Study Buddies

By Tkhon
published November 20, 2018
4059 words

Soon they become a different kind of buddy

“Let’s just get this over with.”

Marcus sat heavily at the table in Grant’s kitchen.

“I know you don’t want to do this, I don’t really either, but we have to. You especially.” Grant sighed picking up Marcus’ jacket off the floor.

“Yeah what the fuck ever,” Marcus rolled his eyes but he took a math textbook out of his backpack, “god this thing ways a fucking ton, none of those fossils at uni even know what a phone is, probably”

“Probably,” Grant smirked, “anyways when did you start to have trouble…?”

Grant did his best to explain the admittedly fairly complex math concepts over the next two hours, despite Marcus’ stubborn attitude he was making some progress. Probably.

“What’s that?” Marcus asked gesturing towards the ear buds Grant was idling with.

“This? I use it to help focus, I think it’s part of the reason my grades are so-“

“Give it to me.”

“You want to try it? I don’t think it’ll really work for you-“

“What, you think I’m too stupid for it? Fuck off.”

“You can take it if you want, you just have to listen to it every day and-“

“Whaaat? EVERY day?” Marcus whined. Grant raised an eyebrow, “right. Every day, whatever. I’ll show you.”

“Whatever you say man. See you next week.” And with that the strange duo parted ways.

One week later.

Grant was statled when Marcus roughly slammed his hand down on the table. As his hadn withdrew he saw the MP3 player he had borrowed last week. Surprisingly not broken.

“Told ya bitch!” Marcus grinned, “listened to that motherfucker every goddamn day.”

“That’s cool Marcus, if you do that with studying you’ll pass easily.” Grant said, getting the week’s materials ready.

There was a pregnant pause.

“Aren’t you going to take it back?” Marcus asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Naw you keep it, I don’t need it,” Grant said, not looking up from the papers.

After another two hour study session Marcus had made significantly more progress than the last time. Which wasn’t saying much, but an improvement is an improvement, or that’s what Grant thought.

“Listen man…” Marcus said as he removed his jacket from the coat rack, “I appreciate you doing this… thanks.”

Two weeks later.

“Hey buddy!” Marcus was grinning from ear to ear, he ran up and shook Grant’s hand vigorously before pulling him into a bear hug.

“Haha, good to see you too Marc!” Grant croaked, being crushed between the football star’s arms.

Grant extracted himself from his friend’s crushing embrace and guided him to the kitchen for their usual study session.

“You should come to the game next weekend,” Marcus said, “the team we’re up against isn’t very good, but I’ll show off for you.”

“Sounds fun, I’ll try and make it,” Grant replied, “but hey, no procrastinating, we haven’t covered half the stuff we need to yet and we only have half an hour left.”

“I… well uh. I was thinking…” Marcus stammered uncharacteristically.

“What?” Grant asked, looking up at his friend.

“Nothing.” Marcus looked down somewhat angrily.

“You should be honest with me, Marc,” Grant said firmly.

“I was just thinking I could stay longer. Here. Stay longer here.” The words spilled from his mouth.

“Why is that?” Grant asked, sitting up more.

“Because I like spending time with you.” He said easily. He had to be honest with Grant.

“Sure. I think we can make that work. I like spending time with you too, Marcus,” Grant said.

One week later.

“I saw you in the stands!” Marcus said excitedly as he withdrew himself from Grant, “it meant a lot, thanks for showing up, man!”

“Yeah, it was fun,” Grant said cheerily, “you’re really good.”

“Alright what’s on the menu tonight,” Marcus asked sitting at what had become his chair.

“We can start chapter 3, I think,” Grant said, “after you’ve dealt with that.”

Marcus followed the trajectory of Grant’s gesture to notice his pants were sporting a noticeable bulge. He blushed slightly but didn’t feel particularly embarrassed. Erections were totally natural. He shrugged.

“Sorry dude, I just feel really good when I’m around you,” Marcus answered honestly,” I guess I need to teach Marcus Jr. that there’s a time and a place.”

“Just go jerk it in the bathroom and get back here and come back, the start of the chapter is always when they front load all the new stuff,” Grant said dismissively.

“Yeah, sure thing dude, be back in a few,” he said grabbing his crotch and finding his way to the bathroom.

Two weeks later.

“Hey Grant, do you wanna get laid?”

“Pardon me?” Grant choked slightly on his water.

“I know plenty of chicks who owe me one, I could get you some pussy real easy.”

“I’m good.”

“C’mon man, you types always need a little help with this stuff. You’ve done a ton for me, lemme hook you up. What’s the problem, tiny dick?” Marcus laughed.

“First of all “you types”? But no, if you must know my penis is a bit above the average size,” Grant said in exasperation.

“I don’t believe it. You’re like half a foot shorter than me. If you were big I’d hear about it from one of the girls,” Marcus laughed again.

“Believe what you want,” Grant said, turning back to his book.

“Nope. Only one way to handle this now. Drop those pants, Grant.” Marcus said somewhat mockingly.

“Are you serious right now,” Grant rolled his eyes.

“Come on. If you’re shy I’ll do it first,” almost too easily he slipped his pants and underwear off revealing a hefty set of cock and balls dangling between his legs, “now you.”

“You know what? Fine, anything to get this over and done,” Grant said slowly unbuttoning his jeans and letting them drop to the floor, revealing his own package.

“Wow,” Marcus said in astonishment, “I guess you really are the hung.”


“You’re even bigger than me…”

“Looks like it.”


One week later.

“I can’t believe you have a bigger dick than me.”

“Wow you’re still on that?” Grant asked from the door. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you expect to hear someone say outside an apartment door, where anybody can hear you.

“But that’s what got me thinking,” Marcus continued as he entered Grant’s place, “we can’t really say whose is bigger unless they’re hard.”

“Is this going where I think it is,” Grant muttered.

“Yup. We gotta jerk off together before studying. Otherwise I’m definitely not going to be able to focus.” Marcus said cheerily.

“Alright. Fine. Do I need to turn on a porno for you? Maybe some mood lighting?” Grant smirked.

“Naw, naw, let’s just sit on the couch and do what comes natural,” Marcus said, already opening his fly.

“Alright alright, but I really think this is a waste of time. If you’re set on doing this you’re gonna have tos stroke the both of us,” Grant said trying to look stoic, by smiling slightly.

“Oh… S-sure. Yeah.” Marcus said. He slowly reached out and wrapped his fingers around Grant’s cock. He felt strange. Seeing another man’s dick didn’t faze him, that sort of thing always happened sooner or later when you’re in sports, but actually touching one felt… odd. He didn’t expect it to feel so different, or familiar.

“Mmm… you’ve got strong hands dude,” Grant grunted, “feels good…”

“I, uh… Y-yeah.” Was all Marcus could muster in response. He felt like he was losing control of the situation. And why did he care so much about his dic-

“Oh yeah, you dick!” Marcus exclaimed, looking down at the pair of rock hard peckers, “aw maaaan you’re still bigger.”

“It’s close though,” Grant pointed out, “besides it’s no big deal, you’ve fucked how man women by now? Clearly it gets the job done.”

“I guess…” Marcus said dejectedly.

“Come on, we’ve got work to do,” Grant said putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “if it’ll cheer you up you can check out my dick some more after you finish.”

Two weeks later.

“You look distracted, what’s up?” Grant looked over at his friend.

Marcus, for his part, didn’t want to say, despite this he answered honestly, “Lately I’ve been wondering what it’s like to get fucked.”

“Oh is that all?” Grant laughed.

“Yeah it’s just like… all my life I’ve been used to being way bigger than all the other guys. When I saw your dick I realized. I’ve put this thing in so many chicks… but I have no clue what it’s like.” Marcus was acting strangely thoughtful for once.

“Listen man,” Grant said, “if it’s bothering you that much, I’ll help you out.”

“What.” Marcus’ face contorted, “are you trying to say you’ll fuck me?”

“No dude, chill,” Grant responded cooly as Marcus’ face reddened with anger.

“Good. I’m no fag.” Marcus sneered.

“Sure, whatever,” Grant said as he disappeared behind a wall. When he returned he was carrying something in his hand, “my ex left this here, you can use it if you want.”

“Is that a… what is that?” He examined the object quizzically, “no seriously the fuck is that.”

“A dildo, dude,” Grant laughed.

“Oohh,” Marcus said in realization, “I always thought they were bigger.”

“Well you’re lucky this one isn’t if it’s going in your virgin ass!” Grant mocked.

“I-I dunno…” Marcus said, flustered, “I don’t know how I feel about shoving something some chick used to fuck her pussy with up there…”

“Haha, you’re such a baby,” Grant laughed, “are you gonna try this or not?”

“Fine!” Marcus snapped defensively, snatching the dildo from Grant’s hand. His curiosity was overwhelming. He HAD to know what it was like to have something between his cheeks, “sorry Grant, I can’t make it to the bathroom to try this. I gotta give it a go RIGHT NOW.”

“Attaboy,” Grant smiled, “just lower your pants and do what comes natural.”

Marcus fiddled around with the toy for several minutes before giving up.

“I need help,” Marcus said sullenly, “do you have like… lube? Do I need lube?”

“You need a LOT of lube,” Grant laughed. He opened a drawer nearby and pulled out a surprisingly large bottle.

“WOAH.” Marcus looked at the bottle in amazement, “you’re one horny fucker you know that? I can’t believe I thought you weren’t getting any pussy.”

“Oh I just picked this up recently,” Grant said, embarrassed, “I had a feeling Iit would be useful. So lucky you.”

“I guess so,” Marcus said as he started clumsily began spreading lube all over his ass, “fuck man, this makes me feel like a fag. What guy rubs his own ass?”

“It’s fine,” Grant assured, “I hear lots of guys do it.”

“Yeah. Fags.” Marcus said simply, “fuck… this is tricky. Can… can you give me a… a hand?”

“Sure thing buddy,” Grant said, kneeling down and rubbing the excessive lube deeper into his friends hole. Then he began smoothly working the dildo in.

“D-damn…” Marcus grunted, “you’re… hrk… good at that. Whoever that ex of yours was, they were a lucky girl.”

“So I’ve been told,” Grant said, focusing on gradually increasing the speed of his dildo thrusts. Marcus’ hole was tight, but his ass was practically dripping with lube which make things go a lot smoother than they might have, “the trick I find is consistent pacing.”

“Whatever the trick is, you ungh should be tutoring people on that, not mmfmath.” Macrus grunted, trying to keep his composure.

“Hey man, take this home and practice and you’ll be doing it yourself in no time,” Grant suggested.

“Take it home?” Marcus paused, “naw, can’t work, friend ‘n stuff are always coming in and out and messing with my stuff, they’d find it eventually.”

“Then you’ll just have to get some practice in while you’re here. You can use it whenever you want.” Grant said with a friendly smile.

One week later.

“You’ll actually suck it?”

“Yeah,” Grant was saying, already lowering himself to the height of the chair Marcus was riding the dildo on, “you’re leaking all over the place, this is easier than cleaning up after you’re done.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Marcus mused, “but isn’t that kinda… faggy?”

“Well,” Grant said, holding Marcus’ cock with his fingertips, “I just want to help out. You won’t go telling people will you?”

“Of course not!” Marcus said, “I’d hate if people started spreading rumors about you because of something I said!”

“Then it’s fine,” Grant said, wrapping his lips around the dick.

Three weeks later.

“What’s up man, you look distracted.”

“Sorry if this is too much info, but I gotta be honest with you. I thought that dildo would do the trick. I’d understand what it’s like to be fucked and that’d be that, I’d get over it and thins would go back to normal.” Marcus explained.

“But they didn’t?” Grant inquired.

“No way man. If anything every time I use it it gets worse,” Marcus whined, “I hate how my ass feels when I take the dildo out. And the dildo almost feels too small now. When I don’t have anyting else to focus on I start to feel embarrassed by how empty my hole is.”

“Well,” Grant mused, “I guess I’d plug that hole.”

“Oh…” Marcus’ eyes widened just slightly, “yeah… needs to be plugged…”

Over the past week an unbearable NEED had built up in Marcus. Now as Grant gently bent him over he found himself so desperate he was going along with everything. He didn’t even have the presence of mind to recognize anything remotely strange about the situation.

“Looks like an ass full of dick suits you,” Grant laughed.

“Yeah… suits me…” Marcus echoed dreamily. He reached down and began masturbating furiously. He was hornier than he’d ever been in his life, wrapping everything in a haze. Even as he felt himself exiting through Grant’s door everything felt like a weird dream.

One week later.

“So, about… what we do.”

“Last week?” Grant asked, his expression unreadable.

“Last we- OF COURSE last week!” Marcus roared, “the FUCK was that?”

“Do you want to stop?” Grant asked.

They stood in silence. Marcus couldn’t bring himself to say no. The sex had been such a flurry of emotion that he couldn’t really understand in any concrete way, but what he did remember clearly was the best orgasm of his life.

“The other guys…” Marcus began.

“Don’t have to know,” Grant finished, “you’ve got the perfect alibi, nobody will question it if you want to have some fun while you’re here.”

Marcus felt a gnawing sensation in his stomach that he shouldn’t be going along with this, but he couldn’t poke any holes in his friend’s logic.

“Besides,” Grant said, winking, “I bet that ass of your taking a pounding or two will help you focus more on your studies.”

Marcus expected, no, wanted to feel revulsion at the description of his ass being “pounded”, but instead he found himself liking the sound of it.

“So anyways,” Grant said, “how did you like your inaugural butt fuck anyways? Gotta say, for a first timer you took it like a champ.”

“T-thanks,” Marcus blushed, “I loved it. Almost as good as fucking.”

Marcus swore to himself. Why had he said that? Why couldn’t he keep any secrets around his friend?

Five weeks later.

Marcus had learnt to stop sweating the small stuff. Grant was fucking him all the time now. Afer his friend blew a load inside him he would feel nice and full for a long time, but that didn’t stop his growing appetite for anal. Soon once a week didn’t cut it. They’d moved on from simply having a little fun at Grant’s place to meeting up at school for discreet sex. Usually in abandoned bathroom stalls, but one time Grant had somehow convinced him to get fucked in the locker room in full football gear. Someone could’ve walked in on them at any time, but somehow that just made it more exciting to Marcus.

“How’d you do on the test big guy?” Grant asked leaning over Marcus’ shoulder to take a peek at the paper. Despite being the smaller of the two Marcus felt strangely submissive, like he were the small spoon in a relationship. He felt his friend’s muscled chest rub lightly on his back. He hadn’t noticed how good of shape his friend was in until recently, now he couldn’t help but notice.

“Wow, B-!” Grant said only slightly patronizingly, “you’ve come a long way.”

“I owe it to you,” Marcus said giving his friend a quick peck on the cheek.

“Naw, you put in the actual work,” Grant grinned, “the only reward I need is the check the school sends me. Anyways we should go out somewhere, celebrate.”

“That kinda sounds like a couples thing,” Marcus laughed.

“Yes.” Grant looked Marcus dead in the eye, “like, I know you’re al abut keeping this on the down low but come on, it’ll be fun.”

“S-sure.” Marcus said, realizing numbly he’d just agreed to go on a date with a guy.

The two looked over their menus at the place that was probably a bit too pricey for either of them to afford. Between the dim lighting and soft music, if they were trying not to look like a couple they were failing spectacularly.

“Ooh lemme try that,” Grant said as their meals arrived. He reached over and grabbed a small piece of Marcus’ dish.

Marcus barely noticed. He was coming grips with the fact that this didn’t feel particularly different from any other date he’d been on. The only thing was his role felt a little different. Grant had already said he would pay. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever been on a date where he didn’t end up paying. And he kept saying the word date. This wasn’t a date. It was just friend hanging out. More like teacher and student really. He scanned the room and was relieved he couldn’t recognize anyone. There was no way he could talk his way out of this.

“What’s up man, you look like a deer in headlights,” Grant laughed, “oh I know what’s going on. You want your usual ‘dessert’.”

Marcus nodded lightly and let himself be led to the men’s room. It was a bit of a tradition they had. Whenever they ate out together they Grant would always take him into the back and fuck his brains out. He loved having his ass hammered. The perfect way to cap off a meal with his… friend.

“Awww… fuck me daddy…” Marcus groaned.

“Pfffft,” Grant was trying to not let his laugher mess up his thrusts and hurt Marcus, “did you just call me daddy?”

“No.” Marcus yelped defensively, “shut up.”

“There’s no need t get snippy young man,” Grant laughed, inserting a finger into Marcus’ mouth, “you’ll always be daddy’s little big man.”

One week later.

“Haha holy crap dude you’re red as a cherry.”

“Am I still…?” Marcus rubbed his face ineffectually, “god it was so embarrassing…”

“Come rest on daddy’s lap and tell me all about it,” Grant said, slapping his thigh for emphasis.

“Are you still on that “daddy” thing?” Marcus asked as he rested his head on Grant’s legs, “I told you I dunno why I said that.”

“Relax, I’m just teasing,” Grant said stroking Marcus’ hair, “tell me what happened.”

“I said the quarterback had a tasty looking ass.” Marcus said, his face getting several shades redder.

“WOW.” Grant laughed.

“I played it off. Said he needs to get his hearing checked, and they bought it. They know I’m straight as an arrow,” Marcus explained, “but now… now I wonder…”

“Say no more, “ Grant said, getting up, removing his pants and presenting Marcus with his tasty ass.

Two weeks later.

“So then all you’re left with is basic addition.”

“Wow is that it?” Marcus lay on Grant’s bed right next to Grant poring over a more equations. Ever since moving in together they’d taken to sharing a bed. Naked of course, they were far past the point of having anything to hide. It’s also where they did a lot of the tutoring now. Technically he wasn’t on the university’s payroll anymore, but since they were living together Grant had decided it would be fine to do it pro boner.

“Told you it was less complicated than it looks, now lemme see if… you! Completely right!” Grant said, leaning closer to Marcus, “tell you what, if you ace this next test I’ll let you top for once.”

Marcus’ pelvis bucked from the instantaneous erection he got.

“This why I love you,” Grant laughed, “so eager.”

The word bounced around in Marcus’ head. Love, huh?

Eight weeks later.

“And if any of you fuck with him, you fuck with me.”

Marcus stood in front of his football team, they all wore matching expressions of shock.

“Are… are you saying you’re… some sort of fag?” one of his teammates asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Call it whatever,” Marcus shrugged, “we fuck.”

Everyone balked at that.

“Does he have dirt on you or something?” one called out.

“Can’t believe Marcus is some fucking fairy,” another said in disgust.

“Got something to say short stuff?” Marcus asked, singling out the man who mad the comment. He wasn’t short by most standards, but you’d never know looking at him next to Marcus.

“Listen,” the quarterback spoke up, “ the fact is Marcus could probably beat any of us in a fight. And he’s won us like half out games. What he does in his spare time doesn’t matter, unless he starts showing up with chronic ass pain.”

There was a ripple of laughter. “Yeah, as if Marcus would be the bottom.”

Even more laughter. The mood lifted slightly, though there was still and overwhelming air to animosity to the room. Eventually all of his teammates had filed out and Marcus was left alone. Grant opened the door.

“I told em,” Marcus said proudly.

“Good boy,” Grant cooed, “that’s everyone now that you told your family about us too. Guess I owe you that fuck, wanna take off those pants?”

“Oh yeah!” Marcus said midway through pulling down the zipper, “I keep forgetting to tell you. You know that MP3 thingy you gave me like a year ago?”

“Half a year,” Grant corrected, “but yes.”

“I showed it to coach,” Marcus said cheerily, “he really loved it, says he uses it every day. Lately he’s been getting kinda “friendly” with me if you know what I mean. I think coach might be gay. Like me!”

“O-oh,” Grant said, “I see.”

“But that’s not the best part!” Marcus continued, “coach liked it so much he says he’s gonna make it mandatory for the whole team starting next week! Isn’t that awesome? They’re gonna be like me!”

“Oh…” Grant trailed off, “that’s… that’s going to be… interesting.

Marcus cocked his head, “is something wrong? Did I screw up?”

“Naw don’t stress,” Grant laughed, “I just think we’ll probably have a lot of fun together in the next few months.”

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