Cumderpants - Ryan and Ty

By WhatAnInterestingSurprise
published December 5, 2018
1147 words

The Cumderpants underwear brand strives to provide only the best pleasure.

Ryan had ordered the underpants online after his friend had sent him a link. The website proudly showed it’s catchphrase in every pair’s description: “The most pleasurable underwear you’ll ever wear!”

After some browsing he finally settled on a few pairs of boxers. In which the description explained the chosen undergarment was “firm, hard and strong material with plenty of bounce and give, will never stretch or lose shape when washing, soaking or drying. If your pair loses shape, we promise a 100% money back guarantee.” Well what was there to lose? The underpants were dirt cheap either way.

5 days later the underpants came early in the morning in the mail. Opening the parcel and taking out the garments he noticed the material was tough and stiff, and he began wondering how on earth these would be comfortable.

His phone buzzed on the nearby table with the screen lit up showing a message from his friend. “Hey dude, my car’s been towed, could u do me a solid and get me home?” Frantically Ryan looked around, all his clothing including his pants were in the wash, all he had was the soccer shirt he wore to bed, and the new underpants he was holding. “Well, better underpants than no pants” he mumbled to himself. Before texting his friend back with a quick “Where u at?” while pulling the new pair on and walking to the front door.

The material already felt vastly different to how it at felt in his hands. It supported the right areas and the rigid feel of the exterior was completely different to warm and soft lining of the inside. As he went to grab his keys on the kitchen bench, the fabric still caressing his junk, making him reach down and adjust his prominent bulge. By the time he had made it to the front door the feeling of the underwear had caused his dick to begin rising.

Covering himself from the neighbours he dashed down the front path, the movement of his running causing the material to rub against his cock in an increasingly aggressive fashion. In the few seconds it took for him to get from the door to the car, his dick had gone from semi to rock-hard. The arousal in his groin now starting to get to his head. In his effort to unlock the car his stiff member brushed against the door, causing him to lean forward and groan in pleasure as the underpants continued to rub against his cock.

With the door open he hurriedly leaned into the drivers seat, and attempted to reach for the waistband of the pants. The pleasure coming from his cock suddenly increased ten-fold causing him to involuntarily thrust his hips forward and lean himself further back into his car.

Now unable to resist the feelings of lust, he gave into the sensations watching as his cock uncontrollably bucked inside the underwear, seemingly growing more and more hard and turned on with every pulse.

His neglected phone buzzed in the passenger footwell, “Oh don’t worry man, I have enough money for the bus.”

Ty had ordered his pair of underpants in the “Popular Brands” section of the website. Scrolling through the hundreds of options until the bright pink Abercrombie & Fitch pair caught his eye, that and the large 50% off tag underneath the image.

The description beneath the colourful number explained the pair “may take some time to wear in, requires regular washing with a heavy load. Guaranteed to provide long lasting comfort.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled to himself, before clicking the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.

He first wore the new underpants a few days after they arrived. They weren’t the most comfortable on the bus commute to work he had to constantly pull at them to stop them riding up and giving him a wedgie.

His workday moved slowly, the uncomfortable underwear not helping the time pass by. Over the course of the day the underwear followed through with what their description promised and stopped riding up as he wore them in. Eventually the gruelling day of typing and spreadsheets came to a close.

Alone in the elevator he tugged the underwear out of his ass again only to feel a new sensation envelop his groin. While the lift made it’s slow descent. Ty felt his dick make it’s rapid ascent, causing the front of his work trousers to bulge quite considerably. Every floor the went by his dick strained harder and harder against his fly. The elevator dinged as it reached the bottom floor, panicking Ty quickly manoeuvred his dick underneath his belt, and attempted to casually walk with a rock hard erection pulsing under his shirt.

On the bus ride home, his cock showed no signs of softening, and when he exited at his stop his cock was back to poking out at a 90 degree angle to the rest of him, making a noticeable tent. He pulling the underwear out of his crack again as the bus departed behind him, the tingling sensation the he had become accustomed to around his cock suddenly shot up into his head.

Without skipping a beat he grabbed his erection through his pants and began roughly groping himself as he made his way home in a lustful daze. By the time he reached his street his fly was undone and he was vigorously masturbating, taking no notice of the abnormally high amount of precum which leaked from his cock onto his pants and the pavement.

Moaning and groping himself he wandered up to his front door, seconds later he was stripping off completely feverishly masturbating his unrelenting cock as he quickly lay onto his bed and searched up some generic porn.

It was only a few seconds later when the dam burst. Shots of cum spewed out of his cock shooting far above his head into the ceiling an walls. Moaning and panting his cock continued to launch load after sticky load onto his chest and face. Approximately 2 minutes of constant orgasm later he felt it begin to taper off.

He looked around in amazement at the winter wonderland he had just spewed from his cock. Fresh cum was dripping off the ceiling falling into the large puddles on the floor.

As he got up to begin the cleanup process he absentmindedly pulled the underpants out his crack again, immediately his face turned red in a hot flush of arousal and his cock sprung back to attention slapping itself into his cum soaked chest. Seconds later he was back on his bed, mind lost, as he sought only to pleasure his dick to an even more extreme orgasm.

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