Re-Educator Chapter 8

By EdIam -
published June 29, 2016
12331 words

The story gets more complex as new men fall under the power of the re-educator.

(I want to personally thank all of you for your patience…I know this is a long time coming. I tried to make it epic in scope so there is A LOT happening here. I needed to get the story moving so feel free to read a section and come back. I’m so proud to have fans who stick by me and understand my schedule sucked. The story is moving on and things are definitely happening…I hope at least some of you feel it was worth the wait. I also want to say that due to the long wait, I skipped the proof reader, so I proof read it once…if there are spelling errors or grammatical errors, my apologies. I just wanted to get this out ASAP! Without further ado: Chapter 8.)

In an instant and without really thinking, John stood up to remove all of his clothing and just let his dick hang free, like it was meant to. First things first, he knew his pants and underwear had to come off. The most important thing was that Alex could see his dick. Removing his pants and underwear in one swift motion, John realized that he never really thought of being nude in front of his sons or even in the living room at all before Alex talked to him. As he removed his socks and shoes, he also realized that he didn’t really remember what Alex had said or how he said it, but he knew that for some reason, Alex made him want, no need, to be nude. Somehow, John knew that Alex had completely hypnotized him. Probably with that weird machine. He didn’t know how it worked or why it was working, but John knew he wasn’t in control of his body anymore. All he could do was scream inside his head to stop. To put his clothes back on. To get out of here. But his body betrayed him completely. His thoughts were going two million miles a minute. He was a prisoner in his own body. Looking up at Alex and then over at JJ as his rock hard erection began to leak, he removed his shirt and stood nude with a smirk. His next thought was how proud he was to show off his sexy body for his new son Alex.

But just as quickly, a new emotion trumped his pride. Fear. It swelled from deep within him as he continued to smirk and slowly began stroking his dick while staring Alex dead in the eye. Not showing any of this rising fear on the outside, John felt something click deep in his brain. Alex had ensured that he would be the perfect little plaything. But Alex had also ensured that John knew he was that plaything. The realization in his head that he was nude, stroking, and showing off his entire body in front of JJ and Filthy Queer…no Jake…was unbelievably horrifying and embarrassing, but John just couldn’t stop. He knew that his new son Alex wanted him this way and so he wanted to be this way.

No, John thought. No I don’t want to be this way. Trying desperately to remove his hand from his cock and pick up his clothes to run from the room, John attempted to rustle up all the strength in his mind to fight the sick perversion his new son was forcing on him. No. Not his new son. Not his son at all. Alex Smith. From next door. Alex Smith.


His sexy new son.

Alex had made him begin to view him as his own son. This, above all, was the biggest perversion John could think of. He tried to fight the feelings Alex had implanted in him. But part of him truly did believe Alex was his flesh and blood. Part of him truly wanted to be there for him completely and unconditionally.

Part of him loved his new son. His sexy new son.

He’s not sexy, John. He’s a man. A young man. Who lives next door.

That my wife gave birth to and I’ve wanted to be fucked by from the moment he started getting so damn attractive.

That’s sick, John. You know that’s not true. You can’t have sex with your son, John! That’s so wrong! He’s not even my son. He’s a neighbor. He’s my neighbors son. He’s my son. My son.

NO! Not my son!

John’s body made sure the struggle happening within showed no outward appearance of occurring at all as he sat back down, spread his legs to give Alex, JJ, and Filthy Queer an even better look at the cock that had made them. At around 9 inches, it was no tiny thing. It was thick and veiny with a beautifully shiny purple head that spread nicely down the center to allow a constant river of pre to drip down his shaft as he continued to stroke and stare at Alex.

“How you doing, Dad?” Alex asked, knowingly.

“Alex, my boy. I’ve never been better. Thank you so much for shutting up that goody-goody piece of shit and letting your true Daddy out.”

“Be honest, Johnny Boy. How is he doing in there?”

Inwardly horrified, John realized that Alex had made sure he would be perfectly conscious of all the sick perverted actions he was going to be forced into doing. The young sociopath from next door was going to make John dwell in his own mind. John realized he could barely separate himself from this new, twisted, disgusting sinner he was becoming. He had to, though. He had to for his family. Fight it, John, he kept telling himself. Fight it for Maria, for JJ, for the Filthy little Queer. Fight, John.

“Oh, he’s there. He hates it. He’s so disgusted by you. But, honestly, my boy, the more disgusted he gets, the more he fights, the hornier I get. I love it. And I love you, my boy.” John was absolutely revolted by the words that were coming out of his mouth. It was weird feeling that nausea only in his brain. His body, in turn, just kept stroking, smirking, and staring. His cock was leaking like a faucet.

“Oh, Alex, I love it. You’ve made him the perfect little daddy faggot. God, how I love you,” JJ gushed as he latched onto Alex’s right side, ensuring his hard cock rested between himself and the love of his life’s hip. He began gently nibbling at his ear as his eyes closed in ecstasy.

“I’m glad you like it, JJ. You really love how tortured I made your dad, huh?”

Releasing his hold on Alex’s ear, “Alex. I knew I loved you before, but now I know that you are, without a doubt, the only person in the world I ever want to be with. It’s so fucking hot what you did to my faggot of a dad. You made him who he was supposed to be. Just like you did with Filthy Queer. And just what you did to me. I love you. You’re sheer perfection.”

“I’m glad you approve, sexy. Hey, Daddy. What do you think of your sons now that I’ve corrected your line of thinking. Be completely honest and elaborate.”

“I’m so pissed off at how fucking ridiculous I was before. How could I have been so blind that I never noticed how fucking hot JJ was? I was his dad! I should have been there for him as he matured. I should have taught him how to suck dick. How to fuck faggots. How to be a true man. Thankfully, you were able to fix all the errors in my parenting for me and for that I’m endlessly thankful. But, man, I want a piece of JJ so bad. I want to worship that glorious dick that I made. I want that dick inside me. I want to lick every part of his beautiful body. Treat him like the god that I know he is.”

John didn’t think it was possible but his very mind was gagging at the words leaving his mouth.

“As for the Filthy little Queer over there,” Jake looked up at his father with lust and need from the floor across the room. “I can’t believe he came from my seed. I know that I’m a faggot. I love that I’m a faggot. But this piece of shit, well, he’s lower than any human I’ve ever seen. I’m ashamed that he came from my loins. He disgusts me. I want to spit on him, piss on him, maybe even shit on him. But I’m convinced that he’s not even worthy of the honor of my excrement, let alone yours or JJ’s. What an absolute waste of space. I guess I’d fuck him if you wanted me to, Alex. But I’d honestly rather just let him fend for himself. I don’t even want to consider him my son anymore.”

The shame John felt inside was replaced with absolute sadness and depression. How could he be saying this about his son? He loved his son with all of his heart. Sure, he was a disgusting faggot, but that never got in the way of him loving him. Sure, he was absolutely disgusted by him…wait. No. He wasn’t. That was Jake. This was his very own Filthy Queer. He loved him. He wanted him to succeed. He wanted him to be the absolute best disgustingly perverse little queer he possibly could. No! Scientist. No…he was too stupid for that. He only needed dick. Love. He loved his son.

“The inside guy didn’t like what I said about his disgusting little queer. I love it. I love how much he hates what you’re making him do, Alex.” John stopped stroking for a moment to stand up and walk towards Alex. "Which leaves me with my favorite son. You. You are everything I wanted in a son. Not the jock, hero type like JJ was. Not the prissy little fag like Filthy Queer was. But a strong bully who knows how to control the people around him. THAT is the ideal son. You, Alex. You are everything I ever wanted in a son. And to show you how proud I am that you’ve accepted me as your new Dad,” John kneeled before Alex, “I’ll thank you the way I know you want me to.”

John grabbed the base of the dick before him and slowly inserted it into his mouth. Slobbering profusely due to the very need to have this wonderful meat in his mouth, it slid down his throat easily. Inwardly, John was beyond nausea. It was a full blown mental breakdown of disgust, revulsion, and embarrassment. He was sucking off his sons bully. The boy he knew had no future. The boy who had spied on his wife. On top of it all, it was homosexuality. John knew that Filthy Queer…no Jake…had been gay, but for him, a straight man, to be sucking off another man was against the very nature God had made him. Fearing for his soul now, John didn’t know what to do anymore. He wanted to continue to fight. He knew he had to continue to fight. But all seemed lost the moment the glans made its way into his inviting mouth.

From JJ’s perspective to the right of Alex, it was insanely hot. His former straight laced father was sucking off the very best human being the world had ever produced. He knew how hot this was making Alex, so JJ just kept grinding his hard cock into his hip as Alex stared down at the conflicted father on his dick.

Filthy Queer was leering from the back corner like a perverted stalker. Now fully reclined on his back with his head tilted slightly to watch his dad suck off Alex while JJ grinded into him, all he could do was embrace the absolute sexiness of the scene before him. This, to this Filthy little Queer, was heaven.

“You’re pretty good at that…oh…Dad. Oh man. So good…” Alex moaned. Feeling the buildup already after only a few moments of head, Alex knew he was about to explode. He loved making JJ his bully partner. He adored making Jake the Filthy Queer he’d always viewed him as. But making John his own conflicted father was just about the sexiest thing he could think of. Imagining what must be going on in the daddy faggots mind was just too much for him. Pulling at the sides of his head to get him off his cock, Alex began to cum streams and streams onto John’s face and into his hair.

Splat. One glob splattered quickly onto his right eye and began to dribble as the second…splat…hit him at the hair line.

Splat. Splat. Splat. It just kept cumming.

“Dear God, boy, your cum is fucking sexy. Keep spraying me!”

Splat. This is disgusting, John thought. This is the most disgusting thing that could ever happen to me. Splat. How could I have gotten into this mess? He felt his right hand go up to scoop up some of the cum. Quickly tasting it, he began to spread it around his face and hair.

Johns’ thoughts began to go crazy all over again. I can’t handle how humiliating this is. My own son is cumming on my face. And I’m not vomiting. I’m not even wretching. I’m loving it. I’m disgusting.

Looking down at his new daddy with the biggest smirk on his face as his penis finally began to stop shooting, all Alex could say was the first thing that came to him mind, “Good Daddy. We’re gonna have quite a lot of fun this afternoon. I can tell.”

“I love you son.”

“I know, you sick, incestuous, fucked up fag.”



Perturbed that his phone was ringing now when he was literally about five seconds from his sixteenth orgasm of the day, Dave reached over to pick it up. Carefully placing the phone in his left hand and reapplying his right hand to his hard dick, he answered.


“Hunny? Are you ok?”

Oh great, Dave thought. It’s my wife. Literally the last person he wanted to talk to right now.

“I’m fine. Why?” Dave replied with some frustration. Crap, Dave thought. The light is turning green again. Letting go of the phone and leaning on it using his left shoulder, he grabbed the wheel again, just as his foot hit the gas to continue his job of patrolling and also just as that sixteenth orgasm finally sprayed out of his dick. Only a small amount emerged this time, but it mixed with the surprising amount of cum that had sprayed onto his uniform, his door, his steering wheel, all around him in his chair, and even a few really great spurts that had hit him in the face.

“You, um, never came home. It’s past 5 now. You were only supposed to work until 4 today. The boys and I need you here. The nanny left. Are you ok?”

Jesus, woman, can’t a man have some space?

“I know, Becky. But I have things to do. Much more important matters are occurring in my life, ok? Deal with it yourself. I have things to do and I can’t fill you in on everything in my life. Give me some fucking space!”

Dave quickly hung up the phone before the pesky woman could retaliate with more whining. All that mattered to Officer Dave Cockforbrains was to treat his beautiful dick wonderfully, fantasize about Alex and JJ, get the special guests all ready for the interview tonight, and, if luck was on his side, find a new recruit for Alex. Dave tried to think about how he knew this was what he was supposed to be doing, but the feeling in his dick as he began stroking again was just too much and his mind wandered back to how sexy Alex and that wonderful dick of his was.

Even when he pulled over those few people during his patrol, all he could think about as he wrote warnings to the people was how quickly he needed to get on his way. Despite getting many weird looks when he approached windows, he could see the people noticing his sexy cum stains and dick sticking out, but if they were going to think that was weird, then they were clearly the insane ones. Had they never seen a cop before? Cops were good for nothing losers who only ruined the fun people could be having. The only good thing about a cop was if they were sexy men with big dicks. Officer Cockforbrains was clearly an attractive man with a big dick. So, despite being a worthless cop, he deserved to show off the only part of him that was worth a damn.

He didn’t care that these people were speeding, or running red lights, or drunk, for that matter. He just knew he had to pull them over in case they fit the description in his head. If they didn’t, they got a warning. If they did, well, he knew what he had to do.

There’d been no luck thus far. The people obviously were just happy they were getting warnings and didn’t want to argue with him. Even if they did rudely stare at his amazing dick as he spoke to them. They just weren’t what he was looking for so they had to go. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Hell, in his heart of hearts, Dave knew that he could catch a murderer kill someone right now and if he wasn’t exactly what he was looking for, he’d probably just turn the other way.


Looking at his phone, Dave saw it was Becky again. Fuck her. She can leave a message. She doesn’t matter at all, Officer Cockforbrains thought as he approached a 4 way stop.

Jerking it as he slowed down, he looked out his window and caught the eye of a passing woman and her baby. Seeing her look his way, Dave smiled as he continued to stroke. Looking at him as though he was insane, the woman squinted with some confusion and hurried on her way. Thinking that she was insanely rude, Dave turned back and began to accelerate just as a car whizzed by him, clearly running the stop sign he ignored.

Excited about finally getting to do his job again and hoping against hope that this one would finally be who he was looking for, Dave immediately turned on his sirens and gave chase. Luckily, the driver was immediately responsive and began to pull over. As Dave quickly slid in behind him and got his car to a stop, he let go of his cock, opened the door, and got out.

The only good thing about pulling over all these people was that the air felt so amazing on his glistening and cum covered dick. The breeze hit the nerve endings just right and just made it pulse so sexily in the open air. Proudly walking over to the driver who ran the stop sign, Officer Cockforbrains prepared his speech.

Getting closer, he saw that the driver was clearly male with short dark black hair. Dave made a mental note, checking the male column in his checklist in his mind. Getting up next to the car, he saw that the man was clearly not a geriatric, probably around his late twenties to early thirties. Dave checked another off the list. He was wearing a suit so he may have just left his office. Dave got to the window and saw that the man was digging through his glove compartment and hadn’t even looked over at him yet. The profile of his face showed a bit of scruff, a nice jawline, and that his suit fit his large shoulders very well. Checking the last parts of his mental checklist, Officer Cockforbrains mentally squealed with excitement that he’d found someone that fit the bill of what he’d been looking for. Finally!

“Look officer, I was in a hurry to get back to the bank. I got a call about an emergency with the final count for the day shift and I had…” the man finally turned to look at Dave with his registration in his hand. Flabbergasted that the officers dick was resting comfortably on his car where his window had been lowered slightly sticking into his vehicle, the man could only gasp and look up at the young policeman.

“Sir, do you realize you ran that stop sign back there? Do you realize how dangerous that is?”

“Ummm…yes…uh, sir. But. Why are you…? What is your…?”

“Sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask the questions here. Can you step out of the vehicle please.”

“Don’t you want my license and registration?”

“I said out of the vehicle please.”

Dumbfounded by what was happening, the man slowly opened his door and, with some hesitation, got out of his vehicle. Stepping aside slightly, he jumped as Dave slammed his door closed.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to make sure you weren’t drinking or smoking or, um, doing anything else. Can you place your hands on the vehicle, sir?”

“I don’t think that’s necessi…”

“Now, Sir!”

Scared of what was happening to him, the man placed his hands on his vehicle. The sooner he complied, the sooner he could get back to the bank.

“Your name, sir?”

“Bradley Manning.”

Dave began patting Bradley’s pockets, knowing he was merely putting on a show. He knew what was in store for Bradley. He remembered that he somehow knew that if he pulled over an attractive, healthy man, he had to subdue him and bring him in for the follow up interview. It was vital. Officer Cockforbrains was a great cop and he knew how to follow an order…even if he had no idea who had given him the order or why he was supposed to do it.

Bradley jumped slightly as he felt the penis of the cop rub up against his behind. It was humiliating but he had no idea what to do about it. He wasn’t much of a fighter and he really just wanted this all to stop. He tried to remain still and just let the officer do what he had to do to let him go. But as he began to calm himself, he felt the officer grab at both his arms, pull them back, and force him to the ground. He placed his knee over the flailing man and held his arms back, his bicep straining at his uniform. Luckily, this sexy young man wasn’t nearly as strong as him. He could do this with one hand tied behind his back, Dave thought with a smile.

“What the fuck?! What are you doing?! All I did was run a stop sign! Why are you doing this?” Bradley felt the handcuffs being placed over his wrists and started to squirm even more. “I’m going to call my lawyer! You can’t just do this to me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Using his strong physique, Dave got the man to his feet and started marching him back to his car. At this point, a few people had stepped out on their doorsteps hearing the commotion. Most stared, some gasped, all raised an eyebrow as the screaming man was forced into the back of the police car by a police man with a raging erection sticking out of his uniform who was acting so calmly as he opened his door and sat in the front seat. Alarm bells rang for several citizens and fearing for the safety of the man being taken by the clearly confused and crazy cop, a few called 911 quickly as they saw the cop car drive away.


Frank was drunk. Just how he liked it. No worries when he was drunk. It was so much easier to remain in his favorite state of mind when all his kids came home for Christmas. They took care of most of the problems and chores around the house during their visit. This allowed him to put off most of his duties and just focus on the drinking. Unfortunately for Frank, he hadn’t gotten drunk enough quite yet. He still felt that all too familiar feeling of loss in his heart that he always tried to bury with his alcohol. Sure, it had been 21 years ago, but Frank still missed, and more importantly, loved his dead wife Bella.

He had a rough go of it since then. He lost so many jobs, took whatever he could, and barely got by. Worst of all, the entire time, his four sons put him through hell. Yes, he knew they had lost their mother and perhaps a lot of their rebellion stemmed from that loss. But he had lost his wife. The love of his life. A man doesn’t just get over that. Besides, he had never really even wanted to be a father. That had been Bella’s dream. “I’m gonna get you a house full of athletes so you can start your own baseball team!” Bella would joke with him. Frank would always laugh and say, “Whatever you want, my love.”

If it made her smile, Frank would do it. Even have kids he didn’t want.

Then she died and left them with him. He didn’t hate them; in fact, he did love them. He just didn’t want the responsibility all on his own. God, he hated when his mind wandered. I need more booze, he thought.

Getting out of his recliner in his living room, Frank could hear some of his boys and Sara talking from the kitchen. All his boys sounded so similar to him when he’d been drinking, he couldn’t really decipher who it was. He thought it might be Alex and Carl. But then he realized that they were talking civilly, so Alex probably wasn’t in the room. Opening the kitchen door, Frank saw it was his oldest son Matt, his second son Kyle, his third son Carl, and Matt’s girlfriend Sara sitting around the kitchen table. The smell in the room was fantastic. Frank was so happy that Matt had met Sara. While not the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen his son with, she was certainly the best cook. She was clearly making something tasty for supper.

“Hi, Mr. Smith. Can I help you with anything?” Sara kindly asked as his three boys turned to look at their father.

“Naw, just getting some more spirits. Don’t mind me. What you guys all talking about?”

A silence fell over the room as Frank reached the refrigerator. Sensing the sudden change in mood, Frank looked back to his sons and Sara.

“Everything ok?” Frank asked.

“Look, Dad, can you take a seat. We need to talk,” Matt stated matter-of-factly.

Matt, much like his younger siblings, had always been wild in his youth. Ever since meeting Sara, however, he seemed to have matured. He felt like Kyle and Carl had also grown up a bit, even though Kyle was insanely secretive and Carl still got himself into trouble from time to time. All in all, his three older boys had truly grown into fairly respectable young men. If Matt wanted to talk, he would talk with Matt.

“Sure, let me just grab this,” Frank said as he pulled open the fridge door, took out a beer, and went over to sit in one of the empty seats at the table.

Awkward silence ensued for about thirty seconds.

“So, Dad, we kind of have a concern,” Matt said.

“A couple, actually,” Kyle interjected.

“Ok…” Frank trailed off as he took a sip of his beer uncomfortably.

“First, it’s Alex. He’s just too much of a shit. I’m sorry, Dad, but we’re all kind of over it. I know he’s our brother and he’s your son. But all he does is start shit. It’s always a fight here, fucking our girlfriends there, talking back. You know the deal,” Carl laid it all out. “And, well, with us trying to actually grow the fuck up and do stuff, we can’t deal with it anymore. He’s always been a creepy little shit with no respect for anyone else. I know that’s the pot calling the kettle black, but I think we all agree that he was always much worse, much meaner, and much, well, badder and ruder.”

“It’s great that he’s in college and that he’s not here often, but that time away, Dad, it makes it so much worse when we know he’s gotta come back,” Kyle added. “And Carl is right. He’s always been the worst of us. I will be the first to admit that I was a jerk back in the day. But ever since I got out of high school and started working at the community center, I feel like I’ve moved past that stupid rebel stuff that he still seems to be in. It’s tiring.”

“I’d say we all have grown up a bit except for Alex. Kyle, I’ve noticed how much more fun you are to be around and Carl, you’re still a punk, but at the very least, you’re not a punk to us. I’d say we’re finally becoming a somewhat normal family. I don’t know what I would do without Sara, personally, and I know that Kyle met someone special and Carl’s got Jessica. We’re all becoming adults while he’s still a rude, conceited, and frankly, horrible brother. I know it’s not the nicest thing. He’s family, after all, but I think we need to either make it clear to him that he’s not welcome here if he’s going to be a rude pile of sh…,” Matt looked at Sara as he hesitated. She smirked as he continued, “Poop. Or we tell him he’s gotta go back to school until he can shape up so that Christmas can actually be enjoyable.”

Frank was slightly taken aback by the suggestions. He was a little surprised that his boys had clearly been working together to come to this conclusion. If it wasn’t so hard to hear that one of his sons wasn’t welcome, he’d be proud. His sons had never gotten along. Not really. He always remembered them bringing home various friends but never really spending meaningful time with one another. There really wasn’t anything wrong with that, but in this moment, Frank was so happy that his boys were seemingly working together for a common goal. Even if that goal was to oust their other brother if he didn’t shape up.

Frank was also a little embarrassed about the fact that he was a little happy they had all thought the very thing he’d thought for years and years. He’d always been able to slightly control his three older sons, but Alex, well, Alex was different. Frank hated to admit it, but he always resented Alex for what happened to his beloved wife while giving birth to him. Frank wasn’t stupid or cruel to the boy, he didn’t necessarily blame him, he just couldn’t understand why he was here and she wasn’t. Especially considering how evil the young man could be.

Frank never could control the boy. From the moment he could talk, he was cursing. From the moment he could walk, he was getting into trouble. As he grew up, Frank honestly felt like he had a son with no real conscious. No real soul. But whenever that thought crept into his head, Frank would drink to forget it. He couldn’t think such horrible things about his own son. His son wasn’t evil. His son was just troubled. The booze helped him calm down. Just like it helped him cope with life without Bella.

Frank took a big swig of his beer. He was ashamed that he agreed. He was ashamed that he didn’t want Alex here either. But this was his son. How could he do that to his own boy?

“Boys,” Frank cleared his throat harshly as if the words just weren’t coming. “I hear where you’re coming from, but he’s my son. He’s your brother. And it’s Christmas. We can’t just kick him out.”

“We don’t want to just kick him out though, Pop. We want to lay down the law. Let him know that his behavior is unacceptable and there are consequences for them,” Matt retorted.

That seemed, at the very least, doable. Frank took another deep drink. This conversation was making him uncomfortable.

“That brings us to the next thing. We need to try to help you with your drinking.” Kyle stated calmly, looking intently at his father. Frank froze, looked from Kyle to Matt to Carl and then to Sara.

“Mr. Smith, I understand you’ve had a rough life. My dad drank too. I commend you for doing what you had to do to get by. My dad wasn’t as nice as you, unfortunately, but you raised your kids as well as you could. I hope I’m not out of line when I say that I think it’s about time that you got some help, and I know that Matt and myself are 100% willing to help you along the way.”

“She’s right, Dad. I know that I don’t say it enough, but I love you. I know you did your best and it had to have been hard. I know how much you loved mom. My short memories of her are amazing. But it’s time we all moved on together,” Matt replied.

“I agree with Matt,” Kyle said.

“Me too. And if Jessica was here, she’d agree too. We love you, Pop,” Carl said.

Frank didn’t know what to say. His boys had never, in their entire lives, been this open about their feelings with him. He didn’t even think they liked him, let alone loved him. His initial instinct was to leave, to drink more. But the genuine looks from his boys, the love in their eyes, the concern, it hit him on a visceral level. The love he’d held in for years and years just melted forth out of his heart. They were right. He hated to admit it, but they were right.

“Ok. I’ll get help.”

The meek response was not what the boys or Sara had expected. They expected an argument, tears, denial, and a whole lot of pleading. But knowing that their father had heard their plea and responded that way, all three couldn’t wait to get up and hug him. Frank couldn’t think he could be this happy.

For the first time since Bella died, Frank felt like he actually had a family.

Where was Alex?


“I’ll get it,” Kyle stated as he wiped a few tears away and walked out of the room.

“Thank you boys, for being so honest. I’ve never felt so cared for. I know it’s strange to say, but I always felt alone. Thank you for showing me that I’m not.”

“We love you, Pop. Always have, always will,” Carl replied as he hugged his father again.

Kyle walked into the room with a look of confusion on his face. “Hey, Dad. It’s a cop. He says he needs to talk to you. I think it’s about Alex. And, um, he kind of smells weird and looks like his uniform is stained. It’s kind of weird.”

Frank immediately rushed to the door. The feeling of sobriety slowly crept on him as he approached the front door. Seeing the man waiting before him only made him confused. Kyle had been right; the man had a huge stain on his uniform from his crotch all the way up to his collar in spots. He also seemed to have weird globs on his face. Looking behind him, he saw a man in his squad care looking incredibly flustered. It didn’t look to be Alex. Frank just stood aghast at the situation as a weird funk reached his nostrils and the blonde cop before him spoke.

“Mr. Smith. I’m afraid I need you to come with me. Alex needs some assistance from you.”


“I didn’t do anything, man! Why are you doing this to me?! Let me go!”

Bradley continued to appeal as Dave drove off. He tuned him out, however, as images of Alex and JJ formed in his head again and get slowly began to stroke his cum covered cock again.

“What the fuck, man! This is insane! Why are you doing this? What are you doing? Are you some kind of pervert? Are you even a cop?”

Just then, over the radio, Dave heard Bill, “Officer Cochran, come in, Officer Cochran.”

Oh great, Dave thought. Now I can’t stroke my dick anymore. This better be worth it. Glancing at the clock, Dave saw that it was 5:30. Oh man, he had better hurry! The follow up interview was at 6! Luckily for Officer Cockforbrains, this radio call meant that everything was sliding into place. Now to get things rolling. Everything truly couldn’t have gone any better.

Quickly grabbing the radio, Dave responded, knowing he had to get this over with so he could go get the special guest and get back to Alex. “This is Officer Cockforbrains. Over.”

“Dave? Did you just say Cockforbrains? Nevermind, anyway, we’re getting a lot of calls about a cop behaving strangely. They all say it’s an Officer Cochran. Are you ok?”

“Sure, Bill. I’m…”

“Help me! I was taken by this guy and I didn’t do anything!” Bradley screamed from the back seat.

“Dave. What was that?”

“Nothing. Look. Send Officer Jackson and Officer Niels over to the Henderson place at around 6:15. I realized there was something strange going on there. Need some back up. Heading there now.”

“Dave. I’m not sure what you’re doing or what’s going on. But I’ll talk to the chief about sending them and see what he says. You’re really not yourself today.”

From the backseat, Bradley continued to holler.

“I’m fine, Bill! Never better. Just want to make sure the neighborhood is safe. I’m sure the chief will understand.”

“Ok Dave. It sounds like your passenger isn’t in a good mood. Be careful, Dave. Just remember, you’re a good cop. Whatever might be happening, you’re a brother in blue and we’ve got your back.”

“Thanks, Bill! I can’t wait to have your back soon too!”


Dave placed down the radio, finally stuffed his hard dick back in his pants, and drove to his next destination. It was time to get the last guest.


“Don’t worry, Mr. Smith, Alex is just next door at the Henderson place. But we had a little incident earlier today and I know that he and I both need you there to do a follow up.”

“Is he ok, officer?!” Frank asked, clearly worried.

“Oh, he’s fine. But you should really come over now. Head over there now and I’ll meet you there.”

Frank rushed back inside to grab his coat, told his boys that he was heading next door to check on Alex, and left quickly despite the confused looks he got in return.

Frank couldn’t blame his kids for the reaction they had. The Hendersons were great people, sure, but Alex always seemed to hate them. He was especially mean to the younger kid. Jack? James? J…something. Frank couldn’t remember the kids name, but Alex was always mean to him. Frank kind of just let it happen as kids will be kids, but he knew that the older Henderson brother, JJ, was defending his kid brother, so that was enough. John, the father, was concerned about Alex, Frank knew. And Frank wished Alex would have agreed to be taken under his wing, but Alex was too stubborn.

Frank knew that Alex hated the Hendersons for no real reason other than they were a happy family. It honestly made no sense to him why he would be over in their house.

Reaching the door, Frank didn’t even think to knock. The officer had said Alex was in trouble. Despite the feelings he had for his son, he was still his son. He still loved him. But he certainly didn’t love what he saw.

Reaching the doorway to the living room, Frank smelled a similar musky smell to what the police man had smelled like. Looking around the walls, furniture, and floor, he saw countless stains and wet spots. Gagging slightly, Frank realized it was cum. It had to be. Because John was currently cumming on the rug as his eldest son JJ fucked him in the ass. The sight was absolutely repulsive to Frank. The Hendersons were fags?! All this time?!

“What in the fuck are you two doing?!”

Suddenly realizing the new visitor that had arrived, John and JJ both looked up. John, for his part, was still orgasming as his sons’ dick tickled his prostate. JJ smiled as he too seemed to begin to shake as he began to orgasm into his fathers’ rectum.

“I’m taking what’s mine, Frank,” JJ confidently with a smirk and gleam in his eye.

“It’s the best feeling in the world, Frank. To finally admit I’m nothing more than a cock hungry faggy daddy. Come be a faggy daddy with me, Frank!” John replied enthusiastically.

Suddenly, from his left, Frank heard a voice that filled his head. Quickly looking, he saw his son holding a weird machine. He also saw the youngest Henderson boy lightly licking on his nude sons balls. That’s when time seemed to go still.

“Welcome dad!” Alex said into the re-educator. John and Jake went still with Frank as the sound from the machine echoed in their ears. JJ, still wearing the earplugs, just begin fucking his now slightly unconscious father again.

“Come in and sit down. Be sure to find the spot with the most cum. Sit in it.”

Mindlessly, Frank walked in, found a particular wet spot just to the right of John. Sitting directly in it, Frank looked slightly out of place next to the nude older man being fucked by the athletic 20 something. Fully clothed and in his coat, Frank truly didn’t fit in with the rest of the scene.

“Oh, Frank. How silly of me. Remove all your clothes and sit back down.”

Frank followed the instructions, revealing his large beer belly, hairy chest and back, dark brown pubes covering a decent sized set of balls with a little dick poking out.

“Keep licking my balls as I talk, Filthy Queer. Now, Frank. Here’s the new game plan. I wanted Officer Cockforbrains to bring you here so I could assist you in realzing who you truly and who you’ve always been. You are no longer my father. You never were. You were never worthy of being my father. I deserved a strong, masculine, loving father, like John here. He’s my father. You barely know me. You know me as the sexy, wonderful, perfect neighbor boy Alex Henderson. You’ve craved me from the moment you saw me. You’re a dirty little pervert. Remember back to the first time you saw me in the Henderson backyard. Remember how you jerked your cock watching me. Remember how you craved me. Remember how you wished I’d come knock on your door. Remember how you fantasized night and day about Alex Henderson letting you touch him. Letting you lick him. Letting you worship him.”

Alex saw his former father begin to harden. Not the biggest cock. Probably around 4 to 5 inches. Such a shame. His mother deserved better.

“Now realize that you’ll never touch Alex. You’ll never be allowed to be near him. You’ll never ever know what it’s like to feel him. Because you are nothing more than a disgusting pervert. You know it deep in your heart of hearts. You wished you had had a son like him. You wished, desperately, that you had a son like him. He was perfect. The way he bullied those around him. The way he got what he wanted. You craved it. You would have given anything to love and be loved by a son like that. But you couldn’t. The only sons you had all ended up being fags that you couldn’t even love. Because they weren’t Alex. You wished you were John. Desperately wished you were John so that you could have the sexy, perfect, fantastic Alex Henderson for a son.”

JJ started fucking his father harder, listening to Alex. In his mind, he knew Alex must have really hated this guy for some reason. JJ knew that this was his real father and that he’d made everyone else think that John was his dad. All of that was insanely hot as was this, but JJ thought there must have been some huge amounts of resentment for Frank. Knowing that Alex was getting what he wanted just made him happier. So he pounded his dad’s ass some more.

“Frank, you can’t touch Alex Henderson. You can only fantasize about it. You can only look on from a distance. You were invited here tonight to watch your dream happen with John. You were invited here out the goodness of my heart to watch what you so desperately want to happen to you happen to someone else. You’ve fantasized about me being your son and you and I fucking and fooling around. You’re going to be able to watch it happen with John. But you can’t touch me, you can’t get close to me. You will only watch from as far away as you can be without coming close. You’ll jerk what you know to be your pathetic cock wishing it was you I was fucking. Fantasizing about me dominating you. Knowing that John was the perfect father for me. That he deserves my perfect dick. And you deserve nothing more than being a perverted old fuck.”

Alex felt, for the first time in a long time, some genuine emotion rising up. Generally, he was pretty numb to the people around him. But right now, he felt hatred. Hatred for the father he had. The pathetic weakling that fate had paired him with. It always disgusted him how weak he was. No more. His new dad was much more to his liking. It didn’t matter that John had been a disgusting Christian, or a sanctimonious ass. He loved his family. He fought for his family. Alex wouldn’t say he had respected that, but he would have been much more satisfied with a father who didn’t grovel into a bottle. And now he had a controlled father who did love him…in his own special way. In short, he now had a dad he could be proud of.

Just then, Alex heard a rustle at the front door.

“Where are you taking me?! Why are you taking me into this house?! Stop it!”

“Everyone, stay where you are!” Alex reacted into the re-educator.

Officer Cockforbrains stormed into the living room with a man in handcuffs. Pushing the man to the ground, Dave stoically stated, “Officer Cockforbrains, reporting for duty!”

Alex smirked as he saw the man in handcuffs struggle to get up.

“Report, Officer Cockforbrains!”

“Found this man. He ran a stop sign. Fit the bill. Brought him here.”

Bradley began to wretch. He had landed in a particularly large puddle of semen and the smell began to get to him.

“What the fuck?! Where am I?! What is going on?!” Bradley screamed as he turned to see a young man fucking what looked like a comatose older gentleman.

Readying the re-educator, “Shut up, sir. And tell me your name.”

A calm swept over the panicking man. “Bradley Manning.”

“Good, good. I just wanted to try this out on a random person. See what I can do when I play with strange new toys. Sorry, my friend Brad, but it seems you are the unlucky winner of the Alex sweepstakes. Officer Cockforbrains, are the two sexiest officers coming for the follow up interview like I suggested?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, go outside and wait for them. Alert me when they arrive.”

“Yes, sir.” Dave wandered outside.

“Hey, JJ, take our Filthy Queer upstairs and put him to good use. Oh, and before I forget, you should probably get some food or something for your mom and ex-girlfriend. Throw some bread down into the basement or something. I’ll come get you in a bit.”

“Of course, Alex!” JJ grabbed the Filthy Queer and began the trek upstairs.

“John, get over here and worship my dick as I reprogram Bradley here.”

Alex moved over to the couch, sat down, and allowed easy access to his hardened cock as his new father crawled over the spellbound Bradley to get to his object of worship. “And Frank, go in the corner and just be your disgusting, perverted self.”

Frank sludged his way to the far corner to get a good view of the show he was about to so wonderfully see. The feelings of envy were strong, but to even be allowed to see it in the same room was the greatest blessing. He tried to sneak his way behind a plant, just to make it even more voyeuristic and sexy for him, but his giant beer belly hung out and his masturbating hand kept hitting leaves and rustling them. He had to work on being this disgusting pervert, he knew.

“Now what to do with our new friend Bradley. Hmmm. I want a world of faggots, I know that. But I want special faggots. I want as many different faggots as possible. I want you put in your place and showing people what is in store when Alex moves beyond these walls. Now stand up and face me.”

Bradley did just that.

“Bradley, are you straight?”


“No, you’re not. You’re a fucking gay dirty faggot. So, I ask again. Are you straight, Bradley?”


“That’s right. What are you sexually?”

“A fucking gay dirty faggot.”

Alex felt his cock surge. This level of control over another human being to simply change him from straight to a fag was far too intoxicating. He couldn’t believe his fortune in getting his hands on his dream machine. This utter stranger was standing before him literally becoming whatever his imagination could come up with. He loved controlling people before he had this machine. Now he could absolutely and totally dominate human will. The sexiness of it was unbelievable.

“Are you married, Bradley?”



“Lisa Manning.”

“And do you have children?”


“How many, how old, and what is their names?”

“One. 7. Gretchen Manning.”

“Write down Lisa’s phone number for me and then give it to me. I want to see if this thing works over the phone.” Bradley searched the living room for paper and a writing instrument, found them near the entryway, and wrote down the number. He then resumed his position standing in front of Alex and handed him the sheet of paper.

“Forget Lisa Manning and Gretchen Manning completely. They don’t exist. You’ve never met them. You don’t know who they are. Besides, you’re a dirty fucking faggot! Why would you have a wife and a kid? So, Bradley. Who are Lisa Manning and Gretchen Manning?”

“I don’t know.”

“Good, good. Bradley, take off your suit coat and shirt.”

Bradley began by removing his suit coat revealing a nicely fitting button up shirt. Removing one button at a time, he slowly revealed a fairly attractive chest. Somewhat tan, with slightly defined pecs, a small little gut, and plenty of hair, it was what Alex had heard girls call a ‘dad bod’. To Alex, though, every man was attractive, in their own way, as long as he could control them. He’d fuck a 65 year old or an 18 year old. A lardass or a scrawny weakling. As long as he could dominate them, they were hot. And a shirtless Bradley was definitely hot.

“Ok, now the shoes, socks, and pants. Remove them.”

Bradley carefully stooped down to remove one shoe, then the other. He followed suit with the socks revealing somewhat large, masculine feet with a large patch of dark hair on the top of both his feet. Then he stood back up and began unbuckling his pants and unzipping his zipper. He pulled his pants down revealing a nice pair of expensive looking black and blue briefs with a sizable moose knuckle forming at the front. Alex knew he couldn’t have been horny at the moment, so this guy was either insanely hung for his size, approximately 5’8”, or he wasn’t much of a shower when he got hard.

“Bradley, you’re a fucking disgusting perverted faggot. Think about what the means. That means that cocks, balls, semen, nude men, assholes, anything coming out a man, male smells…they all get you hard. Look around the room. See the stains. Smell the smells. What does a fucking disgusting perverted faggot do when he sees a room like this?”

Bradley took a moment to look around. He saw an older man sucking the cock of the young man with the machine. It was fucking hot. He also saw countless stains on the couch that looked like semen. All around him in the room, he saw spots that looked to be recent loads spurted out. He saw a nude man jerking off behind a potted plant. The place smelled of sex, sweat, and manliness. Bradley looked back at Alex. “They get hard and horny.” And that is just what Bradley started to do.

His briefs stretched out and stretched out. Alex couldn’t believe the luck that Officer Cockforbrains found this hung beast of a man. It just kept growing and growing until it couldn’t be contained in the small briefs he was wearing. With a snap, the huge penis shot out the side of the briefs, overflowing to the side.

“Bradley, how big is your dick?”

“12.5 inches.”

Alex had never seen such a huge dick.

“Take off your underwear, take out your dick, and play with it for me.”

Bradley revealed his dark hairy pubed privates and the gigantic dick that arched slightly to the side. It was the hugest dick Alex had ever seen. How was this dude not a porn star? If Alex was a normal gay man, he might want to play with a dick that size or help this man be known for his impressive cock. But Alex was far from a normal gay man.

As Bradley continued to play with his huge erection for the amusement of Alex, Alex continued, “Now, onto your new life, Bradley. I don’t care where you worked and I don’t care where you lived. You are now nothing more than furniture. You exist here, in this house, as an object. You will remain hard at all times. You will find this easy as there are so many hot gay men that you can see having sex. But you will never move unless told to move. You will never speak unless told to speak. You will merely be whatever I tell you to be until I tell you to be something else. Right now, pick up all of your clothes.”

Bradley followed the command.

“Now, stand by the entrance to this room, place your suit coat in one hand, your shirt in the other, then drape your socks over your cock. Your pants and shoes can just go on the floor wherever. You will hold up the shirt and the coat because you are a coatrack. Nothing more. You will stand there holding your clothing until I tell you otherwise. Now go, coatrack.”

Bradley threw his pants and shoes back on the ground, moved over, and assumed the position described by Alex. Content with his new male furniture, Alex looked down at his new dad. “Keep worshipping my balls and cock. I know you can’t show it, my loving father, but I can figure out how disgusted you probably are with the new coatrack over there. What disgusts you more? The fact that you’re sucking my cock, that you are starting to view me as your kid, or that you know I have unending control over any and every one? No need to respond…I know you can’t. Just keep starring at your star son with those adoring eyes. I know you love me, Dad.”

All John could think in that moment, however, was that he was sucking the dick of a fucking sociopath.

Officer Cockforbrains hurried in, “They just pulled up, sir.”

“Oh good. Send them right in. I’m ready.”

A few seconds later, a tall black man with the tightest uniform Alex had ever seen and a slightly shorter handsome looking red head with a moustache walked around the corner. Before they could even gasp, Alex started speaking.

“Calm down officers. Everything is perfectly normal. Come in, sit on either side of me, and watch my dad John suck me off. You’re suddenly very interested in what he’s doing. Oh, and Officer Cockforbrains, I think Frank over there has had enough for one day, escort him out to your car and lock him in the backseat. Frank, while you’re in there, fantasize about everything you saw John doing to me tonight and keep cumming and cumming and cumming.”

Frank clearly looked a little upset at his forced change in scenery as Dave escorted him outside. But the two cops sitting on either side of Alex ensured Alex wouldn’t be thinking about his old father much more tonight. “You’re both fascinated with what he’s doing. Unbuckle your pants and pull out your hard dicks. You’ve got some learning to do. First, let me explain to you what it REALLY means to be a cop…”

Alex explained a similar scenario to Officer Jackson and Officer Niels that he had to Officer Cockforbrains. He found out that Officer Jacksons real name was Troy and decided his name should now be Officer Jizzson. Officer Niels was actually Chris Niels. Alex decided his name would be better as Officer Kneelsfordick. Unsurprisingly, both of the mind fucked cops instantly accepted their new names with smiles on their faces. It helped that they now knew, much like Dave, the true roll of cops. They were meant to ensure they didn’t destroy people’s fun. And the only cops worth anything were sexy men with large dicks. They learned that, fortunately, that meant they were worthy cops. Officer Jizzson had a huge dick that pointed ramrod straight up at his nose. It was dark and shiny with a couple huge veins truly making enviable man-meat. Officer Kneelsfordick had a fairly sizable dick that bent sharply to the left. It wasn’t quite as large or as thick as Officer Jizzson’s, but it was still above average. It was sinewy and white with a couple areas slightly purple where the blood was flowing and a massive, shining purple mushroom top that just begged to be sucked. And that’s just what Alex had John do next.

To welcome the officers into his home, Alex told John that it was only polite to suck the three police men dry. Only after the three men came into his hungry mouth would they be allowed to carry on with the evening. John had just gotten Officer Jizzsons’ sizable load and moved onto Officer Kneelsfordick when he noticed JJ had reentered the room. “Shit, I almost forgot to feed the mom and the other chick. I’ll be right back, lover.”

“Hold it, one sec. I made these cops just as clueless as Officer Cockforbrains. I gotta go do the same thing to the rest of the cops in town. So I’m going to head out for a little while. I want you to hold the fort here. What have you been doing with the Filthy Queer?”

“Well, I figured with all the fun and energy today, I was pretty sweaty. I’ve been making him lick every last part of my body until he doesn’t taste sweat anymore. Alex, he worked on my ass for, like, forty five minutes. He’s such a fucking faggot.”

Alex just laughed. “Ok, just make sure your dad is fucked a least a few more times tonight. I want his hole ready for me when I get back.”

“Will do, boss!” JJ exclaimed as he left for the kitchen.

Alex looked angrily at his new dad. “John, stop teasing the poor clueless cops. They have work to do. Suck it like you mean it!”


Jake waited patiently in his brothers’ room for what seemed like an eternity. He had been licking his toes, feet, legs, dick, balls, ass, and had started on his abs getting all the sweat off his body and his filthy queer dick was throbbing hard as a result. He knew his brother told him to wait for him up here, but it seemed like he’d been gone for such a long time. Should he risk it and go out a look for him?


Jake heard someone leave the house. Listening closely, he heard two cars rev up and drive down the street. Running to the window, he barely caught a glimpse of two police cars turning towards downtown. Oh well, probably nothing. But he sure did wish his sexy older brother would get back so he could continue the tongue bath.

Sitting on the edge of his brothers’ bed, Jake started to play with his dick again. His mind started to wander to Alex. He truly was the sexiest man he’d ever known. Jake knew in his heart of hearts that he would do anything for the attention of such a sexy man. All he really wanted was to please Alex and convince him to let him use him sexually.

It did kind of strike Jake as odd that he suddenly felt that way. After all, he still remembered how he used to feel. He also remembered that JJ used to be his hero and that he was always so nice to him. Now, all he really wanted from his older brother was to humiliate him and use him for his own pleasure. His world had really shifted in such a short period of time. He really couldn’t figure out at all how that could have happened. How had his opinion of Alex and his relationship with his older brother shifted so suddenly and so quickly?

Jake just stopped thinking about it. The feeling in his dick was too fantastic and the longing for JJ to return so he could worship that sexy body again was far too strong.


Jake looked at the phone. There had been a phone in JJ’s room for about ten years. They added it when he had become a teenager much like his parents did for Jake when he became one. JJ utilized his a lot more, Jake remembered, but it was nothing more than an extra phone line to the house number.


Jake wondered if he should get it. Maybe JJ would be mad if he did?


JJ would get it if he wanted it answered. Wouldn’t he?


Oh, what the hell, Jake thought as he reached out and picked up the receiver.

“Hello. Henderson residence.”


“Yes. May I ask who is calling?”

“It’s Eric. I tried calling your cell. Are you ok? Did it work on JJ?”

“I’m absolutely fantastic. Sorry, my cell is downstairs, I think. The battery is probably dead. And what do you mean did it work on JJ?”

“Seriously? The re-educator, dude. You said you were gonna try it out on him two days ago. You know, in the dorm room the night before we both left for Christmas break.”

Jake thought back. He suddenly remembered talking to Eric about some kind of machine called a re-educator, but he just couldn’t place what that was. It was rather confusing. He remembered talking about something like one and even remembered talking about what it did and what it could do. But it just wasn’t ringing any more bells.

“I’m sorry, Eric. I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hey, Filthy little Queer, get off the fucking phone and get over here. My armpits need attention!” JJ commanded as he reentered the bedroom.

“Sorry, Eric. I have to go. JJ wants me to lick his armpits. Hope you’re having a good Christmas break! Talk to you soon.” Click.

On the other end, Eric held his cell phone to his ear in shock. Had he just heard his friend say what he thought he said? He couldn’t remember the re-educator and he was about to lick his brothers armpit? Unless the Hendersons had some kind of weird family bonding, something was obviously happening. Not sure what else to do, Eric decided he should probably call the professor and then try to get a hold of Jake again tomorrow. Maybe he misunderstood what was happening, but there was no way Jake would have just merely pretended he didn’t know what the re-educator was. They’d spent years on it. Looking through his contacts, Eric dialed Professor Simons.


Rick Simons couldn’t believe what he had seen. His two prize pupils had actually created a machine that could make its way into a subjects mind and assist it in learning. It was astounding. He thought back to watching Eric Michaels sew as though he’d been practicing for years and years as Jake Henderson merely read to him an instruction manual.

The possibilities were insane.

The temptations were even greater.

Professor Simons knew what this machine could be capable of. He kicked himself that in his moment of amazement he hadn’t told Jake and Eric to just give him their machine. He didn’t want something that powerful to be out on the street. He didn’t trust anyone else to have it in their possession. If something went wrong and it got into the wrong hands, there’s no telling what might happen.

Granted, the model that the boys had shown him was significantly less powerful than the dangerous weapon Rick had in mind. As he watched the sewing machine going crazy, Professor Simons couldn’t stop thinking of the possibility that these two had stumbled into real life mind control. Not a science fiction version of spirals and pocket watches. But a legitimate, scientific way into the brains of anyone within earshot. It was horrifying to Professor Simons.

Mostly because the only person he’d want in possession of such a device was himself.

Professor Simons, to his students and colleagues, was nothing more than a geek. He had the normal science professor look: glasses, crazy white and gray hair, a perpetually stained lab coat. He, naturally, put on quite the air of nerdiness because, well, he was a nerd. But he was so much more than just a nerd. He was a gay nerd with a hypnosis fetish. He’d read stories online. He’d even had a go at writing some occasionally. He’d gotten on the hypnosis message boards, done a few Skype sessions with some young and old men, and even attempted making some pretty alluring mp3 trigger files. But in all his 47 years, he never thought that the possibility of an actual hypnosis device could happen. And then his students did it. His very very sexy students.

Those two sexy students were actually exactly who he had been thinking about the previous two days. What he would have done with them if he had a device like that. Two sexy students at his beck and call. The moment he got home after meeting with them, he knew he had to make a device for himself. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He’d read enough stories to know what he should and shouldn’t do with a hypnosis device. He’d fantasized for years and years about it. He knew that in anyone else’s hands, it might end up in a doomsday scenario of mind controlled bimbos or himbos. A less educated person would immediately resort to making mindless slaves. That wasn’t what a powerful device like that should be used for. It should be used for some personal gain, yes, but not an egomaniacal version of personal gain. Professor Simons didn’t want to change the world or even change the fates of the people around him. He merely wanted to change the perceptions. Change the idea of what constituted ‘normal’ and ‘sexual’. A true hypno master required a light touch. He merely wanted to have some control over a few sexy men. Beyond that, well, hopefully the power wouldn’t corrupt him. That was a risk worth taking as he thought of the extremely sexy red head and his shorter and somewhat nerdier sidekick.

So in the previous two days, he’d barely slept. He looked at the designs the boys had made. He made his own version of the re-educator using those designs quickly and efficiently. It was building a magnifying device to attach to it that he was currently working on. He knew, somehow, an amplifier of some sort could attach at the location behind the arch on the front, but he just needed to find out the right configuration. Then he needed a test subject to see if it actually worked. Luckily for him, at the precise moment, his phone began to ring and the name Eric Michaels flashed on the screen.

Smiling to himself and picking up the phone, “Hello, Mr. Michaels. I hope Christmas break is treating you well!”

“Very well, Professor Simons. I’m so sorry to disturb you. But I have some kind of weird news. I just got off the phone with Jake and he was acting kind of weird. Like, he couldn’t remember the re-educator and he said something kind of weird about licking his brother’s armpit or something. I don’t want to be a worry wart, but could it be possible that something happened there? He did take the re-educator home with him.”

Eric truly did sound worried. The poor boy. “Oh no, Eric. I’m sure that everything is ok. With the re-educator you two showed me the other day, there’s no way that anything really serious could have happened. But if you’re concerned, we should probably look into it.”

“Well, that’s the thing, Professor. We weren’t gonna say anything, but Jake kind of made a, like, amplifier of sorts to use on his old bully to make him nicer or something and, so, it is kind of worrying and he really didn’t sound like himself on the phone.”

Professor Simons looked down at his attempt at a mind control device. Could Jake have actually done it? He had to find out. But first, he had to find out if his version worked too.

“Eric, you live here in town, correct?”

“Yes, Professor.”

“Well, why don’t you stop by my place tomorrow and we can talk call him together. We wouldn’t want to risk something like the re-educator getting into the wrong hands.”

“Ok, Professor. I’m sure I can sneak away from the family for a little while. You’re not concerned that it might have been used against Jake, are you?”

“Oh, that is highly unlikely my boy. Just get some sleep, and come by my place early tomorrow morning, say, 8 am?”

“Sure, sir. See you then. Good night.”

“Good night, Eric.” And hopefully see all of you tomorrow, my friend, the Professor thought to himself as a somewhat mad scientist like grin spread across his face.

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