Intelligent Suit 1

By Rurik -
published August 12, 2018
1034 words

A new suit made of nanobots gets tested.

Brian finally decided to overcome his hesitations. The allegedly “intelligent” suit was lying on his bed. It seemed an average spandex suit, with a very odd design and a distinctive metallic shine, but nothing really extraordinary. However, its surface felt very smooth. Brian had been told that it was made of an experimental intelligent fabric but it didn´t feel like fabric at all. He examined the piece of clothing closely and could not distinguish any thread or woven, it looked like a single and entirely fused or even liquid surface, perfectly smooth and with no seams at all. And so he decided to try it on.

First, he got undressed. The instructions were very clear, he had to be entirely naked to give the suit full access to his skin. The whole suit was made of a single piece so he started by introducing his feet in it. It felt a little tight but soon Brian discovered that it adapted to his dimensions so perfectly that it was as if he were wearing nothing at all. He even noticed that it clung to his toes so tightly that it looked as if it were mere paint on his skin.

He continued pulling the suit legs up his own. Again, it felt very tight only for a second, then, nothing at all. He pulled over his butt and crotch; he thought he would clearly feel something there, he thought it would be similar to wearing regular spandex boxers, but he was amazed to see how the fabric was clinging so tightly to his package. He actually felt a little embarrassed because his cock and balls were tightly covered by the fabric but at the same time, perfectly visible; the suit was so snug that everybody could see the outline of his package in great detail.

Brian finally put his arms inside the suit and it pulled it over his shoulders. It engulfed his upper torso and closed over his back sealing his entire body from neck to toe. He began to move and walk around his room surprised by how snug it was without creating any discomfort or tightness; it really was like wearing nothing at all! He started caressing his arms and pecs. It didn´t feel like a second skin, it felt like his very own skin!

Somehow, he felt more energetic, agile and active but he began to wonder about the almost impossibly good abilities that this suit was claimed to have. He had been told that it was made of nanobots programmed to adapt and enhance the skills of his body. The combined intelligence and learning capacity” of the uncountable amount of nanobots were supposed to create a form of AI that would make the wearer invulnerable to almost anything. For instance, he had been told this suit was bulletproof but it seemed too soft and thin, and even if that was true, a bullet would definitely hurt a lot.

Brian was convinced that this experimental fabric was a total failure when he began to hear something. He didn´t know what it was or where the origin of what seemed pure noise was but he was definitely hearing something. He tried to localise the source of the noise and soon noticed that it was inside his head! He had also been told that the suit would be somehow capable of communicating with him but he assumed it was something metaphorical.

Brian noticed that there was something in the noise, some sort of meaning but without words. He began to understand some things, and realised that it was not noise, it felt as if the suit were communicating with him through pure meaning.

He understood that the suit was analysing his body, every part, every limb, every organ, every function of his body was being scanned, analysed with the purpose of enhancing and perfecting them. Brian began to feel uncomfortable with the idea of the suit meddling with his body. Where exactly that command of “enhance” would lead? He nervously wondered whether a simple piece of clothing would be capable of modifying his body.

His worst fears became true when Brian felt how his whole body began to expand. That was simply not possible. The muscles of his entire body began to grow before his incredulous sight. His arms and legs became thick as his biceps and quadriceps ballooned out. He felt his back widen and saw how his pecs jutted out. His nipples were perfectly visible under the suit, and so were his now perfectly developed abs. He even felt his glutes become round and firm.

Brian couldn´t believe it, but there was something in him that liked this too much. With his muscles a wave of new energy made him feel somehow euphoric, hiding his fears on a lower layer of his consciousness for a moment. He couldn´t deny that he had always secretly wanted to be like this.

He was still examining his impressive biceps and caressing his massive pecs when realised that the suit was examining his reproductive organ. Before he could process what that meant, he felt how his cock began to expand. He suddenly became terribly aroused and saw that the fabric clung to his growing member even tighter that a condom. The suit seemed to be expanding with his cock until it also reached massive proportions. But the nanobots were following the command of enhancing his sexual organs so they began to transform his testicles too.

Firstly, they began to grow in size and increase their cum production rate, but Brian also understood that they were modifying its composition. The nanobots had discovered that Brian was gay so they began to adapt his testicles to that fact, they were creating reproduction organs that would fulfil their purpose with men. Brian didn´t understand how that could be possible until he realised that the nanobots began to reply to his mental question and explained that they were transforming his balls so that they would become reproduction centres for the nanobots; they would become his semen and would expand and conquer other male´s bodies. In that moment, Brian began to freak out.

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