The Shining Stone

By Gregory22
published January 1, 2019
2581 words

All work and no play makes Clark a horny gay.

Peterson’s POV


“Superman saved Metropolis from the creations of Toyman, AGAIN!” I watched the breaking news featuring the victorious superhero. On TV, the protector of Metropolis stood at 6’ 3'', perfect muscles tight under his blue suit, red cape waving in air, a hint of bulge showing under his suit, and was smiling confidently toward the camera.

Once I thought the God-like superhero was invincible. However, I had Batman told me about the weakness of him. Kryptonite, a mineral found in his home planet, was his Achilles’ Heel.

“Some were more fatal, like green Kryptonite, excessive exposure to it could kill Superman. Red Kryptonite could put him into unconsciousness, and red sunlight has been shown to momentarily remove his powers. However, with enough natural or artificial sunlight, he could quickly recover from the loss of his superpower.” Batman said, laying all fours on the ground between Alfred and Dick, recounting all of Superman’s weaknesses for me.

“Does he often use his super senses? Like for monitoring other people?” I asked.

“No, Superman sets a high standard of morality for himself, and only uses super senses when necessary…Yeah Alfred that’s the spot…he also confines his super hearing range within Metropolis, to notice if anyone is calling for help.”

“And what does he do when not saving the city? What about his personal life?” I had to ask, watching the three family members in action from a short distance.

“He has a job as a reporter in Daily Planet by the name of Clark Kent. Oh God…” Batman said, as Alfred penetrated into him again and Dick started to put his cock in and out of his mouth, “I believe…uh…he once fell in love with his fellow journalist Lois Lane. Yeah, fuck my mouth Dick…But since she got married, he…grrrr…has not shown romantic interest in anyone.”

“Does she know he is Superman?”

“No. He…he has only told other superheroes about his secret identity.”

“Good…You have done a great job collecting his info, Bruce.” I praised him, and saw his naked body tremble with excitement.

For Superman, I am not using the green Kryptonite, but it won’t stop me from having some private fun with him. I turned to study his figure on the television again, this time with more lust. Maybe it’s time to employ help from the green Martian…

Two Days Later Wayne Mansion

“Mr.Wayne, thank you for accepting this private interview.” said Lois Lane, the ex-girlfriend of Superman, who confidently shook hand with Bruce Wayne. Earlier, Bruce allowed the journalist to give him an interview about a newly found Wayne Enterprise factory.

“Of course, Mrs. Lane, please, take a seat and have some tea.” Bruce smiled to her.

Through the monitor, I could see everything inside the room from the Batcave. Seeing everything is in order, I turned on my ultrasonic device. Before long, the beautiful madam was sitting on the chair, words forgotten and eyes vacant. A green figure then appeared in the room.

“Her mind had stopped working.” John told me through telepathy.

“Good, now read her memory and shapeshift into her appearance.” I ordered Martian Manhunter.

“Yes Master. I live to serve you, Master.” The Martian said firmly.

Later that day

Martian Manhunter had shapeshifted into the appearance of Lois Lane, Her wedding ring on left hand has also been replaced from ruby to red kryptonite. John had also used his telepathy power to empathize me with him. Now sitting comfortably in Batcave, I could talk through his mouth.

It was already near midnight when I came to Daily Planet. To make the replacement of Lois Lane more plausible, the fake Lois had bought the last train ticket from Gotham to Metropolis, and then went directly to Daily Planet, where she knew Clark would still be working.

“Hey, Smallville.” I said to Clark Kent, “Still working hard? I am back.”

“Oh, Lois. You are back! How was your interview?” Hearing my voice, Clark looked up from his laptop and greeted me in a mild manner. It is hard to equalize this awkward and bulky man with the all mighty Superman. He concealed his identity perfectly.

“Mr.Wayne was surprisingly nice toward me, and we had a pleasant talk. He even asked me to stay for dinner!” I hid my hand behind my bag, and turned to the reporter, “which I refused. I bought some food along with me. I have a lot to discuss with you about this upcoming article.”

“Uh…yeah, alright.” Clark blinked his eyes several times, the red kryptonite was already taking effect, “Always so efficient, Lois..”

As I was faking a discussion with him, Clark was quickly becoming more distracted.

“You are right, Lois. I think..” Before Clark could finish the sentence, his head dropped onto the table, his body becoming limp.

“He is unconscious now.” The disguised Martian Manhunter said to me through telepathy, “I could feel his mind stopped.”

“Good, now take him to the Batcave.” I told John Jones cheerfully, my mind already becoming horny at the thought of mind controlling Superman.

Martian Manhunter dumped the unconscious Superman into the red sunlight room. There, with the help of Batman, I started to undress him. Superman was wearing his blue suit under his normal clothes. Finding a hidden zipper, I soon had his masculine frame fully exposed with his 7 inch cock, eight packs and strong chest. There was also a hint of body hair on his chest. He was then confined onto a chair, tied by ropes. I left and went to the monitor room with Martian Manhunter.

“Turn into your earth form, John.” I told the Martian, who swiftly turned back into his black daddy form again, wearing nothing. I had him sitting on my lap and he was soon riding on my cock up and down. Between his moans, I told the Martian to wake up Superman, then do as we planned.

“Yes, master…You have my best interest in your mind…” The mind-controlled martian answered, “I will obey you…”

In no time, I could feel Superman’s consciousness was back on line. His eyes darted around, and as he tried to break loose of the ropes, he found that he had lost his powers.

“This isn’t good. Where am I?” He thought to himself.

Now with the Martian’s help, I could hear his thoughts easily.

"Rao, this is room is filled with red sunlight, that’s the reason I lost my power. But I remember having a discussion with Lois, what happened? " Superman thought.

The door opened, in came Batman and Nightwing, both were stark naked except their masks.

"Bruce? Dick? Hey, free me! Tell me what happened! " Struggling in the chair, Clark called out to them in panic.

Nightwing, now fully under my control, took out a black dildo from behind. “I think you will enjoy this, Clark.” His voice, however, was mine instead of Dick’s.

The scene in front of Superman’s eyes was so surreal that he fell silent immediately. It was then that he found out he was totally naked himself.

“This couldn’t be happening. Am I in a dream?” I formed a thought.

With John’s help, I could now form words into thoughts, and make Superman believe that it was HIS thoughts instead of mine. The ultrasonic device was also doing its job, beginning to suppress his own thoughts. Without his super powers, he was subject to the device as well.

“Could this be a dream…No way, this must be a scheme…” I heard Superman countering the thought, as Dick divided his ass and inserted the huge lubricated dildo into his hole. “Uh!” Superman screamed from the pain. Meanwhile, Batman drew closer, and began to stroke his nipples and cock.

“Bruce! Dick! What are you doing? Oh Rao…” Superman exclaimed, suddenly assaulted by both pain and pleasure. His confusion was doubled as he heard Batman speak in my voice. “Enjoy your dream, Superman…”

“Bat! What’s going on? Snap out of it!” Clark screamed to Batman, who did not respond at all. Now, with one hand doing the job with dildo, Dick used his other hand to stroke Superman’s cock with Bruce, the two hands took turns sliding up and down along the massive shaft.

“Noooo…stop it!” Clark yelled, his mind becoming more foggy.

“It must be a dream. Bruce and Dick would never do this!” A thought came to him.

That makes sense. Batman and Nightwing were behaving very strange, their voice was strange as well. There’s no way this was real.

“I must be too tired…This is just a dream…” Another thought came to him.

From the monitor, I could see Nightwing putting the dildo in and out of his most respected superhero’s anus, and their hands were masturbating Superman’s cock, which slowly grew to a full 9.5 inches monster, excitingly throbbing in their hands. Unbeknown to him, we had applied some Poison Ivy’s pollen onto his skin earlier, making him become horny easily. At this moment, the pain in his hole has slowly become more erotically pleasant.

“But I am not gay, how could I have such dreams?” I heard Superman thought to himself.

“Maybe dreams are just hard to explain…Maybe I should stop thinking so hard and just enjoy it…” Another thought assaulted Superman.

Before he could think twice, his chair was lowered. Nightwing took the dildo out, and Batman stood near Superman’s head to the left.

“Rao…is he going to…” Superman thought.

As if confirming his thought, Batman slapped his full erection onto Clark’s face.

Unable to move, Clark watched as Batman’s cock forced into his mouth. Meanwhile, he could feel that his hole was being violated by Nightwing’s warm and hard cock as well.

As the dynamic duo was fucking Superman, taking down his mental defense, I implanted more thoughts into Superman’s mind along the way.

"Rao I am so horny now…

"It is just a dream, I should just relax…

"Relax, yeah…Enjoy it…Rao it feels so good…

Soon, Superman’s expression changed from dejection to relaxation. A dumb smile began to form on his face.

"Enjoy the dream…

"So horny…I am a horny super slave…slave to their voice…

"Enjoy the dream…Yes…

Gradually, his mouth opened voluntarily, taking in the cock of Batman, and his hole totally relaxed, enjoying the invasion of Nightwing’s cock.

Twenty minutes later, as if by a subconscious command, Superman could not hold on anymore. His cock suddenly begun to erupt shots after shots of cum, covering his belly and face. Meanwhile, I commanded Batman, Nightwing and Martian Manhunter to cum with him.

As Superman’s mouth and ass was filled with cum, his brain began to slow down. He had now fully believed that it was just a pleasant dream. His mental defense had been destroyed, and his mind was mine to re-shape now.

I smiled, the ultrasonic device is effective when Superman loses his powers. Now for a little implantation of a trigger…

Thrid Person POV

Stirring, Clark suddenly woke up.

He was in the office of Daily Planet. Looking around, he found a note, saying that “I have gone home. Leave the discussion for tomorrow, Smallville. You are too tired and just fell asleep! Go home and get some rest.”

Looking at his watch, Superman found it was 3 o’clock already.

It was a dream indeed, a weird one though. He thought to himself. He felt nothing strange, and his super powers were still on him.

Deciding to follow Lois’ advice, he flew back to his apartment and got ready to sleep when he heard a knock at his door.

“Who could it be at this time?” He thought. Using his X-ray vision, he could see it was a man with an anxious look standing outside. He opened the door.

“Hi, can I help you?” Clark said to the man outside. He was wearing his superhero suit, but he did not find it inappropriate at all.

“Hey neighbor, thank goodness you are awake. I am Peterson, I just moved in to your next door.” The man had an expression of sincerity and Clark instinctively decided to trust him.

“I am afraid I forget my keys. Can I crush on your sofa for just one night?”

“Alright, mast..I mean Mister Peterson. I’m Clark. Come in.” Clark said, stepping back to let the man in.

“Thank you, Clark my friend.” The man came in, “I really like Metropolis, people are so nice here! I once lived in Gotham, totally different story there.”

“Yes, we are very hospitable here.” Clark agreed, pointing the sofa to him, and found some sheets for the unexpected guest.

Before he was going to bed himself, Peterson said, chuckling, “That’s very nice of you, Clark. Enjoy your dream.”

“Enjoy my dream…” Clark repeated, suddenly frozen in his place, eyes glazed over.

“Yeah, enjoy your dream…” Peterson stepped behind him, turned the hunk around, and touched his strong chest and abs.

“Now tell me, Mr.Clark, who do you serve?” Peterson asked, finger tracing down to feel the bulge underneath Superman’s tight superhero suit.

“I serve the people of Metropolis. But I serve you first. You have my interest in your mind, only by serving you can I serve the people of Metropolis. I am your Super Slave.” Superman said, repeating his orders perfectly.

“Good, now undress for me…”

Following the orders, Superman took off his clothes, he didn’t find it as unnatural at all. If Mr.Peterson asked him to do it, then it must be in favor of his interest.

Within a second, Superman was totally naked. Peterson reached out and took out a cockring with red kryptonite on it. Its dose would weaken Superman, but not enough to make him unconscious or permanently ill.

“Tell me, Super Slave, what does this stand for?” Peterson asked as he put the ring on Superman’s cock.

“This stands for your superiority over me, Mr.Peterson. By taking possession of my cock, you take possession of my mind. I am your Super Slave.” As he was saying the words, his erection quickly began to grow from the excitement of having obeyed his master.

“Good slave. Now go to bed with me.”

As Superman, or SuperSlave, lay on the bed, and was being fucked from behind by Peterson, the master said to him,

"Remember, you must obey me.

"From now on, you will obey my orders, and you are my willing Super Slave.

“Yes, Master Peterson…I am your willing Super Slave…” Superman exclaimed, losing himself once again.

Soon, Peterson shot his load into Super Slave’s hole as well. As both laid on the bed and were panting, Peterson thought about his achievements. Now Batman and Nightwing were patrolling with dildos inside their asses, and Alfred was teaching Martian Manhunter the art of sucking cock. Soon the four would have an intense orgy in Batcave.

At that moment, Peterson would never have known who the next victim would be…

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