Kaa and Mowgli, another night meeting

By Hypno-Tales
published December 24, 2018
18375 words

A Jungle Book story. The teenager Mowgli tries to escape from the wolf pack so he does not have to go to the man’s village, he thinks he can take care of himself, but an encounter with the hypno snake Kaa will change Mowgli’s plans forever.

****Hello everyone. This is a story that I have been writing for a long time, slowly advancing and translating it even more slowly. English isn’t my native language, so my English isn’t perfect. So I’ve taken this as an exercise to practice writing in English. I’m sorry if my translation isn’t perfect, and I hope it’s understood enough. If you notice any error, any aspect to improve, I would appreciate you to help me commenting, so that I can learn from the mistakes that you see. Anyway, I hope you like my story.

Any comments on whether you liked them, or any suggestions on how the story should progress is welcome.

WARNING: All the characters in this story are of legal age, especially Mowgli, who is 18 years old. This story contains mature, sexual and explicit content. It is not suitable for people under 18 years of age.


Mowgli was very happy and excited. In fact, Mowgli had never been so happy as at this time. He felt relaxed and excited at the same time, everything around him was bright and funny.

Until a moment ago, the 18 years old teenager felt sad, angry, lost, worried and even frightened… But now all was well, the sadness and the fear had disappeared, his anger had died down, and Mowgli’s worries had been dragged like leaves bears the wind. Now everything was peace, happiness, pleasure and… and colors. A plethora of bright and beautiful swirling colors covered everything Mowgli could see … everything he wanted to see.

Those moving colors had covered the dark and terrifying night jungle that Mowgli had wandered a few minutes ago. Mowgli looked at the beautiful colors, with a huge smile that stretched painfully down his cheeks; Though that did not matter as long as the colors were with him, in his gaze and in his mind. Mowgli could have stayed there forever, without thinking or doing anything, just staring at the colorful spirals, and undoubtedly he would have been the happiest boy in the world.

A fresh gust of wind caressed the tanned skin of Mowgli’s completely naked body, tossed his hair and stroked his torso and crotch uncovered, but Mowgli felt nothing. No external stimulus passed through the dense fog of colors that dominated Mowgli’s mind in those moments. So that if the voice of one of his friends had shouted at his side, Mowgli simply would have continued there… straddling that tree branch, legs and arms without force on the sides, with that stupid smile and that dreamy gaze directed nowhere.

At last something appeared in front of Mowgli’s gaze, something apart from the colors: A snake. Mowgli’s heart quickened, like that of a dog that sees its owner after a long time.

That beautiful serpent circling Mowgli, watching the body of its prey, the snake was his friend, his master …

-“Well, well… good body.” -Said the snake, breaking the silence of the night as he smiled and laughed. Kaa was full of joy, had hunted an excellent specimen of human cub, a teenager still in formation, with a beautiful face with a thin but athletic complexion in which began to mark the muscles that would develop and with a good staffing there down. Kaa still did not believe the luck he had! There are no prey like this every day, let alone alone in the middle of the night.

-“What’s the name of the man’s cub?” -Kaa asked curious to know more about the boy and how it was that he was only in the jungle at that time. There was no hurry, he could play with the boy a little before he made him completely his own.

-“Mowgli” -the happy teenager replied automatically to the question his master had asked him, without any further movement.

-“Well Mowgli, I’m Kaa. But you can call me master. Do you understand?” -Kaa announced the boy.

-“Yes, master Kaa.” -Replied Mowgli, happy to know the name of his friend and show him the respect he deserved.

-“Tell me, Mowgli. What were you doing alone in this part of the jungle at night?” -Said Kaa, turning to look at the body of his prey.

-“I escaped from the pack of wolves and I thought this would be a good area to live on my own.” -Said Mowgli, unable to hide the truth from his friend Kaa.

«Ah, so this is the famous werewolf cub» Kaa thought as he licked Mowgli’s skin from his chest to his cheek without Mowgli moving a millimeter to stop the snake in that invasion of his personal space.

-“And why did you run away from the pack of wolves?” -Kaa watched Mowgli’s face with that stupid permanent smile. He enjoyed seeing that stupid smile of unconscious happiness on the faces of his victims.

Mowgli took a deep breath and prepared to answer his master’s question. -“I’ve run away because the pack of wolves wants to send me to the man’s village, to protect me from Shere Khan who has returned and wants to kill me. But I don’t want to leave the jungle, and I’m not afraid of Shere Khan, but even so they were going to force me out of the jungle. So I decided to escape and start a new life on my own in the jungle.” -Mowgli answered happily and proudly to answer Kaa’s questions.

The rest of the story they both knew…

Chapter 1:

[Hours before]

Mowgli wandered through the jungle alone, he was angry with his family of wolves and his friends, who wanted to send him away from home; but above all, he was sad because now he was alone, with no friends… no one to trust, because those he had trusted wanted to send him away. He was also very tired, having spent hours in the jungle to escape.

-“Who did they think they are? I can take care of myself, they will see. I’ll prove it to them…” -grumbled the boy as he made his way through the jungle.

But Mowgli was not alone as he believed. Kaa’s bright golden eyes followed him for a few minutes… his heart racing with emotion, was stealthily following the best prey he’d seen for months. A mancub. It is very rare to find one so deep in the jungle, let alone only and unprotected; he had to capture it anyway.

Without noticing that they were watching him, Mowgli, tired, considered that he had been walking for a long time and that he could stop for a while to rest. The teenager sat down on a thick tree root and massaged his aching feet a little, then yawned outstretched his arms and leaned against the tree.

«The little mancub is tired… I have to take advantage of it» Kaa said to himself. Certainly the more tired the boy was, the easier it would be to catch him, so Kaa lowered his tail to one of the thickets on the ground near Mowgli, and began to shake it making a sound as if a predator was approaching.

-“Who’s there!?” -Said Mowgli, leaping to his feet. When he didn’t get a reply and didn’t stop the noise, Mowgli chose to run away. He made a sprint of several minutes to get away from whatever was following him and when he finally believed himself safe, he stopped. Mowgli was panting a little after his run, but he was in good shape thanks to the hunting with the wolves. He looked behind him to see if they would follow. Mowgli’s mistake was not to think that they were following him from the treetops.

Kaa had perfectly followed the boy through the weeds of the jungle from the comfort of altitude. He had to make an effort not to laugh when he repeated the trick of the bush, just as Mowgli tried to make sure he had been followed.

Mowgli heard the same noise as before, asked again, and again he got no answer, so he resumed the run of flight. One of the first rules of the hunt that the wolves had taught him is that, if you don’t know how your enemy is, you better avoid it.

This game of cat and mouse continued about an hour. By then Mowgli was at the limit of his strength… his skin was beaded by sweat, he was panting heavily for air after his last sprint as he leaned on his knees. His lungs demanded air and his leg muscles burned him after so much physical exertion; he didn’t understand how the pursuer didn’t seem to get off his back.

Meanwhile Kaa smiled as he stared at the exhausted mancub, Kaa had he right where he wanted it. For that hour he had not only been tiring him, he had also been drawing him deeper into his territory, in a place where he could not escape.

Mowgli was panting a few of feet below where Kaa was, when he heard the noise behind him in the thickets, instinctively turned to run, but this time he found a barrier of trees that he couldn’t cross. Mowgli turned and stuck his back against the big tree behind him… he was between the sword and the wall.

-“Show yourself at once!!” -Mowgli shout, wanting to look more aggressive than his exhausted voice allowed. As long as he had his back to that tree, danger could come only ahead.

-“Up here, mancub” -a voice hissed above Mowgli.

Instinctively Mowgli looked up, searching for the source of that voice. But what Mowgli found were two luminous colored spheres that swirl , and swirl… and swirl… and….

Mowgli did not even know what was happening. Without realizing it his body was paralyzed, fixing his eyes on those tunnels of colors that came closer and closer from above. What were they? What were they doing there? Why were they so beautiful? It was questions that passed through the mind at lightning speed before Mowgli’s mind began to become diffused…

-"Wh… what’s this… What… whaaa… nice… " -Mowgli murmured as the first ring of color began to reflect from his own eyes, although the original intention was to say “What is that?” His question mingled with the new thoughts that began to dominate his mind. Those colors were beautiful, the most luminous he had ever seen, they moved with great beauty in what Mowgli thought the most wonderful patterns he had seen, suddenly felt the imperative need to look at them.

-“Shhhhhh, silent mancub. No need to talk now, relax, now you’re safe, let your best friend take care of everything. Everything will be fine, just look at the colors.” -That voice sounded especially loud, as well as very convincing, in Mowgli’s heavy head.

Mowgli’s tensed muscles ready for attack, relaxed. Mowgli’s shoulders fell down, and his jaw dropped softly and slowly downward without strength.

Everything was very confusing for Mowgli, he tried to think but suddenly it was very difficult to join two coherent thoughts. It felt strange that mental blocking, as if something (he couldn’t know if it’s bad or good) was happening… but to stay looking at the colors was much easier… and pleasant. On the other hand, that wonderful and relaxing voice assured him that everything was fine, and Mowgli was more and more willing to trust the hissing voice. Without realizing it, Mowgli slowly advanced a few steps to get under those colors, even stood on tiptoe to try to get closer. He wanted to see them closer than anything, maybe then he would find the answers he was looking for.

Kaa noticed Mowgli’s reaction, and smiled amused. He loved to see how his victims were attracted to his eyes, like moths in the light of a candle. Kaa decided to play a bit with the boy, so he started to move from above slowly to force the mancub to follow. Of course Mowgli did. Mowgli watched from below with his mouth open, fascinated by those two bright and colorful stars that illuminated the night firmament and the whole jungle. If those beautiful stars moved, he followed them despite being very tired and hurt of his feet, always on the tip of his feet desperate to get closer.

That delicate dance lasted for a couple of minutes, Kaa moved slowly so that Mowgli didn’t stumble as he walked on the tip of his feet.

Once Kaa observed the signs that hypnosis was being implanted correctly in Mowgli’s mind, he decided to move closer to the boy’s face by increasing the power of the hypnotic rings in his eyes. Kaa descended further from the trees, putting himself on Mowgli’s level, and placed his forehead against the teenager’s forehead still covered with a thin layer of sweat. Their eyes were practically glued together, in the absence of a few millimeters to touch completely, thus Mowgli’s field of vision, already reduced thanks to the inexorable advance of the hypnotic spirals through his own eyes, was reduced even more… Now all he could see was that fascinating spectacle of color. And worst of all (or better) is that Mowgli liked… Being so close to those colors felt too good.

-“Relax, mancub, relaxxxxxxx… let yourself be carried away by happiness and pleasure. Don’t resist, it’s good to succumb to the colors, you want to ssssssuccumb, don’t resist. You’re tired, you must rest, don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. Everything will be fine, you can trussssssssst in your best friend, you can trussssssst in meeeeeeeee.” -Kaa smiled. At this point he knew that the collapse of the boy was only a matter of time.

Meanwhile Mowgli’s mind was becoming less and less confused, and getting more and more empty… everything is being simplified and each time he felt his head lighter. It was more and more obvious that the snake is right… he’s his friend, his best friend, and Mowgli is glad to have him close because he knew he could trust his snake friend, with him everything would be easier, he would be better. A smile began to pull at the corner of his lips. He is tired, the snake is right, he is always right… he needed to rest, and what better place to rest than with his great friend who would watch over him? But there was something the snake was especially right about… he did not want to resist. PING Mowgli’s mind finally yielded to the snake’s reasons.

Kaa immediately realized that he had won. He stopped his hypnotic spirals and finally allowed himself to laugh out loud.

Mowgli simply stood there smiling, his arms hanging weakly and his back slightly bent forward with his shoulders drooping. He heard the laughter of his great friend, his voice was the only thing he heard; he said nothing, but he liked that his friend was happy.

-“Good hunting.” -Said Kaa, proud to have captured that rare specimen. Kaa loved humans, they are more fun as toys than any other creature in the jungle, and as food… as food they were the most exquisite he had tasted. The skin of humans, especially the young, was smooth and soft, practically hairless; Their meat was mushy and juicy and tasted of another world. The pity is that they were so rare in the jungle, and most of the times you found them in the jungle they went in groups, with their torches and spears… so it was dangerous to hunt them. Finding one was only a gift from the gods.

Watching his new toy Kaa turned his attention to the red cloth that the boy was wearing to cover up like his loincloth. He didn’t understand that stupid mania of covering their bodies… no other animal wore clothing in the jungle.

-“Take off that stupid cloth, you’ll be more comfortable without it. It’s better that way.” -Said Kaa, giving his first order to his new slave.

-“Yeeeeesssss…” -Mowgli replied mechanically without questioning the order that would leave him fully exposed to the snake. He put his hands around his waist and pushed down his red loincloth and dropped it at his feet. Mowgli wasn’t ashamed to be naked, on the contrary, his snake friend told him that it would be better that way, that he would be more comfortable… And his friend was right, he is always right, taking off the garment that had accompanied him since childhood was freed, It was a nice feeling to feel no limitations down there. The cool night air caressed his rear and exposed genitals, giving he greater freedom of movement. But what pleased Mowgli most was the happiness he felt in obeying his friend, making the snake happy filled him with a joy and pleasure unknown until now for Mowgli.

-“Huhuhuhuhuhu”-Kaa laughed -“you’re a good boy, that’s better.” -Kaa laughed to see how the boy got rid of everything he possessed with a single order of his. -“Isn’t that better? The inhabitants of the jungle don’t wear clothes, here is useless and stupid. Going naked is more natural, don’t you think? Besides… good friends don’t hide anything, right?” -Kaa told Mowgli, convincing him of the virtues of nudity.

-“Yes, it’s better that way. Going naked is more natural. Friends don’t hide anything…” -mechanically Mowgli answered the three questions Kaa did, Mowgli didn’t want to offend his new friend by not answering any of his questions, would not be polite. Besides, Mowgli knew that the snake was right, now he realized thanks to his wise words, to be dressed in the jungle was stupid, nakedness is natural. And as a good friend he didn’t want to hide anything from Kaa, either in his body or in his mind. He smiled gratefully to have a friend who taught him these things.

-“You like being a stupid naked mancub, don’t you?” -Said Kaa with a smile, it was too fun to manipulate the mancub.

-“Yes” -said Mowgli.

-“Say it” -Kaa ordered.

-“I like being a stupid naked mancub” -Kaa was right, he was right about everything. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he liked being naked, luckily his friend had noticed and opened his eyes to that.

-“You like it so much that you’re never going to cover your skin with that stupid cloth again, are you?” -this was the first step in reeducation of the boy and it was being very easy.

-“No, I will never cover my skin again” -Mowgli repeated, and in his hypnotic excitement at the discovery of the pleasant nakedness, Mowgli came out of the cloth at his feet, and kicked him away by losing his red loincloth to the weeds of Jungle.

-“Well, I like that. You’re a good boy.” -Kaa said as he looked back at his new nude toy around him to look at him from every angle.

Before starting to further investigate Mowgli’s body, Kaa thought it was a good time to try out the mancub. After a few seconds a long scaly penis emerged from a slit hidden in Kaa’s coil. Kaa’s great penis was fully erect, not only because of the sight of the beautiful naked boy in front of him, but also because feeling that power over another creature excited him.

Kaa swung his penis in front of Mowgli’s face for a few seconds, hitting his cheeks sometime and letting his penetrating odor flood the adolescent’s nostrils. Mowgli knew almost nothing about sex, and he didn’t know it was that thing in front of him, but somehow the strong musky scent of Kaa’s cock stirred him a little. Something deep and primitive in his brain knew what that smell was.

-“Open your mouth little mancub.” -Kaa watched as Mowgli opened his mouth wide, not knowing what was going to happen. -“I’m going to stick my dick in your mouth, and when I tell you to close, do it. But you will not bite, it’s very delicate and sensitive, okay? You’re going to treat it delicately.” -

Mowgli understood, now he knew it was that thing in front of him, though he never questioned why Kaa wanted to stick his dick in his mouth. -“Haaahhhaaaaaa.” -Mowgli tried to answer yes without closing his mouth. Kaa smiled and then thrust his dick into the teenager’s mouth.

-“You can close your mouth now” -Kaa said, feeling Mowgli’s warm tongue beneath his cock. Mowgli obeyed as Kaa had instructed him. His lips closed around Kaa’s scaly penis but he was careful not to bite. The swirling colorful spirals in Mowgli’s eyes prevent the teenager being disgusted with what he was doing. The salty and strong taste didn’t bother him at all, on the contrary… it was the taste of his friend, and that pleased him. -“Well, listen carefully Mowgli, because this is going to please you. Now you’re going to start sucking my penis, massage it with your lips and your tongue while I take a look at you. You’ll see, I’m sure you’ll love it.” -Kaa stroked Mowgli’s head with the tip of his tail and then the boy began to work.

Mowgli didn’t know exactly why Kaa wanted him to do this (Though he didn’t need to know), but he would do the best he could for his friend. He began to move from front to back, his lips pressing gently and loosening in an improvised massage and his tongue surrounded Kaa’s phallus and moved from side to side to caress new areas. The sensation of the scaly skin of Kaa’s penis against his tongue and the inside of his mouth was wonderful, soft and warm. Soon Kaa’s penis began to ooze a strange liquid, its taste at first was bitter, but Mowgli soon found it delicious… Kaa had told him that it would like, and every second that passed he realized that it was, again Kaa was right.

-“Ohh … Ohhhhhhhhhh … Mhmmmmmmm, so warm… keep it up boy.” -Kaa closed his eyes for a moment as he sighed with pleasure. -“Well, let’s have a look.” -Kaa said without soft moans and let Mowgli work.

Mowgli heard Kaa’s pleasurable sighs and moans, which made Kaa know that Kaa was pleased; and that encouraged him to try harder to make Kaa happy. Mowgli looks at the endless sea of hypnotic colors as he accelerated the pace of work as he gained confidence. He liked that job more and more, Kaa had told him, and those moans told him how to make Kaa happy. He was the happiest boy in the world. Who would not want to be in his place?

Kaa had hunted a very handsome boy… a long, untidy black mane framed the boy’s face, which was soft and beautiful, but still masculine, even with that huge stupid smile that dominated his lips for most of the time. weather. And the expression of the boy while sucking his cock was also beautiful. The boy’s body was what most liked Kaa… it was a thin body, it could even be said that skinny, however, was also an athletic body, prepared to be light and fast in a hunt. A smooth brown skin, tanned like caramel covered lean flesh, an slight abdominal and the incipient muscles of the adolescent with a skin tanned by the sun, but soft as the skin of a baby. Soon Kaa focused his attention on the private parts of the teenager while the boy did the same with Kaa’s penis a little higher. The length of the boy’s penis was very impressive considering it hung flaccid and relaxed without showing its full extent… Kaa sucked the scent emanating from Mowgli’s groin, concentrated on having been covered until recently. Kaa gave a small lick to Mowgli’s long cock, and the boy moaned softly in pleasure just as Kaa moaned. There would be time to reward Mowgli.

But Kaa liked the ass of the mancub, Mowgli’s buttocks rounded, juicy and splashing, perfectly molded. Kaa couldn’t resist pinching Mowgli’s soft, smooth ass.

Finally, Kaa moved away from Mowgli to have a complete view of him. A beautiful specimen of human in full development was anxiously sucking his penis at this time… like food, he would be a delicious bite, but being so thin would be nothing more than an appetizer that would keep it full a week or two, but Kaa had more intentions Long term for this guy. Kaa would grind him in body and mind so that in a few years that boy would serve a delicious and satisfying meal, and during that time, Kaa would have fun with him, just as he was doing now.

Kaa stroked Mowgli’s head with his tail as if petting a pet. -“Mancub, go on like this… Mmmmmm, there’s not much left for…”- A moan of pleasure interrupted Kaa. -“Ohhhh yes!” Kaa shouted.

Mowgli only thought of the happiness of this new friend, didn’t know his name but it wasn’t necessary. He knew the snake was the best friend possible. Mowgli would do everything for him. Mowgli was doing a good job considering his inexperience. He wasn’t able to take Kaa’s huge penis for his lack of practice, but that didn’t stop him from trying to suck on everything he could. He sucked, massaged, made a pleasant suction… all to please that snake of which he didn’t know the name.

Kaa gently grabbed Mowgli’s head and forced him to look up, that wasn’t the easiest position to suck Kaa’s penis but still Mowgli didn’t stop, but soon realized that he didn’t have to go up and down on the tip of his feet to suck Kaa’s penis. Kaa was now the one who inserted and pulled his penis rhythmically into Mowgli’s mouth. And he did so because from that position, with Mowgli looking up like he was hypnotizing the first time, he could push his cock deeper into Mowgli’s mouth. From that perspective, Kaa’s cock penetrated the boy’s sweet mouth and plunged deep into the teenager’s throat. Usually something that entered so deeply into his throat would have lured the boy, but hypnosis was in charge of suppressing that impulse. So Mowgli stood there, looking up as Kaa’s snake entered him… of course Mowgli was still massaging with his tongue and his lips. The happiness of pleasing Kaa was all he needed, and Kaa’s groans were like music to him.

At last, after several minutes, Kaa hit the climax and something exploded in Mowgli’s throat and mouth. A heavy charge of a thick, sticky substance. Mowgli’s eyes widened in surprise not only by the unexpected liquid, but also by the strong and bitter taste of it.

Kaa took a deep breath, relieved to have his seed in Mowglis’s throat. Of course Kaa realized the expression of the hypnotized young man, who was struggling not to swallow that strange liquid while Kaa’s penis occupied most of the space and left him breathless. Kaa stood in front of Mowgli’s eyes and activated his spirals to reassure the boy as he sighed taking his cock out of the mancub’s mouth. -“That’s my seed. My sperm.” -Kaa watched as Mowgli’s smile returned, thanks to the new flow of spirals. -“Isn’t it delicious?” -

For an instant Mowgli almost returned to consciousness, that bitter liquid thrown into his throat was enough to almost eliminate the hypnotic effect of the spirals, but Kaa acted quickly. The confused thoughts in Mowgli’s mind that wondered what was going on, and what that foul taste was, were soon silenced and buried under a great deal of colors. The smile returned to Mowgli’s face. Kaa’s words had an immediate effect on the child’s moldable mind. Yes, that substance in his mouth was delicious, his good friend told him so it was true. This was the seed of Kaa, it was from his friend, it was logical that it was something delicious. Mowgli didn’t respond this time because his mouth was full of that substance he now liked so much. Mowgli would never know how close he was to being free again…

-“Yes it’s delicious. You really like its tasty taste… from now you will have many opportunities to try it again don’t worry. Now swallow to the last drop and tell me how much you like it.” -Kaa knew how close he had been to the catastrophe, but that made it more exciting, and teasing the puppy in this way was so much fun. Mowgli nodded happily to understand the truth Kaa was showing him. He swallowed the delicious hot liquid that seemed sweeter than honey… After swallowing Mowgli took a great breath of air as if he had taken a big sip in a spring of pure water to relieve a deep thirst. -“Thank you master, your seed is delicious. I love it! I can not wait to try it again!” -Mowgli brought his hand up to his right cheek to wipe a thread of semen that had stained his face as Kaa removed his cock. Of course Mowgli licked his hand after wiping his face, Kaa had ordered him to drink to the last drop of that glorious substance. -“Delicious!” -Said Mowgli with a huge smile as he finished sucking the last of his stained fingers.

Kaa couldn’t bear the laughter. It was too good to see the teenager act this way… he wasn’t even aware of how close he had been to escaping, and now he was a puppet again enjoying pleasing Kaa. -“Oh mancub.” -Kaa said when he stopped laughing. -“You and I are going to have a great time together.” -

Mowgli agreed, and nodded happily that his master thought so.

-“We’d better continue our talk in a more private place …” -Kaa stroked Mowgli’s head in approval and began to create with his coils a ladder that led up to the largest tree in the place. -“Come on. Follow me, little mancub.” -And Kaa activated his hypnotic spirals again to better attract the child and further reinforce his trance. Mowgli greatly enjoyed the caress in his head, he was proud as a child who praised a good behavior. When Kaa ignited his colorful spirals Mowgli did not even think it once, those colored eyes had a powerful magnetic appeal, he would follow them wherever they went.

As he began to climb the improvised ladder Mowgli discovered the wonderful touch of his friend’s scales against his skin. Each step was a pleasant caress against the soles of his feet, and the colors in front of him seemed to sing like sirens. It was impossible for Mowgli to come out of this trance by his own methods.

When they reached the top of the branch Kaa stopped the spirals and ordered Mowgli to sit down, and just then the story began. Kaa and Mowgli got to know each other and Mowgli answered Kaa’s questions, explaining how he got there.


“Aha… so live on your own in the jungle…” -he remarked Kaa to hear how he had escaped from wolf pack… somehow someday should thank Shere Khan somehow by indirectly pushing Mowgli to his coils.

“Tell me… Mowgli the wolf pack have you ever talked about snakes?” - Kaa asked as he began to wrap Mowgli from the navel up; he wanted to expose the young man’s groin.

“Yes.” -It was always helpful response Mowgli. Externally it was not noticed but the soft touch of Kaa’s smooth, fresh scales was a shock to his senses. The touch as he wrapped tightly around him was one of the most pleasurable experiences he could imagine, both by his touch, and by feeling tightly surrounded by Kaa’s thick muscled coils.

“What say about snakes?” -Kaa continued wrapping around the neck of Mowgli, not too strong so that he could continue to answer his questions. Once he was wrapped up, Mowgli felt very comfortable, as if he were in the most comfortable place in the world, and if it were not because hypnosis kept his mind awake to attend to Kaa, he would have fallen asleep, although Mowgli Was physically exhausted.

“Well, they are treacherous, manipulative and selfish, untrustworthy animals. Besides, they are very dangerous, fast and very strong. They can easily crush other beings with their coils, and then, they eat them. It is best to avoid them if you are alone and you never have to face a snake without being prepared.” -Mowgli was talking quietly, not missing the smile on his lips as he remembered what Bagheera had taught him about snakes to answer his friend’s question. -“And never, never, never have to look in their eyes…” -Mowgli had never really paid much attention to the theoretical lessons they taught him, but hypnosis was able to take even the weakest and most profound memories just to answer his master.

“Why you should never look into the eyes of snakes, little mancub?” -Kaa interrupted really amused to see how Mowgli spoke of how dangerous the snakes were when he was so happy in the rings of one.

“Because if you look in their eyes… can you… Hypn… hypoti… hyno…” -Mowgli wrinkled his nose while making a mental effort to remember that strange word… not remember what it was [probably because in the past, reached that point of the lesson Mowgli was not listening to anything].

Kaa let out a small laugh as he listened to Mowgli’s grip on a word he didn’t know, like a child who gets confused by learning new words.

“Hypnotize.” -Kaa corrected the young man.

“Yeah, that… hyp-no-ti-ze. Thank you master!” -Mowgli said slowly and exaggerating the vocalization as a child repeating a new word so as not to forget it. Kaa was so intelligent and knew so many things… Once he had overcome the bump of that complicated word, Mowgli continued with the answer he was giving, for he had not yet fulfilled Kaa’s command. - “Well, if you look them in the eye, snakes use their hyp-no-sis and with it bewitch their prey robbing them of the will and turning them into helpless slaves without sense.” -Mowgli finished describing describing what he had been taught without even thinking that it was just what had happened to him.

“What do snakes with their hypnotized prey?” -Kaa continued with that almost sadistic interrogation of his newly captured slave.

“Eat them alive while they are unconscious. Also, sometimes, they often use them as toys to have fun with them, they can even irreversibly brainwash them into permanent slaves, even outside their spell, and thus keep them dominated until they get tired of them and finally get them end up eating.” -Mowgli finally finished speaking, and all he did was keep smiling. He was not really aware of the gravity of his situation, perfectly explained by himself.

“Well, Mowgli, well…. And tell me little man’s cub… am I a snake?” -Said Kaa.

“Yes, master Kaa, you’re a snake.” -Replied the young man smiling.

-“So, as you said, I’m a dangerous animal that could crush you with my coils and eat, right?” -Kaa continued incredibly amused.

-“Yes, master Kaa, that’s right.” -Mowgli, despite what he had said, and what the wolfs and Bagheera had been taught, he did not consider Kaa someone dangerous, he was not capable of it. On the contrary, thanks to hypnosis, he considered Kaa the best friend he had in the world, the most reliable and he felt completely secure around him.

-“What do you have around you right now?” -Kaa enjoyed the mental game with the boy.

-“Your coils is around me.” -Said Mowgli, who loved the feel of Kaa’s coil around his torso and neck.

-“So I could crush you, and you could not do anything, right?” -Kaa smiled sadistically.

-“Yes, you could crush me and I could do nothing.” -Mowgli could only answer the truth to Kaa, but he was not aware of the danger.

-“You said you never have to face a snake if you are not prepared or you find yourself alone. Tell me Mowgli, are you ready to face a snake? Is there anyone else besides you and me around here?” -Kaa found great pleasure in listening to his prey express how unprotected and helpless he was.

-“No, master, I’m not prepared in any way to deal with a snake and no one besides you and me here. We are completely alone.” -Mowgli could not help but answer the questions that made it clear what his position was all about, feeling happy to please Kaa.

-“Is there anyone who knows where you’ve gone and can come and get you? And even if they knew… would they be in time to help you if I decide to hurt you?” -

-“No, master Kaa, nobody knows where I went. My wolf brothers and Bagheera will seek me, but they won’t be able to find me because while I was fleeing I took precautions so that they couldn’t find me and take me back… I erased my trail, left false trails, walked through the trees to mislead, crossed three rivers so they didn’t know in What direction I went, I bathed completely in one of the rivers to erase my scent and tried to cover my scent even more by rubbing aromatic plants and leaves on my skin so they could not follow me. And even if I knew where I am, the didn’t arrive in time to help me if you decided to hurt me…” -

That revelation caught Kaa by surprise. Was that really true? Kaa knew that Mowgli couldn’t even think of lying to him in that state, but anyway he brought his snout to Mowgli’s neck (which he discovered from the coils that covered him) and smelled the scent of the young man sniff hard. Kaa caught the young man’s scent, now he smelled of dry sweat from the run Kaa had forced him to, but beneath that scent Kaa could smell the scent of fresh herbs. «OMG! It’s true!» Kaa thought.

That was the last straw, Kaa tried to hold his laughter for a few seconds, but finally he couldn’t and let out a loud laugh for a long time. Actually capturing a man’s cub in the optimum state of development, completely alone, and deep in the jungle was a very rare thing, but what possibilities are there that that mancub will have taken the trouble to hide his trail so nobody follow him and thus save the job to his captor? Kaa was now sure, the gods of the jungle had given that boy away.

-“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… You really are the mancub most stupidly helpless seen in my life! Your stupidity has made you the perfect helpless prey for me! Do you understand that in this way no one can take you away from me? I have to thank you for saving the work.” -Kaa could not stop thinking about the bad luck the boy had had, and the good luck he had on this curious chain of events. This curious butterfly effect is not seen every day.

-“You’re welcome” -Mowgli simply said, Kaa had thanked him, it would have been rude not to correspond. Mowgli understood perfectly that no one could take him away from Kaa, and that thought enchanted him. The mere thought of being separated from his friend seemed to him the greatest tragedy imaginable, so knowing that no one would come to separate him from his master greatly reassured the boy.

Kaa still spent a few minutes trying to stop laughing and wiping the tears that were leaking from laughing. Mowgli was glad to have made his friend so happy, so much so that that mocking laugh seemed the most beautiful sound in the world.

-“Oh, well, back to what we said earlier.” -Said Kaa, and settled himself down after the attack of laughter he had suffered. - “Tell me… Mowgli had said earlier that never look into the eyes of a snake that can hypnotize their prey. But you looked at my snake eyes for a long time, did not you?” -

-“Yes, master, it is true. I looked at your eyes.” -Said Mowgli, obliged to continue this interrogation.

-“Does that mean you’re hypnotized?” -

Mowgli didn’t respond immediately, for a moment he simply remained silent and smiling… then wrinkled his nose and frown as if he was making a great mental effort. Finally, Mowgli answered Kaa after trying to find an answer.

-“I don’t know, master. I don’t know how hypnosis is.” -That was the best answer Mowgli could find, it was better to acknowledge his ignorance than not to answer Kaa.

Kaa’s great laugh was heard in the night. This young man was undoubtedly the funniest mancub he had ever hypnotized. «How could he take care of himself if he can’t even realize how obviously hypnotized he is?» Kaa thought.

-“Of course you’re hypnotized my stupid little mancub! Do you see these spirals?” -Said Kaa, activating the hypnotic spirals in his eyes again and looking at Mowgli directly.

-“Yeeeesssss…” -said Mowgli just to see what he loved most in the world along with Kaa, the colorful spirals that filled everything, which made him feel so good and smile so much.

-"Thesssssssse ssssssspirals are my hypnosissssssss, and you’re looking right now. And when you look at them, they put you in a trance, becoming a stupid and helpless hypnotized mancub. -

Kaa was right, as always. Kaa was so smart… he always knew just what was going on, and he realized things he didn’t even notice. Of course, he was hypnotized and Kaa had noticed before him. Thank goodness Kaa had told him, what a good friend Kaa was.

-“The more you look at my hypnotic eyes, deeper you fall into my spell, and more stronger is your trance…” Kaa spoke as he moved from one side to the other, forcing Mowgli to follow his colorful look. -“The more you look at my hypnosis, more helpless and stupid you become. It isn’t true?” -

-“Yeeeesssss, master…” -Mowgli Kaa thought only to follow the beautiful colors, nothing mattered more to capture the perfect beauty that emanated from the eyes of the snake.

-“And yet; Knowing how defenseless you become when you look at my hypnosis… you don’t want to look away, you don’t feel afraid, do you?” -Kaa now turned his head in circles forcing Mowgli to make dizzying movements.

-“No, master Kaa. I’m not afraid, and I don’t want to look away… I want to look at your hypnosis forever. I really like hypnosis…” -Of course Mowgli was telling the truth. He felt an infinite and irrepressible desire to look as much as possible at the wonderful hypnosis, those colors that danced in his eyes and made him so happy.

-“Of course you like it! How not to worship hypnosis? Pleasure, absolute happiness, there is no responsibility… all your fears, all your worries, just fade away. There is no fear, no danger. You don’t have to think or take care of anything. Just letting you drift in submission, obedience, fun, endless happiness and… peace. That’s why you like to be a hypnotized and unconscious slave and you want to stay hypnotized.” -

-“Yes, master Kaa. I want to stay hypnotized forever. I like being a hypnotized and unconscious slave.” -Of course, as expected, Kaa was right… hypnosis was wonderful, he had known since he had seen the first ring color (although at that time for his ignorance didn’t know that these colors were hypnosis) Hypnosis made him feel like he had never felt before. The happiness he felt when he was hypnotized was greater and more intense than all the moments of joy he had felt throughout his life. The endless pleasure of listening and obeying your friend. Curiously he also felt free, free of any responsibility, free to have to think and decide, his friend Kaa was much more qualified to think and decide for him. Mowgli all he had to do was let go.

  • “You like to be my slave, say it.” -

-“I like to be your slave.” -

-“Say it more slouder”-

-“I LIKE TO BE YOUR SLAVE!!!!!!” -Shouted Mowgli, obeying Kaa’s command and shouting to the jungle how much he loved to be a Kaa’s slave… now he knew, thanks to Kaa he knew; He was a slave… and he liked being a slave. Kaa is always right.

-“Well, well Mowgli… considering everything you’ve told me would you describe your current situation?” -The game was about to end, but Kaa wanted to gloat one last time.

-“Of course, master.” -Said Mowgli before taking a deep breath to fulfill his master’s will. - "You’re a snake, one of the most dangerous animals in the jungle, and have surrounded me with your strong coils. You could crush me and eat me if you wanted. We are far away in the jungle, in an unknown area. No one knows where I am, nor can anyone find me. I’m not prepared in any way to face a snake, I’m not even dressed; I am completely naked and I love it. I have looked into your hypnotic eyes, and when I look at them you have put me into a hypnotic trance that has made me your unconscious slave, with which you can modify my whole mind. I’m a stupid hypnotized slave, helpless in body and mind; and I like to be. Have I done well, master? " -Mowgli said as if he were a small child waiting for a compliment for a good job, or like a dog waiting for his reward after performing a trick. The adolescent, though he himself had related the critical situation in which he was, and he saw no danger anywhere.

-“Huhuhuhuhu. Perfectly, my little boy.” -It had been a long time since Kaa had had so much fun with one of his preys, he enjoyed immensely making his prey clear, how helpless they were. And really the teenage fate was in the “hands” of that snake. (Figuratively).

-“So Mowgli… according to the law of the jungle… can we say that you are my prey?” Kaa asked.

Mowgli’s mind was completely empty between question and question of the snake (except the colors), and the mind of the adolescent only activated when it received some exigency of the serpent. Again, Mowgli’s hypnotized mind was set in motion when he heard his master’s wonderful voice, and he worked as hard as he could to satisfy he. According to the law of the jungle someone became the prey of another inhabitant of the jungle when he was hunted. According to the law of the jungle someone has been hunted when another inhabitant of the jungle has killed him, subjected or left him completely defenseless and at his mercy. And Mowgli knew without a doubt that Kaa had subdued him and left him defenseless. So Mowgli didn’t find it difficult to reach the following deduction…

-“Yes, master Kaa. According to the law of the jungle, I’m your prey.” -He replied with the joy that was now typical of him. Being Kaa’s prey really didn’t sound too bad…

-“And according to the law of the jungle What can a hunter with his prey?” -Kaa asked.

-“A hunter can do whatever he wants with his prey. It’s your right.” -Mowgli smiled, for a second a memory of him and his brother wolves hounding a deer passed through his mind.

-“So I can eat you or enslave?” -

-“Yes, master Kaa. You can eat me or enslave me, whatever you prefer.” -Mowgli was not worried about that, after all, everything Kaa did was, for sure, for his sake.

-“Well, Mowgli, very well. You did very well answering me.” -Kaa patted Mowgli’s head again. - “Well, Mowgli. I asked you all these questions with one purpose, guess what?” -

Mowgli remained smiling and quietly, in his hypnotized mind he tried to find an answer to Kaa, but this last question the snake had asked him was different… this time the question required Mowgli to use abilities of his mind muted by the Hypnosis, so Mowgli filled his lungs with air to answer “I don’t know, master.” But his answer was interrupted by Kaa’s voice.

-“I’ll tell you, stupid little boy. I have made you answer all these questions to make it clear how incredibly helpless you are; So much so that you yourself are the one who has been saying it. But don’t worry, it’s okay, that’s good. I want you to assimilate all this deep in your heart, I want you to understand that you really are nothing but my prey. And from now on you will be my slave.” -Kaa had finally finished with the interrogation, now it was finally time to begin to make clear to Mowgli the terms of his new life.

Mowgli nodded softly, according to Kaa. As usual, Kaa was right, it was undeniable that he had it… Mowgli obeyed Kaa and understood the truth of every word, he was no more than a weak and helpless prey, at the mercy of a great predator like Kaa. Under normal conditions Mowgli would have been in a panic, however, he was happy with his new situation… if Kaa wanted him to be his prey, he would be. Mowgli just wanted to please his friend in everything. He would be what Kaa wanted him to be, Kaa had every right to him.

-“Yes Kaa… I will be your slave.” -Murmured Mowgli without thinking.

-“Of course you will. And you know what? You will enjoy every moment of it… people often think that being a slave is a bad thing, and it isn’t. It’s a blessing!” -Kaa turned on the hypnotic spirals to reinforce his teachings for Mowgli - “Think about it, being a free boy you have to attend boring responsibilities in the wolf pack or village, you would have dozens of worries and fears, or stupid selfish desires, you would have to take care of You and worst of all… you’d have to make hundreds of decisions yourself. Isn’t it a horror? You little stupid little head is not prepared to take so much responsibility without making mistakes. Don’t you agree Mowgli?” -Kaa made sure Mowgli agreed to move his head upside down so that Mowgli nodded stupidly as he followed the colors in Kaa’s eyes.

-“But being a slave… Ohhhh Mowgli, being a slave you can find true happiness. Without fears or worries, you only have to do and think what your master says, you just have to let go… you don’t have to take the initiative, nor the responsibility of anything, your master takes care of everything, I’ll have the control, and you’ll just have to enjoy your simplified life, because the best thing of all is that you don’t have to take a single complicated decision, just obey… And you will discover that the pleasure of obedience is what will make you happiest in the world, obedience and absolute submission is what all humans are really made of. At first you don’t see that because you are too stupid and proud, but when I show you the truth hidden in the depths of your soul with my hypnosis, you finally understand it, and you are ready for your true purpose. Your destiny is to be slaves, that is what really makes you happy, what fills your hearts, what you are meant to be.” -

Mowgli absorbed with his gaze the beautiful hypnotic colors of Kaa as he recorded every word of Kaa in the depths of his being. That was the truth, Mowgli realized, Kaa could see the truth with his hypnosis in the depths of his soul, see what he really wanted but hadn’t known until now. It all sounded like the paradise he had always wanted, and now Mowgli realized how stupid and selfish he had been… he had believed that his greatest desire was to live in the jungle, when it really was to serve Kaa, he had also believed That he really could live on his own and take care of himself, when evidently he was weak and unable to live without being led by someone better trained, someone who made the right decisions in his life, someone reliable and who could never be wrong. He had been a proud mancub believing all that, but now Kaa showed him the world as it should be, showing him his true place in the jungle. Of course he had to live in the jungle… but not for himself, but for Kaa.

-"You’re lucky, I found you earlier than any other predator or your old false friends… otherwise you couldn’t be about to fulfill your destiny. You would have died cruelly in the clutches of any great hungry feline, or you would have lived a sad and monotonous life meaningless in the people of man. Instead, I am offering you this blessing, I’m offering to be the happiest mancub in the jungle for every second of your life until I decide that you have fulfilled your purpose and put an end to your services. You will not feel fear, no confusion, no shame, no worry, and of course no sadness either. You will be the most stupidly happy slave in the jungle. Are not you wanting it? -

-“Yes master. Sounds wonderful.” -Mowgli was immensely grateful to Kaa, his savior, who had kept him from those terrible alternatives, for he couldn’t have survived in the jungle alone, and the idea of a life in the man’s villege from the beginning had horrified him. Kaa offered him the best way, the only right way indeed… Kaa proved to be the best friend he had and would never have, he was sacrificing himself to live that happy and unconscious life… Kaa would take care of both of them, make complicated decisions for him and, in short, Kaa would think for both of them while Mowgli enjoyed the absolute happiness of his new condition. Kaa was so generous that Mowgli could barely gather enough good words in his hypnotized head to worship him. -“Of course, a good happy slave shouldn’t be selfish” -Kaa said. - “So before anything else you must learn to be a generous and disinterested mancub. Do you want to learn Mowgli?” -Kaa was always amused at brainwashing and relearning his toys. It was so fun to watch them give themselves away, that Kaa could barely contain the excitement.

-“Yes, master! I want to learn!” -Mowgli really wanted it, if he had to learn how to be a good slave to Kaa he would.

-“Well, Mowgli, very well. First get up” -Kaa ordered, unwinding Mowgli from his coils. Mowgli felt his master’s coils separate from his body. He would have felt sorrow for not being in touch with the smooth and exciting skin of his master had it not been for Kaa to have ordered it. Once Kaa’s coils was out of the body of the teenager, Mowgli put his two hands on the branch and pushed his body upwards to push himself and raise his feet that until now had hung from the branch. He stood on his aching feet even for the long walk he had made that night, but he did not care if he pleased Kaa. His relaxed back bent slightly forward and his arms hung harmlessly and forcefully on his sides as Mowgli stared ahead with the biggest smile he’d ever forced on his lips.

Kaa again admired his hunting trophy. His stupid smile and swirling colorful eyes at full speed, his skin tanned and smooth, a body certainly thin with arms and legs thin, but with a lot of potential if you knew how to train him, a great penis (surprising for Mowgli’s age) And an attractive butt with juicy and well-shaped buttocks. He had really been lucky to have found him… The teenager stood there, like a doll waiting for to play with him again, waiting for Kaa’s words, unaware that his life was going to change forever.

Kaa formed a seat with his tail behind Mowgli, but it was not a simple seat… That seat was simply one of Kaa’s coils forming a hoop, a hoop akin to the outline of a basket or a basketball hoop. Kaa pressed the scaly seat against Mowgli’s buttocks and ordered him to sit there.

With a small leap to push back Mowgli sat as he had ordered Kaa. At first Mowgli’s ass slid into the void as he found nothing to stop his fall, but Kaa quickly adjusted the ring that formed with his coil to fit perfectly the shape of Mowgli’s juicy butt. In this way, Mowgli was seated, suspended on the branch, in a chair that below left his creamy buttocks exposed to the cool air of the night. The teenager’s arms dropped harmlessly to the sides and Mowgli’s soft feet swayed slightly in the air as he looked at the infinite colors that filled everything he saw. Kaa positioned himself in front of Mowgli, closed his eyes and took several deep breaths trying to concentrate. He was going to take an important step in the boy’s brainwashing, and he had to get ready… he was not going to do it all at once, no, a brainwashing in conditions takes days, or even weeks, but a good base had to be formed.

When Kaa opened his eyes, the hypnotic rings in his eyes were going at such an overwhelming speed that they could barely differentiate between a ring or another, and this time they had a greater brightness, they almost illuminated by themselves. The reaction to that sensory discharge was not long in Mowgli. The shock to those colors of special speed and brilliance, Mowgli’s reaction was unexpected for those who don’t know the world of hypnosis, and for a few seconds the colors of Mowgli stop suddenly… two large colorful spirals dominated his eyes being the right of a full blue color, and the left of a bright yellow with a small thin circle of black that preceded the next color, which will be green. The smile on Mowgli’s face had disappeared as his jaw dropped freely, and an expression of surprise and fascination dominated Mowgli’s face.

After three or four seconds the colors of Mowgli’s eyes began to move again, and in a few seconds they recovered the maximum velocity that had traversed his eyes. But they did not stop there, little by little they were gaining more speed, more and more, trying to reach the devilish speed of the hypnotic rings that Kaa showed him. Mowgli’s jaw slowly closed again, and the stupid smile spread again over Mowgli’s lips and cheeks, but this time he went further, pulling more than initially thought might extend the previous Mowgli smile. Mowgli’s back was no longer slightly arched forward and his shoulders slumped to straighten, Mowgli’s muscles tensed tightly at the wonder of hypnosis that carried him on a hypnotic journey beyond where he could return.

Kaa knew by Mowgli’s reaction that he was doing well… Mowgli was already in a deep trance before, but Kaa wanted to take him further, deeper, he wanted to take him to the state where he could change the deeper factors of Mowgli’s mind, Where hypnotic suggestions became absolute laws beyond even the trance itself, he wanted to reach that place where he could modify Mowgli’s own personality, which many humans would call the “soul.” The obstinate and rebellious Mowgli of a few hours ago would soon cease to exist, and would soon give way to the model slave Kaa was about to forge.

-“Well, Mowgli, listen to me very carefully… listen to everything I say and burn it in the depths of your being as the most absolute truth. It is understood?” -Kaa asked, hoping he could start.

-“Yes.” -Said Mowgli simply too overwhelmed to find more words for himself.

-“Well, as I said, you must become a generous and selfless mancub to be a good happy slave. And for this, the first thing you must do is to trust absolutely in your master… and I don’t mean simply a great trust, I mean 100%, even more. To be a true generous and disinterested boy you can only trust your master, you can not share that trust with anything or anyone else, not other people and not even yourself, because without your master you are nothing. In fact, you are the most insignificant and pathetic creature of the jungle, a fuckcub without will, without your master you are nothing. You understand?” -Kaa asked.

Mowgli nodded. That lesson was easy, he trusted blindly in Kaa, but now he saw it much more clearly. He could not dilute the trust in Kaa by sharing it with other unworthy people, not even himself. Trusting in himself is what had led he to make mistakes in the past, but it would not happen again, the relationship of slave and master was based on absolute trust and loyalty. -“I just have to trust you, and nothing more than you. Not even in myself, because without my master I am nothing.” -The first lesson was recorded deep in the mind of the adolescent, never to be erased. The little residual trust left in his mind by his old friends and companions disappeared so as not to return, just as the confidence in his own abilities disappeared, dragged by the waves of hypnotic colors that erased all the old things of his mind. He was nothing without Kaa, his only purpose, the only reason for his existence, was to serve Kaa… he was insignificant.

-“All right. The next step is to understand that a good disinterested mancub should get rid of all his selfish desires and everything that can distract him from his task. A good, generous and disinterested puppy does not need to own anything, he just needs what his master gives him. In your case we have already eliminated the absurd fabric that covered you, so half of the work is done… but you still have things to detach…” -

Mowgli listened attentively, as Kaa had commanded him, not taking his eyes off even one second of the intense burst of hypnotic rings before him and illuminating his soul and every corner of his mind, showing him the truth that would change his life without remedy .

As Mowgli listened, something came up again from Kaa’s coil… his penis. Kaa’s penis was hard again in a great throbbing erection that urgently needed to release its load. Kaa’s massive erection rubbed against Mowgli’s soft tanned buttocks… Kaa groaned in anticipation of what would come… the adolescent’s skin was very soft and warm, and the touch against his scaly penis was intoxicating pleasure.

-“You must give me all your body, all your mind, and all your will. To the tiniest fiber of your being… in other words, you must give yourself completely to me. From now on you belong to me, you are an object of my property. Put your hand over your heart and swear it” -said Kaa, snatching Mowgli from his own being.

Even the last hair on Mowgli’s head jerked excitedly as Kaa’s penis seemed to seek something between his buttocks. His body no longer belonged to him but to Kaa, he moved him, he used it, but it no longer belonged to him. Kaa was his owner, and so he had to take care of that body with care, because it was not his property but Kaa, who could do whatever he wanted with him. Like his mind, he would work to always please Kaa. Mowgli’s will buckled, Mowgli no longer had any will of his own, only Kaa’s would prevail. When Mowgli understood, he put his hand to his chest and said:

-“I give myself completely to you, Kaa. My body is yours, my mind is yours and my will, will be what you dictate. I’m just an object that belongs to you.” -At that solemn oath Mowgli felt himself free from burdens, as if a great weight had been lifted from him. There was nothing to distract him from doing his duties, he had finally given himself completely to his master, and he could use his whole being to please Kaa and not himself.

Made this oath, Kaa’s penis found what he had been looking for and penetrated Mowgli’s virgin ass. It almost seemed that Kaa had been waiting for Mowgli to say those words to start the invasion of Mowgli’s interior.

Even in that state of deep hypnotic unconsciousness Mowgli’s body reacted to the entrance of that strange body in his ass. A small spasm, contraction of some muscles and the teen’s toes, along with a small sigh of surprise. But soon everything returned to relax in the body of Mowgli, the hypnosis took care of it. As he had sworn, that body was no longer his own, but Kaa’s… Kaa could do whatever he wanted with the body of the adolescent; Nothing he did was bad or strange, it was only Kaa’s will and he loved to please his master.

At the same time, as Kaa’s formidable dick slipped inside to explore the adolescent’s private cavities, Kaa brought the tip of his tail to Mowgli’s crotch and began to masturbate the teenager to make it easier; Hypnosis would always be stronger if there was a sexual climax. At first Mowgli didn’t react visibly, being too focused on hypnosis, his brainwashing to feel anything more. Anyway, Kaa had every right to do whatever he wanted with his body, Mowgli had nothing to say. Soon Mowgli’s penis extended in all its length in one of his first erections, while the anus of Mowgli was relaxed thanks to the hypnotic help to let enter the whole phallus of Kaa.

-“The third step, Mowgli, is to learn that your needs are sssssssssssssecundaryssssss to those of your master. You live to serve me, have fun and entertain me, and everything else is secondary. You don’t have the right to make demands, you have nothing to say about your life. I control everything. And everything I tell you will enjoy it… Your duty, the only thing for which you were born, is to be my slave, to be my sexual toy, to be hypnotized, and finally my food. You live for me, and only for me. You must promise the rest of your life to me, as my slave, my pet and sex toy.” -Kaa’s intentions were clear, soon Mowgli would be irreversibly a puppet. Kaa paused for a moment as he spoke to his new toy… the moans of pleasure were gradually escaping from his scaly lips as his dick reached the bottom of Mowgli.

At last the whole length of Kaa’s big dick went into Mowgli’s bottom. Mowgli’s ass was no longer resisting penetration as at first, on the contrary, now it was something he wanted… Yes, he liked it, he had not noticed it before because he was confused and his whole attention was devoted to the lessons with the That Kaa was illuminating his life. The sensation of Kaa’s huge cock inside his juicy ass was something… sublime; Yes, at first it had been a little painful, but then like everything Kaa did, it had turned out to be what he most wanted. He felt connected to Kaa at a level unknown to him until then. There was no more generous gesture on his part than to receive his master within.

The way out was much easier… Kaa’s precum and the oil that keeps the giant penis wet helped to lubricate the road. According to Kaa’s penis he was withdrawing from Mowgli’s juicy ass, the teenager felt empty and sad (even at that moment when he was happier than ever), and Mowgli’s ass almost seemed to want to hold Kaa’s penis sucking him, swallowing it to avoid its exit. Luckily for Mowgli’s anxious ass, that newly discovered pleasure returned when Kaa pushed his great phallus back inside the teenager, this time faster thanks to the dripping lubrication. The pace of the entrances and exits was getting bigger, getting faster and stronger…

Mowgli accepted all these words of Kaa willingly. Kaa’s reasons were irrefutable, they were absolute and they made all the sense of the world for Mowgli. Yes, he couldn’t think of his own pleasure or benefit, he had to please others, there was true happiness… Kaa’s needs are priorities, Kaa is a priority in everything. Mowgli now knew his vocation in this life… to serve Kaa, entertain and entertain Kaa; For that I lived. There was nothing to negotiate, nothing to reply, Mowgli understood well that he had nothing to say about his life because he now belonged to Kaa. And Kaa controlled everything and that was wonderful.

-“Ummmm, ohhh.” -Muttered Mowgli, receiving the powerful new sensations of his masturbated penis and penetrated bottom. That pleasure was a gift from Kaa for his obedience, only Kaa could make him feel so good. -“I live only to serve and entertain you. Ummmmmmm ahhhh… I… I… I have no right to demand anything, I have nothing to say about my… ummmm… my life. My duty, the only thing for which I was born, is to be your hypnotized slave, and yo… Hmmmmmmm… your sex toy and finally your food. I promise to be your slave, and your sexual pet the rest of my.. LIFE!!!!!” -Mowgli’s last words rose in a scream of ecstasy after one of Kaa’s penetrations… Kaa’s penetrations were now swift and strong as he found no resistance, and thanks to that force Kaa’s penis touched the sweet point of Mowgli. Mowgli never thought that something like that in that place could feel so good… when Kaa’s penis reached that magic point Mowgli’s body went crazy… a shiver of pleasure ran through the body of the teenager, his hair bristled, his legs contracted and his mind opened even more to the hypnotic colors. A new thrust of Kaa’s penis reached that point, and Mowgli could not contain a small shriek of pleasure, while his mind appreciated that pleasure to Kaa.

Mowgli’s voice was shaky, and he mixed sighs and moans pleasantly as he spoke. That magical pleasure that Kaa was discovering made him much more receptive and grateful for everything Kaa was doing for him… Kaa was giving he the eternal happiness and tranquility, discovering his true vocation, and providing he with his true place in the jungle. In a less profound state of hypnosis Mowgli’s body would have responded to Kaa’s masturbation with the primitive instinct of moving the hip from front to back to seek more pleasure, yet in his deep state of hypnosis Mowgli’s body remained Obediently quiet, not seeking personal pleasure, only receiving what Kaa provided.

Actually, Mowgli did not know much about sex, only that it was something to have babies and that it was an adult thing, as his elders had told him in the pack. And although he had heard rumors that it was a pleasant thing, he had never before been interested in sex. But now he needed to learn to be Kaa’s sexual pet.

On the other hand, Mowgli also understood that his own existence was linked to satisfy Kaa, to serve his master, and that without that… his life made no sense. So that it was logical that Kaa devoured him when that moment comes, he was not afraid… on the contrary, it would be an honor to serve food to his master, that would be his last great service to the snake that had given him so much… that would be a true act of someone generous and disinterested in everything superfluous. I just hoped to live up to it.

Although Mowgli remained rather imperturbable and expressionless before the massage that was receiving his penis, thanks to the hypnosis that kept him calm and attentive to his duty, Kaa could detect that Mowgli was about to reach the climax of his first masturbation… This was due to signs such as a certain trembling in the legs and the different inevitable sounds of pleasure that escaped Mowgli’s lips. Kaa ordered him to endure until he completed his apprenticeship and was a generous and disinterested puppy. In his deep state of hypnosis Mowgli managed to endure what he awakened would have long ago ended. Of course Kaa groaned too, and it was also close to the climax… Mowgli’s ass had turned out to be much more pleasant than he thought. Mowgli’s warm interior walls tightened around the serpent’s penis, fitting perfectly into the shape of the long phallus, squeezing it in unequaled grip, while Kaa’s tail patted Mowgli’s buttocks with every penetration.

-“Ummmmmmmmmm… good mancub, good slave… Ohhhhh… by… last but not least…” - Kaa paused to catch breath and say what he had to say without interruption. - “The last step to be a good, generous and disinterested boy is to leave behind all your previous life, to leave behind everything you once believed, what you thought, your memories… I’m not saying that you forget and erase the memories, no. I mean, your new life begins here and now, everything that happened before no longer matters, they are distant and useless memories of when you were a stupid and selfish puppy, that is not you anymore, that is no longer your life. And you don’t want to go back to your previous life ever, your slave life is what you most want, what you need… you want to be hypnotized forever with me. So you must swear to me eternal loyalty and remove any natural resistance to my hypnosis, you must accept that being hypnotized is your natural state and leaving your mind docile and without barriers to be easily hypnotized.” -with this teaching Kaa put an end to any possible natural or instinctive resistance or rebellion that Mowgli could keep.

Mowgli understood, opened up completely to the hypnosis, more than it already was and felt like the wonderful spell of Kaa penetrated in the last nooks of his being, those places still dark and unenlightened by the grace of Kaa. Hypnosis was his natural state, and Mowgli besieged the greatest pleasure he had ever felt, as if hypnosis now had 100% effectiveness in his mind, it was a subtle but important change.

In the same way, Mowgli realized that his new life required him to leave behind everything he carried with him from his previous life… memories, dreams, desires, thoughts and convictions… he did not need any of that. His previous life was still there, in his memory, in view of any question or request Kaa made about his past, but now it was a distant and distant film with which he had no connection. Now it was the new Mowgli… Mowgli the slave, a generous and disinterested man’s cub under the absolute mastery of his best friend in the world. It was the life I wanted… and it would be so good.

Kaa’s penis was coming out of Mowgli’s ass almost as fast as the colored rings moved in the teenager’s eyes. Mowgli’s mind was busy realizing how his new life would be, but Mowgli’s body was unable to ignore all that pleasure, all those sensations… his juicy ass stuffed by Kaa’s cock, the caress on his dick that Kaa’s tail gave him… Mowgli’s body was sweating from the physical effort to contain all that pleasure… his heart throbbing faster and stronger than after a long hunt, and his body trembled not knowing what all those delicious sensations were. Mowgli was on the edge, but he had to endure… he had to contain all that pleasure because Kaa had ordered him, and because it would be selfish to focus on his own pleasure until Kaa gave him permission, until he was a generous puppy and worthy of the pleasure of Obey Kaa. Despite all the adolescent he smiled… his body collapsed with pleasure, but he smiled, because hypnosis was stronger, as it should be. But even with the great power of hypnosis Mowgli was only a teenager with no previous sexual experience… soon even in that deep trance Mowgli would simply reach the limit. And it could be seen that that limit was close, for Mowgli was panting just as he had been running, his dark skin was covered with a thin layer of sweat, and the teenager’s legs trembled unable to contain themselves.

Kaa’s preseminal fluids and lubricants dripped from Mowgli’s anus and slid down the tanned cheeks of the teen’s butt. A lusty wet sound announced the entrance and exit of Kaa’s penis into the depths of Mowgli. Kaa penetrated with so much intensity the virgin Mowgli ass that even made small jumps to the adolescent seated.

Mowgli was not the only one close to climax… Kaa fucked Mowgli while inside he shouted gratefully to the gods of the jungle for that gift. The tight ass was simply glorious… it seemed tailor-made… Mowgli’s soft, juicy buttocks stroked his long cock every time he came in and came out as if they wanted to hug him. But the best was the interior… the warm interior of Mowgli, a slippery and soft tunnel that fit perfectly to the measure of the “visitor” in a warm embrace. Sometimes he pressed closer, as if he wanted to prevent the “visitor” from leaving; And sometimes the grip was smaller, as if he wanted to facilitate the entrance. Kaa knew he had been very lucky that night… over the years Kaa had fucked many of his preys, but no butt was as fucking as that young mancub. Kaa was going to enjoy these years…

-“Ohhh my… this is amazing.” -Kaa said, unable to hold back a huge growl of pleasure. -“Ah… now… Now say it and you will finally be a generous and selfless mancub, ready to be my slave.” -Said Kaa surrounding Mowgli’s chest with his coils because he knew that once Mowgli fulfilled that the ecstasy would be so intense that Mowgli could not control his physical reaction.

Under normal conditions Mowgli could not even speak of the pleasure that came from his crotch and his anus, that pleasure would block all his senses and abilities. However, in this profound state of hypnosis Mowgli was dominated by Kaa’s teachings, and Mowgli understood consciously and unconsciously that his own pleasure was secondary, and Kaa’s orders and teachings were first, so thanks to the deep trance the young And inexperienced adolescent was able to repress his impulses even in that extreme situation. -“I, Mo… mow-gli…” -Mowgli’s voice sounded shaky at first, but soon he managed to calm himself, because it was not him but his oath to Kaa. So Mowgli’s trembling voice continued. -“I swear absolute loyalty for life over my heart… I completely abandon my old life as a selfish man-CUB!!” -One of the penetrations of Kaa so stimulated Mowgli that he let out a small shout. -“…the only life I want is to be your slave, forever… My natural state is to be a hypnotized slave.” -Once he spoke those words a flash of ecstasy crossed Mowgli’s body from top to bottom, several spasms of pleasure forced the teenager’s back to curl backwards as if to howl, something he did in a certain way when his shouts of pleasure Echoed in the night.

Mowgli ejaculated large streams of semen fell on the branch and into the darkness of the night jungle. With each stream of his sperm Mowgli’s free will was driven out of his body like Mowgli’s seed, leaving Mowgli’s mind as empty as his young balls. If it were not because Kaa had him, Mowgli would collapse without strength.

Kaa also had his moment of lustful ecstasy. The massive erection of the snake exploded leaving its warm viscous seed filling the cavities of Mowgli. Mowgli felt his butt fill with that warm sensation which increased his own pleasure as he ejaculated. Kaa groaned and moaned like a beast in heat as he instinctively continued to swiftly penetrate Mowgli. Kaa’s sperm was too much to be contained inside Mowgli, so it soon began to sprout, slip and fall, dripping onto the branch from Mowgli’s ass. Mowgli had lost his virginity without even knowing what it was.

At last the ecstasy was diminishing, but this had already fulfilled its purpose to further deepen the new knowledge of Mowgli in his interior, and prove to be a clear proof for Mowgli, the enormous pleasure that could be felt when everything was left in the hands of Kaa. If at the beginning of his hypnotic trance Mowgli felt the happiest and most fortunate boy in the jungle, he now knew that he was, and not only the jungle, but the whole world. Now he was a real generous and disinterested guy thanks to Kaa’s teachings… now it was complete. How lucky to have found Kaa, what would the rest of his life have been like if he had not been lucky enough to meet Kaa that night? Mowgli didn’t want to imagine it. Mowgli’s colorful spirals were racing through his eyes, making it clear how deep his trance was.

Kaa backed up so Mowgli could lean back. As Kaa’s loop unwound from Mowgli’s chest, the teenager’s forceless body fell backward onto the back that Kaa had formed with his thick coils. Mowgli lay facing the night sky… that night the sky of the jungle was beautiful, studded with thousands of stars, but the only thing Mowgli saw were the swirling spirals. Those swirling colors were more beautiful than anything, and Mowgli never tired of seeing them again and again. Mowgli’s chest rose and fell rapidly as the teenager gasped for the fresh air of the jungle… his lungs demanded air, and his young athletic body began to show the effects of fatigue. Mowgli’s tanned skin glowed sweaty and seductive in the moonlight as the teenager’s arms fell backward, devoid of youthful strength. But Mowgli wouldn’t change that moment for anything in the world… what had happened was simply glorious, whether he had lost his will and his personality, that he was now the brainless slave of a lustful snake, that had been the best moment of his short life, and nothing could change that, as nothing could change his destiny. In one way or another, all adolescents sought strong and exciting experiences, and this had been Mowgli’s, he had paid a heavy price, but he was not aware and even if it was not enough it would have mattered. Life with Kaa would be wonderful.

It could really be said that Mowgli had gotten what he wanted, now he would live in the jungle forever… Bagheera and the pack of wolves will never find him, and Mowgli will no longer have to worry about Shere Khan… he will not have to worry about anything anymore. Maybe it was not like Mowgli had planned, but who cares? What Mowgli had planned, what he had wanted… now no longer matters. Who wants a dull life of survival, however free you may be, when you can be an eternally happy slave?

Kaa looked at his new toy knowing that he had won, and no one could take Mowgli… those changes were perpetual, Mowgli would be owned by Kaa wherever he went and whatever happened, and the best thing was that the boy was happy to be. The old Mowgli grumpy and stubborn, had said his last goodbye, and the new docile and helpful Mowgli had arrived to stay. Kaa stopped his hypnotic spirals and rubbed his eyes… putting his hypnosis to that power was something really hard and tired, but it was necessary… of course that Mowgli’s brainwashing was not over now, it was necessary to reeducate him in many things, To be the perfect slave, but the base was already made. In the next few days he would have to educate Mowgli on how to exercise and feed himself to have a healthy body, how to appropriately serve his master, and many other aspects that Mowgli would learn in the coming weeks. But that could wait…

Kaa was tired but wanted to try out his new toy before they both went to rest and wait for the first day of Mowgli’s new life.

-“How do you feel Mowgli?” -Kaa asked.

-“Better than ever! Thank you my master.” -Mowgli replied obediently, though panting. Certainly Mowgli had never felt so well as at that moment… if he had gathered all the happy moments of his previous life and put them next to that moment, his previous life would lose… his previous life, all the memories of his family and friends… everything now seemed far away, monotonous and gray.

-“Stand up Mowgli.” -He ordered the exhausted teenager. Even in that state of extreme exhaustion Mowgli was unable to ignore his master’s orders. Slowly and with great effort Mowgli was able to drop from the Kaa’s comfortable coils to the branch… for a few seconds Mowgli staggered unbalanced, but thanks to the help of Kaa soon could stand up and ready to fulfill Kaa’s will, even In his lamentable state. Mowgli’s penis was still semi-erect, and a thin thread of semen hung from the tip of his penis until it finally dripped onto the branch. In the same way, as he stood up, Mowgli’s buttocks dripped Kaa’s copious semen… a few drops fell directly on the branch from his backside, and other droplets slid down his youthful mules, dropping little by little.

-“Well, mancub. Look at the mess! You have soiled the tree with your semen, clean it… with your tongue.” -Said Kaa pointing down at the streams of cum that had fallen on the branch they were on. Mowgli took a moment to understand what Kaa meant with “his semen”, but thanks to Kaa’s kindness to point to the branch Mowgli knew what he meant. Without a word Mowgli bent down and began to lick the branch of the tree which, fortunately for his tongue, was a smooth bark tree. The drops and semen stains were salty in Mowgli’s tongue, a strong, strange taste, but that did not matter. He only knew Kaa had told him to do that, and he would.

Kaa burst out laughing to see the slim human and formerly proud to humble himself in that way. He laughed and laughed, while mocking Mowgli, who accepted everything Kaa called great truths about his condition.

Somehow the semen that stained the tree, didn’t taste like the semen of his master Kaa. The seed of his master was sweet and delicious as the sticky juice of a ripe fruit… this semen, as it was his, tasted different… but that was not bad. It couldn’t be bad if Kaa had ordered it, Mowgli knew it and so he was happy to obey Kaa in everything.

Kaa kept laughing amused to see the proud, slender mancub kneeling in a pathetic position as he licked excitedly the remains of his first orgasm, eager to please his new master.

-“Hahahaha, look at you. You used to be an athletic boy who thought he could survive only in the jungle… and now you’re a pathetic slave. My own slutcub. And you love to be!” -Kaa said as he scowled at Mowgli’s ass.

-“If I love! I love being your slave.” -Mowgli answered cheerfully as he finished licking the semen that covered the branch. Once the task Kaa had commanded him, Mowgli sat on his knees waiting for further instructions.

-“In the next few days I will teach you everything necessary to be my slave, and become a slutcub horny. A whore for my fun Do you like the idea?” -

-“Yes, I love Kaa, I look forward to being able to please you.” -He replied obediently as a good pet would. Kaa smiled happily at the great capture that night… it is very possible that Mowgli was the best prey he had hunted… and the easiest to master. The snake watched as Mowgli looked smiling and happy as a dog would look at his master; And that gave Kaa an idea.

-“Well Mowgli, let’s play a little.” -Kaa laughed. -“You’re a dog now.”

No more was needed. Those simple words were enough to change everything. A chill ran down Mowgli’s back as his muscles contracted into a rigid pose as his mind reorganized at Kaa’s desire. Externally nothing was happening, but in Mowgli’s mind everything was changing… Mowgli felt as if his body were covering by hair, as if walking on all fours was natural for him… after a few seconds Mowgli stopped being human, he was a dog, as Kaa said.

-“Woofff wooffff” -Mowgli barked, pulling out his tongue and cheerfully moving his tail, a tail that was only in his mind, but which to him was as real as the branch on which he stood.

This was not a simple performance. For the teenager that transformation was real… Kaa was absolute master of Mowgli’s mind so that he could modify anything so that for Mowgli it would really look like.

Somehow Kaa had fulfilled one of Mowgli’s greatest wishes. Ever since he had been using reason, Mowgli had always wanted to be a wolf instead of a human. He had always wanted to be like his brothers and sisters in the pack of wolves, to run like them, to hunt like them and to be like them instead of being so different. Being human had only brought problems, he didn’t have the same abilities as his brothers, and that had made him different, the strange boy… if he had been a wolf nobody would have wanted to expel him from the jungle. So, although this was not exactly what Mowgli had imagined, he loved being Kaa’s dog. Kaa was undoubtedly the best friend he could have, a friend who uses his powers to give him this magnificent gift.

Mowgli had leaned forward, resting his hands on the branch, so that he was on all fours. He was panting like a dog and his hip moved as if he had a tail.

“Wooofff woffff.” -Mowgli continued barking happily to be with his master like a faithful dog who claims the attention of his master.

“Ohhhh, who’s a good dog?” -Said Kaa, stroking Mowgli’s long black hair as if stroking a dog’s ears. - “Who’s a good stupid dog? You are, of course, you are a stupid dog.” -

-“Wooofff! Wooff!” -Mowgli barked, glad to feel the cool, soft touch of Kaa’s coil as he stroked his back until it reached his tail. Kaa’s coil lingered on Mowgli’s butt and luxuriously caressed his buttocks, but to Mowgli those caresses were completely innocent, his owner stroking his tail just as a good obedient dog liked it. Mowgli was happy and full of energy! Actually Mowgli’s body was exhausted, but in his state Mowgli felt he had the energy of a playful puppy.

Kaa turned his face to Mowgli with the intention of watching more closely as his tail stroked the teenager’s bare back until it reached his juicy bottom. But Kaa did not realize that Mowgli now thought like a dog, so when Kaa’s face was near the mancub it happened that Mowgli came to lick Kaa’s muzzle like a dog would do to his beloved master.

Mowgli’s tongue slid over Kaa’s muzzle and face, licking Kaa’s soft skin before the snake ran away laughing at the ticklishness. At first Mowgli was glad to hear as his owner laughed at his licks, but immediately saw Kaa change the expression to an expression of indignation.

-“Bad boy! bad Dog!” -Kaa said firmly. - “You must treat your master with more respect. You can only lick what I say, when I tell you.” -

Mowgli’s heart almost stopped with embarrassment, he had offended his owner. It was a bad dog! The smile on Mowgli’s face disappeared and was replaced by an expression of sadness. The teen-dog shrugged for fear of the scolding that Kaa was throwing at him. To hide his embarrassment Mowgli ducked his head toward the branch and hid his face with his front paws as he let out groans of sadness.

Kaa smiled at the comic reaction, enjoying seeing the proud human act like a repentant dog. Humans are pathetic creatures that are only worthy of being manipulated and this was the proof.

-“Ohhh, poor little dog. Don’t be sad, easy, easy.” -Kaa’s tail began to caress Mowgli’s head again, scratching the dog’s ears and then sliding down Mowgli’s back until it reached his butt and back again. - “I’m not angry with you, my dear pet. But I have to teach you discipline so that you are not a bad dog.” -

Kaa’s caresses reassured Mowgli. Kaa was no longer angry with him? Timidly Mowgli discovered his face and looked up to see Kaa smile at him. It filled Mowgli’s heart with joy. -“Wooofff” Mowgli barked softly for reconciliation. Of course he understood now, Kaa was educating him to be a good dog, so Kaa must be a firm master… Mowgli was grateful that Kaa was trying to get him on the right track. Being a good owner of a mischievous pet like him should be a difficult task.

-“Well, I think we should practice some tricks. Don’t you think Mowgli?” -Said Kaa.

-“Wooooffff” Mowgli answered affirmatively. Of course Mowgli understood Kaa’s words even though he now reasoned like a dog, because it was necessary to understand what Kaa said to fulfill his orders.

-“Sit down.” -

Mowgli obeyed without hesitation and sat on the branch as one of his brothers or Bagheera would have done, as if his usual posture was to be on all fours. With the front legs firmly placed on the branch and back as straight as possible Mowgli watched his master waiting for new orders.

-“Very well” -Kaa said, rewarding Mowgli with a new caress.

-“Now, beg.” -Kaa ordered.

Mowgli understood and immediately raised his hands up to the height of his neck and just as a dog would start begging to put on a good puppy face.

Kaa could not help laughing again at how ridiculous Mowgli looked in that situation. Mowgli thought he was a real dog, but anyone looking at him now would see a naked teenager, his eyes swirling in colorful spirals, sitting like a dog and begging to please a snake. Luckily there was no one else besides Kaa who could see Mowgli’s shame.

-“Good boy, good boy.” -Kaa laughed. -“Ummmm, from now on every time I say “good boy” you will feel a wave of pleasure running through your body as a reward for obeying. You have understood?” -

-“Woooofff”, mumbled Mowgli happily that Kaa would reward his good behaviour, though he was already happy to obey without further incentive than the simple pleasure of carrying out his master’s orders.

-“Good boy” -Kaa said, smirking.

As soon as he heard that command Mowgli felt a great sensation of pleasure flooding his body and his senses. -“WOOOOOOOFFFFFF” -Mowgli barked in ecstasy as his flaccid penis grew hard again despite the fact that he had recently had the greatest orgasm of his life. It was impossible for Mowgli to restrain himself and he cumming over the branch spilling several streams of semen while moaning for the pleasure with which Kaa rewarded him. Mowgli’s youthful strength was evident from the rapidity with which his body regained sexual vigor, a young and healthy body perfect for sexual pleasure.

-“Errrrrr… well, well. But you better not cum every time I say it. I prefer to reserve your sexual vigor for other things. Do you understand?” -Said Kaa.

-“Wooooffff” Mowgli barked, sticking out his tongue as he gasped. That pleasure had been wonderful, obeying Kaa was a reward in itself, but this was a wonderful thing. Kaa was a very generous master.

-“Good boy”. -Kaa repeated to see the effect.

Mowgli groaned again and barked intensely as an orgasm filled his body in glorious ecstasy. His body had not been stimulated in any way, but hypnosis was able to make it real and intense. This time Mowgli didn’t ejaculate, his penis jumped into a small spasm, but not a drop of semen left the penis, thus fulfilling Kaa’s will and reserving the teenager’s seed.

-“Okay, let’s get on with the tricks.” -Kaa said as Mowgli barked with that idea.

Kaa ordered Mowgli to perform many tricks typical of a domestic dog, which he had seen spying on other humans playing with their pets. The snake spent several minutes having fun with this, watching as Mowgli fulfilled every one of his orders without hesitation, happy to indulge and bark happily all the while. So Kaa ordered Mowgli to give the hand, to play dead, to chase his tail, to roll over, to jump through a hoop that Kaa had made with his tail, etc. The snake found it very exciting to see how the young man put all his efforts into doing the best possible those tricks without knowing how humiliating that was for him really.

Finally, Kaa tore off a small thin branch from the tree and removed the leaves so that it was a perfect stick to throw.

-“Do you want to get the stick?! Do you want to catch the stick?!” -Kaa waved the stick in front of Mowgli as if that were the most exciting thing in the world. Mowgli replied barking with pure joy and waving his body from side to side.

Kaa threw the stick at the end of the branch and Mowgli ran on all fours toward the stick, as if it were a valuable prize. When he got to where he was, Mowgli grabbed the stick with his mouth and took it back to Kaa after shaking it from side to side and nibbled.

-“Good boy” -Kaa said, and then the pleasure that Mowgli felt every time he heard those wonderful words that not only reminded him that he was a good dog, but rewarded him actively.

-“Once again.” -Said Kaa throwing the stick again, but this time he did it with too much force and the stick fell beyond the branch, although that didn’t care too much to Mowgli that fired to catch the stick before Kaa could stop it. Mowgli was not able to think the consequences of his actions so he jumped behind the stick to catch him even though doing that was jumping into space.

At full speed Kaa reacted and with one of his loops grabbed Mowgli’s ankle stopping his fall. Kaa’s heart pounded, if he had not reacted in time he would have lost his new toy.

Kaa lifted Mowgli up again. The unconscious teenager had managed to catch the stick in the air and hold it in his mouth while Kaa held him face down by the ankle while Mowgli nibbled on the stick and growled shaking the stick as if that stick were a freshly captured prey.

Kaa was going to scold Mowgli, but when he saw how comical he was in that position, suspended upside down, with his arms and free leg dangling, nibbling on the stick ignorant of the danger he had run, all Kaa could do was laugh while he left Mowgli again on the branch.

This time Kaa didn’t reward Mowgli with a “good boy”, but he didn’t seem to care too much for Mowgli, who was too busy nibbling the stick like a bone.

-“Leave that Mowgli.” -Kaa ordered the teenager’s attention. Immediately Mowgli looked up to see his master ignoring the stick that had entertained him so much.

-“Now is the time for you to use your tongue with me.” -Kaa’s cock began to come out of the cleft where it hid, hard and erect like a rock Kaa placed his huge penis in front of the hypnotized teenager. Mowgli began to salivate as Kaa’s great penis became hard, even in his dog state Mowgli remembered how much he liked sucking and licking Kaa’s penis.

-“Come on” -Said Kaa, giving Mowgli permission to begin.

Mowgli pounced on Kaa’s penis like a dog eager to eat his food ration, and began to lick Kaa’s pink dick. It was hot, soft and wet… Mowgli could feel Kaa’s cock throbbing excitedly when it was put into his mouth. He really loved how Kaa’s massive penis filled his whole mouth until it took his breath away, as it glided easily down his throat thanks to the oily tasty liquid that lubricated it… And its taste was out of this world. Mowgli was the luckiest dog in the world to lick his master.

-“Ohhhhhh. Yes ma… MANCUB… k… keep it… UP!!!” -Kaa sighed, moaned and moved his penis back and forth to enhance the work Mowgli was doing.

Mowgli gently swallowed the preseminal liquid of his master as if it were a sweet nectar, massaging with his lips and his tongue every inch of the great phallus and enjoying listening as Kaa moaned, knowing that Kaa enjoyed that filled the young heart of joy with Mowgli, who just wanted to please Kaa.

-"OH… OHHHH… YESSSSS… GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY!!! -Kaa shouted into the night as his new pet sucked on his warm narrow mouth.

Mowgli heard the command and immediately felt like an orgasm believed inside… Mowgli’s penis held back so as not to ejaculate as the pleasure and excitement spread through Mowgli’s body putting goose bumps on the teenager and bristling his hair while groaning He too.

-"GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY!!! -Kaa repeated, not realizing that every time he said those words, Mowgli’s ecstasy doubled.

Mowgli was at the limit of madness every time Kaa told him that he was a good boy a hypnotic orgasm filled Mowgli’s senses… and repeating it so often in succession the pleasure that was accumulating in Mowgli’s young body was too much. Mowgli wanted to ejaculate too much, wanted to cum… he needed to cum like hell. He needed an outlet for all that contentment or he’d go crazy. Mowgli’s body gave clear signs that he could not stand it anymore… he sweated, Mowgli’s penis ached and moans accompanied the spasms of pleasure.

For his part, Kaa, was also at the limit, at any moment the snake would cum in the warm mouth of Mowgli… Kaa’s penis now came in and out quickly and violently of the teenager’s mouth while Kaa growled and groaned in pleasure… fortunately for Mowgli Kaa noticed his situation and just as he was about to reach the climax Kaa ordered:

-“CUM!” -That word was the detonator of the explosion of content pleasure… Kaa and Mowgli ejaculated at the same time large jets of their sticky and salty cargo. Mowgli poured his seed over the branch again, and Kaa filled Mowgli’s mouth and throat with his cum… but Kaa ejaculated too great a burden even for the eager adolescent to swallow every drop of his master’s delicious semen. Mowgli’s cheeks swelled full of semen, and from the corner of his mouth the white liquid surged.

Kaa pulled the penis out of Mowgli’s mouth to give he space to swallow, but just the last loads of Kaa were fired at Mowgli directly impacting his handsome face, smearing him with semen.

Mowgli was in paradise… this orgasm had been even better than during his brainwashing and Kaa’s cum filled his whole mouth and face… the teenager lick his lips wanting to swallow more and more of that delicious substance while at the same time treating Of filling their lungs with fresh air with a slight aroma of sex.

Of course Mowgli ejaculated many times giving a new test of his juvenile fertility, although once the orgasm finished Mowgli collapsed on the branch without forces… Mowgli fell on his own semen, thus staining his abdomen with the hot liquid… he did not mind being Stained with his own seed and Kaa’s, apart from being a dog, Mowgli knew he was a whore in the service of Kaa.

That orgasm had left him exhausted, Mowgli breathed deeply as if his lungs did not take enough oxygen… he would have fainted right there if it were not for the depth of his trance. The spirals of color burned in his eyes at a devilish speed… Mowgli smiled, unable to do anything but worship Kaa with his whole being.

Kaa also felt his strength weaken after that orgasm of mythical proportions and decided to take a break and continue tomorrow. Without saying anything, Kaa lifted Mowgli out of the pool of semen on which he lay and sat him leaning against the tree trunk, Mowgli of course did not resist, but let himself be manipulated like a toy that is returned to the shelf behind Have finished playing Mowgli smiled… he smiled and smiled… his only function while Kaa did not use him and humiliated him was to smile because in his mind there was nothing more than pure and unconscious happiness and colors.

-“Now you’re a mancub again.” -said Kaa.

Kaa tore off one of the large leaves of the tree and used it to wipe away the still wet semen that stained his little new toy, tomorrow he would wash he more thoroughly, but now it would be enough. Kaa cleaned as much as he could to Mowgli, who had been covered almost completely by their semen.

Once Kaa finished cleaning Mowgli, he threw the blade to the jungle floor. Mowgli enjoyed the joy that the trance gave him, looking smiling at the endless sea of colors that stretched out in front of him. His arms fell forcelessly as did his legs astride the branch.

-“Well, Mowgli, I think it’s time to rest. Cross your legs over the branch.” -Said Kaa. Mowgli obeyed without a word and Kaa began to wrap Mowgli in a cocoon made with his coils. -“You were a good boy and…” -Mowgli moaned again and his body contracted with pleasure at the command, that hypnotic trigger. «“Tomorrow I’ll have to erase that command”» -Kaa thought, realizing how easy it would be to unintentionally activate that.

-“You have become a good obedient slave, and tomorrow we will have even more fun, but now it is bedtime. So, sleep in peace Mowgli.” -

“Thank you, master.” -Said Mowgli yawning as his heavy eyelids fell closed after so long, standing awake beyond his strength. Mowgli rested his cheek against Kaa’s coils that had been wrapped tightly around his neck, sealing the cocoon that enveloped him and enjoyed the comfort his master offered kindly. He had never slept on anything so comfortable and soft as he thought, and his last thoughts before falling into a deep hypnotic dream were to thank Kaa how wonderful his life would be from now on. Fortunately, even with his eyes closed, and even in dreams, those beautiful and changing colors were always with him reminding him how wonderful his master was.

Mowgli began to breathe deeply, already had fallen asleep deep, more deeply than he had ever slept with the wolf pack before… there was no need to stay alert, there was no need to worry about anything… Kaa was with him. Of course Kaa was with him, Kaa stared at the wrapped young man who smiled softly without knowing how he had changed his life in a single night… Kaa’s laughter broke the silence of the night, and savored his victory. Tomorrow would be the beginning of a new life for Mowgli.


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