The Bottom(s)

By Elan Musk
published November 24, 2018
1625 words

Bottom waits in an empty room his ass full of cum. He waits for another man to be called who can give him what he craves.

No matter how long Bottom waited on his hands and knees, his legs did not ache. No matter how many cocks he took, his pink ass hole remained beefy and tight. No matter how many loads Bottom took, he still craved more. He moaned in an empty, ill-lit room, his mind full of nothing but cocks and loads and more cocks. How many has he taken, over how many days? He cannot remember.

“Fuck me, please fuck me!” He whimpers to the empty room, fingering himself, feeling the warmth and wetness of countless breedings.

He knew, somehow, it would only be a matter of time. Bottom’s cock jumped at the thought, and he moaned. In a constant daze of lust as he remembered how good it felt when a cock pounded his whole. How satisfying it was to be filled.

Suddenly, he sniffed the air and grunted. A cock was coming. A big one, of course. He smiled, though his expression was vaguely dazed.

Big cocks were the only kind he called.

Rick, a high-school senior, was on his way to school when his feet had an idea of their own. They veered off the sidewalk, up to a nondescript one story home. The curtains were drawn, the lights were off or low.

For some reason, the young man was not concerned by his feet’s deception. Instead as he approached the door, his cock (already six inches when soft) began to swell in his khakis.

“Hello?” He called, swinging open the door when he found it open. “Anybody here?”

There was no reply, but Rick thought he heard a noise in the next room. There was a smell coming from under the door too, familiar, but Rick couldn’t place it.

Walking into the next room, Rick saw a man on his hands and knees. He was a burly bear of a man, he appeared to be some sort of construction worker judging by his garb. His cargo pants were pulled down to his ankles, leaving his hairy ass exposed. Rick saw his hole, clenching hungrily, and he couldn’t look away. He stood there watching the man, who bucked his hips and moaned, idly stroking his dick.

“Uh hello?” Bottom called, “Is someone there?”

Rick coughed, and walked all the way into the room. “Uh yeah, uh… you need some help?” His eyes glazed over, never once leaving the bearish man’s hole.

“Yes, uh, as a matter of fact, you can. See my ass here?” He wiggled it helpfully.


“Is there any chance you could fuck it with your fat dick until you fill me up with your seed. My hole needs cum.”

Rick was shocked, though his cock shot to full mast at the question.

“Yes, I’m bottom. My hungry hole needs your load. It needs every load. But we can start with yours.” Bottom looked back, saw how heavily Rick was breathing, the hunger in his eyes, and smiled dangerously. That boy clearly had a huge cock in those jeans. His ass quivered in anticipation. He needed to be filled.

Rick walked, as if on autopilot up to behind the man. Getting closer, the faint smell from the other room grew stronger. It came from the man’s ass.

It’s cum. This ass is filled with many, many loads. Rick thought. And soon mine will be one of them.

“You need my cum in you? You want my hot teen seed in your ass?” Rick unbuttoned his pants one handed, the other explored bottoms hole, fingering it to feel all the loads inside him. Bottom moaned encouragingly.

Sniffing his fingers, and all that male sex, Rick almost came immediately, but managed to control himself. He slapped Bottom’s ass, harder, harder, it was hot to watch it jiggle. This was a real man ass. Strong and hairy and covered in fur. Bottom moaned, any treatment of his ass felt amazing, any abuse. But he felt the heat of a big cock behind him, no more foreplay, he backed up on the tip.

“How big are you?” Bottom moaned.

Rick looked down at the cock in his hand. That was new, his fist barely fit around it. And, yeah, his already hung cock was definitely longer. Last he measured it was just under nine, but this baby was longer than a ruler. He pushed it in a couple inches. The Bottom let him in easily enough. Rick was surprised how tight he still was despite all the action his hole had seen. He remembered Bottom’s question.

“About 13, 14 now. Think you can take it slut?”

Bottom’s eyes fluttered as words popped unbidden to his horny mind.

“A bottom’s hole was made to take all cocks, no matter how large. A bottom’s hole can take any pounding, no matter how hard.”

Rick smiled. “Oh yeah?” And he shoved in the remaining 11 inches of his cock all at once.

Bottom gasped, not expecting to go from nearly empty to fucking a footlong all at once. But he felt no pain, only a satisfying fullness, and waves of pleasure. Every nerve in his ass screamed more, more, more!

“Oh dude! Your cock is a monster!” Bottom felt it hit the prostate and Bottom almost came (that was important for some reason, he recalled dimly). “Yeah, that’s it boy. You found my spot. Now RAM ME!”

Rick was in heaven, Bottom’s ass was like a tighter, wetter pussy. He thought about all the loads he was fucking deep inside this stud’s burly ass. It was so freaking hot. Seeing a man moan and beg for his cock, with cum already inside his hole. Soon he was pounding his pole inside the man so hard the slaps almost drowned out their voices. Rick growled, slapping Bottom’s ass to add to its jiggle.

SLAP SLAP YOU whore! How many cocks have you had? How much stud cum is inside you.

I SLAP I uh SLAP SLAP can’t remember. All I think about is getting fucked. SLAP I LOVE to get fucked. Doesn’t matter.

Wow! SLAP you really are a whore. SLAP SLAP SLAP a dirty slut with a cock hungry hole. God what a hot fuck! SLAP SLAP

The words eventually devolved to grunts and moans and slaps. Bottom, with each hit against his prostate felt himself closer and closer to bumming handsfree. That would mean. That means. Bottom shakes his head. Worry about it after dick. This boy’s cock is all that matters.

They fucked for who knows how long. Maybe minutes, maybe hours, maybe a day, before Rick bent down and whispered in Bottoms ear, “Ready for my cum.”

Bottom could only moan, so close he was to bursting, and…

Rick saw how swollen the slut’s was. “Damn! You gonna cum just from fucking? Must be hitting the spot.”

Bottom repeated one last mantra: “Bottom’s greatest pleasure is dick. Bottom’s are for cock and cum. To be filled is pleasure.”

And then he and Rick both came at once. Bottom gushed. Staining the carpet beneath him, and as another massive bred him. He woke up, still in a daze, not sure who he was or when or where, but, while the large cock still felt amazing, and tasting that new load on his fingers made him hard. He… didn’t need cock anymore. He just wanted it.

He knew: it was time to go.

Meanwhile, Rick was spellbound. Bottom cumming handsfree? How intense that orgasm must have been. How many cocks did it take to get there? What did it feel like getting fuck. Rick felt his ass tingle. His hole ached. He felt… empty. So empty nothing else mattered. Not his name, his family, his school or friends. So he forgot them. He needed dick. He needed to take dick. He needed a load in his smooth teenage hole.

“Bottom,” he said, smiling as he got on his hands and knees. He felt the dimensions of his ass shift and stretch, the nerves there grew more sensitive. He moaned, and his 13 inch cock grew hard, slapping gently against his belly. Suddenly words appeared in his cock obsessed mind, words he knew he should speak aloud.

“A bottom’s hole was made to take all cocks, no matter how large. A bottom’s hole can take any pounding, no matter how hard…”

As he recited a Bottom’s oath, he didn’t notice a slightly dazed and sheepish construction work hitch up his pants and exit out the back.

Alonzo shook his head, trying to remember what had happened to him the past two days. Checking his phone, surprisingly still at 100%, he was shocked to see it was Thursday. Last thing he remembered had been Tuesday morning. He scratched his head. There was an empty room? Maybe?

As he pondered, he idly reached in his pants to scratch an itch in his ass crack. And moaned loudly. Had his ass always been this sensitive? His hand was still in his pants, a finger now teasing his hole, as he dialed his wife. But soon he hung up the phone to focus on his ass. He caressed his beefy cheeks with one hand, fingering his hole (which was wet? Sniffing the white viscous liquid only turned him on more) his thoughts drifted to Jose, Fred and the rest of his construction crew. Beefy, powerful men, their impressive bulges.

Alonzo smiled, salivating at the thought of his co-workers plowing his hole. They would feel much better than just a finger or two. And, painfully erect, he sprinted off to the job site.

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