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published July 26, 2020
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Hi guys! My name is Cameron. Join me as I document my adventures around the globe with nothing but my backpack!

Friday, June 14th- 6:15pm (GMT+3)
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Hey guys! Cam the Backpack Blogger again! First, my apologies. I know it’s been a week or so since I last updated the blog. My bad! 💔 The journey back from Hyderabad was a wild one. Somehow I ended up sneaking aboard a freight train headed for Ankara. That was a long, sweaty three days!

I actually uploaded a vlog about that whole leg of the journey on my Youtube page📽 , so check that out if you’re interested. And remember, if you like what I’m doing, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Anyway, as I mentioned back in February, I’ve been running low on funds for a while now, so my around-the-world adventure has been slowed quite a bit. But still, we’re getting there! 👏 Ankara is a pretty cool place. Way bigger than I expected too.

I’m going to spend the next couple of days here and then head north, towards the coast. I’ve been wanting to visit the Black Sea ever since I took a history class in my second year of college back in 2016. Did you know there are ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea that are still really well preserved? Pretty cool, right? It’s like a time warp back into the past!

Check back soon guys. I’m planning on visiting the castle here tomorrow. Should be a cool trip. As always, the photos will be on my Insta page. Stay tuned! ✌

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Tuesday, June 18th- 10:37pm (GMT+3)
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Ankara has been awesome!. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared my latest video from the Mausoleum. Off to the coast tomorrow, as promised. Can’t wait! 👍

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Thursday, June 20th - 11:39pm (GMT+3)
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Wow, what a day. Finally made it to the Black Sea guys! It took a couple of days of hitchhiking but I finally ended up in Amasra, a stunningly beautiful little port town right here on the coast. You sure don’t see stuff like this back in Virginia! ❤ If you’re interested, you can find a whole bunch of pics of the bay over on my instagram. 😎

I was honestly a little worried about where I was going to stay, because I ran out of lira back in Ankara (that’s Turkey’s currency, if you were wondering), and I wasn’t able to find anyplace that would exchange my dollars and Rupees on the way up here. It was getting late in the evening and to be honest with you guys, I was starting to freak out a little!

Luckily, when I was wandering around the marketplace like a headless chicken (haha) I ran into a local named Melik. He went to school in the States 🏈 and his English is pretty great. We got talking for a while and he ended up offering me a place to stay for a while. He was more than happy to accept my dollars. Score! Plus, his rates are so low, I’ll be able to stay a whole week and still have funds left over!

I know you guys like to see pics of the places where I stay, but Melik asked me not to take any photos of his villa, inside or out. I guess he likes his privacy? I respect that. But don’t worry guys, as soon as I get back out into the town itself, they’ll be plenty more to see and photograph!

Gotta admit, I’m super tired. Think it’s time to hit the hay. Oh, one last thing. The Wifi in my room here at Melik’s is great too. I know, right? Imagine me having reliable internet for once, haha! So yeah anyway, you can expect plenty more blogs over the next few days as I explore Amasra!

Stay tuned guys, and remember to like and subscribe! 👍

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Friday, June 21st - 11:48pm (GMT+3)
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Merhaba guys! (That means hello apparently?) It’s Cam again! ✌ Great day today. A long one, but lots of fun. I got talking to Melik some more over breakfast. He keeps calling me ‘Kamber’ for some reason. Maybe he misheard me when I first told him by name, or maybe it’s some sort of nickname that he’s given me, I’m not sure! 🤷‍

But anyway, as you guys know by now, I like to pick up at least a little of the language when I visit a new country, but I gotta admit, Turkish is a tricky one! So far I’ve learned how to say hello and goodbye, and Melik told me that his name originally means ‘master’ or ‘king’ in Turkish which is kinda cool.

That got me thinking…what does my name mean? According to Wikipedia, Cameron is originally Scottish, and means ‘Crooked Nose’! HAHA! Can you believe that? No crooked noses around here. Just my boyish good looks, lol! Anyway guys, let me know in comments below about the origins of your names too!

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Saturday, June 22nd - 11:57pm (GMT+3)
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I went for a walk this afternoon along the shore. What a day! The sun was blazing and the port was even more stunning than I had remembered! ☀😎🌞 I put some more photos on my insta and a short video on my Youtube channel. You guys should definitely check it out! I think this is one of the most fascinating towns I’ve been to on my journeys so far! What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below!

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to sample the local cuisine so far, but the few things I have tried have been awesome. It’s a really interesting blend of Medittereanean and Middle-eastern foods. If you guys are ever in Turkey, I recommend trying a Simit or two! Yum! 😋

In the summer, dusk is super late here, and Melik has this awesome little balcony where you can watch the sun fall behind the hilltops. It’s breathtaking!

Anyway, as we were sitting there, he was showing me another local custom. Apparently it’s common here for people to burn incense in the evenings. He set it all up on the table between us and just kinda wafted the smoke gently in my direction. To begin with it seemed like a silly custom, you know? But after inhaling it for a little while I started to understand why the people here do this. It’s SUPER relaxing. Like really, after a few minutes of that, I was zoning out completely! Couldn’t even remember half the stuff Melik said! Before I knew it, the sun had set and I was wandering back to my bedroom feeling awesome, haha! 🤣

Oh that reminds me, that’s another funny thing. Apparently it’s common here, like it was back in Pakistan and India, for people to have servants, and the architects took that into account when building these villas. Melik doesn’t have servants, obviously, he’s a real capable guy and likes to do things for himself, but actually it turns out my bedroom is ‘technically’ the unused servant quarters, which is kinda funny. There’s a little staircase right beside my bedroom door, leading out into the back yard. I guess that’s the ‘servant’s entrance’. Honestly it’s convenient for me, as it means I’ll be able to go on my adventures later this week without disturbing Melik. Pretty sweet, right?

Anyway I think that’s all for today. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow yet. This place is so relaxing and serene, I might just go for another stroll along the water and see where the wind takes me! Later guys!

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Sunday, June 23rd - 11:30pm (GMT+3)
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Melik is really a terrific guy. Just swell. And so thoughtful, too! He noticed that I didn’t have many clothes in my shabby backpack, so he went out this morning and got me some. You guys know I like to wear local clothes and fit in with the culture when I can, so I will admit I was a little disappointed when he brought back American-style clothes. I guess he thought that’s what I would want. Ah well, I’m certainly not going to complain!

I mean yeah, these shiny black oxfords - plus the three sets of black dress pants and white dress shirts he got me - aren’t exactly my style, and these white briefs are a little constricting, but when you’re running super low on funds and need new threads, all you can say is “teşekkür ederim efendim”! (That means thanks!)

Once again, we sat out on the balcony and Melik lit the incense. It seemed even stronger this time. I wonder where he gets it? I need to take some with me when I hit the road again. It’s real powerful stuff, I’ll say that. I was totally out of it! He ended up having to nudge me awake, haha, kinda embarrassing! 😅

By the way, this is probably a long shot, but do any of you guys out there speak Turkish? I’m wondering what efendim/efendi means? I’ve been trying to learn the language a little more with Melik’s help, and he says it’s proper that I should call him that but I’m not sure exactly why. 🤷‍

I mean, obviously I will keep calling him that, because it’s just polite to do as people ask when you’re staying in their home, right? But still, I would like to know the meaning of the words coming out of my mouth, lol! I Googled it but the main translations I could find don’t make much sense. Maybe there’s a more colloquial translation? Or perhaps it’s a regional dialect? If anyone knows, please leave a comment below! 🙏

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Monday, June 24th - 11:31pm (GMT+3)
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Sorry readers, I’m going to have to disappoint you today. 🙏 No interesting stories to speak of, because I didn’t even leave the house! Not once for the entire day!

I know, I know. I’m kinda bummed about it too. 😢 But I only found out another important local custom from Melik first thing this morning. Honestly, he seemed kind of awkward and shy about it, like he didn’t really want to have to point this out and maybe we should ignore it, but I stopped him right there and insisted that if there’s a local custom around here that I should be following, let’s do it! I’m not one of those fathead Americans that goes overseas and expects the natives to accommodate them, no way!

That seemed to ease his mind a little, and he explained that when you’re staying in someone’s house in Turkey, it’s normal that the homeowner give you a ‘to-do’ list of chores, and you’re expected to have them all done before lunch time. It’s a great way of showing respect and gratitude to the person/people who are so generously allowing you to live in their home. Pretty cool, right? How come we don’t have anything like that in America? 🤷‍

So anyway, of course I took that list from Melik and assured him I’d take care of it. It was pretty simple stuff, scrubbing the tile floors with a sponge, handwashing Melik’s laundry, stuff like that. Honestly, I felt good doing it, you know? Like I was accomplishing something and actually being productive. These last few months have all been about me and my journeys, it was nice for once, just for a little while, to give back and be of service to others.

The only problem was, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the weather in Turkey, but in the summer it gets crazy warm, and in Melik’s villa the A/C is programmed to not activate until 11am for some reason, so after about an hour of scrubbing those floors I was HOT! Luckily, Melik is a super understanding guy, real chill, and he said I should just take my clothes off and work in my briefs. Apparently it’s not weird at all in Turkey for guys to see each other in their underwear, their whole cultural expectations around homosexuality are different than ours back home. Why can’t America be more like that, you know?

So anyway, I stripped down into my briefs and worked for the rest of the morning. Worked up quite a sweat, I tell ya! Melik made me lunch - it was delicious, of course - and afterwards I cleaned up the kitchen. It was the least I could do.

Oh, actually, one interesting thing did happen (sorry, I know this blog entry is probably getting kinda boring, haha). It turns out that Melik used to be a barber back in the day. I’m not sure when ‘back in the day’ was, because he’s honestly not that old. I’m 24 and he doesn’t look THAT much older than me. Maybe mid-30s, I dunno.

Anyway, he offered to give me a cut that afternoon. I was so grateful! As you guys can no doubt see from my videos, my hair has been getting crazy long recently and definitely needed the trim. I put some photos of the new look up on the Gallery!

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking! “But Cam, you liked that wild hairstyle! And omgz, where’s the beard gone??” I know, I know! Melik didn’t really ask me what I wanted, he just kinda…did it, haha. And when you’re getting a free service like that, it would be kinda rude to start butting in and making demands, right? So I just let him do what he wanted to me.

And honestly? Being completely clean shaven for the first time in months feels awesome. Everytime I rub my fingers down my cheeks I can’t believe how smooth they are! And the hair, gosh! Yeah, I guess he did cut it a lot shorter than I expected, and I gotta admit, I was a little surprised when he grabbed a whole load of pomade and slicked it tightly back, haha… 😅 but you know what? I actually like the look. It’s kinda refined, you know?

I think out of respect for Melik I’ll maintain it for as long as I’m living in his home. He did put some razors, shaving cream and pomade in the bathroom for me, so I guess he’s kinda expecting it too, and I don’t wanna let him down! 👌

After all, I’m only going to be here a few more days, then when I hit the road once more I can just let it grow out again.

Let me guys know in the comments what you think of the new look. By the way, I uploaded another vid of me sweeping the patio on my YT channel. Check it out, and remember to like and subscribe!

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Tuesday, June 25th - 10:59pm (GMT+3)
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Hey guys! Just a quick note today. I’m so exhausted, don’t think I’ll be able to write much even if I wanted to, haha! 😴

Spent the afternoon installing a plaque on the door to my room. It says “Servant’s Quarters” on it, in English for some reason. Pretty cool, right? Not really sure why Melik wanted me to put it up. I didn’t think to ask, haha.

By the way, thanks to everyone that responded to my question the other day on the meaning of efendi. Everyone seems to think it means “Master” or “Sir”. That’s the main translations that I found online too. But that can’t possibly be it, why would Melik insist I call him that? 🤔

Besides, I’ve been saying it so much the last few days, if it does mean that, it would be mega cringe at this point, LOL! 🤣

I still think there must be another meaning to it. Maybe some sort of slang? Or maybe it’s like how people call each other “boss” when they’re not really their boss, you know? I’m not sure.

To the guy that emailed me yesterday suggesting I just ask Melik what it means, normally I would, bro! But right now I’ve been trying this new mindfulness thing that Melik has been teaching me. It’s some ancient Arabic meditative thing where I stay in the present, slow my thoughts, clear my mind, and most importantly: don’t ask questions. It’s all about keeping things simple and orderly. Makes sense to me! Let me know if this is something any of you guys have tried and if it worked for you in the comments below!

Personally, I gotta say, so far it’s making me feel A LOT better! 👍

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Wednesday, June 26th - 11:05pm (GMT+3)
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I’m really lucky to have Melik around to guide me. I nearly committed a terrible cultural offense today!! I woke up bright and early, around 6am, which you guys know is WAY early for me, haha.

I spent a little while showering, shaving and fixing up my hair all nice and neat like Melik showed me, then after finishing my chores this morning and making lunch for him, I decided I’d go out on another adventure around Amasra! Wanted to get some cool pics for you guys!!

So yeah anyway, while it’s obviously culturally acceptable for me to wear nothing but my briefs while doing morning chores, I decided I should probably wear some actual clothes when I go out (haha!) so I pulled on my new shirt and slacks, the ones Melik had so generously purchased for me. 🙏

And yeah, there I was, just about to leave the house, when Melik told me that having my shirt untucked would cause a grave offense to the Gods of the local people, and that wearing a dress shirt with an open collar would suggest I was out on the prowl and looking for a woman for sexual purposes! Yikes! 😱

It’s amazing how different cultures around the world have these really subtle and nuanced ways of communicating things that us slobs in America have no idea about! It was a good thing that I thought to check with Melik to see if he wanted me to bring him anything from the market before I went out looking like that! 😅

By a stroke of luck, Melik had a black necktie right there in his desk drawer. I was kind of reluctant to take it at first, because Melik has given me so much over the last few days, and I was starting to feel a little guilty, you know? But he assured me it was okay. Eventually I let him give it to me, haha. 🙏🎁 Obviously I made sure to tie the necktie nice and neatly, to show I appreciated the gift.

Gotta say, it felt a little tight around my throat at first. Did you guys realize I haven’t actually worn a tie since my college graduation? I know right??! I’ve been slumming for so long, LOL! But yeah, it’s no big deal. I got used to the feeling real quick!

Okay, so anyway, you guys know that I’m not one to embarrass easily, but I gotta admit, I did feel little weird walking around town with my new hairstyle and my new outfit. In America, I’d probably look like a waiter or a butler or something 😅😊 , but I knew around here expectations on appearance were probably totally different, so it’s okay.

It was a little tricky getting everything on the shopping list Melik had given me, because of the language barrier, but with lots of pointing and gesticulation, I managed to get everything he needed. That’s one of my favorite things about traveling to new countries - communicating with the locals. It can be a challenge, I’ll admit, but it’s a fun one! And making that human connection is always gratifying. ❤

Cringe moment though, because I got so focused fulfilling Melik’s grocery list that I forgot to buy anything for myself! Ah well, I don’t need much anyway. After all, I did go over a week with no food in southern China. Remember that one, guys? Man, we’ve had some wild adventures this past year, haha. 🍀

Anyway when I got back Melik gave me a new list of chores to complete that afternoon. I was a little confused at first, because I was pretty sure he said that the cultural expectation was just to do chores in the MORNING. Am I remembering incorrectly? I’m not sure! 😅😆

Usually I’d go back and check my previous blog, but I’m trying this new thing Melik taught me. It’s an extension of the mindfulness meditation I think I mentioned yesterday. He calls it ‘Present Mindfulness’, and he says its all about achieving a permanent state of contentment and inner peace. It’s basically this thing where you stay in the ‘here and now’ at all times and don’t think about the past or the future at all. Going back and reading my old blogs would obviously go against those teachings, haha!

Good thing the air conditioning had been running for a while so it was nice and cool inside the house when I got back, and Melik pointed out I should probably just stay dressed as I was for the rest of the day. Man, the time really flew by when I was doing those chores! It was pretty easy stuff, but still, it was satisfying to be able to tidy up Melik’s home and make everything as orderly, clean and neat as I was myself! 💪

And I gotta say guys, as I watched the sun set tonight, breathing in Melik’s incense… the wind gently brushing against my face… I couldn’t help but imagine myself living here permanently. It’s such a picturesque, perfect place to live….

But then this wouldn’t be much of a travel blog if I did that, huh?! 😆 So don’t worry y’all. We’ll be hitting the road soon. I’m thinking Greece next, and then up to Croatia. What do you guys think? Put your suggestions for where I should go next in the comments below!

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Friday, June 28th - 10:51pm (GMT+3)
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Hi guys, Cam here! Sorry I didn’t get back to you with a blog yesterday. 🙏 It was a crazy busy day and I fell asleep before I could write up my experiences like usual. Normally I’d just write about it today, but as I’m trying to stay mentally in the present, I’m forbidden from thinking about the past too much, so obviously, no blog for the 26th. My bad! 😅

Anyway, I’ve been receiving emails and comments from some concerned readers that something weird might be going on here with me and Melik. Thank you so much for your concern guys, and it means so much to me that I have readers out there who are concerned for my welfare. I really appreciate it, I do! ❤

But like, really, you guys need to chill, haha! Nothing is going on here, and Melik certainly is NOT manipulating me into serving him. Haha, even writing that sentence it seems so absurd. You guys have some cray cray imaginations.😅😆🤣

Melik is a wonderful guy. Generous, kind, and wise - he’d never manipulate me. And honestly, he’s such a great guy, it probably wouldn’t even be all that bad, even if he did, haha! 🤣

No but seriously, guys. There’s no need to worry about me. I’m as content and at peace as I’ve ever been.

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Saturday, June 29th - 10:17pm (GMT+3)
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Hey guys! I woke up at 6am again today, and by 6:40 I was showered, shaved, slicked back, and working away in my tighty-whities. That’s how it seems to go every morning now. Not that it’s a problem. After traveling the world for so long, there’s something really soul soothing about being able to settle into a nice, orderly routine for a little while, you know?

Melik had left the morning chores pinned on the refrigerator so I wouldn’t have to wake him up. Thoughtful guy! I got to work on that, and by the time 11am came I was sweating like a pig haha! 🐷 Man those windows were hard to clean.

It didn’t help that for some reason my butthole was super sore this morning. Not sure why that would be, but man it was a pain in the ass (literally!). Okay, okay. That’s probably way, way TMI, LOL 😊

Luckily, soon as it hit 11 o’clock the A/C kicked in and Melik suggested I go shower and get dressed before I serve lunch. That was a good idea. Did I mention Melik is just FULL of good ideas? Smart guy. After all, I don’t wanna be sweating all over the nice dress shirts Melik bought for me! 🎁

Gotta admit though, I did hesitate for a second about whether or not I needed to tuck the shirt in and wear the tie again, seeing as I wasn’t going outside yet, but I decided it would be better to dress as if I were going out, just in case, you know? Besides, by now you guys know how I am! I think it’s real important to show gratitude to the locals, especially when receiving gifts, and I wanted Melik to know I appreciated him, so I made sure to knot the tie nice and neatly again around my neck.

As I stood there and watched Melik eat, we got chatting about that a little bit. Well, it was mainly him doing the talking, haha! But yeah, we agreed it would make the most sense if I always wore my briefs in the mornings, and then always switched over into my current outfit at 11, and stayed that way for the rest of the day. It just made sense, you know? The Turks are great at keeping things simple and not overcomplicating stuff like that. Why have a huge wardrobe of clothes and accessories when you can keep things mega simple? I really respect that way of thinking. 👍 Nothing wrong with a steady routine!

It was funny though. Usually Melik’s English is great, but at one point in that conversation I think maybe he made a translation error, because he called my new outfit a ‘uniform’. Haha, can you believe that?! 😅 I didn’t correct him, obviously. I imagine that would be disrespectful, especially when I’m staying in his home.

So anyway, in the afternoon I had kind of wanted to go and check out the castle in town that I had seen and heard about. I feel like I could get some awesome photos up there for you guys, you know? But unfortunately after his lunch, Melik went out somewhere for the rest of the day, and I didn’t want to leave the house without making sure it was okay with him first. I wasn’t sure if there was some sort of cultural custom around leaving the house empty or something. 🏠

It was okay though, because Melik left me a list of tasks to complete around his house, once again pinned to the fridge. What a great guy! Man that stuff was hard work, but still, I enjoyed it. 💪 I vaguely recall reading this article once about how hard work is the key to happiness, and I’m starting to think it might be right! ❤

Melik returned just as the sun was starting to set so we went out to the balcony to watch it. Man, there’s just something about that landscape… It’s so soothing, so relaxing.

I mean, imagine the scene for a second guys:

There I am, still in my dress shirt with my necktie knotted tightly up to my neck, standing rigidly at attention beside Melik’s chair, just the way he likes me, making sure to keep my eyes staring straight ahead. Now, you’d think that’s kind of an uncomfortable position, right?

Nope! Even then, with the incense drifting up my nose, I just totally zoned out and let my mind drift away while Melik talked and talked. 😊 I think at one point I even went and got Melik a drink from the kitchen, and the entire time I was in such a beautiful haze that I can hardly even remember if it was real, haha! 😅

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Sunday, June 30th - 10:11pm (GMT+3)

Awkward moment at the market this afternoon. I was out running errands for Melik and I got talking to a girl in the marketplace while I was buying his groceries for him. The girl was SUPER friendly, and between her English and my rudimentary Turkish, we got talking a little. And guess what guys? After all this time, it turns out that Efendi DOES mean master! 😆🤣💔

Well, more generally, it’s a title of respect. All those times I’ve been replying to Melik’s instruction with ‘evet efendim’ i’ve actually been saying ‘yes sir’! Hahaha, can you believe that? SO CRINGE!! 😆

Obviously, now that I know what I’m saying, I decided I would just switch over and say it in English instead from that point on. Master Melik is always talking to me in English so I’d doubt he’d mind if I just answer “yes sir” instead. I mean, that’s not weird, is it? Not when you’re staying in someone else’s home! It’s just respectful, right? Besides, I’ve already been saying it for DAYS without realizing, so it would probably seem super rude to all of a sudden stop now! 🙏

By the way guys, I got some pretty confusing emails/comments last night from people talking crazy. I’ve told you before, I’m FINE!! There’s nothing weird going on between me and Master Melik. Nothing! But yeah, all the negativity and haters are getting me down a little, so I’m going to be deactivating the comment section and disconnecting from the outside world for a little.

I hope you understand my reasons and you’re still all out there following my adventures! If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t even been reading my own brother’s emails the last few days either, haha! Sorry Frank! 😅

But don’t worry, as soon as I leave town and get back on my adventure, I’ll re-activate the comment section and we can catch up again! PROMISE!! But it’s like Master Melik says, for right now I just need to purge the outside influences and stay in the right mindset!

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Monday, July 1st - 9:37pm (GMT+3)

Hi guys, Kamber here! Oh, I should explain. It turns out it WASN’T a nickname after all! It’s an actual name they have here in Turkey, and it’s the name Melik thinks I should go by from now on. Apparently it originally means ‘devoted servant’ in Arabic or something. Pretty cool, right?

I mean, obviously I’m not ACTUALLY Master Melik’s servant, that goes without saying. That would be totally weird! 😅But still, it’s nice to have a name that’s more culturally acceptable, especially if I decide to stay in Turkey long term. Oops…spoilers…?! 😲

Lol. Just forget I said that part! By the time tomorrow comes, I know I sure will have! After all, gotta keep my mind blank and locked in the present, right? 😁🔒

Anyways, today was cool. Master Melik noticed that my tie has been getting in the way when I’m doing certain chores in the afternoon, like scrubbing the floors and stuff. It can be kinda annoying, you know? I had been tucking the tie inside my shirt, between the buttons, but Master Melik isn’t a fan of that look. He likes to keep his property neat and tidy! Not that I’m his property or anything, but you guys get what I mean, haha. 😂

So yeah, in another moment of absolute selfless generosity, Master Melik bought me a real nice black waistcoat to wear as part of my uniform! 🙏🎁 That way the tie will stay neat and won’t flop around everywhere. Pretty awesome, right? By the way I’ve put some photos of the outfit on my insta for you guys.

That’s all for now. I’ve been trying to get to sleep a little earlier so I can stick to my 6am routine and not be too tired!

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Tuesday, July 2nd- 9:18pm (GMT+3)

Wow, time has been flying here in Turkey. I’m not sure exactly, but I think it’s already my 12th or 13th day in Amasra? Can’t say for sure, but it definitely feels like a lot longer! I can’t remember how long I originally said I would stay. I think a week..? Well, I’m gonna stick around just for a few more days I think. You guys know me, I don’t stick to rigid plans like that. I’m a free spirit, haha! And right now this free spirit feels like living under Master Melik’s leadership for a few more days.

Don’t worry, we’ll get back on the road soon, I’m sure of it!

So anyway, I’m super tired right now. Just climbed into bed after a crazy long day. After finishing morning chores in my underwear, my master told me he’s gonna be having a dinner party tonight with a few guests over, and guess what guys? I was invited to attend! Can you believe that? I’m just a lodger staying in the servant’s quarters, and I’m still welcome to the guy’s parties! It’s amazing. ❤

Obviously, we needed to prepare, so Master Melik gave me a long list of stuff to do to get ready. You guys know me, I was more than happy to help out!

And guess what guys? Well, some of you probably already spotted the pics on my Insta, but yeah, my uniform has gone through an update of sorts! Master Melik gave me these super cool white gloves to wear, and he decided it would be better if I swapped out my necktie for this super cool black bowtie. I look pretty hot, right? Haha, just kidding.

But yeah, I wore it for the first time today at the dinner party. It was a little cringe I gotta admit, because the table only had 4 chairs and my master had invited three extra guests! Being the visitor from overseas, I felt obliged to be the one to remain standing while they ate and stuff. It was the least I could do!

I will say, it would have been better if they spoke in English more, because I couldn’t really understand anything they were saying and I was just kinda left standing there in silence the whole night (until they told me to run and get stuff from the kitchen, obviously, which I was happy to do, seeing as I was already on my feet).

But still, it was a good night. I enjoyed it. Didn’t get to see the sunset though. I was too busy cleaning dishes and stuff. Plus Master Melik says he’s satisfied my mind is now locked 🔒 firmly into place and I don’t need the incense anymore, whatever that means, haha. Maybe another translation error?! 🤷‍

Anyway guys, gotta get to bed! Plenty of chores to do tomorrow! 💪

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Thursday, July 4th - 8:48pm (GMT+3)

Hey guys! Kamber the faithful servant here! 😎 To all my American readers: Happy Fourth of July!! You know, a small part of me almost wishes I could have been back in Virginia having a cookout with the fam ❤ today, instead of doing chores halfway across the world. But I guess that’s just how things go sometimes, right? If this adventure has taught me anything, it’s that a big part of growing up is realizing you can’t always do what you want, and you can’t always make your own decisions! 🙏

Anyways, I have some big news. I guess I kinda gave it away the other day but to be fair, at that point the decision hadn’t been finalized yet. But yeah, here it is…

Drumroll please….


Master Melik has so generously decided to keep me in the servant’s quarters permanently! I know, right? Pretty awesome! It’s such a sweet deal too, guys. He’s waiving any sort of rent fee and he’s even going to provide me with food and extra uniforms, no charge. There’s only a few house rules:

  • Keep doing all my chores everyday
  • Stay in the present, keeping my mind clear of questions or complicated thoughts
  • Maintain my neat appearance and wear the correct uniform at the correct time of day
  • And most importantly: always obey Master Melik’s orders!

Simple, right? And so easy too! I’ve already been doing all that stuff for days now, haha! What a sweet gig! ❤⛱👍 It almost feels like I’m taking advantage of the poor guy, LOL! 😆😅

But yeah, obviously, as this was a blog about my travelling adventures, there’s no need for this website anymore. So this will be officially my last entry. Thank you to everyone who followed my journey this last year. We went half-way across the world 🌏 , visited more than 30 countries, and saw some pretty epic sights and experience! But alas, it’s time for me to settle down and start a new life of peace, order and contentment.

Good bye guys!

Kamber ❤

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