An Uncontrollable Incident

By Yourmind123
published September 23, 2018
8629 words

Mark goes to a sex store to buy his boyfriend a present. But when someone with incredible powers walks in too, Mark realizes that HE’S the one getting a gift.

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Note: this is an adaption of a straight story of the same name by Likes ’Em Sloppy

Sometimes things just happen all of a sudden.

You suddenly find yourself in some crazy situation, and you don’t really know how you got there. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. Traffic accidents are like that. One moment you’re just driving down the road, and the next moment some idiot has slammed into your bumper. It happens all of a sudden. Nothing you can do about it. It sucks. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Blowjobs are like that too. One moment you’re shopping for a gift for your boyfriend, and the next moment there are straight guys dressed in nothing but jockstraps running around, while another one is on his knees, slurping on your dick. It happens. Nothing you can do about it. He sucks. Don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you…

It was in the afternoon, and I had stopped by the mall after lunch to buy a present for my boyfriend. Actually, it was more a present for me, even though it was going to be his 24th birthday that night. Sure, I planned on taking him out to dinner, buying him flowers, and so on. I’d even had a picture of the two of us framed. But I also wanted to get Liam a leather jock, a chest harness, and sexy black boots. He always was saying that the leather was for me, not for him, and maybe he was right. Still, I knew he would look good that night.

After taking him out, I wanted to take him back to my place, dress him up in the gear and pound him into the mattress. And I knew he would like it. Think of it as another birthday present. Liam is one great boyfriend. 5’9, tousled blond hair, with green eyes on a young face, and a sweet, australian boy-next-door look. Intelligent with a great sense of humor, he can always get the kids in his 2nd grade classroom to laugh. Being that he is a schoolteacher, he dresses semi-formal for work. But underneath that shirt and tie, he’s hiding a killer body. Along with his toned chest and biceps of steel, he’s got a great ass! I love just bouncing sliding my hands down his hard, lean body as he rides me. Or even better, I love watching my cock as I slide it into his loving mouth… Of course I (being the attentive top that I am) always do my best to get him off each time as well. Sucking him off is always a pleasure, and I always make sure he cums too. Overall, our sex life is great.

So this was what I was thinking about as I entered the sex shop tucked in the corner of the strip mall. It wasn’t very crowded, perhaps only a half dozen customers (all men), plus the sales staff. This was a very hetero-centric sex store, but it was the only one nearby, so it’d have to do. I thought about what I was going to get. Didn’t they have any men’s stuff here? Straight guys like getting dominated too, so they were really missing out on a huge demographic of customers… Here we go, hidden in the back corner, the gay section. Seriously, this place sold something called a “pussy spreader”, did they really need to hide this? Either way, I needed to find the right kind of underwear. Options, options…

As I hunted around for what I needed, an incredibly hot salesman came up to me—I noticed him right away. Sure, my boyfriend is hot, and I was trying to find something sexy for him, but I’m not blind. In his thirties, he had wavy dark hair. He was tall, at least 6’3, with a buff build and wide frame. He wore a tight black tank top that showcased his bulging biceps and barely covered his huge pecs. He also wore a pair of low-hanging cargo shorts. He had piercing blue eyes and his confident smirk was framed by some sexy stubble.

“Can I help you with anything?” he asked in a deep, gravelly voice.

“I think I know what I need,” I said confidently. I’d done this many times before. “I’m looking for some gear for my boyfriend for his birthday.”

He cocked his head and grinned. “Aren’t you the lucky one?” He pointed over to the top shelf at the back of the store. “We keep a lot more men’s stuff over there. Let me show you.” He flashed me another smile.

We walked over to the shelf, and sure enough, there at the top were boots, harnesses, and chastity cages for men. We looked through for a while and he grabbed stuff from the shelf as he was taller. I didn’t mind as it gave me a good view of his muscular arms stretching and flexing. We eventually found a really nice pair of knee-high black boots in Liam’s size.

“Do you need anything to match that?” the salesman (Alan, I learned) asked. “Yes, I’ll need a matching leather jock and harness,” I told him. “Well, I’m sure we have something that will suit him. I think we have some jocks that will match in the corner here,” he said, motioning to a nearby shelf. “Why don’t you take a look over there, and I’ll find a a few jocks and harnesses to try, and bring them to show you. What size does he need?” I knew Liam’s sizes for shoes, pants, shirts and the like, but I had never bought him a jock or a harness.

“Uhhh,” I stammered slightly. “I’m not quite sure of his size”. “Well,” said Alan, “how tall is he?” “About five-nine,” I answered. “How wide is his chest?” he asked. I didn’t know, as I had never measured his chest. “Well, maybe you can use me as an example,” he said smiling, and he stepped back away from me. “Is his chest wider or skinnier than mine?” He pulled off his tank top, giving me a full view of his glorious upper body! Now, along with his incredible arms and shoulders, I could see his perfectly crafted abs, and his amazing pecs which looked even better without the black material of his tank top stretched over them. It was a good thing we were at the back of the store. I genuinely started wondering if he was coming on to me. Not that I’d do anything, but I could always enjoy the effort.

“Hmmmm,” I thought. “This is nice.” I tried to keep a thoughtful yet expressionless look on my face as I stared at his chest. It was definitely larger than Liam’s. God, his whole body was bigger than Liam’s. The store didn’t have good air conditioning and it was the middle of summer, so sweat glistened down his chest and abs. But I figured that I’d see if he’d go one step farther.

“Can you turn around, please?” I asked, still keeping that pensive look on my face. “Maybe I can tell better from another angle.” I hoped he wouldn’t punch me.

A quick smirk came and left his face. “No problem,” he replied, and he spun around slowly, backside now facing me. His back muscles rippled beautifully as he straightened his stance. And his ass! He obviously worked out to be large, not lean. His ass jutted out like two perfect globes. I swear, if he stood up straight, you could balance an apple on it.

“What do you think?” he asked, looking back over his shoulder.

OK, don’t want to appear like a pervert here, I thought to myself. “Well, it’s tough for me to tell. But it looks like his chest is a bit skinnier than yours… I think.”

He smiled. “Are you sure? Why don’t you look again?” He turned his head back forward. I returned my gaze at his back and ass, and did a double take. I swear, he bending over slightly, sticking his ass at me. If I had seen this position originally, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed it; however, there was a definite difference between the first and second times. Now I could clearly see the band of his underwear as his cargo shorts hung down. In my surprise, I shifted my look away from him and towards the wall, where there was a mirror. That’s when I saw the look on his face. He was smiling slightly, but it was more of a cocky, smug smile. Not aroused, but arrogant, conceited. It’s funny, but in that one second I had him figured out. One can put things together sometimes pretty quickly. Now, all of his moves made sense, and I realized that he was likely intentionally teasing me. Probably thinking the “fag” would want to worship him and give him a huge tip. For me, though, his spell was now broken, and I just wanted him to get my stuff so I could leave.

“Yup. Smaller size. Can you get me the right size X-back harness and 30-inch waist jock?”

The salesguy slowly straightened his body, then turned around to face me. “Sure,” he said, with a fake grin. “Do you wanna get anything else? Maybe some cuffs and a ball gag? We’ve also got some nipple clamps on sale.” He looked at me expectantly. I could see that he thought I’d bought his show. “No, thanks,” I replied. “Just the jock and harness.” His smile dimmed just slightly.

“Well, I’ll go over and get the harness for you while you find the jock. If you need anything else,” he paused, flashing me one last sexy look, “I’d be glad to help you find an item.” I’m sure if I hadn’t seen him in the mirror, I’d be eating out of his hand, just to maybe keep up the attention. But instead I just thanked him and asked him to get the stuff I wanted, and he walked off, putting his shirt back on as slowly as possible.

Beginning to shrug the whole thing off, I searched through the small, hidden collection of men’s underwear. Liam was the priority here, I didn’t need to worry about that arrogant douche. Besides I was probably just reading into things. My mind refocused on the task at hand… Talk about limited offerings. I finally found one in Liam’s size at the back. It was a simple black leather jock that would frame his ass perfectly. He’d look great in that, kneeling in front of me and sucking my dick.

Just then Alan came back, with the harness in hand, looking at me. “I have these for you here…,” he began, but suddenly, I heard a voice yell out. “OK, EVERYBODY FREEZE!” It seemed like at that moment, the whole store became quiet and still. I wondered what was going on, and then I realized I couldn’t move. What the hell…? Then I heard a man’s voice.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen. Who’s going to be my sex toy today?!?!” The voice was not angry or anxious. He sounded kind of like a game show host. Maybe like Chris Harrison on that game show—“Who wants to be a millionaire?!?!”

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I couldn’t move, couldn’t turn my head. My line of vision was looking directly at Alan, and he was looking at me with the same look on his face. Apparently, he was frozen as well.

“Let me just look around and pick a few of you out,” the voice continued. I sensed the voice was coming from the front of the store, and in the silence I could hear someone walking about. Then I heard, “Oh, you’re a fuckin’ stud, you’ll do… no, you’re old and fat—no reason for you to be in this store… nope, too ugly… you might do, nice tight ass…” The voice went on for a while. Then I heard him say, somewhat surprised, “Dude, what’s happening?”

All of a sudden, I could speak, and started, “What the fuck is going —". I felt myself being cut short.

“No, man, calm your ass down! I’m not going to hurt you. Just tell me what you’re doing here,” I heard the voice say. “You can face me if you want.” With amazing calmness, I turned to my left, and there was this guy, perhaps 25 years old. Kind of short, maybe 5’5, and a bit fat, the guy wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He was smiling and holding a small metal box about the size of a video cassette and pointing it towards me. All of a sudden, I heard myself speak.

“I was buying some sex gear for my boyfriend.” I was surprised at the evenness in my voice. “Oh, is this him here?” he asked, pointing. “No, just the salesguy,” I replied matter of factly. “My boyfriend isn’t here.” “Oh, OK. This one’s kind of nice, though.” I could see the guy scanning him up and down. He went over to Alan and slapped his ass. “Cute butt.” Alan didn’t move. He walked in front of Alan and looked him in the face. “Handsome,” he said, and squeezed Alan’s package. “Damn, this one’s got a real thick dick in his pants.” I could see Alan’s emotionless face, and his body did not show any reaction at all. “Personally, though, he’s not my type. What do you think?” he asked me.

“Well, I think he’s really hot,” I heard myself reply. “But also kind of a dick. He was showing himself off to me trying to get me to buy more shit.” Why was I telling him this? The guy turned to me. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah.” He turned to Alan and asked, “So, are you a tease?” Alan’s body remained frozen, but now he spoke. “I guess so.” “Why?” he asked. “Give me the full truth.” “Well, the fags who come in here tend to have a lot of money, and I can usually make a pretty big sale with a huge tip if I do. Sometimes a few of them proposition me, ask if they can blow me for fifty bucks or something. So I take them out back, grab the money and clock ‘em a few times ‘till they run off and if they don’t I—” “OK, shut up.” He looked back at me and laughed. “Fuckin’ straight guys. They’re bigger teases than women, only they beat you up afterwards. But I don’t have to deal with that…” He paused. Look,” he said, “you must be wondering what’s going on. I’ll tell you—I have this little box here,” he said as he pointed to the thing he was carrying. “It lets me control people. They do whatever I say, and I can do what I want with it. Make people answer me, make them jump, make them bark like a dog, make them believe they are a dog, whatever. I can even make it so that nobody else wants to come into this store while I find some guy and fuck their brains out,” he said smiling. “I just have to use the box and say it. Great, what do you think, huh?”

“Yes, but how does it do all that?” I heard myself ask. I felt like I had to answer his question. It was like my thoughts were being vocalized whether I liked it or not.

“Well, that’s not for you to be concerned about, so don’t worry about it” he said laughing, and he turned away. “I’m not going to bother you. I wouldn’t hurt one of my fellow gays. But don’t move, guy, and be quiet now,” he said to me while walking away.

I felt myself freeze again. Funny, but I didn’t worry about it. I just listened as I heard him walk around, apparently checking out the men in the store. He asked some of their names, and some things about them, always sexual. For example: “You, what’s your name?” “Wes,” I heard a voice calmly say. “Have you ever been fucked?” “I’m not queer.” “Not what I asked. Ever been fucked up that ass?” “Almost, one time. My ex and I tried with a strapon once, but in the end I didn’t let her.” “Well,” he replied lightly, “I think from now on you can’t cum without a cock in your mouth or your ass. But don’t worry, I’ll let you stay straight.”

And so on. I listened intently to everything going on. I felt calm. After all, he told me to be so. But even feeling quite normal, I could feel my brain getting turned on after some of these “conversations”. Still, my body had no response. I was still frozen. As was Alan, whom I could see still as he stood there holding the harness. Looking at him now, even though I was just as powerless myself, my brain laughed at his predicament.

Finally, I heard the guy speak again. “Gentlemen, it seems out of the lot of you, there are five of you that I consider hot enough to fuck.” His voice was not condescending, simply matter of fact. “But I only want to take two or three of you, so I want Aiden, and… the one wearing the tight shorts… Jake?… and… Wes—come here!” I heard steps moving. “The rest of you just go about your business like before I came in. Forget everything that happened, and ignore myself and my boys here.”

All of a sudden, it was like my mind snapped back. I was buying leather for Liam, and this salesman Alan was getting me the items I wanted. Everything was normal.

“Are you sure there’s no other items you want? The ball gags and cuffs we have are really high quality,” he said to me. It was like nothing had ever happened. Totally normal.

“No, I think I’ll just take these,” I replied.

Alan was leaned over towards me, and pulled his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face, giving me one last look at his beautiful abs. “Well,” he said, taking the jock and boots from my hands, brushing his hands against my arm, “let me walk you up to the counter so you can check out.” Obviously, he wanted to make sure about his tip.

As we walked up to checkout, we passed a guy ordering three men to find some sexy gear. “Something that showcases your ass,” he said to one. “Leather and straps,” he said to another. All of these men were stripping down to try on stuff right there in the store. One of the men, a tall, lean black guy, was totally naked. Clothes were strewn here and there. I saw it, but thought nothing of it. Then the guy spoke to me.

“Oh, it’s you, dude,” he said. “Freeze and look at me. You too, Sir Cocktease.” Both Alan and I stopped in our tracks and looked at him. “Remember what just happened,” he ordered.

All of a sudden it came back to me. This guy had total control of everything here, including me. He was still clutching that metal box. I was watching this guy order his three fuck toy choices to pick out sex gear. The hunks were totally unaware of what was happening as they stripped down and tried on different items. Jockstraps, ball gags, and the like were all around them. I was again frozen, watching this guy be totally in charge. Apparently, Alan was in the same state.

“So you seem like an OK guy. Are you horny?” he asked me. “Kind of,” I answered. “Well, unfreeze yourself, but don’t make any moves to stop me or anything. Act like all of this is totally normal. You can talk if you want,” he told me. I felt myself relax a bit, but I also felt a hard-on spring up. I watched one guy who looked italian as he pulled on a little thong. He had kind of a male stripper’s body— tall, muscular and hairless, with tan skin. “What are you buying?” the controller asked me. “Boots, leather harness, jock…,” I replied. The guy chortled a bit, and then said, “Cool… well, I’m getting horny, too, but I need to save it for these three studs here. It takes a lot of energy to fuck three guys. What about if Mister Gay-Bash here dresses up in the things you’re going to buy, and then gives you a blowjob? It’ll give me something to watch while they find the right stuff to wear for me later.” “OK,” I answered him evenly. OK? Of course it’s OK… but I remained totally calm as ordered. “Mr Gay-Bash, what’s your name?” “Alan.” “Well Alan, why don’t you put on his stuff and give him a great blowjob?” he asked. “I don’t want to,” Alan replied. “Oh, my mistake,” said the guy, rolling his eyes. “Always have to say it correctly.” He started again. “Alan, I want you to wear all the stuff this guy is buying, make it look nice, and suck his cock. Do whatever he says until he gets off and his dick is back in his pants. You don’t want to, but you have to try your absolute best to please him. Obey him totally. Then put your clothes back on and let him have whatever he wants free of charge. Even give him a gift receipt,” he said, now smiling. “Do you understand?” “Yes,” said Alan. “But I need a harness and jock size that fits me. I will need to get it to look nice, like you said. His boyfriend is skinnier than me.” He said this all emotionlessly. “OK, whatever,” the guy said, flicking Alan away with his hand. “Just be quick about it. And drink some water too. You’ll want your mouth to be real wet.” Alan ran off with my stuff as the guy turned back to me. “You are going to love this, dude. I’m such a generous guy, aren’t I?” “Yes, I suppose you are,” I said casually. “I think getting him to give me head is pretty wild, though.” “Yeah, maybe you do,” he said. “But I do this all the time. This little machine,” he pointed to the metal box, “has changed my life. I can do whatever I want.”

My mind raced a bit. Wow, go anywhere, any place, pick out the hottest looking guy and fuck him right there. Eat at a five-star restaurant for free while the waiter serves your dick beneath the table. Get a pair of twin brothers, or a father-son duo to have a threesome with you. Find A-list movie stars, and have them blow you while you watch their movies.

“I guess you must do all sorts of stuff,” I commented. He told me I could talk. “You know, I have huge orgies, studs blowing me on the dance floor at clubs, famous actors and male models and all. But I found that if I can pick out a few good candidates and find a comfortable spot to have my fun, it all works out, too. Variety is better. Movie stars are great, but every now and then it’s nice just to get the normal dudes to fuck.” He said it all so casually, I kind of had to agree with him. “Still, I think it’s pretty crazy,” I said. “OK, tell you what,” he replied. “Get Alan to blow you however you want. I don’t want you to be freaked out at all by what’s happening here. Don’t mind you’re in the middle of the store. He told us that he was a tease and a gay basher, so make him pay for it. He owes you, and he’ll take it all. Totally punish him. But don’t actually hurt him, man. You can’t kill him, hit him or anything. Just use him with your dick, tell him he’s a fucking cumrag or something and get one hell of a blowjob. Nobody will bother you.” With that, he pushed a button on the metal box and turned back to his men. Now brimming with confidence, I was ready to go. I was going to ram my cock down his throat and make him pay. While I waited for Alan, I watched as a lean irish businessman with curly hair stripped down to a more sexy version of his suit; he now wore only a red tie, a pair of mesh boxer-briefs, garter socks, and a pair of loafers. He had a light amount of body hair going down his chest.

“Do those briefs have an opening at the back?” the controller asked. “I don’t want to fuck with having to take that thing off you before I do you.” The businessman shook his head. He had an empty look on his face. “Well, then,” the guy said, “go find one with an opening, jesus.” He turned to me. “This is tougher than you think. Sometimes I wish this box would read my mind so I wouldn’t have to say anything…”

At that point, Alan returned. I circled him to get a full look. He was now fully decked out in the leather harness, and jock, along with the tall boots. His bulge was on prominent display through the small leather triangle of the jock, and his tight ass was perfectly framed by its straps. The harness also accentuated the best parts of his chest and back. Having just had the water, his lips were wet and glistening, practically begging for my dick. I reveled in the entire sight.

“Should I suck you now?” he asked me quite normally with an emotionless look. “Change that look on your face!” I barked authoritatively. “And I don’t like that tone of voice. You straight men have the world at your feet, and you STILL chose to beat on us gay guys. Well, guess what, now you’re caught! You’re going to pay for all the teasing and bashing. You’re going give me the nastiest, sloppiest blowjob ever, you fucking cumrag. Understand?” “Yes,” said Alan, now meekly. His real expression, somewhere between rage, annoyance, and disgust, appeared on his face. “What do you think about giving head?” I questioned. “I like getting it,” he now answered with obvious discomfort, unable to stop the words tumbling out of his mouth. “But I think guys who suck dick are disgusting. I get women wanting to do it, it’s in their nature. They see a penis and feel naturally submissive. But a guy, choosing to put a dick in his mouth? Swallowing another man’s load? The thought of that makes me gag. And —". “God, shut up. You’ll be gagging soon enough,” I said. That box really made people answer every question to the letter. I was tired of hearing his mouth talk. I wanted it to work. “Drop down on your knees, take my cock out and start!” I ordered. Alan immediately knelt before me and started unbuttoning my pants. “I want you to get me completely hard, then start blowing me.”

Alan freed my cock from my pants, and I leaned back against the sales counter. He started a handjob at the base of my cock, while licking the head and underside of it. Amazingly, people were just walking around us, totally oblivious. Customers making purchases, milling around. Everyone seemed totally unaware of the guy’s little harem-to-be trying on sex gear, as well as the sex show going on. The guy stood there with a smile on his face watching us, occasionally giving orders to his men. Quickly, I grew to full hardness. For having never sucked a cock, Alan did a pretty good job. He was told to do so.

“OK, now take me down as far as you can, you little cocksucker, and make it good,” I ordered. “More saliva. I want to see it dripping off your lips.” Alan proceeded to drive his head about two thirds of the way down my cock. . “Ummmphuugh! Unngk! Ohuunk!” he choked. “That’s it, stud, gag on my cock!” I yelled. I stood there, thrusting back and forth slightly into his mouth. He made no effort to back off, yet he was obviously in discomfort. “Look at me when I am talking to you!”

Alan looked up at me. I could see the rage in his eyes, and I loved it. What a way to teach a bigot!

“OK, now I want you to do this all on your own,” I commanded. “Pull my cock out of your mouth, look me in the eye, lick quickly underneath my cock head, then push your head back down. Bob up and down on my dick till you run out of breath, or gag. Then pull my cock out and do it all again. And no hands! Put them behind your back, and arch your back to push your chest out!”

Alan did as ordered. Up, look, lick, lick, down, up, down, gag. Up, look, lick, lick, down, up, down, up, down, gag. Over and over.

“Wow,” I heard the guy say. “You’re really making him work.”

“Oh that’s not the half of it yet,” I said, not taking my eyes off Alan’s efforts. “Just wait, I have more in mind.” I leaned back, enjoying the sensation. From time to time I looked at the guy’s hunks try on various pieces of gear and underwear. It was great getting blown while watching the strip show. After a few minutes of this, Alan started to slow down.

“Hey little tease,” I said down to him. “Getting tired?”

Alan pulled his head off my cock and replied meekly, “Yes.”

I quickly reached down, grabbed his head with both my hands and turned him face up to me. “Who said you could take your mouth off my cock?!? Get back on there!!” I slid my meat back in his mouth. “When… I… ask… you… a… question… when… my… cock’s… in… your… mouth…,” I grunted, pounding myself between his lips and down as far as I could go, each word being a thrust, “you… will… answer… me… with… your… lips… wrapped… around… it… understand?” After the last word, I left my cock on his tongue in his mouth. “Well? Understand, bitch?”

Alan’s eyes watered a bit at his first time deepthroating. He pulled back from my cock. Leaving the cockhead in his mouth and looking up at me, he answered, “Yeth.” Luckily for him, he kept his hands behind him.

I smiled at him speaking difficultly. “Yeth what?” I said.

“Yeth, I unnerthan,” he mumbled over my cock. Vibrations from his answer kind of tickled my cockhead.. “No,” I shot back. “It’s ‘yes sir’. Try again.” “Yeth thur, I unnerthan,” he said, or tried to say. His face was a bit red from the exertion.

I took in the image before me for a while. There was Alan, bare-chested save the harness, kneeling before me in black boots, holding the tip of my cock in his mouth. He was looking up at me with big wide eyes, awaiting my next command. It was easy to see that he was angry and humiliated at the situation. I thought about all the times in the past he must have lead guys on. Flexing his muscles, flirting casually, gaining their trust, and then beating the shit out of them and taking their money. He might have loved the control before, but now he that he was under my control, he actually had to make good on his sexual deals.

“What are you… mmm… going to do next?” asked the guy. I looked over to my side. The guy was watching us while groping and making out with the muscular italian dude. It was a funny sight, since the italian was at least 6’5, and had to bend down to kiss his short, pudgy master.

“Make him pay,” I replied. “Just like you said.” Of course. I was doing everything the guy had said and enjoying it. I looked back down at Alan. He still had my hard cock obediently placed in his mouth, panting a bit. His hands were locked together against the small of his back. “OK, little suck slut, you’ve had a break, so back to work!” I said. He had at least 5 inches on me, but I loved calling him little. “I want you to go back to sucking my dick, but I want you to do it and say, ‘I’m sorry for being a straight piece of shit, I’m a good little cocksucker now’ over and over. Got it?”

“Yeth thur,” he replied, and he got to work. His head bobbed up and down on my cock. The words really weren’t understandable unless you knew what they were. “Am horree hor heing uh wait heese oh fit, heim ua gud rittel cockthucker mow,” or something like that. After a few times, I realized that his talking reduced the amount of suction he could pull on me, but the part that said “good little cocksucker” really vibrated a lot and felt great. So I just told him to say that part every five times he took me into his mouth.

One, two, three, four, five. “Heim ua gud rittle cockthucker”. One, two, three, four, five. “Eim ua gud rittle cockthucker .” One, two, three, four, five. “Heim ua gud rittle cockthucker “.

On and on it went. I listened to him mouthing the words and heard the sounds of slurping. I felt his words humming through my cock and felt his stubble scratch lightly against my balls when he went all the way down. I ran hands through his coiffed black hair and ruffled it up. I leaned against the counter, then brought up one foot to rub against his bulge through the leather jock. An experience for all the senses. His face was totally flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and exhaustion. But he was not holding back at all, and his efforts were getting me closer and closer to spewing into his mouth.

All the while, people had been going on just like we were standing there totally normal. It was like they thought I was just standing at the counter while Alan was helping me. People saw us, but didn’t give a second look. And I felt no strangeness from getting my customized mouth fuck from Alan. My male benefactor walked over to me now. I realized he was standing right beside me, but I didn’t care about his presence. He had the businessman and the italian dude at either side, his arms around their waists, while the black guy stood behind him, kissing his neck and reaching around to rub his crotch.

“Where did you get those ideas, dude?” he asked me. “I’ve made straight guys blow me every day, and I humiliate ’em all the time if I think they’re a douche, but you have got one hell of a mind!” I thought about it for a second. Where did I think of this? I’d had blowjobs before, and I always enjoyed them. I’ve even bugged Liam for them constantly. But I didn’t know where the hell these ideas came from. Had I called him a cumrag?

“I think I just did what you said,” I told him. " ‘Make him pay’, you told me. So I did.”

“Huh,” he said. “Yeah, people tend to do exactly what I say when I use the box.” He turned to look at his choices.

“You know,” said the guy to me, “this has been real fun, but we’ve got to go. Tell you what, when you finish up here, get your pants back on, collect your stuff and go about your business like everything is normal. Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone bust you.” He looked at Alan. “Hey dickslurp, stop for a moment.” Alan did as ordered, but learning from his previous lesson, he kept my dick in his mouth. He continued on. “You will forget everything after he leaves the store. But you’ll never hurt a queer person ever again. In fact, I want you to make sure and blow one guy a day, every day, for the rest of your life.” The guy looked at me, then looked up, as if he had had an epiphany. “Yeah, every day after work, get on Grindr, find the ugliest guy in the vicinity and message him till you get him to let you give him a blowjob. Or if a guy hits on you, ask HIM if he wants a blowjob. You will have to suck him off. Beg if you have to. You’ll pay back the gay community with your mouth. And you won’t ever tell anybody that you do it. You won’t even remember you did the same thing the day before. You won’t know why you’re doing it while it’s happening, except for the exact moment when you taste his cum.” I could see his mind piecing his orders together for Alan as he went on. “At that second, you’ll remember this whole thing, and you’ll remember that it all happened because you used to be a gay-bashing cocktease. You’ll remember all the new blowjobs you’ve given. You’ll remember, then you’ll forget again. Until the next day when you get another mouthful of cum. Understand?” He pointed that metal box at him.

Alan had turned his head to look at the guy, but my cock never left his mouth. He had a horrified look on his face as he thought about the magnitude of his order. However, he didn’t waste any time replying, “Yeth thur, I unnerthan.” I loved the vibrations his words made on my dick.

“I love how you got him to say that,” he said back to me, laughing. “Now, you’re a real lucky guy, you know? You seemed normal, so I didn’t make you do anything crazy… boy, I’ve done that to assholes in the past… Anyway, after this is over, you won’t tell anybody about it, OK?” I could see him thinking. “Let’s see. Just ’cause I’m in a good mood, and since you’ve put on a good show, I’ll let you remember what went on here. I’ve never done that before. It’s my present to you. But no telling anybody about what happened. You won’t tell anyone about my box here. It’ll be a great memory for you. And you won’t try to come and find me or anything. If you ever see me, you won’t bother me.”

“Thanks…,” I started and then realized I didn’t know his name. “I didn’t get your name…”

“Oh, you can just call me Ed,” he said. “But don’t tell anybody that either. Remember. Take care and enjoy, dude.” With that, Ed ordered his three slaves to follow him out the door. They were all dressed in the various sexy outfits that Ed had approved of, and they all looked hot. I found myself staring as I saw him fiddle with the little metal box, and then swat the black dude on his ass. “Get a move on. We have fucking to do. We’ve got to find a mattress store or something here in this mall…” And then they were out.

I watched them leave, and then turned my attentions back to my kneeling muscle toy. I told Alan to resume the suck cycle I had given him. Saliva and sweat were dripping off his chin as he continued to mouth words over my cock. He showed signs of fatigue, but I gave no thought to it. “No letting up, slut!” I yelled at him, and he picked up the pace with renewed vigor. His face got red as he repeatedly slammed my prick passed his lips. His words became more unintelligible, but the pleasurable humming sensation increased. The sweet sucking sounds he had been making increased in volume. After a few minutes of this, I felt my orgasm rising out of my balls. I grabbed Alan’s head and started thrusting my cock hard and fast down his throat. “Shut up and let me fuck your face, you fucking cum dumpster!” I barked. Alan let out a muffled yelp and started to gag at the same time. Of course, I ignored it. “Slut!” I grunted. Wham, wham, wham. “You’re gonna swallow every drop of my cum!” Wham, wham, wham. “You’ll be doing this every day, bitch!” Wham, wham, wham. “Make sure you swallow, just like a good little cocksucker!”

And then I shot off. Bang! I felt like a firehose, spewing cum out of me and down his throat. As each spurt flew out, I pushed forward, enjoying the sensation. Alan gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed. After the last major one, I pulled out and rubbed my cock on Alan’s sexy face, my tip still leaking come and entire shaft dripping with saliva. Then, my body relaxed and I pulled away from him and leaned with my back against the counter. Alan knelt there panting, arms still behind his back.

After I got my breath, I gave Alan another order. “Clean me up with your tongue and mouth! Make sure my cock, balls and pubes are all shiny and nothing is sticky!” He leaned forward and started licking and slurping. Everything got a tongue bath. The sensations were very relaxing, like a massage for my prick after its big workout. Finally, he finished, but he held my cockhead in between his lips. Awaiting my instructions, I guess. Boy, Ed’s box was pretty powerful.

“OK, put me back in my pants, button me up,” I ordered. “Watch the hairs. Then check me out.” Alan began as I requested. But as soon as I was buttoned up, a slight change came over him. He stopped looking disgusted, and got off his knees and patted himself down.

“Wow, I’m a mess,” he said without a trace of what just happened in his voice. “I guess I need to check you out now, but do you still want these items?” He pointed at what he was wearing. “I think I’ll need to get you new ones, if that’s OK with you.” All of a sudden things were back to normal, except I could sense in his voice and movements that the arrogant seduction was over. He was just now your average helpful salesman, albeit in sexy leather gear.

“Yeah, I think I want new stuff,” I said, and after asking me politely to wait here, he went off to the back to get everything. I took a look around at the store. Everything was still totally normal. People were looking around at merchandise and the floor help was milling about. Also, I felt completely comfortable with what happened. After all, Ed had told me not to worry.

While looking at the entrance, I did a double take. My boyfriend Liam was coming into the store! I panicked, not because I was scared of being caught (again, Ed had told me not to worry, so I didn’t), but because I’d get caught buying his gift. Too late, Liam spied me at the counter and walked up to me. “Hey, babe!” he exclaimed happily. “What are you doing here?” He paused, and then said, “You’re not buying me any sex toys are you?” He had a playful frown on his face.

I leaned over and kissed him. “I guess I’m busted. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Not much of a surprise,” chuckled Liam. “I kind of expected it. You’re pretty predictable sometimes.” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “you can be really dirty every now and then, though!” He didn’t know the extent of it. I smiled.

“I came by a bit earlier, but it was really crazy,” Liam went on. “People were all about, clothes strewn all over the place. I’m glad they cleaned it up. Were you here?” Ed’s box really worked magic. Nobody noticed any of the stuff that really went on.

“Yeah, I was here. It was a bit crazy,” I answered. Just then, Alan came back up. He had put his normal clothes back on, fixed his hair, and cleaned his face. I noticed that he was now wearing a belt.

“Here you are,” said Alan. “I have your purchases here all ready to go.” He gave me a bag with clean items inside. “Let me give you your gift receipt.” Liam looked at me and laughed. “I hope he didn’t get anything too nasty,” he said to Alan. “I’m his boyfriend.” He took my arm. Liam’s not the jealous type, but like I said, Alan was incredibly attractive.

“Oh you are?” said Alan. “I thought you weren’t in the store.”

“No, I just showed up,” said Liam smiling. “Caught him in the act.” I had to laugh a bit at that one myself. Of course Alan had been ordered by Ed to forget everything now.

“Well, he was the perfect gentleman,” said Alan jokingly. No trace of any smugness. No, upturned nose at me and my boyfriend. Again, I laughed a bit. I got my gift receipt, and then Liam and I walked out the door. No worries.

That evening, Liam and I had a great time. I showed up with a dozen roses and the framed picture of the two of us. We went out to a nice Japanese restaurant (Liam loves sushi). And we came back to my place, where I gave Liam the expected leather gifts. To my happiness, he liked them a lot. “Don’t know if I can wear the boots all the time,” he said as he knelt down before me, clad in his birthday presents, “but I think you’ll see the harness and jock a lot. I do like the whole thing, though. Mmmmmmmm…”

Head from Liam was sweet and erotic, and it was intended to make me rock hard so we could fuck. Of course, he did the job. And I got to lay him on his back and pound him hard while looking into eyes like I’d wanted. We made love three times that night. It was a great end to a great day.

Of course, I couldn’t tell Liam that I’d received the dirtiest, wildest blowjob, with its own mind-blowing orgasm that day in the mall. Ed told me I couldn’t tell anyone. But he didn’t tell me that I couldn’t write it all down in a story, so I’m doing that here. And he didn’t tell me that I couldn’t be the one that meets Alan after work for his required mouthfuck. I remember what Ed told him to do. So I get head all the time from Alan. And I don’t worry about it. I usually wait for him at the employee entrance to the store. I make sure I’m the first guy that he sees. As soon as he comes out, I pop up and say hi to him. Sometimes I say, “Hey slut, wanna blow me?” Or I approach him from behind and give his ass a squeeze. In any case, he comes close to me, and asks me right there if he can give me a hummer. Sometimes I let him blow me right away in his car, sometimes I make him work for it. On a few occasions, I’ve had him drive me to a motel, where I only let him blow me after I’ve had his perfect ass. He begs for it then, of course. And I’m always making him pay for the privilege, just like Ed said. Of course, I can’t tell anybody about it.

I have to be a little careful, though. Liam and I get along great, but it’s hard to turn down the perfect piece on the side. Alan never complains, never needs my attention for anything else than his sucking, and I can just use him everyday if I want. But since Alan can never talk about what we do, ever, I feel the risk is pretty low. I don’t worry about it, because Ed told me not to. Alan never remembers the day before or the time before, just like Ed commanded him. He thinks it’s totally normal.

Except, at the instant when I cum. Then, I can see it all come back to him, just like Ed said. It is the sweetest moment. He tastes my cum, and I can see his face turn to despair, just for a second. Sometimes I have him look me in the eye when it happens so I can watch it directly. It’s amazing how much can be conveyed in his look. Embarrassment, shame, perhaps regret about his past homophobic life, horror at this daily reoccurring duty. Then, as fast as it comes (so to speak), it goes away. And he’s out of my sight shortly thereafter. But it is great to know the fucker keeps paying for his actions. Yes, sometimes things just happen. You find yourself suddenly in some situation, and you don’t really know how you got there. But in this case, I always enjoy it.

The End

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