The Wrestling Star

By the impaler001
published January 3, 2007
3567 words

Wrestling coach wants fresh blood on the team, and knows just the man for job.

Back in college, they’d been inseparable. Erik Olsen and Jim Miller were best friends, rooming together, taking the same classes, pledging the same frat. They were quite a pair, Jim topping out at just under six feet, thick with ropey muscle, face like a friendly bulldog, while Erik was a lean but powerful 6’4", incredibly hairy and given to letting his dark red hair and beard grow out long like some old hippie. They’d both been on the college’s wrestling team, and not only gave the school its first championship, but gave it to them five years in a row. Erik always credited the whole team, while Jim attributed their success entirely to Erik.

After college, though, they grew apart. Jim longed for the ‘glory days,’ and to that end, eventually took on the wrestling coach position at the same, small college. He couldn’t hang on to his youth, however. When he contacted Erik by email over a decade later, he sent a picture of himself with the team. Though they were both only in their mid-thirties, Erik was taken aback by how fat Jim had become, and how old he looked.

Erik, on the other hand, had spent the years after college getting into other physical activities. He’d discovered a love of bodybuilding, and with his rugged, square-jawed good looks and ripped body, was successful enough at it to land fitness modeling work. With his business degree and the cash modeling brought him, he’d been able to build his own gym-not a cushy “spa” type place, but a stripped down, hardcore meat factory. It was successful enough for Erik to live in comfort, with enough to spare that he let Jim talk him into giving a fairly large sum to college’s Alumni Association.

It was, in fact, an alumni function at the old campus that brought the pair back together for the first time in years. It had taken a bit of convincing to get Erik on a plane, as he hadn’t much patience for either the past or goofy little “socials.” It didn’t bother Jim, as that was one the qualities he attributed Erik’s many successes to: The ability to truly live in and for the moment, nothing else.

Jim was thirty-seven by then, Erik barely thirty-eight. Jim wasn’t the least surprised to find Erik a hale and hearty muscle bear, wearing a close-cropped beard and long, thick, hair hanging past his shoulders like a cowl. Erik was once again surprised by Jim, however; the man had turned his physical shortcomings right around with a vengeance. His stomach was flat, his muscles pumped. His face still looked weathered, but far more alive than the picture had been; he seemed full of energy and renewed vitality. Never very handsome, Jim wasn’t at all given to the aesthetic gildings Erik was, nor had he ever been. His graying hair was shaved down almost to the scalp, his face bare save for a very faint five o’clock shadow.

Jim admired Erik’s amazing build rather openly and Erik congratulated Jim on his drastic improvement in health and appearance. But as they began to talk, it became clear to Erik that Jim was still living in the past: He spoke only of the old team, how Erik had led them to victory time and again, and of how his new group, despite his best efforts, just couldn’t measure up.

Finally noticing Erik’s ill-disguised boredom, Jim said “Look, man, I’m getting tired of all this white wine and bad muzak. Whaddya say we go down to my office? I got some beer stashed down there. And you can check out our old stomping grounds.”

Erik wasn’t interested in any more talk of the past, but could certainly use a beer, and said so.

Jim managed to hold off any more talk of the past as he and Erik crossed the darkened campus on foot. Instead, he asked all about Erik’s business and career, admiring once again the body Erik had built for himself. Erik found it a little odd when Jim stopped and insisted on feeling Erik’s massive biceps, thought that Jim’s probing touch lingered just a little too long, but dismissed the feelings. He was a very big man, and had grown accustomed to people staring and asking if they could feel his muscles.

Once they arrived in his fairly large office, Jim excused himself to get the beer. While he was out, Erik noticed that Jim had hung a large photo on his wall of their old team with their first championship trophy, flanked on either side by four smaller photos of the following year’s championships. Erik just couldn’t understand why Jim clung so tenaciously to the past, and resolved to speak to him about it when he returned.

Jim walked back into the office at almost that moment. He handed Erik an open tallboy and, sitting behind his desk, invited Erik to sit across from him. He’d noticed Erik ‘admiring’ the old pictures, which brought him back to his previous complaints regarding the present team. Erik just sighed and started drinking his beer.

Jim ticked off a litany of the team’s failings, a long, almost breathless tirade against the young guys and their apparent inability to reach the gold standard that he and Erik had so easily attained. They just didn’t have the hunger, he mourned. Yet he was not resigned; he had a plan.

Erik shook his head slowly. It suddenly seemed like an awful lot to take in. “Sounds to me like you just need to find a new team,” he finally said, finishing off his beer.

“Don’t get me wrong!” Jim protested. “These kids have the talent. They just need somebody who can light a fire in them. That’s where you come in.”

Erik laughed aloud. “Me? Damn, I’d like to help you out, Jim, but I don’t see what I could do…”

Jim noted a light film of perspiration on Erik’s brow with satisfaction. “Actually, Erik, I was thinking you could join the team.”

Erik rocked back, his eyes wide. Then he laughed again. “I appreciate the vote of confidence, Jim, but if you haven’t noticed, I don’t think I could pass as a college kid anymore.”

“But what if you could?” Jim’s voice was deadly earnest.

Erik’s smile faded. “Wha…what are you talking about?”

Jim leaned forward, his voice growing conspiratorial: “I came across a…a formula, Erik. It can change a man. The effects vary depending on how it’s used.” He noticed Erik’s eyelids drooping. “It can augment what a man has already, or it can change him completely. A baseball pitcher can become a linebacker. A linebacker a swimmer. A swimmer a bodybuilder. A bodybuilder could become…a wrestler.”

Erik squinted hard at him. “What the hell are you talking about, Jim? Some kind of steroids?”

It was Jim’s turn to laugh. “Steroids can’t even begin to match the uses of this stuff, Erik. It doesn’t have to even be so extreme as what I just described. The right balance can effect very simple changes. I’ve used it. You really think we’ve all been as lucky as you as we get older? A year ago I was a blob. My doc told me I had heart disease. I felt weak and tired all the damn time. Now look at me!” He stood up, yanking off his shirt. Jim’s well-tanned, lightly hairy torso was muscular and chiseled, his stomach flat, his abs beautifully defined. “Body of a twenty-five year old. Healthy as a horse. And not only that, Erik, but its permanent. Ten years, twenty, and I’ll still look just like I do right now.”

Erik’s mouth hung open. He was having a hard time following. His brain felt fuzzy. Jim sounded crazy, but there was no denying he was in a hell of a lot better shape than when he’d posed for that team photo. He was in better shape than when they were in college, in fact. And he sounded very convincing, too, Erik suddenly realized. He wanted to believe Jim, badly. The more he thought about it, the more imperative it seemed to trust Jim implicitly. “But…what does all this have to do with me?” he finally asked.

Jim grinned happily. “Everything, Erik. Because you’re going to be my star wrestler.”

The implications took a moment to sink through the fogginess in Erik’s brain. “N-no,” he quavered, standing up so suddenly that he knocked his chair back. He stumbled, then caught his balance again. Had he gotten drunk off one beer? Impossible. “I don’t want to…” he slurred.

Jim stepped toward him slowly. “Erik, calm down. Think of how it would feel, being the star again. Being young and full of vitality, having your whole life ahead of you again!”

Forever? “No!” Erik said more forcefully.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Erik. But I’m afraid it’s going to happen. In fact, I think its already starting.”

Erik’s eyes rolled around in their sockets wildly. What the fuck did Jim mean? He caught sight of his empty beer can on Jim’s desk. The one Jim had already opened when he gave it to Erik. His eyes snapped back to Jim, his hands balling up into fists. “You sonnuva-”

Jim just smiled again. “Relax. Trust me.”

Erik suddenly lost his desire to punch Jim in the mouth. In fact, the whole upset seemed very unimportant, now. He was very much aware of what Jim had done and what was going to happen to him, but he couldn’t truly vent the emotion. He struggled vainly, finally whispering “I don’t want to be a kid,” in a very small voice.

Jim shook his head. “You’re not going to be a ‘kid’, Erik. You’re going to be a bright, strong young man again. Just like before. Does that really sound so bad?”

Not when Jim said it. Against his own will, Erik said so.

Jim suddenly looked very grave. "Now that you’re ready to listen, I gotta tell you a couple of things. The formula is going to erase the memories of your adult life, so you won’t just look and feel like a college kid, you’ll actually believe you are one. Secondly, I had the stuff mixed especially to make you submissive to me. You were always such a willful bastard that I had to do it; after all, I am the coach. Don’t worry though. I’m the only person you will be at all willing to defer to. We can’t lose that winning spirit of yours, after all.

“You’ll look a bit different than you did back then, too. With these old pictures around, we can’t have you looking exactly like yourself, and you won’t know the difference, anyway. Finally, Erik, there is a side effect. It sounds worse than it is, trust me, and I’ll be here to help you out with it, too. In fact, I’d really like to “initiate” you right now, while you’re still in that big, burly body of yours…”

Jim suddenly reached down and gripped Erik’s crotch, giving the big bulge there a squeeze. He smiled. “Lose the clothes, big guy.”

Erik immediately stripped down, handing his clothes to Jim. Somewhere inside he knew this was all wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. It was what Jim wanted. He watched impassively as Jim wadded up his clothes and stuffed them into a trash can.

Jim stepped back and admired the naked stud. No one could have guessed that Erik was fast approaching forty. With the exception of a few grey hairs here and there, he didn’t look a day over thirty. He was virtually all muscle; Jim could barely detect any fat on him at all. His long auburn hair matched his close-cropped beard almost to a shade, while the luxurious, silky swirls of fur on his torso, arms and legs were only slightly darker. His dick, though soft, was thick and long, flanked by a pair of big balls forced forward by Erik’s muscular inner thighs. Jim leaned forward again, breathing deeply. The scent of a man. For a moment, he felt almost bad about what he had done-it seemed a terrible shame to throw away this magnificent body. But it was too late, now, anyway. Best to enjoy it this one last time.

Jim reached out and pinched Erik’s nipples, working them until they grew hard and stood out from the fur on his chest. “You can enjoy this, now, Erik,” he said, and watched as Erik’s big dick grew rock solid in an instant. It stood almost straight up, pointing at Jim. Jim smiled. “Well, if that’s not an invitation…”

He sank to his knees and took the head of Erik’s cock in his mouth. Salty. He ran his tongue all around it and under the foreskin, then let his teeth graze it just slightly. To his satisfaction, Erik moaned and shuddered. Jim slowly began to take more of Erik’s meat. He’d done this quite a few times since the formula had made him gay, but he wasn’t sure he could take all of Erik-the man was just too big. Still, he found he could take it pretty deep, and between that and his tongue, figured rightly that he could give Erik one last good orgasm before he changed.

For his part, Erik felt genuine pleasure, although it was tempered by the horror he could not express. The formula was hard at work inside him, magnifying the sensations of Jim working his cock, making his whole body more sensitive. He relished the sensation of Jim’s strong hands gripping his hips, his thick fingers moving across Erik’s muscular ass and gently exploring his tight crack. His nipples still felt warm from Jim’s light teasing, and as Erik threw his head back and moaned, his long hair brushing against his bare back caused another involuntarily shudder. Even the warm air moving through the thick fur on his chest felt like a caress. Erik was losing himself, he could feel it, but he just didn’t care.

Jim could feel his own big cock hard and aching in his pants. He wanted to keep Erik in this haze of ecstasy, but knew the change would be coming on him hard and fast. He worked Erik’s dick with greater urgency, finding that he could actually manage to deep throat the bigger man if he tried hard enough. Erik’s hips began to sway forward and back, then buck spasmodically. He came forcefully, his pelvis thrusting so violently that Jim was nearly knocked backward, his firm grip on Erik’s ass the only way he could maintain his balance.

Erik slowly sank to the floor. He moaned softly, and Jim noticed that the hair on his chest had begun thinning out. It was starting.

As Jim kneeled over him, Erik writhed and groaned provocatively. Jim fumbled with his belt and pants, pulling out his own cock and slowly massaging it as he watched Erik transform. Erik’s body hair was almost completely gone before his beard receded, revealing a younger face beneath. Jim thought that his bone structure had changed slightly, but it was hard to tell with the blank expression Erik wore. His body began to compact, so much so that Jim began to worry. He’d wanted the formula to make Erik more average sized overall, but still wanted him muscular and big enough to compete in the higher weight brackets. Erik’s hair grew darker, losing its dark auburn hue and becoming chestnut brown, then pulling back into his scalp until it was just a shaggy mop, making his new face look even younger. All that was left of his body hair were three thick, almost jet-black patches at his groin and in each armpit. His well-tanned flesh took a slightly ruddier tone. Jim was relieved to see that the shrinking did not affect Erik’s prodigious cock and balls.

Just like that, it was over. Erik lay flat on the floor, his body very still, his eyes closed. He suddenly sighed deeply, blinked several times and looked up at Jim. He had not shrunk too much, Jim realized; he’d just been so damn big before that the change had seemed very drastic. He figured Erik would stand just about six foot now, maybe a little less. He was easily in the 180 to 200 pound range, though his perfectly smooth, bronzed flesh somehow made him look lighter. Jim knew that the formula had modified Erik’s metabolism so as to make it much easier to gain or lose weight as necessary for the sport. Erik’s hands were still big and strong, if a bit smaller, and his reach would still be excellent. Good for grappling.

His face, however, took Jim’s breath away. Although he’d always had a rugged handsomeness about him, Erik had literally become an Adonis: High cheekbones, strong tapered jaw, full lips and big, dark brown bedroom eyes. The shaggy hair lying across his sweaty forehead sealed the deal. He was gorgeous, and not a day over nineteen.

The formula had finished Erik’s body, but was still at work in his mind. He held up his own hands, looking from them to Jim questioningly. He mumbled to himself like a confused old man. Jim rose to his feet and laid a hand on Erik’s head. “Don’t worry, stud. It’ll come back to you. Just relax.” Erik looked up at him blankly, his beautiful lips just barely parted. It was too hot for Jim to resist.

He maneuvered his big cock toward Erik’s full lips, and Erik took it immediately. Erik’s efforts were inexpert, but just having that cover-boy mouth on his cock was enough for Jim. He noticed that Erik was hard and working himself off again even as Jim unloaded in his pretty mouth.

Jim put his cock away and fetched Erik’s new clothes, a shiny blue spandex singlet with yellow panels and trim. Erik’s new mind was forming up, he was aware enough of his surroundings to help Jim get him dressed. He was once again seated in the chair across from Jim’s desk, the top of his singlet pulled down around his waist, when he seemed to nod off a few seconds, then suddenly come fully awake for the first time since before his transformation began. His big eyes were bright and clear as they darted around the room. “Wha-the fuck-what’s going on?”

Jim sat on the edge of his desk, smiling. “Think you might have blacked out on me or something, stud. Had me scared for a second.”

Erik looked up at him in confusion. “What were we doing…?”

Jim looked down at Erik’s crotch pointedly. “Well, I’d think you would remember…”

Erik looked down at the wet spot on his singlet. His basket looked obscenely big under the tight, shiny fabric. He remembered, vaguely. He rolled his tongue around in his mouth and tasted Jim’s spunk. Oh, yeah. He definitely remembered. He grinned up at Jim. “Uh, sorry Coach. Guess we got a little too wild…?”

It was still the old Erik’s slightly crooked grin, although now it held the promise of something more than humor. “Hey, I’m not complaining,” Jim smiled, too. “Makes me feel pretty good to know I can still put a young stud in a swoon.”

They both laughed at that, and Jim sent Erik to the locker room to put on some street clothes before he headed back to his dorm. Erik hesitated, but seemed to find the new knowledge of where his locker was and where he lived after a second or two. Jim gripped his ass firmly as Erik turned to leave and reminded him that they had to introduce him to the team during weight training first thing in the morning. “Can’t wait, Coach,” Erik said with excitement. “We’ll whip those guys into shape in no time!”

Jim never stopped smiling.

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