The Game

By Willie Cici
published July 6, 2015
4468 words

Justin wanted to find out for himself why his roommate couldn’t get enough of his new video game - - -

Justin went home after a day of classes and swim practice. Tired and spent, Justin longed for a quiet evening at home. Luckily, his roommate, Brian and he met as freshmen and have become great friends. At the end of their freshman year, the boys decided that they would find off-campus housing for the next year. Admittedly, Justin took advantage of Brian. Brian’s mega-rich daddy took a liking to Justin. He thought that Justin was a good influence on his slacker son who preferred smoking weed and drinking to excess. When Brian’s dad offered to pay $1500 a month for the rent, Brian and Justin decided to find a two-bedroom in an exclusive neighborhood. Brian and Justin would reap so many benefits of such a move: quiet retreat from school, plus a pussy magnet for sure.

As Justin walked into to the fifth floor condominium apartment, he called out, “I’m home.” Justin dropped his duffle bag and sauntered into the kitchen to grab a bottle of Gatorade. “Anyone home?”.

“In my room.”, a voice called out.

Justin walked towards Brian’s bedroom and opened the door. Brian’s room had a balcony. To the left of the balcony entrance, on a decorative table, Brian had a 62” LCD flat screen TV. The bed, in the middle of the room, served as his prop as he leaned against the bed, playing a video game.

“Dude, I left you this morning playing this game. Did you leave the house?”, Justin asked.

“Yes. I went to class. I’m playing online with someone across the globe. And he’s beating my ass.”

“You mean she.”, Justin laughed.

“Funny, douche bag. Now leave me alone. I need to concentrate.”, Brian retorted.

Justin closed the door of Brian’s room and left him to his video game machinations. As the door closed, Brian said, “That was close. Now back to it.” The young stud laying on the Oriental rug in Brian’s room resumed sucking Brian’s cock as Brian continued to play the video game. When Brian reached another level, the game spoke, “Level 12. The Wand.” As the game spoke, Brian pulled out the game’s accessory, the wand, and handed it to the young stud. As the young stud continued to suck Brian’s cock, the young stud inserted the wand (a vibrating rubber dildo) into Brian’s quivering hole. Brian did not moan or whimper. He accepted the wand and continued to accept the pleasure of the young stud’s mouth. Brian continued to play the game pushing the limits, taking risks, challenging every presumption. When Brian reached Level 13, the game spoke, “Now, enter the realm.” Brian stared at the screen, a pulsating image of orange, brown and gold hues that pulled Brian into the depths of the flashing images. The young stud pulled out the joystick from Brian’s tight hole. The young stud likewise leaned against the bed. Side by side, Brian and his young stud jerked each off, their massive beer can size cocks glistening as precum lubed their cocks. Finally, the game spoke, “Cum.” Within seconds, Brian and his young stud shot their loads, ounces of jizz erupting from their beefy rock hard cocks.

Brian grabbed a towel from underneath the bed and wiped his cock. When he finished, Brian handed the towel to the young stud, saying to him, “Whatever your name is, just wait here. I’ll get my roommate out of the apartment. You can leave then.” The young stud accepted Brian’s instructions.

Brian pulled up his pants and exited his bedroom, leaving the young stud camouflaged by the size of Brian’s king sized bed. Brian walked into the living room and said, “You up for Thai?”

Justin replied, “Yeah. Sounds great. Let’s go.” The two roommates left their apartment. Within minutes, the young stud, now fully clothed, exited the apartment, scurrying about, making sure that no one detected his departure.


With the end of the spring semester, Brian and his family departed for their annual three-week vacation to the French Riviera. Justin found himself alone in the apartment and loving it. With the summertime employment he had secured, Justin could enjoy his sumptuous apartment and entertain all the honeys he could entice. Justin had an upper hand in the seduction game. The quintessential California surfer dude, Justin was 6’3”, sculpted swimmer’s physique, but with more definition and muscle in his core, lats and chest. With his locks of blond hair flowing, chiseled features, and ensnaring hazel eyes, Justin melted hearts and pounded pussy. As he showered for his evening’s date with Vanessa, Justin soaped and lathered his taut, muscular frame, his cobbled core and his swinging 9” monster cock. After he toweled, Justin donned a pair of linen drawstring pants, a lycra-tight brown t-shirt and pair of Nike sports sandals. He grabbed the keys to his Jeep Wrangler and headed for his evening of entertainment.

At 10pm, Justin returned to his apartment, alone and disgusted. He started murmuring to himself, “What a teasing bitch!! I don’t understand how a kiss could piss off that little slut. A kiss, little tongue. What the fuck?” He walked into his room, disrobed and entered the living room. Justin surfed the TV listings for something to watch, maybe an NBA playoff game, something. With nothing to watch, Justin had an idea. He always wanted to see the fascination with the video game that Brian enjoyed playing endlessly. Justin decided to give the game a whirl.

Justin walked in to Brian’s room and activated the TV screen and the game box panel. Justin lay on the floor of the bedroom, leaning against Brian’s bed. The screen flashed once and an image of a castle appeared on the screen, “Enter the Realm and seek the treasure.”, the game voice spoke. The door of the castle opened. With joystick in hand, Justin walked his character through the doors and began to fend off attacks from the guards inside the castle. Once Justin cleared this first level, the game said, “Level 2. Tread carefully young warrior.” The screen depicted a descending staircase. As the computer-generated character walked down the staircase, the game voice said, “Tread slowly, young warrior. First step, carefully descend. Second step, calm. Third step, relax and accept. Fourth step, fear not. Fifth step, relax and accept. Sixth step, proceed with courage, young warrior. Seventh step, relax and accept.” The game voice continued to lead Justin down the circular fifty-stepped staircase. “You have reached the bottom of the dungeon. Now, take heed and search for the golden key.”

Justin immediately continued with the game searching for the golden key. He encountered flying beasts and gargoyle-like prey. With the character’s sword, Justin fended off every beast until he found the golden key. As Justin’s computer character grabbed the golden key, a barrage of flashing lights and circular patterns filled the TV screen. The lights continued to flash for minutes. Justin thought he heard voice saying ‘accept – obey – submit’. He heard these words repeated in various high-piercing decibels as the lights continued to flash faster and faster. Finally, the game voice spoke, “Level 3. The prize.”

Justin searched for the video game’s accessories and found the prize, a rubber device placed over the cock that simulated a sucking motion. Justin grabbed the device and placed it on his cock. Justin quivered from the pleasure he received. He retrieved the joystick and began to maneuver the rigors of Level 3. He encountered many challenges at this level. Justin crashed three times and could not escape Level 3. The game voice spoke, “Your time has ended. Retrieve the Tantrus and the Cage and follow the instructions on the screen.”

Justin again searched the accessories and found the prostrate massage toy, the Tantrus, and a clear-plastic cock cage. The game provided instructions on how Justin would place his cock in the cage and lock the device. Justin crammed his semi-hard cock into the cage, experiencing a bit of painful pleasure in the process. As for the Tantrus, the screen ordered him to remove the cock device, lube the Tantrus, and insert the prostate massage toy into his quivering hole. As Justin sat there, legs spread, cock in a cage and ass filled with the Tantrus, the screen flashed the three words repeatedly: accept – obey – submit. Meanwhile, the game voice spoke, “Resume play in 12 hours from now.”

The TV screen continued to flash, bright lights and spiral images of the three words for next fifteen minutes until suddenly the screen went dark. Justin rose from the floor of Brian’s bedroom and went to his room. He lay on his bed, at first unable to sleep, but eventually, sleep descending.


The next morning, Saturday morning, Justin awoke and found himself encased and plugged by the prostate massage toy. His cock was diamond hard and pressing against the limits of the cage. As he rose from his bed, Justin walked towards his en suite bath and stared at his physique. He could not remember how this happened to him. Justin’s first impulse was to remove the cock cage, but he inexplicably dismissed the thought. The same applied to the prostate massage toy that vibrated and tickled his prostate in a constant fashion. This tickling hardened his cock to the point that precum dripped from the tip of the cage. As he exited the bathroom, Justin noticed the time: 11:10am. He walked into Brian’s bedroom and fired up the game system. As the game followed the ordinary, introductory sequences, the game voice spoke, “Resume or begin anew?” Justin chose the resume option with his joystick. There, Justin continued to climb out of Level 3. When he succeeded on the last attempt, the screen flashed, “Level 4. The Ring.” Justin removed the cock cage from his cock and the prostate massage toy from his expanded hole. He searched about the accessories for the game. Justin found the Atomic Z Balls ring. The game video described how he was to attach the cock ring to the base of his shaft and his balls. When he finished arranging his cock and balls in the ring, Justin attached the metal wires to the game console.

When Level 4 began, Justin began to move his character piece about the wooded forest that was Level 4. At every impasse, when Justin destroyed a beast of the forest, the game console sent an electrical impulse to the cock and balls rings. The pleasure he enjoyed was mind-blowing. Justin could not wait to ply his sword and massacre a beast of the forest. When he killed two beasts at one blow, the cock ring pleasured Justin to the point that he dropped the joystick for a brief moment. As Justin continued to massacre the beast, his cock throbbed and hardened. The sensations were too much for Justin. As Justin completed Level 4, the game console sent a continuous flash of impulses to the cock ring. Justin, rock hard and cum-denied for some time, blew his load, ounces of jizz dripping from his massive cock.

“You did not ask for permission to enjoy the pleasure of the realm.” The TV screen began to flash furiously, images, sounds, and instructions for the next fifteen minutes. Justin lay there mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the game. When the TV went dark, Justin collected his thoughts. He removed the cock and balls ring and returned all the accessories to the game storage box. Justin then rose from the floor and entered his room. Justin searched his room for a pair of tight spandex compression leggings. He found a black pair and put them on, foregoing any underwear or jock strap. Justin loved the feel and touch of the spandex on his cock. Then he searched for a plain white t-shirt. He looked for a black felt tip marker and wrote on the t-shirt nearest to his heart, ‘The Game’. As he put the t-shirt on, Justin grabbed his car keys and walked to his vehicle.

A beautiful May afternoon, Justin drove along the Pacific Coastal Highway with the top down, the sun beaming and warming his skin. Justin drove for approximately thirty miles. He drove from outside of Santa Monica until he reached a housing development in Ventura. He wound about until he found the address he was searching. He parked the car in the driveway and approached the door.

A woman answered the door and said, “If you’re looking for Billy, he’s in the suite over the pool house.”

“Thanks.”, Justin replied. He walked around the perimeter of the home and found the pool house. As he ascended the outside staircase, he approached the door and opened it. Justin found naked Billy, playing ‘The Game’ in front of a huge flat screen TV, the surround sound filling the space. Justin approached Billy, removed his t-shirt and knelt to Billy’s side. Justin grabbed Billy’s semi-hard 8” cock, veins ripped and filled, and began to lick Billy’s smooth shaven balls and to rim Billy’s hole. Billy did not flinch. He was engaged in whatever level of the game he was currently tackling. Justin engulfed Billy’s massive cock in his mouth, sucking and licking in a twirling sensation. All the while, Billy played the game, enjoying the benefits of reaching Level 10. Billy had played long and hard to reach Level 10. He endured many failures and setbacks. Billy had endured massage toys, sex with a she-male, constant visit to other game players. Billy did not want to endure that again.

Justin lay there nonchalantly enjoying Billy’s expanding throbbing cock. When Justin was not sucking cock, he was tickling Billy’s balls or fingering his tight hole. After an hour of suck and lick, Billy shouted, “Level 12. The Wand.” Billy handed the wand to Justin. Justin stared at Billy. Justin licked the wand and slobbered the dildo with his spittle. Immediately, Justin rammed the dildo in Billy’s quivering hole and activated the vibrating function. Justin then resumed his cock sucking, as Billy continued to play the game and move along the game levels. After another ten minutes, Billy achieved Level 13. The game voice spoke, “Now, enter the realm.” Suddenly, a pulsating image of orange, brown and gold hues ensnared Billy into the flashing images. Justin yanked the wand from Billy’s tight hole. Justin then sat next to Billy, lowering his spandex exercise pants. He began to stroke Billy’s cock. Billy likewise jerked off Justin. Side by side, the mesmerized studs stroked each other to a frenzy. After several minutes, the game spoke, “Cum.” Within seconds, Billy and Justin shot their loads, jizz oozing, cocks glistening.

Justin rose, dressed and left the pool house suite. He did not say a word. Justin understood that his mission was not completed. Billy was the first cock that he would service that evening. Along the Pacific Coastal Highway, Justin would seek two other ‘gamers’ and render the pleasure that Level 12 and 13 deserved.

When Justin returned to his apartment later in the day, he stripped off his clothes as he walked into his apartment. He rushed towards Brian’s room and activated the game console to resume playing ‘The Game’. As he plied through Level 5, Justin encountered many difficulties and unexpected traps. When he failed to achieve Level 6 after the third attempt, the game voice spoke, “Your time has ended. Retrieve the Tantrus and the Cage and follow the instructions on the screen.”

Disgusted, Justin retrieved the prostrate massage toy and cock cage. Again, Justin followed the instructions. Again, Justin sat there, legs spread, cock in a cage and ass filled with the Tantrus, watching the screen flashing images and words: accept – obey – submit. Again, the game voice commanded, “You will keep these devices on until you play the game, 12 hours from now.”

Justin rose from the floor. Naked and spent, he climbed upon Brian’s bed and quickly fell asleep. Sunday would be another day of gaming. Justin could not wait for Sunday.


Justin spent his Sunday playing ‘The Game’. He tried to reach each level without failure, but failed. On Monday morning, Justin faced a challenge. While Justin could handle the game accessories in his apartment, Monday morning meant the beginning of the workday. Justin showered in the morning. He donned a jock strap and then put on a pair of tight bicycling shorts. The combination of both the jock and the shorts camouflaged Justin’s semi-hard cock, encased in its cage and the Tantrus. With a loose pair of kakis, Justin grabbed his messenger bag brief case and headed for his summer internship office. At the office, Justin kept close to his cubicle, did not stroll around the office, as was his custom. When the guys in the office suggested a beer at day’s end, Justin fabricated some excuse and declined.

At the end of the day, Justin ran towards his vehicle. He sped along the side streets and highways as he drove home. He parked his car, rushed towards the stairs of his apartment and hurdled the five stories. The running stimulated his prostate, his cock now rock hard like diamonds. As he entered his apartment, Justin stripped his clothes and threw them about the foyer and living room. He rushed to Brian’s bedroom and activated the game.

Justin pondered the strategy he would employ. He wanted to get to the next level. Quite frankly, Justin tired of the monotony of the massage toy and cock cage, despite the pleasure he enjoyed. Justin wanted to achieve another level of pleasure. As Justin wiggled his way through Level 7, he encountered the same difficulty he had experienced all day Sunday. Finally, Justin followed a different path, which ultimately led him to Level 6. Then, the screen flashed, “Level 8. The Rings.” Justin removed the cock cage from his cock and the prostate massage toy. Justin looked in the accessories box and found a leather and metal ring device. There were seven metal rings. The game video instructed how to attach the “7 Rings of Hell” to the base of his shaft and his cock. When he finished attaching the rings, Justin attached the metal wires to the game console.

As Level 6 began, Justin began to move his character piece about the dimly part of the castle. Justin could not wield his sword recklessly. He could only do so when a kill was certain. Should he attack and miss, the game console would emit an electrical impulse that shocked his cock and balls. The more he erred, the more shocks he would receive. This level did not have a failure penalty. The player remained in Level 8 until he progressed forward. For four hours, Justin experienced the electrical stimulation on his cock, now throbbing, swollen, oozing precum. Again, the electrical impulses were too much for Justin to endure. When Justin completed Level 8, the game console discharge a purge of impulses upon the metal rings. Justin, rock hard all day, blew his load, jizz oozing from his massive cock.

“You did not ask for permission to enjoy the pleasure of the realm.” The TV screen began to flash furiously, images, sounds, and instructions repeating for the next fifteen minutes. Justin lay there entranced by the game. When the TV went dark, Justin removed the metal rings from his cock, returned all the accessories to the game storage box, and then dressed – a pair of tight spandex compression leggings and his white t-shirt. As he headed for the door of his apartment, Justin grabbed his car keys, wallet and headed for his vehicle.

Justin drove about four miles to a secluded home in a wooded field. He parked the vehicle and approached the front door of the home. When the door opened, Justin encountered a young man, maybe 20 years old, naked, a hard-on of massive proportions. The young stud led Justin to his bedroom where the young stud was playing ‘The Game’. As Justin entered the bedroom, the young stud grabbed Justin’s exercise pants and stripped them. Justin removed his shirt. The young stud blindfolded Justin with a soft leather cloth. He led Justin to the game console and screen and forced him on his stomach. Without a word of warning or caution, the young stud penetrated Justin’s tight quivering hole. The young stud sat and rode Justin like a toy, as he continued to play the next level of ‘The Game’. Justin endured this ass plowing for the next two hours. All the while, Justin’s cock rubbed upon the bearskin rug that lay on the floor near the TV console. Rubbing and tugging along the rug produced numerous emissions. Every time Justin shot a load, the young stud shoved his cock further and further into Justin’s tight ass. The young stud’s 11” practically reached Justin’s prostate. After two hours, the young stud pulled out his cock, dripping and oozing in two hours of cum. The young stud grabbed a towel and wiped Justin of the cum on his dick and the cum dripping from his ass cheeks. Justin grabbed his clothes, dressed and left the young stud’s home. He returned to his apartment, took off his clothes and resumed his place in front of Brian’s television.

Justin played the game for another two hours until he failed out playing Level 9. Justin grabbed the accessories he now grew accustomed to and enjoyed another night of cock-caged erections and ass-tingling massages.


For the next two weeks, Justin played ‘The Game’ every chance he could. It took many nights for Justin to complete the various levels. Except for work, nothing else by ‘The Game’ mattered. When he reached Level 11 and welcomed the sexual pleasures of a game area player, a buff 22 year old college stud, Justin knew that he would play this game for a long time. When Justin reached Level 12, Justin’s game boy continued to suck Justin’s cock, and also inserted the wand into Justin’s tight asshole and massaged his prostate. Justin’s cock was rock hard, precum pulsating from his cock. When Justin achieved Level 12, the game spoke, “Now, enter the realm.” Justin and his game boy stared at the TV screen, the pulsating spirals of orange, brown and gold tones entrancing Justin and the play thing. Justin and his game boy leaned against the bed. They stroked each other’s cocks waiting for the game to offer the ultimate prize. Finally, the game spoke, “Cum.” Justin blew his wad spraying jizz all over his chest and thighs. Justin’s game boy likewise shot his load all about his chest. Justin grabbed a towel to wipe himself. Before he could do so, the game boy lay before Justin and cleaned the cum from his cock, his thighs, his chest, from any orifice that glistened with jizz. When he finished his cleaning, the game boy rose and left the apartment, silent and compliant.


When Brian returned from his French Riviera vacation, Justin found himself in a quandary. He wanted to play the game, but Brian played the game all the time. One night, a week after Brian’s return, as Justin returned from work, Brian shouted out, “Dude, I have good news. Come in.”

As Justin entered Brian’s room, he found Brian naked, seated in front of the TV screen. Attached to the game consoled, Justin saw another game joystick. “We can play head to head. Isn’t that cool?”

Justin needed no further prompting. He tore off his clothes and sat beside his roommate. Justin and Brian played against each other, fighting each other for that level’s victory. When Justin lost to Brian at Level 1, the screen began to flash, lights spiraled and sounds blared. Instantly, Brian grabbed the Tantrum massage toy. Brian flung Justin on to the bed and rammed the prostate massage toy into Justin’s tight hole. All the while, Brian teabagged Justin, demanding that Justin suck his balls.

When the game signaled Level 2 to begin, Brian and Justin resumed their places on the floor of Brian’s bedroom, the prostate massage toy embedded in Justin’s ass. The boys resumed the game and fought their fight against each trying to reach the heights of the castle rampart. Brian won Level 2 as well. Brian grabbed a toy that Justin had never seen before, a “Mike’s Spikes”, a clamp around a man’s balls with little metal spikes inside. Brian grabbed Justin’s balls and placed Justin in the clamp. Once the clamp was secure, Brian cranked the key and adjusted the spikes. As the spikes nicked his balls, Justin began to scream. Brian grabbed the ball gag and secured it in Justin’s mouth.

Again, the game signaled Level 3 to begin. By now, Justin tired to losing to Brian. He focused upon the game, tried different strategies and hoped for victory. But, alas, Brian reached the door to the King’s chambers before Justin. Brian removed all the accessories from Justin’s body except for the ball gag. Brian pushed Justin upon the bed. He shoved his throbbing 10” into Justin’s well-lubed hole. For the next hour, Brian plowed Justin’s ass. As Justin’s cock rubbed against the material of the bedding, his cock erupted with pleasure. Brian likewise felt the swell and release of his cock into Justin’s ass. Even when he came, Brian did not stop his thrust and parry. He fucked Justin’s ass continuously. Brian turned Justin around, on his knees, doggie style allowing Justin to stroke himself and shoot his load. There was no end to their orgasms – cum abounded.

Whatever Brian demanded, Justin complied. Justin knew the rules of ‘The Video Game’.

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