaithful you will enter that room for what ever length of stamina your father’s unfaithfulness maintain. And every time you leave you must leave with a gift. If you wish for it to stop, implore your father to remain faithful.” With that she left.

The next day the prince went to school. His father had left early in the morning, or he had not returned home. He was not too sure, either way he could not tell his father about the curse. His father did not take his calls and he worried if he did not come home that evening as well. He felt that at least at school nothing would happen. His father was at work and would not be tempted during those hours.

But his hopes were dashed. While entering that men’s bathroom during lunch break he failed to notice the shining light that crept beneath the door. To his amazement he was back in the queer room. The prince became scared. He could not return to school nearly naked or in bizarre clothing. Oh what would he do? He had to think of something. But thinking became harder to do, and the darn itch was distracting. And soon he could not think at all.

When the prince regained his conscious thoughts and saw he was in a bathroom stale. To his relief he was still wearing all his clothes. He was sweaty and wet, but he could pass through the rest of the day. He walked awkwardly out of the bathroom and noticed he was late for his last class. He almost wanted to go back to the bathroom because he felt like he was holding back load. But when he finally got to class and sat down he realized that he did not need to use the restroom. There was something foreign in his ass. He shifted around in his seat for the rest of the class. He quickly ran the men’s room got into a stall and had a look. A fairly large butt plug was fixed in him. The prince did not know what to do. The toy was too large to hide and there were too many people in the room at discreetly rid himself of it. Prince Hunter felt that he had no other choice but to put the butt plug back where he found it, until he a better opportunity to dispose of it.

But this was not an easy task to do. Walking around was very hard to do. The prince had to clench his ass muscles so the toy would not escape. It was also very uncomfortable sitting still in class. The day dragged on and the prince could not find an empty place to relieve himself of the item. Soon the day ended and the prince ran home. Well, he didn’t really run, but rather walked quickly home.

He got home safely and quickly ran to his room and removed the foreign object. The king came home a few hours latter. Before the prince could the speak the king declared that he was taking a business trip to another kingdom and would be gone for some time. Embarrassed at the past events the prince did not know how to tell his father of what had happened. So without telling him of the occurrences he asked the king to remain true. The prince begged the king “Father, what ever you do, refuse any temptation. Any act against your wife will harm me in ways you can’t understand. So please be faithful for my sake, for I will know if you went against her.”

The king was confused by his son’s words and said that he would do his best to remain faithful with his unquenchable libido, er thirst. The prince was relieved and wished his father well on his trip. The king did not tell his son that his client king also owned many of harem, and business was to adjourn within them.

With his father away the prince sat in his room pondering a way to tell the king the true story. How could he upset his father so? But to his disdain the light appeared at the foot of his closet door. Prince Hunter stood at the door with fear and anger from his father king’s actions. He decided that he would not go into the room. If he simply stayed out, nothing would happen. So the prince watched as the light slowly be came brighter and brighter. The blinding light shined heavy light across the room and started to move in more aggressive formations. Still the prince would not open the door.

But then a strange noise came from the closet. At first it was soft and barely heard, but then it became louder. It continued to get louder and louder and louder still. It became so loud that the servants began knocking on the door asking for him to act more quietly. The prince without thinking went into his closet to find the the source of the odd sound.

Of course he found himself in the queer room. He cursed himself for his rash actions, but ran to the source of the sound. It was this bedroom’s television. He quickly turned down the volume and looked around. Again he noticed that the queer room was very similar to his, but many of the items were gaudy and full of weird colors, like pink. He noticed that his clothing did not feel right. The prince felt that they didn’t belong on him and were very uncomfortable. So he took them off, save for his jock strap. That felt very nice to keep on. As he took off his clothing they landed on the floor, but soon disappeared out of sight. His old clothing had simply vanished. He went to the closet to find more suitable clothing but became curious of what was actually on the TV. He could not describe what was on the screen, but it was very entertaining. The prince soon became engrossed with whatever program was on.

He soon felt the odd itch return. So he went to the comfy pink bed to find the ass scratcher. On the bed was a new ass scratcher and the prince soon got to work on th itch. But the prince did not want to stop watching his program. So he soon positioned himself in all sorts of ways so he could see the television and scratch, which was not easily done.

Hours passed and the prince awoke in his room. There was a loud banging at his door. Exhausted he quickly rose and absentmindedly gave permission to enter to the unknown visitor. He quickly saw that his television was on and then noticed what was on it. A young man’s head was bouncing back and forth along another man’s naked torso. The prince rushed to turn the television off ass his stepmother entered the room. And so he stood before her trying to turn off the TV while wearing nothing but a jock.

When the queen saw this she soon became angry. And turned to the prince and again reminded him of the curse. “Your father remains unfaithful and you remain with what is unwanted. The more your father moves against me, he will move against you. The curse will get worst the longer this continues. So do what you must to quiet the curse.” With that she left the prince.

The prince turned off the movie, just as it reached its climax. He looked for a place to hide the movie. He decided he could easily hide it amongst his large DVD collection and so he attempted. But he failed to hide the movie. While it was easy for that particular movie to be unseen amongst all the others, but now all the others were of similar tastes. Every last one of the prince’s movies were now gay porn.

The prince felt overwhelmed. His entire collection lost and this horrible curse unlifted. He soon fell asleep unsure of what to do.

The next morning the prince called his father and told him, “Father you promised me you would not be unfaithful, so now you have been untrue to your wife and your son. The curse she placed upon before your wedding is real and now I suffer so you can have your fun.” Well he said something sort of like that. He also told his father of the past instances. All embarrassment was cast to side with fear of what had yet to come.

Sadly the king took this as a peculiar joke. The story was so unreal, he couldn’t possibly believe it true. He laughed at his son and said all would be fine and he would be back next week.

For the next two hours the prince paced in his room trying to think of a way to convince his father that he was telling the truth. But the inevitable happened and the light returned. Prince Hunter again tried to quickly think of a way to avoid the queer room. Again he tried to ignore it, and again the light become fiercely bright and the noises began. The prince needed to get away from the door. He would not be lured in if he could not see or hear the door. It was the only option left. So he left his room in a quick haste. Unfortunately the prince did not see the light move from his closet door to the door entering the hallway and was swept to the queer room.

The itch wasted no time to overtake him. He tried to resist all the rooms urges but it was very difficult. Each time he entered the room he was able to focus and become more aware, but never controled his actions. Even now the itch was too overwhelming. After a short fight, the itch finally won out and the prince ran to the bed shaking off all his regular clothing each fading from existence as it touched the floor.

The itch never demanded more attention as it did now. He needed an ass scratcher. The prince ran to the bed and picked one up and quickly inserted it. A moan of release escaped his lips. After a few minutes of scratching the prince realized that the comfy bed was covered in ass scratchers. But they had another name…Dildos! The prince remembered their name finally. He was fucking himself with dildos, why couldn’t he remember their names til now?

But soon the prince did not care about his lapses of memory. He was now determined. He would try each and every last toy on the bed. For what seemed like hours the prince happily played with screams of joy filling the room.

Prince Hunter woke up. Horrified and disgusted of what had happened, but made worst from all the used dildos that surrounded him. He removed a rather thick one from him and and tried to clean the mess so none of the servants would see them. He looked for place to stash them. He ran to the boxes he stored his old toys in, but found that his old toys were replaced with sex toys. For the next hour he got every dildo into a large bag and stuff every last one into a dumpster away from his mansion.

The prince them went to school, and as luck would have it, got through the day without incident. But upon his return he found to his amazement that every last dildo had been returned to his room. Again he worked on hiding the numerous toys. He found places under his bed, within old boxes, behind larger items, and old backpacks and gym bags. He went to stuff some in his closet, but failed to realize the light had return and again he found himself in the queer room.

By now the prince felt helpless. His father was relentless and never stopped. He felt depressed by his ever doomed and unavoidable future. For once the prince excepted the queer room’s odd effect on him. The pleasant thoughts were welcomed over his feelings of hopelessness.

He got himself up and went to find a toy to play with. Anything to rid himself of the sadness. So off came his garments and in went the nearest dildo. This one was not one he had seen before, but a few minutes with it and the prince was a whole new person. His spirits were lifted. His spirits were lifted even higher when he found the switch for the vibrator.

The prince soon found himself on the familiar bed with a new assortment to play with. He found a nice double ended dildo. He took one of the ends toward his mouth and began sucking on the toy. He would occasionally switch sides or bend it to assault his mouth with both ends at once. He started to enjoy doing this so much that he found a nice vibrating butt plug and placed it firmly against the ever craving itch. This left both his hands now free.

After a while Prince Hunter looked and saw the closet door open. He felt a little disappointed that he did not get to try something more fun on the last time. So with the vibrator in place and the dildo hanging from his mouth he got up and walked over to the door.

The clothing was all exotic and sexy. He tried on shorts that were shorter that any he had seen and shirts that fit so tightly they could have been his skin. Each one was arousing to put on. And no matter how small or tight the clothing was it always fit him like a very, very, VERY tight glove. There was also fun costumes. A sexy sailor suit, an army uniform, a naught school boy outfit, or was it a naughty school girl outfit?. Without ever taking either toy out of him he worked on trying on every article of clothing.

The prince woke up in his room and took the fake penis out of his mouth. He was surprised that he was wearing clothing for once. But it was a pair of very form fitting leather pants and the vibrator was still lodged in his ass making a low humming noise. It took the prince a good while to get out of the pants. By that time he knew what was coming. He walked to his closet and found that all of his clothing had been replaced. The his closet now matched that of the queer room.

The prince ditched his lessons and went to the closest mall. He had tried to put on the most suitable thing he could find, but the selection was very limiting. He had put back on the leather pants, which was a slight struggle and then put on a bright yellow tank top. The prince quickly bought some clothing and then rushed to the changing room. Now normally this is done the other way around, but the prince wished to get out of the clothing as fast as possible. He did not care about size as long as it wasn’t too small.

The prince did not forget what had happened to his boxers and fairly sure when he would return home his purchases would be in vain, but he felt that he needed to try. So he struggled out of the leather pants again and put on his new cloths. He walked out of the dressing stale a little more relaxed for the time being. Of course it didn’t last long cause as soon as he walked through the door he found it very difficult to breathe. He looked to one of the mirrors and found that he was wearing something completely different than he had put on. He was now wearing something that looked like light blue biker shorts and a sheer t-shirt that clung way too tightly.

He quickly tried to change into something normal, but every time it ended in vain. The store’s staff started to keep and eye on him. They thought he may be shop lifting, but none of the clothes they saw were from the store, nor could they hide their merchandise, or anything at all for that matter. The prince gave up in defeat walking away in a pair of blue short-shorts that were tied up by a red lace and a tight vest of a variety of colors.

The prince spent the rest of the day trying to call the king. But his father was too busy to answer. He thought that maybe his father was indeed doing honorable working for once, but remembered the different time zones. The prince warily went back to his room, but as he was going down the hallway he saw that the light was under his door. Again the prince did not know what to do. He could not leave the hallway or else the light would simply move. He could not ignore it or else the light would start becoming more violent. And he certainly could not go through the door. All his options lead him to the same place. In the end the prince willingly went into the door. He knew no way to escape, and figured best to get this out of the way.

The prince entered the queer room. He wondered if there was a way to get out of the room faster. He had to get back to his room, not that there was much of his there now, but he needed to get out of the queer room. He could think much better if the itch would just leave him alone. He looked at the bed for a dildo or toy of some sort, but amazingly there was none on the soft cushions.

Oddly there were a few mounted on the bed post. It looked like they were attached through a suction cup, but when he tried to pull them off they would not budge. He tried, in vain, to pull them off but like it was said, it was in vain. He looked around the room for something loose to put up ass, but there was nothing. He looked in the closet, which was now barren without its clothes. He looked in the toy chests that were hallow and empty. The shelves held nothing in them. Everything that was once in the queer room was now in his real room. So the prince went back to one of the mounted dildos and decided he had no choice up to use these ones.

The prince took off his short-shorts and threw them on the ground. This time his clothes did not disappear when it touched the floor. Of course Prince Hunter did not notice this then cause he was too busy trying to find a way to use these unmovable dildos. He positioned himself at their level. He had to crouch down a little, but this made for easier access. While these dildos were not movable, they were in fact mountable. They were at the perfect height for the prince’s ass. Soon the prince moved his body into the toy and found a good pace.

Now you might think that the prince had lost his train of thought like he did the last time, but this was not so. The queer feelings seemed to take longer to overwhelm him each him he entered the room. Now that the itch was being satisfied it left the prince free to think of a plan to escape. He looked around to look for an exit. And then it hit him, why not simply just leave the room. If the queer room had a closet door that lead to a closet then its main door would lead him outside of the room.

So the prince freed his ass making a loud “PLOP” noise and ran to the door. He opened the door and peaked outside. He looked out and saw the hallway and one of the older female servants walking down the hall. He seemed to startled her and she leaped up in the air and gasped. Then the prince remembered that he was in only his jock strap so he quickly closed the door and looked back into the room. Now something was different in the room. All the items were back in the queer room. The odd clothing was back, the library of gay porn was there and mounds and mounds of sex toys of all color were scattered about the room.

The prince looked back at the door, what was it he was trying to do? He could not remember. His memory seemed to be awfully fuzzy these days. He soon gave up on thinking and turned on a movie and picked up a toy. He looked around the room and started to stare at the walls. The walls were boring by themselves, but they had posters placed upon them. The posters were all of men who were all very very handsome, and very very muscular, and very very nude. The prince began to fantasize about the men upon his wall. Oh if only one of them could help scratch the prince’s itch.

As he thought these thoughts the itch began to well up. So he quicken his pace of his toy. He stood up upon the bed and very quickly took out the dildo and pushed his ass against the biggest of the mounted ones. He dreamt that it was one of his prince charmings behind him and filling his need. Again the itch welled for more attention and the prince obeyed by moving his body fasted and harder upon his bed post. The prince commanded his dream prince to fuck him harder as he used both his hands to support his body. The itch grew and grew until finally the prince exploded. He lifted his head up and made a loud scream and collapsed on his bed.

The wave of odd thoughts left the prince. Prince Hunter panted and slowly regained his breath and his thoughts. His stomach turned in the thought of what had just happened. He looked around the room and saw that he had not yet left the queer room. Fear gripped the prince and he ran to the door hoping to find his real room on the other side. But on the other side of the door was his stepmother.

“Fornication Under Control of the King indeed,” his stepmother said. “You have yet to reclaim your father’s morals and now your very room is unfamiliar. You have tried, but you must be more persistent. But fear not, for I can assist in a very minor way. I can not remove your curse, but I can make it difficult for your father to remain unfaithful. I have cast a spell to make him unfertile, but only until he returns. This is all I can do until he returns and sees proof of your claims.”

The prince was relieved to hear this. Once his father had seen his room, his clothes and his inability to change, he would have no choice but to believe his only son. For the next three days the prince could live without worry entering the queer room.

By now the prince realized that his room was now looking exactly like the queer room. The carpet, the walls, the bed were all pink. His books were all changed and not a single one carried more words than a title. They were all picture books men, similar to the posters that hung on the wall. His trophies were gone and replaced with odd phallic objects and pictures of young male celebrities. The room did not look at all like the prince’s room, but rather a princess’ room, a very horny princess.

The prince decided to forgo calling his father the next day. While his room was now changed, he felt safer knowing that nothing else could be added and he would be free for three whole days. But what the prince didn’t know was that the king of the foreign land had a wide collection of aphrodisiacs and shared a good many with the prince’s father. Now the queen’s magic took a great deal of strength to quiet the king’s needs, but the spell did not have enough strength for the king’s needs and the powerful drug. So the prince was still very vulnerable.

After Prince Hunter ate his morning meal, he ran upstairs to get his book bag. He had missed a day of school without explanation so he would need to come up with an explanation for the lack of his presence and his new cloths. But still the prince did not want to get in trouble any further. Which did not help that he was running late. But when one rushes the sometimes don’t see small details, even though they are vital details. Such as a small glimmers underneath doors. But one does notice rather large differences in rooms.

The prince, still thinking it was his room, was confused by this weird machine in his room. He had not remembered it being there that morning or the night before. And it was not something that was easily hidden. It looked to be something like a motor connected to a pole. At the end of pole there seemed to be something lacking. Also there were leather straps attached to the ceiling making something close to a swing, but in actuality it was a sling. Why had he not seen these before. Underneath the sling was a black box. Curiosity overcame the prince and he opened to see what was inside. To no great surprise it was more dildos. They were neatly arranged in the box from smallest and thinest to biggest and widest. He took one of the middle ones and placed it onto the machine and slipped on perfectly.

The prince decided he should leave knowing that this was another sick item from the queer room. He tried to walk away but slipped on a wire on the ground. " Luckily," the prince fell face forward into the sling instead of floor. The wire, though, was actually the control for the odd machine that turned it on. The machine made a low humming noise and moved the pole back and forth and back and forth. They the prince was hanging and the dildo pressed up against the prince’s shorts and then moved back away and then hit again right between the prince’s ass. The prince barely noticed the odd feelings entering him. All he could sense was the pocking and the pocking. It drove him insane. He needed it in him.

The prince was tangled in the sling, but only struggled to get his sorts off. Once they were down to his knees he aimed the machine to his hole. Again the machine pocked at his hole, but did not go in. It continued to tease his hole by pulling back every time it was about to enter. The prince, while dangling, reached for the control of the machine. If he could just speed it up or makes its reach longer. His fingers grazed across some switch or dial, but whatever it was gave the desired result.

The machine seemed to role its way closer to the sling and started entering the prince. At first the feeling was uncomfortable so the prince had to reposition himself in the sling at allow for and easier entrance. He finally found the perfect posture and started to enjoy himself. He lazily reached for the control and while there were no instruction or labels on the item the prince magically knew how to use it. This one changed the rhythm, and that one made it go faster and the other one would push it further into him. He also found the off switch which was rarely used, and only when he wanted to switch the extensions.

Hours went by, but the prince did not notice the time. He was too engrossed with his fantasies of all his prince charmings rescuing him from his itch. After the first hour the prince came. And after the third hour he came again and in the middle of the fourth hour there was a third time. After that the prince lost count. It was the longest he had ever done this, but was still not satisfied. The machine was not going fast enough, and it was not going deep enough. So with a graceful leap the prince jumped off the sling and run to his bed where he saw the longest dildo he had ever seen. It was a light blue jelly double ended dildo and reached 6 feet!

The prince ran back to the sling with his new treasure. He experimented to see how far it would go and sometimes switch back to the machine which continued to poke at him. Then he tried to use both the machine and the new toy at the same time. Later he would try and use both sides of the toy, he’d fuck himself at one end and fuck his mouth on the other. And after many more hours the prince found that sleep and exhaustion finally over came him and fell asleep.

When the prince woke up it was dark. The machine was still trying to get in him, but could not. The extra long dildo was blocking its way in. Even from the height of the sling the toy’s other end grazed across the floor as the sling swung ever time the prince was poked.

Prince Hunter could not believe what had happened. Had his stepmother lied to him? But he could see no reason why she would. He at least took comfort that the queer room only gave him the machine and the extra long toy, or so he thought. When the prince tried to remove the long object, he noticed how good it felt. And that is when he noticed that the itch had not left him.

For a very little while the prince could not resist the urge to scratch the itch. He moved the long toy back into him and let out a soft sigh. He slowly started to take out the toy only to put it back in again. It really did feel good. For just a few minutes the prince played like this but soon make a loud gasp sound and threw the very long dildo across the room. Prince Hunter was horrified of what he was just doing.

The prince rushed out of the room to find his stepmother. He found her downstairs in the kitchen on the phone. When she saw him she hung up the phone and he told her what had happened. The queen had not know what had happened, for the spell should have worked. She told him she would find the answer, but he needed to head to school. The call she took was from there and after missing two days for unexplained reasons, he needed to go to his lessons without fail this day.

The prince went back to his room and attempted to call his father. All the while the itch ate at him. After many failed attempts to reach the king Prince Hunter decided he could no longer ignore the itch. He picked up one of the toys, and placed in near his ass. But thinking again he put it down on a shelf and continued to try and call his father.

Of course the itch did not stop and the prince’s eyes would occasionally wonder over to the shelf with the toy. But after the thought of using it would enter his thoughts he would quickly look away. He took the phone and walked across the room and sat on his bed. He started to bounce himself on the bed which strangely felt good. But he soon stopped because it made the itch worst. He looked over at the shelf and started to gyrate his hip in a circular fashion. The itch still was getting at him.

Now you might start to think that the prince was back in the queer room, but in fact he wasn’t. If the prince were to be in the room he would find these actions and thoughts secretly excited him, but in fact they did not at this particular time. Still this was a very powerful itch. And the prince grunted a loud yell in defeat and walked over to the shelf and picked up the toy. He pulled down his shorts and placed the dildo near his entrance. The prince stopped there though. Hesitation would not let him move further, but the itch would not be denied when it’s relief was so close.

The prince plunged the toy in him. He felt slightly disgusted but mostly relieved. Unlike before the prince could not get into the certain mood and just worked at the itch. The itch rewarded him the the pleasurable feelings that made his dick twitch. Mind you it did not make him hard, but the prince soon found himself pawing at his covered tool. While he was in the queer room he had never touched himself, but now he seemed to lack the same intent as he did before. Of course this quickened his release. He collapsed into his bed with the toy still implanted in him and escaped into sleep where the itch could not find him.

So the next day the prince went to school and felt very uncomfortable with the itch. He shifted constantly on the way to class. He had almost been tempted to put one of the plugs in there to relieve the itch. He actually tried one before he left but soon found that he came so close to coming that he refrained from bringing it to school. Again he had put on the yellow tank top and leather pants, which were the only items that he could find presentable.

When the prince parked his car he met up with his old friend Alan. Alan was not a prince of wealth, but a strong football player and very popular in the ranks. Despite their class differences the two were close friends. Alan questioned the prince’s clothing, but Prince Hunter nearly shrugged and tried to change the subject. The prince and his ally walked to school, with many questioning looks. Many were confused to see the prince out of his preppy attire. A few of the girls actually liked the new look since it showed off the prince very nicely. So the prince went with the cover that his clothing were strategic.

So the prince’s lessons progressed, but not for that long. Some where between the 2nd and 4th lessons the light entered one of the doorways. It wasn’t too sure which doorway cause in schools there are many, but it was certain that the prince missed his 3rd lesson, which was study hall. That is all the school knew.

The prince on the other hand knew exactly where he was. Although it is a tad odd to find yourself one moment in hallways surrounded by students and then the next moment end up in your bedroom. Again the prince freaked out. He knew he would leave with something and he preferred not something in him…again. Then the idea came to him. If he took something,anything, from the queer room not perverse he could save himself the anguish.

He quickly looked around the room for something. He saw a necklace on his dresser and quickly put it on his neck. But then the prince questioned himself, what if this wasn’t enough. He went to the closet and found some new clothing. They said something in words, but his brain was so muddled he couldn’t read them. Maybe if he put them on he could escape.

The queer thoughts entered the prince’s head soon after that and he went to his bed and began to fantasize and felt himself in repetitious strokes. The next thing the prince noticed was that he was back in the hallway of school. The prince looked around to try and get his barrings. He was a lot of people looking at him and whispering. It was not the type of reaction to a great surprise, like seeing him in his underwear, or in this case jock strap. Still the prince had to look down to make sure.

To his relief he was wearing clothing. He still had on his leather pants and whatever wet jock strap that was underneath, but his shirt was now different. It was no longer the bright yellow, but was mostly white. It clung just as tightly to his chest, but there was something else on it.

The bell rang so the prince ran to his next class. There was a lot of odd talk around the halls. Everyone seemed to be looking at him. When he reached his next lesson a few of the girls stood and and started to applauded. Some commented upon his bravery and valor. His teammates looked at him with anger though.

The bell rang the second time and the teacher came in and ordered everyone to sit down. The teacher looked at the prince and and gave a quick look of shock and continued to yell at everyone to settle down. So the lessons went on and the prince went through it wondering why everyone was looking at him. He knew he must have brought something with him but what. All the guys seemed to avoid him and everyone looked at him with a mixture of confusion and fear or was it shock?

The prince soon found himself in the men’s room and quickly found a mirror. Dread was the first thing the prince felt. Fear followed and thoughts raced through his head. The new shirts had writing on it in rainbow lettering. The necklace too was also themed with the same rainbow beads. The queer room had outed him to the school, even though he was not gay. Or was he? The prince was terribly confused by all the events and was quite drained (after all the lack of sleep from the past week). He did not even hear his teammates entering the bathroom or their taunts and he definitely did not see where the fist came from.

All the prince knew, when he woke up, was that he was in the school nurses office and was allowed to leave school early. Since he was so groggy someone had asked Alan to take him home. Alan looked worried, but did not know what to say to his old friend and the prince barely could walk let alone carry an awkward conversation, but still he kept muttering to his friend that he was not gay. The nurse had told Alan that the prince might have a concussion so to make sure he did not fall asleep

When the reached th castle, the prince stumbled out of Alan’s car and fell to the ground. Alan hurried out and picked up his friend and helped walked him to his destination. All the while Prince Hunter was muttering odd things. Alan could not make sense of any of it. The more he said the more Alan worried. While at first apprehensive about the prince’s recent behavior he now allowed him so lean on him for support. When they were close to his room he mentioned something about the light and not going into the light and seeing a light. All of a sudden the prince started to panic and scream about not going to the room. He broke free of Alan, but soon fell to the ground. Alan picked him up and cradled the young prince in his arms. He carried the prince into his bedroom all the while muttering on and on about the light beneath the door.

When they entered the room Alan understood why the prince did not want him to enter the room. The prince had done some major redecorating and looked nothing like the room he visited so often before. In fact nothing was the same. He wondered what sparked such a sudden change. Alan laid the prince on his bed and noticed all the phallic items that were strewn over it. He also noticed the prince’s eyes starting to close. Alan tried to think of something that would keep the prince up. He sat him upright and shook his yelling for him to stay awake. He needed to the prince to start moving or something to keep his concentration. But how could he do that. Alan did not know if he really knew his friend if he hid his identity from him. But he had to think of something, but for some reason his mind was cloudy.

Then it came to him. The answer was right in front of him. He told Hunter he needed to play with his toys. The prince liked this idea, but had trouble taking his pants off so Alan helped him. The prince grabbed for a toy, but couldn’t keep going. Alan was afraid now and put his anxieties aside and took one of a fake penis and plunged it into his friend. The prince moaned and seemed alittle more conscious. The prince absentmindedly grabbed Alan’s hand and moved the pace to his liking.

After a while Alan let go of the toy and allowed th prince to do his own thing. The prince did not seem fully awake yet. Alan tried to think of something else he could do, but what? “If the prince was awoken from the one end, maybe he could be awoken further by the other,” he though to himself. Forgetting about all the other toys Alan took out his own, which surprisingly was already hard, and presented it before the prince.

The prince took no time to start prodding of the new toy. He licked different parts, but soon engulfed the whole thing. He liked this new toy. He liked the way it smelt and tasted and the noises it made. But it was still so hard to concentrate on both ends while his whole head was spinning. Still he kept going.

Alan could see that the prince was still struggling. His pace would slow down on one end and then the other and then both seemed to lag. He tried to think of what more he could do. Maybe the prince was having a hard time getting to his toy. So he quickly took off anything that might get in the prince’s way. His shirt, his pants and boxers were all stripped off. It seemed to Alan that this did seem to awaken the prince more so. He was so concerned over his friends well being that he did not notice his clothes vanish upon the floor.

Still Alan figured he had to do something more. His friend was still getting tired. The prince eventually slowed down, then stopped and began sprawling upon his bed complaining about some itch. Alan was able to tell from all the squirming that the itch was somehow in the prince’s ass. He had lifted up the ass to get a closer look. When Alan looked at it he saw no abrasion that would cause an itch though, still there was something drawing him in. He brought his face all the way in and for an odd reason stuck out his tongue into the prince. This seemed to awaken the prince who screamed for more. So Alan did, so very pleased that he was keeping his friend awake.

This went on for some time and all the while the prince demanded his friend for more and to go deeper. But Alan’s untrained tongue was getting tired and could not go further within the prince. He tried to think of something longer that he could place within his friend. Again forgetting about all the items scattered about Alan decided to use his own toy again.

So in went the toy and out came loud moans and grunts from the prince. This seemed to bring the prince to full consciousness. He no longer seemed tired at all. He moved around a lot, screamed loud phrases, and and tried to showed Alan different positions. At first Alan did not know what his friend wanted or what he meant for him to do. The prince tried to explain to him, but gave up and put on a movie that would help teach his friend. So they watched the movies and Alan tried his best to copy what he saw.

Alan was now totally lost to the room. For a second he gained some consciousness. It was when he was laying down and the prince riding him he noticed the time. He was quite amazed that he had been at the prince’s for over 6 hours. But this realization did not last long for the prince wanted to go on the sling. Hours pasted, many in fact. It wasn’t until the clock struck noon did the two awake from their slumber. The prince found himself curled up and arms around his knight. Yes his knight, the Slayer of the Itch, Owner of the ‘Sword’ of Legend, and Master of the Bed. His friend Alan had become his savior.

Prince Hunter leaned forward and awoken his knight with a kiss. Sir Alan’s eyes fluttered open, his lips curled into a smile and his arms pulled the prince in for a much, much deeper kiss. The kiss lasted a while until they both got out of bed to take a shower. Luckily the shower was big enough for both.

So the prince lived happily ever after with his prince…er…knight. The two became nearly inseparable, especially since Sir Alan spent many of hours within Prince Hunter. No one dared attack the prince again with his knight always close by and his itch, which never went away, was much appeased with its constant attention.

And the queer room you ask? When upon returning from his trip after a very very fun farewell party, the king saw what happened to his son. So distraught the king finally learned to remain faithful to his queen. Well there was some unfaithfulness, but that stopped after Hunter announced he was doing porn. And thus all was well in the kingdom and they all lived happily ever after.

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