Paul's Possession 1-7

By Jonathan Longhorn
published August 6, 2006
40332 words
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A classic MC tale about taking control of a hot guy, but not all is as it seems

Paul’s Possession by Jonathan (

(HS, M/M, Hypno, BD, Oral, Anal)

Note: any resemblance to real people is strictly coincidental. No real people are depicted in this piece of adult male/male fiction. This story depicts explicit adult male/male sexual activity. If you are under legal age or, you find this type of material offensive, do not continue reading.

This is my first attempt at preparing and submitting a story of this nature. Feedback is most welcome. Please let me know if you think I should continue in the story.


Paul and Glenn sat at the desk in Glenn’s bedroom and reviewed their texts and notes from Dr. Blevin’s Psychology class. Both of the high school seniors were equally excited about the prospects of working on their semester project, and, somewhat mystified as to the direction they should take to make that project happen. Professor Blevins made hypnosis sound so cool during class that they both were looking forward to participating in the project. And of course, the fact that Paul and Glenn had been best friends since kindergarten simply made the prospect of working together even more exciting, and natural.

After more than an hour of studying notes and reading through the text - which he had noted had been written by their instructor, Paul leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. He glanced to his right and nudged his best buddy in the ribs.

“This is going to be a little more difficult than I had first thought,” the blond blue-eyed star second baseman of the high school’s baseball team said with a touch of anxiety in his voice.

Glenn glanced up from his notecards and stared into his friend’s killer blue eyes. His gaze travelled over Paul’s body for a moment before he responded. Paul’s blond hair, cut short on the sides and a little long on top reached down to hang just in his eyes. That blond hair also seemed to frame his tanned, classically sculpted face perfectly; and, it all seemed to come together in perfect unison to make him come across even moreso as the natural-born jock that everyone knew him to be. The fact that he was also 5’11", 190 pounds, and the All-State second baseman on their high school team just made him more enticing. However, he was not the stereotypical high school jock. He carried a 4.0 gpa, was the student government president, worked at one of the local amusement parks as a student assistant to the general manager, and - somehow - he also found time to volunteer time on a weekly basis at an agency that worked with kids who had been abused.

Glenn forced his eyes to retreat back to those blue eyes. He nodded his agreement to his best friend’s thought. “Yeah, I guess it will be a little more difficult than we had thought. But, I think we can handle it,” he added confidently. “Hell, between your brains…and my computer abilities…and all these notes we’ve both taken…” he reached out to pat the stack of 5x8 cards on his desk. “We should be able to come up with something that knocks old man Blevin’s socks off. I mean, who does he think he is - some world-renowned authority and published author on the world of hypnosis or something?” He chuckled and reached up to scratch his chin.

Paul laughed and then held up his textbook. He turned it to face the cover toward his buddy. “Um, in case you haven’t noticed, dude - he is world-renowned and he is published.” He tossed his book back on the desk, stood up and crossed the room to fall on Glenn’s bed. After several moments, he rubbed his eyes once again and glanced across the room. “We need a subject,” he mused quietly.

Glenn swivelled in his chair to face his friend. Through a frown of concentration, he asked, “A subject? What do you mean? I thought we had a subject…hypnosis. Remember - that’s the title of the course.”

Paul stretched his 5’11" body - reached over his head and grabbed the spindles of the headboard and concentrated for several moments before responding. Stretching as he did, his t-shirt pulled loose from his tight Wrangler jeans, exposing several inches of tanned, hard abs. Glenn’s eyes immediately focused on that vision. He studied the trail of darker blond hair that formed at his friend’s navel and made its way downward until it disappeared beneath the waistband of those jeans.

“I know what the course is…nimrod,” Paul joked finally. “What I meant by ‘subject’ is, um… We need a guinea pig. You know, somebody that we could hypnotize and then we could study his or her reactions, their susceptibility, and the results produced from whatever tasks we put them through while we had them under.”

Glenn considered this idea for several moments. He grinned to himself briefly - he had been thinking the very same thing. He glanced over his shoulder at his computer monitor and focused on the small icon in the upper right-hand corner. The icon that opened the program that Dr. Blevins had handed to him after class several days previously. The professor had told Glenn that he thought he saw a perceptibility in Glenn’s eyes that was not necessarily evident in the other students thus far this semester. Glenn was not quite sure what the man meant by that, however, if he was willing to share a computer program with him…a program that he had written himself, Glenn was more than willing to take a shot at it when the opportunity presented itself. He reached back and fondled the mouse for a second…directed the cursor to the icon…and thought silently, “It’s loaded and ready to go. Yeah, we need s guinea pig.” He turned and looked back at his buddy. “Actually - that’s ! not a bad idea, dude. A guinea pig would be great. It would help us out tremendously. Got any ideas who we could sucker into helping us out?”

Almost as if on queue, the bedroom door shot open and Glenn’s older brother, Brad - a college sophomore and total frat dude entered and walked across the room. He stopped behind his kid brother and popped him in the side of the head. He glanced over his shoulder and nodded in Paul’s direction.

“Hey, Super Star,” the twenty-year-old said with a grin. “How’s it hanging?”

The baseball player swung his legs over the edge of Glenn’s bed and walked across the room to shake hands with his best friend’s older brother and once again took his seat in front of the computer. “Hey, Brad. Going okay, man. How you doing? How’s life in the frat fast track?” he responded with a genuine smile.

Brad stared into those blue eyes for several seconds. He grinned broadly. “It’s good. Sometimes the frat fast track is a little too fast - but I’m keeping up so far…” He turned his attention to his kid brother. With another playful slap against the side of Glenn’s head, he asked, “Listen - Twerp… Um, I was wondering if you have any cash on hand. I’m supposed to meet a couple of buds for some pizza and brews; but, I forgot to stop at the bank this afternoon. Can you help me out?”

Paul and Glenn looked at each other. The same thought raced through both their minds at the same time. Their guinea pig had just walked through the door. If they could hypnotize Brad, they could hypnotize anybody. He was cocky. He was slightly obnoxious. He was totally self-absorbed. He was totally macho-oriented. And, he was as stubborn as hell.

“Yeah, Brad - my wallet is over there on the dresser,” Glenn responded with a gesture toward his dresser. “I think there’s enough cash in there for pizza and beer…as long as you don’t buy the whole place a pitcher or two…or thirty.” He looked up to his brother and offered amiably, “If it’s in there and you can use it - it’s yours.”

“Hey, thanks - Twerp. You really are a good little brother sometimes…no matter what they say about you behind your back,” Brad teased. He crossed the room to the dresser and began digging through his kid brother’s wallet. “Um… Looks like the treasure chest has sixty bucks in it. Damn, where’d a twerp high school boy like you get that kind of cash?” he asked as he glanced at Paul and winked. “Um… Can I take forty? I promise - I’ll go to the bank tomorrow morning and get cash to pay you back…with interest,” he offered.

“Sure, Brad. It’s cool. Take what you need,” Glenn said as he called up the computer program that he had received from Professor Blevins. “And, just because you’re such a great big brother… No interest - this time,” he added with a chuckle.

“Wow, my lucky day,” Brad laughed as he walked back across the bedroom. “Must be because you’re here, Super Star,” he said with a slap on Paul’s muscular shoulder. His eyes ran over the baseball player’s body for a moment. He studied the tight t-shirt which left little to the imagination as to the kid’s incredible build. His eyes focused briefly on those tight Wrangler jeans; they, too, left little to the imagination. Paul was a major hunkster. From the lack of lines anywhere, Brad figured that the baseball player was either wearing boxers or nothing at all underneath those jeans. He forced his eyes away from their appraisal of his kid brother’s best friend and glanced at the textbooks, the notecards, and the computer screen. “So, um… What are you two jerk-offs doing tonight? Plotting the overthrow of the civilized world?”

“Not quite, but not a bad idea…” Paul said with a grin. “Actually, we’re, um… We’re trying to put together our semester project for our Psychology class. It’s on hypnosis.”

“Really? You two don’t believe in that shit - do you?” Brad asked with a chuckle. “You do know, don’t you - that shit doesn’t really work.”

“Professor Blevins says that it does,” Glenn argued. He looked over his shoulder to his brother and added with a wink, “Of course, you have to have a subject that has a mind that you can control…” He let out a laugh, which was immediately answered by another slap to the side of his head by his older brother.

“Hey, Brad - you’re a college guy…man of the world… and, a big shot frat guy. Obviously, you have brains,” Paul said as he began playing up to his best friend’s older brother. “How about helping us out?”

“Helping you out - how?” Brad asked through squinted eyes. He glanced from Paul to his younger brother and then back to the baseball player.

“Well, like I was saying - we need a subject. How about letting us put you under and make you walk around and cluck like a chicken for a couple of hours so we can study your reactions and work up the beginning of our project?” Paul asked with another grin. He glanced toward his best buddy and winked.

Brad grinned back and shook his head doubtfully. He felt his knees go a little weak under the influence of the blonde’s electric smile. “Yeah - right. I am sure you two amateurs can put me under your spell. Maybe you should start with something a little more your own speed and brain level - like a steamed lobster.” He turned and started to walk toward the door. “Thanks for the loan, little bro. I’ll pay you back tomorrow, like I said.”

“Chicken,” Glenn mumbled just loud enough for his brother to hear him. He glanced at Paul and grinned.

Brad slammed on the brakes and turned around. “What was that? Did I hear a comment from the twerp gallery?”

Glenn stood up and turned to face his brother. He smiled coyly and said, “I said ‘chicken’ - because you’re to scared to let us try it out on you. I bet you’re afraid to do it because you think that we might actually be able to put you under. You’re afraid that we could actually gain control of that brain of yours.” His tone was mocking, sarcastic, and - challenging.

Brad took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he moved across the room to stand before his brother. He glanced down at Paul who remained seated at the desk. He glanced at the computer screen, the textbooks, the stacks of notes. He grinned sinisterly. “Chicken? You’re calling me chicken? I could whoop your ass in three seconds…and you know it.” A thought popped into his head. He decided to turn Glenn’s challenge back on the kid. “Tell you what, bro. Put your buddy here under. Prove to me that you can pull off this hypno-shit by putting the Super Star under,” he said with another sinister grin. “Put him under - and make me believe that he is ‘really’ under - and, I’m yours. You two can send me into the twilight zone for as long as you need to so that you can finish your project.”

Paul and Glenn looked at one another.

Paul’s handsome face contorted in concentration and slight bewilderment. “Hey, wait a minute - I’m supposed to be on the ‘other’ side of this project,” he argued.

“Who’s chicken now - Super Star?” Brad reached out and gently slapped the baseball player’s face. He grinned broadly, turned and started for the door once again. As he grabbed the door handle, Paul called him back.

“Wait…” Paul said hesitantly. Glenn looked down at his friend with confusion registering on his face. Brad turned around and looked across the room. “If, um… If he puts me under… If he, um…puts me under and proves to you that he can do it…” Paul said nervously.

“I’m all yours to command and use for as long as you need to finish your project,” Brad said confidently. He held his hand out toward the handsome blond. He grinned. He was back in control.

Paul looked up to his best friend for several seconds. He considered Brad’s challenge. They really did need a guinea pig. They really did need to score huge on this project - it was seventy five percent of the final grade. If they could put Brad under, they could create a dynamite presentation package that would blow Professor Blevins away. He glanced back to Brad. “You promise?”

Brad gestured with his outstretched hand. “Frat boy’s honor…”

As he watched his best friend reach out and shake his older brother’s hand, Glenn laughed nervously. “Well, I’m not sure how far you can take a pledge like ‘frat boy’s honor’. How far is that gonna cover us, huh?”

“Do it,” Paul said as he looked back at his friend.

“Paul, I…” Glenn was not sure that he actually heard his best buddy correctly.

“Do it,” Paul repeated.

After several moments of thought, Glenn nodded. He keyed up the program on the computer and got things ready. He turned back to his older brother. “Okay - I’ll put him under and let you know how it goes when you get back from partying with your buddies.”

“No way, Twerp,” Brad argued. “There’s too much at stake here, dude. You two could play me for a fool just to try to trick me into this whole situation.” He grabbed Glenn’s chair and took a seat in front of the computer screen. “I’m staying right here and watching you do the whole thing to be sure that Super Star here ‘really’ goes under and that you ‘really’ can control him.”

Glenn looked doubtful. He glanced at his best friend and waited for his consent. After several nervous seconds, Paul nodded his agreement to Brad’s conditions. Glenn took a deep breath and nodded as well. He walked across the room and made sure the bedroom door was closed and he pushed the lock mechanism. Although their parents were at a dinner party fifty miles away and were not expected home until well after midnight, it just seemed like that ‘safe’ thing to do. He flipped off the overhead light and then crossed back to the desk.

Glenn grabbed the mouse and clicked through several screens on Professor Blevins program, found the section that he knew he was supposed to use - he had read through the book a half dozen times over the last several days, and then he stood up. He glanced at his friend and then at his older brother; both sat before the computer - waiting.

“Okay, let’s get started…” Glenn said. He reached down and hit the enter key. The screen went dark. Several seconds later, it came alive with a spiral image that began at the outer edges of the monitor and spiraled round and round and round towards the center of the screen until it vanished…or, did it? He grabbed his note cards on which he had scribbled the process for putting a subject under and he moved to stand behind Paul and Brad. He realized that with the lights out it was next to impossible to read his cards; he backed over to the dresser and pulled a penlight flashlight from the upper left-hand drawer. He moved back to stand behind Paul and Brad.

Glenn read the cards briefly and then looked up. He took a deep breath and then said softly, “Okay… I want you to concentrate on the spiral. Focus on its movement. Focus on its direction. Force everything else from your mind and your attention - all you see is the spiral. All you hear is my voice. Pick a spot on the outer edge of the spiral and follow it as it makes its way through the tunnel that it creates. Pick a spot and follow it…round…and, round…and, round.” He stopped for a moment and glanced at his cards once more.

“Listen to my voice. Listen to how soothing it is to you. It helps you to relax knowing that I am right here with you - nothing bad can happen to you as long as you can hear my voice. My voice is your safety net. My voice is your bridge.” He paused to look at his brother and his best friend. Brad and Paul were both concentrating intently on the spiral. “Now, take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can. Allow the air to slowly escape from your mouth - never allowing your focus to be diverted from the spot on the spiral that you have chosen.” He asked gently, “Have you found your spot?”

Paul nodded and replied softly, “Yes…”

“Good. Now…continue to focus on that spot. Concentrate only on that spot. Think of nothing else - focus on nothing else but that spot, and - my voice. Follow the spot as it spirals…down…down…down. It consumes you. It envelops you. It takes you in. You feel yourself being drawn into the spiral, riding your spot as if it is a space surfboard. Down…down…down…” Glenn paused to glance at his notes again and then focused on Paul and Brad. They both were still gazing directly at the computer screen.

“Can you hear me?” Glenn wanted to be sure that his voice was still one of only two things within his subject’s focus. “Do you understand my words?”

“Yes…” Paul replied softly. Brad nodded vaguely.

“Okay - you are focused on your spot. You are being taken into the spiral. Down…down…down… Deeper…deeper… deeper… All that you can see is your chosen spot spiraling toward the center of the tunnel. All that you can hear is my voice. It remains constant. Reassuring. Comforting. Relaxing. And, remember that I am right here by your side inside the spiral. Do you understand?”

Paul swallowed hard. He blinked a few times as he felt himself actually getting a little sleepy. “Yes…” he whispered hoarsely. Another vague nod from Brad.

“Okay - we’re in the spiral. We are going down…down… down… We come to an elevator. It is right there in front of us - right there in the spiral. In just a moment, I am going to reach out and push the button to open the doors of the elevator and we are going to enter. Once inside - deeper…deeper…deeper… Once inside, I am going to push the button for the first floor. We are on the tenth floor but we want to go to the first floor. After I push the button to begin out descent, you will count off the floors as we pass them from ten down to one. Deeper…deeper…deeper… Down…down…down… Do you understand what you are to do?”

Paul nodded. “Yes…”

“Repeat my instructions,” Glenn said softly but firmly.

“Once we are on the elevator - we, um… We want to go to the first floor. You will push the button for the first floor,” Paul said quietly. “As we go down from ten to one, I am to count the floors.”

Glenn smiled and thought, “Jeez, you would almost think that I know what the hell it is that I am doing…” He glanced at his cards once more and then continued. “Okay, good. Now, something else that you will do. As you are counting off the floors, you will find yourself going more deeply into a state of relaxation. Your eyes will become heavier and heavier with each floor that we pass. By the time that we reach the first floor - you will be unable to keep your eyes open, yet you will remain fully open to my voice. You will be fully receptive to my commands. Deeper… deeper…deeper… Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Paul responded softly. Another faint nod from Brad.

“Okay. They doors are open. We are stepping inside the elevator. I am going to push the button now to begin our descent,” Glenn said softly. “Deeper…deeper…deeper… Focus on your spot in the spiral. Hear only my voice. Nothing else matters. Adhere only to my suggestions and commands. I have now pushed the button. When the elevator begins going down - you may begin counting off the floors as we pass them. Down…down…down… Deeper…deeper… deeper.”

After a brief pause, Paul began slowly counting. “Floor ten… Floor nine…” his eyes fluttered slightly. “Floor eight… Floor seven…”

Brad’s eyes flickered partially shut.

“Floor six… Floor - um…” Paul felt himself a little confused. He shook his head to try to clear his mind.

Glenn noted his friend’s anxiety. He reached down and gently massaged Paul’s muscular shoulders and leaned down to whisper into the handsome blone athlete’s ear. “It’s okay… I’m right here with you,” he said soothingly. “You’re safe. Hear my voice, Paul. Remember - I am your safety net. Relax. Let go.”

“Floor five… Floor four… Floor, um… Floor three…” Paul’s eyes were looking very heavy now. Brad’s eyes were nearly shut.

Floor…two… Floor… Floor, um… Floor one…" Paul said softly as his eyes drifted shut.

Glenn leaned in close to his best friend and asked, “Can you hear me?”

Paul nodded. “Yes…” Brad nodded faintly.

“Do you feel relaxed?” Glenn asked.

“Actually… I feel kinda hungry,” Paul said with a grin spreading across his handsome face. He looked over his shoulder and winked up at his boyishly cute best buddy.

Glenn popped his best friend’s in the side of the head. “You asshole!” He turned and flipped on the reading lamp beside the computer.

“Had you going there, didn’t I?” Paul asked with a mischeivious grin. Glenn glared back at him and shut down the computer program. “Ha! Did you see the look on your brother’s face, Brad?” he chuckled as he elbowed the college sophomore in the ribs. No response. “Brad?” He elbowed the twenty-year-old once more.

Glenn turned to look down at his brother. Brad’s eyes were closed. His hands were hanging limply at his sides. Glenn and Paul exchanged glances.

“You don’t think…” Paul asked as he moved to look more closely at his best friend’s older brother.

“Brad - can you hear me?” Glenn asked softly as he stared into his brother’s face.

“Yes…” Brad acknowledged hoarsely.

“Brad - can you understand my words?” Glenn asked.

“Yes… I understand…” Brad replied as softly as he had answered the previous question.

Paul looked up at his best friend. “Hey - is he, um… Is he?”

Glenn shrugged. He wasn’t sure either. “Sure seems like it - doesn’t it?”

“Holy shit! How do we, um… How do we find out for sure?” Paul asked. He grabbed Glenn’s note cards and began reading through them. He found the notes that applied to the point they were at in their process - or, that they ‘thought’ they were at with Brad.

“What do they say? Anything?” Glenn asked as he waved his hand in front of his older brother’s face. No reaction.

“Um…” Paul hesitated as he continued reading the cards. “Once the subject has been successfully transitioned into the suggestive state - he should be tested to insure that he is functional and open to his guide’s directives…” He paused as he read several other notes and then continued. “One method of making this determination is to ask the subject several questions to which he should respond with total honesty. Unless the subject is well known to the questioner, however, this might not prove to be a productive means of determining subject’s true hypnotic state.” He paused and looked up at Glenn.

“And, if he is an asshole sophomore frat boy…” Glenn said sarcastically. “How in the hell can you depend upon anything that he might say in response? He could just be yanking your chain…”

Paul glanced through the note cards once more and read, “If the subject is truly under the suggestive powers of his guide, he may be commanded to do tasks that might otherwise be outside his normally exhibited personality traits. These tasks might be as simple as performing movements or sounds like a specific animal…performing as though he is on the Bradway stage…or, even more intense tasks as devised by the subject’s guide.” He paused once again and looked up at his best friend. Questions filled his eyes. “I, um… I guess that you would be Brad’s guide - since you are the one who put him under? If he is under - that is.”

Glenn nodded. “Yeah, ‘if’ he really is under…”

Paul gestured toward the college fraternity student at his side. “Give it a shot…”

Glenn nodded for Paul to join him across the room - out of Brad’s earshot. The two friends walked over to stand beside Glenn’s bed.

“What do I make him do? I mean - we have to make him do something that we know he would never do under ‘normal’ circumstances. You know how much of an actor Brad is…” Glenn warned.

“Make him honk like a goose?” Paul asked with an amused grin. His blue eyes twinkled in the darkened room. “No - I guess that wouldn’t be anything beyond his capabilities…being the incredible actor that he is.”

After a few moments of deep thought, Glenn’s eyes lit up. He looked at his best buddy and winked.

Paul caught the expression on his freind’s face. “What?”

“I got it,” Glenn said confidently. “Check this out…” He turned to face his brother and spoke firmly across the room. “Brad - can you hear me?”

Brad nodded. “Yes…”

“Brad - I want you to stand up,” Glenn commanded. His older brother stood. “Good. Now, turn around and face me.” Brad turned to face his younger brother and the baseball player. “Brad, it is very warm in here. In fact, the heat is almost unbearable. You are so hot,” Glenn suggested.

Brad reached up and rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand trying to wipe away perspiration. He reached out and fanned himself with the palm of his hand.

“Brad, the heat is getting worse,” Glenn said. He looked at Paul and winked again with a sinister grin. “The only way that you can cool off is if you strip off your clothes. Strip, Brad - now,” he commanded.

Paul covered his mouth with his hands in an attempt to keep himself from laughing aloud. Brad immediately kicked off his shoes and then began unbuttoning his shirt. Once he had removed his shirt and dropped it on the floor beside him, he unfastened his belt and opened his slacks. Moments later, the college fraternity sophomore stood naked before his younger brother and the second base ballplayer.

“Brad - come here,” Glenn said firmly. His older brother walked across the room and stood a few feet in front of him and his best buddy. “The heat is getting better now. You are beginning to feel more comfortable. I want you to count from five to one. When you get to one - you will actually begin to get very chilly. You will begin to shiver uncontrollably and you will quickly gather your clothes and get dressed. Do you understand?”

Brad nodded. “Yes…”

“Also, whenever you hear my voice say the phrase ‘frat boy’ you will immediately return to this state and await further instructions from me. Do you understand?” Glenn asked.

“I will await further instructions…” Brad acknowledged.

“Good. You may begin counting,” Glenn commanded.

“Five… Four…” Brad began counting down and almost immediately began rubbing his hands over his arms as he began shivering. His teeth chattered as he continued counting down. “Three… Two… One…” He turned, bent down, and quickly gathered his shirt and pants and began redressing.

As they watched Brad finish dressing, Glenn glanced at his best buddy. “Well - what do you think?”

Paul looked at Brad and then at his friend. He shook his head doubtfully. “It ‘looks’ like you really got him there - I mean - he did just strip down naked and all…”

“But?” Glenn asked. He detected his friend’s reluctance to believe that Brad actually was under his spell.

“I don’t know… It’s like, um… It’s like you said, man… Brad is one hell of an actor. And, we both know how proud he is of his body. He loves to parade around in front of us half-naked…naked…all the time. He shows it to anybody that he can get away with,” Paul reminded his buddy. He looked back across the room at Brad. The college sophomore had reason to be proud of his body. He stood right at six feet. He had a fine mat of light brown hair that splayed across his chest. He had a great set of shoulders and chest. And, he had a huge cock and a set of nuts that looked like a grapefruit. Paul could understand why Brad was so eager to show off his goods - and, why he might have been very able to pull off this little act to convince them that he was under their hypnotic suggestion.

“Maybe if I pull him out of it…wake him up…” Glenn thought aloud. “I could use that command that I implanted in his subconscious. We could see if he goes back under like I commanded him to do.”

“Yeah…” Paul agreed hesitantly.

Glen turned to face his brother. “Okay Brad - can you still hear me?”

Brad nodded. “Yes…”

“I want you to go back and take a seat in front of the computer - just as you were before. Do you understand?” Brad nodded. Glenn smiled. “Good. Do it now.”

Brad turned adn immediately walked across the room and took his seat in front of Glenn’s computer.

“Okay, Brad. It’s time for you to come back. It’s time to wake up. I am going to count to three and snap my fingers. When you awaken, you will be totally refreshed and relaxed. You will feel very well rested. You will remember nothing of this conversation or what has taken place - however, deep down inside you will remember the phrase that I gave you and you will immediately respond to it when I state it. Whenever you hear that phrase, you will go back into this state and you will await further instructions from me. Do you understand?”

Brad nodded. “I understand.” Glenn looked at Paul who had returned to his seat at Brad’s side. “Okay, Brad. Here we go. Remember - when I count to three and snap my fingers you will awaken. One… Two… Three…” he snapped his fingers.

Brad took a deep breath and glanced up at his brother and then to his left at the baseball player beside him. He chuckled. “I knew you two were frauds, Twerp.” He stood, slapped Paul’s shoulder, and headed for the door. “You two little boys have fun with your imaginary abilities. I’m going for that pizza and beer. Thanks for the loan, Twerp…” he laughed as he reached for the door knob.

Glenn looked at Paul and winked. He called out after his brother. “Yeah - guess you’re right, Brad. See you around - frat boy.”

Brad stopped in his tracks and his hands fell limply at his side. Glenn and Paul looked at each other in astonishment and then crossed the room to stand behind the college student.

“Can you hear me, Brad?” Glenn asked.

“Yes,” Brad said quietly.

“Turn around and face me,” Glenn commanded. His brother turned and faced him. His eyes were open and seemed normal - and, yet - not. Glenn glanced at his best friend. “Do you still need more proof or do you believe it now?”

Paul reached out and waved his hand in front of the college sophomore’s face. He made a fist, reared back, and let it fly - stopping only centimeters from Brad’s nose. No reaction.

Glenn could tell that Paul was still fighting with doubts. He wanted to believe that Brad was under Glenn’s control, but… He decided to give his best friend more…undeniable proof. “Brad. Listen carefully to my voice. You only hear my voice. You like my voice. My voice makes you feel good. It makes you feel safe. My voice is soothing to you.”

“Soothing,” Brad said softly.

“You want to make your master happy. The voice that you find so safe and soothing is the voice of your master. You want to satisfy your master. You need to satisfy your master. You will do ‘anything’ that your master commands you to do because you know that it is right. You know that if you do it, you are pleasing your master,” Glenn said with authority.

“I need to please my master. I want to please my master,” Brad acknowledged his newfound commitment.

“Who is your master?” Glenn asked.

“You are my master,” Brad answered immediately.

“And you genuinely want to please your master, don’t you, Brad?” Glenn asked as he led his older brother through the steps of submission.

Brad nodded. “I need to please my master.”

Paul opened his mouth to say something but refrained. He could not believe that this was taking place. He thought, “Damn… He really did it. He really put Brad under… He has control of him…or, does he. Brad really is a good actor. This could still be a put up job…”

“Brad, it would please your master if you were to get on your hands and knees and kiss Paul’s ass,” Glenn said firmly.

Paul’s head shot up. He turned and looked at his friend. “What?” He wondered, “Did he just say…”

Glenn gestured for Paul to be quiet. He continued. “When I give you the code word ‘frat party’ you will strip off all of your clothes and get on your hands and knees. You will crawl up to Paul and you will proceed to kiss his ass. You will continue to kiss his ass until you are told to stop. Do you understand?”

Brad nodded. “I need to please my master. I will get on my hands and knees and kiss Paul’s ass to please my master.”

Paul grabbed his best friend’s arm and pulled him away from the college fraternity student. He stared into Glenn’s eyes trying to figure out just what was going on. “What in the hell are you up to, buddy?”

Glenn glanced back at his older brother. “You wanted proof, didn’t you? You wanted undeniable proof that he is…”

“Well, yeah - but…” Paul interrupted.

“You know Brad, dude. He is totally self-absorbed. He would rip a guy’s heart out and shove it down his throat before he would drop to his knees and kiss a guy’s ass. Right?” Glenn reasoned.

“Well - yeah, but…” Paul paused. His buddy had a point. That would sure as hell be proof to him - to anyone. "But, why ‘me’?

“Because, buddy - I’m Brad’s guide. I am his master. I must be in control…total…control. My voice is the one that he responds too,” Glenn reasoned further. He glanced back at his brother. “You wanted proof…” he said once again.

Paul stared at his best buddy in disbelief and then glanced across the room to focus on the college sophomore. He could not believe that Glenn was suggesting this. Things were going too far in the wrong direction from where he thought they were headed in their assignment. His mouth was suddenly very dry. His heart was pounding so hard it seemed as though it might break right through the walls of his chest. It seemed very hot in the room all of a sudden. “I don’t, um… I don’t know about this,” he said nervously.

“You’re right. This is stupid. Who in the hell did I think I was - that I could actually hypnotize my brother. I should have known I was too stupid to pull this off,” Glenn said in frustration. “Let’s just forget the whole thing. I’ll pull him out of it and we’ll forget it. We’ll find some other way to work on the project.” He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair as he walked across the room to stand in front of his brother. “Okay, Brad - we’re through here. We’re done for the night. I am going to bring you back now. I am going to count to three and snap my fingers and…”

“Wait,” Paul said from across the room.

Glenn smiled to himself. He knew that Paul would cave in. He always caved in when the two of them didn’t see eye-to-eye on something. Paul might be the jock. He might be the 4.0 gpa. He might be the big man on campus. But, he always yielded to his best buddy’s suggestions and arguments. He turned to stare at the handsome blond athlete. “Yeah?”

“What, um… What do you want me to do?” Paul asked shakily.

Glenn looked over his shoulder and pointed at his bed. “Take off your clothes and stretch out on the bed,” he answered as nonchalantly as possible.

“Take off my…” Paul blushed profusely. “Why do I have to take off…”

Glenn interrupted. “Bud - how in the hell is he going to kiss your ass if you’re wearing those Wranglers?”

Paul opened his mouth to argue that point - but he had to stop and reconsider. There wasn’t an argument. Glenn had him on that point. He could not think of a rebuttal that would even come close.

Glenn studied his best friend for several moments. He could see the conflict that was brewing inside Paul’s mind. It registered clearly in his piercing blue eyes. “Paul - strip. Now,” he directed his best friend firmly.

Again, Paul started to argue. Again, he refrained. He still could not think of a valid point that would sway the discussion in his favor. As he walked across the room toward Glenn’s bed, he pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the nightstand. He sat on the edge of the bed and quickly removed his tennis shoes and blue and white striped athletic socks. He stood, popped the button on his jeans, and thought, “I cannot believe that I am doing this…” He started to push his jeans down his muscular legs, stopped, and glanced at his best buddy. “If ‘anybody’ finds out about this..”

“Who’s going to find out?” Glenn interrupted. “We’re best friends, dude. I, for one, sure as hell am not going to go around telling people that my older brother kissed my best friend’s naked butt. Are you?” Paul shook his head that he was not. “And - Brad is totally under my control. He won’t even remember doing it unless I command him too. And, besides - how long have we been friends? Since…forever?” Paul nodded. “I’ve seen everything that you’ve got, dude. You’ve seen everything that I have. It’s no big deal. Remember - we’re doing this for the project…”

Paul nodded. Glenn had him on those points as well. He took a deep breath and then quickly shoved his jeans and designer boxers down to the floor. After he stepped out of them, he picked them up and laid them on the nightstand with his shirt. Totally naked, the second baseman turned to face his best friend. “Now what?”

Glenn’s eyes made their way over Paul’s body for several moments. He had seen Paul naked thousands of times - like he had said just a moment ago. They had seen each other in the locker room at school. They had camped out together. They had changed in front of each other to go swimming. Thousands of times. Nevertheless, he now found himself looking at Paul in a different light. He felt a major stirring erupt in his pants. It seemed as though his nuts had suddenly gone into overdrive churning like crazy. He allowed his eyes to drift from that incredible blond hair, cut short on the sides and long enough on top to persistently fall into Paul’s deep blue eyes. The breeze always played havoc with those two wings of blond hair. He focused on downward to those full, pouty lips and that Kirk Douglas chin. Next, he studied Paul’s powerfully sculpted chest and his shoulders. The slightest puff of silken blond hair was centered in that magnificent chest. His nipples were! quarter-sized and dark - and at this moment, seemed to be standing erect. “Probably nerves,” Glenn assured himself. His eyes drifted farther. Paul’s rock hard six-pack abs were incredible. You could bounce a quarter off them. He glanced down at those muscular second baseman thighs - lightly matted with that same blond hair that matched that puff in the center of Paul’s chest. Finally, almost guiltily - he focused briefly on Paul’s cock and his balls. Even soft, his cock hung a good 5 inches and was quite thick. The head was large, full, plump - slightly purplish. Paul’s nuts were covered in a darker blond bush of hair. They hung loosely - heavy - like a bull’s.

Glenn forced himself to stop staring at his best friend’s nakedness and he stepped over to his bed. He pulled his two pillows from under the comforter and laid one on top of the other in the center of the mattress. “Lie down. Drape your legs over the pillows and then move down until the pillows are under the small of your back,” he instructed the athlete. Paul looked at him questioningly. He answered. “It will lift your ass up in the air and make it easier for Brad to get between your cheeks and start to work on his assignment…”

“Oh, um… Okay,” Paul said cautiously. He thought, “Yeah - I knew that…” He crawled on the bed and stretched out - followed Glenn’s instructions and soon, was draped over the stack of pillows. In this position, he felt the majority of his weight being forced backward to be supported by his shoulders.

Glenn walked over to his dresser and pulled four silk ties from one of the drawers. He crossed back to the bed and stared down at his naked buddy. He grinned. “Trust me?”

“Ye…yeah…” Paul said hesitantly. He glanced at the ties in Glenn’s hand.

“You’re gonna freak - aren’t you?” Glenn asked.

“Prob…probably,” Paul admitted.

Glenn tossed three of the ties on Paul’s stomach. He grabbed his friend’s left arm and stretched it toward the bedpost and quickly tied the tie around his wrist and then to the post.

“Um… What, um…” Paul asked as panic began to rise from deep within.

“Shh…” Glenn said soothingly. He walked quickly around the bed and tied Paul’s right wrist to the other bedpost. “I’m just going to help you steady yourself for when Brad goes to work…”

“Huh?” Paul asked doubtfully.

“You’ll see,” Glenn said confidently. He turned to face his brother. “Brad - ‘frat party’.” The college sophomore immediately stripped out of his clothes and crawled onto the bed. Glenn bent down to his brother’s ear and whispered - it will make your master very happy to see you not only kiss Paul’s ass - but…to eat it out. Rim the hell out of that virgin hole, Brad."

Brad nodded. “I need to please my master.”

Glenn moved up to stand at the center of the bed. He looked down at his buddy - lying naked with his butt raised in the air waiting to be kissed…unknowing that it was also going to be rimmed out. He glanced into Paul’s piercing blue eyes. “Ready - buddy?” Paul took a deep breath - held it - and nodded. Glenn looked at his brother who knelt on the bed waiting for his command. “Brad - begin.”

Without hesitation, Brad crawled on all fours between the athlete’s legs. He grabbed those muscular thighs and lifted them high into the air. Glenn immediately grabbed Paul’s right leg, wrapped one of the silk ties around his ankle and then rolled him backward onto his shoulders until he was able to tie the other end to one of the spindles on the headboard. He sprang around the bed and quickly follwed these actions with Paul’s left leg. His friend was now, forced back onto his powerful shoulders and his butt - his tightly puckered asshole - was pointing straight up in the air and awaiting Brad’s mouth and tongue.

Brad moved into place and began kissing Paul’s cheeks. He slowly but surely worked his way in between those hard orbs toward that pink, puckered target.

Paul felt his weight being evenly supported through the way that Glenn had spread his arms out and tied them to the bed post. He raised his head and stared down his chest and stomach. He could see Brad’s head moving side-to-side, up-and-down across his butt. Glenn’s college brother was between his legs intensely kissing his ass.

“Oh, jeez… You did it, buddy. You really did it. He’s doing it!” Paul exclaimed. “He’s actually kissing my ass! He really is under your control!” he acknowledged finally as he stared up into Glenn’s smiling face. Moments later, he gasped as he was greeted by a new sensation. It was wet. It was warm. It was probing. It was…incredible. He lifted his head slightly and looked down his chest and abdomen again to between his legs. Brad was ferociously licking his crack. He was using his tongue between Paul’s cheeks.

“Get ready, buddy,” Glenn said as he leaned down to get a better view.

“For… For what,” Paul asked through short breaths. He glanced down again and realized that he was getting a major hard-on. Brad was kissing and licking his butt and crack and he was getting turned on. It did not take long for him to get his answer. “Ungghh… What… Oh, jeez… What is he… Ungghh…” Paul moaned. Brad’s tongue hit that pink, tightly puckered target. “Ungghh… Ungghh…” Paul moaned more loudly. He felt Brad’s tongue snake its way inside his virgin hole. “Oh, jeez… What… Ungghh… Ungghh… Ohhhh…” He closed his eyes as fireworks exploded in his mind. He raised his head again and stared down between his legs. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Brad’s tongue was buried deep inside his hole. Glenn’s college age brother was eating the daylights out of his hole. In addition - even more amazing to him - the baseball player noted that his own cock was rock hard. It had stiffened to its full eight thick inches and pulsated heavily ag! ainst his tightly packed abs. He couldn’t believe it. His best friend had tied him to his headboard. He was in a total case of domination by his best friend. His best freind’s brother, Brad had his tongue buried deep in his asshole, and - he was turned on by it. He was rock hard. Brad’s tongue fucked in and out, up and down, deeper… deeper… deeper… inside his virgin hole.

CHAPTER TWO Tuesday Afternoon

The game had been a crushing defeat for the home field boys; losing in the last inning by a major error on the part of the team’s sophomore catcher. It was an innocent mistake. It was the mistake of a rookie on the varsity squad. It was a case of nothing more than remembering to put his foot down on home plate when the rocket from the team’s all-state second baseman hit his glove. In fact, it was such a rocket that the smack could be heard throughout the stadium - and the dust cloud that erupted from leather meeting leather was a classic vision. The rookie catcher celebrated a quarter of a second too early; and, the winning run slid headfirst into home right between his outstretched legs.

In the ensuing seconds, the echo of that connection of ball to glove was replaced by silence. Stunned silence. Then came the fateful call from the home plate umpire - “Safe!” The opposing side of the field went berzerk. The home field boys and their fans and coaches stood frozen in shocked disbelief. Again, it was a mistake. I simple, innocent, rookie mistake. In fact, it was a mistake that the most seasoned pro ballplayer can be known to make from time to time during his career. Yet, here - now - it stung. It stung badly.

Once the questions of “What happened…” and, “How could ‘this’ have happened…” and, “There is no way that ‘this’ could have happened…” died down, people would think of something else. Or, rather - someone else. They would think of the blond, blue-eyed all-state second baseman that had collegiate scouts in the stands to watch him. The rumors had started early on - in his sophomore year. They had ceased being rumors and more fact during his up-and-coming junior year. And, this year, his senior year - the knowledge of that ‘fact’ had come to spread nationwide. This kid was destined to go pro. This kid would become one of the game’s all-time super stars over time. This kid would set new standards not only in high school ranks but in the worlds of the collegians and the professionals as well.

While they may have lost this game… While they may have lost in front of scouts and even one or two sports agents who were skulking amongst the fans in the stadium seating… While there was stunned silence… There was also an overwhelming sense of being in the presence of indisputable future greatness. Everyone felt it there that day.

That blond haired, blue-eyed second baseman, Paul had played incredibly. Two homeruns. One, in fact - a grand slam. Two spectacular double plays that he initiated from his post at second base. Four assists. There had been that magnificent diving catch that caused his 5’11", 190 pound body to sail in the air, parallel to the red dirt beneath him; and, when he hit the ground, he rolled on his side, flipped the ball to his short stop who turned, gunned it into third, and capped the second of those double plays. Yes - the blond, blue-eyed second baseman had played like the super star that everyone gathered in his presence had come to know that he was.

As the home field boys strolled toward the field’s edge to gather their equipment and head for the locker room, the stunned silence was replaced by something that was even more stunning. A roar. The spectators were on their feet, in standing ovation for that blond, blue-eyed super star in the making. The stands, his teammates, his coaches, and - possibly more stunning than everything else that had happened that day, the opposing team, their fans, and even their coaching staff were on their feet applauding. That happens from time to time. It is rare. However, it happens. Sometimes greatness announces itself with quiet, shy dedication and hard work, combined with sweat, and an amazing lack of ego. Sometimes this kind of greatness simply walks silently up to the plate, stares down the pitcher, picks a spot over the left field wall, and blasts a hole right through the advertising sign above the homerun line at that wall’s crest. Sometimes, this type of greatness simply de! velops before everyones’ eyes without them even realizing it until… grand slams… double plays… amazing leaping and plunging catches… all - begin to hit them right between their eyes.

A sportscaster from one of the local television stations who was present for the game - as he had been for the kid’s entire high school career - who had watched him rise from his sophomore ranks to his current position as the most sought after second baseman in high school baseball history summed it up best during that evening’s newscast. He stated simply, “Ladies and gentlemen… Remember this kid’s face. Remember this kid’s name. After his stint in the collegiate ranks, this kid is going to rock the professional baseball world to its very core.”

And, right there in the grandstands among the students, the girlfriends, the moms and dads, and the brothers and sisters, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the agents and the scouts was the blond, blue-eyed all-state second baseman’s best friend in the universe. Glenn heard the reaction from the crowd. He ‘felt’ the reaction. He felt the admiration. He felt the sense of awe. He understood it all. He shared in it all - every one of those emotions, and - so many more. He felt that ‘knot’ in his gut. He focused down to the field to his best friend. He focused on that classically sculpted face. He locked onto those blue eyes for a split second. He focused on the tears forming in those pools of piercing blue. Tears of gratitude. Tears of slight embarrassment for all of this adulation. Tears of pride - not in himself, but in his teammates. They had played a hell of a game. The second baseman’s best friend reached up to wipe a tear from his own eye. Tears of pride! . Tears of gratitude. Tears of anguish for his buddy who had just lost the last game of his high school baseball career.

And - Glenn could not help it; his eyes studied that blond hair under the baseball cap. They focused on that incredible chest covered in the team’s colors. They focused on that rock hard abdomen and those skintight uniform pants that left no question about the thighs and the crotch…even with its cup… and, that ass. That incredible ass. The ass that Glenn’s college sophomore brother had eaten for dinner just a few nights before. He felt a stirring in his crotch. That ‘knot’ in his gut tightened even more.

Glenn left the stands while the team was still shaking hands with the victors, gathering their equipment from the bench, and, still trying to recover from this stunning loss. He trotted through the tunnel and around to the stairwell that led to the parking lot entrance to the locker room. He stopped and studied the crowd that was camped around that entrance. There was no way that he could break through that line. He turned and ran back up the steps and headed back up the tunnel, made his way around the other side of the stadium, and slipped through a gate onto the field. Next, he made his way through the dugout and down the concrete and cinder block corridor toward the locker room. This avenue was going to work - he would be able to get in to see his best friend.

Glenn reached the entrance to the locker room just after the last several of Paul’s teammates stepped inside and the metal door banged shut. He had missed his friend by mere seconds.

“Can I help you with something, Glenn?” a deep voice boomed from behind the eighteen year old senior.

Slightly startled, Glenn spun around on his heel and found himself staring up at the baseball team’s head coach. “Oh, um… Hey, Coach. I, um… I was just hoping to catch Paul before he went in.” He smiled sheepishly. “I guess I missed him.” He turned and started to walk away.

Coach Adams broke from his disappointment and his sympathy for his hurting team and chuckled briefly. “Hell, son - since when do you need an invitation to go inside the locker room? You’re about as much a fixture around here as anybody on the team.” He opened the door and gestured the high school senior to enter ahead of him. “Get your ass in there, boy.”

Glenn strolled his way into the locker room and stopped from time to time to high five one of the team members that he knew. He offered congratulations for an otherwise spectacular season; today’s loss notwithstanding. Slowly but steadily, he sifted his way through the throngs of half-naked ballplayers, coaches, and othes who really should not have been in there but had somehow slipped through the cracks. Finally, he made it to the aisle with the row of lockers where he knew Paul’s was housed.

The blond, blue-eyed, eighteen year old second baseman sat on the wooden bench in front of his open locker. He had a supportive arm draped over the shoulders of a teammate, offering comforting words, his shared pain, and his way of bringing the best out of the worst possible of disasters. Glenn focused on his friend. Paul had already stripped out of his jersey and t-shirt. His eyes devoured those broad, muscular shoulders. They caressed that magnificently sculpted chest, with its quarter-sized nipples and those few silken strands of blond hair that puffed from its very center. His eyes moved to the arm that was wrapped around the grieving teammate. He studied those silken blond strands of hair that lightly matted the athlete’s armpit. They clung together now - pasted to each other by sweat and dirt. Glenn felt that knot tighten again. His nostrils flared. He could swear that he could smell his best friend from twenty feet away - his sweat, his musk, his essence.

The scene that was playing out before him left Glenn almost shaking. This was a ballplayer working emotional salves into his hurting teammate. This was a leader. This was the super star everyone else was just now beginning to truly recognize. This was a team player. This was a guy whose coattails you would love to ride all the way to that moment of fully discovered super stardom. This was Glenn’s best friend working the magic that he worked so often on - and, off - the baseball field. Magic that Paul had worked on him every day of their lives since that first day - the day that they had met on the first day of kindergarten.

Not wanting to interrupt their moment of quiet conversation… and misery… Glenn stopped about ten feet away - and, waited.

Paul looked up and saw his friend standing several feet away. He forced that usually uncontrollable smile to belie the disappointment that he, too, at this moment must be feeling but he was not going to expose it to his troubled colleague. He gave a slight nod and a wink of one of those blue eyes. The second baseman motioned Glenn to join them. As Glenn came to a stop in front of the two athletes, he realized that the kid at his best friend’s side was the team’s catcher, the one who had blown the last play, the game - and, the season.

With his right arm still around the sophomore’s shoulders, Paul reached out with his left hand and slapped the athlete’s thigh. “Don’t worry about it, Travis…” he said sincerely. He reached up and tenderly grabbed the other teen’s chin and guided his face so that they could stare into one another’s eyes. “We can’t win all of them, man. We’d love to, but we can’t. It’s okay. It - really - is - okay.”

The catcher stared into those comforting blue eyes. He nodded his understanding. Through a still quaking voice, he said, “Yeah - but I’d rather not lose because I am the one who fucked it up for the team.” He stood up and walked away to hit the showers.

Glenn watched Travis disappear into the shower area and then turned to gaze down at his best friend who had bent over and begun untying his cleats. “Wow… He’s hurting bad.”

“Yeah…” Paul acknowledged. He stood and pressed his two clenched fists against his best friend’s. “He’ll get over it. He’ll be back next season. He’s good, dude. He is very good. He’ll be all-state next year - count on it.” He reached up to run his hand through his sweat soaked blond hair and smiled knowingly. "Yeah - he’ll make it just fine, dude. He has ‘it’ running through his veins.

Glenn focused on those silken blond hairs in the athlete’s armpit as he brushed his fingers through his hair. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought, “Talk about having ‘it’ - you’ve got so much of ‘it’ running through you it’s disgusting.” He studied his best freind’s chest and abs. “Man, talk about all-state - in more than the baseball circles…” he contined to think. His eyes raised slightly and he again studied those blond hairs in the athlete’s armpits. Next, he intently surveyed the washboard abs, the navel, and that line of darker blond hair that disappeared into those tight fitting uniform pants. Breaking himself from his visual feasting of his friend’s body, Glenn looked back up into the handsome athlete’s face and grinned with admiration. “You were incredible today, dude.”

Paul blushed profusely. As he unbuckled his belt and opened those tight pants, he grinned distantly. “Not incredible enough, dude. We lost…remember?”

Glenn reached out and teasingly tweaked his friend’s sweat moist chest. He could feel not only perspiration on that tanned and smooth skin, but a gritty layer of that red dirt that lined the in-field. “Dude, you guys may have lost but not because of anything that you did, or, didn’t do. What was it, two homeruns - one, a grand slam; two spectacular double plays; three assists…”

Paul blushed more profusely and with a mischievious grin, corrected his friend’s statistical count. “Four assists… actually.” He shoved his pants down, stepped out of them, and straightened back up to look at his friend. “So… What’s up?”

Glenn fought every urge inside his body to glance downward. It was a painful fight. He desperately wanted to take in that bulging jockstrap - the only cover that remained over any portion of the hunkster athlete’s body. “I, um… I was checking to see if you still needed a ride home. You had said the other day that your dad was taking your car today to have some work done on it for you.”

Paul nodded. He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of his jockstrap and shoved it to the floor in one fluid motion. He hooked it with his toe, kicked upward, and caught it - then, dropped it on the bench beside his other clothes. Absentmindedly, he reached down and scratched his heavy hanging balls. “Oh yeah - I totally forgot about that. I meant to talk to you during lunch and ask you for a ride but Coach Adams called me to his office to talk about the game this afternoon. I never caught up with you after that and then forgot all about it.” He glanced down the row of lockers for a moment and then back to his friend. “Do you mind?”

“Mind? Why would I mind? You’re my main man, dude,” Glenn joked with another tweak at Paul’s chest. “I’ll um… I’ll just wait out in the parking lot.”

Paul smiled sincerely. He turned and grabbed his towel from the open locker door and then turned back to face his friend. “Coolness… I’ll grab a quick shower, get dressed, and meet your out there pronto.”

“No rush, dude. I’ll be there…” Glenn assured his friend. He remained motionless as he watched his friend walk down the aisle to the showers. His eyes followed the athlete’s powerful shoulders and the ‘V’ downward to his trim waist… and then, they rested on that ass. That incredible ass. The ass that he had watched his older brother sink his tongue into… That ass that had responded so wildly, until - until Paul had panicked, grabbed his clothes, and run from the house a few nights before.

Paul pushed the passenger door open and glanced over his shoulder. “So… You want me to come over this evening and we can work on the project some more?”

“Yeah - that’s cool…” Glenn agreed. He had been a little unsure as to whether or not he should mention working on their project since - well, since Paul had run out of the house so fast the other night. “If you’re cool with it, I mean. You were pretty freaked the other night…” he added with a teasing grin.

Paul grinned sheepishly and stared out the windshield. He felt himself blushing deeply again. “Yeah…”

“Listen, dude - I’m sorry that I forced you into that scene with Bradley. I went way over the boundaries on that one. I forced you to go where you didn’t want to go. Hell - you didn’t even have any idea that it ‘could’ go there,” Glenn admitted. He did feel badly for putting his friend in such a precarious position. Although, he had to admit to himself that the position that he had seen Paul in was pretty damned enjoyable - and, hot.

“It was pretty…” Paul drifted off. “It was, um…pretty… different.” He glanced back at his friend. “I can’t believe that you got your brother to do that.” He felt a strange twitch in his asshole as he recalled the sensations that had shot through his body when Brad sank his tongue deep inside him. “I’ve never…felt anything…um…like that.”

Glenn chuckled and reached over to slap his friend’s thigh. “You should have seen the look on your face when his tongue sank in.” Paul was now almost crimson in his embarrassment. Glenn noted the ballplayer’s sudden fidgeting. He had to force himself not to laugh. What had taken place in his bedroom the other night was still getting to the handsome blond baseball player. He could not resist the opportunity; he had to tease Paul some more. “You enjoyed that tongue fuck, didn’t you?”

Paul froze. He was not sure how to respond. He thought, “How do I admit to my best friend that I did get turned on by his brother’s tongue fucking my hole? Hell - how do I admit something that queer to myself?” He turned and stared at Glenn and nervously asked, “What do you mean?”

Glenn laughed a little more openly at his buddy’s uneasiness. “Dude - you popped a major boner when he shoved his tongue up your asshole.” Paul seemed to be turning even deeper shades of red as each second ticked by. He teased further. “Man - I thought you were gonna blow your wad all over yourself right there on my bed.”

“‘You’ thought - Hell, ’I’though…” Paul thought silently. “Damn that felt good. But, why?” he continued to question himself silently. He grinned through his embarrassment. “You would, um… You would have popped a hard-on too, bud - if he had shoved his tongue in your butt hole. It was…” he trailed off again, unsure how exactly to express what he had experienced at that moment.

Glenn glanced down between the ballplayer’s legs. His hands were unsuccessfully trying to hide the fact that he had a major hard-on right then. Just talking about the other night… Just thinking about the other night… Paul was turned on. He was rock hard. Glenn glanced back up into his friend’s piercing blue eyes. “You liked it - didn’t you, dude?”

Paul broke from Glenn’s stare and gazed back out the windshield. After a long silence, he quietly said, “Those commands that you implanted in your brother…”

Glenn glanced down between his friend’s legs once again. His cock was so hard it looked like it would rip its way through those tight jeans at any moment. “Yeah?”

“Do they, um… Do they go away? Do they stay there? Do they stay in his subconscious?” Paul asked hesitantly.

Glenn thought about this question for several moments. In his mind, he reviewed the notes that he had taken during class, the textbook readings, everything that he had collected thus far during Dr. Blevins’ lectures and presentations. “I don’t know - I think they stay there until the guide puts the subject back under and takes them away - you know, erases them,” he said finally. “Why?”

“I just wondered,” Paul said distantly.

“You want to go for another round?” Glenn asked with another teasing tweak at his best friend’s muscular chest.

Paul’s asshole twitched wildly. His cock felt like it was going to erupt right there in his pants - right there, in his best friend’s front seat. He turned to gaze into Glenn’s boyishly cute face. “What?”

“I just wondered why you were asking about those commands,” Glenn said as nonchalantly as possible. “I thought maybe you enjoyed it so much that you decided that you would like Bradley to have that tongue take another trip down the old butt canal.”

Paul reached down between his legs and lifted his athletic bag into his lap. He slid out of the car, pushed the door shut, and then leaned back in the open window. “Thanks for the ride, dude. I’ll, um… I’ll be by your place after dinner if that’s okay?”

“Sure - works for me,” Glenn said amiably. He reached out, they pressed their fists together, and then he watched that incredible ass amble up the circular driveway and disappear inside Paul’s family’s two-story colonial house. “You son-of-a-bitch… You really did get turned on by what happened,” he said aloud. He recalled the scene as it had happened there in his bedroom that night. Paul had stripped down. Brad had stripped down on command. He had crawled on his hands and knees between Paul’s muscular legs and had taken aim on those tight butt cheeks. Brad had licked and probed his way into that tightly puckered hole with his hot tongue. Paul lay there moaning and gasping - his cock rock hard and dripping in its excited state. “We may just have to have a repeat performance for you tonight, buddy. Just to see if Bradley still is under. Just to see if you enjoy it as much the second time around, or - maybe even more.”

CHAPTER THREE Tuesday Evening

Paul walked into Glenn’s bedroom and dropped his backpack on the bed. He stared down at the center of the bed for several moments, recalling what had taken place there just a few nights before. He still could not believe that it had happened. He had stripped down. He had stretched out right there on the bed. Glenn had tied him down. Brad had dropped onto all fours and crawled up between his legs, lifted them into the air and then he…" That strange tightness in his gut developed once more. He felt that intense stirring begin to erupt again deep inside his nuts.

Breaking from these thoughts, he reached down, unzipped his backpack, and pulled out his textbook, note cards, and a pad - and then stretched out on the bed. Not realizing that he was doing so, he reached up and grabbed two of the spindles in the headboard - the two spindles that his best friend had used to anchor his ankles to that night…the night that Brad had… He caught himself thinking about those events and quickly reached for his note cards. He began reviewing what had taken place in class thus far this week - and re-reviewing the past several weeks in Dr. Blevins’ lecutes on hypnosis.

Glenn swiveled in his desk chair and stared at his best buddy across the room. His head cocked slightly to the left as he focused more intently. He was sure that he could detect a larger than normal bulge in those tight jeans tonight. “So… What should we work on tonight, dude?”

Before Paul had the chance to respond, Glenn’s older brother came through the opposite door of their adjoining bathroom. He stopped at the toilet and started to unzip, glanced through Glenn’s open door and saw the blond, blue-eyed baseball player sprawled across his kid brother’s bed. He moved to the door and pointed at Paul. “I want to talk to you, Super Star,” the college sophomore said with a strange tone of urgency.

“Hey, Brad. What’s up?” Paul asked as he stared at the fraternity boy who stood framed in the bathroom doorway.

Brad walked into the room and glanced at his little brother. “Hey, Twerp.” He popped Glenn in the side of the head as he passed him and moved to stand at the side of the bed. He stared down at the hunky athlete. “Yeah - I really want to talk to you, Super Star.” He shifted from one foot to the other rather uncomfortably.

Paul looked over to his best buddy and then stared back up at the college guy. “What about?”

“Um, don’t move, Super Star,” Brad ordered. “Stay right there. I gotta piss bad and if I don’t get back in there right now,” he said as he gestured toward the bathroom, “I’m gonna pull it out and just piss on you - right there on the Twerp’s bed.”

“Um, yeah… By all means, Brad… Go to the bathroom…” Paul said with an amused chuckle.

Brad turned and headed back toward the bathroom. As he pushed the door shut he called out, “Unless you’re into some kinky stuff that Glenn and I don’t know about, Super Star. You don’t get off on golden showers, do you?” The door slammed shut before anyone could answer.

Paul laughed and then looked at his friend. “Hey…”

Glenn glanced back at the athlete. “Yeah?”

“What are golden showers?” Paul asked as he kicked his feet over the edge of the bed.

Glenn laughed strangely. “You don’t want to know, son. Believe me.” He turned back to his desk and begain reviewing more notes.

The door opened and Brad re-entered the bedroom. He walked across the room, took a seat next to the ballplayer, and put his arm around him. “Tough loss today, Super Star,” he said with sincerity.

“Yeah…” Paul acknowledged softly.

After a brief silence, Brad continued. “I know that you hadn’t planned for your high school career to end on such a shit-assed fuck up by one of your own guys, Super Star…but let me tell you something…” He reached out with his other hand and slapped the second baseman’s muscular chest. “You are gonna be huge. You are already pro ball material, dude. Seriously. You…are…good. College is only going to serve its purpose to hone what you already have and sharpen a couple of areas. When you hit the majors - you…are…gonna…be… huge.” He stood up and popped the blond in the head in the same fashion that he always picked on his kid brother. “Remember that, Super Star. You are gonna be huge.”

Paul watched Glenn’s brother walk back across the room to cross through the bathroom and into his room. He cleared his throat. “Hey, Brad…” The college sophomore turned and looked at him. He nodded in unspoken reply. “Thanks, man. That really means a lot. I’ve always looked up to you, dude.”

Brad pointed at the second baseman and winked. “Huge…” he said as he slammed the door shut.

After they had sat in silence for several minutes in awe of Brad’s praise - not to mention the total sincerity with which that praise had been expressed, Glenn prompted his friend to get back to their project. “So, um… Like I was asking - what do you want to work on tonight?”

Paul slid off the bed and crossed to take a seat next to his friend. He stared at Glenn’s textbook and notes for several moments in silent thought. Finally rousing himself, he said, “I guess, um… I guess we could work on some notes from… you know…the other, um…night.” He paused to think this through and then continued. “We could probably put some of that information into a working presentation ‘without’ some of the more explicit details as to what our subject - ‘did’.” He glanced over to his friend. “Couldn’t we?”

“Yeah - we can do that,” Glenn agreed. “Or…”

Paul slid out of the chair and moved back to the bed. He crawled back to his place between his textbook and notes, picked up his pad, and asked, “Or - what?”

“We could try to find the answer to that question that you asked this afternoon,” Glenn said firmly.

“What, um… What question is that?” Paul asked as he set his notes on the bed and again subconsciously reached behind him and grasped those two spindles in the headboard.

Glenn reminded him. “You know - does the subject remain under the influence of commands at a later date, or does it go away?”

Paul kicked his legs over the edge of the bed and stared at the floor for several long moments. That twinge in his asshole told him what he wanted to find out. The stiffness in the front of his tight jeans told him what he wanted to do. “How would we… How would we go about doing that?” he asked as he slowly lifted his head to gaze at his best buddy.

Glenn pointed toward the bathroom door…through to his older brother’s bedroom. “Brad is right there - in his bedroom,” he said with a slight grin on his boyishly handsome face.

“You’re shitting! You’re not suggesting,” Paul asked shakily. Glenn nodded. “But… But, your parents are right downstairs, dude!”

“They know that we’re working on our project. They won’t bother us. And, they know that Bradley is messing with that new laptop that he bought this afternoon. I’m telling you - Mom and Dad won’t come up here,” Glenn advised the athlete. “I can call Bradley in here and we can see if he is still ‘under the influence’,” he offered with a broad grin.

“You’re kidding?” Paul asked with a nervous laugh. “With your parents right downstairs?” Glenn did not respond. He stood up and slowly crossed the room to sit beside his friend. The whole while, he stared directly into Glenn’s eyes. “You’re not kidding?”

Glenn gestured toward his brother’s bedroom. “Just say the word… I’ll bring him in.”

Paul followed Glenn’s thumb and stared through the open door of the bathroom. He focused on the closed door and the ray of light that shone from underneath it. His asshole twitched wildly once again. “You, um… I mean… Don’t you think that’s a little queer, dude?” He shifted his gaze back to his buddy.

Glenn shook his head. “Queer? No…at least, not in our case. This is research, Paul. This is research for our project. We need to gather facts. We need to conduct experiments to gather those facts. This is seventy-five percent of our final grade…” He turned and flipped through his notebook and pulled out several sheets of paper that he had printed off the Internet. He handed them to the ballplayer.

“What’s this?” Paul asked as he took the papers.

“It’s a research project that was authorized by the Pentagon,” Glenn advised. He grabbed the papers from his buddy and flipped through to a section that he especially wanted to emphasize to Paul. “Here… Listen to this, dude. Um, yeah - here it is… The - Pentagon - authorized - this - dude. They spent twenty-one million dollars over a two-year period studying the effects of oral sexual activity on military personnel. They used Marines. They used Air Force pilots. They used Navy personnel.”

Paul looked doubtful. “Our Pentagon?”

Glenn nodded. “Dude, it’s right here in black and white,” he said as he shook the papers in his friend’s face. “Listen to this. Twenty-one million dollars… Two year study… Marine, Air Force, and Navy personnel. The premise of the study was to determine the effects that oral sex would create within the abilities of military personnel to function in their normal duty assignments. Fifty percent of the subjects were exposed to oral sexual practices by women. The other fifty percent were locked in a room with another male. They were hypnotized into the believe that, basically, a blowjob is a blowjob is a blowjob. They performed oral sex on one another. In each instance, the subjects were orally brough off morning, noon, and night for a period of six weeks. Then, they were ordered to refrain from any sexual activity - including jerking off - for a period of two weeks. Then, they were back on their three-a-day regimen for six weeks…” He paused and glanced up to his f! riend. Paul was staring at the desk but was obviously listening intently.

The blond, blue-eyed athlete glanced up with a quizzical look in his eyes. “So, um… What exactly does this have to do with our project?” he asked with a chuckle.

Glenn put the papers on his desk and followed his older brother’s usual practice - he popped the handsome athlete in the side of the head. “Nothing, nimrod. That’s not my point!”

Paul chuckled and leaned back in the chair. As he rubbed his eyes, he asked, “So… What ‘is’ your point?”

Glenn took a deep breath of frustration and let it out slowly. He could not help but wonder, “And he’s the one with the 4.0 GPA…” He pointed to the papers. “What I am saying is that our Pentagon spent twenty-one million dollars over a two year period giving a group of male military personnel three blowjobs per day to see if they would act differently on the job - on the battlefield - flying a forty million dollar fighter jet…all in the name of research. I’m saying that we are doing a research project. We have a subject,” he pointed over his shoulder toward his brother’s bedroom. “I’m saying that we’re not spending twenty-one million dollars…but…we are trying to work up a research project that will blow Dr. Blevins right out of those skinny black nylon socks that he wears. We’re trying to make seventy-five percent of our friggin final grade!”

Paul grinned sheepishly and shook his head. “Um, Glenn…”


“All I asked was if you didn’t think this was a little - ‘queer’…” the athlete said with another chuckle.

Glenn stood up and slowly walked toward the bathroom door. He glanced over his shoulder as he stepped inside and walked toward the other door - to Brad’s bedroom. He reached out, turned the knob, and pulled the door open. Moments later, he returned with his older brother in tow.

“Hey again, Super Star,” Brad said with a grin. “Okay - I’m here. What’s up? You two goofs aren’t still trying to put together that fake project?” he asked as he reached out and slapped his kid brother’s head again.

Paul did not say anything. He could not think of anything to say at the moment. He still couldn’t believe that Glenn was proposing they do this - again, with - Brad. He took a deep breath and tried to soothe his rising nerves.

Glenn glanced at his buddy. Without turning to face his brother, he simply said, “Frat boy.” Almost immediately, Brad’s face went blank. His arms hung loosely at his sides.

Paul stared into his friend’s dark eyes and shook his head faintly. Glenn nodded just as faintly. Paul shook his head again. Glenn nodded - again.

As he crossed the room and punched the lock on the bedroom door, Glenn looked over his shoulder to his friend and spoke firmly. “Strip. Now.” He moved over to the bathroom and pulled the door shut and then turned back to face his brother and his best friend.

Paul sat for several moments staring at Glenn. He was very unsure about doing this - again. Yet, that twitch in his asshole was getting more difficult to resist by the second. He took a deep breath, pushed his chair back, and as he stood up, he lifted his shirt over his head. He quickly stripped out of his jeans and boxers. Naked, he stood facing Glenn and Brad.

“Get on the bed,” Glenn directed. He grabbed Brad by the elbow and led him across the room to the foot of the bed as Paul turned and pulled the pillows from beneath the comforter and placed them in the center of the mattress - just like they had done the other night. Glenn looked at his brother. “Brad - who am I?”

“You are my master,” Brad responded without hesitation.

Paul’s face was frozen in astonishment.

Glenn winked at his buddy and then asked, “And - what is your purpose?”

Brad answered, “My purpose is to please my master.”

Glenn watched as Paul climbed onto the bed and positioned himself on the pillows - just like the other night. He pointed to the dresser. “Do you want me to…”

Paul followed his best friend’s gesture toward the dresser. He thought about it for a moment. He wondered, “Why am I doing any of this?” He nodded vaguely. For whatever reason, yes - he wanted Glenn to tie him down again - just like the other night. He watched as Glenn crossed the room and grabbed those same four silk ties from the drawer and then moved to stand at the side of the bed. The two best friends stared into each other’s eyes for several moments. Without instruction, the hunky blond, blue-eyed baseball player obediently raised his left hand over his head - reaching out toward the bedpost. Glenn quickly tied it tightly. Then, he walked around the bed and tied the other wrist that had already been stretched out toward the post on that side. He paused and stared into those blue eyes once more. He nodded a silent question. Paul took a deep breath. He nodded. He was okay…at least, he thought he was.

Glenn moved to the foot of the bed, looked at his brother briefly, and then stared down at his handsome blond buddy. Paul was tied tightly to the bedpost. Nervous moisture clung to those silken blond armpits. He glanced at that incredible chest with that puff of blond hair in its very center and those dark, protruding, quarter-sized nipples. He noted, too, that Paul’s cock was already puffed more than usual. He turned and whispered into his older brother’s ear. “Frat party.”

Without hesitation, Brad stripped out of his clothes and then, on his hands and knees, he crawled up the mattress until he was well centered between the baseball player’s legs. He reached out, grabbed Paul’s muscular thighs, and lifted them into the air. Glenn came to the side of the bed and started tying one of the silk ties around Paul’s right ankle. As Bradlifted the athlete farther up, pushing him backwards until his knees were resting against his chest, Glenn tied the other end to one of the spindles on the headboard - just like he had done the other night. He trotted around the bed and quickly did the same to Paul’s left ankle.

Glenn stared down into those blue eyes. “Okay?” Paul took a deep breath and nodded. Glenn nodded and without breaking his fix on those eyes, he spoke to his brother. “Brad…”

Brad glanced up from between Paul’s thighs. “Master?”

“Begin,” Glenn instructed with a firm tone.

“I need to please my master,” Brad acknowledged as he dove his head between the cheeks of Paul’s ass and begin kissing his tight mounds. Slowly, he worked his way toward the deep crack…with its own layer of silken blond strands.

“Oh…jeez…” Paul moaned as he felt Brad’s tongue begin its initial strokes along his crack. “Ungghh…” He glanced up at his best buddy.

Glenn noted the panic that was rising in Paul’s eyes. He knelt on the edge of the bed and reached out to stroke Paul’s chest. “It’s okay, dude. He’s gonna take good care of that hole tonight,” he said as he took Paul’s left nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. Paul moaned loudly once more. “Just relax, dude. Relax - and enjoy the ride.”

“Ooohhh,” Paul moaned deeply. He had not expected Glenn to do that. His buddy did it again. He moaned again. Then, it happened - just like the other night. “Ungghh…” Brad’s wet, warm tongue penetrated his asshole. He raised his head and stared downward. Glenn’s hand was alternately squeezing first his left nipple and then his right. Farther down, below his abs, his cock was pulsating wildly. Precum was flowing freely from its tip and spilling to the blond happy trail and bush below. His nuts churned hotly. Farther down, Brad was licking and munching hungrily at his upturned hole. He noticed something else this time… His hole was hungrily accepting that tongue. It wanted that invasion in there as badly as Brad’s tongue wanted to make the invasion.

Then, it happened. Paul had not expected it. Glenn had not expected it. His churning nuts boiled over violently. The first three shots of thick, hot cum sailed over his rock hard abdomen and that magnificent chest and splattered over his classically handsome face. The remaining shots left a milky trail down his chest and belly back to that patch of blond hair that encompassed his still spasming chunk of meat. His low hanging nuts pulsated violently in their sac. The handsome athlete gasped for air as he felt his own thick cum dripping down the side of his face and sliding along his muscular neck. His nostrils flared as they took in the musky aroma of his juice.

And, Brad’s tongue continued in deeper, penetrating that tightly clenching, hungry hole between the ballplayer’s tightly muscled butt.


Brad trotted down the stairs in response to the doorbell, stopped, and peered through the bevelled glass. He grinned as he opened the door to his kid brother’s best friend who stood outside on the portico.

“Hey, Super Star,” the college sophomore greeted the handsome blond baseball player. “How’s it hanging?”

“Hi, Brad. It’s good,” Paul answered as he stepped inside and they shook hands. “You?”

“Oh - you know me, Super Star…cruising along,” Brad said as he pushed the door shut. “I guess you’re here to work on that bogus project with the Twerp, huh?” he teased in reference to the two high school seniors’ psychology project.

Paul blushed deeply as he remembered what had taken place the week before during their first ‘session’ and, again - just a few nights ago. Apparently, Brad did not remember a thing - nor did he remember what he had ended up doing when he stripped down, crawled on all fours between the second baseman’s legs and… The more the handsome blond athlete tried not to think about it throughout the week - the more it seemed to grow in his mind. “Yeah - we’re going to try to do some more research on it this weekend, Brad,” he acknowledged.

The college fraternity brother stopped at the foot of the staircase and pointed upward. “Well, you know where the Twerp is perched, Super Star. Good luck…you guys are gonna need it,” he chuckled and started to walk off.

Paul thought of one of the code words that GLenn had implanted in his older brother’s subconscious; he decided to toss it out and see if there was any reaction. “Thanks, ‘frat boy’”. Brad did not respond but simply kept on walking down the hall toward the living room. Paul frowned at his failure, turned, and trotted up the staircase. He took a deep breath and tried to will his nerves into submission - hopeful that he would not end up running out of the house like he had the last two times that he had been here. He reached out, knocked, and waited. Moments later, the door opened and he found himself staring into his best friend’s smiling face. Glenn nodded for the ballplayer to come in. Paul walked over to the bed, dropped his backpack, and immediately began pulling out his textbook, writing pad, note cards and a pencil.

Glenn stood for several seconds watching his buddy. He took a deep breath and tried to will his own nerves into submission. Things had not ended entirely smoothly the previous two times that Paul had been here in his bedroom - nor had the week been a piece of cake at school. On several occasions, Glenn was certain that his friend was avoiding him.

Deciding that it might be prudent to lay low for a while and give Paul some room, Glenn crossed to his desk and took a seat. He opened his notebook and started laying out his cards from Professor Blevens’ lectures. He glanced up at his computer screen and focused briefly on the icon to the program - the program that had produced such interesting results with Brad.

Paul broke the silence first. “I saw Brad downstairs just now. He, um… He doesn’t seem any the worse for wear,” he said hesitantly.

Glenn turned and looked at his best buddy - sprawled on the bed with his notes spread around him. “What do you mean, dude?”

“Well, you know…” Paul said without looking up to his friend. “He seems…‘normal’- like his going under hasn’t left any adverse effects on him.”

Glenn chuckled. “Yeah - once the obnoxious frat boy…”

Paul looked up at the mention of the code word. “Hey, speaking of ‘frat boy’ - I called him that downstairs ad it didn’t faze him at all. Did you release him after I left the other night?” He got up from the bed and crossed to sit in the chair beside Glenn.

“Hmm?” Glenn asked without looking up from his notes.

“The spell - or, whatever we call it,” Paul explained. “Did you release him from his commands to respond to those code words?”

“Oh, um…” Glenn looked up and again focused on the icon on his computer screen. “No - he’s still…programmed. He didn’t react when you said it because he reacts only to the voice that guided him into the suggestive state - me…”

Paul thought about his friend’s answer and then nodded. “Yeah - that’s, um… That’s what I figured.” He moved back across the room, stretched out on the bed again and started reviewing his notes and writing down some new ones. After several minutes he rolled over on his back and stared at the ceiling for some time. “Did you make him do anything else this week? After I left the other night?”

Glenn smiled. “Um…yeah. Yeah - he ended up doing some stuff,” he said sarcastically.

Paul raised his head and looked in his friend’s direction. “Like…”

Glenn pushed his chair back, stood up, walked across the room, and sat on the edge of the bed. He took several moments to concentrate on his handsome friend’s body. Finally, he focused on those blue eyes. “Maybe it would be better for us not to go there, dude,” he said with a forced frown. That suggestion could not be farther from what he wanted however. He really did want to go there. “After the way that you took off out of here, I mean…”

Paul raised up on his left elbow and stared hard at his friend. “What is that supposed to mean? If you made him do some more stuff while he was under, I ought to know about it. We ‘are’ still working on the project together - aren’t we?”

Glenn stared hard into those blue eyes. “Are we? You freaked bad, dude; and, it seemed to me that you were avoiding me yesterday and today at school. I thought maybe you didn’t want to work together any more.”

“No way, man. We’re in this together. We’re buds. I’m sorry that I bugged out on you. I just…” Paul trailed off as he tried to figure out how to explain his sudden exits. He really could not explain it to his friend, though; he really didn’t understand it himself. He decided to turn the conversation back to Brad. “So, um… Did you really put him under and make him do something else?” Glenn grinned. “What?” Glenn grinned more broadly. Paul reached out and grabbed Glenn’s arm. “Tell me - nimrod!”

“I dunno, man…” Glenn teased. “You have to admit that behind those Hollywood looks and that all-state athlete’s body - there is a very shy, very vulnerable kid… You are pretty straight-laced and squeaky clean you know,” he said with a gentle slap at Paul’s knee. Without waiting for a response, he walked back to his desk and took his seat.

Paul was off the bed like a shot and took a seat next to his friend. He was not going to be dismissed that easily. “What did you make him do? Tell me!”

Glenn had to force himself to keep from laughing at Paul’s sudden eager curiosity. “You really want to know?” Paul nodded. “Seriously?” Paul nodded again. “Okay… You asked for it.” He got up, went to the bedroom door, and yelled out for his brother to come up to the room.

A few moments later, Brad stepped into Glenn’s room and stared at his little brother and his best friend. “Mom and Dad just took off for Aunt Shelly’s. Mom said to remind you that they won’t be home until Sunday night - late. And, while they’re gone…”

“I know… I know…” Glenn said impatiently. “Since you’re the oldest, you’re in charge.” He shook his head dejectedly. “Damn - they seem to be forgetting that I’m a senior in high school and that I’m eighteen years old.”

“You got that right, Twerp,” Brad said as he reached out and popped the eighteen year old in the side of the head. “So… What did you want, Twerp? I’m busy…why’d you call me up here?”

“Oh, I was… I was wondering if Mom and Dad had left yet. That’s all. Now that I have that piece of information - you may go,” Glenn said with a sarcastic grin.

Brad reached out and popped his kid brother’s head again. He pointed at him and with a menacing face, warned, “Watch it, Twerp. I can still whoop your butt.” He turned and started to walk back out of the bedroom.

Glenn winked at Paul and called after his older brother, “Yeah - I’ll bet ‘you’ think you can whoop me…‘Frat boy.’” Brad stopped in his tracks and his hands dropped loosely to his sides. “Come here, Brad,” the high school senior ordered. His brother turned and walked back across the room to stand in front of them. Glenn glanced at his best friend. “You still want to know what I commanded him to do?”

“Yeah…” Paul said cautiously. “At least I think I do, anyway,” he thought.

“You know how proud Bradley is of his body? How he likes to strut around like the Big Man on Campus - making himself out to be Mr. Stud?” Glenn asked with a sinister smile.

Paul grinned and nodded. “Yeah…” Brad had always been pretty self-impressed.

Glenn looked at his brother. “Take off your clothes, Brad.”

“Yes, sir,” Brad said obediently. He immediately kicked off his shoes. Next, he pulled his shirt over his head and then slipped out of his jeans and briefs. Within moments, the college sophomore was standing naked in front of his kid brother and his best buddy.

“Oh, shit…” Paul shrieked in astonishment. He could not believe his eyes. Brad was shaved smooth from his neck to his ankles. He had been shaved totally clean. There was no armpit hair, no chest hair, and no happy trail below his navel. His thighs and legs were smooth as well. What Paul found to be most astonishing - there was not a single hair around Brad’s crotch or on his balls. He looked like a ten year old boy before puberty had begun to set in. “When? How? When…did you…do this?”

Glenn grinned proudly. “This,” he said with a gesture toward his brother’s smooth body. “This was the other night…after you freaked out and left in such a hurry.”

Paul was bewildered. “You just put him under and told him to do it?”

“Well, not ‘just’ like that,” Glenn responded. “Brad came in and was bugging me. He kept teasing me and making fun of the two of us working on this project…about how it was all a fake. You know - stuff like that. I decided to see if I could make him go under more deeply - so, I turned on the machine and had him focus on the spiral again…” Glenn explained as he pointed behind him to his computer screen.

Paul glanced at the computer and then back to his friend - still not entirely grasping the scenario as it must have played out. “What… You just said, ‘Hey, Brad - how about another session in front of my computer?’ and he simply took a seat and you went for it?”

Glenn shook his head. “It wasn’t quite that easy. He was teasing me about what idiots you and I are for thinking this whole project would work,” he said. He glanced up at his brother standing naked and motionless behind them. “He was really riding me big time about it. I reached over, flipped on the computer, clicked on Dr. Blevins’ program - like this…” he said as he directed the cursor with his mouse and then double clicked. Professor Blevins’ program filled the screen. A few clicks more and the spiral appeared - and then it started circling round…and, round…and, round… Glenn glanced at his friend and noted that Paul was focusing intently on the screen - watching every move that he made in his demonstration of how he had handled his brother. “I just said to focus on the spiral. Send all other thoughts out of your mind. Nothing exists at this moment but the spiral - and, the sound of my voice. Locate your special spot on the outside of the spiral. Focus o! n it. Never let it out of your sight. Follow it on its journey into the spiral - down… down… down…”

Glenn reached over and turned off the desk lamp and then stood up and stepped behind his best friend. He placed his hands gently on Paul’s muscular shoulders and continued his instructions. “Then, I said, ‘Take a deep breath. Hold it as long as you can.’” Through his grip on the baseball player’s shoulders, he could feel Paul inhale deeply and hold the air in his filled lungs. “Yeah - that’s it… Hold it as long as you can. Keep focusing on your special spot in the spiral as it takes you deeper… deeper… deeper… Only two things exist at this moment: the spiral - and, my voice.” He turned and whispered to his brother. “Brad, turn out the overhead light and then return to my side.”

“Yes, sir,” Brad said softly. He walked across the room and turned off the light. Although their parents were gone for the weekend and the three of them were totally alone, he pulled the door shut and locked it. Then, he returned to take his place at his brother’s side.

“Keep focusing on the spiral s it takes you in - drawing you to its center - feel it taking you deeper… deeper… deeper… Do you feel yourself inside the spiral? Do you feel it drawing you inside?”

Paul nodded. “Yes…”

Glenn reached up and brushed back those wings of blond hair that perpetually hung in his best friend’s eyes and gently massaged his temples. “Let go. Focus on the spiral. Let it draw you in. Feel it encompass you. Feel it consume you. Breathe deeply and let it take you in.” Glenn noted that Paul’s breathing was becoming more rhythmic. He dropped his hands and again gently massaged his best friend’s muscular shoulders. “The spiral is leading you to an elevator. Watch for it. Focus. Tell me when you see the doors.”

Paul squinted into the brightness of the screen - he focused hard. Finally, as he continued following the spiral deeper… deeper… deeper…, he was able to make out the doors of the elevator they were looking for. “I see it.”

“Good. Now, in just a moment, I am going to push the button to open the doors. We are going to step inside. When we are inside - we will be on the tenth floor. But, we don’t want to be on the tenth floor; we want to go down to the first floor. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded groggily. “We want to… We want to go to the first floor.”

Glenn nodded as he continued massaging his best friend’s powerful shoulders. He leaned in and whispered in Paul’s ear. “That’s right. I am going to push the button for the first floor. When you feel the elevator begin to go down, I want you to count off each floor as we pass it by. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “Yes…”

Glenn massaged more deeply and moved to his neck. “Okay, Paul - I just pushed the button. When the elevator begins its descent, I want you to start counting for me.”

After a brief pause, Paul begain counting down. “Floor ten… Floor nine… Floor eight…”

“Good, Paul. Your eyes are getting heavier as you go deeper… deeper… deeper…” Glenn instructed softly into his friend’s ear. His massage into Paul’s powerfully muscled shouldered went deeper as he said this.

“Floor seven… Floor six…” Paul’s eyelids drifted halfway shut. “Floor five… Floor… Floor four…” At this point, he was fighting to keep his eyes open.

“Deeper… Deeper… Deeper…” Glenn whispered softly. “Let go. Let it take you, buddy.”

“Floor three… Floor two…” Paul’s eyes were almost closed now. “Floor… Floor one…” his eyes fell shut. His hands slipped from his thighs and hung loosely at his side.

“Can you hear me, Paul?” Glenn asked.

“Yes…” the baseball player responded softly.

“Good. Now - I want you to listen very closely. You will respond to my voice and my voice alone when you are in this state. My voice is soothing. It gives you comfort. My voice makes you feel good. It makes you feel safe. Do you understand?” Glenn asked.

“Yes…” Paul responded softly. “Your voice is soothing… It makes me feel good - safe.”

“My voice is the voice of reason. When you hear my voice commanding you - you want to obey because you know that if I command it, it must be right. When you hear my voice commanding you, you need to obey my commands because you know that it is right,” Glenn instructed his friend.

“I know it is right…” Paul responded.

“Good… Good - Paul,” Glenn said with a smile. “Do you know who I am?”

“You’re Glenn. You’re my best friend,” Paul answered sincerely.

Glenn smiled. “Yes - that’s true. However, I am also your master. I - am - your - master. You want to please your master. You need to please your master.”

Paul acknowledged this concept readily. “I want to please my master. I need to please my master.”

“Your only purpose is to please your master,” Glenn directed his friend. “It is your ‘only’ purpose, Paul. Your - only - purpose - is - to - please - your - master. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “Yes… I need to please my master. It is my only purpose.”

Glenn smiled broadly and thought, “By George - I think he might be getting the hang of this…” He leaned close to his friend’s ear once again. “Tell me, Paul - who am I?”

Paul answered immediately. “You are my master.”

Glenn backed away from his best friend and grabbed his older brother’s elbow. He pulled Brad to the far side of the room so that they would be out of Paul’s hearing. The two brothers looked at each other and then stared across the room to the baseball player who remained seated in front of the computer.

“Do you think he’s really under?” Brad whispered.

“I don’t know - maybe…” Glenn acknowledged quietly. “He’s responding to everything properly.” He took a deep breath and grinned at his older brother. “Of course, ‘you’ have put on a hell of a good act lately…”

Brad smiled and put his arm around his eighteen year old brother. “I have been good, haven’t I?” As he studied the blond hunk sitting at the computer, he thought aloud. “Maybe we should put him to the test…”

Glenn nodded. He knew that they needed to move forward. Nevertheless, he was hesitant - this was the best friend of his entire life they were preparing to take control of. This was not just ‘anybody’ - this was ‘Paul’. “Listen, Brad. Let’s take it slow with him. I don’t want to hurt him or to push him too hard - or, too fast. He’s my best friend, dude. Okay?”

Brad turned to face his boyishly cute kid brother. “He’s my friend, too - you know. I care a hell of a lot about him also. He’s just like another little brother to me…just like you. I’ve waited this long; I can wait some more.”

“So - would you be willing to keep up your act for a while longer?” Glenn asked as he glanced back at his best friend. “Just, um… Just until we can really work him in all the right ways?”

“I can keep the act going as long as it is needed, Twerp,” Brad confirmed. “But - I still think that we need to be sure that he is really under.” Glenn nodded his agreement and they walked back across the room.

“Paul - can you still hear me?” Glenn asked softly.

“Yes…” Paul answered.

“Good - and, you know who I am?” Glenn asked.

“Yes…” Paul replied.

For confirmation’s sake, Glenn asked, “Who am I?”

“You are my master,” Paul said confidently.

“Stand up and come to me,” Glenn instructed firmly.

Paul pushed the chair away from the desk and stood. He moved around the chair and walked the several feet that separated him from Glenn and Brad.

“In just a moment, I am going to ask you to count backward from five to one. As you count, you will be more open to my commands. You will more fully realize your need to please me. You will more fully realize that your purpose is to please your master and you will more fully recognize that it is your duty to obey me,” Glenn directed. “Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Paul replied.

“Begin counting,” Glenn instructed.

“Five… Four… Three…” Paul began. Brad and Glenn both could see the athlete’s body relaxing and becoming more loose with each number that he counted down. “Two… One…”

Glenn reached out, grabbed Paul’s right hand, lifted it to mid-abdomen, and then released it. The second baseman’s hand dropped limply to his side. “Can you hear me, Paul?”

“Yes…” Paul responded.

“And - you know who I am?” his friend asked.

“You are my master,” Paul acknowledged freely.

Glenn looked at his brother who smiled and nodded. “What is your sole purpose, Paul?” he asked hoarsely.

“My sole purpose is to please my master,” Paul responded.

“Good boy. Now - whenever you hear me say the phrase ‘grand slam’ you will return to this state and you will await further commands from your master and you will obey,” Glenn instructed. “Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Paul acknowledged.

“Repeat,” Glenn ordered.

“I will await your command,” Paul stated immediately.

Brad leaned in to whisper into his brother’s ear. “He didn’t say ‘obey’ - I’m not sure he is picking up on that.”

Glenn nodded. He, too had caught that misstep in Paul’s reply. He stepped up to his friend and stared into those blue eyes. “Listen very carefully to me, Paul. I - am - your - master.” He repeated this statement firmly three times. “Repeat my last command.”

Paul responded immediately. “You are my master.”

“Good - Paul. Your sole purpose is to please your master,” Glenn said just as firmly. “Your - sole - purpose - is - to - please - your - master. Repeat…” Glenn ordered.

“My sole purpose is to please my master,” Paul acknowledged without hesitation.

“Good - Paul. Good. You are doing very well,” Glenn complimented his best buddy. “Now - again, listen very carefully… I - am - your - master. Your - sole - purpose - is - to - please - your - master. You - will - obey.” He paused for a moment to allow this precisely worded set of commands to plant firmly into the baseball player’s brain. “Repeat.”

A thin layer of perspiration had formed on Paul’s deeply tanned forehead and a small bead trickled around his left eye and down his cheek. Brad and Glenn both could see the intense concentration in the athlete’s eyes and, possible confusion - or, a brewing conflict from within. Paul opened his mouth to speak several times but hesitated. “I… You…”

“He’s fighting it,” Brad whispered to his kid brother.

Glenn nodded. He saw it too. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He motioned his older brother to step across the room with him. As he stared at his best buddy, he took another deep breath of frustration. “Maybe we should let him go for the night, Brad… Maybe we’re pushing him too hard. You have to admit that we have already made some serious progress.”

Brad studied the blond second baseman for several moments before he replied to his kid brother’s thought. “Yeah - we have made a good dent in him, Twerp. But - we need to open that dent up and turn it into a crack. He’s so fucking confident. He’s so fucking self-assured. He’s so…”

“Fucking bull-headed and stubborn…” Glenn interrupted to finish his brother’s statement.

Brad chuckled. “That too…” He took a deep breath and as he slowly released it, he turned to face his brother again. “Try some more. Take him deeper if you have to. We cannot let him walk out that door without knowing that we have opened a crack in that armor of his.”

Glenn nodded and concentrated deeply on how he could find that dent, open it up, and start a leak in his best buddy’s psyche. A sudden thought twinkled in his eyes. “Maybe if I turn it around…”

“What do you mean?” Brad asked in confusion.

Without answering, Glenn walked back across the room with his brother right behind him. He took his place in front of Paul and stared into those blue eyes. “Paul, listen to me.” Paul refocused on his best friend standing in front of him. Both Glenn and Brad could see his intense concentration on the younger brother’s words. “I - am - your - master. Your - sole - purpose - is - to - please - your - master. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “My sole purpose is to please my master. You are my master.”

Glenn ran his fingers through his hair as he concentrated on the proper wording for his next command. “Okay - ‘if’ I am your master… And, ‘if’ your sole purpose is to please me… In addition, ‘if’ it would please me immensely to know that you - will - obey - me - in - all - things… Then, in ‘that’ case, you - will - obey - me - to - please - me.” He paused and glanced at his brother. Brad gave him a silent nod and a faint grin. He recognized how his kid brother was twisting the words to say the same thing but seem to be more reasonable to their subject. Glenn turned back to face the ballplayer. “Do you understand?”

Paul’s mind raced out of control. Streams of sweat were now freely pouring down his handsome face as the internal conflict continued. His will was fighting hard. “I… You… You are my master…” he said finally.

Glenn nodded. “And?”

“My sole purpose… My sole purpose is to please my master,” Paul continued shakily. Confusion and conflict continued to pour through his eyes even as sweat poured down his face.

“And?” Glenn prodded him on. “Your sole purpose is to please your master. Therefore, in ‘obeying’ your master you will please him immensely. You want to do that, don’t you? You do want to please your master - don’t you, Paul?”

Brad studied the blond, blue-eyed athlete closely. In the intense fight that was obviously taking place in his strong-willed mind, he was clinging to his every reachable shred of will power. He was perspiring profusely from the heated battle taking place in his brain. His body was beginning to shake visibly. It was faint, yet it was visible. Brad grinned sinisterly and shook his head in amazement. It was an incredible sight. Glenn was breaking him down - the hunk’s armor was beginning to chink.

“You do want to please your master, don’t you - Paul?” Glenn asked again more forcefully.

“Ye… Yes…” Paul said shakily.

“To please your master - you ‘must’ obey,” Glenn repeated once more. “I - am - your - master. You will please me ‘if’ you obey - my - commands. Do you want to please me, Paul?”

Paul’s intense concentration continued to pour from those deep blue eyes - as profusely as the rivers of sweat that streamed down his face. His T-shirt was dampening with perspiration as well. The internal battle was raging fully with tremendous ferocity at this point. “I want to please my master,” he acknowledged finally. “I need to please my master.”

Glenn stepped closer to his friend; his face only inches from Paul’s. He could feel the second baseman’s breath with his every exhale. He could feel the heat emanating from that muscular chest. “You will please me if you obey me, Paul. Oben - me - and, please - me.” His last command came with such force that it seemed to echo throughout the bedroom.

Paul’s will power seemed to be ebbing. His mind raced faster and faster - as though it was on a merry-go-round that was spinning out of control. “I… I will…” Still, his subconscious fought back.

“Damn…” Brad whispered. He could not believe the battle that he was witnessing. He admired the blond hunk more with every second that ticked by - and yet, they must press on. They must open up that crack in that armor surrounding Paul’s will before he left the house tonight. They had progressed too far now to turn back.

“You - will - please - your - master - if - you - obey,” Glenn commanded again. “I - am - your - master. Obey - me, Paul. OBEY ME AND PLEASE ME,” he said with tremendous force. He was now screaming into the handsome blonde’s face less than an inch away from his own. “PLEASE YOUR MASTER. OBEY ME AND PLEASE ME.”

Paul’s mind seemed to spin off that axis upon which it had been wildly revolving. He could not come up with an argument. He could not fight. His will suddenly seemed to be clouded…evaporating.

Brad saw it. He leaned in and whispered into his brother’s ear. “He can’t argue your last point. You’ve got him, Twerp. Hit him harder.”

Glenn nodded. He saw it too. He saw the waver in Paul’s fight. He saw that the dent in the armor was beginning to crack. They still had a long way to go before taking complete control of him - but the crack had formed. It was open. Now, he had to spread it more fully so he could pour inside. He screamed again into his best friend’s face. “YOU - WILL - OBEY - YOUR - MASTER! YOU - MUST - OBEY - ME!”

Those incredible, piercing blue eyes glazed over briefly. Paul’s entire 5’11", 190 pound, perfectly muscled body seemed to quake to its very core for several seconds and then total peace enveloped him. Peace, or - submission. “I…will… obey.”

Glenn smiled and shot a fist toward the floor in triumph. Brad let out a long exhalation of air and rolled his eyes upward. They had him. Glenn had broken in.

“This is going great,” Glenn thought to himself. “But, he needs to rest,” he reminded himself. “Okay - Paul… In just a moment, I am going to count to three and snap my fingers. When I do this, you will awaken. You will remember nothing that has taken place here - but your will respond to the phrase that I have given you. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded his understanding. “Yes…”

Glenn turned to his brother. “Go turn the overhead light back on and then come back to where you were when he went under.” Brad nodded, quickly crossed the room to flip the light switch, and then returned to the spot where he had been standing previously. “Paul - go back to your seat at the desk.” The athlete turned and walked back across the room and took his place.

Once they were set, Glenn took his place in his chair beside his best friend and counted. “One… Two… Three…” and snapped his fingers.

Paul blinked several times and then glanced up at the naked college sophomore behind his best buddy. He grinned broadly. He stared down at Brad’s smoothly shaved nuts and crotch. “That is too incredible. I can’t believe that you got him to shave ‘everything’ like that.”

Brad had to fight not to laugh out loud. The kid had no recollection whatsoever that he had just been under. He also had to fight hard not to think of the things that were yet to come - to come now that the blond hunkster was totally under his kid brother’s control.

Glenn glanced at his brother briefly and then back to his friend. “Yeah - it is pretty wild. He has always been so proud of that hairy chest and the rest of his body. I almost could not believe it myself but he took the command I implanted when I put him under and he went with it almost immediately. No trouble at all.” He grinned to himself as he thought silently, “Of course, the whole idea was ‘frat boy’s’ anyway as part of the plan…” He looked back at his brother and studied his nude, smoothly shaved body. “I guess… I guess I had better have him get dressed?”

“Yeah,” Paul agreed. “Without his fuzzy coat he could catch a cold.”

Glenn addressed his brother. “Bradley…”

The college sophomore responded immediately, “Master?”

“Get dressed,” Glenn said forcefully. Brad walked over to where his clothes lay in a heap and began dressing. Once he finished, he returned to his place at his brother’s side and awaited further instruction. Glenn exchanged looks with his best buddy and then instructed his brother further. “Okay, Brad - I am going to count to three and snap my fingers. When I do so, you will awaken. You will remember nothing that has taken place during this time. One… Two… Three…” and he snapped his fingers.

Brad snapped out of his ‘trance’, looked around the room for a moment, and then focused on the blond second baseman seated at his kid brother’s desk. “Well - you and the Twerp have fun trying to make yourselves out to be something that you aren’t, Super Star. I’ve got more important things to do.” He turned and started to walk toward the bathroom to cross to his own bedroom. As he walked past Glenn, he winked. The younger brother did not react as Paul was staring directly at him.

Glenn and Paul spent the next hour and a half comparing notes, reviewing readings that had been referred to by Dr. Blevins during recent lectures, and further organizing their ideas for the project, and - Brad.

“So… As much fun as some of this stuff is playing around with Brad’s mind,” Paul said finally. “I guess we’ll have to come up with a series of less X-rated commands for him to follow. I’m not too sure that Dr. Blevins will be thrilled to have us put a naked college fraternity dude in front of the class to show off his shaved body.” He chuckled at that thought.

Glenn laughed aloud. “Yeah - it might disrupt the flow of the class. On the other hand, you have to admit that it would probably create some intriguing commentary from some of our classmates.” He paused as he thought back to the conversation that he and Brad had been having while Paul was under. They did need to try some commands to insure that Paul actually was under his control. As he continued working through his notes, he thought of several possibilities. Finally, he came up with an idea that he liked - one that was not as extreme as the ass-munching that Brad was commanded to do when he was ‘under’ his control, but it was a good idea. He grinned. His brother really was a good actor. Brad almost had him believing that he was genuinely hypnotized. And the way that he dove into Paul’s hole with his tongue was… He had to remind himself that it was all a part of their plan to bring the blond, blue-eyed all-star second baseman under their control. They intended to! take possession of Paul. And, they would take possession of him. It would be slow. It would be careful. However, the possession would be complete.

Stirring himself from these thought, Glenn reached out and slapped his friend’s shoulder. “I’m gonna go downstairs and get a glass of iced tea. Want one?” he asked as he pushed back his chair and stood. “You’re sweating like crazy, nimrod.”

Paul glanced down and realized that his T-shirt was soaked through. Strange, he felt quite relaxed and comfortable. “Um… Yeah - a glass sounds pretty good,” he said as he looked back to his notebook and wrote down several ideas.

“Great - be right back. Two glass of iced tea coming up…one for me and one for the master of the ‘grand slam,’” Glenn said as he watched his friend. Paul’s body seemed to relax significantly. The pencil that he had been writing with slipped from his fingers, rolled off the notepad, across the desk, and dropped to the floor between his feet. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes…” Paul responded quietly.

“Do you know who I am?” Glenn asked.

“You are my master,” Paul acknowledged.

Glenn smiled. “That’s right - I am your master. And, what is your sole purpose?”

After a brief pause, Paul responded. “My sole purpose is to please my master.”

Glenn led his entranced friend through the steps. “How will you please your master?”

“I… I must…” Paul stumbled. His will was fighting back.

Glenn noted his friend’s continued difficulty with the concept of ‘obeying’ him. He really was a self-confident son-of-a-bitch. And - stubborn… He did not give in to much of anything without a fight - and this was the fight of his life. This was the fight for his very soul. Glenn decided that he needed to take his buddy even deeper. He ran his fingers through his hair as he thought through things. He thought silently, “We may have to go a few more levels inside you to be sure that we have some facts permanently cemented in your hard head, nimrod.” He moved to the center of the room and turned to face the ballplayer. He saw out of the corner of his eye that his older brother was standing in the bathroom - watching - waiting. “Paul, come to me.”

Paul pushed his chair away from the desk, stood, and walked across the room to stand a couple of feet in front of Glenn. He stood silently awaiting instructions from his best friend - his master.

"Do you remember that elevator that we were on a while ago, Paul? Glenn asked firmly.

“Yes…” Paul responded with a faint nod.

“Good. We need to get back on that elevator. We wanted to go to the first floor but when we got on, we thought we were on the tenth floor. It turns out that we misread the sign. We were actually on the fifteenth floor,” Glenn advised his friend. “So, when we got off, we didn’t get off on the first floor…we got off at floor five. We need to get back on the elevator and go down to the first floor.” He wanted to be sure that the baseball player comprehended this development. “Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Paul acknowledged. “We must go to the first floor.”

“That’s right. Now, when we get on the elevator it will be like before. I want you to count down from five to one as we pass each floor. With each floor, you will go more deeply into your state of obedience to your master. You will want to please your master more and more. You will need to please your master more and more. YOU - WILL - OBEY - without - question. Do you understand?”

Paul paused only briefly before he accepted these further commands from his best friend - his master. “I need to please my master. I will obey without question.”

Glenn smiled again. He stepped forward, reached out to brush those silken blond wings from in front of Paul’s piercing blue eyes, and then moved around to stand behind his muscular friend. He reached up and gently massaged those powerful shoulders. “Okay. We’re on the elevator. I have pushed the button to take us to the first floor. When the elevator begins its descent, you may begin counting.”

“Floor five… Floor four…” Paul began after several moments.

Glenn whispered into the blonde’s ear as he continued to knead those powerfully muscled shoulders. “Deeper… Deeper… Deeper…”

“Floor three… Floor two…” Paul continued as the elevator made its way downward.

Glenn could feel the athlete’s body relaxing even more under his touch as he counted down. “That’s it, buddy… Deeper… Deeper… Deeper…” he whispered once again.

The elevator came to a stop and Paul said, “Floor one…”

“Good, Paul. Very good,” Glenn whispered. He moved around to stand in front of his friend and stared into his blue eyes - slightly glazed over by his deep trance. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes…” Paul acknowledged.

“And you know who I am?”

Paul nodded and responded readily. “You are my master.”

Glenn smiled. Without breaking his fix on his friend’s blue eyes, he motioned his older brother to come in from the bathroom. As Brad crossed to stand beside him, he continued leading Paul through each step - just to be sure. “And tell me, Paul - what is your sole purpose?”

Paul answered without hesitation. “My sole purpose is to please my master. I must obey.”

Glenn glanced at his brother. Brad winked and grinned broadly. They had him. The plan to take possession of Paul was progressing nicely. Still, they would take it slow. They did not want to hurt him. However, they would possess him mind, soul, and body before they were finished. “Paul - take of your clothes,” Glenn instructed his friend firmly.

Without question, Paul stepped out of his tennis shoes and then pulled his sweat-stained T-shirt over his head. Next, he unbuttoned his jeans, slid down the zipper, and smoothly peeled them down his tanned, muscular legs with that fine matting of blond hair. He straightened up and awaited his master’s next command.

“Strip completely, Paul,” Glenn ordered.

The blond second baseman hooked his thumbs in his boxers and fluidly stripped them down to the floor. He straightened back up, to stand stand totally naked in front of Glenn and his older brother.

Glenn turned and looked at Brad and whispered, “Take of your clothes.”

Brad looked at his kid brother with confusion. “Do what?” he asked as quietly as the instruction he had just received.

“Just do it,” Glenn said with some authority. “Trust me, bro.”

Brad shrugged his shoulders and stepped over to the bed. He quickly stripped off his clothes and came back to stand beside Glenn. “Okay?”

Glenn stared intensely into those blue eyes and then stepped sideways - even as he pulled his brother into the athlete’s direct line of sight. “Paul - listen very carefully. The sight of Brad’s smoothly shaved body intrigues you. You are so intrigued by it that the vision seems to appear before you more and more regularly during the upcoming week. That vision… That sight… That sight of Brad’s naked, shaved body will come to intrigue you so much that it will become an obsession in your mind. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “Yes… Brad’s shaved body intrigues me. It is an obsession…”

Glenn smiled. “Good. Further, each night - when you get into bed, you will begin thinking about Brad and about his shaved smooth body. You will see him naked in your mind’s eye. That vision will not only be intriguing to you - it will be exciting…stimulating. You will find yourself being turned on by Brad’s naked body…by the thought of him being shaved smooth. You will be turned on by the curiosity of what that smooth body feels like to the touch. You will become so turned on by these thoughts that you must jerk off before you can relax enough to get to sleep. And again when you wake up. And, at least once at some point during the day you will have to find a private place to jerk off again because the visions will have your constantly turned on. Do you understand?”

Brad grinned as he began to understand what his kid brothe rwas doing. Glenn had him strip down and stand in front of the handsome blond baseball player while he was implanting these commands into his subsconscious. The sight of his nakedness would be the vision that came to Paul when he went into these ‘fantasies’. “Good move, Twerp,” he thought with praise for his kid brother.

“Yes…” Paul acknowledged. “I am obsessed with Brad’s naked, shaved body. I am obsessed with the idea.”

“And?” Glenn prodded.

“It excites me. The idea of Brad’s naked, smooth body and his being haved excites me so much that I must jerk off to be able to get to sleep and when I wake up - and during the day,” Paul acknowledged readily. He blushed - even in this state of control. And, his own cock was beginning to react. He was getting a hard-on as the vision combined with his newly implanted commands began to root and grow. He was getting totally turned on by the sight of his best friend’s older brother’s nude, shaved body.

Brad leaned over and whispered into his brother’s ear. “Plant the diea that he will begin to wonder what it would be like to be shaved as well. The idea will grow in him and turn him on also.”

Glenn grinned. They were in agreement. He nodded. “One more thing, Paul… You will also begin to recognize a growning curiosity about what it would be like to be shaved down - just like Brad. You will become increasingly curious about what it would be like to have a body like Brad’s - smooth, sexy, totally hairless. You will be more and more curious what it would be like for your body to be like Brad’s body.” He glanced at his older brother who winked and held up a thumb of approval. He looked back to his friend and studined the handsome blond hunk. “Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “I… I will wonder what it would be like to be…to be shaved down - just like Brad. I will be curious what it would be like to have a body just like Brad’s. The idea will… The idea… The idea turns me on.” His cock was standing up full and hard against his six-pack abs now. It pulsed with excitement. The huge mushroom head was purple with need.

Brad elbowed his kid brother. Both the college sophomore and his eighteen year old high school senior brother stared in disbelief. The blond, blue-eyed high school second baseman was horny as hell. His cock soared to its full eight inches. A droplet of precum bubbled to the tip of that mushroom head and then slowly webbed its way downard toward the floor.

“Good. Very good, Paul,” Glenn complimented his friend. “You are doing very well.” Glenn nodded to his brother and pointed toward the bathroom. Brad nodded his understanding, grabbed his clothes, and quickly crossed through to his own bedroom to get dressed. “Okay, Paul - I am going to count to three and snap my fingers in just a moment. When I do so, you will awaken. You will remember nothing of this conversation but deep down inside, you know what you must do. You - will - obey.”

Paul responded immediately. “I know what I must do. I will obey.”

Once Brad had removed himself, Glenn returned his attention back to his best friend. He guiltily studied Paul’s nakedness for several moments. Paul’s rigid cock was pulsating more visibly and the precum was dripping down its shaft and to the floor. The blond hunk was totally turned on by the commands implanted in his psyche about Glenn’s older brother. He took a deep breath and ended the session. “Get dressed, Paul.” The athlete dressed and stood waiting for his master to guide him. “Return to your seat.” Paul immediately crossed the room to take his seat at the desk. “One… Two… Three…” Glenn snapped his fingers.

Paul came out of his trance, blinked his eyes several times, and then offered, “Hey - want some help with that tea?”

“Yeah - that’s cool,” Glenn acknowledged with a broad grin. He led the way out of the bedroom and down the staircase.

As he walked down the stairs, Paul had a vision of Brad standing naked before him. His eyes focused on that smoothly shaved body. His vision was filled by the sight of Brad’s hairless nuts. “I wonder what it would be like to watch Brad get shaved down,” he thought as he folloed Glenn into the kitchen. “I wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers over that smooth skin…” he thought further. He felt his asshole twitch hungrily - like he had when Brad… And, he realized that his cock was rock hard inside his tight fitting jeans. “I wonder what it would feel like to get shaved like that…” He pulled his T-shirt out of his jeans in the hope that it would at least partially cover the huge bulge that was now showing between his legs.

Upstairs, Brad slipped into his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head. As he ran his fingers through his hair to straighten it, he chuckled. He glanced toward his brother’s bedroom and then turned to look back to the desk in the corner of his own bedroom. He stared at his new laptop computer. He focused on the small icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The icon was a shimmering star with the name ‘The Fifth World’ emblazoned underneath. A sinister smirk creased his rugged face and he whispered, “The possession begins.” He glanced back toward Glenn’s bedroom door and thought of the handsome blond, blue-eyed, hunkster athlete. “Paul’s possession is underway…”


Paul leaned back against the vanity and watched in amazement as Glenn sprayed the remaining shaving cream from his older brother’s freshly shaved body. The blond, blue-eyed baseball player shook his head in awe. “I can’t believe that he programmed Brad to let him do that,” he thought silently as Glenn replaced the shower hose back in its hook and turned off the water. At the same time that he found himself amazed at the scene he had just witnessed, he was also fighting a growing embarrassment - he had a major boner fighting for freedom in his tight jeans. “Damn that looks hot,” he thought again.

Glenn backed away from his brother and moved to stand beside his best friend. The two eighteen year old seniors stared across the bathroom at the naked college fraternity brother. Brad stood nude - dripping from his shower. His arms were stretched outward above his head and tied to the shower door canopy. Likewise, his legs were spread and tied off…one, to the leg of the heavy mahogany armoire at the side of the shower compartment and the other, to the leg of the matching dressing mirror stand. The sophomore college stud was essentially spread-eagle before them.

Glenn glanced over to his friend and nudged him with an elbow. “So… What do you think, dude?”

Paul searched to find something - anything - to say. His eyes slowly surveyed Brad’s body, from his smoothly shaved armpits and chest to his abdomen, his thighs and legs. All, hairless. All smooth. Everything. The baseball player’s eyes gradually made their way back up Brad’s thighs to his crotch… hairless… smooth… His nuts were drawn tightly up into place and looked like satin. Paul felt his asshole twitch and his cock lengthened even more as he took in this sight. “Damn…” was all he could find to say. He pushed away from the mirror and crossed the room to stand less than a foot away from the tied, shaved college sophomore. On closer inspection, he was unable to find a hair anywhere from Brad’s neck to his ankles. “Damn…” he repeated again.

Glenn asked as he stepped up to stand beside his friend. He grinned sarcastically. “Pretty wild, huh - dude? Bradley the college super stud becomes Bradley the ten year old boy.” He chuckled playfully at his comparison.

Without realizing his movement, Paul reached out with his right hand to gently stroke across his best friend’s older brother’s chest. It was totally smooth to the touch. Catching his action, he quickly retracted his hand and shoved it in his pocket.

“Go ahead, dude…feel him up if you want,” Glenn urged his friend.

Paul blushed crimson at having been caught in his amazement. “Nah - that’s okay…” he stammered shakily.

“It’s okay, dude - feel him up,” Glenn urged harder. “Check out how smooth he is all over.”

Paul’s hand slid from the pocket of his tight fitting jeans and again moved toward the college sophomore’s chest. He paused - not sure that he should do something that was so…

Glenn reached out, grabbed his friend’s wrist, and guided his hand toward his brother’s chest. “Go on, nimrod - he won’t know… He’s under - remember?”

Paul hesitated; perspiration began to bead on his forehead. “Yeah, but…”

“But, what?” Glenn prodded.

“Don’t you think it’s kinda queer…to, um… To be feeling him up like this?” Paul glanced to his left and stared into his best friend’s dark eyes.

Glenn chuckled at his friend’s reticence. He gently moved Paul’s hand over his Brad’s smooth chest. “Dude, I’m the one that just lathered him up and took a straight razor to him. I’m the one that just shaved his pits, his chest…his balls,” he said sarcastically. “And you’re asking me if it’s queer for you to judge the results?”

Paul blushed more profusely under his friend’s argument. He could not really think of anything to argue the point. Had he not been standing there watching the action take place in front of him, he never would have believed that it had happened. Glenn had actually held Brad’s nuts in his left hand while he used a razor on him. He had actually shaved him smooth.

Glenn pushed a little harder. “And, come to think of it - which one of us stripped down and let Brad give him a good old fashioned tongue-fuck?” He laughed softly as he watched the blond second baseman turn crimson once more. “That, buddy, was a hell of a lot more queer than you using your hands to rate my shaving techniques.” He paused for a moment and glanced at his brother standing before them. He thought of a further argument. “Besides - it’s research.”

Paul laughed this time. “Research? Yeah - right…uh huh.”

“No - seriously, dude. Just stop and think about it for a second. What are we doing here? We are trying to put together a project that will blow Dr. Blevins out of his seat. Look at what we’ve come up with…” Glenn continued to argue. “We’ve put Brad under - more than once. He is open to my commands. We’ve had him give your butthole a tongue bath that made your blow a load all over yourself…” he chuckled again at the sight of his best buddy shooting his load of cum all over his abs, chest, and his face that night. “We’ve got him to voluntarily be tied spread-eagle in the shower and get his masculinity shaved off and washed down the drain…” He reached out and planted his fist in the small of his friend’s back and edged Paul closer to the naked college sophomore. “Go on, man - it’s research. Check him out all over…” he urged again. He released his grip on Paul’s wrist. He waited.

Paul stared at the naked fraternity brother just inches away from him. He watched as seemingly with a mind of its own, his hand began a gentle survey of Brad’s chest. He had to admit that it was a smooth shave…very smooth. He moved upward to stroke his fingertips in the valleys of Brad’s armpits. Again, smoothness. Again, not a hair. Without realizing it, he licked his lips. “I wonder what it would feel like…”

Glenn caught the tongue dancing briefly across his best friend’s pouty lips. He grinned to himself. “Smooth, huh?” Paul nodded his answer, unable to respond vocally. He reached over and stroked Brad’s other pit. Glenn reached up and put both hands on those powerfully muscled shoulders. “Check out his thighs and legs,” he instructed as he applied pressure.

Paul sank to his knees and found himself surveying Brad’s shaved smooth thighs. He reached out again, and ran his fingertips over their marble-smooth texture.

Glenn dropped to his knees beside the ballplayer and stared at the handsome profile. He studied the one blue eye that he could see from this angle. It was almost glazed over. He reached out, grabbed Paul’s wrist, and gently guided it upward - toward Brad’s crotch. “Go ahead, dude… Check out the rest of the job.”

Paul broke his stare long enough to shoot a lighthearted smirk in his friend’s direction. “Yeah, right… Like I’m gonna grab your brother’s nuts. I don’t think so…‘nimrod.’” He jumped to his feet before Glenn could react and reached out to again run his fingertips across Brad’s chest.

Glenn decided to try a different approach. He stood up and ran his own fingers across Brad’s chest. “I’ll bet the true test would be a tongue…you know how sensitive your tongue is.”

“A…tongue?” Paul asked hesitantly. “What do you mean…what sort of…test?”

Glenn reached out to grab the back of his friend’s head and pushed it forward. “You know what test… Go on, remember - it’s for research. Lick it.”

Paul resisted. “Dude… What are you… Dude…”

“Go on, man… Research… Research… Research…” Glenn repeated as he applied more pressure and forced Paul’s face against Brad’s chest. “Stick your tongue out. Lick it. Lick that smooth chest. Explore it, buddy.” He moved behind Paul and held his head firmly with both hands as he repeated his instructions. “Lick it, buddy.”

Paul was so close to Brad’s body that he could smell him. He could smell the shaving cream that only minutes earlier had shaved away every shred of his adulthood. “Why in the hell am I doing this?” he wondered as his lips parted and his tongue snaked out. He ran his tongue from the center of Brad’s chest toward his right nipple. “Damn, Glenn really did shave him smooth…”

“That’s it, dude. Research… Explore…” Glenn urged as he forced Paul’s head sideways, directing that exploring tongue toward the nipple. “Lick it,” he urged again.

A small moan escaped from Brad’s throat as he felt Paul’s warm, moist tongue slide its way across his nipple. He could not help it; he threw an instant hard-on.

Paul reached out to grab Brad’s waist to steady himself under the pressure Glenn was applying to the back of his head. Every ‘instinct’ inside him screamed for him to back away and get the hell out of the bathroom - but the ‘urge’ inside him said lick and suck for all he was worth. He did not understand. Right now, he did not care. His tongue just kept lapping away at that nipple, that chest.

“That’s it…go for it, buddy,” Glenn whispered softly into his handsome blond friend’s ear. He applied pressure again, directing Paul toward Brad’s armpit. “I wonder if I can get him to…” he thought silently as he moved his friend’s head into place. His question went unanswered only briefly. With eyes closed and intense concentration in his expression, Paul licked wildly as he moved into Brad’s pit. “Yeah, that’s it, buddy… Do it… Do it… Make it shine. Get a gallon of spit in there,” the dark haired senior instructed his friend.

Paul repositioned his weight slightly to his left and went deep. His tongue ran the full length of Brad’s smoothly shaved pit, spreading a thick layer of saliva as it made its way.

Brad’s head lolled backward slightly. He had to fight hard not to give himself away to the second baseman. They had come to far in their plan to screw up now and let Paul know that he was fully conscious and ‘not’ under his kid brother’s hypnotic trance. It was hard. It was ‘very’ hard. It was almost as hard as the throbbing cock that soared from between his legs right now. The blond hunk’s tongue was driving him nuts.

Glenn moved his hands to Paul’s shoulders and added pressure. Slowly, he guided his best friend downward - from Brad’s pit, across his nipple and shaved chest…downward still - until the baseball player was on his knees. He watched as Paul continued licking, leaving a spit slick trail along Brad’s lower abdomen and over to his left thigh. He reached out, grabbed that blond hair, and guided him inward. “Lick, buddy…lick and explore. Remember its research. Nobody knows but us… Remember, Brad hasn’t got a clue,” he instructed as he pushed harder.

Before he even realized it, Paul was licking Brad’s left nut. His tongue cruised over the satiny smooth skin and moved inward to that softest and smoothest area, right in the center. He moved across to the other side and continued in his exploration of Brad’s nutsac… Licking… Licking… Licking…

Glenn dropped to a knee beside his friend and guided his head once more. “Open your mouth…take it inside and research the whole thing at once, dude…” he whispered hoarsely. “Open your mouth…”

Paul opened his mouth and sucked Brad’s heavy balls inside. His tongue tossed them around inside, caressing every inch…searching…never finding a single hair. He reached out and ran his hands along the college sophomore’s thighs as he began to suck harder. Brad moaned loudly. Paul opened his eyes. He reared back in shock at what he had been doing - voluntarily. He started to express his…protest? Disgust? Confusion? It was too late. With a violent snap of his hips, Brad’s cock exploded. Paul watched the first wad of the college fraternity brother’s cum shoot from the mushroomed head of that stiff chunk of meat. He started to react. He was too late for that as well. Half a second later, it hit - right between his eyes.

“Aaarrrggghhh!” Paul yelled out suddenly as he sprang up in bed. He immediately reached for his face and began wiping at the thick, hot cum that was drowning him as it exploded from Brad’s cock.

Glenn rolled over in bed and raised up on both elbows. Through his sleep- induced fog, he asked, “Dude? What’s up?”

Paul glanced down over his shaking body and realized that he was soaked in sweat. He got out of the bed and began pacing briskly back and forth while he tried to settle himself. He felt his heart racing wildly…his temples pounding.

Glenn noticed another symptom of whatever it was that had warranted his friend’s screams in the dark night. Paul’s cock was sticking long and hard through the open fly of his designer boxers. The blond hunk had a major hard- on. “Dude? What’s wrong?” he asked again.

“Nothing…nothing,” Paul choked as he continued pacing beside the bed.

“Dude, you’re shaking like crazy. And, you’re dripping in sweat. It must be something,” Glenn argued. “Talk to me…”

“Bad dream… It was just a bad dream,” Paul explained nervously. “Sorry, um… I’m sorry that I woke you. It was just a bad dream. I’ll be okay.”

“You sure? You want to talk about it?” Glenn asked as he rolled to his side and rested his head on his hand. His eyes again focused on the raging boner sticking out of his friend’s shorts.

Paul asked as he turned to face his friend. He reached up and brushed his sweat-soaked blond hair from his eyes. “Talk…about… Talk about what?”

“You said it was a bad dream,” Glenn explained quickly. “Do you remember what it was about? Talk to me about it - maybe it will help you settle down.”

Paul stared down at his boyishly cute best friend for several moments in total silence. “Yeah, I’m gonna stand here and tell you I was just dreaming about… That you just shaved your brother’s… That I was on my knees…licking Brad’s…” he thought to himself. He shook his head, rubbed his eyes, and then again pushed back his sweat-soaked blond hair from his forehead. “No, um… I, um… I… I don’t remember. It just really shook me up whatever it was…” he said as he tried to shake off the weirdness of what had happened. Or - what didn’t ‘really’ happen but seemed to be so ‘real’ in his head. “I, um… I’m okay…” He gestured toward the bedroom door. “Is it okay if I go downstairs for a glass of water or something?”

“Yeah, sure, dude. You can go for anything in this house - you know that,” Glenn said as he kicked the sheets back and started to get up. “Hang on - I’ll go with you.”

“No!” Paul shrieked. “I mean, um… I mean… I just need a drink and to walk it off. I’m okay - really. Stay in bed. Go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you,” he said over his shoulder as he headed for the door.

Glenn watched his handsome hunk of a best friend disappear out the door and watched that blond head bob down the stairs until it finally disappeared from sight.

Almost immediately, Brad walked through the darkened bathroom and into the bedroom. He glanced toward the door to be sure that Paul was gone and then he moved to sit on the edge of Glenn’s bed. He stared down at his cute kid brother and reached out to slap his chest.

“What’s going on?” the college sophomore asked as he reached up to brush his own sleepiness from his eyes.

He glanced up at his older brother and stared into his eyes. “He said it was a bad dream,” he answered doubtfully.

A light of recognition flickered in Brad’s eyes. Through a growing smirk, he asked, “But?”

Glenn chuckled. “Well - it would be the first time I saw a bad dream produce a hard-on that could fuck a hole into a block of cement.”

Brad looked quizzically at his brother and then glanced toward the bedroom door and the departed baseball player. He glanced back at Glenn. “You mean the Super Star had a bone?”

“Bone? Bone? Dude, that chunk of meat was so hard it looked like it could shoot bullets! It was up and sticking straight out of his shorts,” Glenn laughed.

“So, um…” Brad chuckled himself as he tried to visualize the sight of the blond, blue-eyed second baseman’s hard-on shooting bullets…cum bullets. “So, if it wasn’t a bad dream - then, what?”

Glenn smiled sarcastically. “I would say that he was dreaming about you and that shaved bod of yours Bro…”

The sophomore stared into his brother’s eyes for several moments. He remembered that when Glenn had put Paul under he had instilled the command that Paul become increasingly more curious about his shaved body. Touching it. Staring at it. Thinking about it. Wondering what it would be like to be that way. After a long silence, Brad grinned broadly. “I’ll bet he’s downstairs in the kitchen right now beating out a fresh load.”

Glenn thought about his best buddy. He knew Paul. He knew how shy the guy was. He knew how modest the guy was. “No way,” he said doubtfully. Paul would not do that. Not in their house. As he visualized the sight of his friend’s long, hard cock standing out of his shorts and up against his tanned, almost hairless, rock hard abdomen, he reconsidered. “You think?”

Brad nodded. “I’ll bet he is.” He stared out the open bedroom door for several more seconds and then slapped his kid brother’s chest. “C’mon. Let’s sneak downstairs and have some fun with him.”

Glenn kicked his legs over the side of the bed and stood. He smiled curiously. “What sort of fun?”

“Well, it depends,” Brad said as they stopped at the head of the staircase. “If he is ‘just’ having a glass of water…we do nothing. But, ‘if’ he’s down there beating his baseball bat…let’s take him to another level.” He winked and held his finger to his lips instructing his kid brother to be silent.

Brad and Glenn crept down the staircase, made their way through the living room, down the hall, and to the dining room. They stopped at the kitchen door and again, Brad held a finger to his lips. Glenn nodded his understanding. Carefully, they leaned out to peer inside the kitchen, illuminated only by the moonlight coming through the bay window.

Paul sat at the kitchen table. He held his head in his left hand and a glass of water in his right. He sipped. He sipped again. He sipped a third time. He set the glass on the table and leaned back in the chair. His left hand immediately went to the crotch of his boxers. His cock still stood hard and proud - reaching toward the sky from the open fly. With a mind of its own, or so it seemed, his hand wrapped itself around the raging piece of meat and began a slow, steady stroke. The baseball player’s thumb arched upward to spread a thick river of precum that was oozing from the slit. Within seconds, the two brothers could hear the squishing sounds of a major jerk off.


Paul sat at the kitchen table. He held his head in his left hand and a glass of water in his right. He sipped. He sipped again. He sipped a third time. He set the glass on the table and leaned back in the chair. His left hand immediately went to the crotch of his boxers. His cock still stood hard and stiff, reaching toward the kitchen’s dimly lit ceiling from the open fly. With a mind of its own, or so it seemed - his hand wrapped around the raging piece of meat and began a slow, steady stroke. The baseball player’s thumb arched upward to spread a thick river of pre cum that was oozing from the slit. Within seconds, the two brothers could hear the squishing sounds of a major jerk off session.

Glenn and Brad looked at each other in amazement. Brad winked and then leaned in close to his brother’s ear. “Put him under before he cums,” he whispered.

Glenn looked doubtful. “Why do we want to do that?” he wondered silently. Before he could question his older brother, Brad repeated the instruction.

“Just do it. I’ll explain,” Brad said with a gesture toward the blond ballplayer a few feet away.

Glenn nodded - he didn’t understand still, but he agreed. They watched. They waited.

Paul stopped his hand action momentarily, took another sip of water, and then his hand was right back around his throbbing cock… stroking… sliding… spreading that thick precum lube down the full length of his shaft. His other hand crept across his abs and up to his chest to lightly play with his nipple. Even in the moonlit dimness, that nipple showed that it was hard. Paul’s head fell back slightly and he let out a low groan of animalistic pleasure.

Brad leaned in close to his brother once more. “He’s getting close. Do it…”

Glenn nodded. He stepped inside the kitchen and eased up behind his best friend. He spoke clearly. He spoke firmly. “Grand slam!”

Paul’s hand slipped of his chest and his body seemed to go limp. Well, most of his body. His left hand remained wrapped around his cock - but ceased in its jerking motions.

Brad and Glenn walked up behind the blond, blue-eyed second baseman.

“Can you hear me, Paul?” Glenn asked softly.

Paul nodded. “Yes…”

“Who am I?” Glenn asked.

“You are my master,” Paul acknowledged readily.

“And what is your purpose?” Glenn led his friend through each step to be sure he was still totally under the influence of his previous submission.

“My purpose is to please my master,” Paul admitted freely.

Glenn looked at Brad. They both grinned. “How will you please your master?”

“I will obey,” Paul replied sincerely.

The two brothers grinned more approvingly. They had him.

Brad’s grin turned sinister as he moved them into the next step. He leaned close to his kid brother and whispered. “Strip.” He then proceeded to slip out of his own shorts and stood naked in front of Glenn. His younger brother didn’t react immediately and he reached out to grab the waistband of Glenn’s shorts. A moment later, they were in a heap on the floor.

“Now what?” Glenn asked with heated anticipation.

Brad smiled and moved to stand in front of the entranced blond hunk. He used his foot to spread Paul’s muscular legs so that he could move in between them. “Lead him through the vision. Tell him to focus on it. Tell him how turned on by it he is. Tell him to jerk off - but - he can’t cum without your permission.”

Glenn stepped up behind Paul and leaned in close to the side of his head. "You are seeing Bradley’s body. It turns you on. You are turned on by that smoothness…that freshly shaved smoothness… It makes you horny seeing Bradley in your vision. Stroke your cock. Jerk off thinking about Brad’s body. But, you cannot cum without your master’s permission.

Paul’s slightly glazed blue eyes focused on Brad’s naked form in front of him. His left hand began its upward and downward stroking once again. And, again, his thumb began spreading the layer or pre cum that had formed at the slit in the mushroom head along the full length of his thick, throbbing shaft. He licked his lips as he stared at the vision of Brad’s body before him.

“It makes you horny. So very horny. You are so turned on by Brad’s shaved body. You want to touch it…” Glenn instructed.

“Brad’s body turns me on. I want to touch him…” Paul repeated huskily.

Brad stepped even closer to the second baseman. His legs rested against the inside of the athlete’s outstretched thighs.

“Reach out with your other hand, Paul. Reach out and try to stroke your vision’s body,” Glenn instructed softly into his best buddy’s ear.

Paul’s right hand rose hesitantly; reached out and rested on Brad’s tight, smooth abdomen. Gently, slowly, he began stroking upward to caress Brad’s chest - to explore his nipples, down his ribs and back again to the center of his abdomen.

“His body makes you so horny,” Glenn instructed once again.

“So horny…” Paul acknowledged. “Turns me on…”

Glenn glanced up at his brother. Brad winked and nodded for him to continue. He held out his tongue and indicated that Glenn should direct Paul to lick his vision.

Glenn nodded his understanding. “Your vision makes you so horny you wish that you could stick your tongue out and lick it. You want to run your tongue over that freshly shaved skin. You want to explore that smoothness with your tongue.” He gently placed his hand on the back of Paul’s head. In his heightened sexual state and his continual grappling in his mind, Paul’s blond hair was wet with sweat. Glenn pushed his best buddy’s head forward. Paul eased forward until his face was less than an inch from Brad’s abdomen. “Stick out your tongue, buddy. Lick Brad’s smoothness with your tongue.” Paul’s tongue snaked through his parted lips and reached for Brad’s body. It missed by centimeters. “Reach … buddy. Reach harder… You need to feel his smoothness with your tongue. You must lick Brad’s body.”

Paul leaned closer and his tongue connected with the college fraternity brother’s abs. It licked. It tingled. He ran his tongue over the indention of his navel. His hand moved faster over his own lubed cock. A low grown emitted from deep within his throat.

"Yeah - that’s it, buddy. Explore it. Lick it … " Glenn encouraged his entranced buddy. “Lick. Lick. Lick. Stroke your cock. But remember - you cannot cum without my permission.”

Between licks Paul gasped for air and acknowledged. “Can’t cum without my master’s permission.”

Brad nodded his head. Glenn stood and circled the chair to stand at his side. “Start jerking your cock,” the older brother said. He reached down and began stroking his brother’s hard cock. Glenn looked at him with questions. “Just do it. We’re gonna humiliate the shit out of him. Just jerk off. When you’re ready…blow your load on his chest.” Brad looked down at the blond whose tongue was sending shockwaves through his own body. “Make him go down on my balls…” he hissed huskily.

“Go down, Paul. Go down, buddy. Reach for those big, heavy nuts with your tongue. Lick that smooth bag of nuts,” Glenn instructed.

Paul immediately leaned farther down and began tonguing Brad’s nuts. He swirled first one and then the other nut around and around with his tongue and then dove underneath to lick the entire sac from its base, forward and up to the thick base of Brad’s raging hard shaft of meat.

“Oh yeah…” Brad hissed. “Yeah…lick those nuts, Super Star…” He knew that he would not be able to last long under these conditions. And - he didn’t want to. He had more plans for the handsome, blond, blue-eyed ballplayer.

Glenn moaned slightly as he felt his own heat rising rapidly. The sight of his best friend tonguing and licking away at his brother’s balls was almost too much. His cock was raging. Pre cum poured from the tip and rivered down the sides of the shaft. He was close… He was getting very close… “I’m gonna…”

“Yeah, Twerp…” Brad said hoarsely. “Shoot it. Do it all over his chest,” he urged as he reached down and stroked his kid brother’s balls. Moments later, the eighteen-year-old let out a long, low moan and his cock exploded. He left a major pool of thick, hot, white cum all over his best buddy’s deeply tanned, muscular chest. “Yessss…” Brad moaned as he too went over the edge. He grabbed his cock and aimed it directly at Paul’s face. Spurt after spurt of his juice splattered against the handsome hunk’s forehead, cheeks, nose, and mouth.

Once both brothers had finished cumming, Brad reached down and grabbed his shorts and kicked his brother’s over to him. He motioned Glenn to get into his shorts and go back to the doorway.

“Now what?” Glenn asked after he bent down and slipped into his shorts.

Brad reached up to wipe a layer of sweat from his brow and stared at the ballplayer who still sat in the kitchen…jerking his thick cock shaft… waiting for permission to shoot his own load. “Tell him that he can cum as soon as you count to three and snap your fingers. Tell him that he will aim his cock at his face and chest and he will shoot all over himself when he cums. Tell him that he must not cum until you count to three and snap your fingers.”

Glenn nodded. “Then?” He still wasn’t sure what his best friend was being set up for.

“You are gonna go back upstairs - fast,” Brad said.

“And, you?”

“I’m gonna walk in and catch him in the midst of jerking and cumming all over himself,” Brad said with a sinister smile. “I’m gonna embarrass and humiliate the shit out of the Super Star.”

Glenn smiled. He was beginning to catch onto Brad’s plan now. He realized that they both could not walk in on Paul and catch him in the act - that would be too bizarre. However, he sure wished that he was a fly on the wall so he could see the reaction when Brad came up behind him and…

“Paul - can you still hear me?” the younger brother asked cautiously.

“Yes…” Paul said softly as he continued jerking his hand up and down his aching cock. He needed to cum badly. He needed to release his pent up load so badly it hurt. Rivers of sweat were flowing down his muscular athlete body. But, he couldn’t. He could not cum without his master’s permission.

“In just a moment, I am going to count to three and snap my fingers,” Glenn said firmly. “When I snap my fingers - you may cum. You will cum. You will cum all over your chest and aim for your face. Shoot your load in your face. You need’ to shoot your load in your face. You don’t know why but you need to shoot your load all over yourself. Do you understand?”

Paul nodded. “I will cum all over myself. I need’ to shoot my load in my face.”

“Good,” Glenn said as he backed into the doorway. "One… Two… Three… " and he snapped his fingers. He winked at his older brother, turned, and headed for the stairs and his bedroom.

Paul shook his head faintly as he tried to clear the cobwebs. He glanced down at his aching cock. His hand was stroking up and down wildly now. His breathing was coming in short gasps. His cock exploded - sending a shower of cum over his chest and even splattering against his handsome face. In the midst of his orgasm he froze and felt as through his heart was going to come up through his throat. The overhead light suddenly came on.

“What in the hell are you doing, Super Star!” Brad shrieked as he stepped into the kitchen.

Paul jumped up from the chair, banged into the kitchen table spilling the water glass, and spun around to face Glenn’s older brother. His hand was still wrapped around his spurting cock. Cum streamed down his face and his chest to his abdomen.

“I, um… Brad… Um…” the blond athlete stammered. What could he say at this point? He had just been caught jerking off in Brad and Glenn’s kitchen.

“I asked you a question, Super Star!” Brad snarled sinisterly. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I, um… I came down for a glass of water…” Paul choked out. He felt his face turning crimson. “I… I…”

“Well that sure as hell doesn’t look like a glass of water to me,” Brad said harshly as he stepped up to the athlete. He could see Paul quaking. The handsome blond, blue-eyed hunk was scared to death. He was embarrassed as shit. And, soon - he would be totally humiliated by his best friend’s older brother.

“Brad, I… I…” Paul stammered once again.

Brad laughed in Paul’s face. “Man, I never saw anybody jerk off over a glass of water… Tell the truth, Super Star - what’s got you so turned on? Were you using the phone and jerking while you talked to your girlfriend?”

“No! No… It was nothing like that, Brad,” Paul shrieked. His voice was now shaking as badly as the rest of him was. And, cum still dripped and ran down his face, chest, and abdomen. A long string of his pearly white juice hung from the tip of his still half hard cock and roped toward the floor. “It was… I…”

“You what?” Brad asked harshly. “You know what…don’t move. Stand there, jut like that while I go get my brother. He needs to see this. He needs to see what his best buddy was doing in the kitchen…” He turned and started to leave the room.

“No! Brad, wait! Please…” Paul pled, almost in tears. Brad stopped and turned to look back at him. “Please - don’t tell Glenn about this. Don’t tell anybody…please! I…” he paused and reached up to brush his sweat-soaked blond hair from his eyes. “Brad, please don’t tell Glenn…”

Brad walked slowly back toward the shaking second baseman. “So that’s it…” he said mockingly.

“That’s um… That’s, what?” Paul asked nervously.

“You don’t want Glenn to know because you were jerking off thinking about him up there in that bed with you. You were jerking off thinking about my kid brother,” Brad said confidently. “You’re a fucking faggot… You were jerking off thinking about your best buddy lying in the bed upstairs…”

“No! No! Brad…” Paul shrieked again. He shook his head and stared into the college sophomore’s angry eyes. “No, it wasn’t like that… I swear…”

“I’ll bet it was. You were jerking off thinking about making it with my brother. You are a fucking faggot - aren’t you, Super Star? You’re a faggot and you were down here getting off cuz you got all horny sleeping in the same bed with Glenn. You popped a bone lying there with Glenn and you had to come down here to beat your…”

Paul shook his head violently and shifted from one foot to the other. “No, no… No! It wasn’t like that, Brad. I swear I wasn’t… I didn’t… That’s not what…” he paused and gasped for air and tried to find some explanation for what had happened. But, he couldn’t explain it to Brad if he couldn’t explain it to himself. He didn’t know why he was in their kitchen, jerking off; cum running down his face and chest.

“You know what - I think Glenn needs to see this. He needs to see that his best friend is a faggot,” Brad said sarcastically. He turned on his heel and again headed for the door to go upstairs and get his brother.

“Brad, no! Please! No…” Paul pled again. “Please… I’ll, um… I’ll do anything you want… Please, don’t tell Glenn. Don’t tell anyone. Please!”

Brad stopped and smiled to himself as he stared out the kitchen door toward the French doors at the back of the house. That was what he had been waiting for - he had been waiting for Paul to go over the cliff of panic and offer “…to do anything…” if he kept his mouth shut. The kid had fallen right on time. He turned around and stared into those blue eyes. Tears were actually streaming down the handsome blonde’s face, mingling with cum…his cum…the two brothers’ cum…

“Anything?” Brad asked as he crossed back to the center of the room.

Paul nodded slowly. He hesitated. Did he just cut his own throat? “Anything…” He watched as Brad moved to the counter and opened the breadbox. The college sophomore opened the bread bag and pulled out two slices, and then sealed the bag back shut. He walked to the other side of the kitchen and pulled a rubber spatula from the crock of cooking utensils by the stove. Next, he moved back to stand in front of him.

“Stand still,” Brad ordered firmly. “Do not move…” He reached out with the spatula and scraped a large stream of cum from the athlete’s powerfully muscled chest and proceeded to spread it across one of the bread slices.

“What… What are you…” Paul choked out. He gasped as the spatula scraped across his nipple,collecting more of his cum. Again, Brad spread that load across the bread.

“You’re gonna prove to me that you weren’t jerking off just now thinking about my kid brother,” Brad said with a glint in his eye. He watched the look of horror and impending sickness spread across the blond hunk’s face. Then, he turned crimson red again with the realization of what he was going to be forced to do. “You’re gonna prove to me that you weren’t jerking off thinking about sucking Glenn’s cock - or, maybe you were thinking about Glenn fucking that tight hole of yours. You’re gonna stand here in front of me and eat a cum sandwich.”

“I can’t… I can’t do that,” Paul said with disgust and fear. “Brad - please…”

“You can - and, you will, Super Star,” Brad said as he scraped the spatula along Paul’s right cheek. Again, another coating of cum was spread thickly across that slice of bread. “You will - or…” he emphasized the meaning behind his last statement with a gesture toward the stairs and his younger brother.

Once he had finished wiping all of the cum… Paul’s cum… Glenn’s cum… His own load…from the athlete’s face, chest, and abdomen, Brad placed the second slice of bread over the first and mashed them together. He held it out toward Paul.

“Brad… Brad please… Don’t make me…” Paul pled again.

Brad looked down. He grinned. Paul had a raging hard-on once again. “Looks like you doth protest too much, Super Star. Even a cum sandwich gives you a boner…” he chuckled and motioned downward.

Paul looked down and was shocked to see his eight-inch cock standing straight up against his tight, tanned abs. It pulsed wildly and his nuts seemed to be ready to churn out a whole new load of cum - ready to explode at any moment.

“You really are a fucking faggot… You are - aren’t you?” Brad laughed. “I gotta go get Glenn.”

“No! Brad, no! Please!” Paul shrieked again. “Please…don’t… tell… Glenn.” More tears streamed down his cheeks. “Please…”

Brad held out the cum sandwich. “Eat it…”

Paul reached out hesitantly and took the sandwich from the college fraternity brother. “If, I… If, um…” he glanced down at the sandwich and then stared fearfully into his best friend’s older brother’s eyes. “If I eat it…you won’t tell?”

Brad grinned broadly and shook his head. “Eat it. Eat all of it. And your secret is safe with me. It’s just between us.”

With hand shaking, Paul raised the sandwich to his mouth and bit off a tiny crumb of crust.

“No, Super Star - I said eat it…” Brad ordered harshly. “Eat it - now!”

Paul nodded, sniffed at his runny nose, wiped the tears from his eyes, brushed his hair away from his face…stared at the sandwich. Anything. Anything to delay the inevitable.

“Now - Super Star…” Brad commanded once more.

Paul opened his mouth and bit into the sandwich.

Brad grinned. “Chew it really well. Remember, you have to chew twenty-two times before swallowing - for safety sake, Super Star,” he said mockingly. Paul chewed and chewed and chewed - the whole time, disgust registering on his handsome face. “Swallow.” Paul stared into Brad’s eyes. “Swallow - now…”

With tremendous effort, the ballplayer swallowed.

“Can I, um… Can I have some water?” Paul asked in little more than a whisper.

“In a minute. Finish your dinner first, faggot,” Brad said harshly.

“I’m not a fag…” Paul rebelled.

“Fine…let me go get Glenn…” Brad said with a laugh and headed for the door.

“No!” Brad turned and watched as the blond, blue-eyed athlete bit into his cum sandwich once again. He chewed. With as much difficulty as the first time, he swallowed. Brad walked back over to stand in front of him. He watched. He waited. Paul took another bite. He chewed. He swallowed.

Once Paul finished the sandwich, Brad picked up the glass from the table and crossed to the sink. He filled it to the brim and then turned to face the second baseman. He held out the glass. Paul reached for it. Brad grinned, turned the glass upside down, and poured the water on the floor. Paul looked at him in confusion.

“Get on your hands and knees and lick it up,” Brad ordered.

“Wha… What?” Paul asked in shock. “You’re not…serious?”

“On your knees - Super Star,” Brad commanded again. “Lick it up like a faggot dog - or, I go to Glenn right now.”

The two stared at one another for several long moments. Paul’s blue eyes seemed to be tearing up again. Brad knew that the kid was humiliated as hell already; this would just add insult to his battered ego. But - he must do it. He had to do it. He had to control Paul in every way before he was finished with him.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Paul asked shakily as he dropped to his hands and knees and began lapping at the water on the floor.

“Because you’re proving to me that you aren’t a faggot,” Brad said harshly.

Between laps, Paul asked, “You’re not gonna tell?”

“I told you I wouldn’t tell if you ate your dinner, Super Star.” Brad dropped to one knee and grabbed a hand full of blond hair. He pulled Paul’s head upward roughly and then stared into each other’s eyes. “You owe me…you realize that, don’t you?”

Paul stared into his best friend’s brother’s eyes. He realized he was in no position to bargain. He had been caught, in the kitchen, with his shorts around his ankles, jerking his cock and cumming all over himself. He had been caught by Glenn’s big brother.

“Yes, sir,” the handsome blond, blue-eyed second baseman acknowledged finally. “I owe you…”

Brad smiled. He pushed the kid back down on his hands and knees so he could continue licking up the spilled water. Brad stared up at the blinking red light in the darkness of the room by the ceiling, over the sink. He smiled again. “That new security system Mom and Dad installed before they left town is going to be very profitable…” he thought silently.

“When you’re finished, Super Star - take a shower in the downstairs bathroom. You smell like a fucking whore - faggot,” he instructed with a laugh and walked out of the room.

Paul glanced up and watched as Glenn’s older brother left him alone to finish his task. “I’m not a faggot…” he whispered sullenly before returning to his duties.


Glenn paced the full length of his bedroom as he awaited news of what had happened downstairs. He stopped, glanced at the clock, and then paced some more. Throughout his wait, he had continually fought the urge to ease himself down the stairs to spy on Brad and Paul. He won the fight - for the most part. A couple of times he walked out onto the second floor landing and stood peering over the railing in silence. Listening. He could hear Paul’s voice from time to time. At one point he was sure that he heard the handsome blond second baseman pleading with his older brother. Pleas for Bradley not to do … something. He didn’t catch whatever it was. He could hear Brad’s voice. Firm. Steady. Menacing … In control.

Glenn gave up, went back into his room, and paced some more. He sat at the computer for a moment or two - staring at the icon to the program that Dr. Blevins had given him to use in the psych project. The project that he and Paul thought they would use on Brad. “Well, Paul thought we were going to use it on Brad,” he thought wickedly. He grinned and shook his head. He again focused on his closest friend in the world - downstairs. In the kitchen. With Brad. He had not expected it to work so well. Not on Paul. Not so easily. Not so completely. He couldn’t believe that Paul had gone under so readily when he finally settled down in front of the monitor and paid attention to the spiral - and, to his best buddy’s soothing voice. Shy. Trusting. Too trusting. Sometimes. Especially, with some people. “Like me,” he thought with an ironic grin.

His head cocked. Footsteps. He heard footsteps. Only one pair, though. Only one set. Glenn spun around in his desk chair. He listened. He waited. A momentary panic. “What if it’s Paul and not Brad? How do I explain sitting here rather than being in bed trying to get some sleep?” he wondered silently. His mind whirled. Several plans shot through his system at once. “I know - it’s simple. I was worried about him after that bad dream he had. I was waiting up so I could see if he was okay. Yeah - that’s it. Use that one,” he told himself softly. He stared at the door. Waiting. “Please be Bradley. Please be… I hope Paul is okay. I hope Paul is okay. I hope…”

Moments later, Brad stepped into the bedroom. A smile spread across his college, frat-boy face. Sinister. Sarcastic. Triumphant. Glenn knew just from the expression on his older brother’s face that Brad had done exactly what he had intended. He had humiliated the daylights out of Paul. Somehow. He wanted the details. Strangely, he reached down and stroked his twitching cock for a brief moment as it jumped in his boxer shorts. His cock wanted to know what Brad had done to Paul, too. He jumped up from the chair and half ran to meet Brad in the center of the bedroom.

“Paul?” he asked hoarsely. He looked over his brother’s shoulder toward the door.

“Downstairs. He’s, um … He’s finishing his glass of water,” Brad said through that smile. That satisfaction. That evil satisfaction. “And - getting himself cleaned up.” A wink. Still, that smile. Satisfaction. Sinister. Evil.

Glenn stared at his brother. That expression on Brad’s face scared the shit out of him. It was nothing short of diabolic. “You didn’t hurt him … Did you?” His fists clenched tightly at his sides. He hoped that Brad had not gone too far in his little game. This plan that Brad had concocted. Downstairs. In the kitchen. Just the two of them. Brad - in control. Paul - helpless. Glenn - upstairs. Alone. Waiting. Again, he prayed silently, “You better not have crossed too many boundaries while you played with Paul’s mind.” Finished with his silent prayer, Glenn warned, "If you hurt him, I’ll … "

Brad held up his hands defensively. He mocked fear under his little brother’s threat. “Whoa there, little brother. Take it easy. I told you I would not hurt the Super Star. And, I didn’t. I humiliated the shit out of him. I embarrassed the hell out of him. But other than that - he’s fine. His ego is severely ransacked right now. But he’s okay.”

Glenn took a deep breath and calmed down. Slightly. He again glanced over Brad’s bare shoulder. He assumed Paul would be making an entrance shortly. His curiosity and desire for details overpowered his concern for his best buddy. Downstairs. Alone. “What did you do to him?” he asked again in little more than a whisper. His voice shook.

Brad turned and looked over his shoulder. He figured that by now, Paul should be finished with his chores. On his hands and knees. Licking up the water on the kitchen floor. Like a dog. The blond, blue-eyed hunk should be in the downstairs bathroom. He should be in the shower. Getting himself cleaned up. Scrubbing the first layer or two of skin from his body. That tan, muscular, incredible body. Scrubbing. Trying to peel away his guilt. His embarrassment. His humiliation. There was not a lot of time for the two of them to discuss what happened. Not right now, anyway. But, he knew that Glenn wouldn’t back off without knowing. Something. Anything. He decided to feed him the short version for now. They could discuss it more fully later. Maybe as they watched the tape from the downstairs security camera. The tape that he had slipped from the box after he left the kitchen. The tape that had recorded the whole scene. He reminded himself again that he would h! ave to do some editing. He would have to take out the part before he walked in and caught the Super Star jerking his heavy dick. Cumming all over himself. His face and chest - dripping. With his own cum. Dripping. With the two brothers’ cum. “Yeah, I gotta remove the first part where Glenn and I were down there and put him under,” he reminded himself silently. “Good thing that I took that film class and I know something about editing,” he thought further.

He looked at his kid brother. “Just what I said I was gonna do, Twerp. I humiliated the shit out of him. I embarrassed the hell out of him. But - I didn’t hurt him. That’s not what this is about. He’s my friend too. Remember? This isn’t a plan to hurt him or cause him any physical harm at all. We’re just going to slowly take possession of him from different angles and different levels. One - you hypnotize him and plant suggestions. Two - I hypnotize him and plant suggestions. Three - we humiliate him and embarrass him into following orders to protect his reputation. Just like we planned. We hit him from three fronts. We break down his internal defenses. We break down his own control. We take over. We take control. We take possession. We turn him in to our own little play toy. That’s the plan. Remember?”

Glenn felt his anxieties rising again. Brad was playing two games right now - one, with their blond, baseball-playing buddy downstairs; the other with him - right now. Brad knew that he could get under his kid brother’s skin by avoiding his questions. He was teasing him. He was trying to make him mad. He was succeeding. Although Glenn knew that Brad was taunting him, goading him on - he was getting mad anyway. He fought hard not to let his brother get to him. Like he always did. He couldn’t help it. Brad had always known which buttons to push … just when … and, how. To drive him nuts. His fists locked angrily again. Through clenched teeth, he whispered menacingly, "Bradley - if you hurt him, I’ll kill you. I know you’re bigger than me but I swear I’ll make you pay. You know he’s my best friend. You know I love him as much as I do you. You … "

Brad realized that he had pushed his kid brother a little too hard with his taunts. Glenn was gonna lose it and blow everything. He had to silence the kid’s rising rage. He had to subdue him. Settle him. Control. It was all about control. Being controlled. Being in control. He reached out. Hands shot out like rifle shots. Grabbing Glenn. Spinning him around. His sudden pounce caught Glenn off guard. He was able to throw him into a secure wrestling hold before the kid knew what was happening. Just like he always did. Control. Being in control. It only took a matter of seconds and he had Glenn pinned tightly against him. “Listen. Listen to me. Listen to what I am telling you, Twerp. He’s my friend too. I didn’t hurt him.”

Glenn struggled against his brother’s powerful arms, trying vainly to get away. Strangely, as he struggled to get away, he felt Brad’s muscular chest rubbing against his shoulders. Stubble. His brother’s chest hair was growing back. Even in his attempts to fight for freedom from the shackles of his brother’s binding arms, he told himself that if they were going to continue trying to control Paul - Brad would need to submit to another shave down. He couldn’t help it. He grinned as he considered the fact that if the hair on his brother’s chest was coming back - it was elsewhere, too. He would probably need a total shave down. Maybe he could figure out a way to get Paul involved in the next shaving. Or, at the very least - get him to watch … to feed that implanted curiosity. Control. Being in control. That’s what Bradley was always telling him. You have to be in control - or, you are being controlled by the one who is. Get Paul involved. Make him witness or t! ake part in it. Make him wonder more and more what it would be like to have his body look like Brad’s. Like a ten-year-old boy - not like the eighteen-year-old, well-developed adult stud that he had grown into. The stud hunk that everybody at school wanted. One way or another. His mind’s eye flashed open. He could see Paul’s face now. Handsome. Tanned. Dimples. Blushing profusely, as he watched the razor skimming over Brad’s chest. His pits. His nuts. Scraping away all evidence of the college frat boy’s adulthood. “Later,” he thought. Right now he had to get away from Brad to find out what happened.

The harder Glenn tried to struggle free, the more tightly his brother held him against his body. The more those stubbles of hair scraped against his back and shoulders. Tiny needles. Pricking into his smooth skin. There was something else. A new sensation. He hadn’t noticed it until now. Brad had thrown a major hard-on in their wrestling. Glenn felt his older brother’s massive cock pressing tightly against his ass. Sudden panic. A new concern. Nothing separated Brad’s throbbing cock from his own tight hole. Nothing. Nothing - but a thin layer of fabric. His boxer shorts. Brad’s. He was starting to sweat. Brad, too. He gave up his fight for freedom. Brad won. Brad always won. Control. Being in control. Or, being controlled. He stopped struggling and whispered over his shoulder. “What did you do to him, Brad? Tell me, damn it!” he said through clenched teeth. His plea was softly spoken yet incredibly firm in tone.

The moment Brad felt his kid brother ease up in his fight, he moved his legs between Glenn’s and wrapped them around his calves. He pinned the kid even more tightly - crushing him harder against him. He rested his head on Glenn’s moisture laden shoulder and whispered into his ear. “Remember all of that fresh cum? The load that was all over Super Star’s face? His chest? Three loads? Yours. Mine. And, his?” For emphasis, he moved his left hand upward and gently stroked it across his brother’s chest. A faint gasp that escaped from Glenn’s lips. He reached farther up. His fingertips caressed the high school senior’s cheeks and then his chin. The voice in his devious mind ordered Glenn, “Ease up, little bro. Loosen up…”

"Yeah … " Glenn said dubiously. “What about it?”

“You remember how we set him up? You pulled him out of his trance right when he was ready to shoot?” Brad asked as his hand drifted downward to that still heaving chest. He brushed his fingers across Glenn’s hardened, dime-sized right nipple. Another gasp of air. A shudder. He grinned. Satisfaction. Control. Being in control. Glenn nodded. He remembered. “And you remember what happened next? You pulled Super Star out of it and he started shooting his load. You ran back up stairs like a good little Twerp.” Brad snickered and teasingly pressed his engorged cock against that firm ass. He dry humped him several deep strokes. Only that thin layer of cloth separating tightly clenched hole from steel hard shaft. Separating victim from invasion. He reached up to slap Glenn’s chest and then released him. Glenn turned around slowly to face him, and waited. Waited for the details. About what happened. Downstairs. In the kitchen. Between his older brother and his! lifelong best friend. "You ran back upstairs. I walked into the kitchen as he came out of his trance. He was blowing his wad all over himself. I caught him in the act. Just like we set it up. It came off perfectly. He came off perfectly. Like it was right out of a movie script. You should have seen the Super Star … He just about pissed all over himself when he turned around and saw me standing there, staring at him. He had gallons of thick cum running down his face. And, splattered all over his chest … " He paused to laugh at the sight that was still vividly emblazoned in his mind.

Glenn felt his cock rising at the thought. “Damn, I wish I had seen that,” he thought silently. “What happened?”

“I told him that I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. There he was - in our house. In our kitchen. Naked. Jerking off. I said that I couldn’t believe what he was doing. I asked him what in the hell he was doing. He just stood there - with his cock in his hand and cum all over his face and chest. He didn’t know what to say. I accused him of jerking off while he was thinking about making it with you,” Brad said with a tight grin. Glenn’s astonished expression was answered with a nod of the head. “I told him that I was gonna come upstairs and get you. I said that you needed to see what kind of a fucking pervert your best friend is. I said that you needed to know that your best friend is a fucking faggot and that he has the hots for you.”

Glenn felt his cock spring to full-blown life underneath the thin cloak of his white cotton boxers. He grinned wickedly. “Oh shit…” He moved to sit on the edge of the bed and waited for more details. “What did he say? What did he do?”

Brad moved across the room and stared out the door toward the staircase. Paul was still downstairs. He could hear the shower running. He turned back to face his kid brother. “He totally freaked. He was begging me not to tell you. He said he didn’t know what was going on; he didn’t know why he was down there, jerking off like that. But, he swore that it wasn’t because of you or me and him being a fag. He started crying,” Brad explained. “I said that he was in no position to be claiming innocence; he was standing there with his hand wrapped around his cock and cum all over his face and chest. I told him not to move. You should have seen him, bro - he was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. I said that I was going upstairs to get you. I said that you needed to know about him. You needed to see what kind of a perverted faggot you have for a best friend. He broke down even more, bro. He was begging me not to tell anybody. He said he would do anything to keep me si! lent. He said he would do anything to keep me from telling you what he had been doing when I walked in.”

Glenn shifted excitedly on the bed. His cock was raging inside his boxers now. He could feel it leaking some pre cum, soaking a spot in that white cotton material. He felt like he would cum at any moment just listening to Brad’s story. “What did you do?”

“He begged, bro. He begged me not to tell you. He said he would do anything,” Brad explained. Another sinister smile spread across his face. “So, I gave him a protein sandwich.”

Glenn gazed up at his older brother with confusion. His eyes ran over Brad’s smoothly shaved chest and abdomen. “Yeah - need to talk him into another shave down. Need to get Paul involved. Somehow,” he thought pensively. "What do you mean, ‘ … a protein … " He glanced downward and studied the large bulge in his brother’s shorts. Suddenly, he realized what Brad was saying. “You made him … You made him eat it?”

Brad nodded. “Yeah, Twerp - that’s exactly what I did. Every last thick, gooey drop,” he said triumphantly. “Bro, you should have seen him. It totally humiliated the shit out of him.”

“I wish I had seen that,” Glenn said hoarsely. He envisioned the sight of his blond, blue-eyed best buddy standing there. Naked. In the kitchen. In front of Brad. Eating his own cum. Eating their cum. That would have been an incredible sight.

“You will see it, bro,” Brad said knowingly. He winked as Glenn’s head shot upward and more questions registered in his eyes.

“How?” Glenn asked in confusion. How could he see something that had already taken place?

“Remember that new security system that Mom and Dad put in before they left on their trip?” Brad asked. He waited. Recognition began to flicker in Glenn’s dark eyes.

“The camera in the kitchen? No way! We got it all on tape?” Glenn shrieked. He had to put a hand over his mouth to control the volume of his voice. “No fucking way!”

Brad grinned sinisterly once again and nodded his confirmation. “Every bit of it, bro.” He reached back and pulled the video tape from the seat of his boxer shorts. "We’ll watch this later … "

After silently staring at the video tape in his older brother’s hand for several moments, Glenn glanced upward into Brad’s eyes. “Now what?”

Brad started walking toward the bathroom. He turned and looked back at his kid brother. “Now - it’s your turn.”

Glenn’s head cocked as he tried to figure out what Brad meant. “My … turn? To…do…what?”

Brad pointed toward the bedroom door. “He should be about done with his shower. I’m sure that he’ll still be really shook up. Now it’s your turn. Hit him while he’s down, Twerp. Hit him again while the humiliation level is still high.”

Glenn stared toward the bedroom door. His throbbing cock jumped and twitched even more. The spot on his shorts was getting larger. Wetter. The precum was really flowing now. “But, how? What do I do?”

“Well, when he comes back upstairs and gets in bed…play like you’re asleep. Let him get settled into bed. Wait a few minutes and then roll over and whisper the magic word.” Brad said as he glanced to the door again. He didn’t hear the water running in the downstairs bathroom any longer. He had to hurry with his instructions. “Put him under. Plant a suggestion. Tell him right before he finishes doing whatever it is that you decide to make him to do - he’ll wake up. Catch him in the act. Or … make him come unglued because he caught himself in the act. Tell him that he will panic. He’ll become terrified that you’ll wake up and catch him. Tell him that he will panic in the fear that you’ll know what he did.” He stared at his kid brother for a few moments and then turned to head through the bathroom to his bedroom. "It’s your turn, Twerp. Remember. Hit him while he’s down … "

Glenn thought about Brad’s suggestion for a moment and then quickly walked across the room to turn out the light. He crawled onto the bed, kicked the sheet to the foot of the mattress, and then laid back, his hands resting under the back of his head. Moments later, Paul walked into the bedroom. He walked carefully. Silently. Trying not to awaken his best friend for the second time. He stopped beside the bed and stared down at his buddy. Glenn’s eyes were shut. He listened. Glenn was breathing deeply. Steadily. Rhythmically. Satisfied that his buddy was sound asleep, he stretched out on the bed. He stared at the ceiling fan as it gently circled round and round and round - swirling the air downward across his freshly showered body. He trembled. Was it the cool air caressing his still shower moist body? Was it aftershocks from the earth shaking jolt he got downstairs? From Brad. In the kitchen. From being forced to eat - that - sandwich. The shudder started ! in his toes and quaked its way to his powerfully muscled baseball player’s thighs. It rose to his slightly sickened gut - sickened, he was sure by the sandwich that Brad had made him eat. That cum sandwich. Brad forced him to eat it. Forced him to eat a cum sandwich. To prove that he wasn’t a fag. “I’m not a fag,” he thought sullenly. The shudder moved higher. It followed his spine. Even those two blond wings on either side of his head trembled as they now lay flat against his temples - still wet from the shower. He glanced sideways and studied his best friend. “Glenn … You awake?” Silence. Deep breathing. “Glenn?” He turned his head and again focused on the ceiling fan. Spinning above them. “Jeez - my mind is spinning just like that right now,” he thought. He lay there, silently watched those blades. Round. And, round. And - round.

The air in Glenn’s bedroom was drawn upward by the ceiling fan and then just as efficiently, pushed in a downward spiral - whirlpooling around the two best friends as they lay side-by-side in the king-size bed. As the current of air wafted across Paul’s freshly showered body. Glenn’s nostrils flared. He smelled chamomile and lavender. He knew immediately that Paul had used the large bottle of liquid bath soap in the downstairs shower. He grinned under his protective cloak of darkness. It seemed appropriate that Paul had used that soap - aside from the fact that it was the only bath soap downstairs: chamomile and lavender - fresh, clean, airy. Chamomile and lavender - for a blond, blue-eyed baseball superstar hunk who was as innocent, as shy, and as modest as they come. The soap. The hunk. Freshness. Innocence. They belonged together. Somehow.

Glenn opened his right eye. Just a crack. Even less. Hardly a sliver. Through that sliver, he studied his best buddy. Paul was lying there. Beside him. On his back. Those blue eyes were wide open. They glistened in the faint light coming through the window across the room. It was weird… Glenn could swear that he could feel his buddy trembling. Still, trying to settle himself from his experience with Brad. Downstairs. In the kitchen. His embarrassment. In the eyes of his best friend’s older brother. Having to prove his straightness by being forced to eat his protein sandwich. Eating it all. In front of Brad. Swallowing it all. In front of Brad. His humiliation. At the hand of Brad. Brad had been in control. Paul had been controlled. That’s what it was all about. Control. He couldn’t believe that he was going to add to that. Add to the embarrassment. Add to that humiliation. Here. In the bedroom. In his bed. Now. He would control. Paul - w! ould be controlled.

Glenn took a deep breath and found himself in a footrace with his nerves. Which would win? His nerves? Or, his desire to follow Brad’s plan through to its climax. He was unsure. He almost giggled at his choice of words in his thoughts. “Climax.” To see what would happen. To possess his best buddy. To take possession of Paul. All at once the race was decided. The checkered flag spun wildly across the finish line.

In a moment of uncontrolled lust, the magic phrase blurted from his barely parted lips. “Grand Slam.”

Glenn felt like his heart was going to stop as he lay there. Waiting. Listening. He held his breath. He wondered if Paul had heard him. Maybe in those last seconds the all-star second baseman had fallen asleep. Maybe he … Finally. Slowly. Glenn raised himself. He propped himself on his right elbow and stared down at his handsome buddy. Paul’s eyes were still open. Yet, they seemed glazed. Glazed - even in the bedroom’s darkness, lit only by the dappled moonlight that trickled through the window. “Can you hear me, Paul?”

"Yes … " Paul said flatly.

Glenn reached down and grabbed his friend’s left wrist, lifted it high, and then released it. Paul’s hand fell limply to his side, bouncing on the mattress. “Do you know who I am?”

“You are my master,” Paul answered readily.

Glenn’s heart skipped a beat. He grinned. “Good. Good, Paul. And what is your sole purpose?” he asked softly.

Paul’s response was even. Matter-of-fact. Readily spoken. “My sole purpose is to please my master.” His answer seemed to roll easily from him. The idea - totally natural to him.

Glenn felt his cock twitch. As he lay there, propped on his elbow and staring down at the blond hunk - naked, except for his dark-blue silk shorts with their silver and gold lightning bolts - he silently began developing his plan. His mind spun in overdrive. However, he knew that he had to take it one step at a time. He continued leading his buddy through the steps. “How will you please your master, Paul?”

“I will obey,” Paul acknowledged evenly.

“Good. Very good, buddy,” Glenn said gently. “It makes you feel good to please your master. It makes you feel special to know that you are obeying your master. Doesn’t it?”

“It feels good to please my master,” Paul acknowledged. “I need to please my master. It feels good.”

Glenn smiled. “Paul - I want you to listen carefully to my instructions.” Glenn stared down at that chest. That incredible chest. Tanned. Muscled. Dark, quarter-sized nipples. That puff of silken blond hair in its very center. Between his perfectly formed pecs. He reached out and ran a finger across his buddy’s abdomen and upward. To that powerful chest. He played with those silken hairs. He watched as seemingly with a mind of its own, his hand moved forward and he grasped Paul’s left nipple between forefinger and thumb. He pinched. He twisted. He pinched a little harder. Even in his hypnotic state, Paul moaned. Another pinch. Another twist. He sucked in air. “Do you remember how you feel about Brad’s smoothly shaved body?”

"Yes … " Paul acknowledged after a moment. "Brad’s body is hot. Turns me on … "

“That’s right. Brad’s body turns you on. His body is hot. You wish that you had a body like Brad’s,” Glenn said as he pinched his buddy’s nipple again - harder. Another sharp intake of air. Another moan. He glanced down and noted that Paul’s cock was starting to come alive beneath the silk fabric. The blond, blue-eyed hunk was getting hard.

“Brad’s body turns me on,” Paul repeated. “I wish I had a body like Brad’s. It’s hot.”

“Just the way that Brad’s body turns you on - you are beginning to find yourself curious about your master’s body. Just as Brad’s smoothly shaved arm pits turn you on - you find my hairy armpits turning you on as well. You are turned on by my chest and my legs. You would love to see me with a hard-on,” Glenn instructed.

That handsome baseball player’s face frowned. It’s innocence, clouded. Confused. “My … My … master’s … body … turns … me … on,” Paul said hesitantly. "I would … " he paused. His subconscious was fighting this. Glenn was his best friend. He loved him. He couldn’t have the hots for him. That was queer. “I…”

Glenn spoke more firmly. “Listen to me, Paul. You - love - your - master’s - body. It makes you hard thinking about it.” He squeezed Paul’s nipple once more. He noted that it had hardened under his manipulations - mounded upward between his thumb and forefinger from that dark pink rosette. He repeated his instruction. “You would love to see your master with a hard-on. You would love to taste your master’s nipples. You would love to taste your master’s lips.”

“I…would … love … to … see … my master with a hard-on,” Paul said as the idea sank more deeply into his mind. “I love my master’s body. I…would … I would love to taste my master.”

Glenn smiled. It was going pretty well. “In fact, you want to see your master with a hard-on so badly that you can no longer resist the temptation. As your master sleeps beside you later tonight, you will not be able to resist reaching over to stroke his chest and stomach. You will not be able to resist the temptation to bury your face in his armpits. Your tongue will take on a quest of its own. To lick. To taste. To explore. You need to suck his nipples.” Another pinch. Another twist. Another gasp. Another moan. Long. Guttural. >From deep within the entranced blonde’s throat. "You don’t understand why but

you want to see your master cum tonight. You cannot fight the need to wrap your hand around your master’s cock. You must jerk him off. You want to make your master cum tonight." He glanced downward. Paul had a raging hard-on now. It had slipped through the open fly of those silk boxers and stood hard, pulsating - a bead of pre cum forming on the bulb! ous head. Glenn understood. His thick cock was rock hard as well. “Do you understand?”

“Yes … I need to make my master cum, tonight.”

"Good, Paul. Very good. But, here’s the thing. There is a problem … " Glenn said with warning.

Paul’s face contorted again. He was confused. Again. He didn’t understand. “A…problem?”

Another pinch. Another twist. Another gasp. Another moan. Glenn’s hand caressed its way across that magnificent chest to Paul’s other nipple. A pinch. A twist. A deeper, more desperate gasp. A more guttural moan. “Yes, Paul. There is a problem. You need to make your master cum tonight. You need to watch your master cum. But - you can’t let your master know that you jerked him off. Your master can’t know that it was you who made him cum all over himself,” Glenn warned. “He wouldn’t understand. He would think that you’re a faggot. He would think the same thing that Brad thought. You can’t let him think that about you. He can’t know that you jerked him off. He can’t know that you made him cum all over himself.”

“I can’t let my master know I made him cum,” Paul said shakily. “He must not know.”

“You must clean him up,” Glenn advised. He noticed that Paul’s forehead glistened with a thin film of moisture. The hunk ballplayer was already starting to panic. He had broken a sweat.

“I must clean him up. He can’t know what I’ve done,” Paul admitted readily.

“That’s right. You must clean up your master,” Glenn repeated. “But - if you use a towel or a T-shirt… Anything like that. You might wake your master while you’re wiping him off. You don’t want to wake him. He can’t know what you’ve done. He wouldn’t understand. He can’t know…”

Paul thought about this for several moments. He shook his head slowly. “I don’t want my master to wake up while I’m cleaning him up. That would be bad. He mustn’t know that I did this.”

“That’s right. That would be very bad,” Glenn said. “It would be humiliating if your master - your best friend - woke up and caught you jerking him off or if he caught you wiping it up after you made him cum.”

“Humiliating,” Paul repeated. Glenn felt his buddy shudder underneath his touch as his subconscious focused on the humiliation. “That would be…really…bad…”

“But, what can you do? If you can’t wipe it up with a towel or anything - what can you do?” Glenn asked. “You’re beginning to panic even more now. What if your master wakes up while you are trying to figure this out? What if he wakes up and discovers himself naked and that he is covered in cum? He’ll know that it was you. He’ll know that you did this to him. You have to do something - but - what? What are you gonna do?”

“What can I do?” Paul asked almost pleadingly. More sweat broke out on his forehead and trickled down the side of his face. The implanted panic idea was becoming very effective. It toyed viciously with the blond, blue-eyed second baseman’s mind. “Oh, jeez - what am I gonna do? I can’t let my master know that I did this. I can’t let him think I’m a faggot.”

“There is only one thing that you can do, Paul. There - is - only - one - thing - you - can - do - to - keep - from - waking - your - master while you clean up the mess that you have made. Only one thing, Paul. Eat the evidence. You must eat the evidence, Paul,” Glenn said firmly. “You must lean over and lick up every last drop of his cum. It is the only thing that you can do, Paul. You must eat the evidence.”

Paul thought about this idea for several moments. Even in its entranced state, it raced through alternatives. There were none. At least, none that it could grasp. He grimaced at the thought. He couldn’t do that. Could he? But, he couldn’t let his master catch him cleaning him with a towel. He gave in to the idea. Grudgingly - but, he gave in. He nodded. “I… I must eat the evidence.”

“It’s the only way, Paul. It is humiliating. It is embarrassing. But it is the only way,” Glenn said strongly. He waited. His handsome best buddy hesitated. He pinched that dark, quarter-sized nipple between his thumb and forefinger once more. Another gasp. Another moan. “It is the ONLY way, Paul. You must eat the evidence. It is the only way.”

“I must eat the evidence,” the second baseman acknowledged. “It is the … It is the only way.”

“One more thing, Paul,” Glenn said before he pulled his friend out of his trance. “Even though it is embarrassing and humiliating … Even though you don’t understand why you have jerked off your master … Your best friend … Even though you don’t understand why you so readily bent down and licked it up to keep your best friend from knowing what you have done - it turns you on tremendously. Feeling your master’s body turns you on. Running your tongue over your master’s body turns you on. It makes you hot knowing that you have done this to your master - without his knowledge. You jerked him off. You made him cum. That is so hot. It makes you so horny. Before you can go to sleep, you will have to jerk off also. But you have the same dilemma. What do you do with your cum when you finish?”

Paul thought about this for several moments. He shook his head doubtfully. More sweat rolled down his handsome face as he fought internally with these new feelings that were erupting inside him. “I… I will have to eat the evidence?” His nose crinkled as he asked for the verification.

Glenn smiled. “Yes!” the voice in his brain screamed. “Exactly, buddy. You must eat your own cum after your finish jerking off. You don’t want your best buddy catching you, do you? It would be humiliating if he caught you.”

“No, I can’t be caught,” Paul said adamantly. “That would be humiliating. I have to eat my cum before he catches me.”

“It is the only way, Paul. You must eat it,” Glenn instructed firmly.

“I must eat it,” Paul repeated. “It’s the only way.”

Paul lay on the bed beside his best buddy. He stared at the ceiling fan - watching the blades as they circled round and round and round … He kept seeing Brad’s smoothly shaved body in his mind’s eye. He hardly even realized that his tongue snaked its way through his lips. Licking them. Moistening them. He glanced to his left and studied his best buddy. Glenn lay with his hands up behind his head. His eyes were closed. His face content. Relaxed. The gentle rhythm of breathing. His chest rose. His chest fell. It rose. It fell. It…

“Glenn,” Paul whispered almost inaudibly. He raised himself on an elbow and stared down at his boyishly cute buddy. “Glenn - you awake?” he asked again. Again, hardly audible. No response. Silence, except for the gentle sound of Glenn’s breathing. And, the fan blades overhead. His eyes focused on Glenn’s dark hair, mussed now in his sleep. His gaze lowered to those dark eyes, covered now in sleep by their protective lids. Paul smiled faintly. He had never realized that his buddy had a smidgen of freckles dotting his smooth cheeks. He glanced at the eighteen-year-old’s lips. He smirked in amusement. They were relaxed. Slightly parted. Almost … sensuous.

Paul adjusted himself higher on the bed and next studied Glenn’s chest. He didn’t work out much but seemed to have a good build. In fact, the baseball player doubted that Glenn worked out at all except for those times when he dragged him with him to the weight room at the school. They swam a lot. Rather, Paul swam. Like a shark. Every chance that he got. Glenn, he recalled - usually got one of the floating chaise lounges and a glass of iced tea. He looked more closely. His buddy was getting a ring of chest hairs around each of his dime-sized nipples. It was dark - like the hair atop his head. A thin layer spread up and outward from between his pecs. Not thick - but becoming more evident. Probably more so because of the darkness of their color than their numbers. He glanced back upward briefly. He studied Glenn’s arm pit. It was shadowed with a thick layer of that same dark hair. Unconsciously, he licked his lips. His eyes moved downward across Glenn’s flat ! belly - not six-packed like his own but firm…. Almost guiltily, he glanced farther down. He studied the front of Glenn’s shorts. A nice sized bulge. Even relaxed, he knew there was a monster hiding within. Waiting. Waiting to engulf itself with a lustful rage. Waiting to pounce. Waiting to lunge. Waiting to erupt. He had seen his buddy naked many times when they changed for gym class. Or, to go swimming. Or, coming out of the showers. He hadn’t paid much attention. No more than any other straight guy would. Checking out the competition. That was all. He had seen Glenn. He was hung pretty good. Not like Brad. Brad was huge. Not like him. He was pretty damned big - if he could say so himself. Another subconscious lick from his tongue across his lips. He reached down. He wondered, “Why do I have a bone?”

Paul shifted his gaze back upward. He watched as his hand inched out. He touched Glenn’s warm skin. Smooth. Electric. Sensual. It burned with an internal heat uncooled under the breeze from the fan above. He held back. He waited. His eyes focused on Glenn’s. His buddy’s lids remained closed. His breathing - rhythmic. His finger caressed its way over Glenn’s right nipple. He jerked his hand away in response to his friend’s slight movement. Reaction to being touched in such a sensitive area. He watched. He waited. He reached out again. First one nipple. Then the other. He played with the chest hairs. He grinned. His cock got even harder.

He studied his friends boyish face. He wasn’t sure what was happening in his head right now. He didn’t understand the knot in the pit of his stomach. The handsome, blond, blue-eyed baseball player leaned forward and sniffed at Glenn’s arm pit. The silken hairs tickled his nose. The aroma was faint. Not soap clean. Not an unbearable odor. It was … Glenn. That was it - Glenn scent. His tongue darted out and danced briefly in that silken forest. He leaned back and glanced up at his friend’s face. Still, relaxed. Still, asleep. He bent down once more. His tongue dug more deeply. It met skin at the base of those dark hairs. He licked. His lips parted more widely and he sank his mouth tightly against his buddy’s pit. His tongue went wild in its voracious hunger to taste. To explore. To savor that scent. Glenn’s scent.

As his tongue and his mouth continued their exploration of that deeply furred valley, Paul’s hand traveled over his buddy’s chest. Fingers surveyed the ditch between pecs. Fingers gently pinched and twisted and rolled first one nipple and then the other. And then downward. His hand moved along the line of Glenn’s stomach until his forefinger encountered the indentation of his buddy’s navel. It darted in. Gently. Teasingly. Lovingly. Fingers pirouetted in the trail of hair from navel to top of boxers. Gently pulling. Gently tugging. Playing.

Rustling. A noise. Paul’s head shot upward. First he glanced toward the computer. Nothing. Next, the bedroom door. Shut. Nothing. He glanced toward the bathroom door. It was cracked open slightly. Darkness shone from beyond. He breathed a sigh. It wasn’t Brad. How would he have explained this - after what happened earlier? Downstairs. In the kitchen. In front of Brad. His stomach tightened as he recalled that sandwich. He glanced down at his sleeping best buddy. He leaned in, wondering, “Why am doing this?” His lips. Glenn’s lips. Meeting. Gently. Touching. Caressing. His tongue slipped from his lips. His tongue teased his best buddy’s lips. His tongue. Inside his best buddy’s mouth. His hand traveled downward once more. Nipples. Chest. Belly. Navel. Hair trail. The front of those shorts. Glenn’s hardness beneath the flimsy material. His head moved downward. His tongue flicked its way down Glenn’s neck. Across his chest. Leaving a moi! st trail. Like a snail’s path across a patio in the early morning hours. His lips parted. He sucked his best buddy’s nipple inside his mouth. His tongue explored. His teeth nipped.

Glenn lay with his hands resting behind his head. It was all that he could do to keep from moaning aloud as he felt his best friend’s mouth clamp down on his right nipple. The handsome blond began to suck. He chewed gently. After having left his armpit dripping with his spit. “I can’t believe he gave my pit a tongue bath …” he moaned silently to himself. He almost gasped as Paul’s hand slipped inside his shorts. It found its prey and wrapped itself firmly around the shaft. Massaging fingers slowly moved upward. Down. Upward again. And, down. Along the full length of the thick shaft. His mind raced, “When did he get my shorts down around my knees? Oh, jeez that feels great …” Glenn felt his nuts boiling already. He couldn’t believe how easily he had been able to implant these new commands into his best friend. He thought, “It’s working like a charm. Oh, jeez… That feels good. I can make him do…anything… Jeez, that feels good.”

Paul stopped chewing on Glenn’s nipple looked down at the throbbing prick just inches from his face. Pre cum oozed from the massive head. He watched as his thumb spread the thick lube over the pulsing bulb and down along the shaft. Squishing sounds filled the room with each upward and downward stroke along his best buddy’s thick cock. “I wonder what it would be like to see him cum. I bet he can shoot like crazy. Jeez, why am I thinking about that?” he questioned himself silently.

Glenn felt his breath catching in his throat with each stroke. He was close. He was getting very close. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

Paul shook his head groggily. His eyes blinked several times as they tried to clear themselves. He focused on his hand. His hand wrapped around his best friend’s cock. He glanced upward. Glenn’s eyes were shut. He was sound asleep. He shifted his gaze back down to his stroking hand. That long, thick, burning piece of meat firmly grasped. The fog evaporated just as the first thick wad of cum shot from Glenn’s raging hard cock and splattered across his chest and stomach.

“Shit! Shit, shit!” the handsome blond baseball player whispered. His hand kept stroking. Pumping. Milking every last drop of cum from his best friend’s heavy nuts. “Shit! Oh shit! What the … What am I gonna,” he jumped up from the bed and stood staring down at his best friend. Glenn’s chest and stomach glistened with pools of fresh cum ponding in the curves and valleys of his pecs and his abdomen, his navel. His cock. His thick cock spasmed gently as it came down from its orgasmic eruption. Paul reached up and brushed his blond back from his piercing blue eyes. He glanced around the room. "Shit. What do I do now? I can’t let him wake up and think that I did that … Shit! He’ll think just like Brad. He’ll think I’m a fag … "

Realizing that he needed to get Glenn cleaned up, Paul took two steps toward the bathroom to grab a towel. He stopped. He looked back. Sweat was pouring down his face as his panic continued to rise. “No. Can’t do that. You stupid nimrod. You might wake him up,” he whispered. He glanced toward the chair at the computer desk. His T-shirt hung from the back rest. He stepped over to the chair, lifted his shirt, glanced at his friend. His mind screamed, “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! If a towel would wake him up - what in the hell would my damn T-shirt do …” He retraced his steps and sat on the edge of the bed beside his best friend. His naked best friend. His naked best friend that he had just jerked off. His naked best friend - covered in cum. He stared upward and studied Glenn’s boyishly cute face. His eyes made a nervous path downward. Glenn’s chest rose and fell with the breathing of sleep. Sleep - combined with sexual gratification. Gratification that ! had come from Paul’s own hand. Gratification that Glenn didn’t even know about. He silently reminded himself, “He can’t know I did that. He can’t catch me. He’ll think that I’m a fag. Brad thinks I’m a fag. I’m not a fag!”

“Shit! What the hell’s wrong with me tonight,” the blond, blue-eyed ball player asked as he considered what to do. He stared at the pools of thick juice that glimmered on his buddy’s chest and abdomen. He nodded vaguely. “I know what I have to do,” he said confidently. He leaned forward. His tongue snaked from his open lips. He mumbled again. “Shit!” Tongue touched skin. Tongue licked at the first pool of thick cum on his best buddy’s chest. He crawled onto the bed. On all fours. Like a dog. Straddling his buddy’s body. He licked. He swallowed. He licked again. He swallowed again. He glanced up. Glenn’s face was contorted in slight spasms of pleasure. “It’s only natural. A tongue would do that,” he assured himself silently. He licked again - a long thread of Glenn’s thick juice ribboned downward from his mouth to his buddy’s abdomen. He swallowed.

Paul sat back and studied his best friend’s clean body. Tongue clean. His tongue swept across his lips. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He shook his head in disbelief as he reached up to push his blond hair from his blue eyes. He leaned over and grabbed the waist of his buddy’s boxer shorts to move them back into place. “Gently. I can’t wake him. He can’t catch me. He’d never understand,” he silently urged himself on. He glanced upward. Glenn remained motionless. Eyes closed in satisfied sleep. Breathing - deep. Rhythmic. Steady. He glanced down at his buddy’s now flaccid cock.

“Shit! Now what? Oh shit!” he whispered in new panic. A pool of cum had formed below the bulb of Glenn’s cock. A thick string still lingered from cock to abdomen. His buddy’s shaft glistened with moisture. He had forgotten that he had spread a thick layer of pre cum and orgasmic juices along the shaft as he continued jerking his best buddy. “Shit!” He glanced upward once more. Sleep. Rhythmic breathing. "Don’t wake up now, buddy. Please don’t wake up now … " he whispered as he reached out to grasp Glenn’s cock. He held it away from his buddy’s body. He leaned forward. Lips parted. “Please don’t wake up now, buddy. Please - not now.” The full length of that now soft but still large cock slid inside his mouth. “Jeez - I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’ve got a hard-on,” he thought as he reached down with his free hand and stroked his own thick, throbbing piece of meat. He sucked. His tongue bathed the shaft and head. Cleaning. Eat th! e evidence. He swallowed. It’s the only thing to do. He didn’t even realize that his buddy’s shaft was expanding. Thickening. Growing. He didn’t realize that the sucking and licking that he was doing in his efforts to clean his best buddy was prodding another reaction. Another unwelcome surprise. Unwelcome? Well, at least unexpected. Another eruption. An eruption that this time would shower the inside of his mouth. His throat. His gut. Next to that sandwich. The one that Brad made him eat. Downstairs. Naked. In the kitchen.

Glenn opened his eyes slightly. He stared downward. His mind exploded with realization, “Holy shit! He’s sucking my cock. He’s sucking my cock so I don’t catch him.” His eyes slammed shut as the first wad of his second orgasm in minutes splashed against the back of his best buddy’s mouth. And again. And, again. The thick cream boiled its way past Paul’s tonsils and rivered down his throat.

Brad smiled as he reached down and stroked his own raging hard cock. "Yeah, Super Star. You belong to me now. And the little red light from the video camera perched in the crack of the bathroom door blinked. Blinked. Blinked.

To be continued?

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