Being Neighbourly

By suitedservice
published August 7, 2020
3947 words

A couple moves into an apartment building with some very influential neighbours.

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Dave and Mark had been living together for three months - just long enough for their new apartment to really start to feel like it was their own. They had painted, decorated, and figured out where everything was going to be kept. Having both come from bad situations in their previous apartments, they were relieved to be together in their own little space. The building itself, a very old, five story stone mid-rise just outside of downtown’s core. A fun, eccentric, yet quaint part of town. A perfect place for these two alternative, creative gay boys to live.

Mark, a regularly booked DJ in local nightlife, had a hard time getting things done during the day, as he was usually tired and hungover whenever the sun was up. Dave was also often out late, as his schedule as a graphic designer for local gig posters was pretty loose. He was pretty content to take the reigns on the apartment’s set-up and decoration, because it gave him another project to work on. He loves projects and getting things done, though his laziness can often override that drive. Either way, things were chill and the couple was getting along great, though you could probably learn that from how healthy and active their sex life was. Mark loves nothing more than sliding on his leather jacket and boots to really remind Dave that he’s his bottom for life, which Dave was gleefully more than happy to submit to. Even though publicly they were seen as equal members of their community, behind closed doors Dave was thanking Mark for letting him lick his boots clean. But when you think about it, this was probably the case for many couples in their local queer community.

On a warm early autumn afternoon, as Mark was bringing some trash and recycling to the bins out back, he was stopped by a buff guy around his age, with a buzzcut and a t-shirt with a logo he didn’t really recognize, but probably had to do with the military.

“Hey man! Do you live here? Haven’t seen ya around. Name’s Owen. Welcome!”, he said kindly. His voice was probably audible from everyone on the first floor, it was just so deep and strong.

“Oh yeah- hey! Thanks. Haven’t really met anyone yet”, Mark responded with an equally friendly and laid-back tone.

“That’s not good, it’s important to have neighbours. The landlords are kind of sketchy and sometimes the building acts up in bad weather. Here’s my number, reach out if you need anything, anytime.” He flashed a charming smile and pulled out his phone. The two exchanged information and retreated inside to their own units.

Over the following months as the world chilled into winter, Mark and Owen stayed in contact and got closer. They both smoked cigarettes so would meet out back for quick chats once a day or so. Mark even learned that Owen was also gay, and had a boyfriend of his own that he lived with. Dave didn’t mind at all, hell, he wasn’t even home half the time, instead he was constantly going out to get piss drunk on beers at the local dive with buddies. The outright strength and confidence that Owen emitted inspired Mark, and this inspiration made itself evident in his and Dave’s bondage sessions. He loved feeling so strong and masculine, like he deserved it.


A few months passed and the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving Mark and Dave shacked up together in their apartment day in and day out. After a while, the government announced they would be allowing households to merge with one other to form a bubble. After hearing this, Mark suggested they merge with Owen and his boyfriend who just live upstairs. It would be convenient and just made the most sense logistically. Dave didn’t object, he couldn’t even think of a household he’d want to merge with anyways. He hadn’t spoken to almost any of his party friends from before bars closed, and was quickly realizing maybe they weren’t more in his life than just fun people he liked to do shots and dance and make-out with. “Sure, yeah, whatever”, he grumbled, “it’ll be fun to have someone new to smoke weed with”. Mark opened his mouth to mention that he didn’t expect that was really something those guys are into, but he just shrugged it off not wanting to assume based on initial appearances.

Days later, the dishes had piled up so much that there weren’t any bowls left in the cupboard. As he turned on the water to wash some, Mark noticed they were basically out of dish soap. “Hey babe!”, he called out, “can you do me a quick favour?”. “Sure babe”, Dave said as he shuffled into the room in his favourite sweatpants and Dracula t-shirt.

“Can you run upstairs and see if Owen has some dish soap we can use until we get groceries this week?”

“Yeah I can do that, what unit?”


“Totally, you got it”

Dave slid on the flip-flops they keep at the door for when they need to run out quickly for smokes, grab their DoorDash order from the lobby, etc.

It didn’t take too long to find the apartment, as each floor in their building was laid out the same. He hoped he had remembered the number right in the fog his brain was in that day. Realizing that even if someone answered the door, he still wouldn’t know if it was the right place, as he didn’t really know what either guy looked like. He knocked anyways. After not too long of a wait, the door opened, revealing a tall young guy with one of those haircuts that are bald on the sides with short hair on top, a clean pink shirt, yellow tie, and ironed khaki pants. Whoa, that’s a lot of effort for just sitting at home, but whatever floats your boat, man Mark thought to himself.

“Why hello there! How can I help you?” The boy said with a warm, inviting smile.

“Hey, I live a couple floors down with Mark, I think he knows your boyfriend? We were just wondering if you had any spare dish soap we could borrow.”

“Oh yes - Dave! I’ve heard all about you. My name is Peter. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, won’t you come in?”

Dave stepped inside, mostly trying to ignore how weird it was that this guy knew all about him despite them never having met before.

The apartment was immaculately designed and kept, to an almost creepy degree. Not a speck of dust in sight. It was wild to be in a unit that had the same structure as his own, but was unrecognizably different in decor and upkeep. White walls, with framed paintings of landscapes and vintage photographs. Simple side tables with tulips in vases. Even the coasters on the coffee table were aligned perfectly straight. The air in the room was fresh with lemon scent and disinfectant, it just about cleared his sinuses, leaving him able to take bigger deep breaths without even noticing.

“Nice place you got here”, he mumbled.

“Why thank you!” Peter gleefully responded, “I do try my best.”

“You take care of all of it yourself?!”

“Of course, silly! Who else would? Oh, here we are, a spare bottle of Dawn. Does that work?”

“Oh, yeah, totally. Thanks, man. I’ll see ya around.”

“Excellent! Have a wonderful afternoon”, said Peter as he gently closed the door behind Dave.

Upon arriving back to his own apartment, Dave handed the soap to his boyfriend and described his experience upstairs.

“Yeah, that sounds about right”, replied Mark, “from what I hear, Owen runs a tight ship in most areas of his life. They sound quite happy, though. Good for them.”

“For sure”, replied Dave.


As the coming weeks passed, Mark and Dave saw Owen and Peter around the building more often. Mark regularly went upstairs to meet with Owen, never really revealing what they do together, so Dave just assumed they drank beers and hung out like any guys like to do. The invitation started being opened to Dave to join, but he didn’t really have much in common with the couple, and would rather just stay downstairs with his bong and video games.

After a few occasions of Dave turning down the offer, Mark mentioned “you know babe, you should be more open to these guys. They’re just trying to offer some friendship while we’re not able to hangout with our other friends. They’re nice guys!”

“I guess you’re right, I’m sure we can find some common interests somewhere.”

“I’m glad you think so, because I already accepted on your behalf. Peter was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie, Dracula I think?”

“Oh sick! I do love that movie, what a niche common ground. Yeah, I can get down with that.”

“Awesome babe, glad to hear it.”

Dave once again ventured up to the fourth floor, knocked on the door, and was fairly quickly greeted by Peter - this time, in a blue Oxford shirt with a red striped tie, tucked into white shorts wrapped in a brown leather braided belt.

“Welcome! I am so pleased you decided to join me. Come on in.”

Dave was met once again with the same fresh air, so clean and disinfected that it momentarily burned his nostrils but allowed him to breathe even more than before. On the TV was an old sitcom, with a young guy he guess was a university student in a meeting with an older professor type, discussing grades and behaviour and whatnot.

”I’m just wrapping up watching some shows I like, come have a seat!”

The two boys settled onto the couch and Peter handed Owen a glass of water. The show was clearly dated, with comedy now considered mostly cliche and everyone acted in ways people don’t anymore. Such is the case with most vintage media. Geez, people really have changed since then, Dave thought to himself, unsure if he knew if it was for better or worse. He was pretty invested already though. Probably shouldn’t have taken a bong hit RIGHT before coming up here, whoops.

The show ended with a campy song as the credits rolled by, and the boys continued watching. The episode automatically rolled over to the next one, and still they sat, just enjoying the show. An hour passed and they had watched almost five full episodes. Mark didn’t even think about how he came here to watch Dracula, he was just stoned and happy to be entertained by this wholesome old show.

As the clock rolled to 6, Peter exclaimed that the time had gotten away from him, and he needed to start dinner to be ready for Owen’s return from his daily workout in the park. He invited Dave to stay, but he declined, saying he should get back to some work of his own (which was a lie, he just didn’t want to intrude, and Owen kind of intimidated him). He soon retreated home.

The following morning, Mark woke up in bed alone. He could hear Dave in the living room typing away on his laptop. Sleepily creeping out to the area, he yawned and said good morning to his boyfriend. After a double take, he realized Dave looked quite nice. But why was he wearing the pants of his suit from the wedding they went to last summer? And that maroon dress shirt from back when he tried getting a “real job” after graduating?

“Oh, yeah, I had a few things to get done today so I thought this might help keep me up and on the go”, Dave explained.

“Well it certainly seems to be helping. And you look great too.”

This change in clothes didn’t last long though, as by the next morning, Dave was back to dressing as he usually does. Mark found this to be sort of disappointing, he really did like how he looked that day.

That following weekend, Mark informed Dave they had been invited upstairs to have dinner with Owen and Peter. It had been months at this point since they’d had any form of a social gathering, so Dave agreed to join. At 7PM they headed upstairs, wondering what was being cooked for them tonight. They even brought a bottle of wine to share with their friends. Upon arrival, they quickly realized how underdressed they were, as Owen was sporting a grey double-breasted suit and open black shirt, with Peter dressed in black pants, a white shirt, with a pale blue bowtie tied perkily around his collar. The couple didn’t seem to mind the obvious difference in presentation, it was not mentioned, they were just happy to see their guests.

The evening was off to a great start, as they sat and chatted and enjoyed being with company. Owen, Dave, and Mark opened the bottle of wine as they sat on the plush couches, while Peter chimed in to the conversation occasionally from the open-concept kitchen, where he was preparing the steak dinner, wearing a white apron. As dinner was served, the four men sat to the dining table, where they continued conversation. Occasionally they ran into some differences, as Mark and Dave didn’t always see eye-to-eye with some of the values expressed by the other two. Things that had to do with respectability politics, traditional living, etc. These moments would get a little awkward but Owen and Peter were incredible conversationalists, and could breeze past those moments with ease.

As they were finishing up, Mark reached across the table to pick up the salt shaker, accidentally knocking Dave’s wine glass over in the process. It spilled onto him, a big wet red stain on his grey t-shirt and crotch of his jeans. “Shit!”, Dave exclaimed. Owen was quick to interject “Not to worry! We have an excellent stain remover formula. Your clothes will be just fine. In the meantime, I’m sure we have something to change into”.

“That’s very nice of you, but don’t worry, I can just run downstairs and change.”

“Nonsense!”, Owen quipped, “You shouldn’t have to walk around like that. Peter, why don’t you find something for David to change into.”

“Of course! Follow me.” He excused himself from the table and brought Dave to the bedroom, which had a large antique armoire. To nobody’s surprise, he opened it up to reveal an array of pastel dress shirts, all arranged by colour. There was a handful of suits in their respective garment bags hung up in a row, with some hooks on the doors dripping with untied satin ties of every colour and pattern you could imagine. Peter shuffled through some options and gently laid an outfit on the bed. It was not Dave’s style in the slightest, but he graciously agreed, and was left alone in the room to change.

Moments later, as the men had retreated to sitting back on the sofa, Dave emerged wearing khaki coloured pants and a white dress shirt, open at the top with the sleeves rolled up. There was an immediate approving reaction amongst the trio to seeing him like this. It made Dave feel kind of on-the-spot and awkward, but he also liked the positive attention. Peter leaped up and exclaimed “My! Don’t you look marvellous. Really a good look for you.”

“Thanks man, it’s definitely out of the ordinary for me, I appreciate you helping me out. What should I do with my stained clothes-?”

“Just a couple tweaks needed and you’ll be good to go”, Peter said as he approached Dave.

“No really, I’m fine thank you. I..”

But Peter did not listen, he started unrolling Dave’s sleeves for him and fastening the cuffs properly. As he did so, Dave continued to be assertive about rejecting his help, but he did not physically try to stop him, he didn’t want to be rude - Peter was just trying to help.

As this exchange went down, Mark and Owen sat back comfortably on the couch, watching. Owen handed Mark a thick cigar to go with his drink, and the two lit them up and enjoyed the sight of their two boyfriends awkwardly being finicky about Dave’s dressing. The enjoyed it so much, in fact, that they took out their hard dicks and slowly touched themselves at the sight.

By this point, Peter had fixed Dave’s sleeve situation and slid a black leather belt around his waist, fastened tightly. He worked his way to the shirt’s buttons, doing up each one slowly rising towards Dave’s neck. The shirt got tighter and tighter around his somewhat fit body, and he was becoming more and more covered in its clean white fabric.

“Please, no really, I’m fine…I…know…really…I…I…I…” Peter finally did up the top button on the white shirt and Dave was stuck in his words. “I…….I……” he droned on in a state of mindlessness. He couldn’t think straight anymore. He just stood there. Quietly. Letting it happen. Peter smiled, knowing he was following orders precisely as he had been given them. He enjoyed watching another boy experience what happened to him a few years back. He knew the feeling well.

Dave continued to stand silently, staring into space. Owen and Mark sat back enjoying the sight, seeing the boy improve with every garment fix. Peter reached into Dave’s khaki pants pocket and pulled out a pink bowtie. Standing behind him, he popped up Dave’s collar, and started wrapping the bowtie around his neck. Dave’s breathing started to get more intense. Just as Peter was able to get the knot tied into a perfect bow, Dave let out an intense gasp, like he had just learned the most shocking news of his life. This gasp ended with the slow creeping of a smile on his face. He was blissed out, reaching up and started rubbing along his chest to feel the immaculate cleanliness of his crisp shirt, the row of buttons he wasn’t used to feeling along his front, and of course the silky bowtie right up at his neck. He smiled and rubbed himself all over, still staring blankly.

“Just one last little detail” Peter said to himself, as he retreated to the bedroom and came back with a knit purple sweater, which he ceremoniously wrapped around Dave’s shoulders and tied it into a simple slack knot in front. As the tying was finished, Dave returned to consciousness. He blinked, and looked around at his friends and boyfriend.

“Gee, I can’t tell which is better! How I look or how I feel!” He chirped happily.

“That’s right, boy. Exactly right.” Mark smirked, and looked over at Owen. “You were right, this was fool-proof. Incredible job.”

Dave didn’t know what Mark was talking about, he was just simply happy to see him pleased.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch, as conversation continued with no disagreeing. In fact, they had quite a lot in common when it came to overall values.

It started getting late, and they said their goodbyes for now. Dave didn’t even ask for his old clothes back, but it didn’t matter, they were already in the garbage covered in that night’s food waste.

Dave and Mark entered their own apartment and flicked on the lights. It was quite a change of scenery from where they spent their evening upstairs. “Those guys are great”, said Dave, “really excellent people”. Mark agreed with him and went to the living room. He went into his briefcase and pulled out a small black velvet jewellery box. “What’s that?”, asked Dave.

“Oh, just something I got from Owen a while back as a welcome to the building.”

“How nice! May I see?”

“Yeah, come here now.”

Mark opened the case and picked up what was inside. A pen. A big, thick black and gold pen, the kind lawyers are gifted when they graduate from school and enter the workforce. It was very classy, and even had Mark’s initials monogrammed into the side in beautiful cursive.

“What a generous gift! It’s beautiful”, said Dave.

“Sure is. Now look at me”, Mark said kind of quietly. Just as Dave glanced up at him, Mark twisted the end of the pen, and suddenly it was emitting a noise so high pitched you would think it could only be heard by dogs. It threw Dave off, as he instantly felt it ring through every nook and cranny of his brain, cleaning it out like a cotton swab. He moaned, with his eyes rolling to the back of his head, and his jaw fell open, completely slack. This lasted for a couple seconds, and he returned to form. But he was different this time. He looked straight ahead with purpose, his back rigidly straightened to the proudest stance, and he flashed a bright, happy grin. His hands snapped together, folded pleasantly in front of him.

“How may I help you, Sir?” He earnestly said in a clear, proper voice, never looking away from the point in the distance.

“Excellent…”, Mark whispered to himself.

“Now, David, it is time to listen to me. You enjoy how you’re feeling right now. You love it so intensely that you need to remain this way. You can’t help but make sure you remain like this at all times. You feel pleasure when you are proper and obedient, and anything other than that will cause feelings of despair until you fix it. Is that understood?”

“Understood, Sir!”

“Good boy. Now, I just want to relax. You will be catering to me so that I can feel as leisurely as possible. This will be a priority every night. Now, get to it.” He kissed David on the cheek and went to sit down.

“It would be my pleasure!” Beamed David. He hopped to it immediately, fixing a cocktail and some snacks in the kitchen, and presented it to his boyfriend.

“Very nice job. I’d like to put my feet up now.”

Without a thought, David dropped to his hands and knees in front of Mark, arched his back and looked straight ahead. Mark propped up his feet and let out a satisfied sigh, mumbling to himself “I could get used to this”.

“Also, please do remind me to thank our wonderful neighbours for guiding me”, said David, “I am thankful to be an improved good boy!”

“Hmm…remembering tasks sounds like your work, boy”.

“You are right, Sir! I will remember, serve and obey.” He was still smiling.

“Good boy. Tomorrow we’ll also be doing something about that hair.”

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