My Boyfriend is a Bastard

By Baralai
published July 9, 2015
7750 words

Dale wants couples counseling to confront his out of control boyfriend

“Do we have to go through this?” asked Dale sitting on the couch.

Dr. Lawrence looked at the man sitting in his therapy room. The man was at least 6’3” broad shouldered and well muscled. He was clean cut and a nice button down shirt and khaki pants that were neatly pressed. The thought that the man had issues confronting anyone seemed silly, but that was part of the reason he was in treatment. Apparently Dale had reported that his boyfriend had been overly controlling in the relationship and didn’t respect Dale’s values and wants. Dr. Lawrence had been role playing and building Dale’s skills and confidence so he could confront his boyfriend and communicate his wants.

“Now Dale, you’ve been preparing for this,” Dr. Lawrence said with a voice full of compassion. “It won’t be easy but you stated you wanted to set boundaries with your boyfriend.”

“Its just,” Dale paused looking nervous, “It’s just that he always seems to have issues with boundaries. He never respects them or what I have to say. He keeps making me do thing I don’t want to do.”

“Now now Dale, you’re in control of your own actions. It won’t be that bad. I’ll be with you through the whole process.”

“That helps a lot. I’m worried he will get me to do things I don’t want to do like he always does. Please make sure he doesn’t manipulate me okay,” Dale said with a look of pleading in his eyes.

“I’ll reflect back what I see occurring, that is part of the process. Just state what you want clearly. And remember this is an ongoing talk. We’ll use the information gathered today to build new strategies.”

“Okay let’s bring him in,” Dale said finally.

Dale’s psychiatrist stood up and opened the door to let Morgan in. Morgan was much smaller than Dale and a lot skinnier. He would probably what would be defined in gay culture as a twink, but his muscle tone was much more defined. He was very young. His hair was blonde with bleach highlights and was overly styled to look messy. He wore a loose neon green sleeveless shirt with black wording. The shirt had large word going down the shirt: Sexy, Lustful, Unabashed, Tart. Dr. Lawrence noted that the first letters were exaggerated to emphasize that they spelled out SLUT. The shorts he were wearing seemed to be intentionally lowered in the back to show off the large shapely ass and the elastic band of a jockstrap that had BOY CRAZY spelled out on it.

Dr. Lawrence knew that Dale has said that his boyfriend was a little out of control but he started to question if a diagnosis of bipolar might be warranted.

“Hey sexy,” Morgan said leaning in to kiss his boyfriend and then grope Dale’s groin. This was not a typical kiss since Morgan didn’t seem to just give a kiss but seemed to want to make out. His hand never seemed to stop trying to stimulate Dale’s bulge.

“Morgan,” Dale complained pushing his boyfriend off of his. “I told you we’re here for a couples session, not for sex.

“Why can’t we do both?” Morgan asked.

“Morgan behave,” Dale said.

“What? It is just hard to keep my hands off your sexy body. You should see his body without all those boring clothes doc. He is one sexy beast,” Morgan said bouncing into his seat on the couch next to Dale.

“And you know why you are here, correct Morgan,” Dr. Lawrence asked. He was evaluating Morgan. He had assumed Dale had been exaggerating, but it appeared the lewd behaviors and disrespect of boundaries from Dale’s stories were accurate.

“Yeah yeah, Dale is here because he is too much of a prude. Or at least he thinks he is. He just can’t accept himself for being a slut,” Morgan said starting to rub the chest of an uneasy looking Dale.

“I told you I don’t like being called a slut,” Dale said. “I’m not a slut.”

“Oh please,” Morgan said rolling his eyes. He turned and looked at Dr. Lawrence. “I mean this guy is a total slut for cock,” Morgan said. He started to stroke Dale’s hip rubbing his hand back and forth inching closer to Dale bulge.

“Now Morgan, I believe Dale has told you he doesn’t like being called a slut,” Dr. Lawrence said. He noticed that Dale was looking increasingly uncomfortable.

“What? That is total BS,” Morgan said giving a short laugh. “I mean like he is a total slut. Its not like being a slut is a bad thing. I’m a total slut myself and I love it.”

“But Dale is telling you not to call him a slut. That is what he is trying to communicate to you. You may enjoy calling yourself a slut but that doesn’t mean that he does. Can’t you hear what he is trying to communicate?”

“Communicate?” Morgan said. “He’s always communicating that he is a slut. Maybe not with words, but his body language is pretty whorish. He let me show you.” Morgan reached for his phone.

“Oh gawd,” Dale said putting his face into his hands.

“Oh yeah fuck me with that big cock of yours!” came the voice from the phone. Morgan showed the phone which showed Dale pounding away at an unseen man’s ass. Actually it was pretty clear the filmer was the one getting fucked.

“O wait that is one of him fucking my ass,” Morgan said with a wide smile

“I can’t believe you are showing this to my therapist,” Dale said in disbelief.

“What? You have nothing to be ashamed about,” said Morgan and then turned to Dr. Lawrence. “His dick is huge.”

“You’re dick is so big and hard,” moaned the Morgan in the video.

“And I mean look at that body,” Morgan said pushing the phone closer for Dr. Lawrence to get a better view. “Solid muscles with a light dusting of fur with that handsome boy next door face. He was made for sex. Listen to him moan, well both of us moan, he is a sex god!”

Dr. Lawrence started at the video finding it hard to look away.

“Not to mention that nice big uncut cock of yours,” Morgan said licking his lips looking at Dales bulge. “I love having your big thick dick in me.”

“God, Morgan, don’t you have any self restraint,” Dale said while being red in the face. Morgan just smiled mischievously back.

“But that wasn’t the vid I wanted to show,” Morgan said as he took the phone back and scrolled through his phone. “Now where is the one I wanted to show? Not that one, not that one, oh here it is! Look at this one”

Dr. Lawrence was then reshown the smart phone showing Dale getting his own ass plowed. Based on the build of the man playing top, Dr. Lawrence assumed Morgan was not the one doing the fucking. The unnamed, and faceless man had a strong muscled build and intricate tattoos.

“Who is…” Dr Lawrence started not knowing how to asked the question on his mind.

“Who is holding the camera? I’m the one shooting the footage. Well duh, it is my phone after all,” Morgan said with a gleeful smile. “It was so hot watching your personal trainer fuck you hardcore style.”

Dale was moaning loudly in the scene. It was then that Dr. Lawrence noticed that the scene was taking place in a gym. Dale was on all fours panting and screaming for the personal trainer to fuck him harder on a work out bench.

“I still can’t believe you filmed that. If Jesse’s boss finds out we had sex while at the fitness center we can both get in trouble,” Dale said.

“Relax, Jesse won’t get in trouble,” Morgan said watching Dr. Lawrence watch the film. “Besides I’m sure his boss knows by now. After that scene Jesse can’t keep his hands off you. I can’t believe you thought he was straight.”

“He told me he had a girlfriend,” mumbled Dale.

“Oh he broke it off with her. He told me sex was too boring with her. He also texted me that your body is way more hotter than hers,” Morgan said “Jesse also requested that I send you in wearing shorter shorts to show off your ass while you’re doing squats.”

“Are you two still sending pics of me between each other?” Dale asked.

“Yep!” Morgan rubbed his hands along his boyfriend’s thick arms. He then smiled at the therapist. “This guy refused to show off his flesh. I buy him all these revealing outfits and he refuses to wear them. Like this sexy gym outfit.”

“You count that as clothing?” Dale said. “That muscle tank didn’t cover up anything and those shorts wear smaller than some of my underwear.”

“Then don’t wear underwear,” Morgan replied, “But anyways he kept telling me his trainer was straight and wouldn’t like it. I finally meet the guy at it is obvious he was closest dom. I talked him to letting us stay after close and the next this you know this guy has his legs up in the air. It was so hot to watch.”

Dale moved around uneasily in his seat.

“But I’m getting distracted. It is so easy to get distracted with a hot boyfriend like Dale here. We were talking about Dale dressing too modestly. I mean why does he even wear shirts. Look at these abs,” Morgan says while lifting up Dale’s shirt.

“Hey!” Dale shouted attempting to push his shirt back down.

“What? He saw you having sex, he has seen more than just your shirt off.”

“Now Morgan, you’re not respecting Dale’s boundaries. He saying he wants you to stop,” Dr. Lawrence stated.

“Yeah I hear him, but I want him shirtless. He is way too hot to be this modest. He should be flaunting his body every chance he gets. Jesse would probably drum up more business if they saw him working with a guy with abs like these,” Morgan said turning to Dr. Lawrence. “Be honest doc, you want him to take off his shirt so we can all admire his physique.”

“This isn’t about me,” Dr. Lawrence interjected.

“Oh come off it,” Morgan said. “You want him with less clothes on just admit it.”

“Well Dale does have a very fine body,” Dr. Lawrence admitted feeling flustered.

“See,” Morgan said. “Now take off those clothes so the shrink and I can enjoy the eye candy.”

Dale sighed heavily and then took off his shirt. “Happy?”

“Yep!” Morgan said rubbing his hands over the exposed chest.

“Um now I’m assuming you two have an open relationship,” Dr. Lawrence said looking at Dale’s exposed chest and Morgan’s wandering hands.

“Well that’s obvious,” Morgan said. “After all both of us a huge sluts for cocks. Neither of us can stay monogamous.”

“Will you stop call us sluts,” Dale said. “I’m not a slut and I don’t like it when you call me that.”

“Honey there is nothing wrong with being a slut,” Morgan said.

“But Dale doesn’t like being called a slut. Can you understand why?” Dr Lawrence asked while his eyes took in Dale’s thick nipples.

“No I can’t understand,” said Morgan. “I mean Dale is a total slut. He is super horny. I’ve seen him cum like 8 times in a given day and each time he is gushing jism. The man’s balls are high producing.”

“Morgan!” Dale called out.

“What? You got big balls,” he replied groping and cupping the items of discussion. “And I like your big balls. They are so fun to play with.” He continued to fondle Dale’s packaged.

“But seriously doc, go through my phone there are plenty of pics of Dale and I sleeping with multiple guys. Dale and I can’t control ourselves when we see a nice hard willing dick. I love Dale for his huge cock but when I see a cock my attention just focuses on that. Like a kid in candy store, I’ve got no self control. But neither does Dale here. We’re addicted to cock. Like I said we’re sluts.” Both of Morgan’s hands were not busy massaging Dale groin as he talked. Dale was now starting to breathe heavier and Morgan’s hands became more forceful.

“I’m not a slut,” Dale moaned starting to thrust his hips into Morgan’s hands. Dr. Lawrence noticed that Dale was getting hard but chose not to say anything. Dale let out a soft moan.

“Man I can’t keep my hands off of you. You’re just so fucking hot,” Morgan said getting more aggressive with his fondling.

“Stop Morg, I don’t want to have sex infront of my therapist,” Dale moaned.

“Are you sure you want me to stop? Aren’t I making you feel good?” Morgan said grabbing what was obviously a large hardon through the pants. Dale moaned loudly unable to respond otherwise and thrusted his hips into Morgan rough hands.

“I know you like it. You’re just as horny and a exhibitionist as I am. You know we met on the train. Dale here had on gym gear and had been caught in the rain. I could see the outline of his huge cock and couldn’t help myself so I started fondling him on the train. Complete stranger and I started jerking him off. Dale here tried to keep quiet while I was having fun, he really did, but he could help but moan. Everyone on the train knew what we were doing. When he cummed you should’ve seen all the juices. His shirt and shorts were wet before just they probably had more cum on them afterwards. After that I had him take me home and fuck my ass. I knew I wanted him to be mine. It was love at first handjob.”

A large outline of a steel hard dick could be seen in Dale’s pants. A smaller, but still decent sized dick was also tenting in Morgan’s shorts.

“Morgan, stop,” moaned Dale still thrusting his hips vigorously into his boyfriend’s hand. “We need to stop. I’m not like this. I don’t want to do this.”

“Are you sure? You’re body is telling me you really want this,” Morgan said with a grin. “You’re withering and humping like a real slut.”

“Stop calling me a slut,” moaned Dale with his eyes closed and his head arched back. “I’m not a slut.”

“But my hands feel good don’t they? You like acting this way all the time. We’re just having fun,” Morgan said as he started to kiss the large pecs of his boyfriend.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here. Not in front of my therapist. Please! We’re supposed to be working on our relationship,” Dale moaned.

“We are working on our relationship. Right now I’m horny and so are you. I think we need to address that. And as for your therapist, I’m sure he doesn’t mind watching. Do you doc?” Morgan asked looking intently at Dr. Lawrence. “I’m sure you like seeing Dale here finally acting like his natural self and letting loose. He’s too good looking to keep on all these clothes. You should see the full glory of his cock outside of these pants.”

Morgan started to unfasten the pants. “Morgan!” Dale screamed.

“What?” Morgan feigned innocence. “Your therapist wants to see your big sexy dick. Don’t you?

“What? Um, Er,” Dr. Lawrence said staring at his client and his boyfriend in the compromising positions. “I don’t see why not…” he said trailing off. Dr. Lawrence knew something was off but he couldn’t place it.

Dale looked desperately at the therapist feeling betrayed as Morgan stuffed his hands down the pants to grab the hard dick. Dale groaned while digging his fingers into the couch cushions. Morgan got to the floor while he stroked the cock. His face was soon buried in the large cock.

‘“I love that big thick dick of yours. When you’re hard there is no way you can hide that thing. And a big hard dick needs to be played with,” Morgan said in a breathy voice into Dale’s lap. “Come on Dale play with yourself. Stroke yourself off. Show your therapist how much cum you shoot out. He should see how much cum you make.”

Dale took over starting to masterbate hismself. Morgan meanwhile started to lick the large balls making sounds and grunts to show he was enjoying himself. Without much time large amounts of cum shot out of the dick soaking Dale’s hands and chest. Dr. Lawrence was indeed amazed how much cum came out. Dale pants were now soaking wet from his own fluids. Morgan helped get them off saying they needed to dry off of him. Dale didn’t seem to resist that.

“Oh boo, you’re wearing boxers. Why aren’t you wearing the underwear I bought you?” Morgan asked pouting.

“You mean the mesh briefs you got me? What’s the point of underwear if you can see right through it? I thought that was for you and me time,” Dale said.

“That’s silly. Everyone should see you in sexy underwear,” Morgan said undressing himself, but leaving the jockstrap on. “Those boxers hide your bulge too much and I like it when you dress slutty.”

“I don’t want to dress slutty. I am not a slut. I keep telling you that but you never listen,” Dale said.

“You like it when I dress slutty though, right,” Morgan asked in a way that was not a question. He then slid his toned body on top of Dale and straddled him. It looked like Morgan was more than willing to give his boyfriend a lap dance in the session. “I see you when you leer at my exposed skin. It makes me hot when you do. I also notice when your eyes stare at by ass. You enjoy looking at my hot body. Its only fair that get to see you dress slutty as well. Besides you have such a hot body. It would be such a waste if you didn’t show it off.”

Morgan’s hands wandered the muscular body. He started to slowly move his body up and down, stimulating sex. The large ass started to grind against Dale’s groin. It was pretty obvious what Morgan was after.

“Dr. Lawrence I don’t think this is very therapeutic,” Dale said trying to get his therapist to help keep Morgan in line.

“Actually it is important to see how you two engage as a couple, particularly in how you work out conflicts. Is this how things typically go between you two?”

“Of course!” Morgan said quickening his movements. “The two of us are always horny. We can’t keep our hands off each other. Dale particularly likes my big ass.” Morgan guided one of Dale’s hands to his ass and Dale hand started to grope the supple butt. It was also becoming evident that Dale was getting hard again.

“No one can resist this ass,” Morgan said with pride. Dale’s other hand made its way to exploring the large ass. Dr. Lawrence notice that Dale’s eyes looked glazed over in lust. “Yeah thats it Dale you love playing with my ass. Once you start you can’t stop. All you inhibitions melt away and all you can focus on is my fuckable ass.”

Dr. Lawrence watched the ass intently as Dale started to finger his boyfriend. Morgan moaned enthusiastically. The therapist couldn’t seem to look away. His eyes fixed on Morgan’s ass. Morgan for his part of reach down Dale’s boxers to pull out the large dick.

“Yeah, that’s right, that big dick just for this big ass. See it is so much better not to think. So much better to just want to fuck. And you want to fuck my ass don’t you Dale?” Morgan said slyly.

“Yeah,” moaned Dale in a daze. His hips trusted up bouncing the other man in his lap.

“There’s by big sexed up boyfriend. Where do you want me to put this big cock of yours?” Morgan said stroking the cock.

“I want it in your ass,” Dale moaned. “I want to fuck your ass.”

“So what do you want to do? Work on communication with your therapist or communicate with your cock in my ass?” Morgan asked. He ground his ass against the now stiff hard cock.

“I want to fuck that ass,” Dale said.

“See there is my slutty boyfriend,” Morgan said with a wide smile. “Hey shrink why don’t you use my phone film us.”

Dr. Lawrence looked up from staring at Morgan’s ass and then at the phone. He started the phone’s camera filming the two in action. His head felt like it was in a daze but he was too lost in what he was seeing to care.

“Just like always. It is so much more fun with an audience and a camera rolling,” Morgan said aligning the cock to his hole. “You wanted to see how we interact doc? Well prepare for a show.”

Dr. Lawrence watched as Dale started to vigorously fuck the bouncing man on him. Dale seemed much more animalistic than his typical self and his focus was only on the sex.

“Yeah!’ screamed Morgan. “See this is so much better than pretending you’re Mr. Chaste. You keep trying to tell me I’m wrong, but you know I’m always right. You always fight against your natural urges. When I met you, you thought you were straight. You thought you liked pussy, but what is better? Pussy or cock and ass?”

“Cock and ass,” moaned Dale.

“That’s right,” yelled Morgan bouncing on the cock. “You’re so much more hornier since you accepted that you’re gay. That big cock should be fucking men, not women. That big sexy body needs to pleasure men. You feel those urges so naturally now. Why can’t you accept that you’re just a big dumb sexy plaything to other men? Why can’t you accept that you’re a slut?”

Dale just moaned in response.

“You need to accept who you really are. That’s why I thought it be good for you to go to this therapist. It is why I make you watch all the recordings of you having sex. I want you to see who you really are.”

“Don’t you see it doc?” Morgan said looking at Dr. Lawrence with an evil looking smile. “You see how much he loves sex. He needs to just accept who he really is. You can help with that can’t you doc?”

“Yeah,” moaned Dr. Lawrence. He was stroking his cock while filming the two.

“I thought you might me able to help, but first…” Morgan said bouncing on the dick. “I need dick so badly myself. His dick just feel so good in me!”

Morgan groaned loudly as his cum shot out of his body. Dr. Lawrence also saw that cum was leaking out of Morgan’s ass. Apparently Dale’s second load was just as copious as his first.

Dale’s head was slack as he breathed heavily. He panted heavily.

“My poor confused boyfriend. You keep all that horny energy cooped up,” Morgan said. “See doc he definitely needs your help. See how horny he gets. And I can only help him so much.”

“I don’t understand?” Dr. Lawrence said looking confused.

“Oh you don’t need to understand. Don’t try thinking about it. I’ll tell you what to think and it will make you happy,” Morgan said with a smile as he removed himself from Dale.

“Dale here is much too horny for his own good. I mean just look at that face. You can tell how much he wants sex. How much he needs sex. You’ve seen that face for the pics in my phone,” Morgan said. “You know I am right.”

“Yes,” Dr. Lawrence looked at Dale’s face and could see nothing but lust and need. Someone immobilized by his own yearning for more sex. He could see Dale’s dick was already becoming hard again even after cumming twice. He just laid on the couch covered in cum not arguing with Morgan at all.

“And you can help him,” Morgan said. He was now sitting next to Dr. Lawrence whispering in his ear and taking back his phone. Dr. Lawrence didn’t even see him move. He was too transfixed looking at Dale laying naked and covered in cum.

“Help him?” Dr. Lawrence asked. It was too hard to think.

“That’s right. You see I’m a total bottom and Dale here is verseatile. He has this big sexy ass that shouldn’t go to waste. You saw Jesse fucking that big muscled up ass. Jesse used to think himself straight until he met Dale and my asses. Now he can’t keep his hands off of us. Now he helps guys work on building firmer asses so he can take advantage of them.”

“Sorry I’m getting distracted. That happens a lot when I think about cocks,” Morgan said. “Anywho, Dale here loves a good cock up his hole don’t you honey.”

“So horny,” moaned Dale in a daze. He too was having issues concentrating.

“I bet your hole feels so empty right now,” Morgan said.

“So empty,” Dale said lifting up his legs and started to play with his own asshole.

“See. I think he may lean more towards to bottom side than top. But he needs big cocks in his ass. You can help with that right now. You have a nice hard cock ready to help your client,” Drake said stroking Dr. Lawrence’s cock.

“Yeah,” Dr. Lawrence said looking at the nice bubble butt Dale was playing with, “But I shouldn’t sleep with my clients. It is against the rules.”

“Rules schmules,” Morgan tutted. “Look at that ass. How can you say no to that ass? You can’t can you. Dale has got one fuckable ass.”

Dr. Lawrence couldn’t keep his eyes off Dale’s ass. He somehow knew he was going to fuck Dale. He knew that he should not, but for some reason it felt inevitable. He kept imagining what his cock would feel link inside that hole Dale was preparing for him. He was sure that it would fit so tightly around his dick.

“I shouldn’t,” moaned Dr. Lawrence visualizing himself fucking Dale. “I could lose my license. I could harm the client.”

“Harm him? What the fuck are you talking about?” Morgan said. “He wants to get fuck. He wants you to fuck him. He needs it. Isn’t that right Dale.”

“So horny. I need you to fuck me doc,” Dale said starting to hump his ass in the air. His knees were pulled back close to his head. “I want you to fuck me. Make me feel good.”

“Come on doc. You’re probably doing more harm not fucking him. Dale is so constantly horny that he needs release all the time. You saw all that cum. Its not healthy to keep that all in him for too long,” Morgan said. “He needs release and you need to help him.”

“Help him,” Dr. Lawrence mumbled.

“That’s right don’t think about it. Just do what is natural. What is the point of thinking and worrying when you could be fucking. And you like fucking, don’t you doc?” Morgan asked with an evil smile.

“I like fucking,” Dr. Lawrence said. What was it that he was worried about? It was getting harder to think. Dale looked like he really needed to get fucked. He was withering on the couch with his legs spread open showing off his needy ass. That ass looked like it was desperate to get fucked. Morgan was right he needed to help out his client. The doctor left his seat and undid his pants fully as he made his way over to the couch.

“Yeah that’s right. There is no need to think and worry about consequences when you’re horny. You just need to focus on what feels good,” Morgan said helping the therapist out of his pants. “Don’t think with your head, think with your dick.”

“Yeah dick, I need dick,” Dale moaned. “I need it in me so badly.”

Dr. Lawrence didn’t waste anytime. Dale had already stretched himself open for this and the shrinks dick was inserted in.

“Oh gawd YES!” Dale cried out.

“Dale accepts himself so much better once he stops overthinking. Now you know the real Dale. This is the Dale I fell in love with. The Dale with no inhibitions and an insatiable sex drive. The Dale the loves being a slut,” Morgan explained.

“See how much he loves getting his ass fucked. I mean seriously his body was made for sex. That big dick, that supple ass, that defined body, the massive amount of cum he makes. Yet when I met him he wanted to cover that all up and be a prude. Something about being a good church boy or something.”

Dr. Lawrence looked into Dale’s lust crazed eyes. No thought was there, only animalistic drive and a look of pure bliss.

“Dale has all these attributes that make him ideal for being a gay whore, but he insists on hiding his sexy body and sexuality. It is such a waste to everyone if he continues this way. Can imagine nobody fucking that nice ass or sucking that big cock? It would be the worst.”

Dr. Lawrence noticed that Morgan was recording his actions with his phone. A part of him was concerned but mostly he didn’t care. He just wanted to continue to fuck.

“And you can help him,” Morgan said making sure to get a good shot of Dale’s face who was screaming loudly in pleasure. “You can help Dale accept who he really is. Help him accept that he is a total slut so he can enjoy himself like this and make other men enjoy his sexy body. You want to enjoy more sex don’t you Dale?”

“YES! Oh gawd I need this. I want more!,” Dale screamed as he started to moan incoherently from the pounding he was getting.

“And you want more men to use your body and take advantage of you sexually. You want men to know that they can entice you into sex easily, right?” Morgan asked giving a tug at Dale’s steel hard cock.

“OH man yes! Yes! Yes!” Dale cried out.

“See doc, he wants this so badly. You need to help him. He needs to let loose his boundaries. He needs to lose his inhibitions. He needs to communicate to everyone that he is a total slut. He needs to embrace himself for what he really is so he can live up to his full slutty potential,” Morgan said.

“Dale has already been working so hard but there is something blocking him and I think therapy can help. He’s been great with Jesse, his old friend Roy, and some of his co-workers. You should have seem him get gangbanged in the conference room. It was hot. I’ll send you the video. Anyhow I need you to help him be whore in every aspect of his life. I want to come home and find him getting fucked by some stranger he met on the street and have a sexy threeway. Fourway if I’m bringing someone home. I want to share stories about all the places we have had sex in public over dinner. I want to know that he is dressed up sluty and hitting on men while I’m out. Is that so much to ask?” Morgan said.

“You can help work with him on those issues right doc?” Morgan asked running his fingers along the man’s sweaty chin.

“Yes,” Dr. Lawrence said.

“I knew a guy with a nice big cock like yours would be able to help!” Morgan said happily. “I’m sure you can come up with all sorts of interventions to address Dale’s problems. Thanks doc! I think you saved our relationship.”

Morgan’s phone chirps to indicate a new text. He looked at it. “Aw shucks. I’m going to need to leave soon. I have a trick that wants to pick me up soon. But before I go I needs cum shot from you Dale. Just close yours eyes and think about all the dicks you’re going to take. Think about becoming a slut.”

Dale closed his eyes and started visualizing and started moaning louder. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” he screamed and sure enough loads of cum shot out of his dick. Dr. Lawrence was impressed he hadn’t needed to stroke himself to cum. Dr. Lawrence was also amazed by the amount of cum Dale produced since it was his third time cumming.

“Oh don’t stop doc,” Morgan said heading towards the door. “Dale needs to cum at least twice when he is bottoming. He just loses all control. If you get tired just let him ride you. But speaking of bottoming, I’m going to meet up with by guy. Have fun! Thanks again doc!”

Morgan left the room and the two fucked on. Morgan could only hear the animal grunts as he walked down the hall. Anyone hearing would know what was going on. Morgan felt proud of his boyfriend for making such advancements in therapy.

Two weeks later Dale entered Dr. Lawrence’s office.

“Come in Dale,” Dr. Lawrence said with a smile. “Let’s have a progress report.”

Dale’s appear was quite different now. His clothes looked more like something Morgan would wear. He had on skin tight jeans that clung to him and showed off muscular calves. It was obvious to Dr. Lawrence that Dale never missed legs day and with a trainer like Jesse he could understand why. A clear bulge was also seen in the front and Dale’s ass were displayed aptly He also had on a crop top that didn’t even cover the perky pecs and stiff nipples. There was enough clothing to spell out HORNY, but not much to actually cover anything.

“I see you did some of the homework assignments I gave last week. You did well in wearing more revealing clothing. How did it feel walking over here like that outfit,” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“I’m sorry doc, but it felt super uncomfortable,” Dale said with his head down. “I was sure everyone was staring at me. And I felt so horny being this revealed. My dick was so hard and I was leaking precum.”

“I can see,” Dr. Lawrence said seeing the wetspot in the jeans.

“Oh man,” Dale said blushing. “Everyone could see that! Shit. I had a couple of guys leering at me. I had all these dirty thought of them with the hands all over me. I couldn’t get rid of them.”

“Now Dale we talked about this,” Dr. Lawrence said. “It is okay to have these fantasies. You should embrace your fantasies and let yourself think up sexual encounters whenever you can. You should have seen if they wanted to put their hands all over you. They would have probable enjoyed themselves.”

“But…but we were on the train,” Dale said. “These pants were so tight that when I got hard everyone could see. They kept staring at my dick and that just made me hornier. Those guys kept smiling while staring and pointing at my dick.”

“So? Why not flirt with them and get their numbers. You wanted them to have sex with you and they might have wanted to have sex with you. What is wrong with that?”

“Well one of the guys did give me his number,” Dale admitted.

“Great! Did you message him?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“Not yet, I figured when I’m done here,” Dale said. “Maybe I can have have a drink with him then.”

“Why don’t we practice sexting now. You need to work on that. Send him a dirty text alluding to wanting sex later. I assume you have some dick pics to share with him.”

“Yeah, um I guess I can do that,” Dale said.

“Do it now Dale,” Dr. Lawrence said. “And forward the messages to me so I can make sure you’re on track. Make sure the dick pics are sent to me.”

“Sure,” Dale said and pulled out his phone.

“Speaking of phones, one of the homework assignments for this week is to work on taking more selfies in revealing clothing, particularly in your underwear,” Dr. Lawrence said. “I want you to send all of them to me. At least 3 a day. We’ll increase it later.”

“Okay,” Dale said choosing which dick picture to send.

“Eventually I want you posting them online for everyone to see. You want everyone to appreciate that nice body of yours don’t you?” Dr. Lawrence said leering at Dale.

“Yeah I guess, but it still feels vain,” Dale said.

“There is nothing wrong with being vain when others can appreciate your body. Now I want to talk about your avoidance of having sex in public,” Dr. Lawrence.

“But!” Dale started.

Dr. Lawrence halted him before he started, “Now Dale you’re going to need to stop avoiding this issue. You want to lose your inhibitions. You want to be a slut don’t you.”

“I guess,” Dale said almost pouting.

“Now I want to hear you say it. Say I want to be a slut,” Dr. Lawrence commanded.

“I want to be a slut,” Dale said.

“Say it again, but with more energy.”

“I want to be a slut!” Dale yelled.

“Now smile as you say it, like you’re enjoying it,” Dr. Lawrence then brought out his own camera phone.

“I want to be a slut!” Dale yelled getting more into the exercise.

“Now say I’m a slut,” Dr. Lawrence said.

“I’m a slut!” Dale said keeping his smile.

“Keep repeating it until I signal you to stop.”

“I’m a slut! I’m a slut,” The smile started getting wider on Dale’s face. “I’m a slut. I’m a slut!” Dr. Lawrence noticed that Dale’s dick was getting hard again. “I’m a slut!” he said started to sound more husky. “I’m a slut,” he panted. Dale started to grope his hard dick. “I’m a slut.”

“There you go Dale. You’re enjoying it the more you say it. Now play with yourself so your are positively reinforcing these behaviors,” Dr. Lawrence said picking up Dale’s phone. “Keep saying it.”

“I’m a slut,” Dale said unbuttoning his tight pants and sticking his hand down them. “I’m a slut.”

Dr. Lawrence messed around with Dale’s phone as he watched his client play with himself on the couch. Dale kicked off his shorts leaving on only a jockstrap.

“Very good. And I see you also worked on choosing sexy underwear. The mesh jockstrap looks very good on you.”

“I’m a slut,” Dale continued pulling out his cock. “What are you doing with my phone doc?”

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Dr. Lawrence said. “But since you asked, I’m texting your new friend from the train that you always fantasized having sex in a church.”

“What why would you do that?” Dale asked.

“Because you need to get more comfortable having sex anywhere.”

“But I just met him. What is he going to think of me now?”

“He’ll probably think you’re a horny slut,” Dr. Lawrence said with a smile.

“Oh man,” Dale moaned and he started to stroke his cock. “He’ll think I’m a slut.” A wide dumb smile appeared on Dale face.

“Oh look here, it looks like the guy is imagining fucking your ass on an alter,” Dr. Lawrence said reading the text message. “Are you imagining it now?”

“Oh yeah,” Dale said honestly. He stuck his legs up imaging getting himself ready.

“Now how would a slut respond to this message Dale?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“I’d let him know how hot I thought that was,” Dale said pushing his jock down to get better access. “I’d text back that I’d scream so loud while he fucked me the windows would break.”

“Great!” Dr. Lawrence said. “I’ll text him that. And now he want to know if you like it rough.”

“Fuck Yeah!” Dale said which Dr. Lawrence responded back.

“Why don’t I take a picture of you like that so he sees what you think about this?” Dr. Lawrence said not waiting for permission to take the picture. Dale didn’t seem to mind he merely gave a dumb smile to the camera phone.

“Oh and look here, It seems he knows how to break into a church nearby. He wants to know if you’d like to break in an alter in a few hours.”

“Yeah!” Dale said, “But Morgan’s new rule. Shit.”

“Yes?” Dr. Lawrence asked.

“Can you see if he is alright with someone recoding us having sex? Morgan wants evidence that I’m sleeping around,” Dale said started to finger himself and stroke his cock.

“He said his friend with him on the train probably wouldn’t mind if he got a turn with your hot ass,” Dr. Lawrence said with a smile.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Dale said.

“There you’ll be meeting him in two hours,” Dr. Lawrence said sending the confirmation text. “Make sure to send me the video as well so I can see your progress.”

“Ok doc,” Dale moaned. “I can’t wait to meet up with…well I don’t know his name but that guy and his friend. God it is so slutty not even to know his name.”

“See Dale, isn’t it so much better and more fun to behave like a slut? You’re making great progress.”

“You think so doc?” Dale asked excitedly. “Morgan doesn’t think I’m doing so well. He said I need to be sleeping with more men.”

“Well why don’t we work on that now,” Dr. Lawrence said pulling out his stiff cock. “Now when I fuck you I want you to repeat ‘I’m a slut’ and throw in some other terms like whore and cocksucker. Now put on a good show so we can send this to Morgan.”

“OH fuck doc, I love your thick cock,” Dale said before going into his ‘I’m a slut’ mantra. Therapy was hard work. His boyfriend was a bastard for making him go.

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