Slipy Slope

By Hypnothrill -
published September 5, 2018
1762 words

All the guys in the dorm make fun of exchange student Milos’ skimpy underwear. But soon enough, their minds (and briefs) will change…

{Author’s Note: Hi, guys! I started writing this story about a decade ago, and only recently returned to it. I have part of the next installment written, but I don’t have a conclusion worked out yet. So if you’ve got some ideas for where this story should go, let me know in the comments below!}

Slipy Slope

Alex’s Journal, August 27th: Back in the dorms…again. (Sigh.) Okay, maybe it won’t be such a bad thing. I’m rooming with Jack this year, and he’s a pretty cool guy. Not much of a talker, but still, a pretty cool guy. And a hockey jock to boot, so there should at least be some hot girls stopping by now and then. (Jack says the team calls them their “athletic supporters”—LOL!) And Paul, our RA, seems pretty chill—not like some guys, who are on a power trip or seem to have a stick up their ass. And even some of the new guys on the floor seem pretty interesting. Like, we’ve got this Czech exchange student named Milos on our floor—this tall blond guy who’s one of Jack’s hockey teammates—who seems really funny and likeable, the kind of guy who makes friends easily.

Alex’s Journal, August 29th: Oops…maybe I was wrong about Milos! I mean, he still seems like a nice guy and everything, but I’m not sure if he’ll have such an easy time fitting in here. Last night, he walked into the shower room in this tiny pair of grey underwear—so small that his ass cheeks were half hanging out, so small that they just barely covered his ballsack, so tight that I could see his junk all bulging out and had to look away. Of course, the guys were all ragging him about it. One guy coughed, “Fag!” and another asked him where he bought his “panties.” They even teased Luke, his Frosh roomie, asking him if Milos was going to give him “a little show” or a “lap dance” when they got back to their room.

Milos just took it in his stride, though. He didn’t turn away, didn’t even blush. He just smiled at the other guys and told them that the Czechs called these kinds of briefs “Slipy” and they were perfectly normal where he came from. And then he even winked at them and said, “You guys should try them. You might like them!”

I have to hand it to him—that took some balls. (And from what I could see, Milos has no shortage of balls!)

Alex’s Journal, August 30th: It looks like at least one guy took Milos up on his offer. I was finishing up my shower this evening when Milos and his roommate Luke walked in—Milos in a little red slipy and Luke in a little blue one. It was weird to see Luke striding in sporting those skimpy underwear with such confidence. He was normally a pretty shy kid, and the other day, he’d seemed pretty upset by all the teasing—he practically ran out of the room in tears. But now, even as some guys in the shower room laughed and one dude even made gagging motions, Luke seemed like he didn’t even notice them.

September 1: It had only been a week, but Pete wondered if he’d made a mistake coming here for college. The guys in his dorm were mostly preppy, fratty types. He didn’t seem to have much in common with them, and worse, he felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb in his hoodie, chunky Beats headphones, and baggy low-slung jeans. Pete was a massive fan of hip hop, the more underground the better, and so he found himself now spending hours reading online hip hop boards and chatting with his friends back home about music. But he hadn’t found anyone on campus to talk about hip hop with. Until today. When that exchange student Milos came up to him in the hall, Pete had been a little wary. He’d heard that the guy was a little weird, that he was even into some fag shit. So Pete had just kept his headphones on and pretended not to notice him, until he saw Milos hold out a CD. “I heard you like rap music. I have a CD from a very good Czech rap group, Velky Curak. Maybe you would like to borrow it?”

Pete tried to downplay his excitement. (Finally, someone here wanted to be his friend! And the dude was a rap fan too! And even better, this shit was so underground that he and his friends back home had never even heard of it!). He just nodded back at Milos, “Cool, man. I’ll rip this tonight and get it back to you tomorrow. Thanks, man. That’s really cool…Um…Later.” Giving Milos a quick fist-bump, he headed back to his room, walking with a bit more confidence than he had before.

He started listening to the CD almost as soon as he got back to his room. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it was good. Phat beats, cool samples, kind of reminded him of the Beastie Boys. Of course, he couldn’t understand anything they were saying, but they had some good flow. And memorable hooks. Later that night, he still had parts of Track 2 (“Zluty Slipy”) running through his head.

September 2: When Peter woke up, the first thing he wanted to do was listen to that CD again. It was really growing on him. He even found himself rapping along to parts of “Zluty Slipy.” It was funny because he still couldn’t understand the words but, you know, they were still really speaking to him.

He stopped by Milos’ room that afternoon to give back the CD. Milos and his roommate Lucas were there, looking almost identical in their tight black jeans and T-shirts. Peter tried to stay cool, but he found that he just couldn’t stop gushing to Milos: “Wow! Thanks, man! This CD, like, changed my life. Velky Curak…” Here, he saw Milos and Lucas exchange a smirk; he must have pronounced the name wrong. “…um, Velky Churak are like my favorite group now!”

Milos smiled warmly at him, “So what songs did you best like?”

“Oh, man!” Peter grinned, “That ‘Zluty Slipy’ song was awesome!” Peter tried to rap a bit of it, and Milos and Lucas broke into laughter. He blushed a bit, “Well, I didn’t quite get all the words…”

“No, no, you were good,” Milos nodded reassuringly. “It’s just ‘Zluty Slipy’…” he reached back to open a drawer of his dresser and pulled out a skimpy pair of yellow underwear, “…is this. Catch!”

Peter instinctively caught them, then stared at the little yellow briefs in his hand in fascination and disgust. “They’re rapping about…underwear?”

“Yes, they say that when they wear their yellow slipy, no one can resist them; they get all the sex they want. And it’s true, right Lukas?” The younger man grinned back knowingly, nodding. “No one can resist a man in these slipy. In fact, why don’t you hold on to those, Petr? You can get all the sex you want.”

Embarrassed, Peter made a quick retreat; it wasn’t until he was back in his room that he realized he was still gripping the yellow underwear in his left hand. He shuddered and threw it on the floor. Peter thought about giving it back, but then didn’t know if that would be too weird, walking down the hall holding a pair of yellow slipy. What if somebody saw him?

It was still a great song, though. In fact…

Peter put on his headphones and started playing the Velky Curak CD again. He must have left it on repeat and tranced out at some point because when he came to a few hours later, it was still playing. He looked over at his alarm clock—he needed to change for bed and get to sleep. Taking off his hoodie and baggy jeans, he stripped down to his boxers and hopped into bed. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, he was up again—the boxers just felt all wrong on him, too baggy, wadding and sliding everywhere. He looked down at the discarded yellow underwear on the floor and wondered…

After he slipped on the yellow slipy, Petr felt snug, secure, sexier. He fell asleep quickly with his headphones still on, Velky Curak ringing in his ears, and with a smile on his face and a growing bulge in his zluty slipy.

Alex’s Journal, September 5: Was I this impressionable when I was a Freshman? It seemed like Luke wasn’t the only Freshman guy who was trying to emulate Milos. They’d now been joined by Pete, who (up until a couple of days ago) was this hip-hop wannabe type, and roomies Mark and Jared, a film buff and a comics geek. Now this unlikely fivesome was walking into the shower room together in matching pairs of skimpy underwear, blue and red and yellow and purple and green.

Since they’d started this evening routine, more and more guys on our floor had started showering in the morning. Even I was starting to get weirded out by them, and hurried up my shower to avoid too much intimate contact with them. It’s just that they seemed so close to each other, unnaturally close, like they had no sense of boundaries, no sense of individual identity. Not only were they dressing alike, the Freshmen were starting to even look a bit more like Milos, to take on his facial expressions, his mannerisms, even his body type. (Pete had been a pretty chubby guy, but it seemed like he had shed 20 pounds in just a few days).

Then again, it might just be a pack mentality thing. It was only natural for guys, especially insecure Freshman guys who want to fit in, to try and act like the most confident member of the group, right? And Milos certainly had no shortage of confidence. Come to think of it, this might make a good paper topic for that social anthropology class I’m taking this semester. Maybe I’d better stop calling this my journal and start calling it my field notes!

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