The Desmond Brothers

By Nicky Noxville -
published July 1, 2016
2876 words

Jeremiah Desmond is studying away when his older brother, Moses, and his brother’s best friend, Diego, ask him to help with an experiment.

The Desmond Brothers By Nicky Noxville

Copyright 2016

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And now, our feature presentation…

“Here, man,” my older brother, Moses, walked into my room holding out a clear plastic bottle full of red liquid. “I need you to be my guinea pig and try this.” He was a doctorate level student at the same university where I was starting my undergraduate work. His fields of study were beyond me, and I don’t mean to sound immodest, but that’s saying something.

“What is it?” I asked, reaching for the bottle. I unscrewed the cap and smelled it. It smelled wonderful! I couldn’t quite identify the scent, though. “What does it do?”

“It’s a new formula I’m working on. You’ll like it, I promise, but I can’t tell you what it does because that would skew the results of the experiment. Just drink it, stupid.”

“I’ll try it later. Let me finish my trig assignment first.” I sat the bottle down on my bedside table and turned back to my notebook to start the next problem.

“Come on, Jer. I really need your help with this one. This could be my best discovery yet.” I looked back up at him… his expression was odd, I couldn’t quite name it, but I could see how eager he was for me to do this. He reached up and ran his fingers over his cropped hair. “Please,” he pleaded. I sighed, sliding the notebook away and picking the bottle back up.

“Fine,” I said in a resigned tone before putting the bottle to my lips and taking a big sip. My brother grinned at me.

“Well?” he demanded. He was practically dancing in place.

”Ooh, that’s good!” I said, holding the unlabeled plastic bottle up in front of my face. “It’s like… Fizzy fruit punch, except…” I shook the bottle a little, noticing the lack of bubbles. “It isn’t carbonated.” The liquid filling the bottle was bright red, like fruit punch. I noticed that there were etched rings around the bottle, marking off measurements. My sip had taken me half way between the full line and the next marking. I turned the bottle and noticed a break in the rings with one word etched inside it where you usually find the brand name. “STOOPID?”

“Haha, yeah. It’s an acronym. I can’t tell you what it means, but we thought it was hilarious.” He turned his head and called out into the hallway, “Diego, will you come into Jeremiah’s room and take notes.”

Diego, my brother’s best friend and lab partner, came into the room and sat down at my desk without a word. He started writing away on his clipboard.

“Uh, hey Diego.” I greeted him, awkwardly.

“Hi.” he said, not bothering to look up.

“Take another sip. Try and get below the next line.” Now that he mentioned it, another sip sounded good. I put the bottle back to my lips and drank, filling my mouth with the liquid that gave the impression of being fizzy, without actually being carbonated. I swallowed and screwed the cap back on, holding it up to see how much farther down I’d made it. I was sitting right on the next line.

“Good boy,” Moses said, grinning. “Tell me, how do you feel now?”

“Uh, good, I guess. It’s kind of like I can still feel the fizzing in my head, even though I swallowed it.” I didn’t realize I’d left my mouth hanging open until I felt a bit of drool fall onto my hand. I closed it, quickly, looking at Moses and Diego to see if either of them had noticed. I don’t think they did.

“Okay, now try and get to the next line.” I looked at the bottle. The next line was about twice as far as the first had been. I put the bottle to my lips and started gulping. Bubbles filled my head. I held the bottle up and looked at it. I’d gone too far, and hit the line below it.

“Oops,” I said dumbly. I was feeling really good. I wanted to take another sip, but figured I should wait for Moses to say so.

“Haha, that’s okay. You’re past the quarter mark. Do one more thing for me.” He slid my notebook back over to me. “Double check that last problem.” I looked down at my work. There was the problem, there was my conclusion… and there was all that gibberish in the middle… I had no idea what I was looking at…

“What the fuck?” I said, staring blankly at the page. Diego and Moses both burst out into laughter. I felt a flush of heat and looked down, my mouth falling open as my eyes settled on my crotch. I was hard, and there was a wet spot soaking through the denim at the tip of my erection.

“How do you feel now,” Moses asked me, his tone one of amusement.

“I, uh. I feel… I feel… dumb. I can’t remember how I did that problem.” I watched my cock twitch and the wet spot grow.

“Uh huh,” he said slowly, “and how does being dumb make you feel?” I looked up at him, my face flushing as I realized what the answer to his question was. There was no denying it, I knew exactly how I was feeling.

“Oh, uh, no, I don’t wanna say.” I bowed my head in shame, and my eyes settled back on my own crotch. I felt like I was about to cum in my jeans, right in front of my big brother and his friend.

“You need to tell me, bro. If you don’t, you’ll ruin the whole experiment.” It made sense. It was embarrassing, but he really did need to know.

“Oh,” I said softly. “Being dumb is making me feel so horny.” I confessed. I felt a literal flood of precum gush from my cock, and the wet spot spread to cover a good portion of my thigh, the wet denim clinging lewdly to my shaft.

“Haha, yeah it is.” Moses said. “I think we’re far enough along now for me to tell you what the formula does. That whole bottle represents your brain power, Jer. If you drink the whole bottle, you’ll be nothing but a stupid slut. You’ve got about three quarters of your brain left.”

“No, I don’t want to be stupid.” I stared at my brother in horror.

“That’s up to you, bro. You’ll never get back what you’ve lost so far, but you could stop now. The more you drink, the dumber you get, and the dumber you get, the hornier you’ll get. Just stop when you’re as dumb and horny as you want to be for the rest of your life.”

A soft moan escaped my lips, and my tongue darted out to moisten them.

“Here, let me help.” Moses said, taking the bottle from me. He unscrewed it and pressed it to my lips. I obediently started drinking, watching bubbles rise up as the liquid poured from the bottle and down my throat.

Making me so stupid.

Dumber and dumber.

Oh, god, is he going to stop?

Finally, he pulled the bottle away.

“There we go, now you’re half way there.” He put the bottle in my hand, and then reached down to squeeze my erection, making me moan, my eyes closing as my hips hunched repeatedly against his palm. “Balls in your court now, dummy.”

“Fuck,” I grunted. I wanted it. I raised the bottle to my lips and took a delicate sip. They both laughed, Moses screwing his palm against my wet, denim covered erection.

“Good boy,” Moses encouraged me, “It’ll feel really good to keep going.” I raised the bottle again and started to slowly drink. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. “You don’t need to worry about being smart anymore. I’m smart enough to take care of you if you want to just be a stupid faggot.” Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

I pulled the bottle away, breathing heavy, and looked at it. I’d just slowly gulped away another quarter of my brain. Fuck! I was only, like, one fifth as smart as I used to be. I could stop now. I was so horny, and dumb. But he’d given me permission. Permission to just be stupid and horny. The more I drank, the better I felt. I didn’t want to be stupid, but every sip I took was making me feel happy and carefree… and so fucking horny.

I stared at the remaining liquid. I only had an eighth of my brain left… No, that wasn’t right. No, it was a sixth.

“Are you sure we should let him finish it, man?” Diego asked, actually sounding a little worried. “He might still be able to function a little bit if he stops now.” Moses looked thoughtful for a second, and then grinned wickedly.

“Nah, he doesn’t need to be able to function. I’ll get him all the dick he needs. Plus, I’m curious to see if he’ll do it. Will he stay stupid and horny, or make himself stoopid and horny?” they both laughed at this, and then watched me, silent.

My hand shook. I was trying to resist the urge to drink more, but I really wanted it now. I wanted to feel good. I grasped the bottle with both hands and put it to my face, groaning. I got a couple of sips down before my brother pulled the bottle away from me.

“You want it, Jer? Wanna be stoopid and horny?” He rubbed the bottle around his crotch, my eyes following the movement.

“Unh, yeah. Want, bro.” I reached for the bottle.

“No, no.” He screwed the lid on the bottle and put it aside. “We’re helping you feel good, you need to return the favor if you want us to let you finish it.” He moved in front of me and pulled out his cock. I’d seen my brother naked before, but never hard. I had no idea it was so big! “Suck it, stupid.” he ordered.

I slid forward and took my brother’s dick into my mouth. I didn’t expect it to taste so good. I was trying to get more of it down my throat, gagging myself. I’m sucking my brothers dick. Mmm, my brothers dick is so good. Then there was another one, moving in to slap against my face with a lewd, heavy sounding thump. Ooh, Diego had a nice dick too. I started trying to get both of them into my mouth at the same time, making them laugh again.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get both our cocks in one hole tonight, just not this one.” Moses said, finishing with a gentle slap to my face.

“Speaking of,” Diego said, standing up and reaching over to grab my hips. “Keep sucking your brother.” He pulled me to my feet, and I stayed bent over to keep blowing Moses. I felt Diego’s hands reach around me, unfastening my jeans and lowering them. My cock bounced up, drops of precum flying through the air as it slapped against my belly.

Diego started squeezing my butt, and Moses grabbed me by the ears and started fucking my face, holding my head in place as he slid in and out of my mouth.

SLAP. I groaned as Diego slapped my ass, the sting making my cock bounce. He sensually rubbed the spot after he slapped it. Slap. Caress. Slap. Caress. He kept mixing the pleasure and pain until I couldn’t tell them apart anymore. His fingers moved to my hole. I groaned around Moses’ cock while Diego pressed and rubbed, teasing my hole, pushing to see how receptive I was to getting fucked.

Diego laughed derisively, and I flinched when I felt him spit on my hole. I felt his cock press against me. He slowly increased the pressure, but it didn’t take much before my ass caved and his cock slid inside me. Fuuuuuuuck.

“Yeah, man, get him going. We’ll let him finish his drink when we’ve both got our dicks in that cute little butt of his.” Moses, my own brother, was saying this. I still couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t really care. This felt good. I didn’t want it to stop. I lost track of time, pinned between them, my own cock leaking like crazy as they spit roasted me.

Without any warning, Moses pulled out of my mouth, leaving me panting. Diego pulled me against him and sat on the edge of the couch, leaning back. He held my arms restrained, and then I felt Moses lifting my legs. Diego started fucking me again, using his legs to rock his hips back and forth, in and out. Moses moved forward, putting my legs on his shoulders and moving in to press his cock against my already stuffed hole.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I cried out. My brother started to slide inside me, his dick lewdly squishing alongside his best friend’s. My hole was stretched to the limit, the feeling so intense that it was driving me crazy, making me moan like a whore. An eager whore.

“Shit, man,” Diego said. “Not only is he taking two dicks in his ass at once, it’s also incest.”

Moses’ hips pressed against my ass, and then he was shaking a bottle in front of my face. “Here you go, man, you look thirsty.” He unscrewed it. My hands were still restrained by Diego. “Ready to be all the way stoopid and horny?” I answered with an eager grunt, and he pressed the bottle to my mouth. I chugged the last of it, the last of my brain draining away. They laughed and kept stuffing my ass.

The bottle fell to the floor, empty and forgotten, and I stared down past my own swollen, purple erection to watch my big brother and his best friend double stuff my butt. I was making incoherent sounds.

My cock went rigid and a gush of cum shot out to splash across my own face. The second spurt blinded me. I was holding my mouth open for the third. More spurts showered across my body as my ass quivered around the two dicks holding it spread wide open.

“Oh, I’m gonna cream your ass, bro.” Moses said.

“I’m cumming, too,” followed Diego. I felt their cocks swell just a little more, stretching my ass just enough to trigger another orgasm. They were both as deep as they could get when they started pumping my ass full of cum, and I kept cumming with them. Finally, Moses pulled out, and my hole snapped tight around Diego’s cock. I came all over again, pinned and writhing against Diego’s chest.

I still couldn’t open my eyes. I didn’t fight. I just lay there, still impaled by Diego’s dick. I was enjoying the throbbing feeling coming from my recently stuffed ass, and was surprised when I realized that I was missing the feeling of having them both inside me. I wanted my brother to put it back in.

“Well, I’d mark that a complete success. Let’s call some of the guys and keep this going…”

I would like to take a moment here to give a shout-out to all of the authors on who have been releasing excellent dumbing-down stories. It’s not a theme I’ve gotten into, in the past, but some of the new stories have been so good that it inspired me to write this one.

I would also like to give a shout-out to Vive for his dumbing down series of audio files. You can find those and a lot more on his website:

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