The Martianman-Hunter

By Gregory22
published December 20, 2018
4245 words

To enslave the entire League, Peterson has to deal with Martian Manhunter first.

Peterson’s POV

It was Wednesday 9:50 p.m., and I was standing outside of my supermarket.

I hypnotized and later enslaved a handsome butler using my acoustic device two days ago, and then found out that he worked for Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), whose mind was then ensnared later that day by me as well. For the last two days I had fully conditioned Batman, leeching off all his free will from his mind. It was hard work working against his backup plans, but with the help of his butler, I succeeded.

I became the newly hired assistant butler and supplier for the Wayne family. Both the butler and his master thought that I had Bruce’s best interest in mind, and would do whatever I demanded. Tonight was a little test of my control over Batman.

When I was thinking about how to proceed my bigger plan to enslave the entire Justice League, a limousine came into view. Driving into the parking lot, my dedicated butler rolled down the window, greeted me, and opened the car for Bruce Wayne to come out.

“Master Bruce, I am glad you are on time.” I said cheerfully, shaking hands with him.

“Yes, Mr.Peterson. I obey your orders because you have my interest on mind.” The handsome playboy fresh from a party replied, a bulge already beginning to form in his pants. I had conditioned him to associate his compliance to me with his lust, and it was obviously working.

It was past 10 p.m. when I lead him into the market. The supermarket was already closed, only some male staff were checking around. With a hit on my phone, they froze for a moment and then turned to me, their vacant eyes following us.

“Go with me.” I said to Batman, meanwhile unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was already wet and semi-hard. Batman moaned loudly, totally unaware of other people around.

Wrapping his cock in my hand and slowly stroking it along the way, I lead him to the the center of the market.

“Come here, staff.” I spoke to them, “I think Bruce would like to serve you.”

All five members came to the spot, and all took off their pants and underwear when ordered. Their throbbing cocks pointed at Batman, and he felt a rush of desire down his spine.

I carefully observed him. Bruce looked at all the cocks in front of him, his mouth watering. Yes, I had fully converted his interest.

“Time to serve the Gotham people, Bruce.” I suggested. Without further encouragement, Batman knelt down, and took one erect cock in his mouth, his hands taking turns stroking other ones.

“This is for Gotham’s interest.” He repeated in between the blowjobs, voice becoming more and more hoarse and aroused, and each time he said the words, all staff repeated together: “This is for Gotham’s interest.” Batman’s cock throbbed with excitement with the chorus, his mind absorbing the command deeper and deeper.

I demanded him to keep his posture, and soon all the staff and I were masturbating around him. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, the six of us exploded our seeds onto Batman’s face together, and this caused Bruce to lose his control as well, shooting his semen to the ground.

“That’s right boy, now clean our cocks with your tongue.” I ordered, and Bruce followed my command willingly, knowing that he served the Gotham people well tonight.

“It’s time for your night patrolling now, Bat. Be careful and don’t get yourself hurt.” I pulled up my pants and said to Bruce. He nodded, mixed cum still on his face.

The conditioning of Batman was complete. Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth had become my willing slaves in and out of the manor. With their help, I could start to convert Justice League superheroes.

Two Days Later

With the Batcave now available for me, I could use its info to plot my plans.

Telling Batman that “only by knowing all your colleagues will I be able to serve your interest to the best”, I was introduced to the info of all superheroes of the Justice League. As Batman stood in front of me, exposing all his fellow superheroes’ strengths and weaknesses to me, only the upper half of his Batsuit was on, with me continuously stroking his organ and cementing my control over him, thinking which one of the superheroes should be taken down next. All these heroes seemed hot for me.

When Batman told me about the abilities of the Martian Manhunter, I grew anxious at once. Martian Manhunter, a Martian progeny, had the ability of telepathy, and could read the mind of anyone on earth from the JL Watchtower. The muscular alien stood a frightening 6’ 7'', and had green skin from up down. His glowing red eyes hinted his incredible power.

“Could he be reading our minds right now?” I asked Batman at once, afraid that he had known what was happening all along.

“Highly unlikely, master.” Batman replied, “He respects human privacy, and has vowed not to use his telepathy powers excessively.”

“Good.” I sat back, thinking about the condition. If I were to enslave every member of the Justice League, this Martian Manhunter, or J’onn J’onzz, needed to be taken down first in case his telepathic ability came in the way.

“What are his other powers and weaknesses, Batman?” I asked.

“Super strength, super speed, ability to fly, shape-shifting, and phasing.” He answered, “His powers have helped us a lot before. But he has an intrinsic fear toward fire, although it has been somewhat alleviated now.”

“Fire? A superhero mighty as him is afraid of fire?” I was intrigued at once.

“Yes master. Most of his powers will be…uh…canceled in the presence of fire, including mind-reading.” Canceled, I thought to myself, good.

“How about Martian physiology? Is it vastly different from human?” I asked, wondering if my ultrasonic device would work on him.

“Yes, he…has very different physiology from human.” Batman answered, panting a little with my hand continuously stroking him.

So my usual tricks would not be working on him, I thought. Sad news.

“What does he do in his spare time? Does he visit earth a lot?” I asked.

“No, simultaneously receiving thoughts from too many people would wear him out, so he refrains himself from frequent visit to Earth. He tends to spend his spare time doing meditation and talking to other superheroes in the Watchtower. However, he formed a romantic relationship with a female human once, but it did not last long.”

Meditation…that’s interesting, and the existence of a previous relationship proved that he was not that dissimilar from humans after all, I thought to myself, a plan forming in my mind.

I rang the bell, and very soon the butler went down, wearing his professional butler suit, with his penis hanging out from his unzipped pants.

“What do you need, master?” Alfred politely asked.

“Well, I have a plan for you two.” I said, “and this is for your interest.”

Upon hearing the trigger, both Batman and the butler fell silent at once, their eyes glazed over.

I looked at the duo and smiled. Now for a little manipulation of their memories…

Alfred’s POV

I was unsure if Martian Manhunter would accept our invitation to have Christmas dinner with us. He had never been to the Wayne Manor before. However, I felt this was best for my master’s interest, he deserved more friendships.

As I sat myself in the Batcave, looking through Batman’s vision through his eyepiece, I could see the alien hunk coming into sight. The conference on JL Watchtower was over, and now every one was going back to their duties.

“John,” When no one else was around, my master said, “I am inviting you to have Christmas dinner with us at the Wayne Manor, could you make time?”

Judging by his look, Martian Manhunter seemed a bit surprised: Batman did not have a reputation of inviting others to his city, not to mention his manor. Before he could voice his confusion, Bruce said: “It was Alfred’s idea. Said I could use more real company.”

"Alright alright, "The muscular alien said with a warm smile and deep voice, “As the only human immune to my telepathy, you know anything with you is different, Bat. I’ll come.”

Then I heard a voice in my mind. It was the voice of the Martian, and I was amazed by his telepathic power, “Thank you for the invitation, Mr.Pennyworth. I’ll be at the Wayne Manor at around 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, does that sound alright?”

“Of course, sir.” I replied in my mind, genuinely happy to provide some comfort for the lonely Martian as well, “Master Grayson is having his Christmas in Bludhaven, so it would be lonely for us as well. We’ll be expecting you.”

After one second, the martian replied in my mind, “I sense your sincerity in your mind. It’s very nice of you, Mr. Pennyworth. Batman sure has a good butler.”

“Why,” I smiled, “thank you, sir.”

Then the voice disappeared, and I unconsciously touched my eyeglasses, its hidden camera must be recording now, I thought, it’s necessary to archive everything.

Christmas Eve

As I was finishing preparing the table, the intercom at the front door rang. Through the monitor, I saw the big green-skinned hunk standing at the door. However, unlike his usual superhero attire, he wore a black leather jacket, dark trousers and shoes, and a green shirt with a red “X” pattern on the chest.

“Mr.Pennyworth, I’ve come to your door.” A warm voice in my mind said.

“Master Bruce, will you open the door for our Martian guest? He’s at the front door now.”

“Alright, he must have phased through the gate.” Came the reply through the parlor.

“Batman, Bruce, you, uh…” As I was coming out from the dining room, I saw them greeting each other, and Martian Manhunter was a little surprised with how Bruce looked, “you are only wearing pajamas.”

“Yes, pajamas. They are comfortable, Alfred said it’s for my interest.” Bruce answered.

Something clicked in my mind. “Yes, it’s for his interest.” I immediately followed the lead, “Superheroes need to relax in the manor. Mister…uh…”

“Just call me John please. My Earth name is John Jones.” The Martian said, handing me a bottle of wine, “Here’s a little gift, merry Christmas.”

As I offered to take his jacket, John smiled and the jacket simply disappeared, leaving only the shirt on his upper body. How fantastic. I took the wine, and lead them to the dining room.

As they were entering the room, John noticed fire that we lit earlier burning in the furnace.

“Bat, the fire…You know I am not afraid of them anymore, but I will lose my powers with them!” John said, his voice suddenly upset and anxious. He turned his face away from it.

“Calm down John, we all have furnace fire in our homes during Christmas, it’s an earth thing.” Master Bruce said, “It’s safe in here, so isolating yourself a little from your abilities won’t do any harm.”

John stood there, for a moment I thought he was gonna leave. But he signed and said, “Well, now I have lost my powers. At this distance, I can’t even read Mr.PennyWorth’s mind now.”

“It will be alright, John. Just relax, if anything happens, the Watchtower will inform us.” Batman said in an uncharacteristically cheerful tone. “You could also use this time to further get over your fear with fire.”

The Martian paused for a second and said, “I never knew you were this…relaxed and easygoing here, Bat. It must be good to have a home.”

“What are you talking about?” Batman comforted his friend, “Earth is your home. We welcome you.” With the words, Bruce took the host chair, and John could only choose to sit in the other chair near the fire. “Alfred, please serve your dishes.”

Three hours later

As Bruce and John finished their dinner and wine, I put all the dishes away before turning back to check on them.

My master seemed to be going along well with our guest, John was comfortably sitting in a chair near the furnace, watching TV with Bruce. His fear of fire seemed to have vanished.

“For once, not having to hear the thoughts of people around is relaxing.” He said, “Thanks for inviting me here, Bat.”

“No problem, my friend. You know, Christmas, the earth thing…” Master Bruce answered.

“Yeah, the earth thing…” John repeated. During the meal, they had talked a lot about traditions on Earth, clearly our Martian friend hadn’t known much about them although he had a romantic relationship with a human once.

“Sir, it’s time for our post-dinner meditation.” I said to Master Bruce, muted the TV and sat myself in a chair across them, “And John, I welcome you to join us in the process, it’s an Earth thing.”

“Alright then.” The Martian casually agreed, “Earth thing, right?”

“Right. Now gentlemen, I want you both to close your eyes…”

Peterson’s POV

“Right. Now gentlemen, I want you both to close your eyes…” I heard Alfred saying, and saw both Batman and Martian Manhunter closing their eyes.

Well, time for a change of plans. I thought to myself, the initial plan was simply to exclude the Martian from getting into my way, but thinking twice, the alien hunk had his particular charm as well. And since he had lost his telepathy power, I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away. I would be the Martianman-Hunter. So when they were having dinner together, I drove myself to the Wayne Manor.

Now, all three of them had closed their eyes, and the Martian had lost the ability to mind-read me, it was time to enslave this friendly and hunky superhero.

I stood outside the manor, beginning to do my job.

“Relax and keep your eyes closed, this is for your interest. Just listen to my voice as I guide you through the meditation…”

I said in Alfred’s voice through his butler tie, and immediately both the master and the butler relaxed. With his eyes closed, the Martian did not notice anything.

"Breath in…breath out…

Through Alfred’s eyeglasses, I could see that the Martian had followed the orders. Well, Earth thing, right? I smirked.

"Feel more relaxed as your breaths slow down. Take time to inhale and exhale, and feel how calm you are right now…

"Feel your environment, feel how comfortable you are now, no worrying at all…

"You can be more comfortable, you want to be more accepting to the environment, having no judgments…

"Embrace your acceptance, this is an Earth thing, to be more relaxed, more accepting…

I could see the Martian’s breath had slowed down in sync with Batman, which was a good start. This meditation was working. The telepathist’s profound experience with meditation made him susceptible to this approach, and that would be his downfall.

The association between the phrase Earth thing and obeying it had slowly formed inside the Martian’s mind. Earlier I had suggested to Bruce that he would subconsciously use this phrase several times during the meal, starting small, like “visiting friends at Christmas is an Earth thing”, to more aggressive ones later, like “following your host when you are a guest in an Earth thing.”

Because the Martian was not familiar with such trivial things on Earth, he subconsciously accepted the logic, and started to associate this phrase with automatic agreement.

I continued to guide them. "Now, slowly take your upper clothes off, feel the gentle air on your belly…your waist…your chest…your neck…and your head…

This order might sound abrupt, but the Martian had often fought shirtless, with only a cape and a cross on his upper body. So it would not appear problematic for him, and it could lead to more desirable consequences later. What a slippery slope.

I was right. The Martian did not find it strange at all. With a smile on his face, the green shirt disappeared from the Martian’s upper body, I was amazed to see how strong his body was. The strong chest and abs were slowly moving with his breaths.

The host and butler followed my orders as well. Unfastening the buttons on his pajamas, Bruce did not wear anything underneath. He smoothly discarded it, exposing his naked upper body in air. Alfred, in trance as well, took off his vest and shirt.

Now, all three men inside the room were topless, their breaths in sync, and awaiting further instructions by me. Their trousers were still on, but bulges were forming on Batman and Alfred’s, for they had being conditioned to associate being hypnotized with horniness.

"Your mind want to be more relaxed, to get rid of negative thoughts.

"Now, imagine the rest of your clothes as your negative thoughts and worries.

"Take them off…everything…and with every garment, you dispose more of your negative thoughts and worries…

Obeying my order, Bruce and Alfred began to took off their remaining clothes. But my eyes were set on the Martian. Layer by layer, the black trousers, black shoes, brown socks and, finally, green brief, disappeared from the Martian’s body, exposing his muscular thighs, legs. And above all, a mouth-watering 6 inch uncut monster laying between his legs. It was very similar to human cock, but obviously larger in size. How had he concealed this monster earlier?

The Martian had become more and more accepting of receiving orders during the process, and now the unsuspecting superhero had become fully naked both mentally and physically.

But it was not time to show myself yet.

"You want to relax even more, to be more accepting, but your mind is judging everything, getting in the way…

"Now imagine a box, a dark black box with a lock, you open it with a key…

"The box is so solid that nothing could escape from it… Put your judgmental mind into the box, only in this way can you have true acceptance…

"Close the box and lock it up, your mind is now in the box, away from you…

"Give me the key, you won’t need it anymore…It’s an Earth thing

With an exhale, the mind of Martian Manhunter was locked away; his body fully was relaxed, and sank into the chair.

I walked in, looking at the beautiful unconscious naked Martian in front of me, feeling my erection could burst any time. I had conquered him in spite of his mind-reading powers.

In the room were the butler, who I controlled first, sitting on the sofa, eyes glazed over, and his risen dick was pointing at his former master, who was also having an erection. Both men were waiting for orders now.

And then there’s the Martian that had lost all his mind-reading powers, now totally naked, his body for me to explore.

“Listen to me, follow my voice…” I said through Alfred’s voice, "now your mind is locked away, you do not judge what is happening. It’s an Earth thing…

“Repeat. It’s an Earth thing…” I demanded.

“It’s an Earth thing…” The Martian followed my order, and came the deep voice like velvet.

“Open your eyes, John.” I said, and he opened his glowing red eyes. “Tell me what you see now. Remember, no judgments.”

“I see a male stranger standing in front of me. I see Batman and Alfred sitting there, and they are both naked. Their clothes are around them. I see the furnace fire burning.” He answered my question, and since he had lost the ability to judge, nothing would seem strange to him now.

“Address me as ‘Master’, John. It’s an Earth thing.” I said before stepping close and took his cock in my hands. “Tell me what I am doing to you. Remember, no judgments.”

"Yes master. Your right hand is playing with my cock and balls…

"Now you are stroking my cock, master.

"Your left hand now goes up and it’s now rubbing my nipples. Your right hand now rubs the opening of my growing cock.

"You inserted a finger into…into my…uh…mouth, and the finger is going in and out…in and out…

"Your right hand reaches down to my…uh…to my anus.

"You are feeling my anus…grrr…with fingers. You are rubbing my anus.

“You sit down and lift my legs into air. You are using your tongue to massage my hole. Your tongue is rimming my anus. Your tongue moves in further. And out. In. Out. In. Out.”

"You put my legs down and stand up. You unfastened your trousers, master.

“You take them off. You put both hands on the back of my head and to force me to su…ck…your…cock…suck…cock…suck…cock…suck…master’s…cock…” His words faltered as my erection came in and out of his mouth, making him hard to speak.

“You have done well, John. Now, get on all fours on the ground.”

Obeying the command, Martian Manhunter crawled onto the soft carpet, his balls and dick swinging in the air.

He continued to describe what I was doing to him.

"You use your hands to slowly spread my ass cheeks, master.

"You insert one finger into my hole, and feel it shrink around it. My hole is relaxed, and your second finger comes in.

"You are using the other hand to feel my balls and stroke my cock.

"You continue to finger my hole and stroke my cock. Finger come in and out…in and out…uh…in and out…Hands up…down…up…down…

"Your hand moves faster along my erection, master. You use my precum as lubricant.

"Your hands move away from me. Still away from me. Uh…uh…something hard is in my anus…a cock…

"You are fucking me with your cock, master. Your cock penetrates my anus…my hole…oh…

I was overwhelmed by the victory over the Martian as he continued to describe how I fucked him, his mind fully under my sway.

After several minutes of fucking him, I took my penis out, ordered the Martian to lay on his side, then had Batman and his butler lay down on the carpet as well. Now, two superheroes and the butler lay on the ground in front of me, cocks throbbing, waiting for my further instructions.

In no time, the Martian was having my dick in his mouth, his monster dick engulfed by his Justice League colleague Batman, whose erection was being taken care of by the butler that was professional as usual, and I had the organ of the mature gentleman coming in and out my mouth.

As we were giving blowjobs to each other, I thought about how I had conquered them, enslaved their minds, and I imagined the fate of other superheroes. With the help of Martian Manhunter, it would be easy enough to have all of them at my knees.

For several minutes, all there left was the lewd sound of sucking and moaning, all three men’s eyes glazed over, their cocks growing to fullest, their minds for me to play with and re-shape.

Unable to stand it anymore, “Now, cum!” I exclaimed, and immediately felt a warm stream of seed in my mouth while I shot my load into the Martian throat.

Later that day

“Well, I think I’m going back to the Watchtower now.” The Martian sat in the sofa, totally oblivious to his nakedness and my presence.

“You know, we had a nice Christmas evening with you, John.” Batman said, his open pajama exposing his body and cock.

“Yes, and we hope you could stay here for the night.” Alfred agreed, wearing nothing but an apron, picking up the condom that was filled with my cum from the carpet. All three men had their hands on their cock as they were chatting, sluggishly stroking.

“But I’ve lost my powers for too long.” John Jones seemed a bit worried.

“Come on, John.” I interrupted, “Stay for the night. It’s an Earth thing.”

Immediately, the Martian fell back into the sofa. “Yeah…Earth thing…No judgments…” He murmured, hand moving down to stroke his alien cock again.

I had them sleep together with a 69 position between Batman and Martian Manhunter. Their mouths mindlessly caressed each other’s erections, and the dedicated butler’s dick was in Bruce’s hole, which had now been trained to enjoy being fulfilled.

Good. I said to myself, crawled onto the king-sized bed, and put my penis into the Martian’s anus. At once, all three men started to moan aloud.

“Sleep now, slaves. It’s for your interest.” I ordered.

“Yes, Master Peterson.” Came the three monotonous voices.

Extraterrestrial challenge conquered. I bathed myself in the bliss, and thought that it was time for a Batfamily get together.

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