Conversion-Bot 1

By WeirdKinks -
published August 31, 2018
1751 words

Andrew’s new robotic project managed to give him the perfect revenge against his roommate

Sharing an apartment was never really easy for Andrew, especially when his roommate was everything he despised and more.

Andrew first met his roommate -Aaron- when he was desperate enough to take his deal on sharing the apartment and the rent together. His physique was extremely muscular and his hair was brown and messy. His age was 27 and his dark green eyes with his slight beard would always throw Andrew off during his first few days. It also didn’t help that Aaron gave off that kind of homophobic straight vibe.

Andrew, however, was skinny, blonde with brown eyes and had slim black frames resting on the bridge of his nose. His face is completely shaven as not a single hair that wasn’t on top of his head could be seen, which applies to the rest of his body. Plus his sexuality, gay, and his age, 21, made Andrew look cute, compared to Aaron’s handsome looks.

As the first month flew by, the duo worked together easily despite their differences. Aaron would cook for the two and Andrew would clean up the place. During the weekends, Aaron would invite Andrew to parties, often as the designated driver, which didn’t bother Andrew too much, he never liked drinking alcohol. Sometimes, Andrew would be in his room, working on his robotic projects. All in all, it was a good time.

However, all good things must come to an end. After a while, Aaron seems to be more sloppy, refusing to clean up after himself, leaving Andrew to clean up the mess, annoyed. Even worse, he got fired at his recent job, making poor Andrew to fully pay for the rent. As a result, Aaron would party more often, without Andrew usually, and would show up at 1 am as a drunken mess, indirectly torturing Andrew even more.

This day was no different. Andrew woke up with drowsy eyes and a blonde mess on his head. His eyes adjust to see his newest project standing inside of his closet. The project was a large hunky humanoid male covered in black. Its face was blank, saving only his nose and mouth. Slightly above his crotch is an outline that’s in a shape of a penis.

As Andrew got up and got dressed in his work uniform, he smiled softly at his creation. “Soon,” he thought to himself as he subconsciously caresses one of its bulky arms.

He shut the closet tight, got out of his bedroom door and saw that his roommate was, once again, asleep on the couch, leaving a big mess behind. Andrew took the time to clean up the mess before he gets angry about it, he rationalised. Once he was done, he walked out the front door, ready to start another day of work.

As the clock struck 5:30 pm, Andrew opened the front door to see the living room empty and slightly less messy than last time. Groaning, he quickly switched to casual clothes, which was a light blue tee with some jeans, and cleaned up the mess once again before the big guy came back.

As Andrew was relaxing on the couch, watching whatever show that was on, he heard the roars of a familiar car. “His brother Erik must’ve driven him home again,” Andrew thought to himself, rolling his eyes. After a few seconds, he saw Aaron, somewhat aggressively, open the front door and stumbling in. He attempted to close the door and succeed, before failing to take a step forward, which resulted in him falling down. Worried, Andrew rushed towards his roommate and helped him up. “Thanks, bro,” He slurred, which made Andrew give a soft smile. Andrew guided Aaron towards his messy room, which prompted Aaron to immediately throw himself onto the bed. Chest upwards, of course.

Andrew slowly closed the door, turned 180° and entered his own room, which was scarily tidy. He swiftly changed into his pyjamas and stealthily inserted himself between his blanket and mattress. His eyes slowly drifted to sleep as he thought of men that he was into, which gave him a smirk as he slept.

The Saturday morning sun shone, waking up Andrew once again. He got out of bed and just shoved some casual clothes on while only patting his hair to make it look less messy. He opened the door and to his surprise, the rooms were spotless. His tired eyes widen as he took the time to enjoy this rare moment in time.

The sun rose to midday as Andrew was comfortably eating his salad as he watched his favourite shows on his big flat screen T.V. His eyes glanced towards the small hallway with the two bedrooms, whose doors are closed. “Is he still asleep?” He muttered to himself as he sneaks slowly into the room for confirmation.

The door quietly creaked as Andrew opened it a crack. Not surprised, he saw Aaron sleeping heavily on his bed. His wife beater clung to his torso, showing off his amazing abs that Andrew found himself staring at a couple of times, while also exposing a tiny amount of chest hair as well. His tight jeans showed off a bulge that couldn’t be concealed and his arms had sprinkles of little hair all over them. His hair was all over the place and his mouth was slightly opened, with some drool leaking out of it. Suddenly, a dirty thought appeared in his mind.

He silently dashed back to his room and opened up his closet, relieved that his hunky machine is still there. He grabbed it by the arm and pulled the robot out. It was pretty heavy but Andrew managed to do the job. Soon, he wouldn’t have to worry about dragging the robot anymore.

Grabbing his phone from his pocket, he scanned the app gallery until he found an app called “Conversion”. The icon was just a black square with soft corners. As Andrew tapped the app, he was greeted by a rich black background with a neon blue power button. As the power button was pressed, the robot suddenly had two vertical blue lines representing eyes.

Andrew was pleased with the success of his work so far. He looked back at his phone to see a wide range of options that he implemented. Some were simple, as making the robot walk in any direction but some were explicitly sexual as to make the robot forcefully have sex with anyone, willingly or not.

After a few attempts, the robot managed to get out of the door and into Aaron’s room. Quietly, Andrew programmed the robot to silently climb onto his bed and crawl over him. The robot stopped when its crotch was in front of Aaron’s face. Its hands were on the wall in front of it and its feet were locked onto the mattress. Like a drawbridge, the robot’s penis revealed itself from its crotch into a proper erect penis.

Slowly, the robot inserted it’s dick into Aaron’s unsuspecting mouth, making sure he doesn’t wake up so suddenly. The robot thrust it’s dick slowly for a couple of minutes before Aaron’s eyes drowsily opened up. His eyes suddenly opened up completely after he realized that there’s some sort of a strange dick in his mouth. Andrew, then commanded the robot to go even faster, shoving it’s dick mercilessly into Aaron’s mouth.

It was only a few minutes before the robot released it’s ‘sperm’. As the weird liquid went inside Aaron’s mouth, he swore he felt tiny bits of chunks mixed in there. Once the liquid was released, the robot just stayed in place, idly waiting for Andrew’s next instructions.

Suddenly, a notification from Andrew’s phone popped up. It was from the app associated with the robot. Smirking, he tapped it to see many options show up. At the top was “Human #1” but Andrew quickly changed that to “Aaron Smith”. He looked back into the options and realized that only 50% of these were doable, excluding the custom command and microphone button. “Another dosage should do it,” Andrew thought to himself as he walked back into the living room, setting himself down on the couch.

Aaron struggled to break free from the robot’s captive prison as the robot itself refused to budge at all. Suddenly, the robot swiftly came down from the bed and released it’s muscular victim, leaving the room. In a rage, Aaron left the room and into the living room, only to discover Andrew sitting on a long black couch, smirking with his dick out.

Furious, Aaron stomped towards him when he felt a wave of confusion over his body. Once his body settled, his eyes adjusted to Andrew, holding his phone with his thumb hovering over it as if he just pressed something. Then, Aaron’s eyes saw Andrew’s magnificent dick. He let his knees fall and crawled over to Andrew, clearly amazed at his dick.

His buff arm reached for the thin yet long beast and stroked it up and down. Soon, he let his mouth do the job, tongue tasting every bit he could get. He was in heaven and Andrew was with him.

For a quick second, Aaron swore he saw his roommate tap his phone again, but the pleasure made that thought drift away. But then, he felt a cold familiar hand grabbing his jeans and underwear, yanking them down. His exposed butt then felt a metallic cylinder inserting itself into it.

But Aaron didn’t care, all he cared about was the lovely amazing dick that Andrew was so generous to give him. Andrew’s breathing was heavy and was borderline moaning. His roommate was incredible! But he wasn’t fixated on that.

His eyes stared at his buff machine thrusting itself into Aaron once again. His thumb tapped the phone and the robot hastened. Soon, Aaron’s muffled moans vibrated Andrew’s dick, giving him an extra sense of pleasure.

But all of this had to end as the robot finally ejaculated into the muscle man before Andrew did 10 seconds later. Aaron’s eyes widen once again until they made themselves look drowsy. He let go of the dick and the robot pulled out.

Then, he stood up and said emotionlessly “I am ready to experiment,”

And Andrew was more than ready to experiment as well.

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