Learning his place

By Lunkdunk
published January 22, 2015
5959 words

A mysterious bear-like man befriends Tim’s wife. Then he takes over Tim’s life. (foot fetish + betrayal)

I sat across from my wife pissed off. We had been happily married for four years now, and for our anniversary I had planned this dinner reservation at La Mer, the most expensive restaurant in New York. What was going to be a romantic evening was fucking ruined. Now it was just to confront her about what I had seen last night. What I had taken pictures of.

At about 10 pm last night, I finally arrived home after a hard day of work. Opening the door, something immediately felt off. There were some enormous muddy bootprints leading from the front door straight into my bedroom. Tip-toeing over to the room, I creaked the door a bit to find my wife in bed, a complete stranger on top of her.

The man was one of the largest men I’d ever seen. He had a barrel-chest that was well-defined, but with a layer of fat. His shirtless body was covered in hair, all over his chest and stomach, draping his fore-arms, complete with a rugged beard.

His smell completely dominated the room, which smelled of sweat and male cum. Watching this man primally fuck my wife, I saw a rhythm. It was almost hypnotic, him sliding out slowly and pounding back deep into her. After taking one or two pictures as evidence, I just watched them go at it. Strangely, the more I watched, the less anger I felt about the situation.

The only real feeling I had was one of being… defeated? It was a strange feeling, but it almost felt right that this man that emitted pure masculinity was taking from a lesser man.

Wait, what? I hadn’t even realized how hard I was getting watching them. This will ruin my perfect marriage! He was tearing her in half, and for some reason my head was swimming, unable to think of what mattered. I couldn’t believe some men really were 12 inches long – I thought those were just stories people said jokingly!

He closed the air between them as his dick forced itself the entire way in. His lion-like roar signified that he was finished. She was filled. I sprinted off to the bathroom to hide, which was strange because it was my own house. I heard my bedroom door creak open, and heard booted footsteps make their way to the front door, and outside.

Snapping back to the present, I looked across the dinner table at my wife smiling at me.

“You know there’s a cheating clause in the pre-nup. You aren’t getting anything you whore.” I spat out at her.

“You should meet him, baby. He’s really a charming man. I think he can help you see things his way.”

“Like hell I will. You don’t even care what he’s done to our marriage. You don’t give a damn!” I was so furious, and she just continued to smile at me, as if she knew something I didn’t.

Pissed off at this point, I threw my hands up and walked out of the restaurant and went home.

Similar to yesterday, as I opened the door of my home, something seemed off. My house should be empty, and yet the door was unlocked, and the lights and TV were on. Taking one step into the house, I was immediately overcome by the smell.

It smelled just like yesterday. Like a construction manager or a wrestling coach, someone who worked hard and was in control. The smell relaxed me. While just a minute ago I was bracing for having to fight or call the cops, I now felt like I didn’t have to take the initiative. Like someone else would do it for me.

I stepped into the TV room and there he was. Calmly watching television with no shirt on again and his boots propped up on the couch. As I got closer, the smell was stronger and stronger. My head was swimming again. It didn’t feel right that I was so calm, but he smelled like the kind of person that takes control in situations. If he was relaxed, I should be too.

“Ahh, there you are Tim. Come on over and have a seat.” he said to me, patting the couch. That didn’t sound unreasonable, so I sat down on the couch next to him. Wasn’t there something I should be saying? No, because he hadn’t asked me to speak. I sat in silence and watched the television with him. He smiled and reached his arm around my back, gripping my far shoulder. He was so close to me now. I couldn’t think straight…

“Why don’t you take your shirt off, boy?” He suggested to me. It sounded like a normal suggestion, so I complied. “It’s pretty hot in here - nothing to worry about though, just men in here. Well, a man and a boy.” He said, chuckling as he eyed my bare chest, which had some definition but much less muscle mass, and not an inch of hair. I was weak and underweight.

“In fact, why don’t you take off all of your clothes? You’ve had a rough day.” I shrugged and shucked off my shoes and socks. Next I calmly removed my pants, casting them unfolded somewhere on the floor, immediately forgotten. Next, I pulled off my underwear, revealing my 5’’ dick.

“Good boy. Very good boy!” He said. “You are so good at doing what you are told.” I felt so warm and happy at these words. I truly had pleased the man, and for some reason that pleased me. “Sit down on the floor. You don’t want your naked butt on the couch, do you?” He made a very good point so I sat down in front of him.

From this position, I was getting a full blast of his masculine scent. Just inches from his clothed dick, the smell was taking over my mind. I had no thoughts for myself anymore, just a desire to please whatever was emitting the smell. It was just evolution. The fittest man must survive, and the other, weaker men should take care of all his needs. I looked up to see him smiling, towering over me and giving me that same knowing smile that my wife gave me at the restaurant. He picked up one of his dirty booted feet and pushed the sole into my chest.

“I’ve had a long day as well. Good thing I have a weaker man right here to serve me. Take off my boots and rub my feet, bitch.”

These words were ringing in my ears. Something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The smell was so compelling. I had to do as he said. He lightly lifted the boot off my chest, revealing a big, muddy footprint. It was then that I realized that I was nothing more than a floor. Any value I wanted to make for myself came from serving this man.

I immediately got to work, pulling the laces apart. Pulling firmly on the heel, I slid his boot off revealing his bare foot. Immediately my nose was assaulted. The smell in the room became so much more pungent. The enormous sweaty foot let off a smell you could almost see in the air, a smell so potent, so strong, so commanding…

The foot was extremely wide, so much that my fingers could barely touch each other when wrapped around his foot. It was no matter. He had already told me what would please him, and god I REALLY wanted to please him. I squeezed the middle of his calloused foot and slid my hands up and down the sides, squeezing various parts. He was not ticklish at all, so the wrinkles that I traced with my finger only felt good to him.

I heard a click of the remote as he changed his channel and realized that his attention was already elsewhere. It felt so humbling that I was spending all of my focus and effort on rubbing his feet, and yet he didn’t have to give it any attention to enjoy it. That was a good thing, I thought, as I rubbed each of my four fingers in between each of his five toes. After all, he was older and much more experienced. His time must be more valuable than mine.

“You’re pretty good at this, boy. Maybe you’re just trying to kid yourself at that office of yours - trying to play yourself off as a leader when you’re just a little submissive dog. Maybe your true calling in life is to serve real men.” His words sunk into my mind. “Serve real men… serve real men…” I heard the phrase over and over in my head until I found myself repeating it aloud.

Somewhere in the distance a door opened and shut. The sound of high heels came walking in to the room we were in, and an excited laugh was heard. The woman hopped over on the couch next to him and they shared an intimate kiss. I was too intoxicated to process what was going on, so I moved onto his other boot, taking it off and handling the foot inside.

They held a conversation, full of laughter and happiness, but I could not follow it. The mysterious man proceeded to make out with my wife. I would have asked him to stop, but I was too busy stretching his toes. I didn’t know him, but he did say he had a rough day and I knew that rubbing his feet would make him feel better. I was slightly brought out of my stupor when the man aimed a small kick at my face.

“Hey, this wife of yours says you have some pictures of her and me. Where are the pictures and what are they for? Speak.”

My head was swimming so much that I could barely form coherent sentences. However, he wanted information and my mind concentrated hard enough to produce that information quickly and concisely.

“On my cell phone. Three pictures. I was upset that she cheated on me, and our pre-nup has an infidelity clause. It specifies that if a spouse is caught cheating, they forfeit all assets in the divorce.”

He rubbed his bearded chin for a few seconds, then grinned and finally pulled his foot away. “Unlock your phone and give it to me.” I obediently pulled out my phone, traced the password, and handed it to him. He brought his foot back to me and shoved it in my face.

“We’re going take care of some business up here. I want you to show me how you kiss your wife. Whatever you do to her, do it to my foot.”

His command resonated inside me, becoming my own thoughts. I heard laughter in the distance and felt eyes on me, but it was no matter. I brought my lips to his foot and softly began to make out with it. So much warmth emanated from it, that I was beginning to get turned on. The toes curled around my forehead and slid into my hair as I passionately kissed the sole.

Above my head, I heard more talking and laughter and clicking of my cell phone. My tongue slid out and glided along the sole, picking up sweat and dirt that came off of his boots. The taste would have normally made me retch, but it felt so good grooming such a powerful man that it actually tasted good.

If I were sober, I would have realized how much I was giving up. While I was pre-occupied with his foot, they searched through my pictures until they found it - unmistakable evidence of my wife cheating on me with a complete stranger - pictures of him casually in my bed, thrusting into her, his juices flowing all over her body. A single picture would have been good enough for me to keep my bank account and house in a divorce.

Every picture was promptly deleted. Letting out cries of happiness, my wife cuddled up to the nameless man and they began to make out again. We all just sat there in the room, me making out with his foot while he made out with my wife. He placed his arm around her possessively, knowing that he had won. He looked down at me again with a smirk on his face.

“Show me how you fuck your wife.” He commanded as his other foot moved down to my dick. I closed my eyes and imagined my wife’s face and pussy pressed against me. I aggressively made love to her in my head, passionately rubbing my lips all over her while thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy.

However, my horny imagination slowly changed to a scene akin to what was really happening. He was sitting above me on his throne, a foot pressuring my dick. His toes were curled around the shaft and he gently slid back and forth. He smiles from above me as I pathetically hump his foot. God, this was much more arousing than fucking my wife. His other foot comes up to my face and I surrender my mouth to it, sucking on the big toe like it is a dick. He chuckles and utters a one-worded command.

“Cum.” I heard the word out loud and my mind jolted back to reality. Instantly spurts came out of me, drenching his foot. In the most incredible orgasm I’ve had, I could only lie there submissively, succumbing to his ministrations as his foot coaxed out every last drop of cum I had. He pulls his other foot out of my mouth and instantly I feel empty.

At this point I’m lying on the floor, breathing heavily, completely naked, and covered in sweat. He lifts his cum-covered foot until it is dripping over me, and plants it on my chest, next to the muddy boot print. We just remained there in that position, as a lion pins its conquered prey, or how a master sits dominantly over his slave. Finally, he picked up my white button-down off the floor and used it to wipe down his foot. Then he and my wife both left the room.

I couldn’t form much of a coherent thought, so I stayed on the floor in front of the couch. However, the smell began to fade from the room. I eventually became aware of the TV program. Next I became aware that I was lying on the floor in front of my own couch. The haze was beginning to lift from around me. Looking down, I noticed the two filthy footprints on my chest. What was going on? What did that man do to me?? My wife was in the room that whole time!

Oh my god, I had to get out of here! I sprinted over to the door, but found a heavy wooden chest blocking the door. I desperately pulled on it as hard as I could, but it would not budge. I suddenly regret not ever having gone to the gym. If I were as strong as that man, I could have gotten out. I could have gone to the police. I started banging on the door in hopes that someone outside would hear me.

As I cried pounding on the door, the haze began to creep back in. No! I cannot fall back in. I closed my eyes. Must concentrate, must concentrate, must…

“Well hello, little Timmy” Said an innocent voice behind me. Turning around, I saw the man as expected. However, there wasn’t a single piece clothing on him. And damn, he was beautiful. His thighs were similar to his arms: enormous, fat, muscled, and covered in hair. His soft 9’’ dick was like a python, moving freely as it swayed back and forth…

back and forth…

back and forth… I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“We’re ready for you. Come with me, won’t you? Walk.”

Like a dog, I followed slowly behind him with not a thought of my own. We soon came into the dining room. The room looked a bit different, as everything was pushed off to the side. However, there was a wooden chair right in the middle of the room. He led me to the chair and sat me down.

“Sit still. We just have to make you look like the little sweetie you are.” He pulled out a razor and shaved the small amounts of hair I had – a little patch on each armpit and a little stubble on my chin. My wife walked up with her purse full of makeup.

“Pucker your lips.” The man said. I obeyed and she began to apply deep red lip gloss. After that she brushed on some face powder and put on a light amount of mascara. I felt like such a sweetie. She left the room to get something, but only for a second.

I saw my wife pull out my video camera, complete with a tripod, and began to get more troubled. She set it up so it was facing my chair. My attention was suddenly diverted by the man as he lifted me up from the chair, took my place sitting there, and pulled me down so that I was sitting on his lap. He placed his hand on my chin and turned it so that I was looking at him. He said some words that I couldn’t quite follow. I saw his lips moving, but my conscious couldn’t process the words.

As he talked, the video camera suddenly disappeared from the room. Soon after, my wife vanished on the spot. I relaxed. It was ok - I was just seeing things. I was alone with him again.

His mouth moved some more and I suddenly remembered last night. I made love to my faithful, beautiful wife, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms after. I then had a horrible dream that she was being fucked by another man while I watched!

His mouth moved some more and I suddenly became aware of every inch of this man’s body. I knew I wasn’t gay, but I couldn’t help worshipping him with my eyes. It felt like slow motion. The drop of sweat going down his head brought my eyes to it. I wanted to lick that drop off so badly. His toes on his right foot wiggled and I heard them, my eyes immediately moving there.

His fingers lightly drummed along his thigh and my eyes shifted there instead. The fingers slowly moved up his thigh until they were drumming on something else. I was suddenly breathing very heavily. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen it, but this time I wanted his prick like nothing else.

“He’s ready. Start it.” He calmly spoke, but not to me. Start what? My silent question went unanswered as he again cupped my chin. His other hand went behind my head, holding it in place. My eyes went to his face, which was looming ever closer. His lips met mine. It felt incredible. While my lips were soft and covered in lipstick, his were firm and dominating, taking control of the kiss.

I only followed his lead. His mouth pried mine open, and his tongue slid into my mouth. Same as his lips, the tongue was strong. My tongue poked at it a few times, then surrendered the space. Every inch of this man was just pure masculinity! I sat there obediently passive as his tongue explored deep within my mouth.

After a while, he broke the kiss and planted his hands on my shoulders. I thought he would pull me in for another kiss, but he instead pressured me down, down to my knees, down between his legs - down to his manhood.

“I see the way you eye my cock, little Tim. If you really want it more than that wife of yours, then get it hard for me. Suck on it for me.”

There was nothing in my life that I wanted to do more. I quickly showed my obedience, opening my mouth and encasing the dick. I only managed to make it 3 or 4 inches in before gagging. Frustrated, I reached my hands around him and gripped his hips, determined to pull myself deeper onto it.

At this he grabbed both of my wrists. “No no no, boy. I get the reins.” He stood up, my wrists still in his hands, and walked around me, so that I was kneeling in front of him with my back against the seat of the chair. He delicately slid his dick back into my waiting mouth. This time, however, he kept going. Planting each of my wrists on the seat of the chair behind my head, he made me helpless to stop him as he slid in.

Inch after inch came. I couldn’t breathe at some point, and began to panic, but he did not relent. Finally, my mouth hit his base, and I knew that all 12 inches were inside me. He was leaning over me at this point, keeping himself balanced with his hands that were still wrapped around my wrists.

He began to undulate, his dick sliding in and out of my mouth. It felt so strange and slightly painful, but I couldn’t stop it. With my hands restrained behind my head and my head impaled, I was under his complete control. This man could kill me by suffocation right now and he wouldn’t even strain himself. I opened my eyes but couldn’t see; his stomach fat was covering my eyes and forehead.

As quickly as it started, he began to pull out. Right before the tip popped out, a small amount of pre shot onto my tongue - a memento of our experience. I let out a little whimper to show that I wanted more of him. He laughed.

“Well Timothy Banks,” He said, making sure to get my full name for the record. “I think you might be gay. Do you agree?” He leaned in closer.

I closed my eyes. All my life I had fucked women, from high school to now, in my early 30s. I had never even experimented with men before. And yet, I had never been so horny in my life, not even from sex, but just from servicing a man. It felt so good just to give myself up, succumb to the power of a dominating man.

I opened my eyes wide and looked deeply into his eyes. The influence he had on me right there shattered any conscious thought or inhibition I might have. I would jump off a bridge if this man told me to. Slowly I nodded my head in answer to his question.

“Say it. I need to hear you say it out loud.” He quietly commanded me.

“I’m gay.” It felt like a stranger were saying it, but the words definitely came from my lips. What was more surprising were the foreign words that came next.

“I’m gay! All my life I have been gay. My stupid fucking wife can try all she wants, but she could NEVER bring me the happiness that you do.”

He chuckled malevolently and sifted his fingers through my hair. “Heh… Tell me about your wife, boy. Go on…”

“Her name is Jessica Banks. Jessica Thoss before she married me. She’s 5 feet 8 inches tall and is 34 years old. She got her degree in elementary education, but that bitch doesn’t even have a job. She loves seeing comedies at the theater, and caramel ice cream, and moonlight path scent. She keeps her pussy well-shaved. She has size C breasts. She tries to give me head sometimes or throw herself on me, but she can never give me what I really want.”

He leaned in until our foreheads were touching. All I could see were his wide, green eyes. Taking up all of my vision, they began to glow green right in the center. Brighter and brighter… soon all I could see was green. He spoke softly and slowly, but his rumbling voice was all I could hear.

“Tell me what you really want.”

I closed my eyes and remembered my dream yesterday with him on my bed, fucking a woman. That couldn’t have been my wife, right? She was faithful. Thinking more about the scene, I began to realize that I was the one on bottom. I was taking his 12 inches. I was the one he had his sweet release into. I was the one cheating on my spouse.

“I want… your dick. I want it deep inside me. I want to bring you pleasure…” I gasped out. “I want your juices pumped into me. Please sir. Please give it to me.”

With that, he forcefully pushed me onto my stomach on the floor. Could he really be doing it?? My question was answered immediately as he crawled on top of me. I felt so overpowered. I weighed about 130, and he weighed almost twice that. I was his puppet, his plaything. His bitch.

His chest and stomach quickly arced over my back. His legs on top of mine, his head over my shoulder, his body overheating mine. My body was soon covered in sweat, both mine and his sweat. He wasted no time. His dick slid around my rear cheeks until it found its target. Inching deeper within me, I gasped as I could feel every inch of him.

Sliding deeper, it started to hurt, but even more it started to feel good. I knew I would take it all for Jack. For the last couple inches, he suddenly humped me. Oh god, it felt so good. Touching places inside me never explored before. It felt like the inside of me was made to be taken by Jack – it had never felt so good before. Then he did it again. Oh my god, it felt like a key in a hole, a hole that had been empty for too long. And again. And again. Quickly picking up pace, Jack took me, a straight man, and fucked me.

I remembered the hypnotic rhythm from my dreams. I tried to follow along, but he pushed my face and stomach into the hardwood floor. Once again, I had no control. I was just putty in his hands, my entire body created just for him to fuck. He leaned in until I could hear his whisper.

“Come now, don’t be shy. Let daddy Jack know how you feel.”

A dam burst in my head. I had to tell him how I felt.


Jack smirked. I felt his member twitch a couple times, then shoot deep into me as he made one final thrust all the way. Juices flowed all over my insides, splitting me. Changing me. I felt like a portion of Jack was simply part of me now. After what felt like an eternity, the juices all settled. The air was silent, neither of us wanting to break this cathartic ritual. Finally, Jack pulled out. He rubbed his dirty, wet dick all over my back and stood up. Jack began to walk away, but stopped for a quick second, though, standing right in front of my face.

“She’s mine now, boy. Give me that wedding ring. Put it on my foot.” I took my $10,000 ring off, and brought it over to Jack’s foot. I didn’t even have to think, the obedience just came naturally. Although toes were usually smaller than fingers, my ring only fit on the smallest of Jack’s thick, meaty toes. I put it on that one, a snug fit, and slunk back onto my stomach. Jack left the room as I passed out.

6 months later

I got home from work and walked in the door. It was about 7 am. I hurried into the kitchen and got out some bacon, eggs, sausages, and hash browns onto a frying pan on the stove. Master Jack would wake up at any moment!

It’s an interesting story how I got this opportunity. So the divorce had settled relatively quickly. Jessica was actually the one that initiated the divorce. It turns out she had some evidence of me cheating. Oh well. I was actually really upset at the time, since my entire 6-figure bank account and my house were awarded to her. I went to see Jack and demand he tell the truth, but after some words with him I realized I was just overreacting.

Not long after the divorce, Jack moved in with Jessica. They invited me over for a housewarming dinner. Normally I’d have told them to fuck off, but it was Jack that asked me and I didn’t really blame him for the divorce situation at all.

He had me bring over a couple pizzas, which I did. They ate the pizzas while I ate a bowl of dog food. It didn’t taste very good, but Jack said it took him a while to pour it, and I didn’t want to offend him. The table only sat two people, so I just ate it while sitting on the floor.

After dinner, Jessica went upstairs while Jack and I sat on the couch. I had a feeling of déjà vu as his arm slid behind my back and his hand rested on my far shoulder again. He said he’d wanted to speak to me for a long time. He had no idea that owning a house was so much work, and he was starting to get swamped with things to do.

Jack suggested that I work for him full-time as a servant. I would just be doing things that he and his girlfriend couldn’t be bothered to do. Things like mowing the lawn, cooking meals, wiping his boots clean after he got home from construction, acting as a footrest for him while he watched TV, licking his and his girlfriend’s thighs clean after they finished their intercourse.

“You know, just about anything that pops into my head that I don’t feel like doing.

I’ll need most of my assistance during the day, so you’ll have to quit that silly little manager job and get a night-job to pay your rent. That is, if you’re going to live in the servants’ quarters in this house.”

I was going to discuss my pay, but that didn’t seem important now. Rather, I shook his hand and asked where the tax forms were and when I could start.

“Don’t worry about the paperwork, Tim.” He said with a smirk. His hand lifted from my shoulder and I felt it on the back of my head. I could hear a zipper somewhere in the distance, but I couldn’t focus on anything but his eyes and his alpha smell.

“And you can start right now.”

His fingers sifted lightly through my hair for a few seconds, then tightened as he guided my head down to his lap, where his enormous prick awaited service. I submissively opened my mouth, letting it all slide in. Again I had to stretch my lips to let the sheer girth of it all in, and it seemed like it would never end.

Inch after inch of his hard cock slid into my mouth until I couldn’t breathe. I knew that he wouldn’t let me suffocate, though, so I let it happen. Finally my lips hit the base of his shaft, the tip smoothly massaging my throat. Remembering what happened last time, I kept my hands behind my back and let his hands guide my head.

“Thaaaaaaat’s right…”

There was no sucking to be done. His fingers guided my head, pulling it up and down…

up and down…

up and down… it seemed to last forever. Finally, his cock began to twitch and he let me move my own head up and down while he lifted his hands behind his own head.

Pulse after pulse flowed down my throat. My stomach was bloating from everything I swallowed. It didn’t matter. This was my servant’s test and I wanted to pass with flying colors. It felt so right to have his seed sitting in my stomach. After his breaths slowed down, he finally pulled his cock back out. As each inch left me, I felt more empty and saddened. Finally the tip popped out and I set to work, licking clean his dick, his balls, his thighs, and licking up a bit that had fallen on the floor.

“Good boy. Now go clean up dinner and call your former boss. You’re mine now.”

“Yes Jack.” I responded.

“Yes Master.” he corrected me.

“Yes Master.” I said, and he let off a deep, rumbling chuckle. I made a lowly bow before leaving the room.

Master never did fuck me again. It turns out he wasn’t into men as much as women, as he told me, but that was no problem. Just masturbating while thinking about my new position and how I could please him all day felt so much better than any sex I ever had with my now ex-wife. Besides, I was indebted to him for letting me swallow his cum.

My ex-wife was much happier. She now had a real man in her life that could please her. She had much more money and had to work less. I too was happy. I found a real man in my life. One to teach me my place in the world, and that place was below the feet of real men. I was a slave and I loved it. Most importantly, however, I was happy because Master was happy.

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